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Yumizuru Izuru
Kikuti Yasuhito
Shimo fumihiko
Atsuhiro Tomioka
Tomoyasu Kurashima
Takakura Takesi
Kumiko Nakayama
Masafumi Mima Toshihiko Nakajima
TechnoSound Co,Ltd.
Hikaru Nanase
Eight Bit
Kouki Uchiyama
Yoko Hikasa
Simoda Asami
Kana Hanazawa
Marina Inoue
Megumi toyoguti
Noriko Shitaya
Yukari Tamura
Noriko Obata
Makoto Yasumura
Japan Released:2011/01/07(Fri) 01:25-01:55 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2011/04/01
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/is/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/is_anime
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Song:Minami Kuribayashi Lyrics:Minami Kuribayashi Compose:Daisuke Kikuta Arrange:Daisuke Kikuta [Fan reg.]
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2015/10/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45565 Host:45339 Browser: 5139
[good point]
Character setting is good.

[Bad point]
It is a point where the hero is too outdated.
When fighting, I was not able to have a favorable sense of insensitivity on my daily life to move well.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall, the evaluation will be bad.
I could not enjoy one period, so I did not see the second term.

2015/08/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5467 Host:5440 Browser: 4693
Thanks to the television, it's easy to check late night animation, so try ...

[good point]
Moe harem things seen without thinking anything ... I do not compliment, kore.
Eh ~ and? Sorcerer Mage is not better than Mage?

[Bad point]
A flat and noble line and paint. If you are a Moe system, I think that if you do not try hard with drawing power, I think that it is a soft doll figure, a strange character deja. Drawing is sweet, Hanko picture one step ahead.
I can not feel any effort to bring reality to world setting. Even the basic settings,
With talks advancing without talking barely, every two talks? New characters appearance, rapid development, many reminiscences that start suddenly,
Because it follows with the explanation afterwards, the talk is confused and it is hurried. And there is no persuasiveness in the behavior of the character.
Sakura Taisen B, Battle Suit, Harlem justification setting. I would like to have a bit of originality.
The insensitivity of the hero is an area of 〓〓〓〓〓spe although it is a promise. I fall in love with this hero and what impossible game. Level to sympathize with heroines.
The hero and sister were abandoned by their parents, or the hero 's great acts like saying, Kitani reinforcement setting, doubled the sense of silence again.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad". A world depiction where there is something awesome texture feeling. Transfer student (new character) from next to next
Has appeared, and childhood friend and others (childhood friend is another one ... orz) That sister's sister was the inventor of IS,
The hero's sister is an instructor at the IS Gakuen and the hero is the only man to be able to move IS, or what is what what is it?
If you can sympathize with the director's message of "Do not think" it would be fine to see it?
It may be fun to be seen for people who like the hand with the impression that this promised something that has been sloppily crowded.

2015/08/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47319 Host:47312 Browser: 5779
Battle and robot are harem animation of bonus like bonus.
Although there are not many reasons for having a heroine with many people but there is no reason to like the hero, first of all it is a feeling to the contrary that history is not drawn here (lol)
In addition to that, since the new heroine comes out about every two episodes, the story of each person can not be deeply refreshed at all ... Well it is a harem animation It is good but it is nothing but the hero gets caught It is somewhat awkward for the heroine to kick it or make it crispy as he spreads a painful argument.
Eleventh episode expansion somewhat The main character suddenly said, "Do not say sadly that weak objects can not be seen because they have the power" I said sort of things, but I was feeling too bad and frozen my spine.
He would not say such a thing to the hero who came so far only with talent (at least that kind of depiction is done). It is funny to enter a serious development suddenly though it has not done a big deal up to now, but it is laughing that there is nothing consistent in content.
In addition, the last story is a development like a heroine who is digging down one person Shinohono Yuu and heroines are united and united, but this is a hero ... I thought that it was a hero. The heroines are the hero at all.

Is not there a demand for everyday scenes where heroines are insulted by many heroines and insensible lanobos?
I think that it is more interesting to have a hero 's man as a supporting role with the heroine set as the main by cutting the kind of thing just because it is only cold when trying to tell a good thing so that the hero admonishes the heroine in vain.

2015/02/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12169 Host:12035 Browser: 6076
I could see it without unusual and frustrating thoughts with this hand work.
The biggest point is that there is a change in individual uniforms.
In the case of this piece of work, all students' clothes are often wearing mini skirts, and depending on the character there are times when you feel a sense of incongruity, there are times when you can not see it smoothly.
However, in this work there was not much worry because the dress uniform is different according to the character.

Next is the content of the story, but sometimes the talk becomes somewhat obscure in a series of rapid deployment.
However, serious and comedy were still well integrated and I could see it without getting bored.

Although there is a part where the sex appeal is quite strong, I will decide to close the eyes because it is a standard element in the work of this hand.

Evaluation is "very good"
As you can see, it is quite big to see without feeling frustrating in this work.

There are many surprisingly many works that are composed of the opposite of the red one point when you look like this.

2015/01/19 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1819 Host:1950 Browser: 9629
I saw it for a while, but I did not understand the fun at all. The drawing seems to be good ...

First, the setting is terrible. It is said that gender equality, etc., there is nothing more unlikely, such as a world reversed. Is it the world of a delusion of a man who is not motivated ...

Also, the characters were too refreshing in design and did not feel attractive. I do not need to make it look like Moe kyara, but I want a flesh sensation. If you do not like it you can not like it

2015/01/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20748 Host:20916 Browser: 5143
[good point]
Robo elements and romance elements are good harmony feelings and these are also ants.
CG and painting are stable and there is no place to stand out.
The character deza is also nice.
[Bad point]
The insensitivity of the main character

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a typical school harem work, I think that it is quite enjoyable thing.

2014/11/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Robo: Does the evaluation change depending on whether it is an action system or an academic love comedian system? I thought it was love comede. It is not as bad as any other evaluation. It's so interesting. I like eroticism and it will be highly appreciated.

2014/10/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15096 Host:15212 Browser: 7908
[good point]
Points that pursued merely Moe Buchibi

[Bad point]
This is perfect Moe animation Make sure to evaluate in other respects itself Story such as wrong itself Do not expect seriousness to be deceived by the title irrelevant to the evaluation at all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was "normal" because there was no heroine that I love
It is well done as Moe animation

2014/07/03 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42003 Host:42034 Browser: 5387
"The goddess and wife is also extreme." In this single word, everything can be cleaned up.
This kind of harem system is unpleasant just watching it with jealousy.

2014/07/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13304 Host:13262 Browser: 8937
As I saw on this site, this work is "the first and second ranking rankings are nearly at the bottom of the animation division", even before myself, the viewer said, "Hey, 1st term, 2nd term is this Though I thought that boro-waxy animation is what kind of animation wwwww "
After actually watching it, it was the impression that "Is that?" IS an ordinary and funny thing? (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓 (ear, seriously) "

Personally, the work which I dislike that I have recently appraised is a body that was critically incomplete,
Even in popular works, it eventually came to be a criticism sentence of 80 lines to 100 lines or more, and I have attached various complaints, but in the case of this work it is very rare, "even if I watch it, It was a personal reason of "Why did you enjoy this work?", Which is "It does not like robotic work" That is, this work is beaten by the world As a factor of No. 1, I think that it is from "It is not interesting as a robotic animation from the viewpoint of Robo-like audiences", so people who are critically criticizing this series on this site are expected, but "Gundam "Or" Macross "
In fact, although this work is a work involving Robo, as a matter of fact, there are almost no, the proportion of "Harlem: Robo" is "9 : 1 "is the feeling

For example, as a position of each heroine, "A heroine of a fighting fighter with big tits wielding violence against a hero (broom, its Hara "),
"Heroine of a twin tale of Tsundere (Ninfu, Suzuka)" "The house is super richer, the lady heroine (Cecilia, Mikako)",
"Heroine (Charles, Ikaros)" which is very polite and has a close relationship with the hero even among heroines,
"The heroine (Laura, Asturea) who was originally an enemy but has become a friend before unexpectedly" is exactly what exactly each personality and setting of each heroine are very similar,
Even in the game of IS Robo, there was something very close to the battle of Angeloids of "Sora no Otoshimono"

However, as elements that this work is losing to "Sora no Otoshimono", there are "drawing", "balance of character moe elements (personally)",
Thinking that "the personality of the heroine is very biased" The person of "Sora no Otoshimono", each heroine team is unbalanced everyone's individuality, as with this work, they are not all tsundere ,
Also, even from the perspective of the world, there is not much such as the Robo element of this work, halfway feeling (if it says to you, erotic is halfway)
Although each heroine team has no scenes to compete with the hero, it is also a disadvantage of this work which is one pattern, but as for the element which this work is winning against "Sora no Otoshimono", on the contrary, "" It is easy to have liking to the hero (Tomoki to thank) ",
In particular, "Sora no Otoshimono" is a transformation hero who is so altered that hero can be said to be abnormal, I was watching the bottom of my heart,
Scenes such as wandering around the street naked and showing each crotch to each heroine team were quite irritated but in this work there are few such unpleasant points and why one summer is Whether abnormalities are mobilized from all other general women is a mystery,
At least it was far better than Tomoki of sex offender and care for each heroine team was more than Tomoki so it was still acceptable at all It means that this work is better than Harem As a mono work, the act of viewing and listening is easy to do ((Of course, one summer is also useless usual hero)

The first reason why this work has been beaten by the world and "Sora no Otoshimono" is not beaten by the public is that "This work is regarded as a robot animation"
In other words, when viewing this work, I think that Oita's evaluation will change depending on whether you consider it as "Robo-type animation" or "Harlem series animation"

For example, I recently criticized "Moorec Space Pirates" the other day, but the reason is simply because "I'm particular about pirates"
In other words, the reason why I became more fond of this work is that it is a wake saying "I am not particular about Robo" This work is full of the harem expansion of the basic butterflies, but at least as a Harlem work, It can be said that it is interesting,
I think that the charm and goodness of each heroine could be portrayed as much as you wanted (it is also a terrible work that felt "Tsundere's Magical Power")
Each heroine is basically almost a tsundere, and Charles who is not the only one is occasionally a tsundere. However, each scenes where each heroine takes seriously one summer or struggles is really "a department! (〓〓〓#39;〓〓`〓〓〓quot; It was w,
At least it is 100 million times better than the work of "contents are Sukarakan" + "no character moe element at all (personally)"

This is also personally, but what I learned from coming to this site is that it is not "content" but "content" that is important in evaluating the work,
For example, I personally think that important things in RPG works are "story" "battle system", but any of the above is a bad idea that the bad work is basic rushing "The story is boring though , Battle is interesting, so you can reach ED,
I think that the important thing in this animation work is "Story" "Character Moe", "It's boring though the story is boring, but the character moe element is dense so you can reach the final story" Strike. Blood "" Beyond the boundary "is also true, but I think that" it is important that there is a big deal (excluding music, drawing etc) ",
Because the character moe element is very high, I watched this work this time and wanted to purchase Gargue (serious guy) seriously, I became a big fan, the above two works, this work is a story is thin work Although it can not be helped even if you say complaint that it is originally, a work which scenario is thin,
In Dragon Quest, it will be like "to attach a claim of low attack power to a monk with no attack power"

Although I have not watched the second term yet, I think that it will probably be equivalent to the first term,
Currently, when viewing this series, there is no feeling of viewing and listening to the scenario,
I think that the probability of criticizing the 2nd period is extremely low, unless each heroine also shapes it into Bush. At least, as a Harlem mono work I think that it is an epic work as usual,
It can also be tailored as a charm full of charm for each heroine team (this kind of work is also one big item as a work)
In other words, it is a comment that "It has been overwhelmingly criticized by the public but it was fun and unexpectedly fun"

By the way, although it is not similar, the work "The character moe elements are dense" in this hand all recently criticized everything,
Many of the criticized works have a lot of settings "Lolita character is heroine" (originally, I'm not interested in loli)
Therefore, as for me, this work with many big tits characters and other works is pretty favorite
In general, among the recently mentioned works, it is especially my favorite work

2014/03/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26085 Host:25928 Browser: 10092
[good point]
Harem deployment is quite tiring.
Mechanical design is also innovative and good.

[Bad point]
The hero is a little irritated.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is not bad work for an academy love comedy.

2014/03/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19568 Host:19717 Browser: 5944
Work thought to be a robot school but I enjoyed it with a different vector but I did not like the harem series but I am not good at it but it is bad if it pierces through to the extreme with a good impression on the contrary to the contrary so far A good example of being forgiven by things.

While enjoying a cute figure with a little girl in love, the feeling of security that the children do not become a thing of a specific person.
I think that it is a feature of Harlem Mono that things like something like it is a feature of Harlem Mono, but it is a harem that expresses it exactly, although it is surrounded by many girls as being liked Love emotions that are too dull hearing impairment are only one way, and the girl who is in love to the last engaged in the cacuff hoof and never been stepped on deeply

Although I can not say that the talk is good at Ojiji, the tempo is well advanced, the girls appear one by one, so it is easy to grasp the character
The existence of IS has only a role of extra degree, but there are speed feeling and exhilaration feeling by action but if we do not have this accent I think that it is really boring and boring animation making it so successful as intake

As a problem, it seems that there was no ambiguous existence of world-oriented charm because the existence of IS from the general line of sight was unable to see the standing position of IS in this world
(No, it's an animation that has other problems as well)

I would like to talk about which character you like in a natural flow if you favorably evaluate with this animation, but I think that Charles is probably because it is the only heroine who does not unreasonably violence. Everybody is too battleistic to beat up in compassion.

2014/01/08 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:33984 Browser: 1965(Mobile)
Excuse me.
At the beginning, I misunderstood "Strike Witches" and was recording.

〓〓〓As a whole impression of watching Stress Free's Feeling Harem One Term
The development of the story is fast and stress is not accumulated.
There is no complicated mystery and stress is not accumulated.
Beautiful girls are a lot of stress and stress (hereinafter abbreviated
When I watched it through 12 episodes, I felt it was an animation that made me look happy without any extra things.
Even for the high daughter, the spy of sexual spoofing and the enemy's bare army soldier is not quick to fall in love with the hero without unnecessary expansion is the speed of deployment as much as possible.
For this work, it is good to say that the goodness of this tempo has come out.
(The rebound seems to come to the end, because wrapping clothes are more difficult to fold than spreading ~)

〓〓〓I think that it is a mystery that forms the backbone of the work that it is supposed to be able to handle only IS for women who are accessory titles that are decorating beautiful girls, but somehow only hero can be used by men , It may be okay to release it.
(I am not good, but can I retain it?)

Rather, it is a powered suit that continues from "Bubblegum Crisis" of the 1980's ... or even if it says that it should be regarded as a genealogy of a transforming heroine from "Cutie Honey".
Although it is quite a bit as an accessory, the fetish style which glimpses from the upper body which is exposed moderately without hiding the face is outstanding balance, individuality by individualized color and equipment stands out, mechanics and beauty It is an excellent design as a girls' association.
Please put it out quickly.
In addition, it can be said that it did not need a very complicated story or setting to stand out such a design.

As a price, I finished in a story full of plunges, but it is within the range of assumption.

"very good.
Personal taste is enormous.
Expecting chewy SF animation, please note that it is inevitable to eat shoulder watermark.

2013/12/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1036 Host:893 Browser: 5386
[good point]
The work itself has a refreshing feeling.
It is a work that does not get tired even if I see it.

[Bad point]
I have no idea.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I like works but ED is my favorite thing.

2013/12/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16700 Host:16565 Browser: 4690
Winter of 2011.
There were also few remarkable works, and it was sold alongside Magical Girl Madoka 〓〓〓Magica at the time when there was 3.11 more.
Speaking of at least that dark and heavy time, this piece was definitely "Hero (hero)".
The battle scenes that Guringling moves by Eitbit's creation and the visual appearance of the heroines are often the best for eye candy.
Small things There is a scenario that thoroughly introduces girls that appeared without an all - in addition, saved by that only in that period.
I am one of them, it is hard for me to save for those who are saved, leaving only the evaluation as a trash by burying this fact.

On that day, at that time, this work was definitely a hero.
That is a fact for me and it remains historical until I die.

However, since the hearts of people have stabilized fairly nearly three years past, I still have no choice but to do a fair evaluation.

Although it is the hero, the hero, it is one summer, but it is too much, even though it is a world of women and grandfathers, it is too much.
Violence is wielded by various people from Shinonomi broom of childhood friend, but it is too lacking in reality to not complain against it.
Although heroin 's qualities also induce and extend the heroin' s violence, I believe that the unresolved one - summer attitude is being licked.
In other words, if you like to get violent, I will convince you if you draw such descriptions, and I also want a depiction that makes it impossible to live in the school if denied.
If I really do not like it, I definitely say "Stop it because it hurts" if you really dislike, you can say it dignifiedly, so it's something that people in the summer can not understand about the attitude of summer.
Even though it is the background for the women's grandfather's world, the attitude of one summer is still abnormal, that is, it is only a coward that is not a wider instrument.
(Actually, the depiction as a coward has also appeared in Mesimasu of Cecilia, if Cecilia speaks to the face it seems to hear what it says because the pride is high ...)

So I think that one summer is inappropriate as a hero against heroines, to be honest.
Although it is not necessary to take out a hand, it is equivalent to the same IS ride, so even though it is a world of women and grandfather, it is okay to have equal opportunities.
A woman in this world is a world that is hungry for equal responses from such a man, even if it sees Cecilia, and may be more bullish.
If you say "I am cheeky", you can show men like Cecilia warfare, and if one summer says "Even so," I want a reasonable convincing power.

Honesty Tsukkomi or something else is fine, but the striking of this work only gives the impression of pain.
Even if you hit me seriously, I hope you will make a comical presentation, saying "This is a gag", and since it is also such a work, I want you to think about the production.
I can not help thinking that this tsukkomi director's stiffness is lowering not only the representative Shinohino broom but also the overall heroine's evaluation.

Nonetheless the heroine is not useless.
In particular Shinono broom is drawn as a terrible human being that as long as the human being who is watching it is saying "Who?" I do not want to recognize the existence, I want to leave early as soon as possible.
If it can, it is bruised by the enemy and it is brainwashed, and it is becoming a terrible character to be unable to save unless it is not enough to beat down by one hand of one summer.
If it defends it is her as she is, but even the animation staff can not help but wonder if it does not have any doubts.
Even if I do not say that she is in a position close to the center as the main character as it is supposed to be uncomfortable for many people, and that is lowering the evaluation of the work.
Despite the attractive heroine other than Ale, despite being unpopular is a bad guy heroine is the most protagonist, it is "Yaase".
I think that it is as bad as I want the reason why summer allows only that kind of barbarity to the consensus of the people I am seeing.

However, it can not be said that the most popular Charlotte is a personless heroine.
It is highly appreciated that I came to the school as a daughter of a manly crowd and gathered up to the vicinity of one summer, although the evaluation is high, but after that the problem will come to complain summarily with one heroine in a summer summer.
I can only say that this was hopelessly disappointing because of the heroine stop of a tragedy (Well Sharu wants to complain in one summer, too).
Although he thought that he / she would act as a mediator in the heroines from her characteristics and quickly melted in one summer, there is no personality when it is taking the same action as the heroine around him.
Cecilia and Laura expressing affection with straight blue ball, charming bell with charming warped closely, cunningly crowdless compared to the broom watching occasion with one summer I can not deny the weak impression.
Nevertheless it can be said that other people who are doing the same action when other heroines get angry can be said to be in the same way, and they want another action to be done there as well.
"" "" One summer! "" Mr.! "If they say," I'm a little guys ...... "I wanted you to be in a position to stifle, and I can not give out if I can not get out of the habit of being crowded with men's clothes I wonder if it is a character.

To be honest, only interesting heroines are Cecilia and Laura.
Many people say Choroin, but there is nothing to fall in love at first sight, Cecilia's love at first sight is the circumstance in which the setting of the world of women's grandfather's birthday got really alive.
In the case of Laura it is the royal road in the royal road, noticing what we call "fielding a fist with a fist" and enjoying the change of Laura brought about by that.
The romantic theme flowing in these two names is "discovery" and "change" due to "interest", so I'm not getting tired of watching it, and it is nice to have a strong push for both of them.
Meanwhile, the other four people (including the second quarter of the year) have no discovery, no change or interest in one summer, and it is not good to be conspicuous because the dependence comes first.
There is a change in Shall who tried to escape from the influence of parents, but although discovery and interest are also thin, it has undergone an enormous change and there is sense of incongruity (I will think it is from the beginning).
("No, no, did you have a huge discovery and interest when you balleted in one summer?" Do not be afraid to return it, because that is just a collapse, it is coming out as a girls student There is no reason to fight even to reach up to)

Honesty Heroines think that I should improve more human beings and I want you to discover a lot and change it interestingly, so I really care about the weakness there.
Everyone looks great and it is a waste that the flesh is not easy as it seems that the animated staff and the illustrators of the illustrations worked fine for the design.
In addition, one summer battle race presents a lack of interest, and it is really a waste that there is only good eye candy as a girl animation.
As there are few characters that speak funny endings, I'd like to recommend it to those who dislike their hands, so if the original is disturbing development it can be neglected as much as this material is superior as a material There is.

Evaluation that it is a waste anyway is all.
Originally it is necessary to put "worst", but goodness of material and things to stay bad only for one term should be able to be done.
To that extent there is much visual thing and we only sell Aidbit's name.

[Additional notes 2014/01/10]
Another word on visual aspects.
The setting of the stage expressing the near future up to the background of the classroom of IS (the girls and the reading) school which is the stage of this work and the facility are really refined, and fit the part which can not be read from the original firmly to the work The evaluation is high.
Nonetheless, the general society has not kept pace with the background of the IS school and I felt that the area around which we are living a somewhat mediocre societal level is also elaborate.
Such stubbornness to such a stage background is utilized also in Valkyrie Romanzee later, and I am impressed with the high level of Eitbit 's work comprehension and embodying ability.

2013/03/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20453 Host:20268 Browser: 10293
[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Do not expect from the story? It was over when I realized it at Ulayama.
About the abstract of impressions, the charm is quite appealing. I think that it will be such a feeling when animating a dream for a man.
Personally I do not like stories.
But I like likes and because I know some people like the story of this work.
As a detailed impression, it is the charm of the character that I issued earlier. I think that it is optimal expression to say that an ideal woman is jealous of this work, devoted and kind and beautiful or cute.
Although the story is an orthodox with a structure with ups and downs, there is also a story that used the view of the world of this work.
There is a world view as one of the highlights.
Besides, I felt very pleasant as I watched the drawing full of speed.
Overall, I think the interestingness of the work is exhilaration and character goodness by drawing and music.

2013/03/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32536 Host:32489 Browser: 4695
I can use only a woman like a robot like a robot that can be used by men in the world only One summer is a school like a girls school entrance to foreigners and childhood friends. Fighting properly and building friendship and romance. There is a female character in the template, but it is quite vivid and draws attractively, so it seems like an individual fans are going to be applied. I was thinking about harlem animation in young male hero, but it was made carefully whether it is serious, including battle scenes, properly (for example, swimsuits and other things are properly in place, from swimsuit picking place orthodox) Feeling is comfortable. Perhaps the world view (world setting) is probably utilized only about half in the animation stage (not spoken), but it seems to be able to do other characters quite a lot. Surprisingly a male hero is a good person not to get in the way. It is in the position of eroge animation as a good condition, there are also lucky eros, but I do not care much. As an animation director of bishou and battle, Mr. Yasuhito Kikuchi may trust.
[Good point] Very (some kind) royal road.
[Bad point] I have no particular idea. very fun.
[Comprehensive evaluation] I was licking the work without knowing much about the evaluation of the public. sorry.

2013/01/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6384 Host:6248 Browser: 11128
Success of this animation was that he appointed Hanazawa Kana and put it in a pachiri and a qualified person.
I guess that girls' girls is an idea from three animated cartoon men, but I can hardly see you girls who are lively animals. Honestly cute.

Well, since it can not be anything other than the harem from the setting, there is nothing special to say about the story.
Temporarily this setting tells us that the story is a template, the one that the character is a template is nonsense

However, Eight bit was fascinated with the battle scenes fascinated by Macross F well in this work, and it was spectacular.
I wonder if there is any loss in that high speed battle.

2013/01/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6844 Host:6872 Browser: 11710
[good point]
Clear battle scenes
[Bad point]
Including the original, the discriminatory expression The character's past is unclear
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Discriminatory expression (it may be prejudice) that IS can operate only for women.
I do not like expressions such as impossible for either gender, being persecuted as being 〓〓〓〓〓〓people.
In animation, since the past of the appearance character does not appear too much, why did it become like this?
There were several. I am sorry for the producer,
I will make a bad evaluation. I'm really sorry.

2012/12/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30160 Host:30335 Browser: 4894
I have read the original Ranube. IS should be handled only by a woman, but I think that it is a robot / harem thing that entrance into IS school where only female teachers and girls students can be treated because one man summer can handle it.

Although it is interesting as a theme, the story development was not good and the way to tighten was halfway. I think that the battle wearing the IS was good with force. A woman who gradually and favorably around one summer appeared and fought a summer fight, though I was promised insensibly, I thought that it was attached to the Harlem thing. Although it was an acceptable range, like the original, the competition was interrupted and interrupted, why one summer can operate IS, why the organization that kidnapped summer is who you are? I could not have it.

Regarding the heroine, it is Tsundere 's broom, Cecilia de la Cibelesaba fans, I think that it was good as a character with his own Charlotte and Laura of Super Deluxe. However, I did not know where I fall in love with one summer. How about just falling in love just by showing a manly aspect.

I think that it was the way of finishing in anticipation of the second term, but unless I do it, it remains halfway in me.

2012/12/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13251 Host:13012 Browser: 5941
Although it was not interesting,
A work that became a feeling like the impression after finishing watching was "Eh, where did it end?"

Regarding various settings, breakdown of world view, etc., I will skip over because there are many people who write,
"The hero encountered the heroines with each story" "Heroines are all together"
"The mysterious enemies that appeared there !!!" ...... It ends in the story, indeed.

In other words, as a result of this work, the story has ended with "acceptance" of "
Before I can not solve the mystery such as "what is the enemy" "what the hero can ride the IS machine"
I do not know whether it has finished spreading mystery in the first place.

Also as a harem thing always, the setting "the hero is insensitive to the heroine 's feeling"
Of course it is necessary for the expansion of the story,
The main character of this work, one summer is too cruel,
It is a level that can frustrate the audience ... anything ....

Furthermore, if it says even more, it is good that there are many heroines, and it is good to be unique,
"Why this heroine is such a character" brought past episodes, etc. It properly depicted, I think that I could not explain.
Is it about "Charlotte" that I could write relatively?
Anyway, it seems that the depiction of the figure was not enough on the whole.

...... Although it wrote quite sporadically, I think that battle depiction, IS design etc. were quite high standards and I also liked OP songs,
I would like to comprehend it as "bad" as evaluation.

Evaluation may change also if a sequel comes out,
It is no doubt that it is a hard work to recommend to those who are new and start seeing so far.
If you like battle with Harlem, please do it.

I watched it again so I added it a bit.
On the contrary, though I feel like it is difficult to read, please forgive me.

2012/11/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15876 Browser: 3449(Mobile)
[Evaluation points]
Kiribayashi Minami 's singing OP theme song is good - looking.
The battle scene of the IS overflowing feeling. In fact it sees a good atmosphere.
Basically the female character is cute. Everything is attractive.

[Pros and cons points (including problems)]

Everyone except the main character The setting of IS school as a woman is not bad, but on the other hand, it shows the thinness of the contents.
Love - lote scenes are more common than battle scenes. This is a little disappointing.
Why can the main character board the IS that can only board a woman? There is no mention of the mystery such as what is the driving force of the IS. The time will come when it will become obvious, I think that it is still ahead of what is told at the present time.

[Overall rating]
The battle scene filled with the IS sprints can also be evaluated as an animation work. If it does not mind even the above problem, it will be a work that you can enjoy as it is.

2012/11/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1355 Host:1163 Browser: 10314
[good point]
Battle scenes and OP "Only" is kakke.
[Bad point]
I added a harem element even though it is SF mono. It is a mismatch whatever you see.
The main character is irritated. Garbage bastard taking all-alone actions in Aho. Besides, I hesitate to heroine together a little. Why are such garbage boss so popular?
The heroine is also irritated. Everybody is always arrogant. None of them pretty anything.
Drawings other than battle scenes are bad.
ED seems to be heard poor amateur songs and he / she gets disgusted. I do not completely deny that the voice actor sings a song, but in this ED, I felt that the singing ability of the singing voice actor was terrible or disgusting.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway, I was angry with the unprecedented mottain of the hero and the arrogance of the heroine.
What is it like having a harem element fully open though it is a SF material?
Well, since only the battle scenes and the coolness of OP can be evaluated, the evaluation is very sweet and it is very close to "worst" and "very bad".

2012/09/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20445 Host:20356 Browser: 4894
[good point]
The picture is beautiful
All the girls are cute
The opening part is interesting
Charlotte is cute

[Bad point]
From the middle stage to the final stage Something Gudaguda

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The content was pretty good at the beginning, the painting was also beautiful and Charlotte was cute, but it is normal as the second half was Gudaguda.

2012/06/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16600 Browser: 3468(Mobile)
[good point]
Girls are cute and erotic.
The picture is beautiful.
The German daughter 's episode was pretty good.
The hero is a young man. It seems that the reputation is bad here, but I think that I am a good person.
[Bad point]
The service scene is unsatisfactory!
I do not understand whether the scale of the talk is big or small.
I feel that the curtain was incomplete.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
We will make it "ordinary" close to "good".

2012/05/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19530 Host:19386 Browser: 9930
Anyway, "Miscellaneous".
The view of the world is too appropriate and broken down.
It should have been said that it is certain that the military use of IS is not done in one episode, but it was clearly used militarily as a result of several talks. I mean I got military aircraft and so on.

Besides, although it should have been a school pupil, in the second half I was treated like a member of the military unexpectedly again.

Separately, I do not ask for a much solid setup for Harlem Mono's work,
It was too complicated to say one piece. I can not ignore it as a treasure.

Also, the hero who tends to be in Ranobet in a bad meaning is stupid at a bad level and "Are you saying what I am now?" "What are you thinking -?
Still, it is uncomfortable just like pushing the main character's overly thin sense of justice against other characters.

You just wanted to draw a cute girl (laugh) that works with attributes.
Well, I think it's cute. In fact, I have no doubt because it was commercially successful.
But, then the distribution that will give out the character is unbalanced and appropriate.
After all I think how to look as a harem mono.

It is a stuffy rich bitterness full of doubt that was completely helped in character design. Evaluation is "very bad"

2012/05/19 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22595 Host:22478 Browser: 10709
The original is unread.

[good point]
A singer is added in conjunction with the progress of OP, a story with a feeling of running, and the animation also changes.

Battle scenes using drawing & CG

[Bad point]
Various settings and world settings
Is not IS a military use ban?

About the handling of the heroine Heroines are generally bullish tsundere girls and can not be likable much,
Besides Charles Musou .. That popular gathering for Charles is not it (laughs.
I wanted five more people to be active equally.

A hero who does not feel attractive When he / she sees the interaction with heroines in one summer rabbit, KY 's behavior and behavior stand out.
As far as I looked at the character of one summer itself from my point of view, I did not feel charm and interesting elements,
In fact, even a heroine who was supposed to have been in a conflict with a slightly masculine attitude is also motivated, so the discomfort is doubled.
Haarlem's works are almost similar, but this will be too convenient.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is not much character that hero and heroine have favorable .. "It is very bad".

2012/05/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 280 Host:208 Browser: 4682
The story is deployed without stagnation as there are people who are baptized and politicians, including scripts and staff.
I think that I'm answering enough to seek the visuals of female characters that are essential and the performance of popular voice actors.
It seems that the quality of the service scene is also high with flesh color full throttle.

As an anxious point,
I know that it is a thoroughly successful work "There is a harem in the beginning" work, but could not you make a setting of the world view a bit more properly?

Although I do not understand somewhat, the female character is in love with a hero from the appearance.

The hero is "a hero who has no hindrance to the extent that it will not disturb you for enjoying the cuddiness of a girl"
Feeling like that? There is no presence.

There were not many battle scenes that stopped stopping, two - to - one knockdown, etc, which are not refreshing, so - called burning development did not exist.

I guess the main is making thoroughly that it is heroines. For that reason there was no such thing that the hero showed a pleasant activity and as a robot action I could not feel refreshing.

In any case "Harlem" is exhausted. In a way it is pure.

2012/04/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2114 Host:1991 Browser: 8880
Original unread. It is a usual Harlem / Moe animation of a system that "pretty girls will love a hero unexpectedly".

Basically, "girls (people of national level) and the main characters battle at IS" * 3 〓〓〓"The unmanned IS and the protagonist group fight at IS", and nothing has converged as a story , I can not feel deep setting. Even after finishing watching, after all it is not clear what what IS is, after all what the work wanted to do. But maybe nothing is wrong. For the time being, it would be that it was a presumption (moe) element of this work to put a mechanic on a beautiful girl and fight it.

As for the hero as well, it is good that girls receive favor from the girls in such circumstances, somehow get caught up in the development with many service cuts is that it is common in this work's work. It is also common for this work's work to say that it is possible to operate a high-class machine like IS, and (in spite of depictions which train as it is), the hero rapidly grows in a short time. The main character will properly insert the delicious spots of the enemies that appear. Although there is a sense of deceitfulness, well, girl characters are pretty, and is not it good for seeing as an animation to relive the position of this hero among such girls characters?

Anyway, it is a work that you see with character purpose only. For viewers, it is only important whether you can be satisfied with your favorite object working, and I think that it is just like an idle DVD. Then it seems rather ridiculous to evaluate the contents of parts other than the character painter seriously, but if it is possible to express the character lovely to the end for the time being and to attract the viewer, it is a success as a work, it is not so I think it is a failure. For me, I believe that this work has succeeded in that respect, so evaluate it as "good".

2012/03/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19732 Browser: 6793(Mobile)
[Good place]
You can see it with light taste
[Bad point]
One summer
A variety of insane scenes
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The hero is the biggest disadvantage of this work, there is no doubt.
I am overly insensitive and I get annoyed.
I will racially discriminate.
It also shows a sense of biased justice to protect poaching vessels.
Yet it is incredibly bragging, and why is it Mote.
The Harlem system is already overboard, so it does not seem realized even if I look at the insensitive hero,
In the case of this character it is not only that, but it seems to be a rare hero who is irritated when you see something.
There are also many insane scenes.
Sweet and sour pork, the Chinese representative at the end of the eight episodes, intends to attack in the summer in the classroom,
In the end of the last round I wonder if another four people witnessed the other summer and the broom is flirting and that it is better to repeat morality from elementary school students by using IS for living beings and so on Many.
Although it is a work of a genre that looks empty,
Why are you annoyed and you have to see it.
Personally it was a disappointing and unfortunate work.

I forgot to mention that.
I am a broker from the first impression.
As much as anything Charlotte party members are too much I'm really overeating, so it's odd !!!