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Other media: Literature:Emily of New Moon
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Anime rank of 2007 Rank 125in 206 titles
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Lucy Maud Montgomery
Harume Kosaka
Michiru Shimada
Suzuki Seiji
NHK TMS Entertainment
Tomoko Kawakami Sachiko Kojima Koki Miyata
Akemi Okamura FUJITATOSHIKO Rokuro Naya
Masako Ikeda Akio Ohtsuka Emi Shinohara
Keiichi Sonobe Touko Aoyama Kiyoyuki Yanada
Shigenori Souya Youko Matsuoka Aya Hisakawa
Atsuko Enomoto Chiemi ishimatsu Nina Kumagaya
Japan Released:2007/04/07(Sat) TV
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2010/12/25 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6747 Host:6649 Browser: 6299
[good point]
〓〓〓I am fascinated, I am moved by seeing it.
〓〓〓Boys and girls There are four people personality and real existence.
〓〓〓The appearance of "Aunt of the Wind" is romantic in the story
FormID: 000000F LoreDialogueQuest LoreDialogueQuest LoreDialogueQuest L
〓〓〓Expression is also rich, mainly emotional expression.
〓〓〓The story development is rich in various changes and it is very interesting
__is. Is the original good?
〓〓〓The picture of OP also has a feeling of dynamism.
[Bad point]
〓〓〓The hero seems to be too young even if it grows up.
〓〓〓There are scenes in which the voice actor is a bit insufficient.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that world masterpiece theater has amazing masterpieces. This work is also "very nice".

2010/06/04 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38670 Host:38598 Browser: 8416
I do not know the original. I wrote so I will write.
I watched it because it was doing well in the frame which I often shed masterpiece theater at lunch at BS.
Then, I think that it is good. Drawing. The background was particularly well made, and the relaxed world view was able to express very well. Also, people can be stable. Character deza. Although it is a habit of design, the gap between the main characters of masterpiece theater style design and Jimmy 's designs, which makes reminiscent of Lupine without anywhere, can produce a unique atmosphere.
I think that it is bad. A character whose appearance does not grow. Although the growth of the hero can be drawn, since the design hardly changes, it feels very incongruous. There are narrations and dialogs to let you know that three years have passed, three years have passed, the second winter has arrived, or the passage of time has passed, but I can not feel the time with the impression that the clothes I am wearing have no change. There should be a difference of about ten years at the beginning and the end of the story, but since nobody takes the year, it gets wilder as the story progresses. Sudden deployment. I can not help feeling the lack of depiction that deployment is too sudden. Firstly, I do not have enough descriptions to get along with Murray family and classmates at the beginning. Especially Ilze is suddenly getting along and I can not accept it. Also, after talking about the final stage (from about 20 episodes) the number of stories is small and there is a volume in proportion and it can be said that indigestion is completely complete. Originally it was two courses and this content may have been impossible. Even if you do not talk after 20 story afterwards, it seems that there is no problem even in the way of finishing like saying "go on to graduate and work hard". Wind fairy. Sometimes it comes out but it is sliding completely. Honestly, the impression that "So what?" Is strong. It can be said that there should be more depictions that connect Fairy with the composition of the hero. Especially because there are many episodes that advance without fairy, there is no more presence. Personally, I do not have to force the lady of the wind for good.
As it says so, a picture that makes Lin's ED look reminiscent of ED is used, and I feel that Jimmy's character setting is affected by Miyazaki Lupine. For example, it seems a shame that it would have been a better work if you focused on where you are going to get to the Murray family, or if you were producing at around 4 courses. Although it is a work which can not be hated, it is said to say that it can not be said that it is at least a good work, and because the person with a bad point is noticeable, it is unpopular. It is "It is very close to normal".
Evaluation, but it is bad.

2010/05/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
I was interested in BS reruns but I could hardly see it, so I rented it. (There is no learning ability to forget to record)

Since I am watching the world class master theater, I felt an indirect link.
Emily's dream of being a novelist and its deadlock. Growth of best friends Isel who are drawn in parallel.
The mistakes in the final stage with teddy becoming a romantic relationship are like "my ashinasan uncle".
In addition, she lost her father in the early stage and was taken over by a strict aunt Elizabeth and settled with her in the end of the week (= good situation) such as "Polyanna".
Originally, authors of these works = Many women writers in the United States are affected by Montgomery somehow, so it looks like back-importing or feedback.

However, I thought the scale was strict to draw with 2 courses just as the work density was increased.
Especially the deployment from the time four students advanced to semi-cool was quite fast and I wanted the number of doubles.
Because of that, I think that the difference with Teddy who wanted to be a painter and went to Paris has not lived beyond Emily.
(Although I am in love with Daradara like 'Ashinaga', I am in trouble again)

Frequently, the character deza that is pointed out may be a stuff 's conviction criminal (laugh).
It seems like an animation of a suspense novel such as adults interaction scenes.
Compared with the childhood, the face of Emily and Ilze at the end was easy to see as a beautiful woman.

Works I wanted to do in 3, 4 cool. With "Good" from "Normal".

2009/09/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22279 Host:22412 Browser: 4184
[good point]

Scenery and other drawing are pretty high level, are not they?
It was a key point that the drama "The way to Abhory" neta came out to the main points.
The setting of "Aunt of Wind" was the image unique to animation.

[Bad point]

As already pointed out, the face of the characters.
The face of adults is scary, but the face of Emily or Ilze may strangely look nasty
(The face of the two boys of Teddy and Perry was deformed like animation seemingly fissile).
Though it was also the case at "Queen of the Snow", I think that it is strangely drawing in realism and deformed unique to animation is not done.

There is a gloomy story, such as the confrontation between Emily and Elizabeth in the early stages.
I understand that Elizabeth has kindness as the story progresses, but what is the beginning of the opening story.
The gentle roller is weak.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

To be honest, if you do not see the drama "A way to Abhory", it is a work that you could evaluate a bit more.
In the first place, the "Emily" series itself was rather poor entertainment, it was an inappropriate impression to animation
(The sentences that describe Emily 's motivation for creation are beautiful, and as literature it is ants.)
Regarding the episode, I think I tried hard by adding quota and deformation, but the character's deformation was insufficient in both the painting and contents.

In "Avonly", after mixing the "Story. Girl" of the base book with the setting of "Emily", he has created his own character.
I think I was aiming for the same line, but Elizabeth and Laura were too faithful to the original a little
(Hetty and Olivia of "Avonly" are Elizabeth and Laura considered models, but they are intensely hooked).
Although it seems that he consciously thought of "Avonly" considerably when looking at small neta, it became a factor which makes it compared with the opposite.
Even better, Sullivan: As soon as I negotiated with the film, I thought that I should have animated "Avonly" ... (sweat).

Evaluation is "bad" close to "normal".

2007/12/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3168 Host:3086 Browser: 4184
Author of 'Anne of Green Gables', a piece based on LM Montgomery's novel.

The hero who lost parents after childhood.Emily was taken over by the venerable Murray family,
Strict owner, I will spend days with Elizabeth, Emily's good understanding Jimmy, and my best friends ...
In other words, this work has an atmosphere like "World Masterpiece Theater".
Although the opportunity to see this work has almost disappeared in recent years, I think that one or two such works may be present even in this era.
Also, there was also a lot of wonder that strict Elizabeth gradually acknowledged Emily and continuing dark development in the final stage.

However, I felt somewhat unsatisfactory whether I could call it mildly impressed as much as "funnyness" became the subject.
Based on these, my evaluation of this work will be as I mentioned at the beginning.

2007/05/20 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20828 Host:20714 Browser: 3646
[Good point] I like the scenery which was freshly abroad, not in Japan.
There are also enviable as well as looking at the place where Emily 's fancy personality and his favorite things are working hard.
After all it was thought that foreign animation is interesting.

[Bad point] The picture is Emily is good, but the face of adults is scary.

[Comprehensive evaluation] It seems that the world masterpiece theater has come back, I think that it will be good animation for children now.

2007/04/21 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45782 Host:45665 Browser: 7297
See till 3 episodes.

I am happy with emily. I can bear with each other while throbbing. Even that alone is enough.
Empty Canada's beautiful nature that felt life force and persistence fresh, and Emily trembling heart to respond to it. It is suitable for the title "girl in the wind" and is healed by a very refreshing atmosphere. My heart is washed away by the richness of Emily 's sensitivity. I feel that it is the most wonderful work in this work.

Children centering on Emily with core courage are the main characters, but Jimmy, who is hardcore, feels hardcore "ice queen" Elizabeth and witness arising from the richness of the heart is also impressive. The strength of the core of such characters brings strength to the standard story.

Picture of cutting picture of ED is very good. It seems that it represents the strength of the character's contrast. The image of the main part is also so, but the emotion that it is an animation now. By the way, the original author also is famous for "red girl 's anne".