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Other media: Comics:Gakkou gurashi! / JP movie:SCHOOL-LIVE!(movie)
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Kaiho norimitsu Sadoru Chiba
Inori Minase
Ari Ozawa
Takahashi rie
Ai Kayano
Emiri Kato
Japan Released:2015/07/09(Thu) 21:30-22:00 AT-X TV / End:2015/09/24
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1. http://gakkougurashi.com/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/gakkou_gurashi
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Song:Inori Minase Ari Ozawa Mao Takahashi rie Lyrics:Kiyomi Kumano [Fan reg.]
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2017/01/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16044 Host:16237 Browser: 10291
[good point]
A subtle balance that the hero who seems not to lose brightness in a desperate environment is the most escaped, but it is a support of other survivors.
A narrative-like trick-like method. You can enjoy it after the second lap without noticing if you do not notice.
The survivors were good people.
Change in opening and ending.

[Bad point]
Sometimes I get frustrated with the behavior of the character.
Some scenarios trying to cry bluntly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Sometimes the tick hug scenes produced by the main character Yuki's act like an infant retired are made to be frustrating. Scenes where colorful balloons fly to the ruined city feel intense the world that ended.
Fortunately for the girls who are "going through". Evaluation is "good".

2016/12/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26696 Host:26629 Browser: 10229
The grasp of 1 talk was wonderful, but the impression of a little midfield. I thought I wondered if I could feel a sense of rest in a brief moment for my daily part.

2016/07/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12020 Host:12080 Browser: 12366
[good point]

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It will exceed 100 points!

2015/12/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43680 Host:43580 Browser: 7867
[good point]
Innovative developments starting with the impact of one episode
It may be that you usually do not see animation just by reading novels, but fighting zombies with only a weak girl was fresh and interesting
The character is really cute. Characteristically, Illustratively.

[Bad point]
The middle stage is something delayed deliberately, the development itself is also like "Well ..." Things written in other people 's reviews are written a lot of details omitted

Contingency principle Basically setting is pretty favorable.
I do not care much about myself, but since the setting of the zombie relationship is almost completely collapsed, it would be a nightmare for those who care about setting

Last episode I saw this and regretted violently that I saw this animation.
Even if it says to name a child, it is a good development If you are a person who enjoys the story by reading some story and so on, you come up with it soon, and it has become like an idea that thinks "It's too bad and it's boring. , Setting up with tears was forcibly shaken off the setting etc, and that tearing was too poor.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

People who are not good at everyday animation which was an everyday animation in various ways after all by escaping fans of everyday anime in the first episode would be better if you are not good at everyday animation, it would be better to stop watching the head empty and " Excluding the interestingness of the actual work that might be enjoyable only by looking in the wind called "pretty ~", individual characters were very cute

2015/11/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16884 Host:16896 Browser: 7872
[good point]
Horror sensation was good.
OP was also good.

[Bad point]
Were you putting the original episode, the second half was spilling.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Zombie horror animation. The impact of 1 episode was amazing.
Although the characters themselves were standing respectively, I feel that the tempo got worse because I was talking about Miki who joined in the middle as a past talk. I think that I had dared to replace it to make a shocking development of one episode, but on the contrary, there was no feeling of increasing the sense of urgency that the situation got worse in order, the feeling that it took a long time in the second half did.

I am frustrated by the protagonist, or wondering why I can not drive efforts to close the school gate if I can drive a car, I wonder somewhat that the barricades that were not easily knocked down are suddenly knocked down all together There were many scenes to think, but there were many scenes that shake the heart, such as the end of Kay.

There were few hints and there was little impression that the development like a roller coaster like the everyday life at school was few, and the stage was also only the school and the shopping mall, so the last climax is another stage I think that it was.
Moreover, because it is not a content that ends in a happy ending in general, in that sense, where I wanted a depiction that saved in the last.

2015/10/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7259 Host:7286 Browser: 5171
I thought that I was going to be frustrated at part A, and I thought that it was awful again, but the end of the episode where zombie horror objects are revealed was certainly shocking.
The style that fake and Mislead are heavily used seems to be thought to be a bad hobby, but I feel that high quality humanism is hiding in it,
It was a work that feels it is not just B class horror animation.

Using yuki's delusions and camera work, I gradually began to shift the fake from the state that fits the facts exactly,
The method of dragging in doubting the existence of Meguie was quite cumbersome.
The spectators got a little bit foreseeable, and the work responded enough to the (disgusting) expectation of the audience to respond to it.

There is a living dead problem in the theme that zombies are a classic,
In this work, it is said that Kei was speaking to Miki, saying that he is alive by just locking in the room and just living a life long,
"Everyday" that this work depicts was exactly like overlapping with the answer to that.
It is incorrect to say that nothing will change unless you do anything, and everything will definitely decline, decay, collapse and be lost unless you do anything.
It seems that it is unusual to send an everyday daily life in that situation, but no matter how desperate the surrounding reality is,
Those who live in it will be the ones who can live every day cheerfully and cheerfully,
OP's "24 hours hanging out" is also connected here.

Even though it seems to be apparently everyday, while in the space like a shelter that remained a bit, while playing something that seems to escape from reality,
There was something very attracted to the feeling that disturbance was floating without hidden as a bass bass.

It seems that there seemed to be a slight difficulty in how to view them,
I think that it was simply because the creative ability was insufficient that I was so bored that I was talking about a story,
Even though humanism does not seem like the situations representing them are on a thick line, it seems that it was quite possibly arranged,
I think that it became an impression that was not tight because it appeared in the form of depiction insufficiency through the summary of the final stage where they had to function.
Therefore, when trying to convince the story, there was something that required a slightly sharp looking consideration.

For this work everyday system seems to have been more than just to use the head to see the horror thing as a fake idea,
It seems as if they are trying to grasp the genre of everyday system by sticking a severe background to the situation that is likely to be in daily life.

Lyrics such as "I'm fine" and "I am here" in OP are thought to be skillful because it is multilayered with the tragedy of this main part,
These words are for obtaining confidence by confirming that it is connected with someone and if it can not be confirmed it will be a desperate cry to bet on their own survival,
From that, you will realize that you are being alive by someone's resonance.
Because there is someone who will accept that voice that an easy-day everyday is established,
If it is separated from the resonance from someone else, it will be impossible for one's survival due to decay of the situation,
To wish to maintain daily life as usual is also to wish to maintain the foundation of survival as it is.
I love school, I love everyday life as usual.

And the zombies also remained everyday when they were still alive, which showed their desire for everyday life,
Yuki showed empathy, because casual everyday life seemed to be in love with anyone, that was also in the form of zombies,
If things like irreplaceability of everyday life were the basis of this work, I think that the way of making this settlement was superb.

Although Mr. Megu who scolded Yuki adequately in the brain though it was supposed to be a delusion though the question was still left even if the whole story was over,
After Miki was stabbed in the end, Megu who had led Yuki was who he was, the work did not clearly show the answer,
It is better not to think that it is a ghost or residual thought of Meguie, but to think that it was the wish of Megue he passed down to Yuki,
It seemed to me that it was what Meggie's wish, which was in a state of sleeping being covered with reality escape in Yuki, was talking about.
The real Yuki brought up by Meguma under the lid of reality evacuation was fighting,
Even after the love of Meguya ceased from this world, it is rooted in Yuki that was left behind,
This was also brought about by things in everyday life, I did not expect that people will see the situation of raising people in this way.

There is a present condition that the work called the daily system is created too much and it has become irregular template temple.
In the everyday system, it is premised that casual everyday exist naturally, so the consciousness to the thing of irreplaceability tends to be thin rather than it,
It makes me realize again that everyday life was like this.
This is not a denial of the everyday system never, but I think that it was a work that captured the vulnerability of everyday and was a work that positively captured the heart he wanted to embrace in his warm daily life.

I think that it can be thought that it is just a class B horror thing work, but I do not know whether it was intended, but seeing from the outside the genre of daily system,
I think that it was a meaningful meaning to repel this kind of things that happened in the original everyday life that had been dropped off during the process of forming temples.
Although there was no tightness in the composition and there were disadvantages, Meguya was a nice character to worry about for a long time, so the evaluation was "very good" as it was the most enjoyable work this term.

Although I saw only the original paintings, zombies Meguya was hard, I wanted animation to blur nicely and I wanted to be thankful.

2015/10/12 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26496 Host:26394 Browser: 5171
I will evaluate it by quoting from my blog.

[good point]

.An episode.

I think that the story of one episode was good.
It was quite an impact.

Deployment of the last stage.

It was quite nice with the development of anger.
I think the scene of Taro Maru was inspiring.

[Bad point]

Middle stage.

It's called the middle stage,
It was not so interesting until about 2 episodes to 9 episodes.
There was a feeling of stagnation on the way and it was pretty boring.

It is nice to have the combination so far that there are no settings,
I think that it was connected with interest, it seems that it was not connected a long time.

This animation lacks a sense of tension which is a necessary element for this work 's work remarkably.
I got the impression that the aspect as everyday animation is erasing the charm of serious.

Although there was innovation, it is hard to say that the setting was engaged.
I feel that only the first impact.


First of all, although the world has gone ah,
There is no persuasion about what they are surviving.
As far as you see the depiction in the first place, it will not be such a thing.

Also, the process up to the present situation,
There was no explanation for the reason why school facilities were in place,
I felt it was the content of the conclusion.

I think that it was a story with a feeling of opportunism.

[Overall rating]

I think basically like a work with only one episode impact,
Because it was good so it was good at the end of the session, it was to be evaluated as a honorable mention.

Although I tried to express interest in the setting of the stage and the atmosphere gap as everyday things,
I think that it was only one episode that it was successful.

Well, I think that I was living in the final stage of development,
Overall, the negative side of lack of tension is the impression that it was much bigger.

I do not think it is a bad work,
I think that I wanted one episode to be made a bit better as much as the impact was.

2015/10/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40996 Host:40755 Browser: 8627
A daily system that leads a peaceful school life. And the impact of the story and the first epis was definitely amazing.
It is a challenging and revolutionary production as if we had used all the everyday animation so far.
This is just a topic

Perhaps it is not "I am a hero" that became a hint for making korea? The trend of zombie panic from everyday is definitely affected, and it is a dismantling world that combined it further with the everyday system Moe's everyday system is a discovery

However, neither survival nor everyday feel neither interesting nor excitement On that day of survival, the feeling of lingering to survive the day and the hardships to live are almost ignored, and even for characters and moe as a daily system It can not be said that it was excellent

Although I think that I was able to proceed well on the point that I can read the story while stretching the hints, the continuation became a matter of concern so that the merit of the everyday system of "no matter where I end up" is also abandoned at the same time

Although it is not bad graduation from the school but a graduation from "fusion living" according to the title, I think that it was not bad, but in the long run it was decided to close the curtain without solving anything

I think that it became a considerable work if it goes through only to survive with Moe characters excluding everyday times but anyway the daily times unnecessarily felt. Evaluation in the total will be [normal]

2015/10/10 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45204 Host:45243 Browser: 10071
Whether you tried to draw up the IF story of an original manga with the medium called animation, although the scale is too much to draw until the high school graduation from the various departments of the school living department as original, or why the extra daily life On the other hand, excessive padding was made boldly in descriptions, while many unacceptable alterations that serious scenes having important meanings that can be said as the original of the original are exhausted are made and it does not fall short on understanding

Also, the contents are stretched thinly when viewed throughout
(Not in the original) Only meaningful foreshadow and unexpected depiction are satisfied enough that we are getting tired of it from the trivial depiction which is mixed in this direction by the viewer constantly giving topics more than necessary by having viewers constantly As the intention of sustaining it is transmitted from the screen as much as it feels impudent, while it is annoying and it becomes disgustingly disappointing, on the other hand, when compared with the original, the depression such as fear and anxiety arising from the unique circumstances held by each character The emotions depicted close to emotions are devastatingly scarce and the girls who were also the main points of the original were driven to the depths of despair The gentle and distorted expression that we showed at the end also had no impressive power so it was not savory. I have to say that I completely make mistakes

In the original, it was lightly touched with recollections and it was quite easy to touch Taromaru who exited from this story with animation and the dogs and daughters and the members of the school life department play innocently, a lot of funny episodes had been added and a lot of Taro It is treated as a quite important character, such as setting up a farewell scene with Maru at the highlight of this work

However, the school life filled with the feelings of Megu sister's desire to keep the power to live under extreme conditions and to stop serenity so that girls' ties and spirits do not break even if any difficulties are encountered It is the original originality of this work, which is the only essence of this work, including this sophisticated idea of 〓〓〓〓〓ivision (including bringing in unexpected side effects to the spirit of Yuki), from the original reader who thinks that it was the essence of the story of this high school educational dog Immersed in memories of being around and remembering parting and screaming to scream the scenes and trying to make up for the light taste of the story at the last minute has resulted in an important point of view as a result, the significance of the story spun by the first half of one course I am sorry that I could not help it looking like I was lost sight of at the last end

In addition, the screen composition that the disapproval swimsuit club packed full of service cuts is broadcasted immediately after leaving the suspicious emergency evacuation manual as if it had expected a pandemic as if it had anticipated that it was anticipated is originally originally It is good to say that we decided the absence of a tense feeling of scarcity The viewers' psychology around here does not even look like a scenario composition like the scenario composition of the mystery of the composition of hit Midagami want to present I wonder if all the people concerned were also on the top

By placing innocent and young girls in a world without rescue, by continuing to injure the girl nature, it will not resemble its appearance, and will want to continue to remain innocent by repelling human sexuality and impurity Though it thinks, the group which has been selling evil taste style strongly tastefully intense taste which the thing like a reverse theme which can not be laid out such expression which breaks out the fragility of late with jiwiwa is worked out as a script Then, because it was an animation of so handsome content, I got a different evaluation if I was on the contrary with the cover of a sheep that did not suffer from the sheep's skin that I remembered sarcasm for some reason It might have been, but it was a dizzy work that everything can not be felt as halfway

2015/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2588 Host:2433 Browser: 4721
Personally it was a work that was variously done.
First of all, it seems that a pretty person wants to explore the school of the evening that one might have thought of going to live in the school with ordinary Yuruishi's work or want to stay with friends I thought that it was the work of only that much that made me see a kind of dream come true.

So I was watching while thinking about how the world view and settings are going forward, whether the neta was going ahead or not, but I felt that there was a certain punch line in the first story and the whole thing was overturned.

I understood the reasons for living at school and the reason why I was doing club activities there and it seemed to be reasonable that there were firm reasons for making the situation to make use of this story.
There was no doubt as to the impact, and it became one that attracted its originality in a lot of loose system works.

Personally it was enough and it was the reason why I showed the reasons why she had to go through the setting and it was the reason why she showed the reason why she had to do it for a long time, after all she did not give out zombies or anything else, I thought that was also interesting.

On the contrary, it seemed like a world view that collapsed as alternating looseness and zombies (reality), but when I was thinking about it, when I was thinking about it, I was about to beat the bat by the bat The impact came.

It seems that only the hero's girls are dreaming or not. As it seems to be delusive, was originally mentally somewhat somewhere was wrong or did it become strange in this situation, at that point I did not understand but it is called a mystery There was a more wonderful thing and it brought about a unique world view and I was wondering if there was another reason or explanation because I thought that I made such a character for this story.

However, there are reasons properly and actually the teacher itself is not already a character, the hero was a character he was looking at with a delusion.
This impact was intense and hints were drawn from the beginning and there was wonder why the students drive not the teacher, but it is a natural interaction that I do not realize, so there is unexpectedness and it comes later I was made to think about how I was at that time and what kind of eyes it was.

For example, Mr. I never met my teacher, so it was like it was like a team for a long time.
I wonder what kind of feeling I was looking at when I looked back on it.

What I was trying to make it unnoticed (not to think) is that I can really cook well the material if I think that there was also thanks to the teacher's character and this loose nature.

I thought that it was a work that aimed at only the eccentricity and unexpectedness of the material at first sight, I thought that it is good for this work that the inscribed straight line content is drawn.
I think that it would appear as it came in the second half, and the relation with the teacher and the bond with friends were truly carefully drawn so I could empathize with the character.

The way the hero remembered and faced reality in the last direction was also straight and good, and it is only in the school's story that the story only appears in the message of the last hero's broadcast, so I draw only the school seriously I wonder if it is a work.

As a conclusion of the work (story), it was just the school that I got out of this situation and at the same time I did a graduation ceremony.
It seemed that it was a good way to summarize, as a new trip depicting a course or something, meaning that the story goes on and that the future life also goes on.

After all the graduation ceremony was a foul, because I came to have a polite content and a deep content, there was something to come with Jin, a sort of thing that is evoked variously when preciousness flows, if there is something.
I will finish going and the journey will come at once, maybe it's overwhelming but I can think of any work.
To be honest it became very good owing to having done this graduation ceremony.

It was good that it had a story property without relying on a simple Yuuzu series work and had the impact put in place and clarified the stage.
I think that the development that the stage is properly made is made from the beginning firmly considering the composition, and it was good that it is loose as one center and doing part activities of the story.
It seems that it felt as though it was blurred and feeling the axis.

I also felt doubtful as I watched various things, such as where the zombies came from, why that school had foreseen and prepared the facilities, and whether the teacher knew about it or not. I do not care.

It might have been interesting if you put loose and zombies or wanted to complement each other by putting things of opposite polarity, but there were such aims, but there were plenty of stages to make it possible to make the most of it.

2015/10/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29623 Host:29659 Browser: 7499
I watch all the story at once. It is probably fun to watch this animation version as a long length 240-minute work.
There was also a personal concern that nitroplus is chewing, so if you do not do it you will mentally be forced to fall forced.
(Hereafter, it is a memorable memorandum as far as I am pleased because it is pretty spoiled)

As a story, it is a temple of "daily anime" at first sightfully being scared, "beautiful girls + female teachers" who are staying at school.
However, nitroplus. That "everyday" is virtual rather than surface.
Actually the movie "zombies" 〓〓〓The world of the game "biohazard". I feel a sense of promise, kind.
(I will refuse it first, but since my age came with "Bomb" in the classic Western-style movie frame "Bomb" in early Sunday daytime 〓〓〓youth age, I realized that a bonus bias is applied Is in

First of all, at the beginning of the animated version, Sararit introduced full members, Yuki, warrior's walnuts, Yuuri as a consolidator, firm Mi-kun, a dog Taro Maru, adviser Sakura Yoshi (Meg)
Yuki with a ear is revealed as a spiritual shock and an athlete is a thing (it is an illusion effect effecter).
And it tells us that it is in a state of social collapse due to the zombie virus pandemic.
It is hard for Zului to smell that Meg 's monologue, reminiscence, one by one, probably, is it?
I tried it because it draws that fact with a sequence that searches for Meg 's beloved car Mini Cooper in the fifth episode and boards it.
(Many viewers think that they do not want to acknowledge it though they are lightly depicted in the depiction until then.) Soco 's getting the definitive picture "ride on!")
I am finding out only survivors who were basking in a shopping mall that went out with a mini cooper, but I think that it is full of "biscuits (not a misprint)" to the movie "zombies".
Mr. Mi-kun who was durable protecting the dog's Taro Maru, after his best friend Kaye left, is intelligent, strong and strong and healthy. I personally love it.
(If you are importing back into the Hollywood movie, she might be a hero / heroine leading protagonist, it is a cute girl who wants to get closer to you if you are in reality)
Hands up to focus on this midfield by combining original manga and time series and exciting. I will do it.
There are also a lot of voices saying that the manga version is higher and there are many such parts indeed, but in the sixth talk skillfully using half of one course, rearrange the current situation and let Meg out I think that handiness is worthy of praise. It is irregular such as ED or Meg's "doing it".
At the final round? Wrap with the excitement of the level that makes me think so. It is not something you can do inside.
In the seventh episode which we reshuffled, Meeg honey does not come out on the screen, it entrusts a letter to the balloon (& captured pigeon), and it releases a letter and it is also a successive wind end.
This neighborhood is connected with the time series of the first episode and it is a regular path that professional uses to "come around Kuru and come here".

In plain places, missing by using the instant camera, I think that how to embed the link is also skillful.
(Camera is also portable. Audio is also a parasol whose manufacturer name is Panasonic alike umbrella, too Nikui.It is a tribute to this biohazard 〓〓〓Umbrella company "It is a cake (it is not a misprint of w)")

Reflecting Meg 's hey as a drug company's virus weapon, "school" as one of its evacuation facilities, evacuation manual, gradually showing the background ....
The way of re-appearance is a pattern that I could predict but did not want.
(It says that hands reach itchy place, it is an old expression, but it says "it is getting a horse ...", is not it?
The manga version is just a mascot character Usage of Taro Maru is also skillful. Infected, but the heart still remains a little ....
Is it a hero!? Taroharu. Well, it is good to recover Yuki 's memory, the director' s overflowing with the visualization staff 's love (good change), good.

A blow to a previous acquaintance, a vaccine collection strategy, a school broadcast of Yuki, a graduation ceremony, a hand to a grave marker, a journey (escape).
Respectful to the thing which became the base.I think that the staff who does not forget respectfully cooked and finished it really beautifully. applause.
(It is disgusting that Kay who knows Miyou and Mr. probably that the mini-Cooper who carries 4 pass each other just before leaving the school gate,

Evaluation is "very good". Successful work full of love for the original book can not help being highly appreciated.

2015/09/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23011 Host:23004 Browser: 5135
[good point]
I think the first bite is good.

[Bad point]
As it turns out, you do not think about anything with the first impact alone.
Just chewing the bite does not involve any content.
It is not bad that Meg 's son was actually dead, but I do not have the ability to express it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
What is interesting, is not it? It seems like something like this is pretending to be something like a fraud, so I think that it is harmful in many ways. From now on I stop watching when I see the nitroplus notation on credit.

2015/09/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 778 Host:600 Browser: 5171
At first I was thinking that it was everyday animation but I was betrayed in a good way.
Actually it was "biohazardous world"
This dental story in the first episode last had the most impact.
The rest is the truth of Megu sister.
As we watched 2 episodes and 3 episodes, we were able to anticipate "No way .."
Still it was a shock when the truth became clear.
And climax. The battle against zombies was full of little despair.
Although Yuki escaped the difficulty by using the broadcasting room and calling for a "school for school"
In this episode, I associate myself with "Columbus egg"
(Although it is a zombie attack strategy anyone could do, it is difficult to do it at the beginning ...).
If the second stage of animation is realized in the future, I would like you to make full use of this zombie attack strategy.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is [highest!].

2015/09/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21984 Browser: 1975(Mobile)
I have never read about the original manga version yet, but according to what I hear everything, I hear a voice from the animation version that can be done.

That is the case, I finally watched the whole story, but is it such a work of the everyday system set on the so-called end of the century?

There is something unclear about how the whole world fulfills, but at least people around schools that the main characters are using as a place of living are zombies, so they were in a state like a biohazard It was distinctive.

Even so, when you watch the first episode, do you say that you can live at "such a place" well? If it's yourself there's also an image of school ghost stories, especially during the night, so there's no need to spend the night overnight Even if I subtract the classroom where the remnants of zombies are scattering can definitely not enter even in the daytime (sweat).

Every time I repeat, as I approached the core, the degree of seriousness also increased and I imagined a fantastic ending, but it was unexpectedly a feeling that it was small and gathered.

Especially when I saw the reaction of only the last round only Kun, it was "Aki" but it was made me feel unsatisfied if I wanted something I could penetrate more if I could.

2015/09/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8429 Host:8702 Browser: 6461
I can not think of any such number of views.
I do not think there is any interesting thing to that.
The story is somewhere like that.
Although subtraction of one episode was pretty good, it became so boring that it would be troublesome to see it on the way.
I have seen it after all.
I think that the final story was good.
It was a feeling that it was well rebound.
The character was cute.
Well I think that it is meaningless animation unless it is cute.
We will keep the evaluation around normal.
It was an animation that provided good and bad topics.

I can not help feeling that if I have two terms I will make it a bit better.

2015/09/25 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2630 Host:2661 Browser: 7911
[good point]
Falling drawing of one episode is not bad (roughness is also important for horror)
It was still good if you were tackling OP or something else ... ... as well as changing the tune

[Bad point]
Too many scenes of visuals are various funny Zombies expression and move halfway half way not to be afraid of being afraid

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I've already written in, but I did not mind how serious the zombies are and what I think halfway up with the quality of Moe is serious.
I still feel that it was only a thing of a gap target like ~ ~ though.
Although it is not bad to say loose straw air that has no grain in Moe's thing, I felt that this work killed the side as a little zombie thing.
Even in such a situation, they may want to do their lives, but in the situation with the water, electricity and hot water, the situation of the barricades will be written later, but it is said to be broken by the feeling taken Or bad meaning as lukewarm Moe is honestly coupled with not being interesting so far ...
I was attacked by the urge that I wanted to take full advantage of the seek bar and fast forward until the end

As a zombie thing, zombies are weak, so let's close our eyes.
I also feel that recent zombies are often too strong.
Let's close in the eyes where you feel the convenience of action.
Even if you can see some of the circumstances, the story needs to be advanced.
I feel that the design is dark as a zombie thing and the grotesque is dead ... ... well, since it is a zombie, it is dead from the beginning but this is a consideration for making it mild ... but certainly expressed Depending on the situation, it may be a scary expression different from grotesque, but I feel strongly that this is working poorly ... ...
...... I'm sorry, it's no good because I can not grasp anymore.
Moreover, I was able to smile something with movement in a nulluru rather than a character that should be alive only these people using CG.
Even if it is discovered, it can also draw attention considerably with sound ... ... If you are too sensitive to sound, I think that it will gather at the barricades earlier and it will be too late to explore the manual manually? Did not you read it?
Even though I was bothered by a walnut zombie at the time of my seniors, it took me as much as ten minutes to zombie, but it took me only a while? Because of the circumstances of the story, the barricades were broken Even if it is not rain but a storm or anything, if it feels like that, I felt that I had not had a day and I felt strongly that the story was forcibly moved.
Laughed whether the fields and zombies could burn up to the extent that it was burning in the rain without any indication.
In the first place, if the enemies have clear wisdom and have strategic intentions, a lot of zombies will come in due to barricade destruction, the solar panels will break, the fields will burn, the precious fighting power will be unable to fight, I have to help with time limit,
It is unfavorable to withe that coincidence overlaps too much.
Well, in the original work, it is like the movie that the scale is limited with the feeling that he took out the separate events together, there are ten stories anyhow, but if you do such a thing it seems that the composing power is as it is I think.
And, if you broadcast the school, zombies will return home and there is no eye to close, but as a habit is left as it is going to return ... ... The next day there are few zombies ......
No, if you are in the habit, the next morning will come, do not you think that it is not even early morning that people usually do not come and think about conversations and events, I do not see any convincing reasons or answers for it ... I thought that.
I did not think that the time to arrange the barricades again was physical strength, and I said that there are no more such materials ......
That is why I had thought that it would be convenient for you at the end of the last for something that seems to be good if you cut out only the preparations, dogs, graduation ceremonies and so on.
I already spent two episions poking up and thought that was not it.
I have not been able to empathize and sympathize so far, and I feel like I got something even if I saw the dog 's death, burial, and graduation in a whitish state.
To be honest it is not limited to this place, but as a zombie thing including circumstances and so on it's too painful to feel that the concept is dead ...

Going to the mall Do not do much more because you omitted the process because you omitted the process? Going to places like police stations or hospitals or evacuation centers or not going to a place that takes time by car In this situation? I do not know what kind of city there is not

I have seen the original image on the net, but perhaps, I think that the answer of the place I am wondering or dissatisfied is also in the original. (Although the original author is closely related to animation ... ...)
It seems that it is trying to represent grommet and impatient face expressively in a terrible direction, so it seemed that this animation failed to mildize the expression and composition of the story.
Overall, this anime seemed to want to raise fear, but I felt that it was too beautiful.
Although there are also personal thoughts, I think that it is necessary to have more distorted faces and tattered clothes for such things that have a variety of emotions.
The facial expressions may be made up with facial performances, but there is no such expression that such anymore can not be withdrawn, and there was not much sense of crisis transmitted.
I feel a sense of incompatibility as a moe thing with the feeling that I gnawed a temple-like thing of a person whose honesty does not care much about honesty designs and clothes.
Anyway, what I felt with this animation was a pretty picture and there was a kanji that sweetness of various stuff was conspicuous anyhow, except for the concept which is not rarely called Grozombi.
There were many things like those that were going to be overwhelming, but as this was not shaken off, there is a feeling that it has gone halfway.
In a bad meaning, Moe, I became a standing position called Serious, and I thought that quality was low as a result.
Eventually I felt delicious only after the first episode came out and the rest after all.
However, in fact, I knew that this animation is a zombie thing from the beginning in the CM or Almnoah.
Although the original is still going on and the hero is actually a zombie thing of the common person, we did not actually expect the final round,
Even though I thought what kind of puppy you might have been suffering from the above circumstances or nearly abruptly .... Even though I was setting up a sequel flag but still not being able to figure out whether I could do it or not It feels like ......

Although it is not included in the evaluation, I could not understand at all to the abnormal playback number at a certain site up to the end.
Oh yeah, the first guy may have a strong impact, but what goes over there ... ...
If there are crafts or anything else I would like to sell more works than this ... ... Because I was wearing it during the summer vacation period, I wonder if there was some unbelievable unity.

2015/09/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7287 Host:7334 Browser: 5137
[good point]
In the original like the three episodes the place where only the description of the diary was written in detail

[Bad point]
Where there are many modifications that seems to be unnecessary like a swimsuit society of 9 episodes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Even if I watched it on animation alone, I was feeling a bit tempo, but I was absorbed every week even if I said anything, so the evaluation is "good".

2015/09/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10457 Host:10395 Browser: 8339
If it is good for the end ... ... but not that, the feeling after the last round of viewing was refreshing.
Although the original is unread, I know most of the plot in the process of examining this work.

[good point]
Treatment of Taro Maru. As a result of greatly inflating from just one episode of the original, it became a mascot character symbolizing both the name and the work of this work.
I was worried that the voice would be the only factor in the late voice of the school living department, but as a result it was the opposite to that, as a result I saw everyone in the school life department protected with the instinct while scattering I could not forbid the tears. In this regard it was a modification beyond the original.
Deployment considering not to make it too dark. In the limit situation where zombies are prevalent if going out one step it is likely that the girls' troublesome tend to collide with each other and it tends to be a story of being a giggis (or the original) or something like Yuki's character and a loose story It was relaxed by carrying.
There are also people who hits this point, I hope everyone does not think that they are tolerant to Serious development and Gijygis development.
Mi - kun 's DT smell. It was the best character if it grew, but I think that it will not accept everyone, so it is correct right with this.
Mr. Rie is supposed to be dangerous if it is an original, but this work is full of maternity until the end, is not this a good one?
The change in scenes and pictures of the songs of .OP was finely matched to the flow of work and it was a trick.

[Bad point]
Flow from 4 talks to the end of the game. There are many voices saying that it was rebuffed from the original, but there were some places where someone seems to be "?" As unread subjects. There is a lack of brush up pure in this regard.
Underwear depiction in several scenes. Not only did he withered overwhelmed, but also the appreciation of the swimsuit times faded away.
How to be knocked down Megumi. Although it might have been difficult in the time zone, it was hard to grasp a bit and it was hard to grasp the details.
It is disappointing as it was polite how to defeat seniors in 2 episodes 3 episodes.
Wonder if zombies crisis of walnut has been depressed for a while more fear has increased.
There were two types of ED, but I usually wanted it to be divided by the ED in the late ED. Megu hee I was missed that it was a proper way of sorting just as if the emotions were wrong in tune and lyric if changed from disappearance to afterglow.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
From the shock of 1 episode to the last episode ... .... It was nice to see you well, is not it?
It is a good impression that I feel the commitment of the production side to the fact that I finished collecting hints such as Kei and balloons exactly in the final story.
I think that the theme of this work was concentrated in the place of "sinking broken hearts one by one", but while there are redundant parts in some places, that theme could not be completed well Cow.
I also experienced sympathy for the slow collapse of snow, and the slow repetition departing there since I have healed traumas and sadness that had been betrayed from various things by real interchange so far .
It was a work that seemed to be a simple zombie + everyday anime and the healing of the injured people who live their realization fee is considered.
One episode was "the best!" The last story was "very good" Other than that was "bad ~ ordinary", on average it is "good"
Because the treatment of Taro Maru was satisfactory for dog lovers, "with very good".
I'd like to see "future" of this work, but I do not want to say that I can return my tears for Taro Maru so do not resurrect from the grave.

2015/09/05 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26941 Host:27029 Browser: 4685
This work is a bad job for setting up.
First, it is a narrative trick using pink hair, but it seems that the author is a good idea, but rather it pulled out his legs.
The thrill of the past edition has disappeared because of showing the result first.
I think that this is quite a waste.
Even though I did not do such an interpretation trick, it would have been good just to fish it as if it were ordinary everyday objects.
It would not have been worth the trouble to do such a thing until the thrill of the past edition was sacrificed.
Then the setting to have that school live equipment is not good either.
I tried mixing various strange reasons and settings to explain it, but I can see that such a convenience of the author is simple.
For the time being, I will not be troubled by food, clothing, shelter, and if zombies are set too weakly, it will be easy to think about the story, but then the side I am watching is not fun at all, it is too tense.
Thriller stuff is too sweet for some characters even though it's a bit of a blow to the characters.
It is a work that crushes all goodness because the author escaped to the setting that it was amiable.

2015/08/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18728 Host:18753 Browser: 5547
[good point]
Where there is no bad thing

[Bad point]
Where there is no bad thing

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think it's a good work. We will publish more and more original manga and expect it in the second stage of animation.

2015/08/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5467 Host:5440 Browser: 4693
Moe really is different. The impact of the first episode was good, but after that.

[good point]
First episode. that's all.

[Bad point]
Expansion after the first episode. I can only think that the animator version maker misunderstood the merit of the original
(Although the manga version I read later was fairly funny ... the modified parts other than one talk are visible only minus).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"bad-". Impact of the first episode was amazing, but as impressions after viewing, the impact after losing the second episode as a surprisingly hard surprising thing will be inferior to the impact losing,
Anxious expectation that further development direction will not be seen and it will be boring. Unfortunately, as expected, it is redundant and halfway deployment continues. It is awfully hard to see the tempo getting worse. The animated version seems to give up, but since the original I read afterwards was quite good,
As mentioned above, it can be said that the capacity of the animator version creator is insufficient.
The main characters are girls not to arouse sprouts, but rather to make a clear "zombie survival thing" a little reality .... (For details see cartoon version evaluation)
In the present situation it is the original duck, even if it is said to be a useless deki.

2015/08/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3036 Host:3099 Browser: 8844
Say harsh things, please skip the one who likes this work

The work which mixed fermented food called zombie and everyday's moe and sweet candy of two habit was not cooked well and came out with poor match

As pointed out by others, as a poor match of each other that will destroy each other's goodness It is a fact that it was actually a zombie in the first episode of this work, but as this animation gets fun The biggest reason I did not feel is "the suitability of a moe part for fraud, funny thing" It is a cheat viewer and I want to say that you can remember the flow of the death of Guy in Nadesico 3 episode which implies the expansion in the future

It seems that it is a topic work only to repeat the low quality moe and no panic objects lacking any sense of tension without having any appeal since it was a shallow bottom "actually was 〓〓〓〓〓〓quot; in one story Retiring in the middle of enlightenment that it is a waste of time even by the end

Honestly, I think that I can enjoy 100 times better playing Dead Rising while shedding from the noon ...

There is this in the AA of the four-dimensional killing method

Good girls!
Often funny writers and creators fool stupid things say "I will challenge things that no one did," but mostly it is "I did not dare to believe the predecessor."
I can not make funny stories to humans who can not understand why the royal road is interesting!

Works that this will come true

2015/07/31 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2630 Host:2661 Browser: 4701
Well, it seems that there is only a sense of departure.

Whether honestly, compatibility between zombie things and Moe is good depends on the skill of cooking, so I will not say it unconditionally.
It is hard to imagine that both works are well-balanced in this work.
Because of that, Moe's killing where there is a feeling of tension, the zombie element kills the Japanese hobby of the opposite moe, it is not good as collaboration to two Speaking as to whether only one one is enough, as a moe thing I do not think that the depression is good, and even if it is a zombie one, I do not think that quality is good.
Eventually I understand the concept and it might be amazing but it ends there and the content is less than that.
There is only the impression that the falling of one episode eventually falls from there with a climax

Although it may not be bad so far, I do not think it's good, so bad

Although I saw even the latest addition talk, I felt that there was a feeling that the convenience of the scale or something was being cut and there was a feeling of tension as a zombie thing, and there was no tension feeling, and there are also places where you do not feel much appealing to characters as a moe thing Especially it is only funny clothes as uniforms as uniforms and especially uniforms and feeling that they are fishing with something superficial ......
It seems that the story is shuffled compared with the original (since it is the original no-touch, it is rumor level to the last)
Somewhere, I just did it for one talk, thinking a little more and shuffling and describing it would make me more surprised and feel like falling down.
It is a story of recollections or recollections about meeting with Mikuni, so it will be helpful to me, that friend will be gone, and so far the club members will not die in particular.
It was something I could not imagine it would be nice to have a composition with what the original had.

Perhaps, the original may have something that is not supplemented or cut anyway

2015/07/25 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2585 Host:2616 Browser: 8875
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it became a trendy topic, in a bad meaning the usual nitro work repeatedly made meaningful directing, after deceiving the viewer in the atmosphere and making the meaningful production stealthy without noticeable, in fact it was this Enter the spoilers of the world view.
Screenplay for the nitro family as usual

I do not want to misunderstand, since it is Nitoro's script writer who thinks about the story at the time of the original, it is not because it was made into animation

That's why it is a nitro scriptwriter, but it is a bit different from usual.
It is a story that it should excavate viewers excellently in a good meaning before placing spoiler of the world view a little more, placing a gap between confusing interlude or making deceive the viewers (praising) Ikinari rose, so there are few surprises

Moreover, doing things is a survival in which the remaining girls survive cooperation, so it is not a story to break down this situation so do not feel undulating, so if this were to happen, do not make a seed on one story and frighten something other than the main character It is good to deceive us as long as usual like I do not know what it is

Abandon watching ... I hope my daily part (half a delusion) can make you smile more, but I felt that the level of laughter was also low compared to other daily Moe animation, bored character did not feel much individuality, natural, older sister type , Sports universal system, junior character, etc. Characterization dependent on common attributes

2015/07/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25194 Host:25167 Browser: 4721
Since I was talking about it, I tried to watch it ... ... No, this is a victory for directing. I was surprised.
I think that the viewing impact of the first episode is important for this work so please do not watch it yet please watch it quickly.

As a honest zombie thing no matter what you do anything, there is no freshness genre, so it is mediocre if you look only at the setting because it is actually a zombie thing to think it is a daily system like this work.
However, it is safe to say that it is a seemingly everyday system that serializes it as "Kirara time series"
And I just said that "This is a daily system" Previous information (I did not even know the existence of the original and Nitro is involved)
I think that it is whether the world setting that will be lastly chosen by is told is told ... ...

It is said that the hero was already taught bye bye.
Although the "disgusting narrator" method was seen also in Higurashi et al., It was unexpected that the hero was in such a psychological state with animation broadcasting in the time period not so late.
All perspectives were covered by the last rebounding and I took off my hat off to make it twice and three times to see it.
Nitroplus was completely settled as "such" image in this case, but it seems that this work could have played its role more than enough as the last fart before it got stuck.

If this is a one-episode one-shot animation, I did not hesitate but I was wearing "the highest", but with comments stopping thinking that it will be good at this point by continuing after this.
The interlocking method of publicity and directing in the first episode of this work is one example for future animation industry.

Additional note: Since the 4th episode was a little boring, I lowered the evaluation, but since I seem to have demodulated with 5 episodes, I will restore it.
I think that the production side was also grasping the problem, although the part where director and composition was childish part and Mi-kun was wearing underwear under blatantly, the production side was also grasping the problem, but in the everyday system " I thought that I should not cross the line
(Rather, the later swimsuit scene fits the purpose of the work in the sense that it is healthier erotic)
Although it is frustrating to some tiers to forcibly increase the number of players even for waste like 4 talks, viewing will continue anyhow.

2015/07/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10073 Host:10021 Browser: 5779
I watched it because it became a topic on the net, so I watch it.
Spoiled attention !! 〓〓〓

[good point]
The character is cute. Those who like patterns as well. (Personally Kurumi is my favorite character !! Yuki feels something scary .... well, but pretty.)

.story. At first I thought that it was a daily animation, but I was deceived in the last (laugh). It is said that it was a zombie work .... I felt something similar to Madokaga. I'd like to continue watching as I am concerned about the future development !!

There are lots of scenes that I think are "W -?", Such as the letters on the blackboard, Kurumi 's shovels, the Balinese girl on the desk, the graves in the roof fields, and so on thought. When I looked at the consideration site and saw the meaning of English sentences on the blackboard, I was scared and trembled ((((((((〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓))))))

OP & ED is a good song. However, the name of the OP is a bit scary, is not it? Ww (Well, I guess this works seems to be out.

Also, I think that the drawing was not too bad.

[Bad point]
As of now nothing particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Initially I thought it was a daily work of cute characters, although it was a work of the Kirara series, but that was not the case. I was deceived in a good way ww At the time of nitroplus I was feeling something disgusting ....

It is the work of the same kirara system, there is a nitroplus work "Madokaga", but both of them are amazing gaps between cute characters and stories. (On the contrary, I think it is good, though ...)

I am at a loss as to whether to buy the original. For the time being "very good" !!

〓〓〓I read the additional 5 original volumes on August 5, 2015. In comparison with the original, I think that the scene which was not the original was drawn in plain and easy to understand by animation, and I think that Meguie's house and Meguie mother (face does not appear) also appear in the original It was .... Also, it was good that I could understand how Yuuki Kurumi. Ry met. None of the three people said they were not acquainted with the zombie incident ....

Because there are good parts of the original, it may be good to read it! The original seems to come out on August 11, I think that it will start from a good place (?). The last of 5 volumes is concerned about the next time I was worried about being developed too much ... !!

Reading the original, I am addicted to this work increasingly. I would like to raise the evaluation to "highest!" With expectation!