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TV TOKYO Corporation Koushi Rikudo Watanabe Shinichi Satoshi Ishino Toshio Masuda J.C.STAFF
Kotono Mitsuishi
Takehito Koyasu
Takashi Nagasako
Omi Minami
Satomi Korogi
Shotaro Morikubo
Ryotaro Okiayu
Yuka Imai
Yuko Mizutani
Yumiko Kobayashi
Mikako Takahashi
Wataru Takagi
Satsuki Yukino
Ryuuzaburou Ootomo
Japan Released:1999/10/07(Thu) / End:2000/03/30
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2016/03/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:0(0%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:1(100%)] / Provider: 44323 Host:44381 Browser: 5143
Ab fab my gooldy man.

2003/05/12 Normal comment [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:5(71%) Normal:2(29%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 15420 Host:15567
I watched the first three episodes of this anime at a friend's house, and the second I left her house, I ran to the mall to pick up the first DVD. Excel Saga is drop-dead hilarious! If you want an anime that will keep you rolling around on the ground in hilarity, then I highly suggest Excel Saga!

2003/02/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:82(52%) Normal:19(12%) Bad:56(36%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2091
Despite a few misfires here and there, Excel Saga is a manically funny show that skewers anything and everything it can get its hands on. I'm all for that!

2002/12/24 Favorite comment [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history / Provider: 0 Host:2571
Man Excel is the coolest (not to mention funny). I now have an extremely strong urge to buy ALL the volumes. Cant....Control.....Urge to....Watch

2002/07/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:2(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2278
very funny i would suggest it to anyone who likes anime, or just enjoys to laugh for that matter.

2002/07/18 Favorite comment [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history / Provider: 0 Host:2566
This is my favorite anime BY FAR!
it is the most funniest also!
Don't you just LOVE hyatt??? she is sooo cute when she faints! :)

2002/04/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:4(80%) Normal:1(20%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:1869
The guy who came up with this series has a seriously whacked sense of humor. It's not really my cup of tea but if you enjoy extreme anime humor then this series is for you.

2002/04/28 Favorite comment [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:0(0%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:1(100%)] / Provider: 0 Host:1684

2002/04/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:1611
I first watched this a week ago, and I'm still laughing! The plot certainly has more twists (and resets!) than most series, but its all part of the fun ^_^.

2002/02/06 Favorite comment [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history / Provider: 0 Host:2852
Original and funny

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2016/12/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19074 Host:19002 Browser: 5213
Origin of the Rokugamishin, original Nabeshin Watanabe Shinichi got megaphone, both authors and directors rampage Chaos Hepoco experiment animation.
Secret society Il Parasso, who plans to conquer the City of F city to correct the rotten world as the general of Across.
It is frustrating hero EXCELL who is intrigued by Mr. Iparazzo and falls to the pitfall every time with his behavior as opposed to failing to do his duties every time while serving him.
I am also serving Iluparazo, due to too much frail constitution, hematemesis from the mouth that moves to and from the Mikuni River every time is a trademark sub heroine Hyatt.
Android Ropponmatsu donation made by Dr. Kamura who tried to stop the conspiracy of such Acros, staff members belonging to the city security bureau, Watanabe, Iwata, Sumiyoshi, Misaki Misaki, and Dr. Okozumi Yorikon of the Rolicon gentleman, two Expression (both of these two are Yukino Satsuki's doing, they are different characters at all but the performance is wonderful) etc. Devil animal hero like 6 people dressed, slashful comedy including Martial Squadron Ditengin (?) .
This work, animated original characters are also quite impressive, especially after death in one episode (due to Excel), even after becoming a soul afterwards, my wife was robbed of my wife by a friend, and finally the great will and the person Mr. Pedro, who had various disastrous eyes including the former honor, was sorry than the excitement of the Emergency food of Excel. There are 20 stories in the summary that summarizes the story of this person. How pathetic ...
However, although there is a summary twice for this animation twice as well as two courses, it has become a time to enjoy anything thanks to Mr. Nabesin 's variety of laughter. In other words, every turn is very interesting.
Rokuyama is allowed to talk about various experimental elements at the beginning every time, and incorporates action movies, romance, socialism, animals, sports, etc., roughly parodies are also sweeping out This is a work of gag expansion The real pleasure of the.
Especially, I think that it is worth listening in many ways the early speech of Mr. Kotono Mitsuishi of role of Excel.
At the End of the Opinion The final story before the last episode was thought that it was wonderful that it was a wonderful thing that the gags were sealed and serious (including somewhat gags) thoroughly though it was gag animation. Actually, that time was funny with some fresh taste.
And the final final round "Overly" is ... the last round that we released all regulations and exploded at once, I think that it is the last round like Excel Saga that is already the most meaningful.
Although it is a gag animation, I think that this work which made me laugh without going to the end is definitely Ryosaku.
Evaluation is "very good".

2013/11/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23121 Host:22977 Browser: 5870
The secret society called Across is a story aiming for conquest of the city, but it was an animation that the hero has been flying very much as hepoca died many times from the one story and went to kill the authors as it was called experimental animation.

Il Palazzo-sama & Ha chan I have been dropped many times, but the body is sturdy Excel.
Hyatt who dies sooner than that excel.
There were plenty of interesting characters such as il Palazzo, Naveesin, the original authors Rokudo Shinto, and Pedro.

The first course begins with the permission of the Rokudo god by sending anything,
The members of Across members, Navebesin, Pedro, and the Urban Security Agency will talk apart.
From 2 nd cool eyes slightly balanced collapse.
There were also times when the male trio from the city security agency did not come out at all and there were also a few thought that it is somewhat subtle compared to the 1st course.
However, it was good during the second course.
Excel that is seriously shot by Il Palazzo who has sworn loyalty all the time.
Not only usual laughable elements Serious Excel Saga starts and Across vs. City Fight Bureau fight begins.
Finally, Excel defeated the personality of the darkness of Il Palazzo, collected the op title "love (loyalty)",
Finally it was a good way to finish that Excel and Il Palazzo get along with each other in a pitfall.
Although I was doing whatever I wanted, I think it was good because the end finished cleanly.

And speaking of the special features other than the story is Exorcis' quick-mouth and parody story interspersed within the main part.
From animation and manga, there were a lot of parodies such as Djikarat, Doraemon, 999, Fist of the North Star, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Akihabara Electric Brain Combination, etc. Other special effects such as Denjiman, Ultra Seven, Moonlight mask, Masked Rider and other movies and games.
It was full of Yamato and Captain Harlock entirely about 22 episodes.
I think that there was quite a neta I do not know w

Speaking of the bad thing is that when you were run over by a car with a recollection, it was told you made it to be an executive of Across with the strength of Excel's vitality, but before I was hit by one story I already said "Ark rose 〓〓〓quot; .
But it is a great place for this animation to laugh even that contradiction.

It was a funny animation that made a lot laugh! Evaluation is very good!

2012/11/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40561 Host:40628 Browser: 12643
[good point]
I am seriously doing the all-you-ingly stuff that Excel is cute and I want to do powerful directing. High-tension gag where playful fun every time is fun. Seriously serious scenes full of Tsukkom are full There seems to be a seemingly collapse, so it gave it up as it is in "spear boneless". There are some parts that is convenient, but it can not be helped because it is a gag

[Bad point]
There are extra episodes. Who is "Beautiful wet walk (visual) K" "Menchi's great adventure 2"? "Large city part II" is obviously boring, but this time the original is also boring. Why did you animate ??
The blatant parody of Space Battleship Yamato whose drawing was collapsing in "More! Triare Memorial" truly pulled

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In "too much" there is a musical story in Avan, but this experience is based on this three-stone desire, and after that the "Nerima Daikon Brothers" is born later

2012/05/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18532 Host:18451 Browser: 9461
[good point]
At that time it was a breakthrough very different meaning from Evangelion Weippoko experiment animation as exactly as the title, OP,
[Bad point]
Minor things,

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was an epoch-making work at that time that it was not an exaggeration to say that it had influenced those works even before the animated versions of Digicarat and Galaxy Angel. High tension gags It can also be said that the founder of the genre of comedy genres has opened up.
It was a time when the original was still not much advanced, so it would have been nice to be able to produce animation without permission. Kotoko Mitsuishi's tongue twister reminds me of the later Digi.

I thought that Sakurai Hiroaki was totally different, and I was surprised that it was JC staff. As JC staff is recently the original work, it is often very bad reputation, so can the original work better?

Even so, the final story of TV unreleased "Overdoing" is as the title, abandoning common sense, collapsing moral, on top of human body transcendence and gag comedy it is awful feasible in a good meaning.

2012/01/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24543 Host:24660 Browser: 6300
Actually I also read the original, but I prefer animation version.
This is an all-you-can-like work I want to make the author and the director himself appeared in the animation or another story without any relation suddenly breaks in the story and enters, but the most attractive point of view is Mitsuishi's talk is.
However, I was interested in the existence of such chaotic animation already in the 1990s.

2011/12/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4212 Host:3938 Browser: 7258
[Good point] * Original unread
Chara is attractive. : All the quality of acting / directing / screenplay is well standing. Even though every character is strongly killed a little, it is fun with the impression like no problem.
Gag: Individual gags are extreme and violent, but the flow of bokeh from Tsukkomi / Tsukkomi from Boke has little stagnation like cutting off the tempo without stagnation. Also, as long as the receiver can recognize the gag as a gag, it is of course ants as well as the unfolding development that you want to do, such as "destruction of the city", "resuscitation by the great intention of the large universe" "nabesin direct literally settling the story".
Screenplay: I'm impressed that I was able to talk so far because the dialog density was dense.

[Bad point]
There is also a subtle honesty honestly.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A super - class high - tension butterfly comedy that a member 〓〓〓of a subtle evil organization creates derailment and frenzy every time the command is executed. The story goes on a time series and is a story complete with a flow of "command 〓〓〓failure" as a basic pattern.
There are also many dark parody colors so you can not enjoy it unless you know the original story to a certain extent or you may feel unsatisfactory if you too know the original story.
Even though it is attractive in episode units, the structure of the entire series is also good 26 episodes "Overly" is the best catharsis. I recommend it.

2011/12/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26955 Host:27156 Browser: 3876
Well, no, no, it's an animation of what "Boutunda" content ... Hey!

Although it goes crazy with insanity, I feel the service spirit of entertaining the audience, and although it is said that each element factor factor that makes up the work also is destusing tea, it is once a thread I think that the connection point is amazing.
So I think that the person who made this animation never made it with a spiritual divisive idea, but from the enormous abnormal intracerebral sources it was probably made a story composed chitin and order .
So do not eat it without leaving me asleep.
After all the circuit in the brain of the person who makes animation will be beyond a range of ordinary people.
Whether it can be accepted or not depends on the viewer.
Privately it was enjoyed for about eight minutes.

As I finished watching it did not leave anything behind and I remembered a bit of discomfort to the near-serious deployment, but sometimes I felt it was not bad to go out with such a delusion of the author as well.
Mr. Kotono Mitsuishi's role of "Excel" was also very good performance.
I am impressed even by "Ouchububan shrimp", but this person, when you get stuck in the key points you will demonstrate outrageous performance.
In addition, the misery of emergency food "Menchi" or foreign worker "Pedro" was quite satisfactory.

Although it seems to be made into DVD, there is nothing like it being displayed in a rental shop anymore, there is a danger that it will be buried in the times as it is.
Although it is an interesting work it is obvious.

2011/04/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 956 Host:842 Browser: 8926
The runaway locomotive car the highest and lowest masterpiece of animation director Nabesin

No, really like the Nerima Daikon Brothers,
This is the best in the sense that it will not be picked up by the rampage

2011/02/24 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35665 Host:35517 Browser: 7435
[good point]
The tension was so terrible that there was not a half bleed condition.
It was interesting that all the characters were standing very well and playing.
It was awfully funny, but it was strangely interesting.
The story of Pedro was also in parallel, it was nice to play it. English-like talking was also fun.

[Bad point]
I think you are doing too much. It is overrunning from the frame (laugh)
Tomorrow there are a lot of parts that are overtraveling and the viewers put them in danger.
Being tired of viewers (lol)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there were times when I left something meaningless, I could taste a mysterious feeling that would make me strangely habit.

2010/03/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11119 Host:11119 Browser: 15182
Manga read
[good point]
I wonder if it seems a little original ...

[Bad point]
There is a feeling like the original, but the contents are not good

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I like the original well and it is all right, but I did not like animation.
Chaotic feeling and atmosphere are similar, but it seems that I went to the direction with slightly different direction.
At that time there were not so many volumes and it was good that we only had to go to the story original, but I wanted it somehow.

Well maybe there is only one such anime as experiment animation.
Although I could not enjoy it ...

2009/12/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25270 Host:25209 Browser: 9831
Anyhow high-tension gag animation.
The name "experiment animation" is exactly right.
I think that it is an animation that chooses a person by a series of parody gags, but I do not think that I will be bored with watching.

2008/10/02 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3084 Host:3168 Browser: 3875
I knew it with animation.

I thought that the drawing was very good.
I think the character setting is unique and good.
I love Hacchan ,,,. (Low voice

Is this a gag work?
I think that it is good even if there is a battle scene a little more.

Even though the appearance is such a thing, only gags,
It was a little disappointing.

A director came out ,,,.

Is it okay if I can get out? (Laugh)

I was worried about something about GALGAGE's "HASAGAMI" w

Pedro's story is a realization. Yes.

I think that Excel is speaking too much.
I think that it is such a character, it is too much fussy (lol

Gags and gags are not mixed up,
Everything looks like a gag.

Somewhere, I bother people who are watching a little ^ ^;

Evaluation is normal.

2008/07/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19795 Host:19710 Browser: 4661
Anyway chaos.
Even if it makes a good point or a bad point, I do not understand tension and nori It can only go about this I can just go.
If it goes along, it will make you laugh a lot and it will just be cold unless you can follow.
Do not ask for contents such as stories.

Now that there are many chaotic animations and it is one genre, the existence of this work which established experiments and called various experiments is quite large.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Better or worse depends on the side you see.
I personally like the mouth of this hand.
However, it seems subtle when asked if there were many attracted parts.
Evaluation is good.

2008/07/07 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2436 Host:2490 Browser: 3540(Mobile)
When I was in elementary school fifth grade, my friend borrowed a video and watched it together. It is a late-night animation that I saw for the first time.
The initial impression was "What is this?" The name of the dog is menchi and it explodes when warming with human skin when it is distressed in the snowy mountain, and Il Palazzo is a super poker face.
I think that my anime lover started with this work.
Naveesin, I have a good job.

2008/04/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46914 Host:46869 Browser: 4653
[good point]
It is confusing and confusing in a good meaning.
A lot of famous manga parodies, I laugh at mercy in spite.

[Bad point]
Since there are many parodies, I think that it is hard to follow along with those who do not know the original story.
Apart from the original, the original fan feels complicated.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
As for me it is very funny and a good work.
I like manga, animation, it is recommended for those who like parodies.

2008/01/06 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17822 Browser: 4635(Mobile)
It is a work that only creativity is conspicuous. There is no story nature, you can no longer call animation.

2007/12/29 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5766 Host:5822 Browser: 5234
[good point]
It's been a while.

[Bad point]
I do not know where to laugh and the story does not make sense.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the original one was nice to laugh, but the animated version ignored the original work the meaning unknown work.
Of course, the evaluation is made to be "worst".

2007/11/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17889 Browser: 4641(Mobile)
It is a messy animation in a good sense, Excel's vanquished sucking teeth (Mitsuishi's super awesome), Hyatt's so poorly weakened, other characters remain impressive Kusumono all together Because I am a Fukuoka prefecture, I feel that it is more interesting If you like a parody based animation I think that there is enough value to see it So for that reason the evaluation is very good close to "good"

2007/09/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 997 Host:953 Browser: 6287
For example, I think that it is a kind of inconsistent animation called "Gag Animation of Continuation".
Basically, if you do not listen through all the talks and you do not understand at all the story, since there is no such thing as "basically it is possible to enjoy it with one talk completion" that the gag animation originally possesses, even if you can enjoy early stage, as the final stage becomes It is difficult to become Gudaguda.

Characters are also unique and, in addition, because of the peculiar taste of nabeshin, people who like Nabeshin 's work may be enjoyable, but I think that those who do not like are simply noisy anime.

To summarize the evaluation, it is possible to evaluate the taste unique to the director and the stupid feeling, but it is a noisy anime when it becomes obsolete because it is a continuation.

Therefore, evaluation is normal.
Even with the same director, it was a sweet occasionally the funny thing was a lot of different work from the pig.

2007/02/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 364 Host:344 Browser: 3875
Amazing ~ Mikishi Kotono (Laughing Nabesin's work only laughed only this work later and afterwards.
Today 's gotcha "Kaka"' s dressing room Ochi. Outright paculi, parody,
I saw it for the first time in this work is big.
Two people Excels of this hero character.The combination of two people of different family of Hyatt, Admiral Admiral Il Palazzo,
An emergency food minch (dog) and a broken story .... As expected it is only experiment animation.
It is comfortable that this condition is not extraordinary.
There are other similar works, but only this one is shining,
It might be thanks to the creation of a good tempo such as the folding as fast as this piece of work collapses.

2006/12/31 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28948 Host:29066 Browser: 7786
The tension was set too high and it was broken.
Well there was a part that could certainly be funny, but I guess it is only false warping gags that are not interesting to the basics momentum.

2006/12/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10115 Host:9963 Browser: 4483
Since the original is unread, it can not be compared, but it seems that you did quite a favorite all-you-can-eat under the name "experiment animation".
I think that the division called neta anime is okay and could you laugh if there is a gag who knows the original story?
Combination of Mitsuishi and Kanasu is better than Gundam species, this one ....

2006/12/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29192 Host:29193 Browser: 6693
It is a gag animation which can say the contents as radio waves. I can not expect from the story to see. There is everything with a completely momentumed deployment. Suddenly the first story suddenly the hero goes to death Oh, the expansion of the story is so terrible. There is too much impact on the first episode and it seems a bit regretful that the second little episode completely powered down and became slightly normal.

Well, whether you can enjoy this animation is not an exaggeration to say that it is limited to this one point "Can keep up with this gag sense!" By the way, there are stories that I enjoyed, and there are also stories that I felt it was boring and shitty.

Among them, twice when Menchi was the protagonist, I was not satisfied with the story itself, I do not know where I can laugh. Moreover, although it comes serious suddenly in the last stage, when seeing the interaction of the director of the 24th talk with the author, "I thought that this is a gag? Is this serious being a story of a gag?" . ... I think people who can laugh with such an atmosphere are amazing in some ways .... It seems to want to doubt the sense of the producer a little.

It was 26 stories on the DVD that decided the sense of the producers. A whole story lower neta, an on parade of Gloroneta. Despite this overkill development, I think that this is a conviction crime because we are saying "success" (and "big") at the "Experiment in today" corner. That is, I wanted to do this kind of expansion the most. I did not follow this, or I drew tremendously. If you do not know the limits of the work of such genre, it is just a 'vulgar and vulgar' animation (by Il Palazzo) falling down ....

Evaluation is "somewhat bad side normal". Although I drew a lot to the last note, there was also a certain talk that somehow made me laugh, so I will make a sweet evaluation.

Aside ... Director too much fun! It was my first time that the director appeared in anime. I think that I do not need it, Nabesin. Tightening in the final story is a director's marriage scene ... What is that? After all I think that he made the director appear in the spice of the gag (I want to think so ...), the director seems to be the hero and something creepy .... Well, so it is a translation that this animation is a radio, but ... If you think so seriously it is not a genre of animation ... 〓〓〓call, I thrust everything seriously I become sad ...

2006/06/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 42870 Host:42897 Browser: 5234
This was ridiculous and it was funny. It seems like contents of Excel (Kotono Mitsuishi) alone, but is it not that good? Well, thanks to the works,
It is a translation that led to a frank conclusion that it would be fine if the contents were interesting.

Although it may be sweet, the evaluation is "highest!"

2006/05/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1477 Host:1188 Browser: 6287
I saw them all .... Hahahaha.
Even so, only the impression that this is the last time is seen ... It is not a bad meaning.

Overall thought, it was high tension! Animation anyway.
There were too many parodies to count on counting.
Because I am ignorant it may well be that I do not understand, but it is still amazing awful.

Mitsuishi's mouth is GJ.
I do well until here.
To be honest, I do not feel like wondering if they are too bad.

I wonder what I think the Pedro relationship with Navecine was most interesting.
But, is it only me who thinks that it was good even if there was more talk about Tatsuo Watanabe main.
I like mentees, but I did not need main story twice.

However, seriousness in the vicinity of the last round may feel comfortable and may be subtle.

When I saw it in the blue mood, I was able to get well.

Evaluation is "good" .......

Below are the ones we posted "from a position I think is good" before.

I saw one cool minute.

Let's try various things by saying that it is an experiment animation ....
Is it possible to make a mistake in the end even if the viewer is told that it is Tsumanei?

I watched the first and second episodes with a normal feeling (but suddenly the act of killing the author ....)
It has become interesting from 3 episodes.

Subtai of 4 talks is delicately received.
I wonder if I can become a love !, like it ....

Later, is the highlight of Mitsuishi's acting as highlight of this work?
I am watching with a feeling like doing well.
The next notice is amazing!

Menchi is cute like a cartoon.
I did not think that I would do a picardy silver parody ....

And the most nice character in this work is Pedro.
It is too funny. Even just this Pedro part is full of stomach (Eh)
In the 8th episode, he said that he would not release a man character but only he came out from the face.

However, although it seems that momentum has fallen compared to a bit in the beginning .....

That's why I'm going to look at two courses from now.
Evaluation is then, but the evaluation for now is "good".

2005/12/31 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 40026 Host:39853 Browser: 3875
It is good to put parodies in a non-persistent degree.
I'm good, I do not want being covered by director (laugh)
And it's the whole runaway ... Original Author It was surprising to kill suddenly!
Moreover it is appearing in places ...

It is interesting to experiment a lot.
Gargue or Star Wars parody or ...
Killing the heroine suddenly at the virtual galg莨〓and launching a bomb burst out laughing!

It is a good work to think about what the viewer seems to be thinking and not thinking about it.
But I am sticking out (explosion).

2005/11/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11711 Host:11449 Browser: 6334
Japan's top radio anime series. Not a bad meaning but this is obviously aiming!
Forgetting the fear of death at high tension Exorcid running Excels could only be enjoyed watching when their mood fell low.

Personally I thought that it was interesting as gag animation is few, but in the hole I did long-term conversations with unknown people, there was no other directing.

Kagoro Satomi singing singing ending dog seems to be a good song? Because it is a novel famous song that is aligned with the lunar singing cat ears mode, you should ask it once!
I want to give "good" to the idea though I have not looked at video rental until the end.

2005/11/22 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Since manga was good, I also extended my hand to animation people. I see it gradually little by little.
For the moment ...
Unlike comics, it seems like a tension unique to animation. I feel the tension of this hand is crushing the merit of the work.
Perhaps a high-tension gag is an experiment if it is an experiment. Personally I think that I could have devised a little different direction. I can not give concrete examples, but ...
Although the original was high tension, there was a certain degree of restlessness, and I was able to read with confidence. Somewhat different meaning, I thought if there was something like a Wabisabi.

2005/06/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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This is certainly a work that has quite a lot of thought if you look from the original one.
I could enjoy both in private.
Anime was really ha ha.
Pacri also was quite often bored.
Mr. Mitsuishi's fast mouth was also amazing.
Individually, among many of the characters played by Mr. Mitsuishi, I will definitely mention this if it is asked which is representative.
At the end of the day, sometimes I became seriously sometimes confused, but I enjoyed it overall.