[Anime]Idol Time Pri Para

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Syn Sophia
Tatsunoko Productions
Makoto Moriwaki
Michihiro Tsuchiya
Arisa Date
Himika Akaneya
You Taichi
Yuina Yamada
Madoka Asahina
Kurosawa Tomoyo
Yamashita Seiichirou
Ueda Reina
Ookubo Rumi
Kanae Ito
Suwabe Junichi
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Japan Released:2017/04/04(Tue) TV TOKYO Corporation TV
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1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/ipp/ (Translation)
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2017/06/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Kotokote characters Characteristic matching "The sheep squad" exists. that's all.

[Bad point]
There is no appeal in the new hero. Only with the escapism delusion girl in reality ...
Papara innocent preparatory, which can only be described as adversity, unable to do active, is stressful.
Yui Torahara 's W - hero? The setting does not work at all and the drama does not proceed slowly.
Especially Yui is a delusive girl so "dream" "dream" I say it is not accompanied by realistic action power drama does not get excited.
New characters other than sheep squads are not attractive with "thin shadows" or "disgusting people".
What is Babario for? The principal, Oki chairperson are not just gags with just unpleasant characters.
The drama does not get excited with the man pre-top WITH too much, so even in Yui's friends the absence of presence and absence of face and name coming into the head at all. My chan rivals? Candidate has not played an active part at all though ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad-". The idle time = fatigue period, the charging period is going on the ground The slow thrust of the drama progress is fatal. Although it was subtle from one story, it does not improve at all and it progresses. It seems that it is aiming for a good earning by traditional pre-para character guest appearance, but the main story does not get excited at all. A combination of a funny character with poor power and a new hero with poor power and a combination of adults from the former, a plan that can not feel motivated at all It is impossible to feel energetic at all on the stage called papara innocent aim of state of bankruptcy. Although the previous work PriPara was seen as an anxiety as a trial to overcome the adversity as the hero's partner "Mirei" was a character that pulls adults strongly, it is seen without anxiety as to the adversity, but this work is not energetic to the hero of the W and is only straying It is impossible to obediently because it is. Is the appearance of pop idol 'ni' a detonator?
Although I had a pleasant expectation, this is also a depictive doubtfulness of the seriousness with assistant of the exercise department and two pairs of grasses.
Full of anxiety and not interesting. At least, I wish I could do duet live at Yui &
I think, is not it done with animation is the game binding? In this way it ends with a full-blown promotional work animation. Even though it is the same director ... Although it may be conscious of the low age group, gag is distracted,
Drama also super throws. On the other hand, I tried putting male puri and being conscious of older girls (w), everything tig hug.
We urgently need improvement. Current situation is similar to Papara Inn Puripara, a crisis situation without waiting.

2017/06/07 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]

A strategy that resettled the world view and continued to let the fans of the previous work not to fail.
Yui Yume as a new hero trying hard.
Tatsunokopro CG group 's hard work.

[Bad point]

To have made that scriptwriter who is a war criminal sexist who made a movie version two consecutive goes down to 100 million, not going to go down.
No matter how good anyone else is, this one point is minus 5000 trillion points.
If only doing late night animation for geeks, it is that there is praise received there, and no one was unhappy ... ...
The director's love affair is amazing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I felt a deep disappointment not to exclude internal factors that would objectively disturb the business.
Takara-tomy's way of thinking about Miracle, you can see half already being abandoned.
To bring kid's animation to late night and bring disgusting feeling to the Moriwaki Fuyoda Combination who brought down the difficult task of man's daughter idol with its incompetence and midnight Nori's runaway to a "disgusting creature" At "Worst".