[Anime]Cho Gattai Majutsu Robo Gingaiza

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SEIJI YOKOYAMA Motosuke Takahashi
Studio Nue MECAMAN
Yu Yamamoto Soji Yoshikawa Hikaru Arai Fuyunori Gobu TAKASHI AN NOU Kouichi Mashimo Maki Production
Shigeyasu Yamauchi
Nippon Animation Asahi Broadcasting Corporation(ABC-TV)
Kazuhiko Inoue
Kiyoshi Kobayashi Tomomichi Nisimura
Hiroko Maruyama Katsuji Mori Kenichi Ogata
Kan Tokumaru MIZUKO ARIMA Mizuka Arima
Takashi Tanaka Banjo Ginga
Japan Released:1977/04/09(Sat) / End:1977/10/22
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2016/02/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
It is supposed to be a work that was not so popular, there is an official twitter and a mobile application game can be made now and it is now a strange robot animation where movement can be seen occasionally.

The novelty of the hero who uses magic (magic), the robot fighting at cards,
The main character talks to the audience from the beginning of one episode,
After showing the magic, the audience's children were shed by the great water and sit on it.
The main character returned when he told me to gather at the doctor, and he said "I heard somewhere there?" And I enjoyed it normally until about the first episode and the second episode like a gathering of stories

I am preparing an unusual motif, but it is interesting and boring but the story goes on and the characters go honestly. Except for the appearance, it does not leave much impression.

Since it is not possible to win with the last game of Gingaizer, it is delicate as well as fun like seemingly to return now.

Evaluation is "bad".

2013/11/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7600 Host:7632 Browser: 9932
With the number of robot animations, the work which puts the "cormorant" of Nagara river as the motif of the enemy robot is about the college ... It can not imitate other companies (I do not feel like doing it) "Phantom work" that was colored with a strange sense of Vimyo's sense, that is "Super Union Magic Robo Gingaizer".

It is also a necessity of Super Robot things "Cool goodness", it is the biggest disadvantage of this work that it is lacking until it is fatal. Deformation & coalescing scenes that should be a showroom are being processed with a tasteless production without "savings" or "decisions", and it is impossible for each robot of Gingaizer to feel the interest as "deformation mechanism" It is. Looking at the union scene to OP's "supernormal smash", it is what the staff's motivation is obvious at a glance .... The studio in charge of mecha design seems to have been outraged when I saw the setting picture and the head difference which the head is too severe, but it seems that my indifferent setting picture itself is not changed as much as I thought ... ' Trainer "such as" Thomas the Tank Engine "and the most brutal deathbed technique" supernormal smash "in the history of robot animation was invented by no one else.
Also in battle depiction, if one body is attacked by an enemy and a counterattack is received, another robot joins the battle line in the form of "Substitution change" ... ... It is like a cooperative attack and coalescing attack It is rare to take tactics that make use of play. As for reed pro, I wanted to avoid duplication with the previous work "Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster", but it may be the director's director, but this does not make sense to "collective hero" in this.
Not only the robot but also the action of the human character is also generally obsolete, especially with the shout of "Let's do the teleport!" And bringing both palms and both kneeches close to each other, the parenthesis suffering parenthesis badness & embarrassment of the transformation scene wearing the suit is It is hard to write in writing. When supernormal smash was invoked, the pilot was also considerably depressed as the pilot had to jump each cockpit's ceiling. Who the hell are you thinking about this useless setting?

To tell the story, in order to recover the meaning unknown such as "Antarless Demon Ball", the main character's white silver gorow and heroine Akitsugi Michi got around Japan all over the country ... to get in touch with people who got acquainted with travelers It is trying to make a fresh taste by including a road movie taste, but replacing "Antarctic Great Evil" to "Doukurostone" and "Travel around Japan" to "Time Travel", the composition of the story What makes it becoming "time bokan" indeed ... It is a confident criminal that has Yuimoto Yu in the main writer settled?
Two members of comedy staff, Arama Torajiro & Minami Santa are immature, so they can not be accompanied by Goro's journey, and the setting that ordinarily is ordered to wait at the base is inevitably full Members gathered together and it did not make sense as much as the difference. Due to having the team divided into two, I thought that different dramas would be drawn in each place, and such deployment did not worship until the end. It would be better if you let me travel with all four people from the edge.
The idyllic atmosphere arising from interactions with people I met in rural areas is not bad, but it was hard to imagine that people's plays like "Let's stay in the country!" Are repeated over almost every time! In retrospect, there is an impression that you could enjoy the episode of "the winning pattern" that you took up with a simple battle against good and evil.
At the end of the game, episodes that looked like as funny talks stuck in the fate of Gorrow 's father and thoughts on the family of Torajiro & Santa came out to be episodic as it was, but it also sounded that it was just before the end of the program in a timely manner "I feel like it now" was not hemp. Science Ninja Nodo's New Mortal Armor, Witnessing the Dying Gingaizer Using a Fire Crusher, Enemy Prime Minister who Impressed the Mysteries Impersonates Slippery When the last legend of the legend gives up on invasion of the earth, only dry laugh will happen I did it w

I borrowed a DVD-BOX from a friend and watched it, but I could not watch more than one episode a day because my motivation for watching it at a very low level workmanship did not rise at all. It is close to "Rough Rough" that digests all 28 episodes including two unplanned episodes ... Friend U, I deserve respect in Maji.

2012/05/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17063 Host:16894 Browser: 9929
Mixed things (super power, magic, occult, super robot) are fighting each other.
The direction of the interest of the work is the same as "Go! God man".
This is the first thing I have learned from watching this work.

The content was to say that four people gathered under Dr. Godow, Goro, Michi, Santa and Trasirrow, fought against the Sazolion Empire which aims the earth by driving the Gingaizer.

In order to prevent the Antares Massacre from crossing into the hands of the Sasolion, the Goloos fight each place,
Gorows will fight to protect people who have met and friends there from hands of Sasolion,
Episodes of Gorrow's father who lost memory due to the influence of an airplane accident, episode of an aunt who dropped in the river after chasing the field tomatoes, and the work itself, the appearance of tatsunoko animation at the time can be seen in places .

In addition, the bullfighting cattle (corner adjustment) that the Goro meet met was replaced with a resuscitated beast and the goros were attacked,
With a bomb that resembles Daemon balls, such as gimmers and magical bases are being tormented,
The villain 's Kind Darks also surpasses the wisdom' s circumstances much more than Sangyak (Sorghier Squadron Gokaiger).

The biggest problem is that the three robots and one fighter plane united and held the sword and the circular saw in both hands,
A supernormal smash that makes a form like a missing grinderizer and thrusts into an enemy.
This does not become a picture to a magnificent one.
The fire crusher that I showed at the end is also a substitute that weakened the firepower of scientific Ninfaire birds.
It is fatal as a robot thing to say that finish does not become a picture.

Besides, although the mystery of the Antares massacre remains unresolved, there are scary places,
Because the production team has plenty of excuses such as censoring etc., the evaluation is "bad" close to "very bad".

2010/06/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34575 Browser: 3006(Mobile)
Although I can evaluate that I got an innovation, it is a work that is too odd to become an unfinished large instrument. Although it became famous as a neta in the final round but it was firmly completed, it should have gotten a bit more legitimate evaluation.

[good point]
First of all, it was fresh that the subject matter of magic and supernatural was the subject. The expansion that the hero travels with that flow will also be a unique point in the robot animation of those days.
In addition, the backbone of the Demaki battle game became prominent from the middle stage, and the missing Catharsis was also solved from the midfield such as the nature of the Dema ball and the strategy that took advantage of it.
[Bad point]
Is it still a place that has been aborted? It is regrettable that Daemon balls will not be completed due to being cut off and I have finished finishing with the parents of the Gingaizer team which is another theme.
And the last round was surprised to have a contradiction point that obviously ran to the neta.

Also, since the screen was lower than the machine blaster, the viewing was severe as there are lots of times the level is very low until around the middle.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It seems that it was painful that the drawing side was canceled anyway. I liked the brutal depiction represented by supernormal smash

2009/11/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 54175 Host:53964 Browser: 10714
A giant robot animated drama aired in 1977. Lost in the fight against the clan `Plason 'of light a couple of years ago, the clan` Sasolion' of the dark which escaped to the ground revived, and ground invasion is started. `Pluton 's descendant' Dr. Gordo 'foresaw this day and formed` Magical Commando team' with 4 warriors including `white silver gorow ', they will compete with` robot of Gran Fighter' . And 3 Robo coalesce with `Supernormal Smash ', it becomes the Ultimate Super Magical Merged Robo" Gingaizer "and crushes Sasolion' s resuscitated beast.

In this work, `reed production (current production lead) 'which made" Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster "made as a new huge robot thing, in the previous work it was a battle thing by tag variations of 4 giant robots , Realizing the concept of combining three robots (+ flying mechanisms) that appear in this work into one. Speaking of coalition, "Getter Robo" "Combatrar V" is a pioneer, but robots are formed by the coalescence of machines, but this work is a point that is robot before coalescence. That said, Robo such as `Burger Gader '' Spin Lancer 'other than' Grand Fighter 'has not that much personality, just the fighter's Special Move is also called Magic Robo` Magic Sword' `Magic Missile '' Magic Laser 'And Magic is merely attached, there is not much difference from ordinary robot weapons, and Trump Shuriken' s Magic Card 'was not anything but a spectacle. Even if combining robots with magic, there is no amazing appeal, and it seems to me that the coalescence caused by 'supernormal smash' almost almost forcibly sticks, and I thought that it was a big magic. Also, the appearance of "Gingaizer" with large saw and sword has been associated with 'Tokutoku Knife' for a moment.

Although the protagonist's `white silver golfer` is only a leader of the member, it is a hot-blooded person, but as a hero it is an unusual horn cutting head, which may have wanted to show a different place from a similar work which is becoming a manneri, but magic Although it was for sale, it did not match very much in sports form. Other command characters also did not have that personality so much, and the enemy `Sasolion 'was an organization that felt the Baroo empire (brave Rideen), resuscitated beasts were similar to fossil beasts and not so appealing It is.

Although this work which challenged with the concept of a magic robot may have tried to give out a taste not found in other robot animation, it seems that it was a bit odd, and the aspect of coalescence was good but the figure was not very beautiful And since there was no missing point in terms of its distinctiveness, it can only be said that overall it is a minor robot animation work. So the evaluation is [normal]. In the end, it ended in the form of withdrawal of the enemy `Sasolion '(almost finished), although it could not be said to be a very good form, but taught that it is important to try challenging in various ways I guess it may be.

2008/11/30 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25764 Host:25778 Browser: 6034
I understand that I wanted to do something reasonable for my work.
It is also charming that there are some tsukkomi in the screenplay as I review the sparibo work now.
... Although this work has little or no sort of things to say, there are so many tsukkomi that I do not know where to start from where.

First of all, as for Sasaki Issao Song, the lyrics are obsolete and it is not burning. The Gingaizer is cooler when it is moving compared to the mechanical deza of the still picture,
It is a united scene of unknown meaning so that Getter Robo can be thought of right.
The first episode introduces characters with amusement parks (which reminded me of "Silvery Olynsis"), but as a character d莨〓〓〓like Goro (a name with no sense as a leading character)
It is not that there is still taste in the ground, but Goro talks to the viewer also to direct it for kids and it is feeling like removing it.

Magic show with nothing but magic but with magic,
Doctor who did not know the existence of the enemy and taught the magic to four people,
(I did the same thing with "Bortez V" but let me train with a sense of purpose also ambiguous)
Because the scorpion empire's dinosaur mecha is violent, it will be a sudden move! It is "Strategy to stop the Gingaizer and drive the heavy rain down in Japan and drive it to destruction!"
Hey hey you did not know the existence of Gingaisa itself,
And if you defeat the mecha, the enemy will retreat and the rain will cease It was not decoy or anything!
It was the impression that I made it properly even compared with "Machine Blaster" of the previous year.

2008/03/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10475 Host:10705 Browser: 6342
[good point]
Well, a theme song that sing a strange idea and Isao Sasaki.
I think that the character design was not too bad, but it was just like that.

[Bad point]
If you are singing magic, what is magical? Is what you want to tilt your head, and if the heroes were superpowers, was not it better that the title "super power combine robot" was better? Tsukkomi that I say is still going out. (There was a robot work using super powered neta called "superhuman squadron ballatak" at the same time.)

Both the enemy mechanics and Robo are dasay designs, and it seems that the enemies eventually escaped the earth without winning the hero side, but it is certainly a threat to the mechanisms that these protagonists manipulate, and they want to escape I understand. In a bad meaning.

Although it does not make sense of magic and is super strong smash which is the strongest skill, there is good and bad impact of being well wonderfully, that that he was thinking of that chimera robot of that much from then. Besides, it is only special skill to defeat the enemy .......

It may be one of the reasons why the animation shifted from Japanese animation to reed pro. Later Character Moe style It's a one-sided story, only the referee who is the key Robo Nino's reed pro, if originally, Robo who was well-designed by Kazuaki Miyatake, a studio noe, has a low level of creation, a good looking mechanism I think that I have left it to a reed pro that is lacking in consideration of making use of it, but also calling it a supernormal smashing bizarre has resulted in the birth of a bad style.

The story is certainly not very exciting and it seems that the "Groser X" which does not transform to Robo at all is still somewhat, but it looks like it was cool.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Anyway, in a bad meaning, the impact supernormal supernormal smash form would have dropped the evaluation of this work, and it seems that it was not made a masterpiece even if this work was made a rare work that the drawing level was low I will.

A deformed scene or a supernormal smash state ignoring the physical law of each mechanism over the getter also feels like it can be called "this is a great magic!" Well, that's it.

Robot animation since the birth of Mazinger in the 70's was born with high-class Nagahama Romantrobos and masterpieces by Yoshiyuki Tomino, etc. On the other hand, there were also kinds of straying and rare works, and this work is like that In the meaning, unquestionably straying, I think that it is rare.

Well, it was not a trash, so I will look at the neighborhood.

2008/03/04 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 8643
I watched it with Nico Nico Douga ... It is more cool than I expected. According to the wiki, it is said that a face-up production company has unexpectedly tried out for the purpose of drawing the setting picture of the studio.

What is rough magic, is magic? Even if you see it, it looks like magic tricks or super powers (sweat). I'm using a trump or something.

Desperate despair is striking is "supernormal smash" of deathblow technique Three main battle robots and support fighter aircraft coalesce, but it is not said that it is irresponsible thing.

Special condition in the enemy in that state ... It is novelty what to say now.

As this is the first starring work by Mr. Kazuhiko Inoue who starred in numerous animations later, I can cry. As a matter of fact.

2006/07/13 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7518 Host:7267 Browser: 5234
To see it as a neta, "ken" is thin, so to see it seriously, it does not descend so much. The huge face of the trailer and the terrible design of the left hand round saw are bad, but it is only Mi Emie who is doing just the right thing, such as a story or battle. I am not trying to aim for it, but "I am sorry"
Just like that. I remember being indignant with my child's mind that I should work a bit better.
After all, even with rebroadcasting, I ceased to be able to withstand it on the way.

2006/07/13 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28348 Host:28183 Browser: 4184
Almost everything, including design, character modeling, screenplay, magic setting, and so on, was ridiculous and I thought "It's trivial ~" to the child's heart.
Even if I review it again, there is no point remaining in my mind separately, even works that dealt with the same magic will show the necessity of using "Magical King Grandchoet" and "Magic Knight Rayearth" later in "world" , It seems that the production as animation (or perfection) was determined. Of course, I am not looking at the difference in technology.

The story is also a bashing work, and I am very dissatisfied that the settlement with the enemy camp remains unclear.
Overall I think that "Blocker Corps IV Machine Blaster" was better.

2005/05/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13122 Host:12893 Browser: 4184
Magiranger seems to be working hard, but this work is an unusual grass item in robot animation which can also be said as running.
Although it says magic, it is an element of rhythmic gymnastics, and "something" is confused with magic and circus, but please do it with love as it is (laugh).
Even when cutting with a rotating saw, "the enemy is still cutting"

"There are neither seeds nor tricks, it will be disconnected (haha)"

Tsukkomi is also a love. There is a drama besides besides the episodes with female executives, and the story seems to be only killing the enemies, there are points that various excitement is raised.
The action of the robot is also very interesting and it was fun because that is done with something different from the vector so far.
Why was the protagonist shoddy ... that it was charming (?).
It is a rather maniac work so it is hard to find, but it is a work with a strange taste when you see it.
"〓〓〓I can not find it"

2005/01/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 3846
A magical robot that I do not really know where it is magical (lol Heroes use teleportation and so are superpowers rather than magic?
Well it was a trend that the base is an amusement park with a show space called Magic Land subtlely magic (Robot animation at that time merged, deformed, fully demonstrated full power (each means)) through a ceremony ... This work, of course, that one item
Three robots and one airplane merge with supernormal smashing voice .....
Although it is good to do, the upper body is the main body of the robot that the hero manipulates Rombo The lower half of the body is an airplane to be controlled by the heroine, what the other two are already something .... Moreover, a sword on the right hand side, a circle saw to the left hand, Is there no other example to be thrust in shape?
Personally, it was a brainwashing thing of the heroine which was often used at the time when I liked the golden eagle story, but my child's heart beat me up (laugh)