[Anime]Ichigo 100% Koi ga hajimaru!? Satsuei gasshuku Yureru kokoro ga higasi e nishi e

Other media: Literature:Ichigo 100% Koi ga hajimaru!? Satsuei gasshuku Yureru kokoro ga higasi e nishi e
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Anime rank of 2004 Rank 125in 182 titles
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Noriyasu Yamauchi
Jukki Hanada
Masafumi Mima
Hikaru Nanase Masao Maruyama
Studio fantasia
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Japan Released:2004 Movie
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2015/06/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is OVA of "strawberry 100%" that somehow appear abnormally in a book off wagon. I think that it is the first animation of "Ichigo 100%" probably by the work screened at jump festa.
The theme is the camp of a senior high school called the original, but it is quite a lot of modifications and the impression different from the original is getting stronger.
However, "Okay Korokoro east west" Oi ... treatment of the North ....

Well, the first half is an event that is confined in Dongcheng and underwear figure, the second half is a story to try and reconcile after trying it out with Mr. Nishino who saw it in the second half. It is a story of "To the east west" seriously (even in the original work, it is only "To the east to the west" ...).
In the middle battle fight, the interaction at the beginning like that where the south is properly entered was a little incongruous when it was the original read. I wonder if the three people in the east, west and north like the middle, but the south does not like the middle separately "to make it hard to understand the original part of the original ...?
By the way, in the original work, Yui Minamoto did not even participate in the training camp but it is shaped to join the training camp for some reason. The heroines of the four people are arraying (In the original work, the heroines of the four people were properly arranged in the main part is only one time to play with everyone ...?).
For that reason, there were scenes that I was beaten up by the paddess due to the habit of being the only "sleepy and naked", but Satsuki's turn comes like this this time ....

Among the alterations, I was concerned that "a couple liver trial is in the middle, everyone set in for Nishino's love scene shooting".
It is quite easy to do this for a division I like in the middle, like Toso in Tojo, and I do not really feel the meaning of modifying it somewhat like this.
I guess it is like shaping a story for the time being.

The voice acting group was almost as the image of the original.
It was a bit surprising that the middle is Suzumura Kenichi, but I did not feel like a childish voice, so I was getting along with it and it was exactly why Dongcheng was a Noto voice.
That was the only reason why Mizuki Nana came out, but when it is placed in an inexplicable position called Yui Namido again ....

After all, it seems that TV animation, including OVA, was not drawn until the final round of the original, but it is said that doing important episodes of the high summer of the second summer halfway in the first animation ....
Jump festa's animation is not "animation of episode 1", it's an episode of halfway time. Why is that?
Evaluation is "ordinary".