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AT-X Chiba Television KBS(Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited) TV Kanagawa Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. SUN-TV TV Aichi TeleTama
Yuzi Shiozaki Kouichi Ohata Takawo Yoshioka
Yasuharu Takanashi Katsunori Shimizu
Masumi Asano Kei Shindo Hitomi Nabatame Minori Chihara
Maii Kadowaki Yu Asakawa Susumu Akagi Eri Kitamura Kikuko Inoue
Shiho Kawaragi Yuko Kaida Syuuhei Sakaguchi
Satoshi Hino Kouji Yusa Hajime Iijima
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:2007/02/26(Mon) TV / End:2007/05/14
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1. http://www.ikkitousen.com/index2.html (Translation)
2. http://www.ikkitousen.com/dd/ (Translation)
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1. https://twitter.com/Animeikkitousen
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Lyrics:Inaba Emi [Fan reg.]
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2013/01/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28277 Host:28325 Browser: 4925
[good point]
I think the highest quality in the series

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the quality is the highest in the Ikkitosen series of many

2012/07/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9468 Host:9605 Browser: 9465
The original idea of 〓〓〓〓〓kki Tousen is that the place which applied characters of Sangokushi to beauty girl characters is very innovative as an idea.
From this work onwards, there are works which characters originally should be replaced by male characters.
I wonder if there were works like replacing Japanese Sengoku warlords with beauty girl characters, for example, Koihime Musume of the Three Kingdoms of Female Full Text.
Recently, like the Nyaruko, it became to appear as a beautiful girl character up to ugly evil in the original.
From that point of view the Ikki Tousen series may have been the forerunner of Japanese animation culture, making characters from the world into beauty girl characters.
It is made to predict that animation's beautiful girl characterization will proceed more and more. I think that it is the influence of this series.

By the way, this work is the second work, the first work was the flow of the seniors' strategy instead of self introduction, but the second work is drawing the battle with the character of the three groups as if to trace the three countries.
Characters are well drawn personalities. As a story, it is a place like a bitch. Impression that it is such feeling.

We evaluate it as ordinary comprehensively.

2012/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11808 Host:11723 Browser: 5321
A kind of answer about how to be a leader of each fighting spirit, that is, storytelling, Liu Bei, Cao Caught fighting dragons fighting against each other compared with the first term and having good stories or actions, etc It has become.

Also, each fighting spirit is also a work each expressing his / her thoughts towards the leader

I do not care at all, but I like Shiba.

2011/02/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42900 Host:43001 Browser: 11951
[good point]

Story composition, character design, action scenes are improved.
Not only Kure (Nanyo Gakuin) but also Shu (Chengdu Academy) cut somewhat deeply, the point that I was good at differentiation from manga.

[Bad point]

As usual, how to show your sex appeal during battle is overstatched and its appeal is thin.
A point where the eyes become tired after putting the supernatural flavor on the technique too much.
Lack of depiction of characters that can be said to come from 1 cool.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The second term of Ikki Tousen who got into the world for the first time in 4 years after changing animation production company, partly changing voice actor (lefto, Kanha etc.).
This work is a story composed of Chengdu main, and the masterpiece of the protagonist is somewhat quasi-protagonist until the middle stage.
Due to the original warlord, it is a success, and it is becoming easier to understand by being chewed off compared to the first term.
Although it is easy to see even if it is thin understanding about "Three Kingdoms" this part, it was the best work in the series.
Nonetheless, the level of the scenario is sluggish, and it is charming that it is a trivial feeling as usual.

on the other hand. The level of character deza, action (battle) scene also rises.

Especially the character deza is handled by Mr. Rin Shin famous even for the clan 2 of the Kawarasaki family,
The high picture of Mr.'s ability is matched to this work whose picture can be said to be life.

Although the battle scene is more powerful with a sophisticated impression than the first term, it seems to be a battle,
I was overly seasoned with superpower to how to give a sense of speed,
There are also many parts that are likely to be better if you fix them, and there is still room for improvement.

Together, the sharpness of the sex appeal always pulls the feet,
Others have improved, and it is finished as a work that is easier to enter than the first term.
Since it thinks that a person who is easy to have attachment to a character will touch continuously afterwards, "normal" degree is reasonable.

2011/01/13 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
1 period watched

I did not know the story of Sangokushi when I watched 1st period so I was looking happily at helping with novelty. This work which I saw for the first time since I knew Sangokushi, the center moved to Liu Bei and making it to some extent without seeing the first period.
Since the first term was halfway, I was rushing through the final stage with the height of the tension that I thought was going to be completed with this, but it was somewhat finished again.
Erotic that seems excessive is also alive. However, please pardon the angle that the battle scene will also lick.

Evaluation is normal.

2010/07/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27921 Host:28065 Browser: 9708
Overall better than Phase 1.
Chengdu Gakuen became the main, and I think that the point is good because the character of Chengdu personally likes a lot of favorite characters. However, the handling of the hero became worse by that much, is not it good that the wing was also the hero? Zhao Yun is my favorite character, I like the appearance scene.
Kanu is a character better than his grandparents because he understands the feelings of his companions.

2009/06/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53955 Host:54069 Browser: 5350
[good point]
The grandchild is cute. I wonder if it will come back in the original ??
I like the character of Shu.
[Bad point]
Both wei and kure compared to shu, characters are thin.
After all there is no resurrection .... Moreover, it is doing to the left cowardly
It was a bit tricky ... but ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Three other works have been ignoring the original, so it is getting increasingly difficult for the people to adapt.
It was too early in the third term. I should have started looking at a little more time.

Sunkang, super clouds, forgato were cute.
After a while, I want a character of Shu. Kyo wai or horse super.

Oh well so normal.

2009/04/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 6998
It is somewhat like an ESP ability battle if you think that this is the first look through the series, what is called a gangchokenka battle. A pretty person is dead. Although the heroes of the previous life contested vast Chinese hegemony, the stage here is around the Japanese capital area and it scales down considerably. I could clearly see the purpose of fighting as it was. However. The fragility of the women's clothing and the toughness of the pants are 18 incompetent works It is a wonderful atmosphere, and moreover, to the ending, the loudness is already ... w
Extra picture is no longer no matter ....
Although I was listening to the popularity of Uncho Kanu before viewing, surely the standing position is aside but I brought delicious octopus, the impression that Summer Hou Hai was a good guy and took a split. Although I was alive at the last minute, I was surprised!
Although there is no novelty in the basic setting, there is a feeling of borrowing to a character somewhat,
Well this work is overflowing and it is natural that if you make a character that is easy to gain viewer's support in the current situation.
Although the causal relationship with Sangokushi is scarce, there are many settings that forcibly crawled, but it seems that it was becoming an obstacle even if it was good or bad.
Evaluation is better than normal

2009/01/14 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22258 Host:22320 Browser: 8090
Original original unread ..., omitted below.

If eroticism does not have love and excitement, I think that it is just drift of violence.
Although it is a tactical explanation from the viewpoint of fighting sports and defense technique, it is still not good. Evaluation is "lowest".

2008/10/03 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49816 Host:49809 Browser: 4184
I only have boobs and pants.
It may become a masterpiece if it becomes 18 animation animation.

The amazing setting will only be stunned by the viewer.
I am sorry but it did not suit me.

2008/08/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38670 Host:38708 Browser: 2230
I do not know 1st and the original.
First, although it is a good point, the voice actor is luxurious. Then, I think that each character was drawn attractively in various ways. Then, although there are a relatively large number of characters appearing for all 12 episodes, for the first appearance character, there is a big name, and by using the name of warlords of Sangokushi as it is short of character introduction Because the time (the standing position of each character is omitted because it is the Three Kingdoms themselves), that story is substantial. This naming had a very impact and appealed. Take out a little girl and like Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei of natural glasses girls. I think that it is good as a work of Mikuni Shita story. In the past, there were works like Three Kingdoms II that I thought, but it is not bad.
Next bad point. The apparent appearance of some characters is confusing. Parodies and gags are cold. The paculi of the 10th episode was quite cold. Lu Meng 's maids clothes are not right for a moment. The story after Kan waving throwing is clearly slowing down. This is fatal. I am very sorry to have expected more intense battle in the final round. Then, a sexually-pictured picture is drooling, but it's not erotic at all.
Evaluation, but it is normal. I did not have any momentum in the last three episodes so I lowered it by 1 rank.

2008/08/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
I can proceed by going in a different direction from the original and summarizing the story independently. I think that he made considerable progress in that respect from the previous work.

2008/03/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10353 Host:10559 Browser: 6342
Rather than saying that "Three Kingdoms" was not soiled, it may well be said that it is a cat fight battle work that borrowed the name of the warrior of Sangokushi without permission. The beautiful girls doing arbitrary docking is not what they can call as beautiful even if they look at it and I do not think there is a necessity that they have made cat fight arbitrarily the hot and sad Three Kingdoms of the world of the arrogant, As good as it is good, the dislike increases unnecessarily.

Even if it is a subtitle, it is nothing as good as Sangokushi fans and chinese "fighting selling!", And even if it shows morons of pants or milk, it is also Fuji's " It seems to me that it has become a feeling like a challenge to China as much as the West Journey. (But I do not want to think that this caused China's beating in China a few years ago)

Even if it is a pakuri of halfway "Dragon Ball", even if it makes it a comical scene to be reborn, I think that he created a work that is amazingly meaningful, challenging and ambitious. Of course, in a bad way.

There was no doubt that there were many people who were watching with a smiling retrace. With this, it is good to say that the increase of other beautiful girl action manga is good, it is also true that this work series has a big influence on animation and manga production now, in a bad meaning, how much one of the heroes of Sangokushi Although there is a staggering image, though, if you make Liu Bee a shy energetic big tits hetare gals, I think that not only Liu Bei, but also Kanu and Zhang Fei, super clouds and Komei will be furious. Even if this glasses Liu Bei is a cute character.

Even though the appearance character is big tits and panchira alone, even if the action seems to be flashy, the contents are thinning and the only guys of Cao and the Wei seem to appeal boy's grandfather in a bad meaning, there is a villain image But even if Cao Cao himself also knows that it is made a villain like this figure, the producers will even feel like they can send empty boxes that do not contain anything.

It is likely that popular impact works are popular in this kind of bad meaning, but it may be the feature of Japan's subcarre now, but if you briefly bring Sangokushi to the subject matter of a girl action cartoon, it will become such an end It may be the first book of the work which is expressed in a bad meaning.

2008/03/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31203 Host:31131 Browser: 8090
[good point]
I feel that the content is better than the previous work.
[Bad point]
I think the hero has changed completely.
After all it did not show the features of warlords, it would have been better to have Cao Jin to have a bow at the bad side (It is about Luo Wei), or that Seocho is an army of mother filial piety, or something to be frightened many.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that the author did not know that the grand course was dead when Yuan Yeo died, so it seemed like that the hero's main character was replaced by Liu Bing.
It is better not to see people from Sangokushi fans as in previous works.

2008/03/16 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8926 Host:9163 Browser: 4184
Despite what some of the animated versions of the sequel also saw, I saw it a while ... ...

[good point]


Originally with Yuji Shiozaki and Mr. Ohara, in drawing girls pretty,
As there is skill alongside Mr. Kentaro Yabuki who likes Kosuke, such beauty is alive well in this animated version.

Voice actors

The skilled man was still arrogant. Especially Mr. Yuko Kaida is undoubtedly demonstrating the charm of an adult woman. Current young people.
(It seems that acts such as the stage are also being done.) If you let such a woman perform, I think that there is no one who will appear to her right. An unsuspecting actor,
Kaida Ms. Ten thousand years! There was also interesting thing that Mr. Yumiko Kobayashi and Ms. Mikako Takahashi co-starred in this series which had formed by excel girls.

[Bad point]

Alright, a profane violation against a historical figure

However, although this is a fundamental problem of the original work anymore,
"Even if we do not issue names of heroes of Sangokushi separately, it will be enough to talk ... ..."
This is the thing that I want to thrust into the first place by looking at this series,
Panchira is like a daily erotic battle compensation ...........
As usual I still get tired as usual. (Bitter smile)
Even though it's fiction, if you look at this animation, you think that heroes of Sangokushi will push it more than Vanilla ice?
I'm awfully selling big fights to their heroes and 1.3 billion Chinese people and other Sangokushi fans around the world,
Although it may be funny as a story, if you see it seriously it is unpleasantly superb.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well, it is obvious that battle clubs that are serialized in other magazines are honest as "works", which are obscene, erotic cartoons that are nothing more than bad things, but this is not too worthwhile to make animation twice. I will lightly assert it.
It certainly wishes to show respect for the performance of the voice actors, but indeed it is a wasteful place.
Evaluation is "worst" without disturbance on the system together with the original.
Originally, even though the lowest "unappraisable" among the "badly", "unexpected" and "unfeasible" under it is still suitable.

2007/12/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13324 Host:13513 Browser: 6306
I knew from the previous work that I saw the DVD, but the evaluation after four years from the previous work would be pretty good. I was watching quite a while. I think that it is one of the highlights of this work that there are some stories that the main character's sonsechiku hikaru does not appear when looking back at all the stories.

2007/09/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11696 Host:11399 Browser: 6287
It is a work that has been seen to the last with many kettles.
I am evaluating that my previous work is very bad (very boring), so it is honest comment to say that we are progressing a lot.

First it seems that the picture was baptized and it is becoming more attractive.
Especially ED is a so-called God Drawing? Is this a terrible quality if you move this book with this? Although the main part is also sufficiently beautiful.

In the previous work, even those who did not feel that it was interesting at all, I enjoyed it because I was immune.
I think that it was quite a plus to say that the characters appearing increased.

I think that it is the correct answer that Longhua and Kanu were made the main because the master plan is stupid.

But what is the last two episodes about monochrome or what seems like sepia? Is it a color with a DVD?

Although it was not funny intensely, the quality has definitely gone up.

2007/08/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54331 Host:54202 Browser: 4483
I saw Ikki Tousen from the comic version of the original.

Replacing Sengokushi's militant world sense of warring narrative with modern times,

Moreover, I like the setting that brings women to the main character.

The sexy degree is drawn considerably high in character design, but it is my preference.

Many characters are coming out because they are motifs of Sangokushi, but rich personality

I was drawn and I liked it.

After the comic of the original version is completed, it is also greatly expected for next animation.

2007/07/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11604 Host:11589 Browser: 5234
Honest impression saying "What did you want to do?"

At first I did not know the story because I did not watch the previous work. That's why I watch the first and second episodes. I still can not understand. Somewhat like the school is fighting but it is unknown. It is meaningless to have fought as a skirt. Impression that it became such work as a result thought to show pants although it is biased viewpoint.

Then there are too many characters of indigestion. There are many characters whose meanings are unknown about what they have come up to. It would be reckless to be able to finish with a single course if there were more characters to increase. I do not think that I want to say it because I did 2 cool. I missed talking about something on the way, but in the meantime it would not have been collected.

In addition, although this work should be a work fascinating with action, the battle scene was completely defeated at the final story.
I did not think unnoticed when all the members collapsed and I wanted to say "Ha?"

The point that can be evaluated is about the theme song ... I think that the song was also good with both OP.ED and the drawing level.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since movement was good, I kept watching until the end but I attach "Evaluation" to the evaluation.
Also, as I thought throughout the whole thing, I do not care much about the setting of Sangokushi.

By the way, why did the grand course take such looks at the resurrection ...

2007/07/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3571 Host:3439 Browser: 6298
I have watched all 12 episodes. In this time animation, it is drawn as one episode over the "Ryubado" (contemporary. Akabane fight) while receiving the flow of the previous animation.

[Ikki Tousen, the general feeling of this work in general]
This work "Ikkitousen" is a historical fantasy flavor of "modern school battle cartoon, animation" that the soul of the hero of the Three Kingdoms inherited as a warrior is handed down to the modern youth as a fighting force of the ruler.
"Ikkitousen" is a work that inherited only the world view of Sangokushi (Masashi) rather than the era of Sangokushi (Masashi) itself and the world, it is a modern drama, not a historical drama.
It is not a translation of the Three Kingdoms itself (although it meets many things).
I think that there are many people who misunderstand this point very confusingly about this "Ikkitousen" work.

Characters of "Ikki Tousen" are the young people who live in the present age to the last while inheriting their names and abilities.
In addition, although this work is quite maniac at the time that he is starting a hero of Sonsaku Haku,
There is persuasive power (meaning) in the title of "Ikki Tousen" because he brought Son Dai into the hero.

[Good point of this animation]
It is a bit stylish to display the name and full name on the screen with the dawn at the beginning so that it can be understood to some extent in the first viewer, but I think that it was nice to understand.

The main thing this time is Liu Bingan virtue, this is a big tits pretty girl with glasses with a blur of what promised it.
In the tradition of this work, every female character firmly holds down the panchira (laugh).
Well, this is a correct answer though it is amazing to see it pleasantly because it is the basis of this work.
Cosplay of eye catch character introduction was quite attractive. Nice shot (laugh).
I think that the character design was getting very good.

The animation of this time is reproduced (consciousness) of Cao and Liu Bei coalition army "Red Battle Battle" in the present age and it is drawn.
There is only Ikkitousen, there is no battle by the group and the fighting warriors are knocked down, that is, in this era, Timan is the main struggle of the fight. So it's not a war but a battle.
Even though innumerable people do not shed blood, although there is a contemporary and extremely radical production, it is peaceful as a whole as you can see the last story of this time. It was a good way to finish saving the last scene.

This time the male character was attractive. Especially summer 〓〓〓is drawn as a favorite as well as the original.
In addition, Cao Meng-dong is depicted as an ordinary young man who thinks that it is only necessary to have fun with friends (summer gods).
However, gradually losing friends due to internal judgment, in the end is the modern personality swallowed by past ghost?
It was drawn a bit tragically and so on.
Cao Cao, known as a person emphasized only as a bad aspect as an enemy character in the strange monogamous story of Sangokushi (Reiji)
In this work I think that a relatively balanced interpretation was done considering the good aspects of the history of Sangokushi.

Although it tends to be talked only to the appearance of a female character which is not hailful, I think that male characters were actually drawn very attractive. I think that this point was very good.

[Unhappy point]
Because there are many characters, I think the name and face do not quite match for the first person in the opening stage.
It is a shame that there was a character that was killed soon after it appeared, or it disappeared when it appeared.
Moreover, the intention of the operation of Komei was difficult to understand in the production of animation. As a result, it is felt that the necessity of a battle between Sonsaku and Liu Bei is scarce. From the number of characters you can imagine that you do not have enough time to draw out the characters,
I feel I wanted to work hard for a while. It seems that deployment is running fast as I look at the whole.
I think I wanted the last confrontation a bit more devised in directing.

[Thoroughly thinking about the Three Kingdoms]
Historical facts are obvious in Sangokushi, but even with adaptation novels by Sangokushi there are completely different people 's personality, some people who do not exist in history appeared, and at the time they died Many people have survived and played an active part, and various strange story stories have been developed to the extent that it does not end in enumeration. Why does such a thing happen?
I talked with my acquaintance beforehand as "Three Kingdoms" is not it?
At that time, my acquaintance told me the words briefly expressing the Three Kingdoms.

"Sangokushi ... this is already a grand" dream "."

Oh, I thought that it is a "dream" I want to fulfill in any age, I think.

A dream is an ideal projection. So, against this work "Ikki Tousen" "This is not the Three Kingdoms"
I also understand the standpoint of accusing him. I feel like I've destroyed my dreams and ideals.
However, there have been numerous adaptations of various Three Kingdoms since ancient times.
Whether you can sympathize or not with it is the freedom of the reader and the viewer, there is freedom for the author and animator creator of this "Ikkitousen" to paint "dreams" any way. Nobody can deny it.
So as long as there are various "dreams" that various writers will pick up the Sangokushi from now on.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The early stage had a part that I was looking at with a little confused but it was not clear, but I think that it was comparatively well-organized from the middle stage to the end. I secured the level that I can see the plotting normally at the time of the airing. It is a good feeling with the impression made upgraded gradually and carefully compared with the previous work.
It is comment and comment thinking that it is "good" modestly including expectation of future development.

2007/06/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10677 Host:10370 Browser: 2876
It is a sequel that finally came out to the world after four years from the first phase of animation.
The majority of the late-night animation that continues for the first term and the second term is a place where the span is half a year to one year, and the series in which such a blank is opened is rare. Why is this?

Of course, the serial series of original cartoons continued during this period, but I want to pay attention to the fact that more figures related to this work continued to be released constantly.
As a typical product for core users like figures, there is no pulse in sales timing.
It is often a feature of the hobby market and also interesting to let the question mark "Why now is this character?" Embrace question marks.
Also, depending on the work, multiple hobby makers will compete, and it will be like sharpening each other.
"Ikki Tousen" can be said to be the ideal content that the figure was exactly true.

There is no doubt that the excitement in such a hobby market strongly pushed the realization of animation sequel.
For that reason it took a maturation period of 4 years.
This is a phenomenon also common to "Ultraman who came back" and "Mobile Suit Z Gundam".

However, because of the time of 4 years, the same stuff as the previous work, it was impossible to arrange casts.
Although it may be different from the production company itself, only the screenwriter continues from the previous work in the main staff.
Especially, although the picture-like difference appeared clearly, the sense of unity was kept as a result of continued casting from the previous work.
Including that meaning, it is really symbolic that it was Lu Meng, who plays the first episode of the first episode Yuko Kaida.
Lu Meng is because it is a major character that is released the most widely in "Ikki Tousen" figure.
Lu Meng who got a dragon ball in Hong Kong, a thug creeping up to her.The battle with mythology, the royal road royal anime "HEART & SOUL" is really cool.
The original film is attached to the same song after the second episode and it has become an excellent opening holding down the key points.

Among the main characters, Kanuke replaces Natimen Hitomi and Chihiro Chihara who is impressive Zhang Fei, who is also a narrator of the numbering spot, played in a dialect skillfully while not from Kansai.
Both are voice actors who showed off their heads after the previous work, and I feel the passage of time in the casting.
The ED film is a feature featuring Kanu, while it is camouflaged by transmitted light on television broadcasting, but in the DVD version you can enjoy the essence of the Yorishihara painting (clothes too thin w).
In addition, the last round only closed the Auras at the character runner character son instead of the "glass flower".

Needless to say, this work has compiled the world view of Sangokushi into the minimum stage of modern high school.
Every character has the same name as the hero of Sangokushi and also recognizes the story as a historical fact.
But their identity, in most cases, does not match the hero of the same name.
Ikki Tousen's Lu Meng is not a Lug Men of the Three Kingdoms, but a different person.
Depending on the understanding of this point, the view of the work can change dramatically.

The main character of the series It is from the 3rd episode that Son Dae appears in "DD", and there is not much turn as far as the previous work after that, and it will become unknown for a while after the confrontation with Kanu.
In terms of the number of talks in the absence of a senior policy, the lead with ED credits will be Liu Bei (Kei Shindo).
There is a sense that the story of "DD" is moving mainly around Liu Bei, Kanu, Zhang Fei, and there are feelings that Lu Meng, K〓〓ei, Grandchildren gather together there.
Moreover, the battle between new characters and regulars appearing one after another was thoroughly drawing everything to the utmost, even if the story ended a little.
Key. While clarifying the character, I will focus on the anatomy as an animation.
If you say a model of a battle thing, is it praised too much?

The cell DVD of this work has recorded about 3 minutes of bonus animation.
The story is silly, but it is a puzzled finish as to which it can be expressed so far with official products.
If it is considered as added value, it will be affordable.

As I mentioned earlier, the standing position of this work, which already holds a part of the hobby market, will not shake for the foreseeable future.
Moreover, there are many Ikkitachi characters which are not yet three-dimensionalized.
Good manufacturers of footwork such as Eugene will be the vessel's head, further improvement of items will be forecasted.
In the near future there will be PS2 game release schedule, and that momentum will not be far away, will not it lead to the third period animation?

2007/05/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 55727 Host:55800 Browser: 8569
Outside of the story is getting better overall.
The picture has also become beautiful, and the action is quick. There are also slow places, but it is evolving significantly compared to the previous work. Did you also reflect on the low technology?
However, as with the previous work, the story did not understand the meaning as well. Well, I do not think it will be a story development that makes sense as long as it continues.

As for action, I think that you can understand that the level is rising, if you look. Although it is an unrealistic battle, it is not boring so yawn is never going out like the previous work as the movement is fast.
In other words, the battle seems to be a battle, is not it?

On the whole evaluation, the story was almost ignored, so "normal".
Well it is not an animation that you can recommend to others.
Also, if someone does not know the previous work, it will not be understood at all.

2007/05/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8516 Host:8589 Browser: 4928
I have been watching seven episodes, but even when I was in 1st section I was inflated the last person and I was killed after the fight, but this time it was a shame that there was a murder in 4 episodes. Personally I wonder if the theme song and erotic scenes are good well this time as well ... Although I am editing on June 27, I watched all the stories, but at the end I was slightly sorry that it would not be the case if I thought whether the long color of Son Saku and hair would play against a somewhat black subject. But well I got a lot of black hair and enjoyed it.

2007/05/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17574 Host:17513 Browser: 3646
I would like you to pardon me for putting comments in bodies that have stopped continuing viewing with one viewing.
There is no particular interest in the name of the character. Whether it was troublesome to think proper nouns, whether it was the purpose of dragging in the Kokusai Sangokushi fans, the distorted affection of the author, the result of marketing, or what was said above (the serious thought If you do not understand it, you do not need to understand if you are unfamiliar, and if you are a gag you will be slipping). Anyhow, it does not matter.

There is no item in the way to show "milk and pants". I know that it is the main focus, at least I think that it would be nice to show you some more items. Indeed, it is not "bruisiness" to provoke viewers and sell related goods, but depicts the convenient desire of a man without reflection. At least, I think so.

Take another anime as an example. "School girls" were also simple pants animation. I think that how to show it was also a thing without items (things falling within the category of so-called lower neta). However, there was no discomfort in how to show the pants of this work.
Because in this work character was drawn as a character that can recognize "gaze of opposite sex". It was conscious not only of the opposite sexism in the work but also the eye of "opposite sex" as a viewer. Therefore, what is at the root of the gag of this work was "to betray the desires that viewers hold for the concept of high school girls." That's why girls chew ponpon lower neta (and that is probably real).

Turning to "Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny", the character of this work draws "Heterosexual Eye" as an unrecognizable character. Of course, there seems to be a character of male, so for a heterosexual in mind there will be some recognition (although it will be very different from general).
However, it is ignorant to the gaze of "a viewer's opposite sex". I draw as ignorance. It is the same thing to undo such a character as to naked a child before the recognition of "sex" germinates. I think the absence of the item of this work is there.

I think that the character that comes out (probably) is shaped as a character matching the concept of "beautiful girl. Beautiful girl" held by the audience in general. Naturally I think that this concept also encompasses "invasiveness to sex" (If you do not have one, you are not a woman who "has no resistance to sleeping with an unspecified number of men" That is a character that a genuine man can not hold unless he / she takes a formal procedure). Normally this "invasiveness to sex" includes not only the inside of the work but also the viewers (That is why, in doujinshi, the opposite is done).
However, in this work, its "sexuality to sex" remains within the work. I guarantee that the female character that comes out is taken by taking actions that do not know that the line of sight of the viewer exists (for example, high kick toward the camera position).

In the case of conventional animation, the character had a personality and had a shape to understand that it was not easy to see nakedness. It is similar for viewers. Shizuka chan is shy not only against Nobita but also against viewers.
But this work has no it. A viewer who is not recognized by the character while securing the personality of the character can see the pants freely like a transparent person. To be exact, it does not even know that the character is being watched by the viewer and will take it off without permission.
People will "peek" the girls' nakedness as much as they like from a place that is absolutely safe (this is a safe place in the sense that it does not hurt a character with a personality from being hurt by his own lust) It is in such a form that we can do.

In that respect, I feel the absence of an unavoidable item. I feel a big problem in how to show it, not just the amount of exposure.

I felt that the sense of incongruity that I felt was somehow in shape, so I wrote it (it is full of lack as a sentence ...). Evaluating works that do not look properly is contrary to their own style but I think that it is "bad", so I will put a rating. Since it is seen only once, "very" is not attached.

2007/04/07 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8516 Host:8589 Browser: 4928
I thought the picture was also beautiful from the first part, so the theme song was also good. But this time the woman whose arm broke in the eyepatch character in the first part is the hero ??

2007/04/06 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36963 Host:36825 Browser: 5234
The action scene works well,
I think that drawing quality is quite high.
I will push the erotic scenes to the full extent anything ... (I admire that I did not regulate well ...) If you do thoroughly so far (in a bad meaning) I will nauseism.
There is no such thing as a story.
Since I can not tell you anything at this stage I think I would like to continue viewing if I have a few talks and energy. (I wonder what it will have ... ...)

2007/04/06 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11696 Host:11420 Browser: 6287
Although I watched the previous work (?), Was it a work that has been succeeded in the world by saying that the second work comes out? Because it is quite ruthless here ... (I do not think that it is interesting I did)
However, when I looked at one talk, the picture became a bit cleaner (Naturally?) It was quite saved that the name and reading kana would appear at the appearance of the character.

When a stone statue started to move, I thought that it was a parallel fantasy, but it seems to be from the continuation of the previous work.
What mind seems to be better than the previous work.

2007/04/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45782 Host:45665 Browser: 7297
It is a good illustration in the sense of destroying images.
From the body that knows the Three Kingdoms in full-scale large-scale large-scale drama by China Central Television Base, you will only have to laugh when it breaks down so far. My stomach is twisted. If you think calmly, the female character whose appearance is completely different is just called by the name of a famous male character. It would not be a laughing place especially if it was a codename of a spy. why?
Perhaps it can not be funny to those who are not familiar with the Sangokushi, those who are accustomed to the Pharaoh of this hand or those who feel unreasonable. It is still 1 episode, and it may be cold if I watch a few more talks.

It is difficult to say parodies because only pants (+ erotic) will be visible as a purpose. Maybe some assertions may have been incorporated, but the anxiety disturbs and does not follow the story. Although such a stance itself can not be taken as an argument.

I feel that the animation does not move much, but it seems that I am going to focus on the showroom well. Would not it be quite effective for making the content air to have an impact on the material? A certain example of a certain gothic lolly anime. It will inevitably come up in closeup. In fact I can not remember exactly what it was supposed to have seen recently but recently.

In any case, it is difficult for Paro who tends to be seen as blasphemy in general to be such a thing that it is difficult to pick up the subject from the pharaohs, and it is something that is affectioned to some extent to a certain extent as it is a pharaoh and getting from a fashionable one Under copyright law it is impossible first and if you get it from modern history it can be condemned as a dissemination of erroneous historical perception and if you take it from Japan there is also a risk of being banned due to a storm of condemnation and religious relations And I do not understand what happens (ex: devil poetry). I guess Sangokushi was reasonable. It is popular in Japan. If Mikuni Jiyoshi assumed that the Three Kingdoms as a history book was beautified for the masses, this may also be a beautiful one? (It is a terribly terrible deformation that is anomalous. By the way, there is also a movie by British monty python as moss made the legend of King Arthur. There seems to be quite a good line as a medieval thing in that hand era verification is over there, quality is completely different.
Also, since the recognition of obvious Iromono will be established, it will make me feel stupid to hit.

Even though I wrote meaningful things, I will stab a nail for the first time. As far as I saw one episode it is pants anime. Pants.

It is visible that it is critically acknowledged that it is okay to keep it popular about 1 person. With my head getting hot now. It is the best as a gag animation. Thank you for reading.

(Additional notes)
It is felt that class taste is futsu. The story of the beginning of the 1 story something is the best. This taste does not accumulate. However, there are quite a lot of comical parts and it is a bit disappointing to work minus for B-class taste.
The action that turns the plump body is only the battle main and there are plenty to see. This elasticity is unique to women. It is an unscrupulous story, but its appearance that clothes do not mind as though they are tearing is Kachoier. Pants paralyzed.

Well it's evaluation, but the content is obviously too subtle as there are too many people. It is also a problem that the action at the end became tasty. A dragon came out, but after all the meatball fight is bad. Perhaps, it will not be a date to promote this comment to evaluation ...

〓〓〓Thank you for your comment. Well, I looked back at the one talk recorded from that and saw the second episode, so that I could see it wonderfully and calmly. Something seems to change somewhat in the head when writing it. However, even if the evaluation changes as far as the last, I will leave this popularity as a record. In any case, confidence to follow the story properly came a little.

2006/11/30 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11451 Host:11679 Browser: 5234
It is not likely to be expected from the title. Anyway, some people say "distiny" as "title is not that work, okay? ...". Well, even if it is not so, this work is a Boncra girl erotic action that has defiled the Three Kingdoms, it is the general opinion of the public, but it is painful to say that history is repeated so quickly.

Rin Shin which is an original artist of erotic animation and beautiful girls work is added to the staff, but thinking "Such something works ... ..." can not be forbidden sympathy, and other staffs like that Although I am gathering highly evaluated staff, the minus impression still remembers a sense of resistance somewhat of being involved in this work that is stronger and the producers and authors of this work are notorious I ignore it as if you do not know. Well, if it is not so, no sequel will be created .......

Works of only hobbies, works for doujin may well be said to be features of the times now. However, the citizen style does not deny its thinness, and there is an image that makes it less charming even if it is a character, and this work only seems to be something of the extent that eroticism was already plus in such a daughter work already.

Ero is definitely a hit source and you will see it as a man, but there are still times when it is good to dye it in pink color and bad times, even if you are the author or the production side, you know that I wonder if I will get worried.

2006/11/30 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
But phew. There is also no piece of this character, Three Kingdoms Curse blasphemy cartoon fighting cartoon is animated again? I can cry.
Also, I will only buy the anger of my neighbor. Indeed, why must the heroes of the continent cross the sea and fight school girls to fight while showing underwear?