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Akihiro Hino
Level five
Oriental Light & Magic Inc.
Monthly Corocoro
Atsuhiro Tomioka
Toshihiko Nakajima Masafumi Mima
Yasunori Mitsuda
Yuka Terasaki
Takashi Ohara
Mitsuki Saiga
Kaito Ishikawa
Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Yuuki Aoi
Aya Endo
Okabayashi Fumihiro
YONAGA Tsubasa
Nojima Hirofumi
Sayaka Kitahara
Ayahi Takagaki
Shinichiro Miki
Seiji Sasaki
Japan Released:2013/05/08(Wed) 19:00-19:28 TV TOKYO Corporation TV
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/inazumago/index2.html (Translation)
Ending movie (1)
イナズマイレブンGOギャラクシーED 勝手にシンデレラ
Song:Sayaka Kitahara Yuuki Aoi [Fan reg.]
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2016/02/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6512 Host:6750 Browser: 9402
[good point]
That that ended.

[Bad point]
Almost everything.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not want you to come back again.

2015/12/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37955 Host:38047 Browser: 10248
[good point]

As a story, it was very interesting.
[Bad point]
It was disappointing that the members changed differently than three people.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was interesting.

2015/12/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6379 Host:6559 Browser: 7417
[good point]
The figure of Kaido's cloak The figure of Powai and Hirari

[Bad point]
All but the above!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Wow, already it was terrible at the stage of the previous work, but it is terrible, is it sequeling? If you do your best you are sensitive to your confidence that you get anything anything Mashita. To people who put popular system, I will convey rudeness in agreement but I can only think that "Which side should I have seen if I could have said that I should have seen it?", First of all, it is a preliminary screening but it is too oversubscribed!
Eight nominees who never experienced football were nominated, despite the special game with the empire,

It is nice to see the figure of Kido's cloak for the first time in a long time, and it is nice to see that it was good to have gotten into a game after all, but it is a loss that can only be said as if it was such a thing, especially when Ibuki Well, the scene that provokes that it is trying to take "is whitish, the Empire Eleven except Mika also said," What is it? "
I agreed with Mr. Hakuryu 's face facing sideways with the expression that I'm going out with you and "I'm disappointed" at the end of the match

It was not necessary to say that it was myself that the real name department was themselves also clearly, it was not necessary for the shinjin to be a giggis and to dislike more than the previous work, to feel doubts about being amateur only Although it does not matter, it should hit the director and should not hit a player, but other new characters are not as popular as image, but it seems that there is no appeal or existence, so it can not have attachment

In the practice game with Resistance Japan I also agreed that Yamato criticized as "only three of Kaminarimon are dead amateurs"
Some people note that why they say that, but what is wrong with saying the real thing !!
Better thing I participated in the tournament as Inazuma Japan, I'm not satisfied Resistance Japan,
Most viewers would have thought like this, Yukimura, Yamato, Kurotsu, Kishi Department, Maso Road, there are many people with the ability to represent more than anything like this, Resistance Japan seems more persistent It is totally stronger than Inazuma Japan which is only amateurs

Next time it will be a representative battle in outer space, but here too we do not know that my crime time will stop, First of all I got mad at places where the Tianma men were hit by rough plague storms by indigenous peoples of Sandrias, the casherma was neat Although it was good as a result of scolding but when it enters a game that does not make it scandalous, the rough play of Sandrias was conspicuous, but the place where Barga tackles three times ... and finally it is to be able to point the accusation's attention from the Sandria Eleven However,

Next was Southernra, but it was good here, I got attachment to the character of Powai and Hirari,
I love the strategy to invite others' suicide blows like Pawai. Lol It is the thing which I looked up at the calculated height of Hirari, why is the female character of the enemy acceptable for galaxy edition for some reason why the female character of the ally side gave a subtle impression, other Susanara people? ,what about?

Third! Although it is Gurdon, it made me feel uncomfortable again, although I do not need to ask why, Rodin uses a handsome hand to drive the Earth Eleven into a battlefight In a game I fire a volcanic bullet twice.
Let's make such a permanent ban!

Finally Ratnik, this place is quite relaxing but it makes me feel uncomfortable,
The average life expectancy is only one month long at most, one week at the earliest, as long as it is one week at the earliest ... ..., it was funny where Luge Guru and Gandales brothers can not help laughing, were welcomed also from Ratnik residents ing,

It says to the residents of Ratnik, but it's better to pick someone you'd welcome, because it's like Rodin so fortunately there are not many high-pressure impressions for this brother unlike other Falam Obias humans but,
Luigel and Gandales' cooperative play glows in the game, Ratnik promotes the match dominantly, but in the latter half the sail has given out a special technique, "Let's go over the UFO over there" Brothers of Gandares declare withdrawal, if Rodin it is Rodin, it will be relieved after a long rest, but in their case there are charms, so they can be caught in the feeling that they are closely related to gags, where their Banda who kept hiding behind the shadows ended their longevity at the end of the game when they showed an active part to save the team's pinch with a deathblow technique, but only at the last time, you were shining at that time ... ...,

Farham ... Orbias? ... the place to speak is about where players fought solidly

In the final battle with Ixal fleet, Tianma gave Oglock 's "Football is angry" at the time of Rodin but he wanted to break the TV screen, the game also collided with Seoul and Seoul Although it seemed to me it was only a warm impression, the representative battle in the universe thought whether it would be a long criticism time but the place of Susanara and Ratnik was a bit thinner as it was normal

The place of Sasanara and Ratnik was quite unusual but it was made muscular by the indigenous people of Sandrias and the sermon lacking the sense of logic of the Temma horse Rodin made me feel uncomfortable, Kuroiwa's meaning too meaningful Recommendation, since these four were decided hits, the evaluation is "worst"

2015/11/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4752 Host:4876 Browser: 10210
First of all, I think that this work is a work more enjoyable for those who like the Inazuma Eleven series that is unmarked than people who like Inazuma Eleven go series

[good point]
The point which took advantage of the special mortem technique considerably 〓〓〓Inazuma is a deathblow technique after all ..
Bukkake I did not like incarnation and incarnation armado so much It was pleasing that he fought with a deadly technique with a ban on taking a ban. Also in Seoul, use it with a feeling similar to a deadly technique rather than a broken strength It is a high evaluation.

New characters 〓〓〓Temple trees, I thought that Kuzaka neighborhood was good.

Exchange in the Latnik star
The theme of the life of the Ratnik people who can only live for about a year was amazing.
The scene where the pandas will die was very tiring ...
Lugel brothers are also good impressions

Final battle Ozlocks are cool anyhow Personally I wanted to fight until the extension game as well as the game, but this was good with this ok
It was good that almost all the players of both teams were active, the flow of the match was also very hot and suitable for the final battle.
Also, I thought that Oslock was allowed at the end.

[Bad point]
Rodin goes too much.
.Cherry Blossoms
Characters up to the air conditioned previous work
I also wondered if I was feeling that .ED is all terrible to make properly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I enjoyed it except for myself. As I said, even if life is a theme or what happens if I do bad things, it was a good impression that involved a good story for the story.
I may be my favorite work in the go series LOL Evaluation does not reach the highest, but it is very good Fans of the Inazuma series are disgusted because the character of the previous work does not come out Instead, please take a look to the end

2015/11/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27368 Host:27554 Browser: 10075
This is a review for Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy. A member of Shinsei Inazuma Japan had a story after the midfield and elements that surprised both better and worse.
Still the magnificence of the scale was suitable for the Inazuma Eleven series.

[good point]

Spawn development that creates ties through football This eleven people will be chosen for the world convention for eleven Japanese delegates. However, the eight people except Tenma. Shinto shrine, Kenjin castle was the formation of the shock of a beginner of football.
To make each wish come true, the three people of Temma and Kaminarimon struggle fight against the eight people who go to football seemingly unattractive. However, beginners who started feeling the enjoyment of football, mainly in Tianma, will gradually improve.
It turns out that in the middle stage, the world convention was the undercase of the space-scale tournament. However, Temma and others collide each other's thoughts with the aliens with football. The royal road story which decided everything by soccer was good.

Eight of the novice beginners who solidified steadily, they are on track and basketball.What they are familiar with sports other than rhythmic gymnastics and soccer, and there are characters that are not sports but simply smart. Those who are not interested in such football, it was good to gradually grow up.
In addition, when I entered the space edition, several alien who flew away quite a few appeared and helped the story.

A magnificent story based on the universe Because the universe is the stage, soccer can be fought with various stars. It is the main story of this work that aims at winning the football tournament by electing representatives to protect their stars.
Every star has a unique culture and values, and it was funny as a cosmic thing. In addition, there are firm reasons (backbone) to participate in the world competition to any star, and the story was excited up.

Seoul of the new system In September this year, a system called Seoul has emerged that changes to various living things instead of incarnation. Various souls were used by the players, and they gave a sharp contrast to the game.
Moreover, there is nothing invincible if there is Seoul, and it was still used for closing the story. It was a point to evaluate that it did not become an excessive inflationary factor in the story.

On Special Parade on Special Moves There are also cases in which only three people in Kaminarimon are in the early stage of the parade, and each one has been used repeatedly in one game. The battle where mutual teams collide with each other's deathblows was good like returning to the origin point.
Even after Seoul appeared, I think that the initial deathblown technique and new mortal work technique were used one by one, and I think that it was successful in increasing the force of the game.

[Bad point]

Although the story seems to unfold unexpectedly, it was felt that it was overkill for almost no flags that imply the existence of space tournaments by the middle stage. It was too bad that the state of the earth after the discovery of the space tournament was not drawn much.
I also wanted to grab the scales a bit more carefully, as well as the final stage where Kenjyo castles against Temma.

There is almost no turning of existing characters Chrono that lives in a different era The fellows of Stone edition were very disappointing that only 4 players of Kaminarimon who was a friend from the beginning still played an active part. I think that it was increasingly disappointing that it was only beginners that they were chosen as representatives.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

(The game is good) As the final work of the Inazuma Eleven series, it was an animation that lacks imaichi volume. However, as a stand-alone work, I think that the completeness of the story and the character was high.
This is the review for Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy. Evaluation is good.

2015/07/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4654 Host:4636 Browser: 10306
[good point]
Until I went to space, there were many characters and good characters of the spirited twinkle (Ozlock or Kuzaka etc.)
Final decisive battle with Ixal fleet where proper efforts were properly done

[Bad point]
It has been terrible since I went to space. Almost everything except for the instant tree and final battle is boring
ED hurts past the awful lot

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well, it is quite unpopular though it is a work that I enjoyed considerably as myself ..
I wonder if it was too bad that I had overwhelmed my character so far Initially I was glad that the incarnation seal was personally.
I felt like I got back to the beginning and I felt very good and I enjoyed the game very much And soul was still likable than incoming armored something and I got it by not making a cheat like Mixi Max and doing it properly I like it quite well, but just as I wrote above, the essential universe edition is too boring.
Indeed it's a real name department Everyone's guaranteed to be fun but there are elements that are not utilized at all But I wonder if I can definitely defend that point ..
However, we did not dislike after all because the final battle was very hot. Ixsal fleet member may be the most favorite among successive rasp bosses lol

And I think that the revaluation point is a work that has various things. The game was also really interesting, anyway, because it was a work I enjoyed by saying something, I do not like to eat inazuma series Please watch without eating it

2014/10/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15798 Host:15675 Browser: 5173
[good point]
First-personality is coming back. More than Chrono. Stone. It is interesting that usual super dimensionality comes out at once from a mysterious story full of beginners.
Everyone's new character is pretty and every one person has personality and I think that he was standing tightly.
The character deza is still lovely.

[Bad point]
Although I was sorry a little disappointing that there was no technique that I did not appear in a little original game, I was sorry that I could not use incompatibility, mix even though I liked a diffuse code. Early in GO, I do not know what Inaku was. Although I could use it in the game.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall it is very interesting.
The voice actor was also very luxurious as usual, and it was a work that I did not get bored with watching in that meaning.
I was worried about what will be the first team with a bad mood, but I think that the heart and character of each person is well drawn and it is wonderful every time.
Especially because the story of Yoriba was likewise being bullied, I was able to sympathize so much and since I became human distrust from there, I was also able to sympathize with the feelings of unreliable casualties. I can feel sympathy very charm, I thought that is very wonderful in that sense.

2014/07/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20621 Host:20690 Browser: 9207
[good point]
New system addition

[Bad point]
Incarnation, Armed, Mix Transformer was not used at all, the image of Inazuma was ruined, additionally few additional members, everyone is an unknown character. I was disappointed this time. It was an unexpected result Disappointing ... I thought that I could enjoy more, but it was about this degree that my expectation was good. If it is a caddy edition, it was still a collection of Toshirro in Tenma Hen, in the universe edition,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is unknown when the next will be unknown, probably two years later or perhaps there is a possibility that it will not broadcast again, there is no other choice but to pray that the next will not be disappointing, this time it was awful. Tohoho

2014/04/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28538 Host:28670 Browser: 6296
[good point]

None, voice acting, second theme songs afterwards, ED only for the last round

[Bad point]
Although it was a galaxy which was now the final work, there were many disappointed places too much, there were also many things which I did not understand well ..., what was the Kageyama Shine Kira Shogo? , Mizukawa clamoring the job of the manager, and furthermore in the story before going to space, the wife's hypocrisy and the sweetness of the referee, due to the eight players who were initially amateurs, the child prodigal becomes hysterical ... etc.
And from the universe edition, it is said that confidence enters into confession (where you are trespassing into which smuggling country ??), football in the universe ... etc.

I do not really understand that the peak of anger that Mr. Hino was saying, or Kuroiwa meteor shining star (the uncle of Shining) eventually came out actually (in fact he, the last decomposed and disappeared somehow) Whether Seoul did not come out, however, I doubt why I trusted him for what I really did.

There were many points that it was conspicuous that I ran into a strange configuration while talking about origin return ....
Especially the most unforgivable thing is that unnecessary and somewhat irrelevant things came out because of extra noise caused by the fight with Korean war in the first round before going to space I thought that the wife was robbed of the wallet but eventually I was in the pocket of the real name part jersey (Our viewers say "Do not increase every unnecessary worry!"). ... Despite the game though there was a scene to apologize to Ina Rink but in the animated version before the game version released say apologize from the iron horn! There is no scene to apologize for the scene being requested To the lowest possible way ... Who are they doing! If you do not put out an apology scene with a feeling, the stress is getting bigger and bigger explosion! (Lie) (In a summary of a certain article site There is something written that "There was a misunderstanding in the day" but that's no use say that apologize to the other person as soon as it is told to people that "to apologize" for good children's education Descriptions are necessary, but apologizing while playfully (apologizing, for example, state of hennahena, teasing), absolutely not to apologize for lies, I officially apologized to apologize for it I think that is better.

Also, the first OP and ED did not get excited, OP was a bit chilly, ED did not have content.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Of course, the evaluation is "worst".

Although it ended temporarily, I was saying that I will resume someday, but the resumption of animation is unknown.
If you are going to resume, if you do something like this work you will feel hopeless, so please do not absolutely.

Addendum; All about the real name Department says, "Your guess is full of holes" (exactly right!)

2014/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22470 Host:22583 Browser: 9673
[good point]
Ikemen's picture theme song like Temma and Shinto child

[Bad point]
It seems to be the last gag from the second cool .. I can laugh once in a while, but I want you to take care of a handsome character like a god child (sweat)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

At first, it is the reason why the character having ability from the first term is hit and the ballet girl without football experience is selected. It feels like sorry but I liked two of the DF's intelligence from the middle stage.

Oka, Sinsuke's jumping jump is bad efficiency, I think .. (bitter smile)

2013/08/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28316 Host:28346 Browser: 6994
Well, I think that the degree of recommendation is low for me even if the origin returns.

The reason that the incarnation disappeared, there are still places where you feel despair variously since becoming a new series recently, and the primary factor in the first place is leaf leaves, the real name part (especially favorable leaves), it seems to be inazuma characters There were no people, the sense of personality was not so good, and the degree of formation also fell further.
Especially the most unforgivable thing

1: It is not chosen as player as Kaneyama Shinnon which should be nephew of Kuroiwa (Koji Kageyama)
2: The hysteric feeling of the child's child was increased from the GO 1 period
3: Minoru Mizukawa's not doing much of the manager's job
4: Thanks to Kuzaka becoming good from evil of herself what was supposed to be Tenma but what was love
5: The real name part did not make a scene to apologize for a casualty due to the riot of the wallet
6: I was unable to drive out the bad guy who was entering the game (Saitama?) During the match with the motivation of the referee in Saudi Arabia war
7: It has been worsened animation frame since about 12 episodes

I could not forgive these seven, especially Kuroiwa (Koji Kageyama) did not choose the nephew 's supposed shine! (It should be important though this should be important, so even in the GO series so far, the setting of Shine is so much I did not even feel like being done)
Why Kuroiwa (Koji Kageyama) did not work as a manager or took Mizukawa Minori often having a nasty aspect! If it were to previous inazuma fans and others, Kageyama Kageyama I feel like I seemed to have never done anything.
Then, Minori herself is not particularly close to Kuroiwa (Koji Kageyama), I want the manager to work with Aoi, you think it would be serious if you were doing it by Aoi alone?

Evaluation "Worst"

2013/07/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7588 Host:7473 Browser: 5870
[good point]
It is just as interesting as the previous works etc Is new theme appearance theme song
[Bad point]
There is no character up to now

[Comprehensive evaluation] The appearance of a new character etc. It is really cool and I love it. It is just a pity that the character of the work of the past has not appeared

2013/06/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13318 Host:13450 Browser: 5378
[good point]
Incarnation or incarnation armad was lost, I was lonely at the beginning but somehow refreshed and the scene of the game improved
After that the new ED and Aoi 's hairstyle are only cute

[Bad point]
New OP. It is not good to jump out of something compared to something ..
How to select the representative. I thought that there was no matter how much it was in a super dimension. It is still good if it is [Kaminarimon football club], but I guess only Japanese licking the world by including basketball players and rhythmic gymnast players etc. To be honest, I was at a loss as to whether or not to see Inagara due to this setting. (But I decided to see it for the Inai series so it seems it will end soon)
All the new characters, knowledge of football is too much. I thought that there was no match with the empire. No matter how much you are a beginner, you will know what you should not do with dribbling of basketball .... It was awfully sad when the priest cried
New character setting. Everything is a mashi and everyone has only sails and Kuzaka. Although it is nice to have motivation, Inoki is too unfamiliar with the subject. The real name part became dislike in the purse case. Iron horn is something physiologically accepted. Two girls are not honestly cute, and Nozaki can only be felt as a beta's second dish. Morimura, like the iron angle, is not physiologically acceptable. Mizukawa Minori does not feel like a manager either.
Nearly all of the characters restructured. I think that it was good for about 2 new characters like a worldless version of Muji

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Honestly I give you a bad place considerably, but I'm not going to quit looking. I am worried about something green after the Korean battle, and the appearance of overseas group such as Fidiyo in ten years (I do not know whether it will come out, but it will come out as chancesu comes out) is fun So lol
I want to make the evaluation "worst", expecting the scene of the game was getting better and expecting the future development, one by "very bad"

2013/06/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28316 Host:28250 Browser: 6994
Inaginal, I will quit seeing from next week .... The audience rating is also declining ....

[Good thing]

As before, the swords castle is not bad, the picture is also stable.

[Bad things]

I do not like shinko as much as the previous GO. Example wallet problem.OP does not like the new version of crying that it wins that Mr. Mizukawa does not do the job of manager at all.
A new character (especially the real name part and the good leaves ... ..., Inoue to the girl of the viewer (ry). Even if we return to the origin, the feeling of hotness has gone better than the old GO in the beginning, why in the world athletic?
Recently, it has become harder to talk than before, and the way to go forward is not good, and Temma also ... (Well, it seems that the main character seems to be the main character ... something ...).
It was hard to understand how Kuroiwa is said that uncle of that brilliant yet, it was stinkingly spoiled at the end of Yuka 1 episode. (^ ^ :).
The inazuma characters so far ceased to appear. (Except for some characters) Aoi 's hairstyle is no longer a boyish. The atmosphere of .ED does not match either. .
Also no longer data broadcasting. A sad family member has also appeared .... (The speech where the moment is "There is no father" ...) I do not like to say the peak of anger until 18 talks Incompatibilities are not personally entered (even that fear that it was too scary, evil Pegasus I was afraid of my teeth (〓〓〓I am there too) ___ ___ __ 1 ___ ___ __ 1 ___ ___ __ 2 ___ ___ 0 ) I feel something unsatisfactory ...


At first I wanted to change the characters a bit too much, I wanted you to leave Shine and Ichino, Aoyama, but they liked alongside Temma and Kenshin ... (And afterwards, the manager side is Mizuzaki ...) !?
Kuroiwa that should have been dead = Kozan Kageyama has reappeared but none of the shines are touched, was not he supposed to be the nephew of Kageyama?
Although Shine is a favorite first-year student who is in line with Tenma and Ken Castle, it is strange that the setting has not been utilized so far,
Also, what happened to the relationship between Shigo Kira and Hidaka Hikiko? I heard that the president will do it, but he seems to have no intention of making a relationship between Shingo Kira and Hidako Hikiko ... ...
If you think so, I would not have written such unpopular rice, if it were the opposite position, if you were thinking that the staff were really good at making the people they made. I would like you to think about shining and the main story of Shingo Kira, I want you to listen to what you want of viewers and fans firmly, and think that you should also study the importance of the character. (`. 腴〓 ') Kiri!
Later on, Atsume girls, CD of the general election that I did last year and so on! It is in state, and it is not good to know why Kuroiwa (Koji Kageyama) is alive, and that he is doing It is also how to act and instruct.
Next, although it is a matter of returning to the origin, I do not personally liked incarnation or armored personally, but still I do not feel much what is called hot blood, too, depression evolved again,
By the way the child's child did not make an original home return why the beginning of the period Muji 1 period was not such a point ..., by the way the child prodigy to Isao for this week's broadcasting "If you are a keeper stop it naturally I also did not mind the words saying "Do you like it?" (Well me too Inabuki too much ...)
Subsequently, in the case of the wallet in that case, although he said that someone had stolen his wallet in the second episode, apparently he was left in his jacket's pocket in the third episode It was discovered in the eyes of almost all the members "that wiki's inaiire characters (I did not watch it because I went out for a while because I went out for a while) (laugh)) What was the uproar? This is what I made with a play of the script! This is it!! And there was no scene where the real name apologized for a blink, I think that I can show this to the kid Whether the staff is ... ..., Mr. Mizukawa is not doing the manager 's job at all, unlike Aoi, mostly it is clinging to Kuroiwa (Zenji)
Well then Aoi is poor, I wish I could help even a little ..., Mr. Mizukawa and Ibuki, there is not much to be excited about the new characters, such as Manaibashi, especially like the real name part and good leaves There is no, in particular, the real name part is a glasses character that is not favorite next to Fuyuki that appeared in the second term of Minamike, sad family members are also out and it is disgusting, there is something I want to say, but I will do more . Therefore, the evaluation will be "worst", some incarnation disappears, it is disappointing lonely and a disappointing result .... Orz

2013/05/16 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9672
[good point]
Theme song Cast Around the characters of Temma and Shinto that were originally .. I think the new character can not say at all at the moment ...

[Bad point]
Well, the representative's selection is terrible (sweat)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although GO did not see it since I missed it since I was missing the date because of the influence of the Olympic Games during the Sengoku period era, I think that the representative 's wife is cool.

However, the representative's selection is too licking (bitter smile) Leaving the captain's Hasebe's in the signboard of the real Japanese delegate, Honda and Kagawa, then drop off the other Nagatomo, Uchida, Endo and Kawashima and make it a basketball player or a baseball player It's like something ... So Shita is crying (sweat)