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Yumizuru Izuru OverLap PaperBack
Kikuti Yasuhito
Kumi Holii
Takakura Takesi CHOCO
Toshihiko Nakajima
Hikaru Nanase Orange
Eight Bit
Kouki Uchiyama
Yoko Hikasa
Simoda Asami
Kana Hanazawa
Chiwa Saito
Mimori Suzuko
Japan Released:2013/10/04(Fri) 01:58-02:28 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2013/12/20
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/is2/index-j.html (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/is_anime
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True Blue TravelerTrue Blue Traveler
Song:Minami Kuribayashi Lyrics:Minami Kuribayashi Compose:Daisuke Kikuta Arrange:Daisuke Kikuta [Fan reg.]
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2016/08/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1870 Host:1618 Browser: 9081
I wrote with my impression of the previous work whether there is a demand for the everyday scenes that many heroines and insensible Ranobe are healing, but this work is exactly like that forever.
Heroines are becoming main rather than the hero clearly because the hero who personally could not understand the goodness in the previous work did not come out much. There is no time when the hero hurts a painful justice, and heroin coming around the hero skirmishes each other and develops love comedes in almost the whole story. Originally the characters of the heroines are cute, so I feel they pushed them all over.
I will come out with a meaningful feeling for the new character, but there is no story-like progression at all, I just really love raiding. I was not worried especially because the thinness of the character was conscious of the previous work.
There was nothing less than it was because the original expectation value was low ...
Rather than becoming better I feel that the part I felt relatively bad was relatively diluted as the story became thinner (lol)
Personally it is a better impression than the previous work.

2015/10/27 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4000 Host:3959 Browser: 10247
[good point]
Cute setting is funny
[Bad point]
I have not made any of the above

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think the character is cute, I think that the setting is also interesting, but I am not using it in the making.
Ryosaku is the secondary creation written by an amateur.
Works to do sports with Robo and powered suit have been in the past, but it is terrible so that they can not fall under those feet. I do not do most of what Battle seems to be, only I can show you a boring love affair.
As for the original work anyhow summer will make harem both enemies and ally and it will be doing an orgy party.

2015/01/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16206 Host:16190 Browser: 5716
[good point]
"Weapons that can only be handled by women" An interesting setting.
Goodness of character design.
[Bad point]
Heroines are unattractive.
There is much waste of setting.
Mysterious depiction of meaningless
The story has failed.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
To be told at the outset, it is just an animation that spoils the cuteness of the character.
The first heroine of this work has no appeal. First of all, it is a broom of the main heroine, but for a setting called a noble martial artist, it is only a hysterical and selfish girl. Bell has no point of view and has no meaning of existence, Cecilia is an aggregate of stereotypes of lady characters, Charlotte is impossible to set up as a man of beauty, Laura has been ruined in various settings, No matter who gets it there is no such charm.
Also I can not honestly look at waste of settings. Especially bad handling that Chiharu or Shihanashi is the strongest setting but it is a delicious character but the activity scene is small is terrible.
It is no longer mentioned in contradictions of the setting such as the fact that the IS which should be prohibited military use is deployed in the German army and the behavior of the bundle which is only a terrorist no matter how it looks, is no longer mentioned in the area of 〓〓〓〓〓omedy is there.
Since it is not enough to mention the shortcomings of this work, I will keep it around here, but it is a work I do not know exactly why it sold.

2014/08/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11238 Host:11096 Browser: 8937
I want to think that this book series is "the highest treasure" as a harem animation ... w
The biggest drawback of this series is that there is no erotic scene,
I do not say 'til the boobs!', But at least I want you to show me about panchira ... (In the first term OVA, a nipple of a broom is seen a while ... w)
The biggest problem of "K-ON!" I think that "a man does not come out", and in the case of this work, "there is no eroticism" ...
Both of the works, I think that the eyes to see the work have changed considerably (in a good sense, of course)

The content of the story of this series is "Gakuen Robo Battle Mono", but the actual situation as that work is "school harem mono"
"The heroines of Tsundere desperately struggle for a hero super insensitive to surnames, but that effort will never be rewarded." In other words, heroines are approaching the hero desperately, while the hero finds that sneaky name Because I do not notice the favor of my friends at all,
In the end, although it can be said that there is no progress, basically, the main character and the heroine team interact with each other. However, although this work itself is a work which is very struck by the world, personally He is a very favorite work,
I think that it is a work that draws attraction not to mention the exchange of each heroine team, but of course it is a favorite book series as myself It is the second stage in this work, but the new character is different from the previous work, By two people increased,
Student council president, rarely non-Tsundere's shieldless and glasses Tsundere's race will participate as a new character The contents of the story itself is the same as the previous work, the harem is the main, there are also serious inside, It will be completely like a bonus Scene to engage with the enemy is under construction, but in fact there are almost no concrete explanations and depictions about that enemy in the making,
If it makes a big deal, the book itself is the "Familiar of Zero" is the impression of perfectly reversing In the case of the top works, "Harlem is good, so please do it seriously" is a complaint ,
In the case of this work, "Impression that seriousness is good, please do harem!" W
In other words, the most unnecessary part of this work is vainly serious in vain, so it means that it is damaged as a harem animation for that part

Although this work itself is originally a school harem thing, although it is not particularly significant progress in the scenario compared with the first period work, even if the second term continues, an animation work in which scenario hardly progresses in other scenarios, others Because there is so much to rot in the work, I will dare to thru as myself,
Again, since there are so many serious parts, it can be said that there is a lot of waste for that amount. In addition, although it is a participation of a new character, I could understand the goodness and appeal of Shihai very well, but my sister ' Is this meaningful? "Is an honest impression" There are many tsundere as the main character of this work as "Tsundere Character is full of stomach!",
Regarding this 〓〓〓as well, usually it is a glasses heroine of Tsundere, it is just like a heroine like "I feel like Cecilia was a geek" (It is not a girlfriend 's character)
What I closely resemble her is that it is "quite cold to the hero at first, but suddenly changes her attitude after having a favor"
Personally, this Cecilia is cited as a character that I do not like a few in the heroine camp of my own book series,
The reason is that "The first impression is too bad" (So, the first impression is too bad, the disliked heroine)
Moreover, regarding the goodness and appeal of 〓〓〓himself, in the middle of the work, I can not understand it at all, I guess the reason why the other heroine teams are deprived of the turn of the other heroine teams was unhappy Especially, Shiina no something, As soon as Coix came out, the number suddenly decreased sharply, and honesty I did not want you to increase the new character anymore. The new character is enough without the shield of non-tsundere, and with regard to the size of the chest , As far as brothers are not deck, as honestly I do not care about myself ...
Also, existing main heroines are very handled mainly in this work mainly,
Especially, in the previous work, Charles was developing a lot of Musou condition, but in this work it was the end to be completely robbed of the seat to the new characters

However, even though the heroine team interactions are still interesting and desperately approaching in summer,
Since that summer is badly insensitive to apostasy, its hardships are very likely to become water bubbles, and regarding development etc., it was ordinary fun, but again, having a sense of resistance is that "other general All the female students love one summer "
It seems to be "Magical teacher Negima!", I heard that such a "harem deployment of other people" is very disgusting Actually, it is the main heroines who interact with one summer, but almost one General female students who do not interact with summer,
Why do you love me summertime from the bottom of my heart was a mystery, and as for kore, I think that you do not need it normally because it is not interesting even if you look at it. Even with regard to the seriousness mentioned above,
As there are few specific information or explanations about the enemy, it is a development that is hard to understand, to be honest and what is fighting for what, even if you are battling with the enemy, There is no such thing as korea, it seems to be carried over to the third term,
Honestly, it can be said that it is totally meaningless, so this serious part will not normally be needed

Although it is above, this work is also a work that was ordinarily fun as well as the previous work, after all, I thought that I really liked my book series seriously from the bottom of my heart
Also, the main character Laura from the previous work is a heroine that made a big leap in this work,
In the previous work, because the enrollment time was slow, a very good side was not portrayed,
In this work, it is drawn quite lovely, as well as the shield, although it became a member of the favorite heroine team normally, as mentioned above, again, as mentioned above, "Although initially it is considerably cold to the main character, From then on, suddenly change the attitude,
I felt lightly about honesty about Cecilia and 〓〓〓of "heroine whose first impression was badly bad"
Regardless of its charm and goodness, I could not understand normally (personally)
Especially, Cecilia brings about a big problem in the end of the cuisine, but in the main character, I can not cook more than Laura,
To be honest, personally, it was an honest impression that I do not care about it anymore (I raise such incidents as usual, and I am doubtful about the human nature as a shameful face-shame)
So, because there is a matter of the original, it seems that the 3rd stage production will be a lot of later years, but I think that I would like to view the continuation by all means when it was produced

Aside from that, I feel like I mentioned it in the previous work, but the broom is really cute w
Something, about seven stories? There is her leading role, but I laughed normally as a scene where you hit a locker with bare hands (scenes such as "Soka! Soka! (〓〓〓〓〓〓") Then,
Something like this, she felt as "an ideal heroine as a Tsunderecha" w ("mirror of Tsundere")
As for Charles, as with the previous work, it was cute as usual, and again, this work is like this, the skill as a work of "depicting the heroine team pretty"
You can say for sure that it is an extremely first-class piece of work (As a part cost animation, the highest peak's condition)

2014/07/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39358 Host:39236 Browser: 4721
[good point]

Only characters are cute
[Bad point]
There is no content, one pattern. Naked, just animated cartoon selling in bathing suits

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The first term was good, but the second term is the end level. An explosive death if there are 3 periods.

2014/07/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2202 Host:2306 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Elimination of thorough uncomfortable elements as harem animation

[Bad point]
For the time being

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the first term I made one episode but when I listened to the story that it was popular, I thought that I wanted to see it someday, and saw two periods without seeing one another.
Exclusion of thorough uncomfortable elements as a harem animation is brilliant. Although the scenario of the serious part is not at all funny, I think that it is well done where the girl talks about the hero and why it enters the Harlem personnel.

2014/06/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15218 Host:15232 Browser: 7915
The new character is the worst. It is uncomfortable just watching it for a few seconds with a looking face woman watching from above. Design is also not good.
Still it was still good if the new character has no appeal, but it will be made to bite the old character (role play, role).
Rather than the strong character of the new character, the old character received only the impression of a weak small fish.
Almost all the old characters are boko by the new character. Every time it is uncomfortable from the top of the eyes looking at the doya face.
It seems to me that the character I love to like in the first term will play an active part and it seems like I was abandoned in the dob for the new character's cheat.
This is the first time for animation that I thought that it was better not to watch. I should have done it only with memories of the first term.

2014/05/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15046 Host:15286 Browser: 5508
Although it was "2" in the title (?) Title, it was more "1.5" or "dash"
Perhaps it was more accurate to do it (like Street II). (Bitter smile) Phase 2.

Well in the first phase, especially in the beginning, it was suddenly that Laura who was supposed to be the enemy of all alone was a "bride" suddenly, but in a bad sense it was full of Haarlem anime-like conspiracy (bitter smile), but a bit If you think that it has become a serious scene .......

To make that serious scene is an episode that was focused on 〓〓〓which was darker and more subservient than her sister. Though it is also in recent animation, although it is inherently obsolete while exposing emotions such as tears of beautiful girls, "how to draw through" fighting, "strength to overcome and overcome" my way of doing " Have you seduced? In halfway.

The battle scene seemed to be moving well, but in fact it was felt that a stop picture was seen as well as a sense of omission, but it is also a tangle of heroines who are not so. The setting of the white type and the view of the world etc also pretended like that kindly, but it seems that Laura who was too conscious of self consciousness as usual as usual, or white type abnormality seems to be the cause, but I am wearing pants. Absent,
I can see the underpants, it is Shall we were not making it but one summer and anything made a fuss. There are no fresh taste that puts emphasis on them with their emphasis now (or say, OVA, please talk about it, actually OVA version came out), erotic spoils are halfway, there are also spoilers It did not become. By the way, "Just wish !! I long for you !!" JoJo. (Bitter smile) You do not have to interwork a parody halfway.

And in the final stage it will also be a serious story, the time bombings and the other animation and drama,
Although it was a setting like heard a lot of comics, it was a stereotypical look at the phantom task of the villain and it was not interesting at all. Still, there were still salvation if you knocked them properly, but after all it was not easy to get rid of the data, it was easy to get crazy and it would not be crispy. And finally, if I think that one summer was enjoying bathing in a hot spring ... .......... One summer in 1 period 〓〓broom finally came, other heroines are also buggy Although it appeared too much, although it was too much, I was going to hide, this second period peculiar that the heroines found in a miserable form "Hiding the head and not hiding the buttocks" in a bath was a bit solid I guess. (Bitter smile)

Although it did not make such a big story, it was meaningful to telecast as the second term though it did not progress, but the only thing that remained was feelings of weakness and indigestion only, "courage"
It was completely unrelated to the two letters such as "emotion". If it seems so, ED saw different styles of hero and heroines' wearing for each story, but the power placement was probably misplaced.

Although the original seems to be a big hit with the light novel, it seems that only overlooked were crocheted heroin etc. such as commercial popularity etc. "World Purge version"
What will happen, but I would like you to take advantage of the point of reflection after more than one term, and show me more scenarios and scenarios than that. Evaluation is "worst" as in the first term.

2014/05/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24146 Host:24175 Browser: 7912
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Harlem Anime I did not like that, but I could still see Muji.
But 2 is useless.
The content was boring. One pattern.

2014/04/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1497 Host:1238 Browser: 5173
[good point]
Being able to meet a character that satisfies his preference conditions like 〓〓〓chan

[Bad point]
Well, please refer to the opinions of others.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Should I make it a work for a new anime fan or a work to be received by a core animation fan?" What the concept is limited to this work, it will not be at the head of the production team.
It is a feeling that "Do not you just watch out for the IS 1 period, only those who became IS believers?"
I was able to meet Mr. Chan in the second term, so I put "very good" in it.

Well, if you are a person who sticks to the details of detail and people who ask themselves for animation such as human drama, you'd think "this work is naughty, this work". So, on this site it is inevitable that this work is not popular opinion a lot.
First of all, if you look at the IS1 period, people who feel that "I can not accept this" will not be able to watch these two periods at all. Because it is the second term that made volume up of the first season.

The common thing in the first term and the second term is that it is not a person who suggests that it is not a person who likes "only works with characters are cute."

2014/03/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15084 Host:15090 Browser: 5944
Strictly it has not changed so much from the first term, but it falls as an evaluation
When it comes to the 2nd stage as well, it is quite loud in this content, and it is already full of only 1 period seen as a story

Unlike the first period I was developing a story while introducing the main character, I have revealed how daily life with an already completed character and Icha-cha are not boring as a work without anything new

It is truly that all enemy organizations are female characters as expected, but it would be difficult to take this work upwards anyway

2014/01/24 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1112 Host:1030 Browser: 4693
[good point]
There was absolutely nothing.

[Bad point]
The charm of a character barely bore in the first term was destroyed in this term. Even if you use erotic you do not feel like watching it even if there is no regulation. It also decides to avoid watching the sequel unconditionally. I was stupid myself until the end. I wasted my time.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is exhausted as one of the worst words. Anime involving the staff of this term will avoid viewing from now on. I hope you do not make anything anymore. I strongly hope so.

2014/01/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48962 Host:49032 Browser: 7407
[good point]
Battle scenes: It works quite well
Comedy scene: Serious & conspiracy It was still better than becoming a dramatic style

[Bad point]
Story: Honestly who specialized in harem & gag is better

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I felt freshness in the first half of the original unread yet, as the thing to do in the second term is exactly the same as the thing to do in the second term I feel stronger The feeling of feeling became stronger If I suppose that the third period is also like this, It may not exist

2014/01/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17094 Host:17004 Browser: 5171
Somewhat from the previous reputation I heard a bit of subtle IS 2 period,
It certainly feels like the badness of previous reputation is also nodding when thinking about the result of this work of this time,
Well if you ask frankly the impression of this work, you may just say I got tired of ... ....

Also in the case of this work new heroin will appear every time it becomes new development,
Well for this work I understand the aim of trying to bring out a fresh taste by introducing a new heroin because Harlem Butterfly Plays for one summer is selling,
It is delicate that there is no appeal of the cloth sisters who are just the new heroine of the bottom,
Moreover, the former heroin was spoiled by giving preferential treatment to the new heroine which is unattractive,
As for the old heroine, it seems that there are many impressions treated somewhat properly in one battle and it seems that this is the case that it seems that there are few people convinced about the fan of the former heroine,
Well, if you look at the contents of the second term of this time I think that the work of IS has already reached its limit.

And to mention other things to say about the serious development in this work,
Although the work like this work is easy to be called a serious one even by no one, the content itself of the serious is very poor,
Especially the clumsy is the enemy phantom task or the purpose of the bundle is completely opaque,
In the first place, for what purpose the enemy is not moving at all and repeatedly raiding properly and withdrawing,
You can not find this kind of meaning Seriously developed as a viewer only where it is whitish,
There is not anything that can be said as a farce as serious as the direction of the story can not be seen,
Even so, though it seems unusual that works that have been broadcasted until the second term and do not show progress that seems to progress so far,
Unfortunately there was no place to feel much appealing about the IS2 period this time.

2014/01/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26488 Host:26638 Browser: 4721
Because the character is my favorite person, I thought that I came back and did it, but when I was able to do it was a shame.

The 1st term was Winter Animation in 2011, the light novel label label was MF Bunko J, but it was a restart after transferring to the overlap bunko in Fall 2013.

The one who felt uncomfortable as "Yeah?" In the second half of one talk is normal. Originally, I was at the head that I should not expect it in the story, but this was not seen until the last round.

In advance, the student council president sister. I was expecting that we would say that something was nothing, but we did not expect that hate would be gathered so far.
However, thanks to Mr. Chiwa Saito and Mr. Suzuko Mimori who just played.

Although it was good that I did not change when I said in cast, Mr. Uchiyama and Mr. Higasa forgot the role ?, Mr. Hanazawa is sharp at the time of dressing, Mr. Mimori is crying acting ... and so on .

The worst thing this time was that the enemies had no appeal. Hirano thinks that there was a role that was in his age.
Among them, brother 's older sister, Yukari Tamura serving as a bunch was good with plenty of rasubosu style.

This time, there were many "characters only" characters. It is Momotaka sister brothers and student council president.
When the drones raided, they had managed to defeat 4 to 1, but the Cecilia & Suzukaru & Laura group was knocking down 2 to 1, so I wanted to see the image of that one.

I do not want any more heroines anymore. I do not make it "very bad" by mercy.

2014/01/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26645 Host:26759 Browser: 7407
[good point]
The battle scene of the episode 4 of the lilies atmosphere of episode 1. Extreme big service of episodic brain warfare 5 episode without shadow shield. It is worth watching even only this time It is attractive that the harem environment novelty shield which is liked by multiple heroines is nothing. I also love appearance, personality and voice

[Bad point]
The incomplete scenario stalled in episodes 3 and 10. After all the fight is not over The depiction of enemy camp which ended without mysteries and hints being digested is insufficient. What did you want to do after all !?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was good at first. The balance between moe and erotics, battle and youth was well balanced and the scenario was not bad But from 6th episode gradually deteriorated and the clouds became doubtful. Still the fierce battle of episode 9 is excited as a mountain, and now it is time to finish the casserium cuisine times at the time! Is that the thing to do now?
Furthermore, the eleventh story is a school excursion trip!? I thought what you thought though it's almost time to finish, so it ended up with a bogus throw.
Generally, was the episode of Reflections so important as to use all three episodes? Was there any other depiction to describe more?

Well, the heroine was cute and there were also a lot of sexy scenes so I'm looking forward to a thin book w
Evaluation is close to normal [good]

2014/01/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44839 Host:44807 Browser: 10902
[good point]
Stable drawing power. The body of a woman character is erotic and good (lol)
It is insensitive to summer and stupid (lol) Manly personality is also good.
Heroines are cute and funny.
Phantom task of enemy organization. Strong, cool, uncanny, it seems like a bad party in the middle.
[Bad point]
Cecilia is too weak.
End - like end. Is it possible to read the original (or novel)?
A bunch (broom brother 's older sister) is creepy.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
With "Good"!

2014/01/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 314 Host:592 Browser: 7858
I am a favorite work.

A typical school harem thing, the hero is insensitive,
Works that you do not notice at all about the heroines'
I think that it is a common school subject.

However, what I like this work is that the character design is good and the individuality of each character is good.

Every heroine has a moe element.

The rest is that it is a battle item.
Our school depicts the romance and growth of students going to school to ride the IS airframe.

Although I ride on an aircraft resembling an airframe similar to Sky Girls, I also like the design of the aircraft and battle scenes.

However, because Harlem Gakuen stuff, there are more harem stories than battle scenes.

Two new heroines were added from this work,
It was shaped to be surrounded by 7 heroines,
I enjoyed seeing it.

2014/01/04 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8831 Host:8775 Browser: 5344
[good point]
I could not think of anything in particular ...
[Bad point]
The first episode is incomplete and it is too blunt even for disc promotion Where the graphic collapse is badly stopped The place where the tea is turbid with paintings or only in the background Places where the rigor of the script is not extraordinary Where all heroines are ruined and all have made the same violent characters as broom

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is a level that you do not know what to put in anyway from anyway but it was a work that you can say that it became like this ...
In the first term, each heroine was caught by two episodes of getting along with each other but this time all of those heroines were made a demon of jealousy
It is the impression that bro broke in 1 period has become 5 people. There were also a lot of events for 5 people, and it was also that only two people talked about 1: 1
I know that the two blonds are popular, but think that if only two people do personal episodes! I think that it will be done with all the members! As it becomes, there are doubts as to how the new characters will go out at this stage too Honestly Although I did not do anything of delving down the existing heroin at all, I will not be able to drop a new character and make it one pattern

In the aspect of the script I thought that the series composition is the most important work this time most I thought The original worker is in charge and this work is really tricky level ...
For the time being, if the main line which can be done with animation main story is not seen for one book of lanoba, it should not be done for the second term, and if you do yoshinba, should not it be taken a method of completely going on an animated original route
90% of the frame of the second period broadcast this time was a scaled less than 2 episodes of 12 episodes only with a story of contents like OVA will do. I first met you ...

Although it was popular work which sold quite a number in video sales although it was not Madoka Magika when IS was broadcasted in the past, it was praised greatly by Madoka Madoka, which was a popular storm of big booing 1 Staff and authors would like you to think that the responsibility that caused the period to fall so far is heavy

Even in the sense that it was decided to drop a big shadow on past popularity, it is impossible for evaluation other than the worst ...

2013/12/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22876 Host:23017 Browser: 5386
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will make it [bad].
[Worst] even though it was good, I dismiss it below [good point]
I will not stop at [bad].

[Bad point]
The heroine 's unreasonable violence depiction is as ever.
In the second term newly identified sister sister will appear,
I just hope that they will not join us in that direction.

I would like to ask you what is the management system of the IS school.
The raid of phantom task is totally irregular to IS school.
The phantom task is a terrible organization.
The student council president who is the strongest in the academy, and speaking of the level of delaying even without the shielding shield, you can understand the fear of the people.
Therefore, in preparation for such unforeseen circumstances, will not we introduce a professional IS to protect one trainee in the future?
If the attacks were not at all for the first time (ie unexpected)
It's already occurring in one period (in another case).
As a result, trainees including one summer and others (the mainstay member among them)
It took a heavy burden on ... ... it was a little unconvincing.

It is the point that the second phase has been completed without reaching the battle against the phantom task.
Rather, it seems to be due to the slow pace of the original novel,
Then, it seems that the 2nd period animation broadcast was premature.

[good point]
Episode where summer is trying hard to get reluctant.
I thought that it was good that the area around who acted without giving up and rescued her.
In the first term, although I was not favorably impressed by the insensitivity of one summer,
Through this episode, summer's evaluation has changed.

2013/12/27 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A pattern voice actor theme song .. It is unsatisfactory compared with just one period

[Bad point]
Sometimes I even thought it was a scary heroine (sometimes sweat) even though I was afraid sometimes, but this time though the basic Ichika is dull, there are many unreasonable things, and how Ichika of cultural festival about 3 stories is attacked is too poor.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I enjoyed it for the first term and watched it endless for about 3 weeks after recording, but this time I say that the feeling of slime is too much I wonder whether it was unreasonable .. I could not have enjoyed the second term so much.

2013/12/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I saw it until the sixth episode, but it is already alright ... I declined viewing.

I can say it even for the first term but I think that it is not so much a work specialized only for "cute" pretty appearance of a girl character.
Apart from whether it really is specializing only there or whether the other part is devastating terrible ....

But, without such a thing, I felt "was that so bored?" As one of the reasons comes to mind, there are also evaluations of other people that "the script is considerably deteriorating from the first term" but I also said "The period of the first period broadcast was too good I think that there are also some of them.
It may be that I just do not know the animation of that time well, but I feel that Moe animation like IS was not being broadcast much when the first period was broadcasting.
I do not feel that such thing is full of rumors now, but I do not think that such a thing was fresh in those days, even in a good sense or a bad meaning.

For these reasons, I am thinking that viewers' eyes are beginning to get discouraged and that they are felt boring now. In that sense I will make one period! I think that the people planned are great people.

Evaluation is "bad".
It is an aside but I heard that the famous word "buihiru" was born after 1 period. When I heard this I was surprised to hear that one period was great.

2013/12/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is not easy to make a second dish.
I thought that this word is perfect.

Although I put in a new character, the service scene is almost the same.
One summer as well as the first term is a tool to attract female characters attractively.
Since it is not necessary any more, it feels like stopping around there.

The female character was struggling against it and the state was one of the fun.
Even if it is appropriate for a story or nothing.

That 's good for a while, but it will not work if it' s sequel.

It's a matter of course, but it will become obsolete without any innovative plus alpha elements.
Air One summer approach may be necessary as an appointment, but female characters only did not feel slumping without tension,
Since it was the same thing in the first place, the feeling of being bored was drifting.

It is said that drawing is destroyed beforehand and it works.
In this case it will be as a work ... I wonder if there is no pride.

In this way I can not help feeling the arrogance of the production team as one work of Pioneer who gave birth announcement genre.

I can not be fooled from the first term ... Of course, this work is the second term.
So if you do almost the same thing as the first term, it will only be a secondary disinfection.

And I had to realize that the bubble elements of this work had become obsolete and difficult to pass.
But the approach to it was too childish and I had little idea.
It became a disappointing work that the succession could not resist the law that it deteriorates if there is not much things.

Nevertheless, I think that fans who can do it like one period contribute to sales.
Other than that ... I do not think there is anything else to look for when it comes to ... ... I think that it is hard.

The charm of this work was preeminent in sharpness but it rusted with the moon day ...
It taught me that it is hard work to refine it.

2013/12/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The first period is a hero Since the summer and heroines are not friendly with each other, the process of gradually getting along with battle is interesting and I enjoyed it because he kept the eroto healthy to the level, but in the second term I thought it was more than I imagined Delicacy is lacking in the character of the heroines and it is different from the previous work.
All the main heroines including the chairman of the new character repeat appeal without summoning to summer, unless one summer is a saint, it will not be calm and it will be calm even in such circumstances Even against one summer that is calmly responsive It is hard to transfer.
Even though school is the stage, it is not like this disorder.
I think male childish animation is more popular because men are perverted but girls can not forgive being a metamorphosis may be a gender discrimination, but still I am not fit for myself.

Although I did not expect so much from the story, I did not expect much, but there is no story-like movement without a basic theme and on my date with a heroine the enemy is in a ruffling pattern and there is no art.
I do not like the one-pattern battle development that tends to be for children so much, so I can not like storyline development.
I think that the president is also an erotic person and I do not need to be separately I think that the screenwriter is all right whether only a bad development of erotic heads is forced even if it moves minus.

However, contents are not useless, but only the drawing is quite nice in the level character design, and the battle scene itself has decreased from the previous work, but the moving scene is pretty impressive and there is a reasonable amount there.

Evaluation is "worst" It is not an animation with any purpose, it does not describe the sufferings and joy of the heroes, and even if it is Moe animation, any hesitation is too much for any heroin.
After all Harlem animation is the most interesting stage to become a harem, it is not fun after the Harlem is completed. Even as a harem anime system is not at all the bottom base

2013/11/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I have watched 1 period.
I watch up to 8 episodes.

Although the character deza is still cute but since it is a harem animation which originally has no contents, I have not made a story,
I guess the student council president is like a balance breaker ...
Only Ben Too's seniors can see it

I can not buy as much as one period.

It is exactly "how did this".

2013/11/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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You have viewed up to 4 episodes. Original is unread. I was watching one period.

[good point]
Is it a cuteness or cute of a character deza? This is a very popular anime girl. However, I think that it is bad that the drawing will collapse. This place may be worse than one term.

One summer when there is not a gentleman at all. Moe like me like a favorable feeling at the same time, I think that it is a character that is easy to become a target of adoration. Even though that girl is attacked that much, without using that affection, it is a good meaning Happo. Efforts are not being paid so much The reason why they do not look pathetic is because we believe that viewers can not believe that one summer never grieves. Also, the only point for men is high. Because there is no comparable subject of the same surname, there is no romantic competition between homosexuals. Therefore I can self-project to him even with non-motions like me with confidence. Someone said that true summer is the true heroine, I think it is exactly the case.

[Bad point]
It seems impossible to set up. Especially the existence reason of IS,
〓〓〓To exclude a man other than one summer. 〓〓〓for battle elements. 〓〓〓For the futuristic world view production.
I can only feel it. In short, the necessity as a weapon seems to be thin. I wonder if this area is written in the original.

Especially when attached to the IS, feel uncomfortable with the face CG. Even though it's awesome Buhi'aimime, the modeled face is not cute. Even an amateur knows the difference from handwriting. It might be good if full-length CG like Arpeggio.

Occasionally, there is a stick voice actor. Compared to a voice actor who can do decent performance such as the main character, it will not be sharp. It is truly out of level.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway I will be impressed with the attitude that boosts the element to its limit. Stories, settings and everything else may be said to exist only for showing girls pretty. Even if you do not remember the story, this work can be enjoyed considerably if you think that scene of that character is cute.
I am now, but I do not think that it is a work that a woman does not receive because I have not been given sufficient price for the affection of a girl. On the other hand, if you can skillfully draw the inner surface of a character that can not express straight love, such as a broom that is unpopular to men, it seems that there is a deep feeling of love comedy.
Also, the scene of that digest festival is to sell the disk, but even a slight head downward. It is not a bad thing to sell, that way. Was it thought that viewers would feel like buying it? It seems that the steam or mystery rays are still better.

2013/11/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Battle Drawing Although it is not necessary to useless seriousness in this work that seems to be very good here only from the first period, it was good that the battle scene increased


[Bad point]
. Chara dza, drawing
Especially when I compared it compared with the 1st period, the drawing was not disturbed so much in 1st term .. so much I thought

Contents The tempo is bad, there is no content
Compared to 1st term, there are no elements that can be bought at all and it got very bad

Student council president To be honest I do not need Hayate who does not want to be in line with Luca

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "worst"