[Anime]Ikkyu san (Shinji Mizushima)

Other media: Comics:Ikkyu-san
Anime total pnts rank Rank 3,287in 6,561 titlesTotal 3 / Deviation 47.97
Anime rank of 1978 Rank 20in 25 titles
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Shinji Mizushima Weekly Shonen Sunday SHOGAKUKAN
Matsuokaseiji Ryuzo Nakanishi
Takizawa Toshifumi
Hondatoshiyuki Sadayoshi Tominaga
Kawamotoshohei Toyohisa Araki
Ando Toshihiko
Nippon Animation Fuji Television Network, Inc. KOUROGI73
Hotomi Kougo
Yu Mizushima
Kazuya Tatekabe
Kazuyuki Sogabe
Toshio Furukawa
Toru Furuya
Masaya Taki
Akio Nojima
Chiyoko Kawashima
Ichiro Nagai
Masako Nozawa
Japan Released:1978/04/10(Mon) TV / End:1978/10/23
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2012/04/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15993 Browser: 3107(Mobile)
[good point]
A straight and refreshing personality of the blow ball.
A theme song by ED Mikoto Horie sings.
When listening, it reminds me of things that I truly forgot.
[Bad point]
I ended with a censure.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

2010/05/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45659 Host:45675 Browser: 6406
Tell the audience the attraction of baseball.
I think this is the minimum condition for drawing baseball.

Just before the practice match with the Shinku University attached, the story starts from the place where the hero, Sanada Isao runs into the giant school bench.

Body capability and sense that one ball has been outstanding, Shinku big battle game that showed the first time baseball amateur, first match vs. two warfare wrestling with one ball and Otomo alone,
He was forced to play a game with two army players because the army was unable to enter the match,
I think that the individual sense of a ball that is outstanding sense and physical ability, baseball amateur, was good or bad, shining.

However, it is hard to say that these games tell the charm of baseball, and even in reality high school baseball, we also see a one-sided game of weak school partners who take dozens of points without taking one out to the opponent they occasionally see I just felt depressed.

Besides, without letting the other party dislikes, let's hear the opponent 's opponent' s opponent 's radio broadcast of the giant school' s one -
The fact that I was not likable to the personality of the ball (KY in the modern way) also became a bottleneck.

Since there are plenty of excuses on the production side, such as censoring, evaluation is "bad".

2008/06/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11221 Host:10955 Browser: 4483
It is said that it is a youthful item including love affair because it was serialized on Shonen Sunday
(It also leads to later "touch" etc.) As Mizushima cartoon, it makes me feel different image from OP.
Eventually, the main character until the early district preliminary round was broadcast at the stage before handling the stamen,
The final round goes to the scout of the team led by the person who made it as the model of the author ... Become friends ... So what?
Certainly, the future development is fairly good but I felt it was quite a shoulder penetration even though the real pleasure of "Megumi-san" was here. Ranking one rank from the original, lowering the evaluation "at normal".

2008/02/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10414 Host:10694 Browser: 4184
The original is that boy Sunday (now famous work by Mr. Asuki Chikara is more famous?)
It seems they were serialized, but .........

[good point]

Ball Character

There is a place to wander around somewhere, the hero of innocent personality,
I think that it was an interesting character, which was a line of sight from that of other baseball cartoons. Later, along with Wu of the role of wife, that Nom is supposed to join in Rakuten Tohoku, although it is supposed to contribute greatly to advance playoff per season this season though it is supposed to join Rakuten.

Match situation

Watashi is the leading man of baseball cartoons, should it be like Mizushima sensei,
There was a realistic feeling, and while watching the character of the above one ball, this was also remarkable.

Voice actors

Mr. Hiroshi Mizushima who was one of the idol voice actors at the time, well matched the image with such one character's character. Recently, it is regrettable that there are not regular regular appearances that were eyes in animation ... ... ...
Mr. Kazuyasu Sogabe who was playing the regular case also in baseball fannish poetry
(Then Sogabe Kazuyuki at that time) was also impressive. The giant 's star is too famous, Toru Furuya' s role as Mr. Toru Funa. Mr. Chiyoko Kawashima, who had a wide range of roles, was also missed for retirement, but the main was not only a track record but a loser.

[Bad point]

Especially not.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although Mr. Mizushima also has a sequel to Dokaben that is not well-named again, and the original taste has been lost, such as an obsession after the Fukuoka Daiei era etc. In recent years it is a strange impression, but the work of a long ago is the baseball affection I often feel a lot. This is also one of them. I do not know the original, but I would like to read it if there are opportunities. Evaluation is "good".

2007/03/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17368 Host:17149 Browser: 4487
Animation ended in a half way end after having caught the end of censoring at the first game where detailed drawing of summer city meeting aiming for Koshien aiming at Koshien which should also be called the real number, that is to say also the real number. In that sense it can be said that it is indigestion.
Personally, however, this work becomes a serious condition that team decomposition in the air progresses as the tournament progresses, eventually becoming a painful thing to the frustration of the collapse of the team, so it is in the last we can have hope I feel that even if it was terminated on the way that I could do it was meaningful in a certain meaning.

Evaluation is "ordinary".