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Shinsuke Onishi
Yoshikazu Iwanami
Brains base
Kenji Nojima Takahiro sakurai Kaori Nazuka Hideo Ishikawa
Toru Ohkawa Megumi toyoguti Naoki Yanagi
Kenta Miyake Jun Fukuyama Sintarou Oohata Riichi Nishimoto
Japan Released:2006/07/26(Wed) WOWOW TV / End:2006/10/25
Official sites
1. http://www.innocent-v.com/ (Translation)
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Noble RoarNoble Roar
Song:TEAM FAIRITHM (Yosei teikoku) [Fan reg.]
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2014/05/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26191 Host:26231 Browser: 5171
I think that drawing about robot action is a nice one.
A voice actor also has good people.
Other than that, it was an animation that I can not find a place to praise a bit

Screenplay. Directing .SF design, character design,
In almost all aspects, it was a work that the creator 's posture "It is not good in this degree" appears clearly.

Apart from that, I am not the person who thinks that animation must be balanced in all aspects.
Rather, if there is something protruding, it is a human being who thinks that it can be covered with that.

However, this animation can not see it.

I do not know what orders were put on the sponsor, but let's try to get elaborate on this side, even if it becomes a considerable constraint, I guess this place is going to show a little more stubbornness I can hardly see enthusiasm.
I can not feel more than that I made such an animation at the planning meeting so I made it.

If it is such animation, it is a work that is more inclined to erotic fetishism but it is still a work that thinks that there is moderate enthusiasm.
Evaluation is "bad".

2008/08/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 4184
It is possible to evaluate where the quality of the image including CG is maintained without collapsing from the beginning to the end.
But the setting like the movie 'Day after. Tomorrow' that a natural disaster occurred due to the damage of hyper hurricane did not make any sense at all, but it is only doing a joke in the inner ring. There is no sort of cause of society there, and I feel the smallness of the scale where I act only with each desire.
Also, I do not know if the naming that reminds me of the end of the Edo period can be seen in various places is gag or serious, but the art is too much.
Although the story also pulls the secret of Shido Sasa to the end, it is not the content of the shock, but it is only sending the days of escape with the Katsuraga height, Tsurusawa Hito, so it never gets excited . Of course, it suddenly develops suddenly at a stretch by action taken in the second half, and it tries to get excited, but there is also no explanation about the relationship between the length and the honor so far, the connection is also thin, and the feeling of the character's mind is almost felt While not being able to compete, the battle against Sai is fierce against inorganic matter. After all, I felt the limit of this work to the ending of a striking type without any twist.

2008/02/16 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9702 Host:9807 Browser: 8090
I wonder where I can get in from now. I am troubled by too much Tsukkomi.

The conclusion is "Genre & Losing SF animation".
The stage is the near future where the population declined to 3 billion due to natural disasters. Japan is in a state of semi-seclusion, it is divided into the wealthy logos and the poor, and the momentum of anti-system is rising with the "Satsuma Autonomous Region" as the lead.

In the first story of the story, at the beginning of the first episode, a hero-sized guy who brought the girl strangely defeated the pursuit of the regular soldier with strange real cancer handling, another male protagonist in the desperate pinch, In the battle again beat Batakabatta and enemies. There is no particular explanation, but for the sake of their own survival they kill to kill, though. Almost at the slaughter, it was pretty crowded here first. This is only an introduction, and sometimes battle (killing) with a gladiator (robot) at the end of escape. How many dead people are out by the last episode, it is enough to admire.

There are lots of lost smile points. First of all, there seems to be no concept of "base defense" on this stage. Although it is a wealthy logos, which is supposed to dominate all over Japan, it is not possible to trace the escape of a large container car loaded with two gladiators. It is possible to escape. Moreover, the concept of "control of the sea control" and "air control" seems to have disappeared somewhere, it is plunged like a pirate. Also, it is easy to allow enemy attack (transport) machines to enter near the military research facility of Logos center, and nothing is noticed at all. It is incompetent, enemy direction.
And somehow it is full of parodies of Meiji Restoration (it is not a substitute which can never be called homage etc). That is Moro's direct ball. Pirate leader modeled on Sakamoto Ryoma, whose name is "Shiba", the name of his boat is "Isin". The Mayor of "Satsuma Autonomous Region" is a visual, Takamori Saomigo. I am funny and can cry.
There are other places I want to make a lot of other entries, but I will omit it because it is too much.

Since I borrowed the whole volume in bulk, I saw it to the end, but there is nothing I can not see. It is that degree. It is never more than that. Even in the construction, I knew that it was something we could endure with the actors' acting, quoting and moving mechanics etc.

It is an anime that I do not want to show to children from brutation depiction and inhumaneous mechanism of gladiator (it is a biological part of example worn out in front mission and gunparade march etc). However, there may be times when hope is given to elementary and junior high school students wishing for writers as "If animation is made in reality in this story, even me can be a scenario writer!" Therefore, avoid "worst" and evaluate as "very bad".

2008/02/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46868 Host:46809 Browser: 3875
[good point]
Tempo is good.
An elaborate military action. Mecha Mechanic Props.
The exciting BGM.

[Bad point]

Such a desertion - escape The escape is interesting as it is becoming a matter of concern because the continuation becomes matter of concern. I watched it at once.
... but I still wanted to prepare the ending to respond to it. It was a half way end.
Even though it was a future from now on as a character. Very regrettable. I want to see it when there is a sequel. I am concerned about the relationship between those three people.

2007/03/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8377 Host:8352 Browser: 7464
It was a good impression that the picture was beautiful and the action was good.
Although it can not go till the tear fails, it was due to the 12 talk composition and it was not deep and it was deep.
I think that the character is also unique and I also like the world view, so let me see it fun.
If you like dark heroes, it may be fun to watch.

2006/11/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47696 Host:47506 Browser: 6287
Venus. Contents that the length and Jin drew a play escaping around Sasa.
If I could use the hint more effectively, I wonder if it got even better.
Overall the world view is not clear.

Battle scenes by Gladiator are pretty. The movement is smooth and the detail is drawn neatly.
There are also only 12 episodes of drawing and it is stable. There is also no image collapse that is noticeable.
There was nothing terrible. I was glad that I could have made a voice that was right for the character.
That is the good point of this work.

On the contrary, somewhat incomplete contents remain. In the second half we are spreading speed expansion that says it was impossible to pay in 12 episodes. I wish I wanted the last a little more slowly.

2006/11/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19044 Host:18790 Browser: 5623
How long does it take to be forgotten from everyone's memory? Six months is enough.

In the previous comment I wrote that Jin 's betrayal "I can make it without finishing with one fireworks fireworks ..." but literally ended with one trick. The motive for treachery (table return (lol)) seems like revenge, but the soles to be spoken in serifs is nothing but an outrage. The secret of Gladiator who Drake sticks is also the nerve of a child.The ability to take over electronics suddenly with 12 episodes which it is good to keep to inhumane nature using the brain is a funny thing. Establishing the identity of the length? Even the depression is weak and my thoughts on Jin Saa have been solved without any serious damage.
As a CG robot in recent years, Gladiator had been moving "well" but it was hard to see many dark scenes. It is hard to say that the story composition considering the scale of 12 story which is completely independent from the stories of Rennie side, Shiba and Satsuma?
Further drawing, setting is also "under the middle" level. Everything is a little under the average point, such a work is rare. Mostly they have something to buy. Would it be too cold to think that 'which is terrible' and which one is memorable?

2006/11/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 834 Host:751 Browser: 4184
The quality of battle scenes was pretty high, but when I do the original near future hard-boiled SF animation with 1 cool, the last is "I was worried that our battle would not be bad" (ry), but on the contrary the world situation And the explanation part of the world view quite suddenly, I focused on the relevant part of that powered suit but it became a fairly familiar story, since the scale is short, the development of the talk is smooth or the belt conveyor type It was like feeling like seeing it flowing automatically automatically, and on the whole the portrait feeling felt somewhat, the betrayal of Jin also suddenly felt it was absurd and Sasa was not very useful, or there was no presence I felt the person's name suddenly changed in the second half, I felt that exhilaration and satisfaction were not enough as a whole as a whole, I think that one course was strict.

2006/10/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10298 Host:10329 Browser: 5234
It was a bit disappointing work. I felt a hurry in that all 12 stories, I lacked excitement very much

It is a real robot system, setting, design, battle style etc are good, but the performance of the gladiator is all-too-it-all, until quite a while we meet, but it does not hurt at all (mutually) but in the latter half it is ridiculous and destroyed Settlement.

Story is a story surrounding Sana, but I am not particularly surprised even if I understand the importance It was quite good as a character, but the main character was still unclear, but if the point got blurred I did not know who was at the center after all whether it was nothing or not. It is difficult to show various things with a small number of talks I thought that hero is a hero ,,,,, late ,,,,,, orz

Evaluation is normal as I was not disgusted with watching drawings and directing.

2006/10/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34167 Browser: 4836(Mobile)
Since I saw it until the last episode, I got my impressions.

Settings and characters were good, but the place I could not fully utilize is a disappointing work. There are few hints and many contradictions. I could read the development to some extent. I could expect the betrayal of Jin at the beginning too, and I was curious that the existence of the length that should be the leading role is thin. The significance of their existence is also where I am heading. Is it obviously a character you do not need?

Although it was good in the first half, it seems that it was decided suddenly to do the work which was supposed to be two cool suddenly, as soon as the development of the second half.
The last one is called explanation tone ... I got puzzled because it is going to talk with talk. Everything seems to be overwhelming scriptplay.

The point that was okay is the voice actor and the action scene. Voice actors all had stable voices for the acting and character, the scene where the robot's CG and the final story Toraji cut the enemy with a sword was beautiful. The villain face of Jin who is reminiscent of Death of Death notes, the face drunk by the fear of Gladiator was also very good.

I think that the way of ending was safe, but Jin's death was pretty easy, and the enemy of Freedom States was also left, so I felt somewhat unsatisfactory.

Despite having some interesting elements, it is a work that is honestly dissatisfied in this way. I think that it was a bit better if there were two courses .... That was a very disappointing work.

Evaluation is by subtracting plus or minus "normal". However, I think that it is a work that has a lot of possibilities of being a ryosaku if complementing the sequel to Ladies fighting Freedom States with OVA etc, Toraji and Rennie's past, length of life etc.
I hope that you will definitely make a sequel.

2006/10/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 474 Host:4 Browser: 5234
I finished watching the last round so I will comment.
I did not pay close attention to original animation, but it betrayed my expectations.

The genre is a robot action.
First of all, the robot action was very impressive.
The battle is drawn with CG, and it moves anyway well.
Glorious depiction is terrible, but it is enough even if you subtract it.
Also, I think that battle other than robot was well done.
There is a gun battle between humans at the beginning of the first episode,
Part of that action seems to have been checked by the US military for videos (from the official page)
For that reason it was a battle that seems to be frankly amazing, even if I am not familiar with gun battle fights much.
I also enjoyed the scenes that infiltrate and the raid scenes very much.

The story is centering on a struggle over a girl, Sana.
This work has no explanation for a while after explaining the rough world view at the beginning of the first episode.
The purpose of Jin and Jang who brought Sana is also revealed after the talk has advanced a lot about the reason why Sana is targeted.
So it seems like you are watching from the standpoint of Sai who does not know anything at the beginning.
Even if it says that explanation does not enter, it is OK because it did not particularly know the story.
I thought it was somewhat late to start revealing the mystery, but I think that timing was revealed.

I was quite surprised just as I was watching from Sano's standpoint for the rapid deployment when entering the final stage.
I thought this was a way to put in a fairly good rapid deployment.
I was convinced that "Because that was ~" because I was drawing a change in the person in the story before that.
The excitement of the scene was just concern.
Also, it was always drawn in because it was drawn taking advantage of its rapid development until the end.

I felt it was packed too much in the vicinity of the last round, but I think that it was made reasonably well.
I think that Sasa who did not work so much until now has been working well.
I think that it was very good way of finishing by firmly completing the episode.

Drawing was beautiful from the beginning.
Staff seems to be a work hardened by people in their 20s other than director, but it is quite high quality.
The movie is made very well as above. The still picture was also good feeling.
However, although Mr. Sup 9 also said that there were quite a lot of dark scenes.
Also, there was a story that the colors changed unnaturally several times.
I think that it probably expressed the light and darkness in a dark scene, but I felt it returned unnaturally.

Voice actors are people with power, you can see with confidence.
Although Mr. Kazuo Nazuka of Sha Naga is still young, he was very good at acting and I admired it.
Recently the huge popular Fukuyama Jun san in the impression was left in impression very much.
In the image of the eldest character in me was strong, so I did not notice at first.
I also enjoyed madness in a good match.

OP became one of the favorite songs in this year's theme song.
Picture with unique color and eerie drift was good.
However, it was regrettable that the image of the part of the rust was the use of the battle scene of the first talk.
ED was disappointing with the same opinion as Mr. Ryuto Hikawa with an image that made me feel strange rather than a song anyway.

The problem is that the view of the world was not used very effectively.
I could hardly feel the meaning of giving out a name like a hyper hurricane (certainly such name).
Also, it is a work not suitable for people who are not good at depicting grotesque.

It was a work naturally enjoyable without being caught by the original, either because of the original work.
Evaluation is "good" because I enjoyed it quite a bit among the animations I saw this year.

2006/10/04 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19044 Host:18840 Browser: 5623
Works after collapse in the near future Japan. If you expect to expect to go to that rehearsal, the steroid character of the special unit phantom and the weakness of "Ishin" are weakened.The expansiveness of the costumes of the way of showing and Yao, I wish I could see it. " Please note that it is less and less spoiler and spoiler.

I was honestly surprised at the betrayal of an unexpected person. If this gimmick can not be ended with a fireworks of one limit, it could be added on the drama side. "Glassware" that a gladiator imposes a burden on passengers and that it is involved in Sai
It is also fair. However, I want you to think that the mechanical warfare scene is dark at the beginning and can not be seen well.

Current situation "Good" (〓〓〓Privately meaning "to be a world").