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Raleco Kota Fukihara
Miyuki Kawasho
Yohei Azakami
Japan Released:2012/03/20(Tue) 00:55-01:00 E tele TV / End:2012/03/24
Official sites
1. http://www9.nhk.or.jp/anime/gakkatsu/ (Translation)
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2013/04/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5154 Host:5265 Browser: 7394
It is difficult to succeed in the second phase of short animation.
Due to the extremely short time, there is no choice but to go to a game with a critical blow, just because the sell has sold the second stage, the big burn is the basic pattern.
I thought that 'Gaggi' is that pattern. However, it was different.
"Earpick VS swab" in the second episode of the first episode is very sharp.
A person who is conscious of being disturbed by the ecstatic feeling of the earpick while drooling Yodare (Lolo Ko, the author, is stingy in the meaning of lol.
Short animation like this work for anime fans without time is an oasis of heart. I expect more runaway.

2012/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19286 Host:19399 Browser: 4690
Chairman of the helicopter woman (lol) of the main character.This is an animation of the content that feels like observing and enjoying like Takachiho Chiho and second grade students discussing.
The contents of the discussion itself is like a second grade of junior high school students, so it is awful and fun to talk about stubbornly by the chairperson's subjective entrance ceremony in a novelty agenda, but it is terrible and fun (lol), but occasionally It can be felt like light stories such as sympathy and a painful story in the ears.

It is somewhat nice for HNK to do anime which is nothing like this killing time (lol) I love this kind of animation in particular.

Evaluation is "very good".

Postscript: In the last round, I was feeling youthful and I really enjoyed it. I wish I could last two terms, if possible ... (laugh)

2012/10/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14263 Host:14091 Browser: 10295
Official genre 'debate comedy'. Every time it rolls a stupid agenda and that.
Hikiku from an outrageous angle was interesting, and there were times when it was laughed at a small neta striking the unexpected.
But Roots is the chairperson and it will be a character work that loves Chiho Takachiho.
The chairperson is the pillar of the work including the comfort of voice actor. Center. The teaching stands in exactly the dance front.
Aspiring as the medical department like every time I can laugh at a big success that Kuroda's righteousness can be confused with power technique.

However, it is a work that sold the helicopter as it is, so it may be unavoidable to some extent but the story flies and the times itself becomes Gudaguda.
It was good that the times which leads to the conclusion with the bicehi without increasing the aim of uke may increase a little more.
Well, in a sense, it may be realistic in that it is a silly crowd swayed by Nori rather than theory.
After all I also support such a chairman from "cute" is also foolish.

Distance with Mr. Kuroda which shrinks as I repeat the discussion, aspect as an ordinary girl gradually appearing,
I thought that it would be a bit of a story alone,
There was no big movement, I was slightly disappointed. I want you to do it honestly.
As long as you increase the characters like hokuro and arpa and other outrageous characters, you should stick to the main character alone.

As a whole I was interested because it was a slightly different genre though I think it was pushed by characters rather than contents.
It is good if the following work appears.

2012/10/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11085 Host:11208 Browser: 9831
I was hoping for a fun entertainment like "soft tank" or "hook-up knob", but rather than a bit disappointing ... rather than being such a re-burning gag, the taste like the former Ninaku there is no. Perhaps, for those who touched the author with a soft tank, this work seems to have been less fresh.

And because it is NHK, it seems that the goodness in the soft tanks and the hoarse knobs has been erased. Feeling that the chairperson is barking alone, the taste of those works which had been hurt somewhere or they were blown up was killed, and the work of the author was shining in the time of the Netuani era It is a feeling that is faster. The feeling of other classmates' sense of being killed somehow.

Even if you advance into NHK, even if you make it a soft tank, even with a hinted knob, it is probably a little to televise on NHK ... so it seems that these works were chosen, but what a world of somewhere is It is a feeling that the influence of the character super bad heroine of a certain Ranube that is turning around myself has entered. The chairperson's character is chrysanthemum like that Ranobe Heroine, and this is the feeling that the author's style is not alive. Or it may be that the author chose this path dare to show a new direction by himself, but it seems that he made a mistake in such a meaning. Although there is a place where it is thrusted and depressed, there may be some cuteness more than Ranove Heroine, but it seems to be said that it is still the main character that does not need it.

It is hard to say that NHK 's doing it in the late night ... If the person in the position who knows the author work from the soft tank age see it, it is not possible to produce poisons peculiar to the author, There might be some people saying "It has been downgraded ... ...".

2012/07/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13717 Host:13438 Browser: 10295
It seems that the first half is over, so please comment a little.

Among the works that are going to be in the classroom, this is mainly debate, so it is easier to develop and punctuate.
But I'm watching it like discussion, mainly enjoying the chairman's classmate messy and inverse guile.
The chairperson who is driven up by the rude and runaway is a wonderful figure, and it is lovely to see someone trying to get into a ceremony.
Forced termination as it is, many brainwashing with talking, banner of Gudaguda declaration, somehow a good talk end,
Variations of expansion such as abundant.

Although I often sympathize with the coming out conclusion,
I am concerned about stamping with story to go there, suddenly replacing the story.
In order to differentiate it from a common comedy, I want you to assemble an adoption and relocation in the discussion.

For the time being, it is good because the character of the chairperson who is the center is cute and fun.
Whether or not the talk will stabilize is the future point.

2012/05/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20984 Host:20930 Browser: 14684
I have watched 1 to 5 episodes of the preceding broadcast.

[good point]
One talk five minutes
Even if you talk to themselves well, they are doing well (detailed in the comprehensive evaluation)
Chairperson has a big impact
Male child character is unique

[Bad point]
The girls' characters other than the chairperson are mediocre
Chairman 's character is a double - edged sword

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is an animation to pick up some common stories such as men's toilet and how to call mothers, from what seems to be little to worry, such as what to call the wrist's warmth.
However, even if you talk about lucky things, do not do it with "I do exist", making the leaping rapidly and steadily making a gag that I thought properly is a good impression.
However, it seems that the chairperson's character seems to be clearly distinguished from pros and cons, or whether the chairman can like it or not whether or not the animation is funny.
Personally it was fun, so the evaluation is "good".