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CUTEG Yukihiro Matsuo
Naoya Takayama
Sumino Kawashima Sotaro Hayashi
Takahiro Enomoto
Akiyuki Tateyama
Mai Fuchigami
Ueda Reina
Yurika Kubo
Chika Anzai
Ibuki Kido
Sayaka Nakaya
Kotori Koiwai
Shiori Izawa
Yuri Yoshida
Yuu Serizawa
Kondo Yui
Chinatsu Akasaki
Nao Touyama
Nozomi Yamamoto
Saeko Zougou
Haruka Terui
Satomi Akesaka
Yuki Fujiwara
Koji Ishii
Japan Released:2017/01/08(Sun) 23:30-00:00 Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. Totigi TV TV / End:2017/03/26
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1. http://idoljihen.jp/anime/ (Translation)
2. http://s.mxtv.jp/anime/idol_jihen/ (Translation)
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1. https://twitter.com/idol_jihen
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2017/05/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31359 Host:31556 Browser: 8593
I am an idol but a lawmakers? I do not know the reason. Although it was in a state, I cheered Japan with the power of idol!
It is a positive concept and the setting which had become ant because it is impossible in reality.
In recent years when the number of idol animation is increasing, I am not good at the genre of that hand, but this work got interested in mismatched setting and watched it

Because the idol lawmaker is pure because it is pure, legitimate lawmakers made politically too much to tailor themselves to old age and evil, but it was a good answer that they did not make it too bad.
Anyway, there seems to be someone who can bit a bit if it tries to be realistic just for politics but if it is as simple as this, there is not even Tsukkomi

I liked the simple structure that I went to various places as a matter, solved the problem of the land with idle power, and also deepened friendship with other idol members, but I just liked the live as a problem I could not think that the scene was abrupt and good. It can be said that

It lacks the excitement of the live scene which is triad of each episode, it is the axis as a work, so if it does not feel the power there will be no power on the whole. Nonetheless, I believe that the role played by live performers probably seemed to be the signs of Mito Komon. Just by watching live performances, even the evil people exchange their minds, I think that the versatility is pretty close, so it is important to be demonstrated and it may have been meaningless for the contents I do not think so. . .

After that the character deza was not very favorite. I do not dislike that pretty is justice, but its cute degree was not personally high, so it was a fatal flaw. The rival lawmakers seem to have their own personality, so there are only a lot of numbers, and personally they are like mobs except for the hero and buddies of buddies, so the two people did not have excellent merits ,,,

Things like ease of watching that you can easily feel free to listen to was excellent and I did not dislike the whole word but the disadvantage was conspicuous, so I will assume the evaluation is [Bad] from bad

2017/05/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6281 Host:6117 Browser: 7518
It's boring.
I have stopped seeing halfway.

Basically, animation basically creates realistic stories that are far from everyday, there are many works that give impression there, but this work is too far apart.
Because the characters are not realistic, the story is outrageous, so I can not predict what kind of talk will flow.
It is the assumption that "When idols become politicians", but this does not constitute political activity.
It is neither an interesting story nor a reality story.
I just wanted to make strange things that I had never had before, but this has become an unlikely story.
There are many works of impossible settings such as works that people come out and works of brothers and sisters romance, but at the very bottom of the story I think that something that everyone is always seeking is something.
But this work has nothing.
It is a work of a childish merely drawing merely impossible thing.

The evaluation is [very bad].

2017/03/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13443 Host:13543 Browser: 5171
Before the idol made a party and became a lawmakers, after a dispute with an existing political party (Tower Party), a happy ending, a classic story of the type together with the introduction of the party, the confrontation between the midfield and the Prime Minister who does not accept an idol lawmaker to the last It will be the final stage. Every week in the first half the new party will appear without any explanation, who on earth who continues to develop like-minded. If you investigate with HP etc. without losing here, you will find that there are various idol parties. And, with friends of my brothers, I do not know if I can do a pleasant controversy such as "You are a heroine party", "No girls party," "You do not understand the dark apples' goodness ..." or not.

There is no need to think about difficult things. It is enough if cute girls are appearing a lot in good health. Compared to the bundle it's a bigger work on the anime side.

2017/02/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11194 Host:11000 Browser: 4721
It was obvious from the beginning, but it was an unexpected work.
Idols do politics themselves It is impossible to themselves or there is a difficulty in attaching, but perhaps it does not do anything if idols do politics and there is unexpected and it is interesting and it starts with about shooting launch I guess.

It is impossible for me to do more than I expected and no matter what I do it will only drift away.
So it is impossible from the start, so it was not good unless you had a feeling of division just enough to overturn it.
There is no reason to be able to enter this setting where it drew seriously halfway.

Even if you cancel the gag, it is not much different from the recently popular idol who is rolling around there even if you cancel the content, so personally I do not feel the necessity of letting the politicians who do not bother totally bother at all extremes.
I think that there is no idea about the streaks in the neighborhood, so I think that it is only a thought story and I do not think that it was good with the revolutionary organization (idol revolution etc.) that conflicts with the government without having to take the same position .
Then, I think that it can do contents and strikes, also starting up a slope now deciding the winner, bungee jumping and the neta itself are old fashioned, it is not related to politics at all and it is unprecedented too much, from there and then idle Would you like to do a variety of sticky politics? It seems like a feeling that the maker himself does not know what he wants to do.

Even when I see it as an idol work, the content of what the aura really is not too good and the sense is too much.
I can not enter at that point, and I can only see it with a cold eye line like quarreling or quitting with such things, and of course it will not bother me to support even if I make it a party like that.
I feel that I am wrong as the direction of idol, and I think that the idol is supposed to be awesome because there is an aura and it is something that can empower and support emotion there, looking at the figure which is working more purely.
Especially the recent idle situation is because the distance between the idol and the fans is close, so the same goal has the same goal and goes there together.

The image of such idols is also old - fashioned.

And the thing that was fatal as an idol work more than anything is that the charm is too charming.
It feels only air before I do not feel anything like a print or personality and I can not have it. It seems to me just doing the appropriate thing without any intention.

If it were originally this is impossible to push up the setting and I have to pull it up but I'm completely defeated, so the feeling that it was not supposed to be this kind of failed work seems oozed out.

I just wanted something more sexy and sexy shot in the end, I wanted to see the hatchamacha enough to repain politely from the bottom.