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GAGA Comyunications Masahiro Yoshimoto
Koide Kazumi Ishigakitsutomu Syuichi Kakesu
Kaori Shimizu Chihiro Suzuki Urara Takano Mariko Kouda
Fumihiko Tachiki Ryo Horikawa Yuko Miyamura Rei Igarashi
Japan Released:2000/02/05(Sat) Movie
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2006/11/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43998 Host:43895 Browser: 5234
Things and ideas are too small.
Since it is an adverse effect on the earth, it is good to reduce a human being, it is thought of Nero which is too much too much anything.
It is only after I finally got to worry that I should reduce it, but I doubt that the human race is going to be reduced so much, even if it got dirty, even a handful of human beings treated for that problem and their situation drawn as a comma 1 second Since it is not, the real feeling that it is really being scared is not transmitted at all to the viewer side, and it is a troublesome work that only Alice, Euan and Maria are playing with only three people after all.

I think that it was relaxing to a person, though it was not so impressive as to change the appearance of Mary (although the intention to change her appearance is not clear rather than an impression), her engagement between Euan and Mary was also honestly cold.

Even if we sing environmental problems too much, the claim is too thin, so it can only be said that this work was eventually just a work that I wanted to say that CG technology is amazing.

2006/09/06 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53123 Host:53177 Browser: 4184
When it was aired as a movie version, it was technically awesome work,
I feel that I am unsatisfactory if I compare it with a work using CG now.
Especially, there is much unnaturalness in human movement, and the afterimage of the gun is shabby.
Complaints remain on the pretty image side.

Also, I did not think that the story was great.
The last one was also unexpected.

As CG technology develops, and now it is used frequently, I feel it is a work that can not find much goodness.

2004/10/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10773 Host:10776 Browser: 4184
[Theater Animation 1999 85 mins SF Adventure (Full 3DCG)]

Evaluation on the same ring as existing 2D animation is a difficult place and the image is pretty beautiful, but indeed it is that face, that is a painful visual work. It seems to be motion capture once, but movement is also unnatural. That 's why it' s just a puppet show. A feeling that a 3D adventure game a while ago became a movie on the screen of the game. The shadow of effort is greatly visible and the impression is not bad at all, but it is painful not to watch with confidence. After all, although there were some beautiful scenes that seemed rather frustrating, there were many more scary scenes than that.
The fear of the heroine's eyebrows was impressive ...

Although the story is not bad, it is a mediocre system. The first half is a little reminiscent of the terminator and the second half is the story of the global environment (population problem). Maria's entangled gag is not very funny, and the straight population problem story in the extreme system is also slightly mediocre. Well, it was surprisingly interesting for that, and the last was a little impressed, either because music or production was good?

2004/08/19 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19678 Host:19500 Browser: 3646
Although it is a movie drawn with full CG, compared with the movie "Final Fantasy" likewise drawn with full CG,
I feel that I am unsatisfied. However, the character design of "A.LI.CE" is for children,
It is making kids looking for joy. Is heroin 's Atsushi a Japanese? ..... Ei Yuan who saved her who was attacked by a stealth soldier is definitely Japanese, but the name is not Japanese. That is a worrying point.
In the staff roll of the ending of the movie, I learned that "Alice" of the heroine is officially written as "Atsushi", but it is somewhat like a hatred feeling of the "Night dew of death" system.

At the beginning of the movie, the SS1X of Atsushi and the stewardess robot who escapes with the design snowmobile of "Happy Tiger" appearing in the director Hayao Miyazaki's director Hayao "Miyazaki Castle Laputa" It was tracked suddenly by stealth soldiers who ride on snowmobiles designed like unfeeling and shooting while firing, but the designs of those stealth soldiers and others like "somehow Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" appearing in the "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" Somewhat similar to the design of the soldiers ... sort of .................... I think that is due to mind !?
Moreover, while naming a stealth soldier or the like, it is not necessarily wearing an optical camouflage battle garment separately,
It is just a general soldier who does not have special combat capabilities. There is no stealth function at all. Although I was hoping at the beginning that change to the same color as the surrounding scenery like chameleon, or to show off such ability later ... ....
But, is the contents of the stealth troops machine?!? When the security system of the enemy 's home "Kingdom" goes down, the stealth soldiers stopped their activities, so it feels like that.

The boy Yuan who brought to Ausu helping SS1X and SS1X who was tracked by the stealth soldiers seems to be detailed in the mechanism.
I have tuned SS1X independently. Was the design of SS1X becoming a little sexy, is it the result of his preference reflected? In addition, strange new features were added ............... .........
Atsushi naming SS1X newly and surveying neighboring village which became unmanned together with Mary and Yuan, giant computer SS10X created by Nikko Dictator who time slipped from past and dominates the world I knew what was being swept away in the era ................................ After all, it was a time slip story You look like it.
Something, the story of such development seems to come up by anyone, I did not feel any new element.

A little surprisingly, Nero was a handsome boy with blond hair, as Noro dictator was actually the son of Atsushi.
Or, they do not resemble their mothers' sub-living at all ................... Is it really parent-child?
Perhaps he thought that Nero is more like his father than his mother, and the dark circle white man of the rescue team who appeared in the last of the movie was the father. Nero itself is not the Japanese name in itself ...........................
Speaking of "Nero", I usually imagine a tyrant of the ancient Roman Empire, "a dog of Flanders".

While traveling by train this time Luo Army members caught by Akutoshi, Euan and Maria.
The leader of the liberation army, Nicolai is a Russian ?? A scientist, using the captured ausushi to enemy's home "Kingdom"
It started hacking to the huge computer SS10X in the company, it was successful as planned, succeeded in bringing down the "Kingdom" security system, and the liberation army members who rushed into "Kingdom"
When Akoshi Tatsuta rescued by Mary escaped from the Liberation Army under the shuttle, the security system recovered,
Everyone except Kasuba was being killed by machine gun sweep. Scenes where humans are killed by machine gun sweeps by multiple machine guns installed in the building were also scenes that I had seen with old sunrise work robot animation and I did not feel brand new. I think it looked like a similar scene.

Akutoshi and his friends express to the Kingdom with a shuttle taken from the liberation army. At last Atsushi finally met Nero,
I knew that I was assimilating with the huge computer SS10X in this era!
There, the leader of the liberation army Nicolai appeared and bowed down his ambition, but this man was the real evil party.
However, SS10X's tentacles are stabbed and died without dying, but just before that SS10X was destroyed and the "Kingdom" collapsed. Stealth soldiers thought that movement should have been controlled by "SS10X" of "Kingdom", but such things repeated repeatedly fire at Atsushi who escaped to the end without any doubt.
It was an akoshi who escaped with the shuttle, but the shuttle was loaded with a time warp machine and returned safely to the world of the original era, where he encountered Nero 's father. Is that pendant a parent and child sign ...................

It may be able to evaluate the point that this movie was introduced as a pioneer in "Full CG video" and "Filmless screening".
It was still rare at the time of film release, probably.
As for the story, I think that there is no loss even if you appreciate it if you are fascinated by a movie whose main character is time slipping.
However, the live-action movie "Terminator" series and the "back to the. Future"
It is far more interesting.