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Kenji Nakamura
Toshiya Ono
Tatsunoko Productions
Taku Iwasaki
Maaya Uchida
Kaori Ishihara
Ryouta Ousaka
Daisuke Namikawa
Kotori Koiwai
Aya Hirano
Daisuke Hosomi
Ayumu Murase
Sakura Tange
Yuuichirou Umehara
Mamoru Miyano
Kana Hanazawa
Katsuji Mori
Japan Released:2015/06/20(Sat) Hulu TV / End:2015/09/26
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1. http://www.ntv.co.jp/GC_insight/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/GATCHAMANCrowds
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2015/10/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2588 Host:2433 Browser: 4721
It was a well done work.
It was nothing but a splendid way of going along with flowing, and it was only convincing.

Since I did not see the previous work, I did not know what kind of work it was and I thought that the action is the main work and showed a fight against evil as it is attached with Gatchaman, but there is almost no such thing and it is predictable in that respect It was different from what I was doing, and it may be a work that I can not call Gatchaman strictly.

However, since I made new things more firmly and accomplished, I was able to see past images and other things as a single work.

I thought that this content is exactly what really expressed Japan, and in particular there are many parts that overlap with the current situation and I pulled it carefully carefully as I drew it, so I pulled it in There was something that appealed intensely as message nature.

Japan is a culture that reads air and is a culture that rides on the flow, a culture that adapts to the surroundings, it is a culture that goes without saying that you would like to say something that you would like to say if you do not enter that frame, it will eliminate your personality.
Personally I also hated it, so there were parts that I sympathize with variously, or there was a place to make me think.

First of all, the aim is to make it think that it is a good thing by placing a new hero of this time, it becomes a doubtful atmosphere gradually becoming unpleasant air and becoming to an irreversible flow.
Because I can not see it I drew it with something that I really can not see what is terrible.

It was scary in places I did not think that I was doing bad things, either Tsubasa or Gensadora, and that is why it was not a bad person So it was rather a miso that put a good childish bridle, and I got empathy into Tsubasa Because it becomes so, even if you are watching it, I'm about to get on that air.

The enemy of this time is also drawn in this volume, but it is invisible and everyone (normal ordinary).
It lives there as message nature.

At first glance the aim seems simple and it is difficult to make the dangerous air, the intention is likely to get ahead or become intensified, but there was a reality like seeing the reality, so fear is It was there and I was convinced.

It will be air that it is good to beat as a result of being hit by a little remark of Prime Minister.
There is not anger or hatred there, I just hit it because it is just air that I can just hit it.

It becomes a prologue and catches a glimpse of the current situation in Japan.

From that point Gersadora will become Prime Minister and move to consolidate it in order to eliminate fighting and fighting.
Although it seems to be a seemingly happy ideal world to be waiting, there is no such beautiful thing and gradual impossibility will come.

Because it is hard to become one, people can stop thinking by making an item that leaves it to the Prime Minister this time.
It is a funny story from an objective viewpoint but it is frightening to think that it would be possible for Japanese people.

Then the air that was hard to understand that would hit without the idea that appeared in the opening stage is definite.

The place where "Ku sama" came out at last at the place where the air is prepared is completed, the air which eliminates the person saying the opposite is completed, and the world which forcibly conforms to the air is completed.

This means that it will be one.
It seemed to teach that such a world will not be established.

Because this is an animation it may be thought that it is impossible because it uses animals and unrealistic things, but unfortunately there are such air in everywhere in Japan and there is a part overlapping with the reality so you can understand it I will.

And the last pencil, I can convince people how to put it together, it was a perfect answer as to how the air would stop.

I do not think there is no malice there and I think that I am right where I hit it somewhat, I do not think that it will be impossible to recover anyway, and obviously I do not think I'm doing something wrong.

So let me first decide by voting.
And let me recognize that it is a bad air by showing a cruel scene.
At the same time as noticing the terribleness of this air, also stopping the air, because the enemies who made up the air made it possible to choose by voting, it makes us understand the seriousness of responsibility (decide without thinking) I put them together in a splendid manner.

That's why the last three choices are messed up, probably because I wanted to say the most in this work, "Let's think about properly" will come effective as I drew firmly up to this point.

Although I'm talking about beautiful things to eliminate conflicts even if I make it a Wings, is it really what I thought properly?
There is something that can be taught because it is a character who can sympathize with Tsubasa.

I thought that it was the motto of this work whether it was the hero's thing that only sacrificing himself was not a hero but fighting, he also told the essence of the hero and finally showed Gatchaman's likeness.

Although I do not know anything though the character named Hajime is also good, but the word has persuasive power, there was something interesting to interact with Katze.
It was wonderful that the constituent power which made up precisely how to invisible air flowing and changing as a theme with Japan's peculiar air which was not likely to be truly was exceptional.
On top of that, various messages are included, including things like updating, fear of air, etc. Contents remain intense as a work.

Personally taught the most,
Air is sweet and delicious, you can be safe if you suck it. But it is difficult to spit out.
I try to adjust for the sake of getting relief, and for those who are not (for those who are going to exhale) it puts a silent pressure on.
It was scary and I was about to think about becoming one.

2015/07/26 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26024 Host:26120 Browser: 7455
I watch the first ~ 3 episodes.
For the time being, roughly two points are extracted.

〓〓〓New character alien 〓〓〓materialized president X
The new character Alien Gelsadora, the role in the play will be upward compatible type of president X.
Presence that collects unconscious unconscious and is materialized.
He embodies the spirit of people, JJ Robinson.This can be visualized.
It gathers them and guides the optimum answer suitable for the air of the place.
It is a metaphor of that his transformation appearance is a cloud-like shape that is exactly a cloud gathering intellect.

〓〓〓"sympathy" and "sympathizing"
Due to the ability of Gelsadora, it was revealed that "beginning" was not only a pose but also a human being who does not have empathic ability from the heart.
(Only her cloud (cloud) is gray and it does not stain around)
Better or bad, it really is not swept by the surrounding air.
At the beginning, only the elderly of stubborn fireworks was closest to her spirit (cloud).
Perhaps, the first mental structure does not suit appearance, it is an area of 〓〓〓〓〓 sennin, an old monster, or the like.
It can be said that there is not inconvenience so far due to overwhelming behavioral power and a genius olfactory that finds the optimal solution.

Conversely, empathic ability, the hero with emotion is Witty.
She has proper heart and emotion sensitivity.
That's why she tried to escape from JJ Robinson who was unable to know his acquaintance for the first time.
My child was crying, I got mad at the camera in front.

But that is why in the third episode I was able to fly with the "air" of the gathering place of Gelsadora, the "wind" on the side, and the "wing" not in the beginning.
(Just keep going "slipping" at first)

Sympathy and emotion are not disturbing things.
Actively evaluating attitude that there is something that can be done rather because of it.

Rather than a story, the current situation is to drill down on the root part of the previous work, to set the antithesis against it and create a story.

Continue viewing with expectation.