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Anime rank of 2016 Rank 243in 268 titles
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Hiroshi Onogi
Tezuka Production
Glovision Inc.
Seven Arks Pictures
Moe Toyota
Marika Hayase
Sagara Mayu
Aoki Ruriko
Riko Kohara
Nana Mizuki
Kosuke Sakaki
Ryu Seira
Ayahi Takagaki
Ryotaro Okiayu
Takuma Nagatsuka
Japan Released:2016/10/02(Sun) Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. TV
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2017/04/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23309 Host:23477 Browser: 7926
According to the official, due to the innovation of high-speed net communication and VR technology, the real future travel experiences and live experiences are becoming common in the near future,
It seems to be a youthful story that aims at the top in the global idol league.

Actual photography by anime part and voice actor A half-hour program with half variety variety parts.
I think that it was good, such as character design, music, 3D animation part, voice actor's acting.

However, there are few live scenes in the main part, and there are few highlights in the daily scene of extreme practice scenery of strength strengthening system.
I understand that I am practicing with aiming at the top, but since the objective evaluation part such as points is not drawn, ranking or ambiguity.
I have formed a rival depiction within a friend group for the time being, but it is a big problem that idols at other schools to compete are not drawn at all.
Although it is understood that the consciousness and enthusiasm of the campus chief is high, as educators it is not so much, the mask director of rival school was only regrettable as a villain,
The obstructive work of the subordinate boy is a daughter wearing it on a bad mood. Is it meaningful?

Since there is no particular aim of the school chief, rival school chief's belief, and in-depth dedication of member characters,
Individuality depended solely on the conversation between the characters, and there were quite a few parts that appeal as idol and character animation.

Although the live-action part saw up to 2 talks, after that it flowed properly.
I want you to draw a character properly with the animated feature story and the setting of the character and the director wanting to draw like this without comment.
I think that the story of changing the difference between receiving methods in terms of expressions of words and phrases and putting one another in the expressions of the phrase as a daytime cooperation is correct as a measure,
To make the same impression in countries with different cultures, it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable to make expression halfway.
Though it seems interesting that there are some differences in expressions between translated and native dialogue.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It's been wonderful and maybe it was interesting to have Chinese character played by a native voice actor.

2016/12/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
15 minutes anime with strong sense of interlocking of idols.
There are live-action parts for the rest of the animation part 's remaining time, but since it was skipping that direction, it is an evaluation of only the animation part to the last.

Songs and pictures are not bad ... but they repeatedly dropped themselves repeatedly It is not a bad person for everyone Finally it is a school girls school chief the small enemies with small masks, It is unattractive.

Although I had a lot of exercise depictions, I felt it was a bit of a moment in a short time of 1 cool 1 talk 15 minutes.

Evaluation is "very bad".