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West cape Corpration TOHOKUSHINSHA FILM CORPORATION Yoshinori Nishizaki
Reiji Matsumoto
Takeshi Shirato
Hiroshi Miyagawa Kentarou Haneda
Aritsune Toyoda
Kazuhiko Utagawa
Katsumata Hageshi
Yuu Aku
Isao Sasaki
Daisuke Inoue
Kuni Kawachi
Kei Tomiyama
Youko Asagami Shusei Nakamura
Gorou Naya
Takeshi Aono
Ichiro Nagai
Shinji Nomura
Yoshito Yasuhara
Kazuo Hayashi
Kenichi Ogata
Mikio Terashima
Toru Furuya
Akira Kamiya
Masatou Ibu
Osamu Kobayashi
Jun Hazumi
Taro Ishida
Masane Tsukayama
Rokuro Naya
Kazue Ikura
Reiko Tajima
Tatsuya Nakadai
Japan Released:1983/03/19(Sat)
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2017/04/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9738 Host:9710 Browser: 10391
[good point]
Heisutsu who is addicted to Yamato from 2199. I was surprised at the low evaluation on writing here. However, I think that it is a wonderful story. Some people say that the Dingyr empire is absolutely evil and not interesting, but personally I like Gamirasu and Gato Lantis side-by-side. In the scene where the President of Lugar scoured the boy of Dingir who cared for the ancient times, if it is thought of a weak cookie meal, it does not mind, although it is an ancient one, hears only an ancient, but hears only the ancient accusation, he just leaves. I wonder if there was a heart of love somewhere in him. However, from the traditional idea of 〓〓〓〓〓 strong melee, he did not explain his thoughts. Looking at the end of the poor Dingyr empire, we have doubts about the current weakness society. At the end of the island, it tends to be underestimated. It feels like he started up Yamato with pride as a voyage headmaster. Well maybe the island that went to the heavenly world was angry over by Theresa? (Laugh)
I thought that the end of the last scene, "Farewell," is quite obvious. However, the completion edition makes me want to salute salute only at the end of the Yamato 's proud and honorable majestic end. In the middle of it, President Desler who is beating the remnant fleet of the Dingyr empire is cool and does not stop gathering. And, the scene where the last term Yamato suicide in Aquierus, it is power that can suck on the screen already. There was a person who doubts about the appearance of Yamato after suicide bombs but Captain Okita who ended up full of creations, I just feel a sense of tragic feeling and a sense of mission to protect Yamato's planet. And then a horn saying the last line of Yamato and the last serif was made and quietly Sasaki Issa began singing the Space Battleship Yamato and finished singing as if to say thank you to Yamato who protected the earth.
[Bad point]
I do not have anything, but I wanted General Tarang to stay with President Alla ...
[Comprehensive evaluation]
From the music, drawing, narration, scenario everything is best!
There seems to be a lot of people who truncate to the endless Yamato series, but for me who can not accept robot animation like Gundam or Evangelion, there is only Yamato! (However, Matsumoto Zero and Silver Britain are excluded) Let's do the rest of the sequel to do the rest! Afterwards, the outfit of the warship which is not Yamato is also certain !!!!

2014/12/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3988 Host:3862 Browser: 7864
[good point]
Painting is very powerful
The last scene of Yamato is quite magnificent

[Bad point]
I do not care about talks on the way.
Pull endings hard
Throughout the series there were plenty of thrusts to the end

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Impression that it is 3 hours long work which all made for connecting to the end of Yamato. Well it's natural because it's a complete version. For the last scene of Yamato I think that the stuff made plenty of thought, or I think that it was enough content to feel love for Yamato. The development which finishes with lingering finish was quite a solemn atmosphere. On the other hand, the battle against the Dingir empire until then, as usual, there were many plunges and the sweetness of the stuff remarkable.
"Why did the enemy generals challenge in the cavalry match in the era of the century of the universe?" There were also places where the eyes became dots, but there are things that are amusing when they come here.

The feeling that the story was finished in the reverse direction towards the last was strong, but since the last was a pretty good result, I would like to say "normal" evaluation.

2011/09/18 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13483 Host:13642 Browser: 4646
[good point]
I think that I think it was pretty well done The best thing was the fighting of the destroyer fleet at the Pluto planning meeting and the appearance of the Dezler fleet at the end of the winter month's survival

[Bad point]
How to wipe out the main fleet of the Earth At least I think that if you shoot the main gun at least a little more I want a portrayal depicting battle and think that the resurrection of captain Okita is pretty convenient

2010/09/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
"Revival edition" is also rented and I think that it will be watched if the price goes down, so I watched this work beforehand first.
I am rewritten because my previous evaluation was probably foolish.

[good point]
The last captain of Okita will protect the earth from Aquarius at the expense of Yamato. Okita who is floating Yamato sweating with fine water droplets and Okita spreading sweat, as well as video quality, the director's angel that the mass of one of the most awesome BGMs in the series and the mass of the muddy stream that sticks to the earth are linked respectively is an apparent ant. By the way, if you presented the soundtrack of this work to the net auction, it got higher than the cost price.

Also, although the story leading to this story begins with a scene where Okita and the ancient study the strategy, the words of Okita who admonish the ancient can also be linked to the first episode and the TV version "〓〓〓quot;. Moreover, Owada who learned that Okita is left in the ship alone will see a fuss but also when viewing the ancient and Sanada who salute with silence, (It was scared to ancient times that the content of the strategy was brought back to Okita and rebounded fiercely As it contains how much bitterness they carry on this decision, knowing their iniquity that they did not think about it, there are situations in which scenes of imitating and repelling lost words I felt something that shines on the script.

[Bad point]
The problem is low drama nature of the content of two hours until this final stage.
It is reasonable Sukarakan that I did not remember when I was young.

Prior to Okita's resurrection, the hero's ancient resigned the captain, but he does not look like he made a particularly fatal judgment mistake. Although the sacrifice certainly appeared, it was seen also in the battle of all the series including the time under the command of Okita, the crew did not care about it, the Sanada who heard that the resignation was issued is ancient It was about the extent that I knew that I was pursued mentally. After all, in the face of the crisis of the earth, one ancient person was facing backwards, Okita just took charge of heavy responsibility, it seems that he was just doing the job of fighting group leader. The drama comes out to him because the death of the island and the rescue of Deshira are taken also after the occurrence of the final position of "Okida's son" in the final stage, the sense of attachment becomes strong.

The enemy Dingir empire is a branch from the earth's people 10 thousand years ago and it is also a setting that also leads to the later "Raisiner" .... It is too good moral to draw the tragedy of "fight between ethnic groups who are brothers". President Lugar 's enemy boss is a childish character who says "weak girls and old people die." The era has already entered the Real Robo boom and it is incompatible with the enemies as well as insistence on the emperor's studies and society, which is indecisive. Thanks to that, I do not feel that Dingir is desperate for the survival of ethnic being Dingir (If you can overwhelm the global army other than Yamato with the strength you lost your mother star you have not done elsewhere?). In the early days the ancient saved Dingyr's boy died in a sudden punch that he was actually the son of Rugal, indeed overturning the ancient within the event of touching with the earthling.

The goddess of Aquarius is merely an explanatory character. It is because this water star can not express enough that it has duality that brings both life and death to the earth in the scale of the movie, until the top secret of the empire called the secret of Dingir Genesis is ancient We will tell you.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Is it such as "empty festival" planned to draw the curtain to the Yamato boom of those days? As for the forbidden mikoshi called "Okida Juzo" to be brought up in the final movement and the choreography, I can feel the last power. However, the appearance that the essence of the past Yamato work was included in each movement up to that, it is said that it can not be used at all. Clashes between the two galaxies at the beginning do not affect the story at all, and the neighborhood is really a wasteful wrapping cloth. Indeed, in order to make the best use of the settings and developments mentioned in the "bad points" on the scale of the movie, a script of a god-honored level is required, but it seems that such a power did not exist in the staff.

"Yamato" has more coarse settings and deployment than "Gundam", but a powerful battle scene, a drama of characters and a work theme (can not cancel it) It can be said that it was done. Should I say that it is ironic that it concentrates only on the final part mainly in Okita that was revived by one of the series's super-expanded projects? Although it is "very bad" only up to two hours until the middle stage, I express respect for the power skills of the last who brought it to "normal".

2010/07/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17500 Host:17507 Browser: 4891
There are only new works, drawing is beautiful.
Although the story can only be said as "usual Yamato", I think that Yamato is good in that.

Actually, I was alive Okita Captain, which is good, but I did not get "It was a misdiagnosis by Dr. Sado."
I think that it was good with medical treatment so far, taking resuscitation measures ordinarily arriving at the earth.

And I do not understand the goddess of Aquarius well.
I guess there was no need to forcibly put out the goddess.

Something and scenes will appear around the work, reminiscent of the battle ship Yamato at World War II.
Although it might be meaningful from the creator's perspective, I think that it is too much to enrich war color.
Still it is not bad that I saw it as an animation.
I enjoyed it very much and I had it watched.
Evaluation is good.

2010/01/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4500 Host:4304 Browser: 15671
As of 2010 when the resurrection was screened, "subtitle" of subtitle became empty. At the time of the screening it was supposed to be the last voyage of the battleship Yamato this work has saved the earth's crisis many times.

In fact, this enemy Dingill star is actually descendants of the indigenous people of the Earth that escaped from the submerged earth by the action of the water planet Aquarius, warps the aquarius for recapture of the earth, makes it approach the earth, submerges the earth again It announced that he tried to invade a big scale invasion of ridiculous by saying to annihilate earthlings by thing and then to immigrate to the earth.

No, no, there is neither a warp on the planet nor a crazy SF animation.

Well, the absence of that crazy thing is not the number of things compared to the rescue of captain Okita (sweat).

And in order to protect the earth from the large amount of water brought by Aquarius Yamato exploded together with captain Okita and sank with leaving a roar in the aquarius sea.

To be honest I was not satisfied. To forcely capture the captain Okita and to bring back the death with Yamato.

2009/08/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49465 Host:49595 Browser: 6307
Rescue of captain Okita.
The results were visible when I did this.
This is what I realized when I finished watching this work at a movie theater.

When the ancients who knew that the Star of Desert had suffered from sudden incident in space came to the investigation,
It starts from where we encounter the water planet Aquarius.

After Yamato got damaged by the fight with Dingill and returned to Earth after that, the restoration of captain Okita, the second battle of the island on the island, the appearance of sudden Devar,
There were plenty of strange parts in the story composition, and the progress of the talk was quite aggressive.

Captured by Okita who finished the work with this, the last word which he left to the ancient times, without Yamato 's last term, I definitely put "worst" on it.

2009/05/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11399 Host:11367 Browser: 7049
Space battleship Yamato's series is not a bad work if it is evaluated independently, and the part of the picture which was rough in the first work is improved as it becomes the later series, but this completion version is a space battleship It is a work I do not want to admit as Yamato.

Even if you forcibly resurrect the captain Okita, the island will hurt the injury and ruin the life that Teresa has helped with "2", and even if it does not bother to bully it does not bother to do a bomb, you can do with a wave cannon I think that it should have managed somehow.

After "New Journey", the act of continuing the work which should have been declared end once was indeed many criticisms but since I understood that Yamato was a ship to live, "III" I enjoyed watching it.

However, the end of this completion edition seems to be impossible to end beyond "Farewell" and parts that can not be accepted personally remain.

However, it may have finished without declaring the end here, and being able to make a sequel no matter how it seems to be lost, than the other long-run works that have become completely invisible at the end.

If "Farewell" and "Conclusion" are neither, the fate of Yamato as a work may have changed.

2008/08/11 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6794 Host:6761 Browser: 8090
Works that mixed feelings of "Oiyo" and "Hie Eri" and "Ya Kacha" and "What's this" in me. After all it was better to end with "Farewell" ... work that seems to keep making it obsessive. There is also a title titled Final Concert ....
First of all Okita captain was revived at the time of resurrection. I am amazed at the appearance of Deserrar.
I got angry at the cruel treatment of the island. Urban hygiene What happened to the third bridge at the time of landing to Uruku ......... At the end of the phrase,
Yamato suicide b ... (It was good as it was.
Then it sank down from the ship's head ..... A love scene that I did not want privately.
Why did the wave guns not break even though they were bombarded by a wave cannon when they sank from the ship's neck ......
Is there a gravity, even though it is a water planet? Aquarius ......
The word of Rugard "I will emigrate after the water of Aquarius!"
Aho kabe ......... How does water draw? ... In the universe ...
Why is captain Okita after suicide blown, intact ...................
I can not find a good part ......... This work ... ....
Furthermore, "Des Rolls. War" which made Depthler's half-life a movie collapsed plan ... ...
But this was the correct answer because of the planning collapse I do not want to see anyone who is half of Desrall.
The excitement and excitement was equal to none at all It is said that it was good in this work that the drawing of a mechanic is bad, as it is about the drawing of a person ... ...
I do not want to evaluate but I will evaluate it as a Yamato fan ...
Somewhat "plus" plus the funable part and the wonder of water drawing, "with a bad" ....

2008/08/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35635 Host:35400 Browser: 6520
Space Battleship Yamato final work "Final version" It is a better work than Doraemon. The last wave bomb is pretty wonderful.

2008/01/31 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12133 Host:12175 Browser: 5234
Nakamura Hideo asked Mr. Isako Sasaki for substitution as he was sick at the time.
However, as the image has changed by any means, it seems that it was finally ....

>> I was not saying that it was a fan of the island, and in the case of a long-lived series, I think that it is inevitable for some time to change casts on the way. So, it was not Nakamura-san, Mr. Sasaki did not say anything, I did not even schedule the voice actor's schedule and the voice was different in the scene situation ... I guess it would be nice to have made an appearance in the end However, it was disgusting.

2007/11/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47208 Host:47134 Browser: 8090
With "Okita Captain Resurrection", it became "huh?", The talk progressed while keeping it as Pocahn,
(While he was taking medical treatment, did the Earth undergo the invasion of the White Comet Empire and the Dark Star Cluster Empire and were in danger of the solar explosion ...)
When the Dingir empire brings the water planet Aquarius closer to the earth and talks about the plan for submergence of human beings, heard the words "I will immigrate after the water has drawn"
"Ooooo, where does the water brought from outside the Earth draw?"
I put out Tsukkomi and exhausted.
Although the first bridge of Yamato and the hull of Yamato who bombed suicide to break the giant water flow of the astronomical scale were not dispersed mostly, I was conscious that "It's OK, no matter what."

Rating: Very poor

2007/02/12 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11226 Host:11498 Browser: 5234
A movie work decorating the last of the Yamato series.

Time allocation of this work of less than 3 hours is abnormally funny.
The video from the end of the story (ending?) Is abnormally long.
In the first half, there would have been a scene to draw more carefully in the middle stage.
Deserr appeared scenes are too close and closed things.
Why, why are the destellers and destroyers in the white comet period?

Watching this work only for generations that do not know Yamato and evaluating Yamato will do what,

But even such a poor work has a gleaming scene that makes Yamato fans feel good.
Visual search by the Cosmo Zero reminiscent of the Pacific War Battle of the Midway. (Looking for a visual inspection in this era setting ..)
A narrator naming the fleet battle near Pluto "Pluto Battlefield". (Why suddenly the naval battle ..)
It's a little fun as a story.

Fusion of reality and unreal setting .. That is Yamato quality.

2006/03/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45319 Host:45167 Browser: 3646
If it is said that it is interesting, it is not interesting at all.

A work which really ended the "Space Battleship Yamato Series". So, I tried to evaluate it to the maximum. ^ ^;

2006/02/21 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20475 Host:20531 Browser: 5234
In the narration of this work (the narration of the first work and "2" "new", Hideo Kimura of Captain Ram of "III" was already deceased at the time and Okita captain resurrected) but Nakayo Tatsuya It was something that made sense of incongruity.

And thought that Tatsuya Nakadai himself appeared in "Yamato of men", I also thought that it is also connected with this work, but the last of this work ... ... because it is the same Toei Although it is not, although the scene of losing consciousness and collapsing on the way is not like the captain Okita who resurrected as it is ... ... but this work tilts his head to say "Ooh?" It is certain that it was a movie that would end up.

Because Tatsuya Nakadai appeared in this work, it probably is not translated to men 's Yamato, but I will still think about it. The connection with this work, and others .......

However, it is Yamato that has been pulled up many times against the last narration of this work and is awakened asleep in a bad shape.
I thought that the sponsor merely golden Yamato, I think whether I truly love the fun Yamato, now it is just a question mark.

Sadaki Issa of this work is singing, Farewell ~ 〓〓〓Yamato ~ 〓〓〓It is already ~ It is impatient ~ 〓〓〓I feel like I ignored the feelings and thoughts as it is, and this work is seen with a low evaluation Besides the situation at the time, it seems that the spontaneous spite of the recent sponsor is not irrelevant.

I think the real Yamato is crying at the sea floor off Kyushu, based on the shadows of the Kusakabe, and it seems that the feelings of the deceased personnel staff who started with Kimura Horon, Takashi Toyama, etc., are ignored.

2006/02/05 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17884 Host:17696 Browser: 4184
As a single work I would like to make it "good" by considering message quality such as "young parents leaving the parents" (laugh) (lol), but if you look at the "Space Battleship Yamato" series you get to be "worst" Absent.

As the first work fundamentalist, "to Farewell ~" at best, distortion of "Yamato" around this time can not be watched. The cool ancient of "Farewell ~" did such a thing, painted mud with Mr. Sado's diagnosis, caused the island to die, and ancient & forest snow ... ... I can not see anything other than just two scenes.

It is an honest impression that I did not want to see captain Okita "cool and cool" until such a thing.

2006/02/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32360 Host:32128 Browser: 4184
It seems to be a bad reputation, and it seems to be a work (?) That could not be said to be "all good if it is OK to end," but it was somewhat enjoyable. The completion version is the President of Dingle Empire,
It was a story of a fight with Lugar, but he is a naming source for Boss and Bernstein appearing in the KOF series. I believe that power is justice and have no doubts in common.
In the sequel, it turns into a half-naked beard with silver hair, and Bernstein, who had a glimpse of crazy scratching his chest at the victory, is attractive.

As for the story as it is, the former captain Okita who was supposed to have entered the place where the hero had conflict about captain as a captain, revealed the appearance of monophon, which is not a ghost, but has revived,
That dignity was alive. Although it was an uncontrollable condemnation .............
Next was the scene where ancient people got into Rugal 's home, but they were protected,
A son of Rugal who was also showing contact with the snow of the heroine, a boy of Dingir pursues after the ancient times and heads for them, but he shielded him and was shot dead by a real father.
It was a tearful thing ............
Was the next scene a scene of Daisuke Isle warfare? I was impatient because of the bruises I followed in the battle with Urban Satellite Uruk. Mr. Isako Sasaki was substituted for the final edition, but Hidenori Nakamura who is the original CV saw that he was being told that "animation fans are not intelligent" in a certain voice actor magazine before. Apart from this, I was a bit sorry for this statement to only one person of the voice actor who was active from the beginning of the anime birthday, such as Tomorrow's Joe's stone stone ..........
Next time Okita's former captain appeared in the place where Desderr who was thought to be dead was forced to struggle with the Dingyr fleet, and it was the scene of repelling it with Lugar.
In "Yamato and eternity" where Desuller does not appear, Mr. Ibu Masato of CV "I'm lonely if Desler does not appear this time"
Although it is a villain service with such a large presence as to have said, it was a delicious scene in a completion edition. It is the scene that the captain Okita himself pulled triggered the wave cannon himself to protect the earth from submersion. As mentioned earlier, "It was not brain death actually" as a matter of convenience, but in ancient times and snow "If you can have children, eagle is like a grandfather of that girl" Woobo It was painful just because it was ... ............

Although there are points that get caught, it is not even a stupid act, so will the evaluation be "ordinary" ........

2006/01/08 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33085 Host:33167 Browser: 3874
> I'm really sorry for the fans, but if you look at the abomination of Mr. Matsumoto and Mr. Nishizaki in the last few years, I would be forced to endure it so much.

No, that's exactly the same.
Especially in the latter case.
TV. Even in movies, etc., since the word "new", the characters of "Nishizaki Yoshinobu" are large and long, so it is easy to do first.
Because it is such a thing, it is said that he made money to Yamato. Also from Yamato fans.
In addition, we finally returned to Captain Okita and finally Yamato 's end with TVCM, and it seemed like so much spirit looked like trying to make it to the movie theater.

Conversely, I think that the success of Yamato (until Farewell) has made the part of the destiny of both fate.
Tomino Okuda said honestly that "I'm also a foolish person (so I want to say" please give me some money ") about" Gundam "which makes explosive profits in places I do not care about . It is a natural thought.

Mr. Nishizaki makes me feel the difficulty of how to live a creature as a human being, falling down afterwards solving universal "love" in farewell.

2006/01/03 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3846
Well, this is a work of the same period as the TV version of Macross.
Although the first Yamato work was certainly an SF animation that goes ahead of the times at that time,
The final version was an image that was completely outdated at that time.
so. You can comprehend it by comparison with Macross.

2006/01/02 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50039 Host:50136 Browser: 5234
Regarding the evaluation of Yamato, there are voices that many funny things are coming out and it can not be forgiven as they become an adult now (although I do not intend to do this in itself), for example, animation 30 to 40 years ago before Yamato What do you think if the children are seeing it this time again? I think that it can be whitened too much too much.
At that time the animation itself was fresh, so if you become an animation there will be some aspects that were touched by it alone.
The reality science has advanced with the flow of the times, and things that were fancy (for example, videophone) in the past have become more and more real. Also, since the viewer's eyes themselves become older after years, it seems that it is fate of a virtual scientific work in a way.
You can understand this well by watching the history of the Super Sentai series.

2005/11/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41075 Host:41166 Browser: 3874
As a human being who loves Yamato, evaluation is difficult.
Well there are also aspects that I like this work, but I guess it is wrong .....

1. Resurrection of captain Okita. What! It will die again. .......
2. Island Daisuke killed in a battle. Because of what? Because of the flow of Yamato 2, what has become of love for Theresa?
Already, "Genshin" by this alone.

3. Suddenly a spotlight is placed on the "ship" called Yamato, something like this ... Ending is also unnecessarily long.

Although this may split the opinion, I personally thought that at least "Forever" and "〓〓〓quot; did not mean that "Yamato" itself was the leading role, until such time as I see the completion edition I had never thought about it.
Compared with "Farewell", it is obvious, and surprisingly there was nothing about ship "Yamato", did not it?
Something suddenly it ..... If Yamato's suicide bomb really can save the earth, it will be a prompt decision, feeling like that.
Something is already ..... Yamato is a "title" and as a weapon it's a leading role, but something ...... Moreover, no matter how suicide bombs die, no one can exceed the impact of "farewell".

4. The enemies are unattractive. There is no attractive character.

Is this from "forever"? I think that "New departure" has gone. Gorba's appearance after receiving that white comet. But well. Something this time ..... Anyhow good enemies. There is not a charmable new character.
Queen of Aquarius! I really did not do anything.

5. Music was also getting worse as expected.
Mr. Miyakawa also exhausted energy. Mr. Haneda is also joining us, whatever you think. Oh, I guess so.
To Mr. Miyakawa, I really have to say thank you for everything. Still it is a respect for the ability to make "Cosmo Tiger 2" etc.

The more time I got, the more I got angry.
I am fine, but I'm attaching the best to "forever", but this work is a work I'd like to "kill".
If it is not "Yamato", the evaluation is either a "poorly bad" or a "good" on the contrary, it is an indescribable work.

2005/11/20 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13637 Host:13500 Browser: 5234
It might be better than any other series work that continues Gudaguda if it is told.
Even if it is a Gundam or a squadron, it is such a content that I can not imagine having thought of "onset", and I can not say that it is a way of making it very impressive how to end those series in the last few years, I feel that this work ends in spats than such a thing.

Although Yamato is revived many times with games and other media, Yamato is still delimited if it thinks about other works that are being swayed by corporate bears and not being able to create as you think, disappointing viewers You can say that.

There are pros and cons in the revival of Okita. I feel sorry that ancient times showed a shakeout capability at the beginning so that I will take over with Okita. Although the load was too heavy to leave office like the captain etc in the ancient times which sold barren fight to the dark cluster or the Bollar Commonwealth and the earth made an excuse to be aimed at by aliens.

I think that the ancient lines against crew 's repulsion at the time of self - destructing Yamato cited from the phrase "Nihon Shinsei Birthplace Pioneer Kete Scatter, Masani Favorite Janiska." Naturally , I think that it was not too twisted compared with late Yoshida Mitsuru 's words. Although it may be sweet to connect literature and animation.

I hope that "Yamato of men" is not such a thing.

2005/11/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23650 Host:23660 Browser: 5234
>> Although it can be said that it made it to forcefully setting by aging popularly Yamato popularity including the story development surely, I think that it can also be said that it was said that it was a masterpiece forgiveness even if doing only that much.

I agree as well, although it is certain that there was the most unreasonable setting in the final version.
Particularly 〓〓〓in Part 5, Garman Gamirasu has made a powerful ally, so in order to finish Yamato it is also necessary to withdraw the help of the country ... so for that to be different from the different dimension that the emergence of the Milky Way It seems like I destroyed the country, but I think that it would have been better if a galaxy-scale dimension earthquake occurred.

However, I thought about how I revived Okita more than that.
If I had a medical care life I think forever = What happened when the earth was occupied in part 4?

The completion edition was set as AD year 2203, but forever is 2002 ... ... how does the age of years go?
〓〓〓seems to be originally 2205 years ...?

As others are told, I think that it is much better than recent special effects.

2005/10/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a generation that I have watched the Space Battleship Yamato directly ...
I thought that the reputation of the second half Yamato series is quite bad at this site.
I certainly admit that there was an impossible setting in the second half, especially the completion edition. Captain Okita got back alive, another galaxy from different dimensions (Matsumoto: it seems that the parents of Nishizaki quarreled) appears ... ...
By the way, in this completion edition, the production company was office until the previous work.It seems that there was circumstance that it changed from Academy to Westcape.corporation.

In conclusion, I certainly had problems, but I think that Yamato was a masterpiece of the passing score even if I subtracted it. Of course it would have been even better if it did not exist.
There are two major reasons.

First of all, Yamato is finished sputting like this. In recent years of masterpieces "Doraemon" and "Lupine the 3rd" that have been continuing from the same period until now, it is corrupted by the deterioration of quality.Their vagus is the opinion of everyone on each page on each page. Although it seems that "Battle of President of Desler" was planned after this, it seems that it was not realized, I think that it was rather good. I do not know what happened if I continued to the present even once a year like "Lupine the Third".

Next, this way of completion, I think that it is much better compared with the last round such as Super Sentai series in recent years. In the Super Sentai, many people who died before the last round were actually alive in the last round, they often said that they were alive, and the scenes to defeat the last enemies are also too crowded and often look at their voices. By the way, "Katsushika Ward pre-faction departure place in Katsushika Ward" The last round of the regular broadcast (the end of 2004) is also as struck by Boroku on this site. I think that it was a quite skillful last compared to that.

Including the story development, it surely can be said that you made an inadvertent setting by crossing the Yamato popularity, but in other words I think that it can be said that it was a masterpieces forgiveness even if you do only that much.

2005/10/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The scene where Yamato sinks and the sortie scene led by the destroyer fleet were reminiscent of the real Yamato Okinawa Special, but it is also true that there are no other scenes to see. I did not think that the resurrection of captain Okita, the war dead of the island was also good, and there is nothing more than the incompetent swing of the beginning in the beginning.

In the scene of the rescue scene of the first half submerged Dingir, the scene where strong sacrifice of the crew was forced and the scene where the number of the victims was further increased by eating the hyper radiation missile. While the captain was disqualified and responsible with the responsibility, before the captain resigned, the crew members who made themselves in the previous work "〓〓〓quot; died and said, "I will kill crewmen who bought hand-made salt and mozumuza I felt angry with those who said "Why !!" No, the production team after the ancient may have had a sense of throwing "everything is the last".

The battle scenes and the beauty of the screen can be remarkable, but the other sides are too sweet to be filled with favorable feelings, and the enemy Dingyr empire is also like a bad guy (well, well, Desreser who does not have awareness of being exposed to embarrassment or a zodar whose last abomination is unbelievable, too) Rugal was just like Ishida Taro, commander of a good hostile actor in the "Year of the Ark of the Spring" of the previous year was Taro Atsushi Treating.

And in the original plan, Desler was planned to die, why did it make use of it, and did it make sense to put out? Because it is not explained anything again. I think that it seems that there is a sense of throwing here as well.

The last snake-like ancient and snow bed scene was also cut in the Japanese version, but it seems to me that it does not seem to be said that it meant clearly the meaning? As for the scene where Yamato is exploding, why do not you think that you wanted the ship to roll over to the left in the water current and pull the trigger of the wave cannon and want it to be more realistically scattered?

2005/10/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Money was on. But we no longer wanted Yamato. Just aim to observe the last, such a work. I clearly remember, "Captain Okita did not lead to brain death" "It was a misdiagnosis of Dr. Sado" "Round head to Round the door (Mr. Sado)" Hey, hey, teacher, there is no hair (snow The spectator weakness in the scene called "audience."
Because it was around the time that Ideon was doing after the Gundam Theater Version, it was not an era of Yamato anymore. It was impressed that everyone gave us tears at "Farewell", so the fan's "betrayed" feeling was still great. This is the end of the first animation work that kept clinging to that glory while extremely highlighting the apex.
As an aside, but in the corner where Mr. Okada who was an old-fashioned Otaku of Genese Pro of Animeku was "at the end is Yamato or Gundam?"
There was a carte called. It is true that it will not be true .... Although Gundam is still likely to continue building.

2005/10/18 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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This is definitely a debut of Mr. Takaki Nakamura. About first dubbing,
Although I have read in a certain voice actor magazine that "surrounding actors looked like geniuses" was commented on. Mr. Masato Ibu, who is the role of Des Rahr, recently was a profoundly active actor of a professor at the private university of medicine at ambassador in the "white big tower", but he was pursued by the country with the "national steal story" of the New Year 12 hour drama If you think that you played a foolish idiot, "Sengoku SDF 1549"
So it was supposed to play Saito D〓〓o who is the crowd, so why irony .........
Because it is not yet seen, only comments.

2005/10/18 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Captain Okita stated that he was not brain-dead.
And when you die again. You do not have to live to make you die.
Deserr's appearance is abrupt.
The end of impression and rival's support,
You do not have to inevitable and you can not just raise the point of view and excitement.

Also, the last love scene lost a laugh without embarrassment or excitement.
No, it seems like the emotional name scene that the will of Okita capital is inherited from the father to the child.
Continue to make a sequel to the last minute until I painted mud on the name of masterpiece,
Is it the one that I wanted to finally end up with?
Regardless of just being good, you can put anything out directly to nothing.

There is no choice but to laugh with getting angry,
Since it rarely has a work named "Worst" because I do not evaluate it,
I am not praising this at all.