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Akihiro Hino Level five Katsuhito Akiyama Oriental Light & Magic Inc.
Monthly Corocoro Naganotakuzo Atsuhiro Tomioka Toshihiko Nakajima Masafumi Mima Shiho Terada
Yuka Terasaki Haruka Tomatsu Takashi Ohara Mitsuki Saiga Yu Kobayasi Ayahi Takagaki Kensuke Satou Nojima Hirofumi
Jyunko Takeuchi Hiroyuki Yoshino Yasuyuki Kase Megumi Tano Shinnosuke Tachibana Takahiro Mizushima Yuuki kodaira
Japan Released:2011/05/04(Wed) 19:00- TV TOKYO Corporation TV
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/inazumago/ (Translation)
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2016/06/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 274 Host:635 Browser: 10185
All marks are viewed and watched. At the beginning of GO broadcasting, it became becoming, and I felt a big discomfort, but recently I have changed my mind a bit. Here we will evaluate "Inazuma Eleven GO" which will win the holey road.

[good point]
〓〓〓It was this that I was bothered by the gap 1, looking at the theme and the directionless mark. Certainly, the weight of the atmosphere in the early stage is not extraordinary, and the world setting is also a subtle place to get children's understanding.
However, because football has become too popular, managed soccer born to equality. I think that it is a very interesting setting. In other words, the theme of this work is "aim for football voluntarily at will".
On the other hand, in the case of no mark, the themes such as "win by effort" = "there is no meaning to doping" (God's aqua, alias stone, 3 periods can not be said definitely but Demonio, Ronijo etc) . There were various other bad things, but the important thing is that the theme of GO is not treated with no mark.
Therefore, GO has GO 's exact theme, so if you look at it there will be another interesting thing. Because you can understand the thought of the enemy side who is supposed to manage the football, it is attractive to say what is impolite.

〓〓〓Growth of characters I received the impression that the character changed over the entire character, "Oh, the times have changed." Because the members of GO received a cold feeling like "What is getting hot?"
As the unmarked character was hot, there was something sad about this inferior sense as inazuma eleven series, sometimes its behavior sometimes. I can tell you it's now, but the first shrine was really cool. However, at the bottom of the heart everyone likes football, each character's growth when remembering that feeling remarkable, I felt the impression. Mr. Ogao Sanku Mindenya Everyone is there. It was hot just because the original temperature was low.
It is not cool until it grows, but after growing it looks really cool, GO characters tend to have that tendency.

[Another point]
〓〓〓Chara Attachment, Positioning The main character, Temma, confronts the management football, but I often saw the story that there is a part that can not be sympathized with the complaint, and I myself thought so. Is not it a matter of character positioning?
There is something that can be withstood variously against junior high school football, it is almost unknown about the actual situation just entered the university, and if the junior is appealing as "such a funny thing!", It is honest to become "what it's this guy" Well, I guess it can not be denied. Well, if it is Temma horse, I can make a flow.
For example, if the mind changes to the appeal of Tenma entered by the current captain, GO in the position of the hero, if the child is a hero, if the viewer's mind changes, it is easy for viewers to empathize somewhat thought. On the contrary, it can be said that it is good to be like a football club because there is a hierarchical relationship.
In addition, as a factor which caused the degree of completeness to rise with no mark, the "main character" named "Kaido" was established in the first term, but it was regrettable that it was not GO. Specifically, there are several episodes on the story, but I think that the inclusion of Temma horse was too thin. Because, for example, Amagi-san and Kageyama-kun are the main times, Tianma is not involved in an important episode at that time, such as the fact that personality did not appear at the time of this, is the cause called thin? I thought. On the other hand, there is an impression that there was a lot of descriptions that the circle almost entwined to the first episode and talks with the central figure and belly.
If I could establish the impact of the hero in the first term and take it to the second and third term based on that, I think that it was good.

〓〓〓I thought that incarnation with incarnationism is real, very innovative and good. However, novelistic visuals .... I guess there was more nice thing. However, it is certain that the battle width has increased with this, so I had some fun and fun looking. Personally I like that the posing at embarkation is different for each person.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Looking at the theme firmly, we receive the impression that it is fulfilling as content. It is a work that can be touched by the fact that there is another interesting thing with no mark, and it becomes hot as it goes by the second half, and it gets hot.
However, the impression that the content is too difficult for children. Therefore, thinking of the original target, I think that it is reasonable.
Moreover, it was a very exciting event that it was seen that the characters talking with each other (Mr. Kitami and Toby, etc.) of impressions that were unmarked, and which did not have much involvement in the main story were too impressive. Also, Mr. Kudo has increased the weight of each word. In a word comes Zuodon. I think that it is the fact that it is being pulled with no mark, but I think that I am doing my best against the doll of a strong doll character.

2015/12/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37589 Host:37758 Browser: 10248
[good point]
I am getting used to this hot spot.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

A wonderful work!

2015/12/17 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6379 Host:6559 Browser: 7417
[good point]
Exchange of sun and sun

[Bad point]
All others

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was a rough work, but it was a high degree of completeness, but it was too high to imagine that it was a high degree of completeness, clearly speaking, except for where the sun is talking about squirtingly, even if there are even places you want to see if you want to find it

Tenma's "Soccer is poor" "Soccer is crying"
Viewer 'Noiseyo'
If you can not say such a thing to people who do not have compassion on football? If you are acting as a stick reader, it would be great to have an attachment to whatever you like to do elsewhere, but it is extremely disgusting if you mention it

Most of the deathblows are incarnation, incarnation, incarnation, the necessity of being a football is gone,
Put a yellow card to the athlete who played dangerously, be careful, I was irritated watching the neighborhood here

The most important thing is the content, the details are thoroughly many thru parts that became "that?" Even though Through himself

Whether the snowstorm and whitewashed Eleven is doing well, how the relationship between light and Kosaka became subsequent, how the summer sea was connected with the defense, why the Australian Temple became the emperor of the Fifth Sector , The story before Futaka succeeded Hibiki, only the things that I could draw if I wanted to draw anything In particular, the second person should have drawn firmly, because Kosaka is the first person of light's first love affair I wanted to draw firmly Tamaki Tamaki and Masaji Road reconciliation and the past of Chiyoderaji Irritating, the flow until the Buddha Temple becomes the emperor of the Fifth Sector is also inconceivable,
If this happens the production team here will make you feel like they are the only ones who will raise the necessary parts

However, my crime time has not ended yet. In this animation there is an indication of victory and defeat by the Fifth Sector but I want you to do something foolishly, I can not do this in the world of the game, I do not need field setting of Holy Road If it becomes like this Those who worry about becoming dislike of football may not be told that Senjyuji "Soccer is required for management" scenes something is silent, Mob's senior characters also do not need to have a good black guy The existence of the group members is too meaningful,
It goes without saying that the Inazuma Eleven series got strange from here

2015/11/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1262 Host:1000 Browser: 10075
It is a review to Inazuma Eleven GO (one term). It was a work that appeared after a major change of hero replacement, but it is a work that I like quite a lot personally.

[good point]

In the story Inazuma Eleven series appealing the pain of effort, the importance of effort is often insisted, but in this work there is not much development that will always be rewarded if you work hard on my warrior.
The hero Matsude Temma who entered Kaminarimonu intends to enroll in the adventurous football club, but Kanemon gate Eleven is destroyed by the team naming himself a black knight group, and furthermore the corruption of junior high school soccer world can be confronted.
Even in the tournament, the strong enemies that appear one after another will overcome them, but for that reason they believe that "somehow" and Temma will fight. That healthy yet hot story was personally good.

In the early days when a character was standing on a lot of friends, I was confused because a new character appeared in a stroke, but as the story goes on, I will reveal what kind of character it is.
Interesting characters will appear, including the captain but crying insects, two of the swordsmen who hate football. Of course, as well as how to stand the characters, human relations (up and down) peculiar to club activities are also interesting, so I watched and reconciled.
A new character was also added little by little, making the story feel fresh in the story.

There are a number of distinctive deathblown techniques in the Inazuma Eleven special artillery that can be said as an annual, and now this work is also interesting. Instead of being very impressive, I was surprised every time with many twisted skills. Hissatsu tactics also had a lot of turns.
Also, as a big feature of this work, the existence of "incarnation" that also exceeds the deathblowing skill will appear. Battle between incarnations and incarnation shoots, etc. compensated for the missing technique's slightly insufficient power, and it was impressive.

As a view of the world of this work being asked about the importance of football, the winning and losing of the football game is enforced by the order of the football management organization Fifth Sector.
To the football which is world famous sports, I thought that it was quite a challenging work to write negative aspects such as poor people who can not play football, soccer is weak and looked down.
Whereas the hero insists on free football, under the experience of himself, the opponent's side who asserts that football should be managed is skillful and fascinated.

Things with a gentle tune that BGM flows in a very good everyday landscape and things that excite games were as good as the Inazuma Eleven series as usual.
Besides that, in this work, spectacular and serious songs are also being used quite a lot, I was able to successfully attach the sharpness of the story.

[Bad point]

Bad tempo of the game Although the incarnation itself is cool, the incarnation scene of the incarnation enters between moments of the game, so it felt like impeding the sense of football speed.
I can not deny the feeling of using the bank only, there are several points that can not be seen on the image side, so it seems diverse.

With the emergence of incarnation that is beyond the intense inflationary incarnation technique, it seems that players who do not have incarnations had a lot of delays far from the front line. I felt that the proportion of active players in the main character was biased, I also thought that the chewy characters were not blessed to have a turn.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

We have attracted a lot of new elements, and at that time myself also showed a somewhat rejection reaction. However, it passed through the original line of GO, and I enjoyed interestingly until the last episode.
This is the review for Inazuma Eleven GO. Evaluation is very good.

2014/03/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17691 Host:17714 Browser: 5171
I decided it was better than normal.
Slowness of the scenario Although it seemed that there was a problem also in how the characters looked out, it was good because the scenario and the handling of the characters are still better compared with the second and third phases that follow.
Initially there was resistance but I think that it was good as it got into a hot development as it was.

It is a little about the rival of Temma horse that I was curious about. In the era of Kokuto, rivals such as Kyudo, Gran, Fidio came from the beginning and the appearance was also directed, but there was nothing like that in the Tianma period, and the sun was also an rival element of sorry degree.
I wonder if this is the reason GO got it. I did not deny Gudari feeling because there was no clear purpose of "beating __O".

However, as there were some elements that will not be defeated by the rough wave of the previous work, the evaluation is assumed to be good.

2014/02/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44112 Host:44013 Browser: 10240
Ultra-dimensional football battle was the concept It was wilted after the incarnation appeared, but I kept watching because it was a level 5 fan

While the athlete was activating the technique, it was good that the god hand demon, the dragon of the dragon crash or the tiger of the tiger drive was good, but the incarnation can not touched the ball. It can be convinced that if it is an aura thing it would be like an ambition. But the battle between incarnations is no longer a realization if touched if it is touched, the battle of incarnation is no longer a fighting animation of the type of summoning beast and members who do not have a ball standing in a battle while standing in a battle are as helpless as people who can not get incarnated It seems that GK's cooked condition.

Needless to say, the sequel also got cooler and I saw the sequel was also interesting in the game

2013/11/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10334 Host:10222 Browser: 8236
[good point]
Even if it is BGM or a voice actor, is it a supporting character such as Mr. Yuichi Mukyu of the technique and Hayami, Hamano.
I think it is better than the protagonist characters, and it has good taste I think that how to use the previous work characters such as Aphrody, Shikaoka is good. Guidance making full use of my experience is grinning the previous work fan

I think that voice actors may be used widely from newcomers to veterans

[Bad point]
The truth of Fifth in the general scenario revolution. Because I was poor and I could not play soccer, I'm going to ruler not too much, even a primary school student writes a more legitimate screenplay.
Children do not need children in general

To defend football, it is bad for education to change the sex and change the history, Nobunaga, Jeanne, Ryoma Sakamoto, Okita using too much over the hero and hesitate to Komei Ao

The turnover of Xanach is unknown, even a primary school student is a better scenario ry
Rasubosu is also unreasonable that it is allowed to do war and cause serious damage. Even elementary school students will write a magical script and it is bad for education. It is unreasonable

There is no youth episode as if there was no mark.
Episodes other than football like snowball fight, episodes of managers disappearing and it is just boring things to play soccer

The game is one pattern, get bored. Tedious deployment such as incarnation, armed, and mix

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Scenario or character's behavior is too bad.
Even though there are good characters, I can not see other characters because they are so bad.
The action of Rasubosu is also stupid, and if it is a bad party it should be like a rogue but I do not want to develop that "This kind of circumstances ..." is to buy sympathy.

2013/08/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28316 Host:28346 Browser: 6994
Evaluated even in Galaxy (however, it was unpopular), so here in GO 1 period.

Where was good

OP and ED (excluding some)
Voice (excluding some)
The design got cute.
I made the people of the football club of Kaminarimon current brightly (?) Around the first half period when the temple was dark.
A place where that Tenma is on good terms with Shinsuke.
The place where the sword castle where there was a villain feeling at first started to reconcile with everyone in the football club gradually.
Iino and Aoyama honestly said that they returned to the football club.
Kenji Kageyama, the nephew of that Kageyama Zouji, seriously informed them about the entrance (although he tried to leave the soccer club on the way, but he was caught by the circle) what he was able to do.
It was dark in the first half of the year, but it gradually improved afterwards.
The feeling of stability of the game, especially becoming better from the middle stage.
Unique character, especially third grader.
Old character after ten years (I have not seen the unmarked once, but I only watched the GO series (reason is an example))

It is good for this, and the bad place is

Where it was bad

Kirino who does not feel attractive to the shrine felt only as a woman's aim, and also a hunter ...
Waiter of Hayami, I do not like side by side with the Shinto dark Characters in the first half of the character Aoi 's voice
1st ED
The usefulness of the setting of the shine is appropriate, it is a waste even though that nephew of that Kageyama ... (a waste gone will be given President.w)

Evaluation comment made it suitable, but since it was a good first period series, I will make it "highest".
By the way, this is the evaluation page of GO 1st term. Evaluate the evaluation of chrono stone to the evaluation page of chrono stone.

2013/07/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7588 Host:7473 Browser: 5870
[good point]
Friendship and Bonds of Tenma Tatsunomi through Football Theme Song Co-starring with Characters of the Previous Work Sequel Wanderba is Interesting and Reconciliation and Reconciliation with Enemies
[Comprehensive evaluation] Thinking that it is very cool looking teach me the greatness of bonds to heavy friendship etc. of Tenma.

2013/06/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12333 Host:12210 Browser: 6994
It is inazuma series which can no longer be seen from the week before, but I will also evaluate it on the evaluation page here

[This is not bad]
〓〓〓It became more cute than Muji (except for some)
〓〓〓Tenma. Kenjyaku, Kaneyama Akira Mizuki-san, I. I like Aoyama. Especially Tenma and Akira are so cute! (Lolita) So after that, Io is also Aoyama as well as Medium 2 but it's cute 〓〓〓Charadesa (except for some)
〓〓〓Where a lot of old characters came out (especially thanks to the Tora - maru and standing house!
〓〓〓The nature of Tianma is good (childishness, not giving up, I am worrying (just, Inagara's Tenma is not so much ...)), I think Tenma is much better than Dandou.
However, there are some people saying that attention, popularity, attraction etc are not so much lower than the club in the world, but I do not think so much ....
〓〓〓Autumn is a Temma horse, Tianma also fall It is a place where you care about relatives' older sisters carefully (I think that it is the best best cousin among the animations I've seen)
〓〓〓Tianma is a hot feeling to football, Kenjin is also quite impressive to the football with Yuichi, is also quite impressive, Kuroiwa who was supposed to have died also in shining Kajiyama strong sense of football I also like the strong feelings about Mr. Iko and Aoyama as well.
〓〓〓Where the part of the gag was returning a little from around where Iko and Aoyama came back to the football club (especially chrono stone was somewhat (lol))
〓〓〓Wonderba of the second term is interesting, Yaosuke Yajima who was taken charge of the zanark and alphas and was manipulated.
〓〓〓Where you go to different times (just that)
〓〓〓I love deathbed technique 〓〓〓The importance of the bond between people 〓〓〓The setting to regain football (This is a pros and cons, but I liked it)
〓〓〓Our theme song OP and ED hajikeyo to join hands Our castle

[This is normal.]
〓〓〓Incarnation or armored (well / bad, especially the lower body of the armored of the shodo child, that ticky w, then his nobunaga hair w)
〓〓〓Apho 〓〓Akane 〓〓Hamano 〓〓Kurama 〓〓Third graders except Nanzawa (Akane may be the only thing he thinks about the child, but I do not know whether he is really doing manager's job, too. Hamano is also a good guy and a good guy, it is hard to understand whether there are odd shops and strangers, is also strong about the three countries? Which is weak ... which one is also between the warehouses ...)
〓〓〓I want you to know clearly that Dangdang is doing director supervision 〓〓〓Pictures are good or bad after the unmarked series

[I think this is weird]
〓〓〓The darkness of the first half of the 1st period (after gradually getting better)
〓〓〓How did the winter sea come back to Kaminarimon ?? w
〓〓〓Chrono stone edited "Relationship with people", "Enemy's selfish personality", etc. (I thought that the story of Innaku itself was okay, but the part which does not need a bit ... ..., the main progress is also not good)
Seven people in Nanzawa, especially six people other than hunting houses ... ... especially the shadowy parents are not pretty, the places they cry too, the personality is also abnormal Even when scared,
I think that the hysteric feeling of inagnya who is doing now is increasing from around the 1st term and 2nd term, the poor child is the main character of GO with low perfection in the GO character (popular for everyone young girls, but I There is not much popularity among men including), I feel depression somewhat when I see a child.
Besides, Shinzo is not likable so much (although it is loved by Tenma and Shine as well as Big Brother x brother), Kirino is too much for a woman, and Nishika is not popular among people nationwide , Hayami has too much taste, there are quite a lot of negative feeling and there are places to give up soon, and the character of Minami ...
〓〓〓Aoi's voice (as usual, because the revolution was on top of it ... as usual ...)
〓〓〓How to make use of Shine setting is not so good, that Kuroiwa is supposed to be the nephew of Zenji Kageyama ....
〓〓〓The main character of GO is Tenma (the main character). Kenjyuki. It is not a shinjin (It is somewhat strange to say that one of the main character of GO is the second grader, the main character at the time of not marking is Dendou (hero)
Although it was the same year grade of Temma and Takashi ...), the setting of Tenma is made the main character as it is, the shining is also made a hero (In the first place the shining is the nephew of Kaji Kageyama, a strong feeling about football is If there was, from the beginning he should also be the main character like Temma horse? (I think that it is not bad to say W the hero) Another, Teru is "from the time of Tenma and Aoi elementary school If you had a strong feeling in football as well as Iino and Aoyama also make them the main character, the main character of GO is Tenma (the main character). Akira Another main character) Kenjaku (semi-protagonist). Iko (2nd year main). I wanted Aoyama (the 2nd year main), who was more receptive to the child, should have been more complete.
〓〓〓Shigo Kira ... The president told me "Please wait for the sequel of GO", but I did not make it.


I'm sorry I got an unfamiliar evaluation comment on the meaning, I was sorry, the result was somewhat, but there were still a lot of good results but it was quite good at the beginning of the 1st period but it was not good It is much better than the second term and the third term, so it is also my favorite series so I will make it "very good" close to "good".

2013/04/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13318 Host:13450 Browser: 5378
To be honest, Inazuma Eleven GO has fallen ..

The first term was good but the second term is already ..

I felt I began to sell rituals not only to ladies but also to kimoto after the second term Protocol Omega beta only aims at nothing I do not do Tommy's shoots stop "Tenpeiro". It's pretty much pretty compared to captains of the same protocol omega, alpha and gamma (alpha and gamma soon have been put in infinite prison, but she has only 3 months, her only to do duties etc)
Mr. Hino probably forgets that the child is a target. surely
(It is like a strongest setting dreamer who also looks closely at Yuzeko also on a certain dream novel site ..)

But the story was nice

I think that warping to the world of warring States and picture books to find the time and space strongest eleven is absolutely not to other sports animation, and the black curtain is actually not the protocol omega and the Zanark is the second stage children and Space Time Space I was surprised and surprised that it was the strongest eleventh person

The story was good, but the character aimed too much. Therefore evaluation is normal

2013/02/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13304 Host:13384 Browser: 12926
[good point]
Not much, but all the characters are cute.

[Bad point]
That I put out the character of the previous inaiire. I wanted you to divide it for anything.
The story is dark. It does not get excited.
Even if I looked through it to the end I was not particularly moved. I only felt that I was caught in the previous fans.
Also, if it is a deathblow, if you become an incarnation ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is subtle.

2012/12/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29628 Host:29862 Browser: 7651(Mobile)
This is not football. There is nothing to say except that I am stupid about soccer. Therefore, evaluation is the worst.

2012/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20855 Host:20861 Browser: 3875
[good point]
Connection between character deza players OP How to use previous character characters
[Bad point]
Manager Aoi's voice actor's poor managers do not do any work at all
ED Aoi's character is too innocent at Ina GO

[Comprehensive evaluation]
If Tariuma is not in, OK is very good

2012/12/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 241 Host:10 Browser: 11649
Re-evaluation as soon as the chrono stone is over.
This is not football animation. It is SF animation borrowed the name of soccer animation or something like that.
(There is a feeling too overkill for flowing, though)
So even if you stop the ball with a certain animation, even if you take out the incarceration, you will not get angry.
Another thing I thought about until now, though I thought that the official is sick to go to the age of warring States for the time and space strongest eleven (laugh), eventually I think that the end was a good end , And watching chrono stone.
Galaxy is 18 episodes that the anger of the fans will explode, Hino said, but since ChronoStone was also interesting I am sure to be okay.

2012/08/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18989 Host:19171 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Only one period and the best times of the second term only.

[Bad point]

The second term ... that seems to be the only worst thing. While I've been watching various animations, I have started animation where the second term is not interesting so far.
For me who likes shine, Kenjaku and Kurama among the top three, Kitako is painful and can only be seen as a "geeky nipple" character.
The contents are also messed up, there is no fun piece of fun ...
Soccer in the aura of a historical figure ... It is meaningless.
Although I do not have 3DS ... I will never buy any games even if there are.
Football the Australian Flame Temple regained herself at the expense of sacrifice ...
Football is trying to get back even if Tenma is torn.
Or the second term ignores the first term .... Another power of dimension such as Armed and Miximax has not been utilized "power that has grown at Holy Road".
Besides, Miximax ... there is no piece of capability ... Is not it "doping"?
I think that only Armed is good.
It is said that despite emphasizing stubbornness with magnificent correction such as Fukaoka, Big Flame Temple, snowstorm and so on in no sign, what is the bad handling of the three forwarders ....
Kurama has only succeeded in shooting once, he can not strike shoots properly, Kenjaku is just like the Buddha temple sky ry
I did not make use of Shine setting, but is it a new character ...?
I can not recognize mushrooms, it is not a stain.
It is a character that makes me get angry if I say that it is suddenly an ace. It is told that it is cute ... but it is not too cute at all. Rika is totally cute.
If three forwarders seem to be unwieldy any more,
If it is a goddy content, I will consider watching from the future. Bukkake, "the worst anime in the animation we've seen so far".

2012/08/26 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6965 Host:6777 Browser: 4781
Although it was seen as partly partly, Chrono Stone, especially after having become a historical story, is completely straying.
I say that we need a vessel, but there are also no signs to polish ourselves any longer, and it is hard to say hot-blooded football animation anymore.
Armed is also not appealing and there is no sharpness in the game. On the other hand, many of the side stories are single-shot characters, the attachment to fixed members will be diminished, and the members currently in Temma and other members are thin.

Inazuma Eleven The greatest dark period is now.

2012/08/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30001 Host:30161 Browser: 3997
[good point]
I wonder not only football, but a place to put a little love affair ...

[Bad point]
It is not a decade later, it was not able to see the activity of the Daido of high school days! Mochi, the circle is the hero ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well ... it is subtle ... Ah, it may be good if there is a picture looking back on the past!

2012/08/09 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:22052 Browser: 1969(Mobile)
What I thought after Chrono became a stone is a team member who does not understand with "I do not understand" even though Wandaba is stupidly telling the story and roughly understandable explanation. There is no explanation for encounter with Daisuke, "Forbidden" and forcible. Mr. Kishido, please do not hide it at least as far as grandchildren are pinching.

2012/08/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13551 Host:13570 Browser: 4894
[good point]
As an orthodox hot-blooded manga, it is a good part way ...

[Bad point]
The story is getting sick from the middle The rich and intriguing technique of this piece of work of this work does not come out and the incarnation that is getting fuzzy makes the game and the flow of the work obscure

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Effort" of the keyword like the muzen when it was not a mark, it seems to be very thin from this work It was disappointing that the bond with a companion who can trust each other's back was the charm of this work

2012/04/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5579 Host:5425 Browser: 5319
Since the first term has ended, people with impressions and evaluations.
As usual it was a bout soccer anime.
It is also a deathblow, but from this time it came out as "incarnation", and showed me more futuristic football.
Although the original was a game that combined soccer and RPG, there were various settings and techniques that seems to come out with RPG, but it seems that this time the elements of the summoned beast in RPG were also taken in, players There was a depiction that incarnations collided with each other rather than between each other.
Even this alone is pretty much flying, but not only the incarnation and techniques but also the fields playing soccer are flying this time more than flying over the previous work.
Although the previous work has a lot of blown away deathblows and play, the field itself was very ordinary, but this time the field is sprawling with a lot of traps, which is spurred by the super dimensionality of football.
This is also an element for enjoying the game more in the game, but for those who began watching from the animation at the first look, you would think "What's this?"
Naturally the world view and the story of this time are flying again this way.
It's good to be blown off ... but this time the story was honestly subtle, it has become a terrible disgusting world view, and the beginning of the development is dark ... only the opposite of the motive of the black curtain.
It is said that there is still a difference in handling of characters as usual ... Especially weakening of the keeper may have had severe things.
However, the depiction of the game was more polite than the previous work, so it was impressive.
Although the previous work was an impression that there was a lot of feelings connecting with the use of the deadly technique video anyway, this time there are use of the deathbed technique video, but as the previous work has not been repeated as much as the previous work, the action such as pass turning etc. With increasing feeling, I wonder if you are showing a match like soccer than the previous one (save the fields and incarnations full of traps).
Like the previous work, the drawing is beautiful and stable, the voice actor is also gorgeous, the story is still flying as usual, the direction of evaluation is "good" nearby.
In the "Crono. Stone" that starts next time I wonder how much it will show you the flying flight, I am looking forward for a moment.

2012/04/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Unexpectedly many Han characters (Mikuni-san, Nishiki, Tsukiyama Kunimitsu people, etc.)
Flying skill setting surpassing other football work Hot drama after Kaminarimon awakens that the character of the previous work has appeared (Mr. Fukaoka etc.)
[Bad point]
There is also a character of the first half darkness (two people who exited about 2 episodes (the first one who is not Io, Aoyama), etc.)
Some characters of the previous work have not appeared (Kurimatsu etc.)
[Comprehensive evaluation]
At the same time, I sympathized with KFC's one line of "The Mikuni-sama if Han" in the times of "TV station came!"

It seems that the new series will start soon, but expecting while thinking what will happen

Evaluation is the highest

2012/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is based on last time

[good point]
The theme song character picture is better than last time ..
There are various fields such as tornado field and ice field

[Bad point]
Although the second term can not be helped as after 10 years from Kaminarimon, I'd like to think that the history of the football club built by the character of the first term is full of hope but I do not want to go to that kind of division It is shown in the second term (bitter smile)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Until the midfoot, it was a fun time, but the sun team and the enemy's team confrontation fun.

I am looking forward to the second term.

2012/02/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is an opinion of a girls who likes a mortuary skill that is not a middle year school for one year

[good point]

* Incarnation is good!
* Good characters
* Enter Serious, good w
* I wonder if you can change it 10 years ago
* The movie version was good

[Bad point]
* Victory / defeat instructions I was doing in the direction to ignore I heard stories that they could not play football after mimicking themselves and being depressed. Captain becoming somewhat reputable hero who surrounded my mother
* Did you get bad for children?
* What is a black knight team?
* The sense that Shinseku is strangely given preferential treatment
* Masaki think that there are things to apologize
* Teru Mikoto's setting Not alive

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I think it is good b

2011/12/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
That the character deza improved better than the previous work.
Tianma's personality game description depicting pass and dribble scenes, becoming more polite than the previous work

[Bad point]
How did the winter sea come back as a teacher fired in the previous work (first generation) ..
There are too many game patterns.
There are many patterns of winning backwards by putting points just before the end of the game.
Heavy expansion.
Inazuma Eleven = The impression of hot-blood animation is strong, so it's a little heavy deployment ... (Recently it has become hot blood)
Since it is animation for male elementary school student at first, so where is the setting called Tenma and Shinsuke beginner ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Bad point I wrote it well, but the evaluation is "very good" and what will become of it from now on ...
I care whether Nanzawa will come back to Kaminarimon

2011/12/24 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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It is based on last time

[good point]
The theme song character picture is better than last time ..
There are various fields such as tornado field and ice field

[Bad point]
Although the second term can not be helped as after 10 years from Kaminarimon, I'd like to think that the history of the football club built by the character of the first term is full of hope but I do not want to go to that kind of division It is shown in the second term (bitter smile)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Not bad, have you got tired?

2011/12/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Incarnation is cool !!

[Bad point]
First of all, the soccer game is one pattern Firstly the opponent team takes the first point 〓〓〓Kaminarimon gives out a deathblow shot but it is sure to be stopped at least one time 〓〓〓If you give out the opponent killing mortal work, Kaminari gate also fights it with a deathblow technique 〓〓〓splendid one point Take 〓〓〓the end is Kanemon Middle ends with victory. I want Kaminarimon to take the first point about once. Always the other team will take it. Or do not take one point and wish to win or win.

[Comprehensive evaluation]


2011/10/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19776 Host:19690 Browser: 2884
[Good point] There is no such character that there is such a difference that it is weak stronger than in the Kaminarimon during last time. Handling of characters is getting better as well. Where you are concerned about 10 years after the last character. There was no previous pattern that the same junior high school club called Kenjaku is like an enemy because he hates soccer and Mr. Minami is an enemy. The organization of football called seed is also pretty. The uniform is also cool. Voice actors. I am using Mr. Kaji and Yoshino san of the last voice actor. ED was not Berryz Kobo but also Aoi's character was good. I was impressed that the snowstorm was cool and he became manly.

[Bad point] There is no personality of Temma. A common hero. Round is better. The match pattern is too bad. A pattern with no previous one. I heard that Kirino's hairstyle is like a girl and treated as a main character without Kirino's success. I think that Komino's hairstyle also attracts elementary school girls. And he's a man with such a hair style. Kanemon gate will win and the game was more interesting than last time. Aoi's voice actor's performance is bad. Mr. Minamizawa does not come back to Kaminarimon. FW was better at the hunter.

[Comprehensive evaluation] Although the previous one was interesting, I think that this time is also good.