[Anime]Blue Sonnet (Akai Kiba Blue Sonnet)

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Other media: Comics:Blue sonnet
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Anime rank of 1998 Rank 77in 124 titles
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Masahiro Shibata
Japan Released:1998
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2016/04/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19103 Host:19125 Browser: 5171
OVA works of all 5 episodes. A story that Taron 's things, including Cyborg Warrior Sonnets, aim at getting back the power of the Euphoric Orchid once belonging to the organization Talon.

OVA is something that is common but it is quite difficult to gray and there is a hard part ...
The bad people are about to die, but their death is already gross ... it is not clear ... w. (I tried my eyes.
But the story itself was rather funny so it was not painful to see.

Characters other than enemies were generally good, but I thought Mr. Toriya was cool!

As the end ended there, it was a feeling, so the evaluation was "good" close to normal!
It may be a little surprising that the original girls cartoon.

2011/11/05 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24462 Host:24433 Browser: 11755
I do not know the original, but ... ......

[good point]

On the hero side, with the heart as a human being of Sonnet,
I think that the conflict with the strategy and the like as a warrior was deeply dealt as it was, and also the brother who was the youngest brother of the hero was a character that was liked and drawn as growth etc. Bird was also a reliable older brother.

[Bad point]

This was the biggest and fatal deduction element, but the villains were just cruel guys and it was not attractive at all.
Especially Sakagi and Tsunaga. When Merekes thought that Sonnet is no longer coming back, there was a love affair such as sadly murmuring "My sonnet is ... ...." (Of course, what is pure like a parents hold for children Although it seemed to be) but it seems that he and I forgot the name, it was also awfully challenging that the great men and others who accused him of the hematism at the end of the game had to do so.

So, the voice actors are surely luxurious, especially I think that Mr. Tsuru Hiromi and Mr. Nozomi Sasaki were well-suited to the image of the character,
Mr. Issei Nikami did not match, and "It was a waste" was felt.
Huayira and Fune etc.

Also in the final stage there was also a scene from Sonnet and Bird,
It was also a bad impression with an intentional delineation.

Although the drawing itself was certainly beautiful in itself, it is said that some of the characters' eyes are large (Sonnet, Orchid, etc), or I think that the balance was strange.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Well, if you know the original, the view may have changed,
I did not call it catharsis with the feeling that it was put together in the middle. Especially the bad guys did not share with the hero side at all. Evaluation is severe,
It is "worst" I will.

2003/05/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5736 Host:5775
It is a regrettable work not to be major as OVA. The original work is a work I would like you to read.

2003/04/04 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 0 Host:2283
Ooo, Professor Masahiro Shibata's "Red Fang. Blue Sonnet" !!!
I am happy, have you finally filled and appeared in this evaluation column !!
Since this work was serialized in "Hana to Yume", it may not be well known to men, but maybe,
Even though it is serialized in juvenile or youth magazine, it is a sci-fi big master who knows who is never wondering.
"Red Fang, Wolf Girl Run", "Red Fang II. Birds' Afternoon"
"Red Fang III. Goodbye Snow Rabbit", "Red Fang IV Talon, Taka Dancing in the Dark"
"Blue Sonnet" in the series of the longest series that appeared after "Red Fang V Concrete Panic", "Red Fang VI. Melody of the Pigeon" series.
The blood of the ancient superhuman man hidden secretly in the hero Komatsuzaki Ran (run) which is usually a normal girl was flowing.
And once the hair of the orchids stood upright with a certain chance, it became super Esper.
(By the way, I think that it is familiar to Dragon Ball 's Super Saiyan that the color of hair changes and it becomes really strong, but this one is ahead of Dragon Ball.
The strongest cyborg released by the secret organization Talon who moves the world hidden in secret ancient superhuman power hidden in the run.The sad and fierce battle with Esperthonet will be spread.
Talon's conspiracy involves many young people, Japanese society and eventually the world from the runner 's side, and eventually comes to the final battle in Aso after the sacrifice of various people.
Deployment including power that is unlikely to be the work of 20 years ago, precision of setting, elaborate design such as reality and mecha, and hard action which is developed swiftly is enough to convince the reader and to convince it It is content.
And, furthermore, the sad past of Sonet which is the enemy, and it was made to be a cyborg himself,
Relations with the lover's lover Bird and relationship with Esper Ewan who is killed by the family in Tallon and revenge and revenge, a good understanding person of the run Kiryu and Yuri Haibara family and talon, entanglement with the run Esper troops of Talon Each story of the characters etc. are carefully composed and it is hidden in the hero run himself but suffering too powerful power and fearing, it is also a thorough drawing of the inner face of the conflicting person in the story It is becoming a factor which makes it have.
In addition, it is possible to taste even more reality feeling by plentifully expressing the place which Taron uses, such as the mind control and the clone technology which can be found in modern times.
Since it is a highly recommended work, please certainly read through ....