[Anime]GRAND PRIX ( Arrow Emblem Grand Prix no Taka )

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Fuji Television Network, Inc. TOEI ANIMATION (Toei Doga) Hotomi Kougo Rintaro Nishizawanobutaka
Suginoakio Takuo Noda
MASAKI TSUJI SHOZO UEHARA Keisuke Fujikawa Yuugo Serikawa Takenori Kawada
MUKUO TAKAMURA Tsujitadanao Takeshi Shirato Hiroshi Miyagawa
Kei Tomiyama Mami Koyama Rihoko Yoshida Keiichi Noda Kan Tokumaru
Shibata Hidekatsu Koji Yasuda
Japan Released:1977/09/22(Thu) / End:1978/08/31
Official sites
1. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/lineup/tv/grandprix/ (Translation)
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Grand Prix no TakaGrand Prix no Taka
Song:ICHIRO MIZUKI Feeling Free Lyrics:Hotomi Kougo Compose:Hiroshi Miyagawa Arrange:Hiroshi Miyagawa [Fan reg.]
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2014/07/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7600 Host:7559 Browser: 9932
In recent years, although it is a car race animation that has a sense of shame (?) In the limelight thanks to "Evangelion New Theatrical Version", the existing race work is "a monster machine equipped with impossible functions, unilaterally winning victory It is a feature of this work that we are trying to extract the real pleasure of the race in a truth-to-back style of drama "pursue thorough realism", whereas in contrast to the absurd content.
Not only the actual F1 racer but also the fact that we have Moro introducing company names such as "Mitsubishi Petroleum" and "GOOD YEAR" also leads to giving even more reality to the world view of this work, I will finish with a fictitious naming ... It can be said that it is a unique production that can not be hoped for by expressions that are annoying and something of a great era.

A basic plot reminiscent of "solid spoons", which is challenging for race debut and challenging crash, causing a crash and dreaming riot Takaya crawls up from the bottom of disappointment and again reaches the top of the race world ... In itself there is no freshness, but the mental growth of Takaya such as being able to overcome the fight against the conflict and the crash which can not be abandoned at once can not be abandoned once is braked The point was interesting.
Even after returning to the race in earnest, the result is not pleasant, it is natural to retire from the inexperience of tech and machine trouble. Nevertheless, as Katori Motors with Takaya there is nothing to do but there is a thing that there is no other driver (official player's Asahi Shimbun is on loan to Lotus) and there are things and there is nothing but to expect him, A vicious circle swing that turns into pressure and leads to miserable results ... "From the familiar standpoint of race animation, which is commonplace to take a super machine if you do not have a proven amateur racer" Then, in addition to special, it reflected in freshness. Even if you digest 1 cool, do not you win, even the top prize who can not fulfill Takaya is the only one?

I had memorized even the arrangements of "Do not draw the hero's growth with Mitoismism" in advance, I also remembered irritation several times in the growth of Takaya depicted at a slow pace, which is not extraordinary, from there Various dramas such as "romance drama" and "fathers' love-hate drama" that occurred side by side are spectacular, and in particular the reunion with the father of the eyelids also conflicts knowing the fact that he has "murdered" the mother for a while In "The Safari Rally" editing of Takaya etc., it can be said that it was a workmanship suitable for the climax of the first part, depicting the growth of Takaya as a "racer" in terms of a theme. However, if it had been the "final round" as originally scheduled at this point, this work would have been highly appreciated by now ....
From the screenplay that also referred to the "light and darkness" of motor sports such as the back circumstances of the race industry which also has aspects of technical competition and business as well as the manner of fans whose moral has remarkably decreased morally as the local favor has gone too far, I was able to have a favorable feeling that the seriousness of depicting "the world of adults" that does not hold alone.

On the other hand, Takaya Takaya, who is taking advantage of the rival's obstructive work and fishing in spite of being in the middle of a rally, and special training scenes forced to wear "Major League Ball Training Gibbs (?)" Although it is a difficult point that the number of tsukkomi frankly noticeable stuff is prominent. Especially in the case of this work, as long as the taste of the failure stands out as much as it is adhering to Imari Realism Yuka ... w
Part 2 "F - 0" edition, which became a factor that divides the evaluation of this work into two, which makes it impossible to feel the difference from the existing race animation by shifting to imaginary regulation, races such as America and the Soviet Union There are things that are making persuasive power for the reasons for participating in the backward country and it can be enjoyed as it is, but the impression that it was not able to surpass the first part by the drama like excitement is strong. The racially named racer of each country who played a name match in the first part was not a pleasant monkey to watch as it was watching everyone losing to "a cheat machine that the country of popping and making with the money got made." Is not it.
Nick who had a role as a "master" leading the teaching of Takaya to stay only in the early stage Nikko Asuka who was exiled in the form of "accidental death" without being able to fully demonstrate the charm as a rival character, In the end there is no question of foreseeing the treatment of some characters, such as Pat, who fights as a female F - 0 driver without any hints.

Although the stall of feeling in the second part is a bottleneck, the drama depicting the "ruggedness" of the race who disused the hero correction as much as possible was able to enjoy in general, so the evaluation was "very good".
Despite being plain, while demonstrating the "success of internal assistance", Suzuki Omi who continued to support Takaya with both public and private was also drawn as a very attractive heroine with Miyumi Oyama's initial performance skill.

2010/01/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8205 Host:8273 Browser: 10862
A race animation drama aired in 77-78. Although it aimed to participate in the F - 1 race, "Ridakuya" who participated in the race with a machine that tune up alone by one person, but the trab becomes a fire darma in front of the championship. However, with the help of the former top driver `Niki Lauda 'who admired Takaya' s ability, I will participate in the world big rally race at" Todoroki Special "as a rally driver of` Katori Motors'.

This work is a car race aired on the epidemic when the `super car boom 'was blowing all over Japan, drawing a drama of racers who hung oneself with speed and technique. Although it is a remodeled car such as "Machine Hayabusa" which was produced at the same time, "Tobissho! Machine Flying Dragon" "Rapid Running! Ruben Kaiser" etc., although this work is a real racing machine close to the actual, I emphasize competition with race technique and I am finished as a work mainly based on authentic car chase. Speaking of race animation, like Mach 's GoGoGo, it is a real pleasure to use a machine that knows it is special to everyone, but although this work is called "Arrow Emblem Todoroki Special", its appearance is an orthodox type It is the race machine of the race, and it is mainstream that depicts the human pattern that runs, so to speak, it seems to be like a drama like real car race. Even though it is a battle that runs only for that reason, there is no absurdity common in animation, so it is impressive that it is an animated work with a plain feeling. It will be interesting as a story, but as an animation depicting a fantasy world it was realistic and it made me feel unsatisfied. Also, the main character "Gokutakuya" was just a main character of a cool and cool system and there was no special impression.

Although this work is a story setting as a race animation, it was lacking in spectacularness as another race work because it was a race development close to reality. However, since it thinks that it is a good work of quality, it matches F - 1 in content, so the evaluation is [good]. Although it might be recommended for those who want to aim for F-1 drivers.

2007/08/23 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24490 Host:24428 Browser: 4184
[good point]
It was worth the praise that I did not ask for the original dare at the time of Supercar boom. It is said that he sublimed the material of the racing team, which made turbid tea in the child mode in the machine falcons, in a serious step, because it depicted seriously the F0 race and the original world view on the eighth wheel body Whether.

[Bad point]

Although the F0 race is selling at the end of the story, it is regretful that it made the story difficult.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
9.5 points (10 points perfect score)

2005/01/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 3846
It's a fairly outrageous story when I do it in CS about a year ago (Lol's first half is focusing on F1 (occasionally participating in other categories) and then it seems to be a fictitious new category, and for F1 Niki Lauda A real driver will come out except Lambda At that time even the actual Tirel (Tyrell) team was running six wheels, but the main character's car is 8 wheels and the rear wheel is the dump truck's Such a parallel arrangement ... If you think it's a good idea, the second half makes a series arrangement ... 8 wheels as it is!
It is interesting to deal with a pretty drastic conclusion as technical problems come out! The author understands physics !? The extent of the plunging in this part is similar to the recent Gundam SEED, is not it? I can not recommend it for race enthusiasts but spirit and momentum are quite good

However, if you stopped looking at the course on foot on other cars during the practice running time ... who died ...

2005/01/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21886 Host:21845 Browser: 3646
I watched rebroadcast over 15 years ago, but I can not remember the detailed story as expected.
However, when I watched it at that time I had a good impression on this animation.
Perhaps even if you try to watch it now, it feels like it's a pretty good animation.
The enemies who made white clothes like members of KKK (Koo Krax. Clan) will appear,
I remember that the deceased Mr. Takashi Toyama who was playing the voice of the protagonist is cooler than the machine of "machine falcon" that the machine that appears is ......... ...................................

This is also a TV anime I'd like to watch once more.
If you are a family capable of receiving CS broadcasting, you may have a chance to see it ................................ .