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Kenji Nakamura
Toshiya Ono
Tatsunoko Productions
Maaya Uchida
Ryouta Ousaka
Daisuke Namikawa
Kotori Koiwai
Aya Hirano
Daisuke Hosomi
Ayumu Murase
Mamoru Miyano
Sakura Tange
Katsuji Mori
Shirou Saitou
Nobuo Tobita
Mayumi Asano
Houko Kuwashima
Yurika Kubo
Marie Miyake
Kenji Nomura
Hirishi Yanaka
Japan Released:2013/07/13(Sat) 01:58-02:28 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION / End:2013/09/28
Official sites
1. http://www.ntv.co.jp/GATCHAMAN_Crowds/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. https://twitter.com/GATCHAMANCrowds
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Gotchaman - In the name of LoveGotchaman - In the name of Love
Compose:Taku Iwasaki
Arrange:Taku Iwasaki [Fan reg.]
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2015/01/14 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4292 Host:4047 Browser: 7870
[good point]
.OP's songs are okay
Berg Katze 's voice actor is good.

[Bad point]
How the hero talks, characters want to cry
Overall the content is thin

[Comprehensive evaluation]
No, it was boring (laugh). I am sorry, but I have made this evaluation because it is the direction opposite to my preference in the opposite direction.
First of all, Ichinose at the beginning of the main character Ichinose. I can not keep in mind that overall character setting, such as how to talk, consistent high tension, insight like wearing true, is scandalous. Berk, who is rather a villain, Katze was still watching.

I feel that the contents are too thin. I think that the theme of malicious intentions and good intentions of people, but we can not feel weight at all for each word and character's behavior. I wish to say that the world will change if everyone moves in good faith, I think that it is too convenient and the psychology of the public changes too conveniently.

From my point of view it seems as if I am watching mass psychology lightly. The reality is more indifferent, is not it more conservative? I think that it is not enough to draw this kind of theme if I do not dig down there, it will end only on the upper side.

Just trying to shape the simulation that I thought would be like this in the mind, it seemed like a percussive picture-story show like a scoop just snapped off with a spoon.
It was a shame as I was hoping because the crown of Gachaman was on.

2014/05/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18546 Host:18758 Browser: 4699
There was a time I missed some stories on the way, but I watched until the final story for the time being.
I saw a good evaluation in various places so I watched with expectation,
Personally I thought it was a pretty regret work.

First of all, it is regrettable that this was taken as a gajaman.
There was no background in the work world, only being called "gotcha!", It was uncomfortable every time the circumstances of the real world adults were recalled.
Even though the hero's design has become sophisticated at a great pace, we can not honestly accept the coolness of the hero from the disgust for the commercial part.

Initially I was expecting quite a bit of fun setting that reflects contemporary SF elements and modern times with SNS and smart phone motifs.
However, in the second half, I ran into an expedited development that almost ignored the fancy setting I prepared.
Especially, it was very disappointing about the twist bending of the setting which is too convenient at all, to disable only the clouds without disintegrating the claws operator due to moderate damage, and at the same time this is the final question It is a pity that the solution has become a mere pushing pounder, no twist.

I was expecting very much about the ambitious theme facing contemporary society "update the world" in the first half.
Unfortunately it did not look like I was able to present the world that matched that theme.
The world after the opening of the crows to the public in general, in my eyes, it seemed only to a distorted pier who rampaged without permission as a human being who gained power.
What is different from the claws who are fellow among friends on the street and the clouds of children who scout at the ranking and scream at the general public, in front of modern stations and convenience stores.

I did not feel much appealing to the character.
Originally supposed to be a hero is consistent as a character, but for that reason, no matter how frustrated or growing even after this incident, it has become a character that is very difficult to empathize It is.
Kiyono who should be growing by being swayed at the beginning also did not have such a remarkable place of activity and I felt the impression was thin.
The other important person who is another important person does not feel attractively because it is little background information for women's habits, financial strength, intellectual ability, home environment, and so on.
In addition, OD said, "Even if you spread the wings, this star is ..." etc., Even though it was told that it was attached so much, it leaves without showing much power.
Although Jaime is a godlike existence, Paiman says, Berg Katze is indifferent to finding out what he wants to do in the end, in spite of doing halfway interference such as giving notes and prophecies.

Early theme and setting, design of G suit was attractive, but for the reasons above, it was a very disappointing work for me.

2014/03/08 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20937 Host:20797 Browser: 10416
* Viewing until the completion (supplement) minutes of disc benefit.

〓〓〓Outline of the work]

There is "Gachaman" in the title, but "Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman" is a completely different thing just by borrowing a name.
Because there is almost no relation to this work, it was content that you can watch without even watching yourself unviewed at all.
It is a ryosaku with interesting things that are burning while placing emphasis on the theme, with the heat of development of heroes as the main spirit of modern problems.

The story is a story of the hero, Ichinose Hajime who became a member of a hero who protects the earth "Gachaman".

About the theme, but unexpected people talk early, let 's first see' Message from the director 'from' Introduction 'of' official HP '.
And if you come and see it, you should definitely see. Contemporary Japan.This piece has things which Japanese people can not think without thinking.

In qualitatively there are many glowing parts, but there are also parts where the feeling of shortness of breath can be seen due to the recoil.
The character design and the picture are very fashionable, and around the acoustics are good, beginning with OP.
Also, it is distinctive that there is a description that makes sense in casual places of the work.
(For example, contrast or composition using light and shadow, lines about satiety of major characters, etc.)

〓〓〓Good point]

〓〓〓Super attractive protagonist

The part that catches the eye of this work will be her character, Hajima's character character anyway.
It is a strange, destructive and eccentric phrase, but with a genius with a power to look through the essence of things suddenly,
Actually thoughtful, forward-thinking and terrible community ability ....
Coupled with the theme, it was a character with freshness suitable for calling "a new generation hero".

It overturns the promise of the hero Mono that "hide the identity", it positively exposes through the TV and the net to make it a community-based type (?),
I will solve the incident without pretending to be armed, in the end I will talk conversely brightly and happily with a 100% malicious rasubos .....
Besides, it's big tits and cute "station" tone of stationery mania ... a word of wonderful.
What is amazing, it is too terrible that it has not collapsed at all as a character even if set as much as this.

〓〓〓Attractive characters

Not only Hajima is a character standing.
Miyano Mamoru 's vast majority actor Berg - Katze was the main character and there were many characters with highlights.

〓〓〓Story composition and tempo are good

Every time the story moves greatly, a place that seems to be "!!" pops out, etc.,
I do not get bored because there are some fun points. (Well, if you see the behavior of Hajime it will probably not be bored forever.)
Although it is a style that is full of originality, it still has places where the royal road is chic, but the story itself is easy to see with a simple composition.

〓〓〓Theme of the work. Content of the message and its fulfillment feeling

Details are described later, but kore was really good.

〓〓〓Bad point]

〓〓〓There are few stations ....
The disadvantage of the biggest work now. Although it is a good work, there is little familiarity.

〓〓〓Budget. Production time There is a feeling that the scale is not enough.
There was a part that some productions could not make in time by the last episode, and the way of finishing was not refreshing for a while.
It can not be said that it can not be seen unless you purchase the cut part.
Simply, there were few battle scenes, some indigestion setting etc etc.

〓〓〓The main character Hajime which is a bit too correct is basically saying good things, and there is also correctness, but she still has a bad part.
For example, in places where you think you can ignore rules to some extent if it is correct, even though you intend to think about the annoyance of the surroundings due to the overwhelming opinion or whatever it is, the place where the consideration does not run out enough.
The problem is that the opportunity to reflect on Hajime did not come, such as Soko not being pointed out from the surroundings.

Then, in the last Katze 〓〓〓It took in human malice itself.
From the strength and portrayal of Katze, he totally shoulder one human being ... or beyond a good level to carry it.
Although Hajime is safe in no way but it is too scary that he can not feel human taste in fluffy stones.
Because there is JJ of EXE Makina 's existence, its acceptance place was good at socci ....

... No, perhaps the special of Hajime around that is a foreshadow to the second term, is not it?

〓〓〓his is the new generation type of hero "everyone with hero" [About the theme]

〓〓〓Problem raising 1

Well, this work is not related to "Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman" as I wrote in 〓〓〓
About "science" part was not irrelevant either.
In this work, born from the development of science, rapidly prevailing in the modern era, looking to the growing SNS, from there drawing the story of science and technology x hero.
(* SNS = social. Networking service. It is a place where communication can be taken on the net,
Speaking something easy to understand is Twitter or GREE is Sore. In a broad sense, the site here can also be said as a kind of exchange of opinions. )

So the problems that come up to the service of this kind are vandalised, like fire, like "to become able to see the malice that should have never been seen"
Even if you hit the mask of anonymity and do not die, even if you erase it will come out again, it is more problematic than such a cockroach.
How should we face sores who cry out with the rapid growth of the net and repeat evil prominence?
We treat the part as the first theme.

〓〓〓Problem raising 2

Next, in the present world, including things like 〓〓〓... ... No, there are many bad parts in the world as well.
In such a situation vaguely "I want to change this world, I want to change", it should be quite a lot if I think.
At least it seems anyone thinks that it will be "a better world".

However, it is regrettable that perhaps a minority is seriously thinking to do sole. With the power of an individual there is a limit to whatever you do.
It is a slogan that wants to rephrase at such time when it is "Does everyone have to do it" ___ ___ ___ 0
If it is a Japanese who has a reputation for "gentlemen" things, it will be extremely difficult to be "one person" within "each one will do his best".
It is the second theme that I wonder if I can not do something good at that area.

〓〓〓Answer to the theme

Boluk-Katze, who is the manifestation of problem 1, like this 〓〓〓in this work, Sole.
It is invisible, hits and does not die, disappears even if it disappears, it is a character that is exactly malicious itself that smiles with hurting people.
Such a Katze plans to use the SNS to destroy the earth using the malice that comes from the anonymity there.
Naturally, the town is a great way to confuse the great disorder, but it was the new hero Hajime that managed to do something difficult.

Katze thought that "If everyone is stupid and flushed if they are upset," Katze thinks that "If everyone is foolish and crushes if it fuels," Hajime has thought that "Many people will help each other" against Human beings while giving power and Hajime I gave force and made the situation converge.

Even though the insane seniors are evil and evil, they are really good people, there are many more decent people.
For example, 2 ch or the site here. At least this work claims so.
I also wrote as a minority who acts on 〓〓〓's problem raising 2, but it is neither a translation nor a measure of actually heard.

For example, as a lot of volunteer activities were seen as a lot of fund-raising gathered after the earthquake,
I think that the thing called human good faith is actually a lot of things to the point that fishing comes after painting malignant facts.
And it was SNS that was originally a tool to demonstrate a lot of good intentions.

It is meaningless unless the good faith of the corner also arrives by "refrain common to Japanese people".
This work makes it easy to exceed "anchor" which makes you feel that somehow by anonymity,
In addition, each one did not work hard by lowering the fence and making it easier to participate, and it showed us the system that "everyone will make it up".
There is a limit to the ability of each person to do a hero, but everyone should be able to do a hero! "There is an extremely positive theme here.

Regarding the point that "forming a hero with the help of science"
It is a work named Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman.


Ideally it is said to be very futuristic. At the same time, the unexpected realistic way of moving people, that way of thinking is attractive and attracting interest.
It is a work that I want you to think about SNS in the coming society, looking to as many people as possible, with contents that make me think at least considerably.
It is unbelievable that the name recognition is low ... and so on.

The production of the second term is also decided, I think that I would like to expect further, including points that I was dissatisfied with this time.
In addition, since Blu - ray BOX has become very cheap for the fullness of content fullness please come (certain bless stem)

Evaluation is "highest".

2013/12/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 824 Host:639 Browser: 7860
Hero animation that you probably would not need to be a Gachaman.
It was very innovative to have a hero and SNS as the main point of the talk.

Since I am doing making stories that I care about continuing every time, my motivation to watch was never interrupted.

I was not able to give a satisfying answer to what the hurdle of having everyone has power, but is it justice to accept diversity? Just as the start put Katze in my heart.

In the development of a very exciting story I had launched a new hero statue, but it is regrettable as a way to tighten my crisp.
It seems that production of the second term has been decided, so I will expect that to be clear.

Evaluate as "good".

2013/11/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35983 Host:35732 Browser: 1965(Mobile)
〓〓〓From Tachikawa, the end of the world

This work exquisitely how to spread the wrapping cloth that events in one city in Tokyo are related to the world's survival.
Why Tachikawa? Was explained as a town with the capital function at first, but it seems that there was a feeling just right as a scale that you can feel crisis.
I do not know my own Tachikawa.

〓〓〓When it comes to being a hero, is it now?

The beginning of the heroine fighting as Gatchaman is characterized as being drawn as a solid core character like a wonderland.
It is really a waste that people who shy away with that talker and boobs do not seem to be scarce.
When the base seeking change in the world proclaimed that a prominent hero is not needed, she said that she would not quit being a gajaman.
It was not because he did not exorcise his own power, nor denied the base, but because of the belief that a man should do what he should do within his reach.

〓〓〓Berg. The person who is irritated by Katze is the name of the enemy called Katze, the name gajamaman that which leads to the old work.
Mr. Mamoru Miyano also had a good performance, Berg. Katze worked exceptionally as a villain evoking viewers' frustration.
That kind of berth. When Katze appeared in the live-action version, I was lightly desperate.
Katze who clings to the beginning without repeating net slangs easily is a malice that pretends to the net which we are witnessing.
That is why we can both tune and rebound. And that malice never disappears.
However, the net has no malicious intent. Humans are not only malicious ... it seems that the fruition has come to the end.

〓〓〓Evaluation is "good"
I could watch it to the end without a useless episode. A totally solid work of impression.
It is unknown whether it was necessary to be Gatchaman. It is an animation that does not matter so much.
It was a shame that Gatamaman's transformation was delayed and the battle scene was a little faint.

2013/10/15 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 253 Host:230 Browser: 4180
I made a foolish complaint that I missed the last story so in the comments.

This work, very interesting is the metaphor from the direct expression, the possibility and the danger of the Internet society using a metaphor and expressed in various forms.
Hajime drawn as a correct user. Humans who have various stances to the net are arranged to harden the surroundings, not to believe the net excessively, and to believe it excessively on the contrary. In addition, the person who exploits to the utmost, is not to say Berg. Katze. This work showed us that it is a double-edged sword, and that the net is a honorable sword. Well this area will be seen and it will be more fun to think by yourself.

Personally I was worried that there was no character that supplements the reasoning part of Hajime who preceded the intuition. I wanted a character that would interpret her words in a way that the viewer understood it clearly. There is no point in truncating it with radio waves alone.
Also, like Mobukara and the Prime Minister, I was also curious that the hero and others were drawn at the level of intelligence like junior high school students. As expected, the prime minister is too persuasive. I felt that delicacy was insufficient overall, such as a brute force depiction was seen in places and the like.

Besides that, there are points that I care about variously, such as the planar and 3DCG the planarity and the illustration of the character deza, but omitting because I think that you can understand it.
I think that the attempt is SF-like and the method is unique, so it's worth seeing. Although it is not enough as Battle 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓at all.

2013/10/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48901 Host:48826 Browser: 10678
This animation is not related to Gachaman. It's just a name. That is good.

I do not know exactly what this animation is interesting. It is already troublesome, so I thought it would be over with this. I do not really understand but I want to see it one after another. So it is appropriate to be honest about writing from here.

I was looking at Rui when I saw the story. Rui feels the most story and it is easy to see. Anxiety as a net communication operator like community service is really a hero. No, the hero is the beginning and the Gatchaman group is the hero. But when you look at that G, the story does not come into my mind. From the center of Louis it is easy to follow the entire flow immediately. Moreover, the setting is good. Denial of the hero, every member of the hero that says that he must not need any non - standard hero. However, Rui actually handles various problems secretly taking strength outside standards. It is a bit cranky, is not it? And this power is the greatest evil of this animation, or obtained from Las Bos Katze. I do not want to use it as much as possible because of his cooperation, but it is convenient and it can not escape by using it. Besides, Katze can not keep on trying to get wrong. Ruirui is good. As expected, he is the hero in me.

I think that I am making this work hero as the axis. At first glance it is Eden of the East. It is about the hero that it processes it anime. If the above Rui is in charge of another hero's story, the rest are Gatjaman members. Although the beginning mainly changes everyone, it is a trigger. This place is not like the first protagonist of the beginning. She only leads to the last. This subtleness makes Louis stand out among the members of the surroundings. I think that the character is standing, but in a story it is a complement other than a striking role.

By the way, I understand that I do not know, I will put it in the last part of the fun of this work. The above characters will make basic interest, but this work GALAX is a point. In conjunction with this software and artificial intelligence X, this will involve various people. Mobukara's activities like this are pretty interesting without finding out only with the central character. I do not understand well even if it is told why it is interesting. It is very similar to Dura, but it is more sophisticated. I think that smartphone is making it possible. Dura Because it was still gross. It is good to cover the whole work. In the case of Dura Make it from the top of the dollars to the last point. It is a spell that refined the series of classic Yankee fighting battle cartoon like the legendary team using the net. There is a thought in the time of Dura, but it is making itself as its axis. There are some scenes to wear with Dura. Still the whole work is in GALAX base The interestingness of this work is more fun to feel something different from Dura 's Dolls.

Director Nakamura thought that battle was bad at least. Although I did not expect that director Nakamura to battle animation, as usual we still can not draw as much as a battle as a picture. It is not suitable for director Nagai or Bones battle scene to draw as the same image. But there is fun as a picture ignoring the battle. However, I think that it is a script of a fishing ball, I tried thinking that the hero is painful with flying animation of a fishing ball but thanks to the stage of the royal road this time it shines. I'm excited as a hot battle firmly. There is no such thing as battle deployment, but it is good to arrange a flow as a character burns hotly. In the work of Director Nakamura I saw, I feel that it is a hot-blooded hero thing or battle thing as NO1.

It was fun to finish how GALAX focused on the last round Rui and solved by spreading it. It is quite relaxing that a malicious player was driven out by a person who enjoys good intentions and festivals by Rui's decision. I thought that Katze was returning and laughed. Katze does not know people .... I thought that it is still a long way since I came to the earth. Rather than being unreliable as a rasp boss, it is a person who enjoys malice, so whether enjoying good intentions is probably making it saying that it probably is not understood? I think that Katze was a unique villain.

However, what happened to OD? Katze Why did you start fusing together properly? What happened on the date? Have you not made planning so far and made it? I was surprised at that point that I'm finishing a screenplay with a cup of drinks. Although it is common that there are scales shortage with original texture, it is quite a bad level to roll around with anilori. Have you made it to be thoughtfully purposely? Well I wanted you to carefully draw the end of Katze as well. This is a surprise.

2013/09/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21267 Host:21163 Browser: 8949
Defend the peace of Tachikawa. Gotcha !!
Are you a local hero?
I was waiting while I was excited about what time the rail gun will come out w

Interesting things are funny But I'm not going to say something noisy, but I'm not a gajaman, neither Casshern Crows nor Tekkaman Crows nor anything in the Gold Litan Crows I think that the merit of this remake is "certainly 〓〓〓〓〓quot; At the same time I think that the new element is also gathered up with no sense of incongruity, but this work is in contrast to what the "new element" was doing at the same time, "Yamato" remake at the same time
OP was strangely cool

It is good to go even if everyone moves without permission is the situation when the society is stable, the crisis is fluctuating, it is meaningless even if the amateur gets out of hand in disagreement, even in good faith, dangerous It seems that the producer also has awareness about it, but rescue workers who preceded the information of Galax during a ropeway accident depicted how "I helped" just depicting the moment when I got there In the event of a no-tunnel accident, the one who crisis was saved, after all, the "magical power" as Gatchaman
In the critical phase, professional is necessary, it does not function unless it is organized, after all it requires the traditional type of authority mechanism, and it is all determined by "setting" and "victory condition" of the creator of the update game As it is done, after all, the ruling layer, hero is born

I want to improve the world that "everyone's goodwill" updates the world, but it is a work that sounds comfortable to young people who are stinking, surely the first girl is a good girl and I think he is wrong I did not want to see "that point"

However, it is more interesting than a work such as a simple brush who has skillfully understood as well as a big success in a favorable delusive world where a Chinese disease patient is advantageous, and even if it is stinking even though it is seriously created It is important to keep saying the ideal but the scale is not enough w

At the beginning, is casually big breasts meaning that it was the hint of the last "to fit in my heart" or "Huge pocket" is meaningful

I do not care, I grasp all the surveillance cameras in the city, talk in natural language, overcome living body identification and realize that the crowd is a fake product President X High performance too much w
Moreover, developed by individual w

Evaluation is normal as it was able to enjoy, Gotcha !!

2013/09/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27396 Host:27394 Browser: 5387
[good point]
〓〓〓Kiyone is forced by others on a train "Let's hand over the seat to the elderly", but the beginning is "The person may be tired and may be sick"
To say things like things I was grabbed by my heart from the beginning.
I will also be sitting on a train or bus so that my body will be weak, but apparently it seems only to general men, so something like "give me a seat" occasionally told me ...
〓〓〓Getting Started. It seems like it does not seem to be fine, I think about the circumstances properly or say a philosophical thing that sometimes makes me feel relieved, I do not feel afraid of the strong enemy Katze, just like a friend .. what would it be? This strange reassurance is.
Is she a place like a modern female version of a fancy cloud?
It's a really good character, it's a waste to finish with just the frame Gatchaman Crows something like this.
It is a character that makes me think that I want to hit her against various enemies.

〓〓〓The reality of writing such as Gatchannel etc is not half end.
I wondered if it was really being written.
I was really upset with seriously saying that he told me that he was busy w
(I did not care at the beginning at first)
〓〓〓I was able to laugh that the through attack of people of the public was the most effective for characters like authorization of vandalism, Katche w

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Gutamaman is said to be the original theme song of the original Gatchaman.
I wanted to hear that cool introduction by contemporary version arrange ... but this is "Gatchaman Crows" and it is not a remake.
〓〓〓The final story, the beginning and the final confrontation of Katze are absent and it ends with the scene where Katze is being taken in first.
I have been thinking a lot about why this happened.
Well, how does the beginning decide to settle with Katche? It was disappointing because that exchange was pleasure.
I do not understand something in detail, but it seems that there was happening and the production did not make it in time.
It is disappointing. Will you deliver the full version someday?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
When I saw this work I felt like Gachaman's feeling at first I was saying a crazy crap ... Anything seems like a modern version of a permanent but it was quite a good work. It is regrettable that there is no choice but to end it.

2013/09/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9039 Host:9265 Browser: 9615
Was funny.
Although I was interested before seeing it, I liked myself, characters that were more interesting than I imagined, directing, drawing, performing stories, performing voice acting groups.
The Okama character is giving out a pretty good taste. I think O, D and Katze were good characters.
Regrettably the last two stories are disappointing, sudden summary compilation. There is a feeling that the final story certainly packed too much ...
Even though it was pretty amusing, it was fun.
But is there such a sequel in this way of finishing? Is not there a hero ...?

2013/09/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10391 Host:10101 Browser: 7875
The atmosphere was okay setting seems like a little durarara, but I think it was quite good

However, there are too few places to touch the core part in one course, so why did you have to bother to set it so much?

The tense deployment in the second half was good,
I wonder what that tears in 12 episodes ...

Most valuable points Mamoru Miyano acting
The most unreliable point painting collapse
Eleventh episode A part compilation

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Evaluation is "normal"

2013/09/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:18954 Browser: 13907
It is a comment by watching until the TV episode final story.

Last episode A sudden A part comprehension at the last time. And the development of the last round that the end of the Gachaman members are almost never talked about. I feel like I managed somehow, but I wonder if there was any trouble.
Since re-editing may be carried out in the future, comments on what I felt without evaluating yet.

What is a hero? I myself watched the depiction of the work and imagined the appearance of people at the time of the great earthquake disaster.
As a work of this hand, it was an unsatisfactory work for the fun of the action battle, but the message that is well incorporating the malice and possibility of the delivered net felt quite interesting.
Actually there are various kinds of constraints, though it can not be such a thing. That is why he talks about ideals by using a hero work piece. This is ant. There was also a charm depiction with charm like Utsuka Naka-san, it was a work that I enjoyed considerably. Let's conclude with this word. Gotcha!

2013/08/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4295 Host:4035 Browser: 4631
Gotchaman's title is a work of a good rank even if it does not exist.

It is likely to be dragged by the hero's brightness, but it is a deep work in the middle.

What will become of the beginning of Inonose and Ichinose, trying to make a world that does not require a hero?
Looking forward to the future.

2013/07/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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* Advance evaluation at the time of viewing until 3 episodes.

I did not know about the original material at all, but I can see it without problems.
A state of a message with a strong message with the theme of a situation of modern internet society and real society being welcomed.

I am excited to be making an early stage with already good feeling,
The design on the visual side is pretty elaborate and it is funny.

The character character of the hero is better than anything else.
Baka and genius are character sensitive characters that feel like a single piece of paper, and they are bright and cheerful and can be likable.
Unlike just a foolish character, the place seemingly looking for the right thing is do strike personally.

In the 2013 summer animation, it is personally the first work expected. "Comment that I think is good".
Furthermore, the director seemed to be the same person as "Fishing Tama", making such a thing was also good, so there is no unreliable factor.

2013/07/13 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Anyway, if it "flames up", it is the offensive attitude that is making himself crash flaming explosion flames. I wonder ....

Mr. Kogori Mori is also credited so, "I can not fly, but I want you to fly to you instead instead", or Immortal Joe supports from the shadow ...
I thought that it was absolutely not such a thing.

However, as far as the first episode is concerned, everything is far from diagonally above.
A heroine or high school girls high school girlfriend's wonderful radio wave system on top of the handsfet fetish and a bright boys' girlfriend, and a series of "~ ices" and "~ 〓〓〓〓〓〓"
"I seem to have gotten somewhat gotchaman from today, w I'm sorry we have kept you w" Ka Ru.
In a nutshell "I am crazy" (lol is cute though.
If you think that it is not a Gachaman, it may be funny to the extent that eccentricity becomes a habit.
("I am not good with you" is lined up side by side with "I like the goodness of a little nostalgic feeling" of opening as well)
Is it a right path to listen to this "I observe broken school girls" taste? Or should we regard it as "Gastaman taste of Thai bani"?
I am at a loss on my judgment, but since I like both, I will continue to watch and listen.
(Ah, is it director Kenji Nakamura of 'C' or 'Tsubo ball.' Personally, this is a work we have to see only)

It is still interesting even at the 5th episode. Although Joe was building a death flag like a hooksan, he laughed to pinpin.
A revolution without a experience with a brainstorming "girlfriend" bishojo (like a tofu mental contemporary Guevara) and its members confrontation.
(Releasing Member No.26 Vo Yusa Koji and Mr. Blackberry Balk.Kaze Vo Miyano Mamoru's mischievousness is not half-ended, but it's uncomfortable to stop watching to stop watching them is their terrible)
And, in a charming manner, hero Hajime who is steadily Hero (heroine). Finally it seems that a genius protagonist meets a high-ranking sub-hero. How to enter the ending stimulates expectations.
(In the work world, it is charming that the firefighting, the police and the SDF adjacent to the local government Tachikawa shiyakusha are not coordinated with the official channel.) After the earthquake, I think there is a vulnerable administrative agency such disaster management guidance. I guess it 's a convictor because it's interesting, is not it?)

As of the seventh episode, if this is the stage, I think completely "the leading role" is Berg. Katze 〓〓〓Miyano Mamoru. It is the first time for "villain" and "bad guy" until fresh. Literally "Picareque Hero".
There is not much memory in saying that it is a ridiculous opponent and a light character to be raped. Perhaps, there are things that are there, but the existence of characters standing up to this point is insignificant.
(Mr. Miyano, I think this work would be fun and I do not think so)
There is nothing to do with the attentions to direct Usetsu's reversing man to the main character Hajime as well as suggesting (possibly) suicide bombing and OD's high spec.
Goddaman looking good in vain for the leader of the copanda style, style, and even the evasion of the rain, this is not a half hesitation. Even though I was cool on CG.
Tofu mental IT It is likely that the success of the next generation revolutionaries (less than) will be completely defeated after exposing all their hands in the middle stage.
Hajimete and "main character" Baek which is exchanged by turning round, I think that the scene of Katze's conversation also seems to be unlikely to appear so much.
It is a place to worry about whether Samurai Boy's Kiyone will show us the endless success in the story advancing adhesive or convenience store. Also, Mr. Joe, go ahead and chott.