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Other media: Game:Bluer Than Indigo / Comics:Bluer Than Indigo (Ai yori Ao shi)
Anime total pnts rank Rank 558in 6,559 titlesTotal 55 / Deviation 56.60
Anime avg pnts Rank 1,792in 2,893 titlesAvg 0.44=Normal/125 reviews
Anime rank of 2002 Rank 29in 160 titles
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Voice/Actor2.10(Very good)10
Character/Setting1.80(Very good)10
Graphic1.80(Very good)10
Music1.70(Very good)10
Story1.70(Very good)10
Shed tears30%3/10
Made me think10%1/10
Hot heart0%0/10
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Information about this title

Kou Fumitsuki Young Animal HAKUSENSHA
Masaharu Amiya Ken'ichi Kanemaki Iwakurakazunori Yumi Nakayama
Shinya Hasegawa Azumajyunichi STUDIO EASTER Masafumi Mima Tsutomu Kashiwakura Nisiyama Sigeru TAVAC Toshio Masuda
Sambuzaka Studio TechnoSound Co,Ltd.
TOKYO LABORATORY LTD. Oguratakasi Syun Animate Film Yuji Matsukura
Masashi Kubota Maruyama Koichi
Tsuyoshi Tanai Shinichi Suzuki Koubun Shizuno Katushi Sakurabi Munenori Nawa
Yasunori Yamada Kiyoko Sayama Michio Fukuda Hideki Okamoto Katsuichi Nakayama
Television Saitama Co.,Ltd. TV Kanagawa Chiba Television broadcasting Corp Television Nishinippon Corporation Hokkaido Cultural Broadcasting co.,Ltd. Kids Station Inc. SUN-TV AT-X GENEON ENTERTAINMENT INC. Sato Naoko Aoi Studio Co., Ltd.
Katuhiko Takayama Junichiro Taniguchi
Yoko Ishida
Miki Taoka The Indigo (the Indigo)
Souichirou Hoshi Ayako Kawasumi Akiko Hiramatsu
Satsuki Yukino Kaori Mizuhashi
Haruko Momoi Sayaka Narita
Yuka Inokuchi Kenyu Horiuchi Kazuya Nakai Makoto Higo
Narumi Hidaka Kan Tokumaru Gara Takasima Unsho Ishizuka Hiroko Suzuki Kenji Utsumi Natsumi Sakuma
Sumi Shimamoto
Kimiko Koyama Mamiko Noto
Japan Released:2002/04/11(Thu) 02:25-02:55 Fuji Television Network, Inc. TV / End:2002/09/24
Japan Released:2003/10/10(Fri) 01:20-01:50 TeleTama TV / End:2003/12/26
Official sites
1. https://www.nbcuni.co.jp/rondorobe/anime/aiyoriaoshi/aiao_index.html (Translation)
2. https://www.nbcuni.co.jp/rondorobe/anime/aiyoriaoshi/ (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
Eien no HanaEien no Hana
Song:Yoko Ishida
Compose:Toshio Masuda [Fan reg.]
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2005/06/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:78(58%) Normal:57(42%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 20117 Host:19936 Browser: 3646
In Japan, this animated cartoon was broadcast at midnight several years ago.
This animated cartoon is comparatively tedious though this animated cartoon is not trash.
And, characters of this animated cartoon are charm shortage.
The woman like Miss Aoi cannot be in present Japan.
After all, this animated cartoon is a mediocre Love comedy animated cartoon.

2002/09/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:0(0%) Normal:2(100%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2729
The first three episodes are lovely, with both excellent art quality and a touching boy meets girl. However after episode 4 the series rapidly deteriorates into a Love Hina ripoff spiked with gratutious fanservice that is both out of place and not even that inventive. Too bad, it started out so well ...

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2014/11/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
The charm of the heroine is not hampered. Is not it Yamato Nadeshiko? It will be in a harem state, but erotic discreetness. It is a good work that her everyday will come to my heart.

2014/05/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15770 Host:15861 Browser: 5931
The good points of this work are as already mentioned,
The goodness and cuteness of the character of Aoi who is a heroine is fairly well expressed and the point where the female statue that most of the men of the world would desire is probably an evaluation point,
Although it is certainly the feeling that I went to the direction of erotic in the original rather rather, the erotic element is also modest about animation,
I think that the point that did not become a development of poor Moe animation was also good (^ ^)

Also, not only the heroine but also the character of the supporting role added a taste just like a fun of the story of the story (especially Tina)
Evaluated points well tightened throughout.

However, as is often the case with the deployment of healing animation,
Although I tightened the story to a good state, did not he deny the feeling lacking in the whole as a whole?
It's not boring nevertheless, there's a weak part in somewhere
Which is more correct?

As I enjoyed it as it is, I'd like to put out a "good" rating,
To give a rating of "Very good" or more it is a bit of a viewer [deca of equipment]
Maybe it is necessary (^ ^;

2012/11/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18076 Host:18330 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Sakuraba Aoi 's Yamato - shit
How much he was saved in the everlasting love for Kaoru Hanabe ...
(I also mentioned in the evaluation of the comic version, so I will omit the details.)

.OP song "Eternal Flower" was very good.
It matches the view of the world that is more blue than blue.

A voice actor who played each character.
Especially Mr. Kawasumi who is the role of Aoi and Shigushi Kaoru are exactly what I thought was perfect.

[Bad point]
Harlem I converted it to something
(I also mentioned it in the evaluation of the comic version, too)

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I will say [very good].

2012/08/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28677 Host:28729 Browser: 14152
First of all, it is evaluation and impression of Season I [Ai Yori Aoi].
It is made as a love story of Kaoru and Aoi, but I think the theme is "family love".
Basically it will be Harlem.
However, it is not slapstick.
I think that Tina will be a three-character character, it is not that much laughable.
Tina is also drawn with nuances that give thoughts to Kaoru.

After a variety of circumstances, I think that "one lonely" that gathers at the hall becomes a family.
Overall the development of the story is gentle, there is no big event to say this.
There is only such a flow to finish in a Japanese style.

Especially drama does not happen, it is the zoo that seems to be the only one.
There is no remembrance that there is no dramatic scene.
In other words, it is not about seeing this, it is something that flows in the spot and it does not get in the way, so I can not expect from the work.
The content is also thin.
My favorite character is "Ya".

However, it is not salvation that there is no Iyami on the whole character.
It is a work that does not remain in the lost impression.
It can not be evaluated as a work.
But I can not put a bad evaluation.

Then it is the evaluation of Season II [Ai Yori Aoshii ~ Edge ~].
The harem color is much stronger than Season I, and the comedy element is also high.
I think that it can be said that it is a harem love comed nearly slap, based on family love.

In this work Tina tastes like Kaoru is well depicted.
All other characters also like Kaoru.
"Family love" centered on Kaoru is strongly drawn.

Season II is a sequel to be a sequel to most of the work, but the quality is poor, but since Season I itself has not developed much in this work, it was received as Season II developed the story so far.

Also, from Season II, it can be felt that "There is no end to [Airoi]."
Ultimately it is expected that Aoi and Kaoru will get married, but in that case the theme itself "family love" of this Kaoru center will be gone.
In other words, I think that I should never marry the two people as a theme of "family love".
In Season II [~ Edge ~], various episodes are prepared, there are stories and expansion and expansion.
In the end, the bond which we say as families is drawn, and it is not made to feel like being completed.

Evaluation through Season I, II has an excitement in [~ ~], I think that it can be said that it is a "good" work.

2012/02/15 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16134 Host:16081 Browser: 9929
[good point]
Attractive characters like the heroine. It seems to be calm.

[Bad point]
It is too stable to feel unsatisfactory.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Heroine is a very attractive animation. Although the story is feeling that there is not much intonation and it is refreshed, this is good. It is a kind of strange way of saying but Moe is blending with the atmosphere. Although it was somewhat longer scale, I was able to enjoy it to the last with a mystery.

2011/05/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5167 Host:5153 Browser: 7352
Although the original was unread, although it was seeing for the second term, please let me assume the evaluation of only one term in this place.

[good point]
There is not a strange character for the character, I like it well.

Both OP and ED are good songs. OP seeps in and it gets settled down.

It seems that the drawing was stable.

.2 I think that it is good to take a leisure while using cool. It is not fascinating animation with early development.

Or rather, I like the overall atmosphere. It is Japanese style, spacious, modest and calm. It can get into the world view of animation. Even though character setting and so on are unrealistic and should be outrageous.

[Bad point]
Aoi is a daughter and a nice girl, but I feel like I am too good a good child.
However, I wonder if it will be about this if it is a boxed daughter who is unrepentant, mostly not related to a man other than the first love man.

Although Kaoru is gentle, I am thinking about Aoi without doing a hula, so there is no room to enter no matter how much sub - heroine likes Kaoru.
So I think it was not necessary to go to Harlem route. Well Tina thinks that it is okay for someone to think about it.
The sub-heroines were not only saying "I love Kaoru", but it was good to have something like a character as a character, but on the other hand I felt like I was scared of reasons for liking Kaoru . Well I guess it is not even asking for a reason.

The story itself is mediocre and neither.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Perhaps it's just a mediocre animation, but I was pretty much entering and watching it. Because it was a work I saw at the age of adolescence, memories correction may be working.
Evaluation is "very good" on "good" side.

2011/02/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13611 Host:13457 Browser: 5941
[good point]
The heroine is pretty than anything else

[Bad point]
Lack of excitement for a long time

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a living cohabitation thing that is common,
The point that the main heroine is overwhelmingly more attractive than the others is a good place to work now No other character is also good taste but it is all felt as a fancier of Luo Lo She is attractive with almost no defects on the outside and inside Although it is a woman,
Although the story who inherited serious feelings of love for the hero was also commonplace as a result of sharpness, thanks to you, I enjoyed it without getting tired until the end

2011/01/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53958 Host:53987 Browser: 8916
[good point]
Aoi can be likable to any character Keep on watching Kaoru everlasting, Kaoru has survived the painful past and lives positive.
All the other characters were all nice people, and when I talk about bad characters, it was about Kaoru 's grandfather.

Directed emphasis on sum

[Bad point]
As couples are already finished, I can not expect much for romantic relationships

Aoi is too good for myself

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There is not much shocking development but I enjoyed it. Evaluation is [good]

2011/01/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
It was animation for seeing Japanese clothes beauty.

Aoi chan is a nice girl too.
Is it feeling like Yamatonozuko is here?

Actually I do not have a good girl until here. . .

The prepared dwelling was Western-style and mismatched with Japanese clothes.
But, that is the opposite.

Two people torn at the end of the game.
Kaoru going to Aoi father for direct consultation.

A pure love story of Japan that I forgot.
I should have stopped in the first term ...
The second period in which I felt a sense of work was subtle.

This is just a Moe animation.
If there are no two people in a row, the viewing discontinuation level.

First period is very good.
Second term bad

Overall rating ... I will assume it is good

2010/07/24 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11573 Host:11600 Browser: 10809
The main heroine of the Yamatonadeshiko group felt very fresh, I was interested and I tried it, but the character was not very attractive, the story was more boring than anything.

Early morning was seen but it got tired of getting tired of it. There is no development of the story and it is lacking in interest, just a boring feeling.

Eventually I did not see it from the middle.

So it is [very bad].

2010/05/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23381 Host:23572 Browser: 10591
When the maid began to pay attention in the world, next time it was "gimmicky", it failed in Japanese clothes. Sequel "Edge"
I watched it again as a result, so I will summarize my impressions.

Mr. Akira Fumizuki was a writer who was paying attention since his coterie era, stepping up from adult magazine to youth magazine,
When animating it further, there is a memory that it soared fairly. In animation version, good and bad, Mr. Fumizuki's stuffy line has been changed to a character design hidden sounding and "animated". It is a very big point and can be said to be the most characteristic of cartoons "picture skew"
It is no longer a cartoon version at the time when it was changed. To the contrary, the outline of the story almost follows the original. The most impressive and frequently used lines of this work are "Kaoru", it is.

Kaoru is a piece of Aoi, and Aoi also crosses. It is certain that Kaoru 's thought is "blurred", but hence it is becoming a "listener" that is nothing more than Aoi. It is a so-called "good person".
Over the whole story, Kaoru strikes a comment on the confession of the heroines "Hey, that's right." This composition is repeated three cool nights. The relationship between Kaoru and Aoi, the "core" of the story, "shake"
Because there is no so it can not rise as a drama between men and women, and the day of Kaoru's "Harlem" where one person of sub heroine is unfailingly spread. Sub heroine drama that "core" is too thin, promised not to develop relationship = volume distribution that depends too much on something is just about to fail as a work. It is from the beginning that the lifespan is increasing by increasing characters in long-term series.
Aoi is Aoi, and when Professor Tajima gets to see the blue vigilant woman 's "Furui" woman (Actually I will write it later but it is different). Association 'make it' from 'Japanese clothes woman', woman like Japanese,
I do not think I will conclude the image of Yamatonadeshiko here, but I believe that it will be established for the first time in the context of the times and the secular world. Work world = Aoi has passed abruptly in modern times, it is too symbolic. That "only" existence will be totally revealed for the first time in the second term "rim".
Casting too much to appoint Ayako Kawasumi as "Furui women" too much.
Kaoru against Kira is Kira, it passes Yamato and arrives at Tomoki of "Sora" (Laugh) Mr. Hoshi Soichiro. The gap with the strongest personality and the strongest "good person" was too great and the likability to Mr. increased,
No, it is not ironic.
Drawing may not be a work requiring a high level, and the correction of characters is solid and necessary and sufficient.

Although it was from the original comic book version, it would be inevitable to say that the drama was extremely "thin" as the "symbol stand" of the core of the work aimed at the ball changed completely. Virtually negative assessment.

2010/04/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21879 Browser: 2414(Mobile)
I watched all the stories.

Aoi and Kaoru did not quarrel, so we were able to see until quite relieved to the end.

The work of a recent romantic thing is that hero is the main character, hero is not a translation of choosing which girls, it tends to be Gudaguda, but since this work consistently loved Aoi from the beginning to the end, think.

However, it has been a bit of a reality that I have loved you since I was a child.

I wanted more a deep reason that I liked so much.

But I personally feel relieved even when I am tired, I felt it was a work that can be seen as much as possible.

Therefore, the evaluation is "very good".

2009/11/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29415 Browser: 7655(Mobile)
Women who had a lot of empathy in emotional aspects should be like this originally. Although it is a harem thing that strongly thinks when seeing female characters which are obliged by recently female characters, it was good that the man's sloppiness is small

However, there are not too many occasions such as waiting for 10 years, and there are not too many such women in reality .... Of course it is natural that there is no real, so there is minus

By the way, evaluation of only one term.
I regret that I have heard that the second term is boring and cheerful so I decided to ignore and ignore the audience seems to be a typical poor fishing fishing viewer

2009/11/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28183 Host:28253 Browser: 2925(Mobile)
"good point"
Drawing Background There is no dark story "Bad point"

"Comprehensive evaluation"
Personally, I support this from the original. A beautiful drawing of JC, the background is wonderful. I can make good use of individual personality, and there are many stories that can be funny quite often. Chika - chan are also working properly, while also mentioning Aoi - chan 's love relationship with Kaoru. The brightness of Tina, I became energized for the high tension. Anime with no tired eyes that you can always see.

2009/10/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32093 Host:32227 Browser: 4483
[good point]
The hero Romeo and Juliet's royal royal pure love that can be liked even by Yamatonobo's heroin harem thing

[Bad point]
Tina's dialect lacks tremendous excitement

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It feels like it's neither possible nor impossible.
I was able to watch without any resistance to Tina's talking.
However, I do not think there was any more point to recommend.
It may not be bad though it is not bad.

2009/05/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9895 Host:9922 Browser: 6653
[Comprehensive evaluation]
I watched cartoons and watched it.
Well it was nice feeling that it was gathered up safely.
I like it because it is finished with a feeling brighter than manga.
Just there was no impact ....

2009/03/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34731 Host:34713 Browser: 6399
[good point]
I feel happy.

[Bad point]
Slightly slow tempo

[Comprehensive evaluation]

She shows me such things as a man's dream or a delusion.

2009/02/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28462 Host:28454 Browser: 6683
It is impressive that an elegant atmosphere drifts at first sight,
In this neighborhood I think that it is impressing a more elegant atmosphere more than usual appearance is Japanese clothes beauty in addition to the personality of Aoi of heroine and goodness of growth, the first image for this work was pretty good.

Basically I enjoyed watching this work, and there is no deployment that stress will accumulate as well,
If it raises a point which is unsatisfactory enough, it seems that there was no sharpness that development continued so peacefully and was a little worrisome.
Well, since around here there are Aoi and Kaoru both from the beginning, there is no gap for other heroines to take in, so it may not have been moved from the beginning in an expanded manner.

2009/02/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38051 Host:37882 Browser: 4926
The main character, Aoi who is a wife of Kaoru comes along, and also Tina and Taeko, friends of the university, join in to draw a lively life.

Although Aoi is basically regarded as a heroine, Tina often goes to the main and sometimes spots are hit by other characters as well.
Beginning with pure Japanese style Aoi, there are no bad points in the characters such as Tina, who is a foreigner even if it is a foreigner, and Hakata who is a genuine person, Taeko who just fails whatever you do, it was good.
Aoi believes Kaoru, even though there are many women around Kaoru, and continues to support it all the time, Tina also acts thinking about Kaoru in some way.
Kaoru 's romantic relationship is out of the mosquito nets but the side characters are also giving a good taste.

The story also focuses on the events at the Sakuraba pavilion, sometimes at university, sometimes you can talk about it at a hot spring and enjoy it as it is.
Most importantly, except for the final stage, I think that it is a really easy-to-see animation because it is a bright story from the beginning.
Speaking of mediocrity, it is true, but I can appreciate that there is no dark story.

Since there are no bad points, evaluation is assumed to be good.

2008/12/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13311 Host:13196 Browser: 4184
Well this book, in short, is "a dreamlike story" ...... ( Lol )
First of all, although the heroine "Sakuraba Aoi" of this work is a setting of "suit of kimono", "good atmosphere" and "Okazaki", such women are no longer threatened extinct in Japan, is.
Or, I have no doubt that such a woman was really in Japan since history, but even if it is animation, the original author who reproduced such a female image, and everyone of the animation staff I would like to express my gratitude to you. (^ _ ^) V
However, as for the character design of "Aoi", I think that the original manga had a more pretty and cute feeling.

..... Well, as for the direction of expansion of the story, the heroine's "Aoi" is the principal axis which is extremely disgusting pure love story until Tokyo fulfills love, pursuing "Hanabishi Kaoru" as a childhood daughter, but only that You can not keep 24 episodes in, so various side as well as side characters add a side story.
At the beginning, Tina Foster was worried that it would become a pretty annoying character, but it was a fear.
It has a very good taste, is 〓〓〓
Others, "Taeko" and "Cocoon" aside Aside characters are also doing a good job, the best position for the right people.
Half of this animation's story is rather expanded to enjoy the activities of such aside characters.
However, I thought that only "chika" was a junior high school third grader.
It seems that it seems like only a fifth grader in elementary school.

[good point]

The points mentioned above, the point that the side characters are alive,

Theme song, at first it sounds like an uncharacteristic song, but as I listened to it I began to feel comfortable.

The point that the Tobu Tojo Line along the Toei line which is not a setting of the story so much as to say most because of the badness of the image is the stage.
This is a word of "happy" as the author who lives along the Tojo Line.

Drawing is beautiful.

[Bad point]

This work is a redundant story deployment, it is almost impossible to develop like a stupid throat, so it will not be suitable for people with a short temper.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It was a pleasant work for "anime first generation", which was somewhat tired of recent developments, transformation, battle fighting.
It is a "good" evaluation.

2008/09/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22700 Host:22657 Browser: 8901
[good point]
It is good to be Japanese. It's pretty much the deployment and character are Moe's character template. I feel that the drawing was good.
OP is good

[Bad point]
It does not remain in the impression. Because it is contents substitutable by Galg莨〓

[Comprehensive evaluation]

2008/08/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
[good point]
Painting is not bad, voice actors, OP is good.

[Bad point]
I think that it is not a very good setting as a harem thing that there is a positive wife (though it is like a fianc莨〓) and that it is not possible to connect with other heroines. You can only approach from outside the absolute area, and that approach never works. Such a thing is not empty.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that the rating is not changed, no edge, but I think that it is basically a plain work, in the past it seemed like a boom and this was also popular, but it is not the type of what I see now.

It is this work that depicts the newly-married life with Yamato Riko of the good old days endlessly (because half of the sub-characters are there, half of it will be unsteady), and those who like such everyday life may like it. I do not think the story about what the house is like is what it is promised and it is necessary to make flow of the work, but the story about that is boring. Rather than increasing the heroine who lives in the house unfailingly, even if he / she separates each heroine 's way of exactly at home and university and goes to university and expresses Kaoru whose growth process is hard to see Although I think that it was good, the story of Tina and Aoi 's friendship is also important, and it seems that Yamato - kiko waiting for her husband' s return to be healthy at home was what he wanted to do with this work, Would not you desire too much for it?

2008/08/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 38670 Host:38708 Browser: 2230
[good point]

[Bad point]
I do not feel attractive to each character.
The story is not fun.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I have not read the original. I watched both periods 1 and 2.
There is an opinion that it is "cabacula animation" or "rim" as "something rotten", but I think it is exactly the case. It is a perfect expression for this work.
There is nothing I think is particularly good, but one point which I became concerned with is one. Does the protagonist pass through the main character? I think that only the atmosphere of the school was in good feeling. In the process, Aoi go out to Ikebukuro for shopping, what is it? I think that I want a little more twist.
Then, a bad point. It is just a harem thing, the point that this work is decidedly not interestingly lies is in the place where the hero does not decay. Normally Harlem stuff is a neutral, basic girls fluffy between basic girls, but if the balance collapses, it feels like leaking, but this work is suddenly a mutual love (from the first edition of the first term) as it is the last round (the second term ). In other words, it is not appealing as a drama without making progress as it can say that it is totally in relation to human beings. That habit girl only increases every turn, it hurts to look at it. Except for foreigners, natural, sister, kitsui, kimono, kimono, extra small animals and kimono are typical and do not feel fresh.
Although it is still within a tolerance if it is only one phase with talks in the story, the second term has been making progress in mannerism and viewing is a very painful work.
Although it is evaluation, it is assumed that it is very bad, taking the average for the second term as the worst, usually at the last minute.

2008/04/13 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32482 Host:32387 Browser: 6213
[good point]
I think that the heroine is very attractive and wish I had such a person.
Even though the characters are good people, everyone has a painful past but it is bright.
I feel that the voice acting team was quite there.
[Bad point]
After all it became a harem. I feel that Tina and Mayu alone were enough to like Kaoru.
Edge was a little disappointing. I wish I would have finished like an original.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

In the past I was crazy and I was watching but I think that it is a regretful work if I think about it now.
I think that it worked better if I focused on pure love.

2007/07/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5580 Host:5736 Browser: 8090
Although I saw it from the way before, the heroine thinks that personality is also good and maybe the face may be cute, but to me of a long hairstyle a little sorry that this girl is heroine like looks. Also the foreigners of the Kansai dialect were funny.

2007/05/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35439 Host:35279 Browser: 6342
〓〓〓More blue indigo
[TV Animation 2002 30 Minutes Frame 24 Talk Harem Lovecom]
The heroine is a gentle Japanese-style girl. In the long run it is the biggest uri.
The main character lives with a lot of girls, and the story is a pattern called "Love Hina" in which the majority is a love comeda in the center of a character episode. However, the story involving the main character and the heroine's family environment is interesting (although it says only about the beginning and the end, though it does not matter). I think that the last episode is pretty impressive and well organized, but other episodes are somewhat boring at the center of the character, but I can enjoy it so much.

〓〓〓Ai Yori Aoshi ~ Edge ~
[TV anime 30th minute frame of 2003 all 12 stories]
One year after the previous work, I draw a joint life at the Sakurabi-kan that became more vibrant than why. I thought that I showed a good result in the last of the previous work was in a brief period of time, in this work a character episode without retention was kept as if I returned to the start. It's a moratorium. Get married quickly and make it "perfect"!
As symbolized by ending with an episode drawing Tina as the main, it was the content that shows the center of fostering friendship (character) between character and character. Episodes themselves are more expensive than the previous work, but there is not much progress between the hero and the heroine, and considering the position as the sequel of the previous work, it is completely snakeful content. I think that this work was content to be done around the middle stage of the previous work.

2007/01/15 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Although I did not like the original and casting was luxurious, it seemed like it could be said "just that", the original Nori and mood did not have that much charm, just a harem thing, We can not imagine a good evaluation.

Compared to Tina's sunshine's screening and personality, Aoi's personality and pure Japanese style is too much, "I am now Yamato Sakiko ......." I am excited. It is unknown how the author drawn such a character with any thought, but I think that there is no such heroine, I think that feminine cute is not such things, and the designs and individuality of other heroines, charm and image Compared to other characters it is obviously inferior to the other characters in the attractiveness as a heroine.

Even though it is said to be a family problem, it does not rise too much, and Kaoru is not the hero who is emotion-transferrable though it is not said hetarer compared to the girl girl hero of recent years and the Akamatsu hero, and since the original work was also not likable , It seems that animation also entered the framework of an ordinary work in a bad meaning.

Regarding the exposure as well, it was a feeling like "This work is such a thing", and if you become accustomed to erotic and erotic animation of 18 ban, it is not such a thing as being attracted to much, . Well, if you think that originally you do not like the original itself, it is difficult to appreciate this animation well.

2007/01/14 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Evaluate again.
The animation version of this also seems to have started on air in Gao, but I quickly saw it, but the heroine is a lonely woman and can be likable.
I will say it again. We do not forget the main character 's favorite thing, making delicious dishes, washing it with a laundromat, keeping waiting at the station even though I do not know the time to come back, but also buying back sinking while bathing, such as the main character' s Kaoru-kun, a girlfriend who has been separated from his mother when he was young,
(Sometimes I received corporal punishment, but I felt disgusting in this scene without joking.) It's a young man who has a hard back horn, which makes me a relatively good rating for this work Although it is the most likely cause to be down, the appearance of the heroine may be God's reward for him. My grandfather became bedridden, and it was pathetic that my grandchildren 's face was too small to distinguish, but on the contrary the punishment went down ...........
Well, I am too old to take it,
I can not keep it as a different person, though.

Both the voice actor, Hoshi and Kawasumi are performing well, but with this leading role,
It is also impressive that veterans such as Mr. Tokumaru who is also a senior in Mr. Hashi's office and Mr. Kenji Utsumi such as heroin's father are aside.
I regret to have finished with 2 cool,
For me it's an anime that is one of my comic work.
With "good" ranked up from the original.

At last it will not be helpful at all, but thinking it is inappropriate, deleted past log .................

2004/05/04 22:50:53 Normal by TCC

A grandfather who had a severe dignity was completely weakened when Kaoru visited the Hanabisha for the first time in a long while, although he was bedridden, he felt only pity. Well, because this gijii was a human being who often had corporal punishment to the scars of his body against his grandchild (It seems to be the top of a chaebol, but such a person does not have the qualification to stand on a person!), It can be said that it was self-confidence. Basically dislikes such a harem system ("Negima!" Is the biggest trash)
However, this is an exception, as the main character's back horn or bones are solidly as it is. I am expecting new developments in the future.

2006/11/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Comprehensively it was a little better than the original cartoon?
Unnecessary erotic scenes and moe were cut considerably than the original cartoon,
Although Kaoru does not try to face the problems of his parents' home until the end, he is opposed to Aoi 's parents' house but is opposed to himself but pushed his own will, but a little better. Feeling like.
In the original cartoon, Kaoru that appears in the last stage and his younger brother with the same name and same name take over the problem of Kaoru's parents' house, rather than just to press everything in order to press it all, so the problem of Aoi 's parents' house is eventually Ya all Press down and notice the rest. Because the easy solution of the original that was none was preferable at all.

The same as the original cartoon was good when I was living in the early boro apartment, after moving to the mansion house I changed the route to the harem thing of the majority.

As for the character as well as the original it is well decided that Kaoru and Aoi and after Tina place others are treated well.
Speaking of Kaoru as a typical protagonist of Harlem type,
I can not admire the character stand which is not distinguished from Aoi's "everlastingly healthy" and "merely convenient for men".

There are several works in Harlem's stuff that seem to be misunderstood by mixing the distinction between "pure love" and "a woman and environment that is convenient only for men" I feel remarkable.

The edge is increasing eroticism and sex appeal,
It was subtle that Tina 's return home to the United States became the main entourage, but it keeps keeping the harem forever by putting it in the original sheath after all.
In the case of Tina 's homecoming, it was better that the original manga wearing the final just after pulling for a long time was better.

2006/07/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In the opening part I thought that it would be a burning development, although it is a thoughtful thing like "The elopement of young people of the name"
In the end it was just a harem animation ...

If it is 3 episodes, it is the highest rating, but after that it is flat.
If it were to be a harem, it would have been fun if Ya would become love love to Kaoru (laugh)

But, I was not content to be angry when I was watching, and because it was all right, the evaluation was "normal".