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Other media: Game:INAZUMA ELEVEN: STRIKERS / Comics:Inazuma Eleven
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The main character, Endou Mamoru, is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of one of the strongest goalkeepers in Japan, who died before he was born. Even though his skills are incredible his school lacks a real soccer club as the 6 other members don't appear very interested even in training. But as soon as a mysterious forward called Gouenji moves to Endou's town, the young goalkeeper sets out to find and recruit members for his soccer team. There are nearly 1000 playable characters with varying skills that will determine the success of the team.
This story has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this story.
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TV Osaka TV Aichi Television Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.LTD. TV SETOUCHI BROADCASTING CO., LTD TVQ KYUSHU BROADCASTING CO.,LTD B.S. Japan Corporation AT-X
Akihiro Hino Katsuhito Akiyama
Atsuhiro Tomioka
Yasunori Mitsuda Masafumi Mima
Okuno Toshiaki Masakazu Kubo TV TOKYO Corporation DENTSU INC. Oriental Light & Magic Inc.
Jyunko Takeuchi
Nojima Hirofumi
Nanae Kato
Megumi Tano
Yasuyuki Kase
Yuka Nishigaki
Yuuichi Nakamura
Hiro Shimono
Yuuki kodaira
Miho Hino
Masako Joh
Tooru Nara
Konno Jyun
Yuuki Kaji
Fumiko Orikasa
Hinako Sasaki
Kobayashi Sanae
Kouichi Sakaguchi
Go Shinomiya
Tetsu Inada
Kinryu Arimoto
Tomohisa Aso
Miwa Kouzuki
Yuzuru Fuzimoto
Hiroshi Tsuchida
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Seiji Sasaki
Yumiko Kobayashi
Kiyotaka Furushima
Akio Suyama
Yuko Sanpe
Kitanishi Junko
Mamoru Miyano
Nami Miyahara
Fujiko Takimoto
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Ayahi Takagaki
Syuuhei Sakaguchi
Koichi Yamadera
Sakuraduka Yakkun
Hiroki Touchi
Takashi Hikida
Takahiro Mizushima
Haruka Tomatsu
Chihiro Suzuki
Kaida Yuki
Jyunji Majima
Kensuke Satou
Japan Released:2008/10/05(Sun) TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2011/04/27
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/inazuma/ (Translation)
Opening movie (4)
Stand up (Tachi Agariyo)Stand up (Tachi Agariyo) [Fan reg.]
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2017/06/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13105 Host:13050 Browser: 10218
I do not know exactly what is interesting to me, but I will be worried about the continuation why. The voice actor is gorgeous and gorgeous.
Inazuma Eleven is a national competition edition of the universe, and there are world championship editions. There is a considerable number of stories in the universe edition and the World Competition edition so it is fascinating on the spot while adhering hints and the last scene is getting very moved. Especially the last match of the universe edition can not be seen without tears. I think that I was really glad to see it until the end.
Evaluation is very good.

2017/02/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12667 Host:12509 Browser: 5139
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Before seeing it with animation that I saw only one episode and finished up to the end, I was stupid though it would be animation for children, but I was pulled very much. Fight hard, strive, win. Anime that makes me feel like seeing and trying hard. The setbacks, troubles and suffering experienced by junior high school students have been transmitted, and it is quite possible to transfer emotions well now. Still, it is a word that you get a great courage to play football for the main character, Kyodo-kun. Children 's animation also has a lot of fun. Evaluation "Very good".

2016/10/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17611 Host:17723 Browser: 7460
[good point]
Characteristic characters and unique deathbed gorgeous voice actor team good progress of tempo

[Bad point]
Hello Project is involved

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it was a sports roe with the theme of football, it had various arrangements to incorporate deadly technique and collaborative technique for children, and teamwork and hot friendship things and youth were ongoing and it was exciting.
Characters are also attractive and fairly good (especially snowstorm, Sakuma, Aphrodite, immovable, Fukaoka favorite).
Next time we will expect the new animation of Inazuma Eleven in the era of the Kodo period will start.

2016/06/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2481 Host:2298 Browser: 8380
[good point]
Production of Special Moves
Mr. Kitami is handsome
Wolf Legend is released in the blizzard awakening of the second term of Genesis
At the beginning of the first term was a weak football club but I felt that I grew up to win the football frontier. I guess it is good to draw
I do not like the theme song differently, but it sounds like an incongruity
[Bad point]
Three periods are subtle
Strong inflation is unlikely (especially at the Alien Gakuen. Still the second most likes it)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was wearing it as very good if it was up to the 2nd term, but if it matches the 3rd term as well, it is "good"

2015/12/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45204 Host:45211 Browser: 10133
[good point]
Gazellika Nero is the same voice actor Meteor blade Northern impact Impact Cool It is a good period One turns up Rising hands take Shaolin Temple cute
[Bad point]

Toyota / Fudo will be on the side Unicorn's Pegasus shot Orpheus's freeze shot lost points
Gazelle preferential treatment
Gennimi below Epsilon [Comprehensive evaluation] I have not enjoyed epsilon for the second term I want to see it many times with rental

2015/11/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17845 Host:17853 Browser: 10075
Animation Inazuma Eleven series, reviews for that memorable 1 stroke. In recent animations it is not seen so much, the more muddy the story is attached to super, it was the charm of this work.

[good point]

A story that puts special training on special training It is the basic principle that the main axis of the story of this work is to win by competing against a strong opponent.
At the beginning of the story, it was Kaminarimon which was a weak and small football club just before the abolition, but the main character of the main hall will be steadily strengthening. In the process, friends gathered, the royal road story aiming to win the tournament was very simple and interesting.
Of course, it can not become so strong so easily, but in the midfield a miserable football team who claims to be an alien will be disastrously defeated and at the final world competition, we will be aware of our lack of ability. However, I will never give up on each occasion, and I will continue to improve my level by repeating special training. It was a truly straightforward story.

The story of Inazuma Eleven will be expanded from the encounter of the cool and strong Australia Temple with the circle of character hero blood stupid hero who is unique in both design and content. After these two people become friends, many (enemy) characters become friends with the Onigumichi trying to crush Kaminarimon as the lead.
Even after the middle stage it does not change, aliens are deepened gradually with the alien (actually there is a word) and overseas players. None of the characters stand firmly and it was fun to get lively as more friends increased.
It was good that the character deza was able to differentiate despite the number of characters there.

A number of mortal work that the idea is not exhausted The thing absolutely indispensable in talking about the work now can be said to be the existence of a deathblow. Even at the initial point, there were many simple and cool techniques like God Hand and Fire Tornado, but as the story progresses, it will be a bad thing to say that it is a foul that has the power of the Earth and the universe scale, irrespective of how it thinks There is no enumeration on variations such as technique.
In the latter half of the story, the range also became wider for tactics, such as shoot chain that shoots continuously, and killing tactics that applied deathblow to strategy. The concept of evolution of technique also appeared, and it was good deeds that increased the power every time it evolved.

A lot of cool lines Many official lines are always picked up as "Today 's maxims", but there are so many lines that are simply cool and thoughtful.
As a matter of fact, I think that it is "Football! Besides being simple, it was impressive that there were many serifs that would give the audience energies.

Telling the importance of effort As mentioned above, this work well depicts the special training scene of characters. Among them, I often learn new mortal work, and I could describe that my efforts lead to victory of the game.
In the middle of the story, characters are also appearing which used doping and got awesome Tikara. At first it was attractive to the main characters who believe in efforts and keep fighting while losing their strength completely.

[Bad point]

Inflation was too severe at the beginning of the early days was not so, but a lot of deathblows emerged from around the latter half. Many deathblows that could not keep up with the fight in that process also appeared, and inflation got intensified.
Especially since the evolution of the technique was introduced, there were times when we could not keep pace with the speed of deployment, as evolution quickly broke and evolved immediately.
Also, as the stage moves to various parts of Japan and other countries, there were some characters that fade out from the game due to lack of ability. Some of them had first-class competences despite the beginners, and sometimes the efforts were somewhat out of line with the current work of the theme.

Deployment may be unexpected Overall, deployment progressed suddenly with little hints (especially during the second term). There were a lot of developments that people who were thought to be dead actually were alive, and there were also cases where strong sense of retrofitting was strong.

The keeper in the second half tends to chew In entering the world edition, along with the drastic increase in deathblow skills, the type of shoot skill has increased considerably. For that reason many keeper will be prey to the main shoots of the new shoot, I think that it has become a position where you can not feel much charm This is not limited to enemies, it can be said to the main hall of the main character. Although the first half was also demonstrating the high level of competence against the enemy opponent, the new deathblowing technique was often lost as easily as late in the end. As a hero, I wanted him to play a little more.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Despite the severity of inflation, I thought that the characters of Inazuma Eleven, who are getting stronger and stronger after the effort, are very cool.
Unique elements such as deathblown skill were also made not to let the viewer get bored.
That is the review for Inazuma Eleven (anime). Evaluation is the best.

2015/10/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21252 Host:21261 Browser: 7457
[good point]
The weak and small football club just before the abolition is aiming for nationwide domestic competition Final competition with the empire Finals Kimichi is my sister autumn. Haruna. Fuyu Pep. Representation of the game at Urbida's cute national competition Primary Flight Temple and Kido's leading role final Retirement game at

[Bad point]
Immovable with a lot of retrofitting settings Kogure. Even though Lika can not like it Rika is nothing more than Ichinose 's thrilling shadowy mountain, but it does not taste as a villain,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After all it is a coarse impossible talk that it dislikes this animation because it is only this because it seems that it is a heartfelt work with a soccer anime which basically dislikes. Whenever you see the main character of Onigida there is something to come with Jean, especially where you embrace Haruna is a collapse of the tear line, brother sister is good, the main heroine is also cute and it feels like a mood, but Although it is better to have put out more, it has been taken by turns since it came out, but there are not a few disliked characters,

Kogure is a trivial thing and I will reimpair the players at the Yakushuji Temple, I hope that I will fall into the pitfalls of Okaoka, "Let's buzz!"
It became a feeling, the principals are actually doing so. As for the glasses taking attitudes they gave themselves, they only said false-like remarks, even though it was a tactical withdrawal in the empire warfare, "Where was" thought. Seems like some people say Rika, but what I want to write is the same as those people. It is different to see in favorite partners and other than that person in normal degree,
Rika is getting ahead of me, so I am tired from seeing it. Ichinose that is to be touched by a woman is poor

Immobile is stable but the characters themselves are stable personally, hurting the mood, I do not like the remarks I do not say anything poisoning. It was surprising that Kageyama chewed and was a dog. It's a good thing because I did a whole role as a villain

Well I will come back to a good point again from here. A weak and small soccer club just before the abolition is going to practice with the aim of winning the whole country, this may be a common point not to dislike this animation Because the opponent who fights also has a lot of enemies, it is persuasive power comes out, what is it?
Retirement game of the last round is also well made. I wanted you to show more depictions of the game,
Although it became an unusual long sentence, anything is OK as long as it can be conveyed to everyone.

2015/09/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26864 Host:26903 Browser: 10217
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the number of talks was a long one, I was able to see it eminently. There are a lot of game scenes and it is possible to see deathblowing skill in this world precisely and in plenty. Well there are lots of tsukkomi everywhere, but I think that it is one of the enjoyment of this work.
I am able to enjoy even myself who is not interested in football so much, but level Five.

2015/09/12 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44294 Host:44111 Browser: 10268
Football frontier edition was interesting, but it gradually became frustrating since becoming an alien edition.
[good point]
Football frontier editing is interesting.
It is an orthodox story as a sports thing that it will rise from the edge of the abolition to the strong star, but honestly this was the best one.
I liked the character favorably. (FF version)
It was a favorite for the character, such as Kaido, who tried to pull everyone, Kimichi thought that he was ruthless, actually a sister-in-law, and even the money money went to the game himself at World War Two.
Conflict of players (FF edition)
In the practice game with the Imperial Gakuen, I witnessed the power of the Australian Flame Temple, and I am also worried about wanting to be ahaha, and a wind circle that is announced that I want you to return to the land section before the battle of Iga island in Sengoku Island , It is good to draw the conflict of players.

[Bad point]
It is boring since I entered Ali ed.
After entering into this crack, the good points have been neglected, and the character seems to be visible only to a selfish person. Because of that, it stopped at a stroke and I quit viewing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2015/07/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10437 Host:10540 Browser: 10875
[good point]
Character rich personality and design
Luxurious voice actors
Production of Special Moves
Brighter thematic song where I feel energetic
Unexpected development
Etc ... ...
[Bad point]
Nothing in particular
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "highest".

2015/01/04 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10985 Host:10890 Browser: 5287
One of the memories of my elementary school days. Although I have not seen much animation, I remember well because the game was done.
I do not like soccer itself, but I like this work's football.
First of all, I could sympathize with the protagonist Kyodori of this work as if I thought it was my life shoot.
I was playing baseball between 1st and 6th grade of elementary school, although it was different. At the time that this work came out, it was around the later years of active career, but even now when I listen to baseball I still love baseball as much as I want to swing with a bat.
I was able to link empathy feeling of loving football of Kyodori and feelings I love baseball very much.

Although the content of the work is a thing which tends to be in the sports thing which strengthens the weak and small football club, each person has personality strongly and some person who plays football to cheer sister inside is also very setting and it is simple In addition to a clear story, it was a very interesting work.

"1" is a thing to aim for the domestic title of football, not only the first step but also the introduction of the character and the world view and so on were explained and it was just the beginning of the story.
"2" is a work in which the SF color gets stronger than "1" to fight against the alien of the invader, but the shocking fact of the last and the moving ending is the top among the games I have done so far It was a wonderful achievement for the class.
"3" seems to have scaled down somewhat than "2", which aims to win the football world competition of football frontier, but the merit of this work was still not lost.

As an aside, it was a good impression that the character of Professor Layton's series appears.
I also like Inazuma Eleven but I also liked Professor Layton so it was very interesting.
I thought that collaborating beyond the wall of the work is a good attempt because it is rare now.

However, we announced that the main character will be replaced with "3".
At the same time, the design changed from a hot-blooded design like a giant's star to a refreshing design like a captain wing.
Because I saw this work as a piece with a strong spirit element, the new series without sweat odor had no element to attract and I ceased playing Inazuma Eleven here.
However, since the world view has not changed and Kyodori appeared, so I thought I should try it, but after all the main character of this work is a strong image of Keizo Mamoru, so a new series is sold at a game shop for 1500 yen Although it was not able to buy, after all I did not have to play a new series never before this work has ended.

I think that there is also an element of exercise program that the fun of sports is transmitted to this work.
Modern children do not exercise much, many kids are short of exercise playing games at home.
That way, there will be things that children can get through this work as well.
There are also worth seeing because this work is more like a boy than a youkai watch currently popular.

2014/07/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44293 Host:44132 Browser: 10442
[Good point] Just as hyper-dimensional soccer, there are plenty of tsukkomi and amazing places, but plenty of characters with unique individuality appeared, and it was seen without getting tired. Although there are many developments of the royal roads, it was also exciting to see how to draw and how to attract. Personally, the hot feeling of animation and the theme song match very well There was liking also there.
[Bad point] I think that development of the game, or how to level up was one pattern too much. Sports animation may be unavoidable, but ...

2014/05/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13202 Host:13281 Browser: 10202
There are plenty of places where I'm talking about it, such as space invasion with football, world compactness whose size has become small after some time in space, and common Japanese all over the world, but as far as I can not lose this work
Anyhow it was simple and clumsy animation. The game seems to be defeated 〓〓〓It's a deadly attack Ahmasete 〓〓〓The reverse is mostly a one-pattern, but the goodness of tempo and the intense serif were good, I was able to see it excitingly.

It was a three-part composition of Football Frontier edition, Space compilation, world edition, but each had different merit. Especially, Football Frontier edition was attractive and fascinating with hot blood, effort, friendship, fancy killing technique to develop the royal road of victory. The space version, world version is more impressive than the football frontier version, the impression that there were many scenes to draw frustration.

Also, I did not expect to cry with this work, but I cried when the last op flowed in the last round w
As evaluation, there are a lot of bad places, but since it is a work I was addicted to buying a game, I will make it "very good" of sweetness.

2014/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44112 Host:44021 Browser: 10240
[good point]
Character rich personality, design
Production of Special Moves
Healthy and bright theme song
All team members have strong feelings towards football, have a goal, strong belief
Unexpected development
Ect .........

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it was a perfect work for the concept of 'Super dimension battle' that was well done all over the country. Spirit of teamwork upgraded because there is depiction of special training.What are the number of deadly techniques delivered during the game I did not feel any sense of incompatibility.
The special training place was not limited to school, and it was also interesting that it was interesting that the place where I went in a wide range such as mountains and skiing was also girls' players appeared and playing together, so that soccer is a sport that can be enjoyed not only by boys but also by girls There was something conflicting with football, such as the Buddha Temple, Onigoku, Blowing Snow, Tiger Maru etc. Black History. There were things that made me think very much even in the scenes of trauma The manager is also cute, care and consideration to players , I thought their thoughts are wonderful

Evaluation is full of no complaints

2013/07/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11218 Host:11231 Browser: 10030
[good point]
It is a flashy deathblow of the street catch phrase "hyper dimension football". I think that it has good visual impact.
I think the character character of the hero is very good. Strength of justice to cherish companions with hot blood. In reality I rather like a type that I rarely see. Because it feels like I'm getting strangely real characters here.
I also like sub characters. Not only handsome members, but also variations that come with crazy characters and girls' players are good. Especially, it can be said to the threat invader version, but I think that it is dark if it is a child animation for the character of enemy characters and the depth of setting as well.

[Bad point]
I am afraid that game development is quite one pattern. It is a bit disappointing that we can not fully utilize the deathblow technique, which is not very strategic in the battle of battle. I think that even a battle of battle should be managed somehow ....
I think that I can not fully utilize the character setting. Hiroto 's conflict has been scrapped, Hidako' s director seems to be just a bad guy, wind chime, Kurimatsu 's withdrawal seems to have no guts, I've scratched all the merits of the game version There is no mistake.
Also, it is regrettable that there are immediate restructures and shallow descriptions though there is such an attractive sub character. Whether there is circumstance of the scale, is not it somehow managed somehow?
Several people have said that but overall the concept and the character setting have good materials only the roughness of deployment is anxious. I thought that it was really unnecessary animation that the advantage was crushed by the roughness of development.
Personally I liked the invader version of the threat of the game version quite a bit but I feel sorry for the complex feeling of expansion.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After all, I tried to make it sweet because it is quite excellent in terms of hot-blood animation that the cooking is coarse, but the child becomes energetic, because it is my favorite animation.
I can expect as long as I see Galaxy so far so I will go looking forward.

2013/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27396 Host:27394 Browser: 5387
[good point]
〓〓〓The theme song is better than the game version.
〓〓〓I'm a feverish stupid football anime but well well.
〓〓〓The three heroines are pretty cute.
〓〓〓The hero is novelty that it is a keeper.
〓〓〓Whatever super mortal work is it sticking to not break the goal like a cap wing?
〓〓〓The next to the whole country is not the world but the universe.
I bought a bit of paint.
Although I frankly thought that it was good even in the world.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓The enemies attacked from outer space!
Well then it's a game with football!

Well, well I knew that this animation was such a world though.
I am already full of stomach.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am tired of the small difficult story! It might be good for people to want to be cheerful anyway!

2012/09/05 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26949 Host:27138 Browser: 6354
Paculi of JoJo stand comes out, the alien plans to conquer the world by football,
All you want already.
Originally this is a soccer anime?
Then the above elements can only be thought of as a snakesh by saying clearly.
I'd like you to know clearly whether it is football animation or SF animation.
I'd like to say that I should halt football stupid.

2012/06/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28817 Host:28845 Browser: 5345
[good point]
There is a past in various characters, and each character's character is deep.
The snowstorm of the game against Genesis, later Urbida older sister and Hiroto made me cry.
Onigumichi was also in the second term and pushed by the appearance of Aphrody but it was subtle, but in the third term it was made me cry at the Italian match.
Osamu - sama 's God knows laughed, the length of the cheering letter also ....
I really brought up the abdominal muscles at the immovable bench rate www

[Bad point]
Weakening of Onigumichi, Hiroto and snowstorm, biting of Orpheus and Empire.
As Fidio and Ikuta Yuikida ... I feel bad with a similar development and I can not have Orpheus and Empire as a stepping stone any longer.
The empire and the captain of Orpheus are absent in an important match and are really motivated? Especially the captain of Orpheus is here and there in Japan, really he is ....
Whether they felt the darkness faded at the time of Genji and Tsukimaru, if they were worried, if they were facing a hospital ... .... I think only.
What happened to the awareness of the captain, Kiki and Kaidou?
The air of Australia Temple is also terrible. I have withdrawn from the second term ... ....
I did not fight with Prominence ... what did Fire do?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there are many criticisms, it was interesting (especially the world edition) to make it the best.

2012/06/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1809 Host:1820 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Super-dimension football flying squirrel setting Hot Han There are many (Hoshioka, Osamu, etc.)
Mr. Gojo
[Bad point]
Winter sea. Is it meaningful to put out?
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I enjoyed it so much.

2012/01/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17843 Host:18073 Browser: 5378
[good point]
Initial ... Football club feeling ... Alien edition ... Participating female athletes such as Toshiko.
World edition ... It was long but I enjoyed it for the first time.
It is understood that Kageyama is a nice person.
It turned out that Daisuke Dood〓〓was actually alive, and it became clear what happened to him 40 years ago It is a little better for the setting character set that all the players of Little Gigand are similar to Kaminarimon Eleven about.
Graduation ceremony.


[Bad point]
Early ... None Ali edition ... As far as seeing the character deza, the setting that Alien Gakuen players were actually human beings can only be thought of as a post-setting.
Dark Emperors Fight. The development that the ball glows and the alias stone breaks and the windmaru wake up is a little overly superficial dimension world chapter ... The date of the round and the winter pea. I had nothing to do with soccer.
Good cooking setting in winter shoes. Although it is poor at cooking as in summer as in the original (game) ... contradicting Brocken Borg (Germany representative) has not appeared yet.
Rose Griffon (French national team) 's uniform a bit mistake Some players' mistakes are wrong numbering (And it was posted in all the players' names with the wrong number) Pierre (Captain French national captain) Things we did not have

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally the world edition was the most interesting It was the best if we lost the inconsistency point with the game and the mistake of the jersey number ...

2011/11/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28410 Host:28587 Browser: 7300
(I am sorry for those who recommended me,
I definitely deleted because my previous evaluation was not convinced. )

It is an animation that I feel like I'm ruining it although all the good ones are available.

What I was particularly concerned about is the handling of dangerous characters.
I do not feel like the character is being swayed by the taste of the maker.
Originally it should be moved in consideration of the character and setting of the character, "This character will move like this if this character", but in the case of this work "I want to do this kind of episode, so this movement Have you told the change of the setting "to the blatantly blatant Miyazaki meaning?
(Especially the windmill was remarkable, initially it was a good man with thick and menstrued in obedience, contrary to the appearance,
I do not know unfamiliar with what I want to do It becomes a feminine soft and weak person as it seems, and at the end of the phrase it is not a good impression to flattering that it blows a fight against the main characters for reasons as good as eight I was wrecked as a character)
Besides, the character who was the central character until a while ago was unexpectedly released,
Conveniently setting and personality are retrofitted and changed, unnecessarily mass-produced characters,
Excessive treatment is good, while while there are characters with many points of view,
There are a plurality of characters that are present only as "only without being given a turn"
There are main characters with overlapping features, etc.,
It seems that how to handle was severe enough to look like a character poorly looking at it.
Personality of characters other than the hero is also thin, episodes and settings are set as childhood friend of the hero, meaning, former enemy side,
Since such a setting is not fully utilized in the talk,
Actually it is only cool characters, hot-blooded or anything like a tadpole,
Except for the main character, the character, except for the strange appearance, none
(Even if it was a regular character) it did not remain in the impression.

It is a matter of monotony and not interesting about the part of the deployment and the image as well as the fact that the scene of the game to be the most exciting is not established as soccer ... ...
With a stand, time stop, with natural phenomena, a lot of strange deathblows come out, so it looks loud at first glance,
In fact, it is just a succession of banks of flashy mortal works,
Not much strategy, even soccer is not even most, or even battle animation is low level,
I certainly notice that being a silo monochrome like MAD or promotional video .... Fortunately, it does not feel the necessity of being football,
As a commercial work, it is unbelievable level to be telecasted.
Furthermore, even the depiction of his deathblown technique is sloppy,
Drawing is merely changing the background and characters, too unusualness is outstanding by using bluntly hand-crapped and outruns too bluntly.
The drawing to be used is not bad, but it is masculine to use it carelessly to show it naturally.
Even though the enemy was full of enemies until a while ago, no enemies disappeared as soon as a Special Move was activated,
Even though it is a dribbling technique, it does exactly the same movement every time, but it is a routine event.
Even if there are various appearances of the effect of the technique, in reality there are only two simple choices of "stronger attack or defense"
Because it can not see applications that can be said to apply properly also in usage,
In the beginning I am surprised that "Wow, what's this," but as you get used to it, as long as you do not make much use of it, you say, "No, it's a power skill," it will be white. Even though I saw it as a battle animation, I could not do a high evaluation.
Besides, it can show you the deathblow technique at the place where it is the most here, devising how to use it,
It will be exciting because it will make it succeed after hard work such as teammate's cooperation,
Just because of the blaze of clouds, the existential value of deathblows and the importance of team work which is important in soccer are only diminished.
While playing BGM, I think BGM itself for games is very good.
The problem is a theme song. I think the theme song itself is very suitable for the work,
It used to be used as an insertion song of a game as it was, it always made me feel uncomfortable.
I wanted you to at least karaoke version, or just keep it used only in the last season.

However, there are points that can be evaluated obediently.
Despite being a hot-blooded man who loves football,
Of course, they were good-eyed having compassion for other people,
Just how to show mortal work and game development is too severe, I think that existence itself is good.
As the material was good, it was a very disappointing animation.

2011/10/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Bad point]
Many contradictions Many things that each word does not make much sense (just good if it is cool)

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Overall, as for the character of the impression character which saw it in somewhere, if it is in an animation in which the point of action is too visible, it is quite a bit of the bottom side that the second term came out as much as I simply like the character, or Japanese animation I was disgusted by the development that I can not read the story ahead because I do not have originality compared to other works anyway

Where does the energy of the flames and other used for deathbed techniques come from? Originally in that world there is such energy There if that world is a sea of 〓〓〓〓〓ire Whether such power can be used by anyone criminals etc What will happen if you use it? If a police agency against it also uses this technique, is not the world almost war state?

Is it called the thinness of the world setting of that? It is also subject to penalty points

2011/07/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I especially love the threat invader version!
Alien Gakuen or Maji is the best !!!

The character's coolness and personality are very good!
Kogure and Mr. Tachikai and others are interesting.
Kando-kun, you really like soccer stupid things!
I like sweetness and ryuji very much.

Especially this is not a bad thing.

2011/05/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
OP is good character good

[Bad point]
It is not interesting since the 100th episode

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well, is not it good?
It is good other than Special Moves but also lol characters pretty much.

@ Shitty animation.The person who is saying I should become garbage I think that the use of words is bad ^ q ^
Please be careful.

2011/05/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
I like it. Foreigners are luxuriously voice actors on the pond. Excalibur !!! But, I like immovable and Midorikawa.

[Bad point]
The Japanese are not very good. Utsunomiya and Kogure dead fucking bad guy

[Comprehensive evaluation]

50 points. 48 points in the world Japan with 2 points.

2011/05/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Voice actors who think that the thematic songs of heroin 's designs are also like juvenile animation is quite good

[Bad point]
It looks like a squirrel face of a man's character, a baka dekai character of a hair green and the like.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Capricorno soccer is good, but Kolly's lost football was not good, but I think if it gets used to it, it will be interesting.

It was good to see the deathbed technique as well in various ways in the last round.

2011/05/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Strengthening the original event It is not in the original story Movement of the addition special technique of episode

[Bad point]
A good episode of the original is being scraped The roughness of the result after the second period Character of the Caddy Places The disappointing setting

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Separately I am not anti - the work of this work.
I played all the games from 1 to 3 all, and I also read the manga version of Professor Yabuten.
Well then, what is this evaluation?
The more rough checking of the original, the more roughness that can be seen.

I think that the first term was made very carefully.
Well there are places somewhat disappointing if I say the abruptness of Inazuma Blake or the handling of Senba mountain in detail,
There were a lot of good points such as Mikage sushi fighting fighting and Kotodo's hot blood plenty
I think that it is okay to add very good for 1st term.

The problem is after the second period.
From around here it was quite a few scenes where original scenes of the original came out considerably because the place where the setting does not mesh with quite the original and animation came out.
If you mention the areas you are particularly concerned about,

Second term
The character of Hiroto is different in game and animation. Although the game is somewhat morbid and there is a conflict that it is not wanting to be known as an enemy to the Caddy, animation has become refreshing personality and there is no conflict.
Descriptions of Hikiko 's director. In the game I was worried about Hiroto,
There was a depiction that opened the heart to the doodle and worried about the Daido's, but it is almost cut.
Relationship between Can and Australia Temple. I think that there was no choice but to make Hijikata the main character around here.
Reason for withdrawal from Kurimatsu and windmar is different. Well then neither of them seems to have any guts ... .... Because it is a tough journey, it may not be easy, but ... ....
Cut a part of Kogure 's event at Yokyu Temple. I play the caravan of the game and borrow secrets 〓〓〓I get angry misunderstood, chestnut papers we apologize, I like flowing.

Third term
Setting of Midorikawa. Were not games lost in the game?
Setting of Sakuma. From the 3rd stage to the mouth against the demon way even in the game.
The setting of winter flower is true reverse. Cooking onchi is a good cook, a gentle child is a poisonous tongue.
The event with the sculpture that was based on the original was also almost cut.
Overall the Caddy is a light fare. Even when I met Daisuke, do not shed a tear away.
The match after Mr. K has quite a while. The story of Team Garsilde and Ronijo is only dissatisfied.
Why are not you wearing glasses when you board the Garsil 's house, is there a hero?
Although Hijikata is not an Australia Temple but stands outstanding is a character setting, Hiroto has only a sense of incompatibility.
And for some reason Kagiyama got the definitive proof of the evil of Garushild.
Hey, what's wrong with Rococo

Of course there are also good parts. There was no impression that the personality integration process of the second snowstorm was different from the game though it was miscellaneous.
Rather, friendship with the Australian Flame Temple and Fukaoka, the bond with caravans' associates was felt,
I think animation was well done with animation.

The first half and the original scene in the third term are really well done.
If you mention places you like
Representation of the game. The first half of the third term is pretty polite.
Story of learning master of the evil spirit of Haruhi. In the original game, the place which was washed away was strengthened. It was good that the entanglement between the standing house where there was not much so far and the other first grader was drawn.
Kappa times. It was very warm hearted with the gentleness of Hiroto and a straightforward aspect of Kogure.
Scene calling the name of the manager or the member who dropped out before Qatoar war. My eyes grew hot.
The withdrawal process of Kurimatsu. It was good that I dropped out due to lack of ability 〓〓〓injury.
Strengthening the depiction of the initial members. The story of the establishment of a video letter and the football club was also good, but I especially appreciated the fact that the initial members gave me places where the initial members grew during the final round of games.

It may be my selfishness that the evaluation is "bad" after speaking hotly this much. However, most of the events cut by animation was my favorite event, so I am certainly frustrated.
Especially winter flowers, Hiroto and Hikyuko. I was dissatisfied that the event was being made a fantastic event that I could not say I disliked or disliked it when it was only animation. I think Team Galsyld only thought that it was just Zako if it was only animation. Ronijo also cried in the game, but wonder if the animation is thin ... ....
It was good that Hijikata that was air up to The Kingdom was outstanding.

Particularly dissatisfied is the nature of the hall. Until the second term, there were emotions to fall considerably when the group ceased to exist, but in the third term there was not much except for the talk of departure from Australia and the return of memories of winter flowers .... Or rather to memorial for winter flower, except for the event deleting it is funny. This fancy is really disappointing because I like the personality that the hot-blood aspect of the game and the calm one face well.

I wanted it to be somewhat manageable for it and the setting is wrong.
I think that the animation staff was very difficult because the game and animation are going on at the same time. But I wanted to get a good collaboration with the game and animation about the setting of the main character.
Especially winter flowers. Event that was suitable for the original Almost deleted by personality Truth is almost a different person ... ....
After what did you put in a poisonous tongue depiction, which is not always being used alive?
It is a bad way of speaking, but it is not a doujinshi, I wanted you not to put in a poisonous tongue description that is not in the original if it can not be used well.
Despite being scraped, there were descriptions as it was Hitomi Hitomi and Hiroto,
I think winter flower was never like absolute if it was only animation. Perhaps it ended with a good character whose charadaticza is just cute.
Personally I think that it is that much different person.

I wrote it for a long time, but when I put it together in one line I got quite a fierce impression that where the spirit is in and where it is not.
So I think of as good a point as bad as well, when you look at the whole thing inevitably the impression that is sloppy gets stronger.
Perhaps if you only watch anime without playing games you probably do not care so much,
I got a lot of regrettable impression as much as I liked the story of the game.
I was moved by the original episode I think that I am bad because I can not see it as a different thing.
But after all, I can not put a good rating on this animation.

2011/04/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8673 Host:8683 Browser: 7884
[good point]
Basically, you should fly anime and cartoons about soccer as a theme.
I know that well.

Football frontier, alien story is usually funny.
His comprehensiveness, centripetal force, which is also said to be Nodouchi, is good, and the good influence they have on the surroundings is that it seems to be an animation for children, and it was magnificent.
And in the alien story it gets bigger, the fear and suffering of the members to the mighty enemies, the anguish of the snowstorm, the continuation of an endless battle, etc. is a mess, but there is no shake at the root there Was interesting.

OP and ED are also good.

Although there are places that are overkill, the mortal work is also cool.

[Bad point]
FFI is long and hints are not made alive.
Since any good character is a battle at a time, it is not fully utilized.

After 100 episodes it is not very interesting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is very good until FFI. After that it is normal.
I think that it is commonly a good work.