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TV Kanagawa Television Saitama Co.,Ltd. Chiba Television broadcasting Corp SUN-TV KBS(Kyoto Broadcasting System Company Limited) TV Aichi Kids Station Inc. Studio e・go!
Tsuneo Tominaga Kobayashi Masaki Takeshi Seyama
Myu (myu) Koichi Iiduka Lantis TRINET ENTERTAINMENT, INC SOUND BOX Shibuehiroyuki Takahashikazuya
Amuse Soft Entertainment Inc. Kiyoshi Fukumoto Kisi Seiji Kikuchikazuhito Masaharu Okuwaki
Nahoko Hasegawa Ono Katumi
Aki Hata Masatomo Oota Sae Katsuhiko Kurosu Clover
Hideki Ogihara Hiro Yuki Hyosei Noriko Rikimaru Chiemi ishimatsu Kotomi Yamagawa
Shiho Kawaragi Yuu Amamiya Daisuke Kishio Kouki Akaishi Oma Ichimura
Nobuyuki Hiyama Hikaru Hanada Kenichi Ogata Ui Miyazaki Yui Shoji Nana Inoue Momoko Saito
Japan Released:2005/04/03(Sun) 01:30-02:00 TV Kanagawa TV / End:2005/06/19
Ending movie (1)
Latest DreamLatest Dream
Song:Clover Lyrics:Aki Hata Compose:Katsuhiko Kurosu Arrange:Katsuhiko Kurosu [Fan reg.]
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2016/12/31 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27312 Host:27568 Browser: 5213
[Bad point]. Neither flattering nor funny
Painting collapse
I do not remember why the male conflicts with each other

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I watch it as an animation in 2005. Original unread

This is not to say that there is no content. The painting collapse is not badly told. Although all the talks were seen for the time being ...

Evaluation is of course "worst"

2014/04/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27673 Host:27773 Browser: 10092
Although the original has never done, the content of the story is unexpectedly good at sighting and viewing, singing is also good, and character setting is stable.
However, drawing is quite satisfactory except for the others.

2014/02/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16514 Host:16635 Browser: 3015(Mobile)
As long as I have not reached the last minute, I remember the name of the person. Kaoru Yuuki 's skill is caught, and the worst is nothing but terrible.

2013/12/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36710 Host:36512 Browser: 5762
The game is unplayed.

[good point]
.ED's song (It does not match the world view at all)
Let's conclude the story for the time being

[Bad point]
The story is too bad
There is a contradiction in the world view

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Ashara Kuni and Nenokuni incarnate in the opposite world when they die from either side due to their relationship.
It does not matter as a parallel world, but the population is too different.
In that case the relationship between the front and back will not be established.

Was it necessary to have Seri appear?
I think that she was noisy and nothing useful.
I told that Seru liked Kotono against Takeshi, but he did not tell the end.
There was a scene where Asuka is checking the bow, but there is no scene to use the bow just by checking.
In the last battle I said that the four saint beasts planned the strategy and once drew it did not join in the end.
There is too much to say that there is nothing because you stretch hints.

A sword is a weapon to cut or punch, if it can strike such a heavy and heavy sword it will break or bend.
Even if you receive reinforcement by the protection of the four saint beasts in the second half, it is broken before that.

I do not understand Himiko 's behavior well.
When Susanoo becomes adequate for the cause of Susanoo 's power because of the cause of returning the world to nothing once,
It would be strange to give up with Assassle to nothing.
It is useless that Susanoo who loves fighting with his life betting.
Because I am the one who created the two worlds and created the system of Ringo,
I think it is easy to revive Susanoo .....
Specifically, it is not spoken, but as long as you see conversation and recollection scenes, Himiko seems to be eternal (not immortal)
Shut up and waiting for 100 years, Susanoo will be dead in Ashihrano Kuni and will come back to Nenokuni.
It would be strange to bother to ruin things and become a pinch.
Because Tsuyoshi is a mortal person, I think that it will be unhappy in the future even if it is tied.
It is a place where a bit of a cow is to represent Himiko in a word.

And it is a fight and a toughest fight that will be the main story, but there is no seriousness throughout the whole story.
At the end I think that I will be seriously winning and I will be overwhelmed by being interrupted by Susanoo.

Mai who went safely from Nenokuni to Asharanokuni seems to have had an excellent quality,
Yatarau who went with me is also quite nice.
I wish I had sent Jatarau only to Ashara Kuni.
Even after returning to Nenokuni, if only Yatarau was monitoring humans, it would not have detected a spy.

The evaluation is "very bad" because it is overwhelmingly various.

2011/05/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
I do not know the original

Become a brave in another world and save the world. It was a common setting, there was nothing new about the story development.
In a way I was surprised that the fierce people returned to the real world on the way. I feel like I can go back and forth so easily ...
It was a feeling that I did not feel any aftertaste at all in the end. Anyway, people who died on the way will not pay off

Evaluation is very bad.

2010/01/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7459 Host:7644 Browser: 13643
Although it is solid, although I was hoping for works that are skipped by other worlds, I expected it ....
Since the original is not done, I can not evaluate a picture or a voice actor, but I can not stand it even if I deduct it. Although the drawing is extremely collapsed or not an amateur voice actor, even with the drawing of OP, there is no movement and it is monotonous. The story is plain,
It is undeniable that feeling that the rivalry between fierce and strong will seem to be unilateral up to the beginning.
Girls only followed the fierce competition, which did not become a harem expansion,
In a sense it may be the only salvation.

2009/07/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11478 Host:11526 Browser: 5325
Screenplay: 19/40
Drawing: 7/20
Music: 9/20
Personality: 4/20

[Comprehensive evaluation]
39: There was nothing worse than that, the drawing was below average. I do not admire that the script is also not good and that it does not collect with hints stretched out. On the other hand, there are a lot of useless characters and elements. I like music, but this evaluation means that it does not match the work as much.

2009/05/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4994 Host:5048 Browser: 7282
Temperance and Takeshi who are the hero are scattered on the same day in the different world, joining different powers and hitting force to each other Fantasy fantasy.

A character is set based on Japanese mythology and it may be enjoyable if you know the myth but I do not know well because I do not know.
It does not seem to be particularly deeply involved.
As for the story, it is said that Takeshi and Tsuyoshi are different camps and lend power to different worlds.
For that reason, there was a scene where the fierce and stiff clashes conflicted, and I enjoyed such a scene quite well.
However, there is no point which stands out collectively as a whole, it is an impression that it is medieval foreign world fantasy animation.
It was not too bad point that it was troublesome to grasp a lot of characters.

Two people, the hero's fierce and gorgeous people, are the same birthplace of growing up in an orphanage with each other, and they are acquainted with each other as rivals, such as learning kendo.
I thought it was interesting for these two people, but I did not think that it was particularly good, except for the other characters, that is, regarding the female team, I got an impression.

Overall it is an evaluation that it is normal.
Well this does not mean that there is a good point, but it does not mean there is a place where it is too bad ...
That is normal.

2008/08/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
[good point]
I did not change the voice acting team in general.

[Bad point]
other than that.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I like this because I like the original.

2007/12/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2745 Host:2698 Browser: 8090
Although I saw the first person in the past, I like Charadesa but I felt deployment faster so I was sorry I could not grasp the content. But it is trapped in the vine, I like that fantasy feeling.

2007/08/26 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11339 Host:10971 Browser: 6342
Works that can not be accepted as a human who did the original work.

As for the drawing, the original case is too high to compare.
Even compared to recent animated works there is sense of incompatibility in the outline of the character, feeling and movement can not be felt.
Character's personality is getting worse.
There were plenty of irritations remarking on characters (especially Tsuyoshi etc.).

The story is also terrible.
There is a feeling that it compressed the original forcibly, the talk expands rapidly.
It also hurts that the comedy that pacifies the place which was based on the original also decreased.
It is too far behind that I animated it from 2 skipping 1.

The most prominent is a voice actor.
Again I compare with the original, but I can not feel motivated by the voice actor.
Every voice actor should have experience, but I feel that there is no intonation of the voice in the scene.

It is unknown why I did not turn into (re) animation from the first work, but I thought that the original fan crying was possible.
I have not seen it until the end, but I can lose feeling of seeing.

2007/08/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36691 Host:36677 Browser: 5717
[good point]
First of all, expressive power of voice actors (especially male characters). I think that this is worthy of evaluation. Especially, the supporting character of men was a character very happening, there are few places to suffer. On the other hand, the main characters were also putting out some places to dare. I think that two of the main characters' emphasis of characters in "being suffering" have been outstanding as a result of no supporting role. And as it accelerated as the story progressed, we succeeded in securing hints of Susanoo 's resurgence every moment.

[Bad point]
Generally speaking, this animation is representative of "how to use a bad royal road". It is a harem animation whose female character is too much aimed, and it is easy to understand the view of the world easily, but it is too much too much.

The problem is that the name is too easy. The hero takes the names of the two people "Yamato Takeru", "Susanoo" "Himiko" "Four saint beast". Since the view of the world is normal, it should be twisted more like this.

And the biggest problem is the flow of stories. Eh, or a script. This is fatally bad anymore. First of all, what is the sword that Takeshi is using after all? If I thought Susanoo was using it clearly, it will come out in the second half ...

Also, when it comes back to another world once again it is funny why all of them are in uniform. Taketo said "You are hard to move with armor," but school runs are also hard to move. Women also keep uniforms ... What are you going to fight in doing so in such conspicuous dresses? There is not too much tension. Did you thought that a sense of tension would be transmitted if you bleed? It is too licking a viewer.

And, despite having Susanoo revive so much! Like two crazy heroes fighting two heroes, the end is "There is no regimen already" (probably thought that you can trust Himiko to Gong) Because of the reason?) And complaining that I gently took ascension. Watching and thinking "What is it?" With such enemy ally killing together, the last is how it is making it a happy end. It also draws on the absence of Himiko's resolution. After all, I was amazed to wish that "I want to see someone I like" again because it is a lie to "return the world to chaos". Although I survived and had a happy face I also got irritated irregularly. I do not take responsibility for what I did and just live somewhere by two alone? Ahka. I hope to see the feelings of compensation.

After all, I did not know what this animation wanted to convey. What was transmitted was that "If you are good, you can survive without taking any responsibility if you are good."

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There are points to be praised, but there are too many bad points above that. Since it is all 12 stories, I think that it is good if only viewing it because it takes less viewing time. However, the content is overkill, so we can not recommend it. Well, those who love the characters of the royal road (male characters, female characters) are the animation of the extent that they like. Since I have not seen the original, there may be settings I do not know, but even if there is such a thing, evaluation will not rise so much. It is not fancy contents, so if you say that it is easy to see, you can hear it ...

2007/03/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8502 Host:8585 Browser: 5234
It is a television anime version of the "PC game" whose original pattern is a common pattern, recently broadcasted in the spring of 2005.
Because he is a born singer who says so, face up is for a big brother who sprouts or faints ........
As usual, sisters, silent cool beauty, active childhood friend of returnee, younger sister maiden ....
And the lineup that made each attribute of a male man (human) launched was a hat off thing. Oh, I do not understand ... It is said that.

Male high school student of the hero.Take is fighting, fighting boyfriend who was brought back in the past, confronts demon spirit army led by Himiko, was a close friend in the same club activity,
Together with the girls who came along, I will explore returning to the original contemporary ... ... said the Japanese-style different world RPG scrolls are the ground.

First of all, it was good to be tidy up that the number of characters was one cool thing, showing a structure that was easy to understand, to a certain extent, "demonic army versus human army"
Fighting with the leading character and its former. It is a close friend. The struggle where the friendship and pride of rival Tsuyoshi and pride and various complex thoughts intersected was drawn,
It was a glimpse of being struggling to differentiate it with a good meaning from animation premised on other character moe.

However, it is not ........ To the last, because it is Japanese style and thorough, like "animated cartoons of years ago," Himiko "," Amaterasu "," Susanoo "... etc.,
The word that comes out in this work did not feel quite retro (old-fashioned) atmosphere (it says that there is no twist, or is it called orthodox?).
The leading character of the human military side lends power strongly and raises Himiko overthrowing,
"Four sacred beasts (unknown, Suzaku. Blue dragon. White tiger. Genbu)" ... It was a casual stereotype,
It was not an animal figure of a real-oriented proper "beast", but I used the Kansai dialect, and the place where the human beautiful girls such as lollipot ... ... was even worse.
If it opens up to obediently, it is a different world Japanese style beautiful girl thing! That would be OK as "Moe system" by that,
In a small place, I felt that the size of the world view was not gathered together, and the depiction of human relations as a drama was also not good.

More than anything, that way of talking about the last episode is serious, (in a bad meaning) I feel like an expeditionist.
In addition, I thought that I wanted to see the collision of "emotion" of deep emotion and "life" that there is only means to intertwine swords, which is between fierce and stiff.
I regret to say that it is a pretty good theme if you twist another point, then another one.

Still, there was a depiction of a battle scene (red blood usually came out), which did not become an easy character character, and other than the vigorous protagonist and rival Tsuyoshi,
The shrine maiden, the father of Sakuya, the top of the human army.The kagutsch (the main character.The side of the side, my favorite characters)
As a young warrior, brave and bold, who became acquainted with Tsuyoshi during the battle, such as Minakata (rival. Takeshi)
As a beautiful girl thing, I thought that it would be a good idea for female anime fans, even though the male support character was happening.

However, to me, it was an honest impression saying that it was a step ahead of the honorable mention (though I think that next week was fun next time and I liked it more than "I love you").
I could not help thinking that this would have been more spectacular if it was two courses. True, the restricted narrowness of the (number of stories) scale was regrettable.

As my personal opinion, as a personal impression, the hero's rival.It was pleased that the voice actor of Tsuyuki role was Hirosu Yuuki.
The time before and after this work was broadcast,
Mr. Yuuki was quite a lot like Roku Mononai characters (next summer moon of "Scryd" and "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" Kuroto. Buell etc)
The enthusiasm for the hero character in a while (strictly speaking, it was a character of the rival position against the hero) was one of the main points of this work.

Also, the theme song (pointing to OP) was also very hot, burning, full of passionful masterpieces as galley animation, and it was a person who liked the work world and liked it.
The part of Kotono, praying with a peculiar expression of the part of "the fire of the heart - crispy -", the place where each force of the part of "I can not see anything" is projected,
"I've done a pretty good OP (work)." (Admiration, impression) "I would like to show this good linkage to a certain company reigning on Sat 6.

It is a honorable work of a little unique point of view as "Moe system", saying "Sokosoko, (even if you can see it)" I will not reach, "absolutely watch!"

2007/02/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53635 Host:53569 Browser: 5234
I talked a lot but I was fine.

Well the original is Yamamoto Kazue's illustration is beautiful, but the animation's drawing touch was also not bad.
Animation is gorgeous unlike the voice actor also in the game, I think that the scenario was reproduced well as short as 12 episodes.
I just think that all of the fiercely female is a woman and the setting called harem state is something I do not like ....

After watching this work I played the PS 2 version of IZUMO 2 but personally the animation was more interesting.

2006/04/09 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27026 Host:26944 Browser: 3693
First of all, animation drawing is too bad. The picture of the original is pretty beautiful level. And life is higher in comparison with ordinary games etc, it is not such a young face. Or I think that it is amazing that you can draw a picture at that level.
Only one hero can make it move because it is 1 cool and short. This is an interesting thing when you move girls. They are strong seriously as they are original works such as iron fist chewing, bowing waving and Naginata swinging.

2006/03/18 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43998 Host:43895 Browser: 5234
I'm watching it now at Yahoo.
Heroine or female character is bad feeling honest.
Typical eroge. Loli face. Shibo full of drawing divisions about whether the same character can be done even if putting on hair as it is on other characters.
Sometimes there are strange life stuff.
I have not seen all of the content yet, but it seems not to be so bad.
It is "worst" at this time ....

2006/02/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7673 Host:7481 Browser: 3875
Since the original picture is too beautiful, it is impossible to reproduce, but the staff of this is certainly made 12 guys who are those pet incarnations. I would like to pick and choose at least.
Poor poor drawing of the original.
The other story is close to the original, but how about girls not fighting?
Although it is one cool, if only hero is fighting, it becomes a background character that other characters do not come alive.
You should at least use 2 courses and carefully.

2006/01/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7094 Host:7122 Browser: 3875
I think that OP is unexpectedly good, but the story of the important story is that the battle is shiboi and the impression degree of the character is weak overall. Many girls also came out, but I do not remember anyone, I do not understand what kids were heroines.

Evaluation is "bad".

2005/09/08 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19629 Host:19280 Browser: 5234
There is nothing left of this impression on this work ...
The action scene also did not get attracted to say this and the last did not get excited so much.
Something was normal

2005/08/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33990 Host:33923 Browser: 4184
Although it is not a work that is too severe, no such scene was found to be said.
In the end it felt like it ended in an ordinary battle thing.
The setting to go back and forth to this world is hardly alive There are a lot of characters in unnecessary people There are not many players There are many people There are not many actions in the love affair even though it is not even though it is not noticeable Although the story which is not not an action scene is safe The last lacked excitement ~
I think that it would be nice to draw Hikiko more bad people or perfect good vs good conflicts thickly but it was halfway. Even with the purpose of good, if you draw something like using evil by means you feel insufficient as a way to do it.
At the end I forcibly kill Mina kata and try to raise it up, but it is such an ending ... misfire.
After all, I can not find a good point, so the evaluation will be lower overall

2005/08/11 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44190 Host:44090 Browser: 4487
First of all I was concerned that the movement of the action scene was bad. I was barely impressed, I felt a sense of incongruity considerably. I do not know the original well, but it seemed like I was promoting the story quite quickly. The picture is also quite different from the original.
Although it is a beautiful girl, there is no presence of heroine, but it seems that the heart and rivalry feelings of the hero are not drawn too much. The final story also lacks excitement.
Works that can not be said that every element is low level.

2005/07/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32767 Browser: 2743(Mobile)
Although it has nothing to do with the content of the work ... why do you animate 2? It certainly was out at OVA 1. (With 18 banners) Kaguchi or Amaterasu, Susanoo or Serika, 1 I think it would be more interesting to know.
As a work it was about to kill time. Just in the original work there is fun when contracting with sacred beasts and spirits, but in animation there is not such a thing so it was good for a man. Well I guess it can not be helped, but at least as far as the proportion of females was Osaki, that is the place. ... Well if it is a male man, why do not you like that?

2005/07/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30378 Host:30186 Browser: 4184
Although I saw the whole story, personally it was somewhat funny.
I did not expect so much because the former is eroge ....
I think that it is good to put a little Kojiki a while.
I also liked what I felt like a fierce-toughest relationship (a strange way of saying, but no other things like that).
Basically I like girls, but there are many characters that I do not really need to have.
I feel like I did not have to Suzaku or a woman. It will be like a harem of that year.
But I personally like Kotono and Sakuya. I felt it was forced to force it ....
Personally I do not like Tsuyoshi too much.
OPED liked the atmosphere well. For the above reasons the evaluation will be "good".

2005/06/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32778 Host:32672 Browser: 6287
This animation, OP was good so much. Suddenly it was blown to another world, setting to try to return to the original world while helping each other is not bad. However, there are so many characters that do not need anything, I spend too much time on that character's appearance, and I feel that there was not much movement in the hero's heart. And since it was "a swordsmanship", I thought that "sword" would be the key, but one "Blue Dragon Sword" came out and seems to be the power of the Fourth Holy Beast, but the final story In the other hand, "Susanoo's sword?" Came out in the final story, but I was getting used without any solution. And the enemy's leader "Himiko" seems to be a creator, but it did not look like that. I only saw a woman waiting for a good person. It seemed that Lin was more powerful, but at the end I was losing to Susano, who woke up halfway. So why Susanoo waking up is "Yes, san yara"? Also, everyone who returns to the original world, Is not it totally unaware of Tsuyoshi?

2005/06/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 766 Host:821 Browser: 4184
The final round ends.
With the death of Minakata, it was rising fairly soon.
Music at that time was also quite controversial.
However, the battle of fierce and gruesome has not ended, it is over, and Tsuyoshi is finished without knowing how to put the feeling for fear, finishing way is a delicate one.
How to set a character of a male character is fairly good, a stiff obsession and a sticking obsession become a pair, and Susanoo who is aiming for resurrection, three people were also good.
I do not know if that is okay, but it was a bit disappointing that the evil spirit was treated as bad as a whole. It might have been good to put in a scene that suggests Himiko a bit more.
I liked Susanoo's clothes quite a bit.

Also, the force of the battle scene is not clearly said.
It was not even the last round.
There is not much disorder of drawing, there are places that are pretty beautiful, so I wanted you to use the number of battle scenes.

Another treatment for female characters ....
Since it appears in the original, I do not think that it can not be impossible not to put out, but I think that there was a character if I do not need it, whether it is a relationship of the scale or not.
Is it Swan Asuka and Aisusa Sera?
If it is an original game, it is possible to dig into each character, but I became busy to advance the story and it was treated like a bonus.
Is it a problem that there were not many female characters in the center of the story? If it says strongly, is it Himiko? But I do not know this because I do not know how the original works.
By the way I feel like I did not need to worry so I feel like I do not need it.
However, it was never a useless character, so it will not become a minus.

Overall (better than normal) "Good"
I am also dissatisfied, but I was watching it all over.
Also the opening theme was pretty good. That is a high score ....

2005/06/23 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8276 Host:8301 Browser: 4184
I saw the last episode ... I got it quickly expanded something ....
I am very sorry that there was not a follow-up story of the main character party. Transfer it to the original world and the end is sad.

Well conclusion, it was not like being able to show interest to the original game.

2005/06/17 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 766 Host:716 Browser: 4184
There is nothing good in this work, but there are no poisons ... I think that.
Somehow ... other than "There is no attraction like to attract", there are not any places where I can criticize much ....
If there is no force in the battle scene, the movement of the character is bad, if it finds it variously, but none have reached a huge thing ... Hey ....
I do not know for that reason, but I am looking at it while I am sleeping, leisurely, leisurely.
Sakuya has a cute personality.
In addition, there are places to become beautiful once the picture goes bad .... It might be better to manage the movement as much as you can.

2005/06/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54860 Host:54848 Browser: 4184
Especially no new setting is seen, the story itself is a royal thing.
It is ugly to see that the drawing is disturbed from around the middle stage and the smell production is seen.
Characters also have a lot of useless characters. Female character I do not need that much.
Although the relation between fierce and stiff opposition was quite good, there is a feeling that setting was hidden because of the large number of female characters. I wanted to take advantage of this setting to further dig down the fierce and hard-hearted mind.
In addition, I'd like you to not do anything but a certain fierce and hard battle in the middle of the future.
Also, OP, ED goes into my favorite category.

2005/05/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46818 Host:46685 Browser: 4184
Although it is seeing uniformly, it is the current situation that it does not come nicely. There is also no point that seems to be nice.

As expected, I can no longer like a system full of women.

2005/05/16 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2904 Host:2890 Browser: 4184
Although it is a different world fantasy ....
It is normal. It feels like I'm in a hurry to finish a little story.
later.... I am enjoying it normally.
Does not Tsuyoshi become a direct villain character unless it raises a good place strongly?