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Akihiro Hino Level five Atsuhiro Tomioka
Katsuhito Akiyama
Oriental Light & Magic Inc.
Yuka Terasaki
Takashi Ohara
Mitsuki Saiga
Haruka Tomatsu
Yu Kobayasi
Iwasaki Ryo
Ayahi Takagaki
Kensuke Satou
Sayaka Kitahara
Yuuki Aoi
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Kishow Taniyama
Konno Jyun
Nojima Hirofumi
Ayumi Fujimura
Mariya Ise
Katsuyuki Konishi
Nobuhiko Okamoto
Tooru Nara
Hinako Sasaki
Takuya Eguchi
Isshin Chiba
Kiyotaka Furushima
Minako Kotobuki
Kosuke Toriumi
Youko Soumi
Hiroaki Hirata
Tetsu Inada
Susumu Chiba
Yuuki Kaji
Suguru Inoue
Japan Released:2012/04/18(Wed) 19:00- TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2013/05/01
Official sites
1. http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/inazumago/index2.html (Translation)
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2017/02/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 39069 Host:39156 Browser: 9337
[good point]
The story was interesting.
Drawing was also pretty good, and there was also an impressive result.
Character is cute.
[Bad point]
Feminizing great men & amazingly alterable ~ etc etc!

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The price and the story were good, and the temporary struggle due to the match of the interests with the enemies of the last stage burned.

2016/06/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2481 Host:2298 Browser: 8380
[good point]
Theme Song

[Bad point]
You do not need to make a warrior character a woman
The story is too messy
Horse of the hero is not favorable unlike Dutch hall
Presence of beta

[Comprehensive evaluation]
This is the worst. Apologize to the previous work series.

2016/04/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44294 Host:44198 Browser: 8180
I'm glad that it was nice no I thank you anyway

2015/12/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37955 Host:38047 Browser: 10248
[good point]
The scene where Faye and Kazeko laughed after knowing that they were parent and child was impressed.
[Bad point]

I thought that it would be better to go slowly a little more each time.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was very wonderful.

2015/12/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6379 Host:6559 Browser: 7417
[good point]
I do not know that kind of like

[Bad point]
Make reality human being such as parallel winning after retrofitting making a whitening viewer make routes Pottenu is the strongest & Rasubosu Characterizing men in the Sengoku period as moss callers Not calling Wandaba's spurs

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will tell you everything clearly at this time but my long crime time starts here. Please be assured that it may not be as good as you say.

The characters were surprised when they heard that Fay was the father of Honoko 's fruit, but from the viewer' s "What is it !?"
Feeling, it is not alike, it is too suddenly starting from deployment, is the production team planning to prepare a surprising deployment for the viewer if it is sweet, too sweet

Next, is it a parallel world? Well, I do not want such things to go out, so I'd like most of us to turn in real people
If the production team qualified to criticize you looking at my impressions ... If you return that other people are there in that place It's a pleasant history It is said that it is a joke but it is not a joke If reality can change the history by that, if it is possible for us to become excellent admiration sports excellence, everyone's admiration, the person who is blessed with talent will be the other way around,
That's why I want to deny the entire history setting called parallel world If you can change my life by all means I want to use it by all means, I'd like to believe that all viewers are laughing abandoned against this. ...

Wandaba does not have to say it clearly, there is a good existence, a leader's feeling, it comes out sharp, a line of remarks from the top spontaneous conspicuous From the top Not thinking what kind of existence Boku eats the Zaraki of Kukuuru or Clift and fly to the other world Please do not forget to watch the scenes where this fellow hub is painful, even if you look at it many times, so you can record it and leave it

Although Xanark and Ray Luk, Salute Evan are all outstanding but the strongest & rasubos setting,
I dislike greatly Such a thing, I wanted him to be the rasubos who came out second in El Dorado,

I am angry that I am stupid of people in Warring States Period, I will show Son Myeong as a female character, Oda Nobunaga and Sakamoto Ryoma will be made a dog and it is not very, but it is not a pleasant thing, the production team here Study about human beings in Warring States Period

Amena is still soccer like noisy as usual, strong characters are just blotted out, only the contents to see and touch the mosquitoes,

That's all I ended in my crime time, it fell to a longer extent than usual

2015/11/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25940 Host:25977 Browser: 10075
Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono is a review for Stone.
It was exactly a super-dimensional story that the main characters time-slip to various times, but even though it was anime and time slip, I enjoyed viewing it.

[good point]

A very spectacular story and a certain organization El Dorado trying to eliminate soccer from history by a certain circumstance, the hero who inspires to protect that football, the second stage children who dance behind the scenes ... The contest of these three powers It becomes main.
Of course, the battle will be fought in various places with the age of historical great from the city of far future, not only of modern lightning town, but also the fictional world. A group image play that involves the time and space is exactly the charm of this work.

Coupled with the fact that the character 's very dense stage is quite wide, the personality of the character has become quite wide.
The story of the opening story is the battle with the protocol Omega, which is unfriendly, unfriendly, faithful to the duty, looks cute and beta, and protocols after Fay of the boy who loves football is a friend.
After that, getting the power of the great great in history becomes the main, I will meet Nobunaga Oda and Joan of Arc. These great men were also arranged in Inazuma Eleven style, and everyone left a strong impact.

Encounter with farewell Expansion With time slipping to various times, Tenma Tatsumi met many people, including those of that era. While plagued by the values 〓〓〓〓〓nique to that era, it was interesting that the main characters deepen their friendship.
On the contrary, in an event going to another era, it is to separate from those who deepened their friendship. Particularly, parting with the great men of history, there were things that came to the breast because the heroes (and viewers) knew the subsequent result.
There was a heartwarming story overall.

Mixi Max and Incarnation Following the incarnation of the previous work, incarnate Armdo that developed its incarnation system appeared. As a system to further strengthen the deathblow technique, it was personally better than the evolution of the technique.
Miximax has also emerged to capture the power of the great as her own as an aura. As well as new characters, existing characters also started to play different footballs, and the strategy has become wider.

When the excitement enters the final chapter of the final stage in the end, the second stage children who had been dramatic up to now will be hostile in opposition. Their development that the Kaminarimon and El Dorado crawl hands against them trying to recognize their existence as the evolution form of human beings was hot in the royal road while stingy.
As mentioned above, many characters have unique character, it is interesting how they gather.

The theme song is pretty good, not simply a hot song, there were many songs that felt sad and like to match the "encounter and parting" of this volume. It matched well with the main part.
BGM has also taken a lot from the game, it was good that I used different things according to the era of the stage.

[Bad point]

The development of the game was monotonous Overall, the flow of the game was one pattern by the feeling of mass reversal from mass loss. It was disappointing because there was not much seesaw game fight.
Also, as the burden of painting increased due to incarnation armado, the handwriting of the font of the trade name was conspicuous, and the frequency of deathblow was decreased. It was increasingly subtle as the strength of incarnation armord was used in conjunction with a special technique.

Overall depiction shortage Although the story is moving from the stage far before the first episode this work, it was regrettable that the state was not drawn so much in the main story.
In the end, Fay 's parents are revealed, but the abduction is not good also around that, so I can not wipe the abruptness.

Mix Maxax (and incarnation armad) whose bias is severe in the handling of characters can only be used by those who have been chosen, so there is a disparity in the degree of activity of ally characters. Coupled with the severity of inflation, it is a problem that there are many characters with no overlooking place other than the final stage.
There was also a difference in the activity of enemy characters. Despite the appearance from the early stage, Alpha was without victory, and when it reached a certain character it was delicate treatment with the end being defeated to the hero who was brainwashed once. As against beta, the number of games and the number of victories were also many, so the deployment seemed rather complicated.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The monotony of soccer games and the lack of overall depiction were prominent. On the other hand, the quality of stories and characters was good, often impressed.
This is the review for Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono. Evaluation is good.

2014/10/25 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3080 Host:3055 Browser: 4894
[good point]
I'm sorry. Not found

[Bad point]
The story is too complicated to understand. It is unknown. It was too difficult to understand a bad explanation, it was a feeling "What is Parallel World?
I thought that Miximax does not need honest though it was enough with incarnation. I just borrowed the power of people.
It is only a story that seems to be flourishing up to a moe pig because it is too terrible pushing of a female character such as a certain yellow or certain blue hair, and certain blue hair is obviously many turns compared to the other two men. Two men were sent off immediately, but a painful female baby girl was shown for a few months and it was painful. The second stage children can only be seen as characters that I made to make me think "blue hair is actually a good child!"
Yellow was still better than blue hair, but "I won the criminal castle and became an ace striker, so I can do not only FW but also DF, so I can be in any position, it is liked by everyone, one of the strongest time and space people" That's Mary set. Although I mentioned other people, it seems that "Yellow is a devil who threw away a certain character" depending on the person until it searches that scene in the last round after setting up a parent and child with a certain character is impossible Yo ...
Presence of Xanark. I did not know what he was for. It just appears many times before Tenma Tatsuma and gets a game. that's all

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I liked the Inai series up to Innaku, so I was disappointed when I saw Innaku. Why did you think that it became such a terrible thing? Needless to say evaluation is the worst.
By the way the feminization of Komei is a warrior game and warlords of warlords, and eroge of Sengoku warlords, so I think that I am fine.

2014/03/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17691 Host:17714 Browser: 5171
Godakuda's rattling story and sorcerer, one-pattern match, after-parade on parade.
There were many contradictions, and uncomfortable feelings were also inspired.
What is worse than anything is a story that can not deny the feeling of aftertaste. A successor comes out as soon as possible.
Setting that a certain character and a certain character are parent-child ... It is not alike, and suddenly the flag started to rise and it was a really unpleasant story of tears.
I transformed with a boring armored on top of a match 's one pattern so it is a shot without using the deadly technique which is the real thrill of Inazuma Eleven ....

Overall it was not interesting, and if the skill was not cool it was something we could only say awfully overall.

2013/11/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10334 Host:10222 Browser: 8236
I think the scenario and the character are the worst.
Although it may be thought that it is emotion theory, I am cool It is a story that this work strengthens in a great aura to protect football ...

I only believe that they are using great men. Even if the heroes did not do anything, the great men did not match the damage of El Dorado ....
The protagonist is a way to go

Also, it is too bad for Komei's gender alteration and education. Weird knowledge is bleak.

Characters were also unattractive, it was only episodes laughing with tears rather than sniffing

Rasubosu is also hungry for such unreasonable things that do so terrible. Even though we tamper with history, we wanted to be an enemy ....

It was taken by the armad, the decent mortal work was gone and the flower disappeared.
It is no longer Inazuma Eleven

It is the worst piece painted mud on the history of Inazuma Eleven