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I really wanted to love this show.

I love motormouth Kana Asumi as Nyarko - she is hysterically funny and her character has incredibly entertaining and clever ways to deal with all the situations thrown at her by this very deranged version of H.P. Lovecraft's already deranged universe.

Problem is that she is just about the only character in this show worth following, and Mahiro in particular is horribly unlikable, stubborn, and proves the double-standard that if all tsundere characters were male, they'd never get away with the gracelessly abusive and often outright violent crap that we seem to simply laugh off with cuter female characters. The rest of Mahiro and Nyarko's "unwanted harem" are a generic gaggle of vapid stereotypes that really don't warrant a whole lot of attention and often cross the boundaries of good taste for what appears to be no good reason.

So to sum up: I love the Lovecraft references and much of the madcap Nyarko energy, but am not a fan of the subpar harem comedy and certainly not the male lead (though it should be noted that none of that is the fault of the seiyuu who does her best with the role she's been given).

It's really a shame this isn't an excellent show, because it really deserves to be, for the sake of its lead character!

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