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Other media: Game:CLANNAD
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Graphic2.32(Very good)81
Music2.32(Very good)81
Voice/Actor2.12(Very good)81
Story1.88(Very good)81
Character/Setting1.77(Very good)81
Shed tears70%57/81
Made me think58%47/81
Learned something30%24/81
Hot heart12%10/81

In the second part of the story, which starts immediately after the end of the first part but extends into the next ten years, Tomoya and Nagisa live together as a family. Tomoya has to endure several hardships that the family has been suffering from, mainly involving Nagisa's illness. Just after Nagisa gives birth to their daughter Ushio, Nagisa dies, leaving Tomoya to fall into a state of depression. This causes Nagisa's parents, Akio and Sanae to look after Ushio. Five years later, Tomoya meets Shino Okazaki, his grandmother on his father's side. Shino explains to Tomoya about his father's past and tragedy, similar to Tomoya's current situation after Nagisa's death. After hearing that, Tomoya decides to raise Ushio and acknowledge Naoyuki as his father. Shortly after Tomoya regains his purpose for living, Ushio is struck with the same disease as Nagisa. Tomoya, Sanae and Akio struggle to save Ushio, with Tomoya retiring from his job, but all efforts are futile. In the coming winter, wanting to do anything for Ushio, Tomoya decides to take Ushio on a trip, but Ushio falls unconscious and dies shortly after.

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Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) RKB MAINICHI BROADCASTING CORPORATION Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. BS-i, INCORPORATED
Key VisualArt's
Itaru Hinoue
Tatuya Ishihara
Shimo fumihiko
Kazumi Ikeda
Shinji Orito Magome Togoshi Jun Maeda
Yota Tsuruoka
Kyoto Animation
Yuuichi Nakamura
Mai Nakahara
Satomi Korogi
Ryo Hirohashi
Kanda Akemi
Houko Kuwashima
Ai Nonaka
Mamiko Noto
Daisuke Sakaguchi
Yukari Tamura
Ryotaro Okiayu
Kikuko Inoue
Hikaru Midorikawa
Yuko Minaguchi
Satsuki Yukino
Atsuko Enomoto
Machiko Kawana
Akiko Yazima
Tomoko Kawakami
Japan Released:2008/10/03(Fri) 01:59-02:29 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2009/03/19
Official sites
1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/clannad/ (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
Toki o Kizamu UtaToki o Kizamu Uta
Song:Lia Lyrics:Jun Maeda Compose:Jun Maeda Arrange:Anan Gyarudo Aizu [Fan reg.]
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