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Anime rank of 2001 Rank 24in 148 titles
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WOWOW SUN-TV KBS(Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited) TV Kanagawa Gifu Broadcasting System Mie TV NARA TELEVISION CO.,LTD
Kobayashi Yasuko
Maki Fujii
Tetsuya Yanagisawa
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Victor Entertainment,Inc.
TNK Rakuonsha Studio Echo, Inc. Jinnan Studio
Yamamoto Aya
Masaki Kaifu
Yuji Yamaguchi
Pioneer LDC TOSHIBA DIGITAL FRONTIERS INC. Hideki Okamoto Yuzo SATO Tomoyasu Kurashima Shinichiro Kimura Kikuti Yasuhito Itsuro Kawasaki
Akeno Watanabe Yuki Masuda Yuji Kishi Kujira Yuji Ueda
Omi Minami Mikako Takahashi Fumiko Orikasa Katashi Ishizuka Eriko Kawasaki Yuko Tachibana Takayuki Yamaguchi
Takeshi Watabe Sumi Shimamoto Takumi Kurebayashi Furuya Michiaki Naomi Orikasa Akane Oomae Jun Mizuki Numata Fuyumi
Norihisa Mori
Nao Takamori Kazunari Tanaka Hikaru Hanada
Japan Released:2001/07/04(Wed) 18:30-18:55 WOWOW TV / End:2001/09/26
Ending movie (1)
Song:Asagi Kudou Nara Saori [Fan reg.]
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2014/07/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7866 Host:7774 Browser: 5171
It is interesting from the place where you become a teacher after wearing a girl in order to smoke a school chief who does not admit a man!
One of the main themes dealt with in the back with a bright atmosphere is the difficult problem of "gender discrimination".
In the case of this work, it was a school style that I disliked men for a moment but I still have a problem that still remains.

[good point]
Even if he says that he is a character he is the hero Tenno Hibiki sensei!
If you do not agree with the treatment of the students, you face confrontation with the students more seriously than the person who is more than yourself is exactly the view of the teacher!
Serifs also remain quite hearty.

The students were also good. Especially Kaeko-chan and Fukae-kun ...
I also like Aoki-kun.
Aoki-kun did not have anything in particular though, but it was likable around Hiroki who is calling her teacher's name the very first time when everyone is palm-poking back to the teacher in the final story.

Then Nama-chan. I know perfectly the makeup technique for girls, I own a mountain, I own a bike, I am a superior ability to remodel a motorcycle and make it a robot. But the actual situation ...! Look at this story!

[Bad point]
The head is too severe.
It may be the number one problem that can bear this.
It is also the case that the behavior is always terrible, but the particularly bad thing is to shoot Hibiki sensei's identity in unauthorized shooting in the hospital ... and that we are exposing it in the place where everyone is gathering "Bullying Shoot and post to the video site on a shoot! "It's a feeling like this, is not it ...
Besides Mr. Hibiki himself, in addition to Hibiki sensei, I shoot and expose to the place where the students are reflected ... Why does not the teacher become a problem in this why?
Moreover, the principal was a person who initiated the "physical examination defense plan" or the like so as not to leak the information by recording or recording in order to preserve the privacy of girls' students in the past, but the privacy of the students will do infringement by themselves .

The director of the school is still aware of masculine ... Although there are things that have happened in the past, even if there are things like that, the need for doctrine to do such a thing is just to want to tease Professor Hibiki ... .

Number of stories There are places to call each student 's name in the last round but since there were only 13 talks, few people understood who the name was ...
It was a pity that my impression was slightly diluted.
Still it cried in a shabby manner.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
After all, it is unusual for works that have "gender equality" as their theme.
I was also supposed to live quite up to now and this is not inequitable ... Because I also thought that ... ... I was pretty seriously cheering Hibiki sensei.
However, I do not understand that the director of the school director said, "Man is savage" or "It is disgusting" or something like that, I guess I do not even know that the boys around me always "want her" "Do you only think so?"
Even though there were times when I thought, it is because there are good places like this animation that boys are not only nasty children but Yuzo.
If you look at this work you guys can be friends with men and women! (Indeed?
It was a good work that could be made as a love story or an academy. It is quite a favorite work.
Evaluation is "very good"!

2014/03/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42795 Host:42854 Browser: 5931
Anime with teacher as a theme may have been quite unusual at the time of broadcasting.
(If it is another teacher 's animation, it is about GTO ...?)

As a story, it is a heartful story that Tianan Hibiki of the main character only female teachers hire a junior high school and become a teacher dressed as Hibiki, and drawing up interactions with students from there, but although it can certainly be impressed, it is impressed and laughing I wonder if the way of mixing was a bit unbalanced.

For example, if you put a panchira in a scene that you want to be shrewd, the impression that you've accumulated up to this point is a bit thinner ... / /.
Then there was a story that the heroine packed a lot of chest pads in order to make the bust size look bigger, but there was a story to measure the body, there was Professor Hibiki appearance, "What is important is not the size of the chest but what in your chest It's packed! "
And preaching development Oh, I thought that it was a good story I knew that the heroine was stuffing up 20 chest pads, how should the deployment "Do not throw away!" With my friends be touched Whether it should be laughed or not, I was quite astray at judgment (^ ^;

Still it is not all good if the end is good, but there was something that moved in the last but there was something that the hero's staying in the dormitory where the hero could stay is something that can be laughed and the character was standing so "good" I think that I want to evaluate it. I wish I could have done it in 2 courses like Kanpachi sensei if possible.

Even so, the age of the hero is 23 years old and it is on the profile, but it seems that the teacher who pulls the student's heart only honestly 23 years old does not seem to be like that (laugh)
Mr. Hibiki, if you are in the real world you're pulling from the schools all over the country (haha)

2012/10/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6337 Host:6252 Browser: 7758
"Man is barbarous love love for student love one woman is an angel woman is an angel Woman is an angel Love is a single man" - Director Yuji Yamaguchi from Sunrise has also appeared deformed robot (laugh) Rocket. It is characterized by pushing out the youth school drama to the whole, while sexually assimilating the female drama & sex appeal.

Original animation. Ladies and gentle co-schools. And the main stage is the lodging house where the neighborhood weirdoons gather. And a newly-appointed hot-blood teacher turns into a woman in her twenties and teaches at a school ... In a live action it is a subtly impossible neta.

Drawing. Charadesa - The drawing is normal, but the face up is very beautiful. Also gloss and coloring as a whole is good. Is it the progress of photography technology ?? And the expression of the main character is rich and wonderful. I thought that it is similar to "HAND MAID MAY" including the character deza, the production companies were the same. It is pretty cute.
Music - The theme "Dearest" that Mi Mino gives sing is pure and wonderful. Seiko Sawada's original song "To Dear People" is a late composer, it is a burial song to Mr. Takahiro Murashita and I think that it is a special song including that episode. Aside from that, Mr. Morishita Takashi's songs are covered by "Elementary Love" in the first 9 episodes as the ED theme of "Sora no Otoshimono", and "Odoriko" in the second two seasons and this is also wonderful including original songs.
Series composition. Screenplay - the reality that you are dressed in dress. And ideal school life as fiction. From reality to fiction and ultimately it will be impossible to return to reality ... That is Kezume ... but that school life is never a lie ... That main story is firm and interesting and a final love pattern I was able to cry because it was pure. Is there just too much "promise" of the school drama? I wish I wanted to draw the background of the main character a little more richly.

The OP theme was impressive. And the love pattern of the final stage was good ~. I think whether it is a bargain if you like both of the 90's GALGEO and "School 〓〓〓Wars" (starring Shinji Yamashita) or "We Ran Youth" (starring Masatoshi Nakamura) as a youth school drama in the 70's.

2012/07/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31695 Host:31858 Browser: 11702
It's a hot-blooded youth stuff.

I was setting a teacher who was a dressed maid, but I will quit the last.
I personally do not like this way of finishing.
Again, I think that it is basic that all the students run and do not let the teacher quit.

I think that Hibiki sensei will not be hated so far.
In fact, the man "Hibiki" was a person who was hated by everyone, but should both students and parents rediscover his existence worth and call back?
He is the one who exceled the school that much.
It should have remained in the hearts of everyone.

Everyone went to the station, and Hibiki was a teacher, I thought it would be better to end it, restarting.
As contents, it is a youthful thing about half a century ago, but I think it is very dark.
Evaluation is "good" stop as it ended in the end like this.

2011/10/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21531 Host:21577 Browser: 15348
[good point]
Tianya Hibiki
- True hot-blood teacher In a natural place without feeling made (not only in Hibiki but all major characters appearing)

Seriously thinking about gender discrimination, education, puberty troubles etc

.OP theme is a good song!

Love is pure!

. One cool and beautiful summary
- Basically the quality of the talk did not collapse, it was seen stably every time

The last round is not a crying story, but it remains in my heart
- Not limited to the last round, basically there are many good talks (heartwarming or story of class visits)

[Bad point]
The drawing is not stable

Wasted erotically
- Unnecessarily exposed uniforms (completely ignoring the school breeze), meaningless panchira, etc.

The world view is a little narrow
- There are times when I think that only that class exists

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is natural for this work that conscious of eroticism and Moe in such a waste to be subtle from the beginning or to be fucking at the end is now commonplace, but this work was enjoyable with confidence without such a mine.
This kind of animation may be precious now, it is also good that the faults fell within the range that we could anticipate from the beginning.
I feel yearly oldness (settings and bad points), but there are also points to worry about, but it is a good animation to deduct it.
I worried about "very good" and "good", but I still love it so I will keep it "very good".

2011/03/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2436 Host:2468 Browser: 3464(Mobile)
At first I thought that a man is a woman sewn and a teacher is unrealistic and likely to be a good story, but I became likable to the hero who will solve the problem held by the students kindly, I thought it was deeply surprising.
I am feeling sweet and sour youth, it makes me look painful.
I thought it was a very good work.

2009/10/12 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10050 Host:9730 Browser: 8451
[good point]
.OP songs are serene and pretty good.

The character picture embraces it.

Although there are some elements of eccentricity, the content is a serious depiction of adolescent boys and girls.

Tianya Hibiki and the character of Keiko Kobo.

[Bad point]
In the first place, unless there is a policy of the Aoba Sannomiya Gakuin secondary school that only female teachers are hired,
The hero ... Tianwa Hibiki says what she does not wear as a girlfriend ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is assumed to be [very good].

2008/12/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52458 Host:52472 Browser: 4184
It was a nice story, but it is painful to see again.

It is a setting called hakama because the gym wear is bloody because the exposure is intense ...
Then I should manage that uniform first.
Waki is sweet, you can see a navel, you can see pants.
Even though there is that setting, this uniform is gag animation.
It may be left to character design,
It may be because exposure is better with exposure, but I am not happy even if it is served until I make an unnatural place in my work.
If you want to service it, you may just turn off and change clothes.
Also, I also care about the point that other people are told.

There are few animation-like characters (about members of the heroine's kuzha and gossip)
I think that it was good to have a normal educational drama.
However, compared with the live-action educational drama, it is inferior.
Although it is totally different, it may be a work that can be convinced if running to characters like lucky thi utilizes the advantage of animation.
(The example may be bad)

However, I think that it is possible to evaluate to a similar extent.

2008/12/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28462 Host:28454 Browser: 6683
I do not dislike Tenma Hibiki 's hot - blood teacher for the first time, but no matter how much male teacher refuses to refuse it, if you regularly use the effort to get into a girls' wear, it will surely be adopted by other schools (laugh).

Well the thing above is a bit of a joke, but if the theme of the thoroughness of this work is thoroughly convincing if it has been conveyed, there is a convincing power as it is, but since the theme nature which can be put on the setting surface is not felt so much, it is delicate is not it.

If you are good at using the setting around here you can see it interesting as it is,
I think that it was pretty slippery halfway, including content, comedy, heart-full aspects.

2008/11/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9207 Host:9204 Browser: 8090
Is it easy to be transmitted if it says "Serious Gakushan"?
It was an animation educating really through teachers.
A story composition that honestly depicts love affair with gender discrimination and education as the main.
It is a neta that seems to be used quite a lot now, but this is the most decent thing.
Oh, there are parts that can not be praised obediently, such as drawing, but the story is wonderful in relation to such relationships.
I feel like I've learned something important after I have finished seeing everything.

2008/09/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22700 Host:22657 Browser: 8901
[good point]
Characters are attractive.
The final round can be evaluated. Stable and stable in contents
OP is good

[Bad point]
It is too erotic. The drawing is unstable and the story is not good

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2007/10/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46597 Host:46403 Browser: 4184
It is Nichido; Nisado.

New prize; it is fresh.

Bishop; As a woman with a bowtie tone changing voice unit seen in an animation of what place ....

Shinbun; I guess it's a criminal act without having to say another thing.

Well ... well I guess I would be beaten up in many ways.

It was a familiar name as it was close to the premonition that it was pretty good that a guy was surrounded by a beautiful girl.

Bishido; Because it was a pioneering thing, it seems that the acts close to a crime were also permitted. Well, after all this system really differentiates into SF type, excessive type etc.

New Sho; So, honestly, I think I was getting into a net by heart, so, so I took the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓 different voice from other animation.

Two places; If one new bird san really can change his voice, Shintani wanna try it?

I do not want to do anything new; Do not burn if you touch the fire. "Very poor".

2007/05/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48832 Host:48843 Browser: 5234
Although it seems that there is a strong trend of choosing clearly and watching people in the setting of Tondemo to enter as a teacher of a school until extreme dislikes of the school side or the hero's Tiana Hibiki wears a girlfriend,
Regarding the story's dropping place, it is surprisingly straightforward and not suited to the first impression of Ton Demo setting,
It is the place where I told you that the teacher 's Tenma Hibiki (Hibiki) and the student' s slightly good story of youth.

It certainly was a good episode in some places and I think that the gag was not so bad, but there are also some scenes that can not wipe a sense of incompatibility by all means also facts Personally I think the neighborhood seems subtle and I can not get through imaichi There is also a place.

I do not feel as if I am desperate for anything but I do not even have to wear a girls clothes (although the story of this work does not hold if I deny it here from the very beginning)
Moreover, I think that "Hibiki" had an episode promoting bloomers for women's gym uniform, but if "Hibiki" is a woman, there is no particular sense of incongruity, but because the identity of "Hibiki" is a man, I can not help feeling bad.
Even if this is a gag from the beginning, even if it is done by laughing, since the person himself is seriously serious, the reaction of the viewer is slightly troubled.

In addition, even with the extreme disgusting of the school side it is hard to touch the background that the school side becomes disgusted in the play, so it is not touched, so the setting of mischief does not fulfill the function more than just arranged to show mere funny funny I feel the absence of persuasive power for reasons I dislike.

Personally, there is nothing to be particularly concerned with the setting of the animation 's ton demo, but for this work it was a work that felt a subtle badness for some reason somehow.

Evaluation is "bad".

2006/05/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30383 Host:30391 Browser: 2876
Kenji Kobayashi, a writer who went up in the breakthrough in me in "Time Ranger" in 2000. It is one book I expected with her new animation.
It is also small (small) point that Menko was Carlanger and Yusuke Kishi of the Racer Racer Kyosuke.
While I worked 5 years ago, I do not have much impression.
Whether the game is the original or rather the flow of time rather than it may be ... It may be only that animation in general is not progressing w
It became compact with all 13 episodes, it was a funny character so much, but it was a bit misleading.
Although Kobayashi 's work is weaker than Masked Rider Ryuki and Sailor Moon (special effects), it seems to be said that it is a work that is easy to see due to its shortness.
Mr. Hikibiki thinks "GET" when hearing only the setting, but in the work it was something of a good kindness and was able to be easily accepted (it may be the only on dressing characters).
There are many situations that can not be written unless you are a female screenwriter (you can say it to Sailor Moon), and if you look now, there will be new discoveries.

2005/10/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7525 Host:7669 Browser: 5234
When I first saw it, I thought that it was just Moe animation, but the last round was impressed.
There are images of this work, a teacher 's dress, a story of bloomers and a maniac image,
The story itself is fairly orthodox.
It was a good impression that I was tightly summarized by 13 episodes.
I also made "good" because I was able to make a point for drawing, music and so on.

2005/08/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2683 Host:2669 Browser: 5234
Unnatural setting and portrait. Anyway, setting, preference of characters, in every uncomfortable deployment, I feel like a bad girl in deki.
The girls' hero is also strange, but the thought of the characters, including the owner's landlord, which is a suggestion, the action is only the creator of the screenwriter's delusion, a complete kyogen. The story is too extra every time. Evaluation seems to be good even in the surroundings as the last round was Muriyari impression thing, but I was completely bad.
It is not a problem to have a teacher at a school by wearing a girlfriend and not having a motivated screenplay and motivation that can not be convinced for that reason.
Well, have you abandoned from the beginning that you can have almost reality?
Drawing also tends to be rough every time, and the impression is bad with the scratch of the script.
Works not recommended for those who can not ride on momentum and emotion control. "Very bad".

2005/08/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2804 Host:2497 Browser: 5623
I am proud that I am tolerant of Moe work. "Moe" as an element of a work, if it penetrates it, it is what the market desires, and since every thinking creates things that touch somewhat Moe = chord line and think that it is a thing to appeal to the user. Although I am such a thing, I can not give a good point to this work and a certain WOWOW 2 work.
First school that appears in the play. In addition to the unpleasant setting for the stage setting of this work called female virtuoso, I can not stay feeling female discrimination by returning the back. For the justification of the hero it was just a foolish school, self-conscious excessive preaching (people) arranged. Even if it is the hero who confronts "impossibly" to such an unfriendly environment, there is no way I can sympathize.
What I felt most uncomfortable is the behavior that the characters are struggling to understand, feeling at the ends of the story. Why do you stick to the stage school till she wears clothes? Why do not you ask the students for total scum when you discover that you were falsely identifying gender?
Memory is uncertain, but repeatedly went through such doubts.
Of course it is a fiction work. SF and others are the best things. However, since it is a human drama, human emotions and behavior can not be unexpected. This is because there is an incompatibility between the script, and the concept before that. This discomfort is similar to SEED DESTINY "You, it is not so normal!" "Why does it happen?"
I think that a girl with a central character who is embarrassed by a girls teacher while holding empathy was a good material, but it is not convincing if the above points which are the foundation are full of holes. Why was the girl drawn to the essence of a girls' teacher? Why is it really only homosexual? Effective directing to those questions, hints are also thin. Was it the last round of "close-up"? There was only weakness left after watching it.
When thinking carefully, the other two WOWOW works which I mentioned at the beginning also are unreasonable for setting the stage for the character feelings. Essentially, even if the drawing is good, even if the fragmentary episode is good, if the foundation is impossible, it will not be able to enter the work until the end (the memory that "fragmentary good episode" was in this work There is not it).

2005/08/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37787 Host:37948 Browser: 5234
I thought whether it is an animation of the game from setting.
I think that it is few animation because men go up and school teachers are few, but I think that it is worn out theme so that the contents are understood.
I did not think it was regrettable even if I did not see this work even without seeing impression or matter.
I do not know if something fresh motifs are in or not, but I do not think I felt like a flat plate as much as I could. If there is more in-depth character ...

2004/10/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22931 Host:22881 Browser: 4483
WOWOW original animation. I wanted to become a physical education teacher at a private high school (co-education)
The main character is a man who was dismissed as "All teachers are a traditional woman only at our school!"
Even so, it is the first episode that she is dressed as a woman and assaulted again and managed somehow.
It seems that the young male teacher wearing a girlfriend is a love love with a high school girl ...?
The picture is beautiful. But, contrary to that geek taste like appearance, (at least the first episode is)
I feel that there are not many things that come with a picture in the otaku heart. Feel like a love simulation game,
Even so, this title does not understand meaning! Moreover, it is not "voicemi" but "Ai Mimi", so I can not pronounce it! The meaning of the title is unknown old-fashioned "The pumpkin wine"! It is!
However, personally it is an ordinary work or there is no particular point in this work, so lower the evaluation.

2004/09/22 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3845
To a setting called a girls' highest school,
My back was truly itchy and itchy.
It seems that the school side forcibly puts out brakes.

Although the school side denied Moe, in fact it was feeling strange to have a strange mania-like moe tool called Heso and the upper half body exercise clothes lower half body hakama.

Well the character is good,
It is certain that there is quite a high level of moe, so I will not evaluate "bad". . .

2004/09/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15703 Host:15419 Browser: 5234
The theme song is very nice.
Miyano Hitomi's blunt singing way also brings out a magical charm.
It was used effectively even in the play (episode 1 etc.) It excited a thin story of contents.

2004/08/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37758 Host:37536 Browser: 4924
As a work, I think that it is good and well organized, such as characters and directing, setting is also common with gakuen Lovecomerese youth material, but I think that the good atmosphere of the work is refreshing and refreshing. Especially I think the teacher is an attractive character ,,,,,,,,, crying.

For the first time, when I saw Mr. Hibiki's character, my mind is touched and I wonder if I will watch this animation ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I will not accept it !! ,,, ,, Mr. Hibiki ..., Teacher is the worst because I can not lie to my feelings.

Personally watching it is worst, but it is best if it is made as a work

2004/07/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24480 Host:24603 Browser: 5978
It was amazing animation in various ways.
At first I thought that it was just erotic animation but the latter half, especially the last round was impressed.

2004/07/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20502 Host:20338 Browser: 3874
I love this work now even now.
Although there was also a depiction of a spell, I think Maki Fujii design character is cute, even without such a thing.
It is regrettable that the official HP will not be updated.
I really lost the last story.
I saw it on rerun, but I wanted to see it in real time.

2004/07/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10885 Host:10586 Browser: 4352
When thinking with it becoming raw, the way of the hero's teacher is disgusting.
Those may be frustrating.
However, the whole work is polite and likable except for pictures and talks.

2004/06/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22106 Host:22032 Browser: 4483
This animation, making characters is good. People and grandchildren of Goshisou, a side supporting role showed a very good taste. Especially the grandmother of the god of the Goshiso is the highest. Who the hell is he? Super too much!
Comedy works tend to be more interesting as animals with attractive charateristics. In that respect this animation was awesome.
Was not such an animation showing well-done characters as recently fewer anime?
Even Urusei Yatsura of the beauty girl series, although old animation was drawing a thing called a well-balanced world including ugly character Gigi character etc., in recent animation for otaku, a beautiful girl for geeks, a young boy It's painful to see it even by myself otaku because it only draws out and it depicts it only. I do not know whether it matched the taste of people who are saying huh ha ha ha ha ha kyara of anime ...?
The quality of longevity animation of Sazae and Dora is falling down every year. If you are requesting high-quality comedy animation, it is a situation where there is only animation of one or two cool items. As for myself who expects gags and stories more than animation, the current animation is "only people with character deza is famous, 12 voice-actors with Hayashibara and Horie and everyone, everyone, this cute heroine comes out" It is only anime series of advertisement complaints .... Because I am also a male otaku, I do not dislike beauty girl characters, I do not think that Moe is bad, but it is not only Moe, but even if I saw it properly as an animated cartoon it seems interesting as a story as a work Personally (to the end) it is tight unless it also serves as fun.

> The two people of Goshiso were accented with a good feeling The existence of those two overlap with those who approached for this erotic purpose for this work

Sure it is exactly w.

This animation, in the case of Bloomers, I was a little bit scared by viewers As the balance got strange for a while, I reduced this score.
Regardless of why Tenma Hibiki (Bulum school) and the principal (Hakama school) either did not know the existence of jersey, and a brutal story to put out bloomers was unfortunately felt a little bit frustrating.
Even if you see it as a Moe animation because it is enough to spoil just the girls 'neta, girl student' s pretty character design, and unique stage setting, the delicate description in this story does not suit,
Even though I intended to service it, I pulled it a bit. This is what I felt even with animation other than this animation, but both NG Knight Lamune & 40 Cocoa, Full Metal Panic Tessa, and both suppressed the heroine of the active Omiba character, became the top female character popularity , There was a beautiful girl character of a geeky favorite odori. Even though both of them were charismatic enough even without erotic, there were times when it was ruined by strange service-oriented directors. Especially cocoa which appeared in Ramune & 40 was on a television, although it was a character that was supposed to be awkward, it was brilliantly done with OVA of Ao Hori script and on parade of a scary scene which is aimed to receive geeks, the producer side said, "You guys like this When I think that you have a viewpoint like "Are you like that?", The fever got cold at once at that time. In addition there is such phenomenon in nearly all female characters in the sequel of the original, VS knight Lamune & 40 fire ... Ramune went on to suddenly become another animation after the staff of the TV series (the main member of the time bokan series centered on Koyama cameraman w) got away ....
Well, since I can not help having to talk about anime that is not relevant, I will do so much.
I was sorry, those who felt sick, unfamiliar stories, those who felt depressed.
Why does such a thing repeat? I think it is probably a counter effect ....
Even though it is said that perhaps I am the otaku in my opinion ....
Other than that it is the highest level.

2004/05/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I feel good if there is none of the ten stories (?) Or some fortunetelling burning that the picture became rough and rough on the way.

I guess I have to paint this much if I finally draw an inspirational series work. I think that it is quite impressive?
It is a type of work that lasts a lingering finish.

2004/03/30 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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I had the best not to mention the story of Burma and Brahpat ....

Because it is a story that is pretty much sorting reality, there might have been depiction which could not be tolerated depending on the viewer.
I'm 100% otaku moe, so it is completely NG in that respect.
But the content of the story is never useless and the contents are decent.
Basically, the characters are cramped except for the Otobo who often comes out as a supporting role.
So psychological depiction goes quite well. The last round has a feeling of strangeness, but the level is quite high.
Mr. Hikibiki who was doing a shemale remark is sometimes quite sometimes, but there are many contents that stick the points of a person of a certain age or more.
In that respect, it is obviously aiming for more than just Moe animation.

Descriptions that Mr. Hibiki 's women' s clothing seems to be bald was quite fun.

2004/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In a word, do you feel like "refreshing moe series animation"?
It seems impossible to talk, it is impossible.
But I think that it was interesting as it was.

In this work, I learned Mr. Watanabe Akeno.

2004/03/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a work that I was impressed by what I am. It is a youth animation in the moment I did not expect so much at first, but since I often use the Hanshin train after my marathon tournament is good, my attachment to a character It feels like it's too much aimed at receiving viewers such as bloomers and panchiras (likes and dislikes ...)