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Mizuki Kawashita Weekly Shonen Jump
Tomoki Kobayashi
Tsutomu Mizushima
Suzumura Kenichi Mamiko Noto Megumi toyoguti Kobayashi Sanae Nana Mizuki
Ai Shimizu Eriko Kawasaki
Japan Released:2005/06/20(Mon) / End:2005/10/31
Official sites
1. http://www.ichigo100.com/ (Translation)
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2015/06/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13598 Host:13708 Browser: 5173
It is OVA that originated from Kawashita Suki's love comic manga "Ichigo 100%".
There was also TV animation, but since it seems that it seems to trace the original to some extent, for the time being, for the time being, I tried OVA of many original episodes.
Although some episodes were adapting stories that are also in the original, the last episode and others were completely original, and since Nintendo Yui will also stick to the originally unexpected episode, the four heroines will face each other Was that a lot of things?
However, since it is all 4 talks, I thought whether to do episode of each heroine, but also there was not such a thing separately ... (southerly hab is south ...).

Well, this is a total of four stories, as punchline, "the middle is pursued an indecisive character and it is misunderstood and ended being bogged down". Heroine GJ.
Although there was also a story to infiltrate Nishino's high school in the original, the story of preparation for the cultural festival was more adaptable than the original, and the last two episodes were stories that did not exist as much as the original on the original. However, as a talk, that is also interesting, I think whether it is worthy alia just even if "I'm just making a stupid story and reflecting the heroine cute."
By mistake this is the first appearance of Chizumi Kozue, ignoring the progress of TV animation, you guessed it as "side story of the original". Chinami drew a first contact, but Kozue something like "I was from the beginning?" And as usual she was confused in the character as usual and spreading the delusion as usual ....
It is a story connected from TV animation, but complement it with reading the original 〓〓〓Is there a part like that 〓〓〓 People who only watch TV animation will have confusion ....

One episode was the story of Arashi-Izumi festival which is also depicted as Chinami's first appearance, but this was a feeling that the story of the physical education warehouse in the early stages of the original was also connected and it was heart-pounding in the middle and the castle that stick to the original more than Right.
In the middle I noticed that "The first thing I fell in love with is Dongcheng" was drawn with this work, but if this was made more consciously even with the original, the last may have changed. Well, as I said "That said," it was also my recollection as I have forgotten.
Such as luxurious like a stuffed assortment of various "middle and East castle episodes" in clothing getting wet with two people in the end and being likely to kiss with nature I think that it was a story.
In one story, I received the impression that "Middle and Dongcheng" was put together, I feel that this was good.
The second episode will be an episode of Nishino, but this time it is almost the original story, in fact it ends only with punch line, "If it is the only reason for thinking like a sister ~" It was also emphasized.
Because I skipped school all day, I received a punishment from my colleague, I was attacked by the Nishino 's guard, but this time it' s scattered a bit but this is also my own work place. This time was a completely bad guy.
In the original, it was a bit impressive that the characters that were "Gorilla like Bus" were modified to "SM Miss", due to the mental hygiene convenience of the drawing staff and viewers this time (lol)

In the original episode, episode 3 was pretty good.
Somehow, I think that the story which helps Satsuki from the bytes of the byte was also the original episode which was able to show the middle as an attractive person. Although there was a story to help Satsuki at the fast food shop also in the original, it is feeling whether there is also such action which such place can not do easily.
Even the characters who were kudzu got damaged, and the heroines' fierce counterattack was something to see (especially the counterattacks of Dongcheng).
In the end also misunderstanding and heavenly punishment also in the middle. There was also a strange place that ending was Yui Namido for some reason.

The fourth episode was just a chaotic story, but it is unusual for the three people of "Middle, Outer Village, Komiyama" to have severe eye-catching episodes. Basically the middle is a terrible conversation with the heroines, Okamura. There was a slight difference in consciousness with Komiyama, but this time it was confused by the trinity.
Tsuka, in the middle, seriously, "There was a place that was absent for a long time" such as "It was settled in front of the school gate" There is no problem with the number of attendance days, but if you are a university you do not have any problem with sabot, Do you not come? "Electro Shoujo" or "Ichigo 100%" is obviously like being absent without notice or escaping ... ...
To some extent, and to somehow, in the original book also included behind the book "Mizuzu developed medicines developed by medicine changed personality Dongcheng. Satsuki's story" In making animation, I felt like I tried changing all the heroines with appropriate circumstances It was a story. Dongcheng where personality became like something was pretty good, and Yui who made it cogal was also rare. Nishino only did not feel so strange with a fine adjustment called "Kansai dialect," but it seems that even the author was unable to grasp the character.
Also, it is unique to animation (I do not want to see it) to see the strawberry pants in the middle.
At the end was "I was a movie", but it was a story full of mysteries, such as meaningful scenes of heroines, who wrote the script. Everything is too absurd.
Dougaku or Mizuzu, you can not shoot such a picture absolutely in that neighborhood, why did you like the Nishino Guard and why?

However, pushing "strawberry pants" that I have not touched much to the front, meeting the heroines "east-west north and south" all together ... is a unique legend color of animation. It was conspicuous in a pretty original work that I did not put out such features in advance.
It was good in terms of entertainment and there was a feeling that if you do not go well you are doing a love rice properly over the original. Although there is feeling that music is subtle compared to TV version which I heard flicker, in the opening image it is feeling that there is also character personality. If it is TV animation it is not making such personality so much, obviously it is a premise image of Dongcheng end.
Evaluation is "very good".

2013/11/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5083 Host:4989 Browser: 10442
I was advised by acquaintance 100 and I started seeing it last week ('〓〓`)
Until now I've heard of the name but I have never seen it, but the ordinary animation punch is not good, the story of ova, the continuation of making a piece of a story and the story of entering the school was fun.

Strawberry pants star people? I do not understand well, but the story was interesting in a different meaning that there is no fun or pleasure, I do not understand it, and it is not very funny (* '〓〓`*)

Because it seems to be killing time, is not it good to look at your holiday spare time?
Enjoy envious enemies ('〓〓`) because Neito's people can see it all day

Because the continuation of 1 talk was seen, I will do evaluation to the highest 〓〓〓
It seems that nobody has made it the best (〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

2012/06/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11813 Host:11625 Browser: 5682
[good point]

Is it video? I think that it was able to cover some extent the drawing power of the originally difficult to say original work. After that, voice actors, Kenichi Suzumura, the protagonist, would have been appointed well in his role.

[Bad point]

Unfortunately it was similar to the original, or the content only stimulated weakness and discomfort, it was something that was nothing.

Overall, with a low quality mix juice with a solid girl Moe and no laughable gag,
Although there was something persistent like panchira, the story that the hero invaded Sakurahai Gakuen, in particular for some reason, was unpleasant that his neta such as his flatus was seen,
"How are you doing such delusions, you're doing it is fun," the voice of a single-minded creator echoed vainly.

The story that they worked as a part time job at a pension was remarkable, but the owner and other trio, doing things normally saying that it is a crime Or saying that it was a lie to my father and just eating a little depressed It was the most useless story in the story of the whole 4 volumes, ending with, and it was not able to laugh at all at last only because the last last punch was slapstick.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I certainly do not deny that there is a good place, but voice actors, their owners too Sho taro Morikubo Mr. Voice ........... also reading a certain cartoon currently serializing Although it is not interesting at all, "Since many works are made into animation and there are also blessed with voice actors,
To prevent them from wasting wastefully, please also release works that are commensurate with such preferential treatment to the world. "I think again intensely. I do not know TV anime version, but I will just say "worst" evaluation, with meaning to such message to the author as well.

2010/06/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3334 Host:3198 Browser: 14671
I did not think that it would be even more terrible if I thought that the image side would be better if it became OVA.
It clearly shows everything that makes everything goofy.
First of all, the world view and the character were also collapsing and it seems to be pretty harmonized because it knows aiming at gag or erotic, so the story is also harmonized so that the story is also overriding and the character collapses.
It would be nice if the gag could be funny but it's nothing to save from being a gag in its primary form as an elementary school student thinks (such as trauma).
The most terrible thing was the strawberry pants star time.
I wonder who thought these people were really interesting ....
It is 100% readable as there is only a dream peculiar or a movie taken to where this story is going. It is surely that the director Oshii did with Urusei Yatsura or something else.
Talk does not talk about characters changing, so amateurs are taking movies, so it is too convenient to clean up anything.
Because a story can not be made, each scene is long and the tempo gets worse and it stretches with a rude gag.
The times when an orange-colored hair girl appeared was also terrible. I forgot whether I was going out with the girl or not, but it was long and dark like the guys are the main character.
Moreover, it seems that a male viewer made it for the purpose, but the desire of a man seemed to be visible too much and even when seen from a man, disgust was drawn draught.
I do not know the director / writer's hobby, but the voice actors who are drawn to such self-satisfaction become poor.
If you are a TV anime version, the middle character is laughing with a stupidity where the stupidity is laughing but in the current work it has become a serious fool so it can not be laughed at all.
Even if it is an erotic scene, for example in the previous work excitedly and the tension rises freely without permission, I usually refuse to take it as a good boy and take it to a seriously good atmosphere.
Every person's character was really messy and this character was absolutely such that I did not spit like this.
It was a bad day that the middle sneaks into the school of Tsukasa.
Nishino did not exist anywhere in the scene that brings a brassie, but why I brought Nishino's bra for convenient reasons. It was meaningless.
Since there is no neta and there is too much ruler, just laughing or just just looking at it puts suitably.
Although it was nice to have the character appear in total, but it was not possible to use characters, no explanation of anything and suddenly a new character was added and directing was also cold, sense and there was no sense in the director and the script.
Then the drawing is the place I want to go with but this was not praised again.
Although the character design itself likes the previous work, although this work may not have been outright bad points compared with the previous work, it was not suitable for the scene or how to break the drawing at the time of gag was poor.
Although I wrote variously, it was a work that was noticeable as a layman in a scenario below an amateur anyhow.
It is not an original fan and I have never read it and I did not like the previous work specially but it was a while since I was a long time since I was a bit of a viewer and it seems that I made it to lick viewers and made a viewer irritated Absent. It's embarrassing as the same guy.
Only ED was good.

2009/03/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37453 Host:37495 Browser: 9266
I was very happy to see it.
I think that attraction of Dongcheng, Nishino, Satsuki could have been made out.
However, it is regrettable that "Heart change is suddenly!?"
The girls whose characters were exactly opposite felt fresh, but the content was too much ... I think that the world view of the work has broken.
It was a bitter laughter in mind that the middle wears "that" to defeat the alien ... unexpectedly.
It would be great if there was not this, but I would like to lower it one and it is very good.

2008/08/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24405 Host:24630 Browser: 8090
The scene where the middle and Dong castle became a good feeling in the episode of the cultural festival edition was the best but in the meant I know Munashiku even though I knew the original. (Bitter smile) And the episode which submerged into Nishino 's high school was funny full of the middle stupidity. In addition, in the byte episode, I was surprised to be pretty cool, as I was able to protect the Kitajiro and others when they were sending out to the North Osaka, etc. when the middle manager shook the store manager. (Laugh) I am sorry that the episode which the alien altar will change the character of Dongcheng and others is not so interesting.

2007/03/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8174 Host:7903 Browser: 6673
〓〓〓Sakurahama Gakuen Exodus 〓〓〓〓〓〓

I thought that it was the work that I saw the most in the middle stuff. I will go to the school for notes by my own request, but invade the girls high and cause a stupid throat. Although I can pass notes to Mr. Moriyoshi, it is hidden in the locker of the classroom, so it gets strange to be misunderstood and be chased. If you do not do it, the story will not be expanded so it can not be helped. It also became a feeling for maniac who meets SM woman while running away. I can escape safely from the school by being helped by the chief officer. Tsukasa's generous heart is amazing. Because I am struggling to manage such a stupid mind.

〓〓〓Night fog storm festival edition 〓〓〓

It was a work that was impressive in the OVA series. The story of the middle and the castle that remained until late at the preparation of the school festival. I felt it was not much different from the two parties on the TV series, so I think that the impression was thin.

〓〓〓Beware of Pension Crisis owner 〓〓〓Watch out 〓〓〓

It was a very interesting work as a Kitano Otsuki Satsuki fan. The kindness of the middle trying to defend the women from the three male pairs of scuba pens at the pension was a glimpse. I think that the most central part can be seen. I like Satsuki wearing various costumes and doing a bold approach to my favorite mind. This is because Satsuki who can honestly contact a favorite person is charming. Even so, it was pitiful that the puppeteer Scheve male trio did not have patience.

〓〓〓Changing your mind suddenly! 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

From the title it seems whether roughness will come between the middle and the female team, it is very ridiculous that strawberry pants-type heterosexuals in the film production attack the earth and manipulate women and attack it. I was amazed at how this is a work made by the movie research department of high school. It is a feeling that female team also accepted such a story well. It is a too obvious work, I dislike the most in the OVA series.

On the whole, there are a lot of bad works, but because there are some good works, we make it "bad".

2006/10/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42688 Host:42516 Browser: 4184
Because the collapse of the face of the TV version was so terrible, I had a chance to see OVA but I did not watch it.

I first saw "Yui's home run" but the image is satisfactory, I am satisfied personally! It does not regret why I could not put out this quality from the beginning ....
Because this story was a very favorite story even in the manga of the original, the development and the contents were good tempo, and I was able to enjoy it without worrying about the part which changed somewhat nuance.

The theme song is different from the "night fog storm festival", and it is surprising that it is slightly different from the character's face! The story is also a development that has coalesced with the story of the day of the cultural festival and the story where the middle and the Dong castle collapsed the jumping box of the physical education warehouse and could not move, and in a sense it was fresh ... but a bit aggressive I feel like developing it. I felt that there was not "Flower" somehow though the day before the cultural festival day before, and I did not like the end way now.

It is a story that can be helped by Nishino by infiltrating into the girls' highest attendance that the unit was good. It was the same as the original part, and the goodness of Nishino was well done. There were some differences between the girls students and the middle of the middle, but the original was better though ....

"Sawawaka Pension" edition ... I did not like honesty. This was completely original which was not in the original work, but I feel that it is not something Mr. Kawashita's style. It was a work I thought was supervising.

Although I tried to see it at once, the quality aspect which became anxious was also getting better, and I felt it was supposed to have become a good feeling that OVA seems to be good as there are 4 heroines singing out an unusual theme song It was done. However, again this work is reaffirmed that Mr. Kawashita's way of drawing and slick butterfly are fun works. I can not feel much slippery feeling with animation. As individuals, it seems that people who read in manga are suitable, so the evaluation is normal.

2005/09/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 932 Host:852 Browser: 5234
I borrowed it from a male and read it. The author is a woman .... It is exactly this manga to tickle a man's heart. It was pretty fun.