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Hajime Yatate
Tsunehisa Ito
Moriyasu Taniguti
Hiroyuki Hoshiyama Fuyunori Gobu Hiranoyasushi TAKAHASHI RYOSUKE Furuhashokazuta
Yasuo Urakami
Kazuhiko Inoue
Hiroko Emori
Hideyuki Umezu
Katumi Toriumi
Yuji Shikamata
Fumi Hirano
Keiko Toda
Eriko Hara
Masako Katsuki
Kaneto Shiozawa
Mari Yokoo
Hideyuki Hori
Masashi Hirose
Kouzou Sioya
Kouichi Hashimoto
Masaharu Satou
Takeshi Watabe
Yuuji Mikimoto
Run Sasaki
Shigezou Sasaoka
Yuusaku Yara
Yuji Mitsuya
Masato Hirano
Show Hayami
Kyouko Tonguu
Tessho Genda
Yuji Fujishiro
Shin Aomori
Issei Hutamata
Takao Ohyama
Kan Tokumaru
Daisuke Gori
Atsushi Ii
Tetsuo Mizutori
Hideki Fukushi
Chika Sakamoto
Miki Takahashi
Yumi Nakatani
Kouji Totani
Kazuaki Koide
Manami Komori
Ikuo Nishikawa
Masashi Hironaka
Japan Released:1985/10/03(Thu) 17:30-18:00 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION TV / End:1986/06/26
Official sites
1. http://www.vap.co.jp/layzner/index.html (Translation)
2. http://www.layzner.net/ (Translation)
Opening movie (1)
Lyrics:Yasushi Akimoto
Arrange:Wakakusakei [Fan reg.]
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2006/11/15 Favorite comment [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history / Provider: 1816 Host:1617 Browser: 5234
I would like to know Tae-Kwan-Do.And have a samuri armor suit to.

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2016/01/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45204 Host:45221 Browser: 5051
[good point]
The intensity of the gap between the world view that seems to be the robot animation in the first half and the fist of the North Star in the second half and the tasteful world view.

OP, singing is the atmosphere of the anime of the past, it is easy to understand the directing and putting this digest in the middle of the song.

Character, David is also a wonderful regent in the first half, but in the second half it became wild like Han. (As well as Simone)
Even villains can not hate anything while going upstairs such as Gostero and deathly troops, and can be likable.

Mechanism is also stylish and battle scenes are light.

[Bad point]
The development of the last round and the previous round has jumped too far.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Gostelo-sama is a good villain again.

It is a bit disappointing in the last minute ...

2015/01/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24095 Host:24094 Browser: 4894
[good point]
A battle scene with a light movement. Moreover, it makes me feel heavy. great.
It is novelty to insert a scene with impact on OP.
[Bad point]
In the second half, it will be a world view like the fist of the North Star. Is not it too different?
I do not know if it has affected, but as a result of being censored, the final story and the previous story are not connected.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A tasty good-effort work.
It is about time that the robot bubble that began with MUJI Gundam is about to be ha.
Whether the design of the SPT is also out of stock, can somehow guess the original neta before Gundam, Zaku, Soltic, AT others and the canopy were covered.
The design of the second half is too bad, chainsaw, whips, drill, vise and color smell is amazing.
The story of the first half also escaped from the enemies of the boys who scattered much with Gundam, Ideon, Bifam.
The second half is a fist of the North Star that the villain who wore the hockey mask rampaged.
And the hero is a mixture of enemies and earthlings. It is feeling that some new stuff is exhausted.
It is terrible to raise this, but when you look it is kore is surprisingly ok.
I think that the competence of the production side is setting a sole. This is also amazing.

The stage of the beginning of the story is Mars in 1996, America and the Soviet Union are still in the middle of the cold war.
Twenty years ago from the present in 2015, humanity does not advance into space at all without dreams,
The Soviet Union will collapse and the Cold War will end and future prediction will be really difficult. The era setting after 10 years is a failure.
Japan as 〓〓〓1 followed and Michael J Fox was heading to Fujitsu in 2015.

2013/11/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11304 Host:11235 Browser: 5870
Character 〓〓〓Age Everyday it is often a calm judgment, but if you know that it is a trap, if you want to help your friends, you will be unhappy or a gentle person.
The first half was also good, but the second was particularly good.
After all it was cool looking to take out toffers from clothes and defeat the enemies with the bassabassa!
Tonfa is a weapon that you can not see much in animation or in reality, but it makes you fall in love.

〓〓〓In the early days of Debit was hit hard against the age, but it started to recognize Age gradually becoming a better character gradually becoming a good character It was good that it was becoming a good relationship like an old friend on the last person.

〓〓〓Gostello The strength of virtuosity and life force is the number one among enemies.
Although it was a cruel and unrelentable character, it was a good character as an enemy.

〓〓〓Le Cain There was also a strict leader place, but once I gave a chance to the failed thing or when Mangero was sacrificed due to Nison, I also had a sad expression and once with a companion thought What I promised was a good impression while keeping the pride high and sincere person and enemy character.


After all, the early stage thought that Age and Earth people understand well and smile showed carefully There were a lot of good parts, but although I thought slightly subtly honestly slightly, since it depicted the characters carefully in the first half, it is the second half I was very funny.


The appearance of Reisner gleaming like the blue shining meteor as the title was very cool.

Theme Song

Although ED music is also good, I think that the OP song "Melos like-LONELY WAY-" is a very good song.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although 37 talks to 38 talks suddenly the talk flew suddenly ...
As I looked into it, was this even a censored pattern?
I think that I want to watch later on that part because I can see it at OVA.
Even so the same year robot animation Duncuaga and censoring 〓〓〓OVA feel the same as continuing ...
I do not know because I was not born, but I wonder if there were more discontinuities here.

Even so, as expected, it was only enjoying animation of robot animation golden period.
Evaluation is very good!

2012/06/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12213 Host:12430 Browser: 5941
[Good point] Director Takahashi's careful production. Gostelo.

[Bad point] Although it can not be helped, the matter of censoring again.

[Comprehensive evaluation] This work is a work well suited for poor masterpieces and Yuu words.
Grados (alien invader) = elite election candidacy. Unification of culture and thought by Grados.
Resistance against hostile Earth and Age (hero) = Grados. resistance.

Oh my, it's like this. At that time, with the feeling that he said that it was wearing a little bit with the z Gundam that was broadcasting on the counterprogram.
Z Gundam: cool, Nagano mecha. Cool radio.
Spt raisiner = dark. Vigorous atmosphere.

It was a work that failed even in the image strategy as it said, and even though the viewer's rating turned back from the second half, it came in frustration of censoring.
The opening section starts with a heavy atmosphere. However, for each scene, the contrast of the character is solid, easy to leave in the impression, there is a presence. Drawing is also polite and deep down of character deeply Overall, the impression that polite drawing production director can be seen from z gundam of counterprogram.
In the second half of the problem, as resistance develops, the image and style change so as to unleash its heaviness at once.
Age suffering suddenly in killing a person so much, going to the Grados soldiers, rampaging both hands of the dragonfly.
As if to eliminate the stress that felt in the early stage!
That transfiguration passed the surprise and felt pleasant. Personally good impression.
And even if it says anything, Gossello (pleasure murderer) is a bad malicious thing. Obsession. Cruelty.
Also, it is always backfired, strange that will help Age.
Also in Gostelo, 〓〓〓duality contrast structure is used as a methodology of production. By doing so, I think that I have established the image of one of the most anime characters in the unforgettable animated world.
The theme is to open your way yourself, so to prepare for not fighting for that reason? Whether freedom or peace is claimed to win by themselves is an undeniable fact .
Finally, drawing director, Mr. Taniguchi of character design, and Stuff of Anime Rare did a good job. I think that it was a good work as a tv series of this era.

Evaluation is "very good" with Gostolo correction.

2012/04/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14426 Host:14558 Browser: 6577
It was awful despite the tempo being bad until the Earth was conquered by Grados.

Because I just moved from Mars to Earth using 2 courses.
The hero Age does not feel like fighting and it does not get excited.

I think that the second half was fairly good.
Gostero will be overdoing.
It seemed quite fierce as there were a few descriptions of torture.

Although the story 38 was a meaningless expansion, it was complemented with OVA.

I think that it is not a work that will be reviewed over the course of decades anyhow.

2012/02/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20089 Host:20180 Browser: 7541
[good point]
There are many characters with both enemies and ally. It was good that there were those who admire the beauty of the earth and culture though they are enemies of the earthling.
The story is pulled in. You can not miss both the first half and the second half. Whether Arthur's betrayal is betrayal or bluff continued to matter to the end.
Robo is cool with its unique design. I love Zakar.
The song was also wonderful.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The setting was also interesting, both the character and the story were pretty good.
The somewhat abnormal group called Deathly Demon Corps was not floating as much as a dragner ....

2011/10/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21970 Host:21984 Browser: 2413(Mobile)
Putting the cut scene of this main part in OP is going to be spoiled if you make a mistake, but there is nothing about this work.
I like settings, stories and the world view. The characters were also attractive, especially for David's hot blood for the first time. I think the villain was impressive and Gostello personally liked the most.
Although it is an essential hero's age, the first half is a refreshing appearance but the second half is obviously surprised by the appearance of two appearances in Kenshiro of the North Star. By the way, there are many characters that changed much in the first half and the second half. Especially Anna and the scene which hangs the gun of the latter half was overwhelmed because the weather was pressing.
Both OP and ED are wonderful, especially I think that the late ED is a song that is sad but still a strong determination with a message of determination.
That's why the sudden development of the last round due to the abortion of the TV series did not make much sense for parts that were not convincing.
Therefore, we will comprehensively evaluate from the above and the evaluation will be good.
Just as OVA finishes it, I recommend you to watch not only the TV series but also the OVA.

2011/06/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28034 Host:27870 Browser: 4777
[good point]
I think that the place where you feel the most charm with this animation will be exhaustive to the goodness of action of Reisner etc.
As expected it would be an animation.
The battle between Reisner and Zakar is exactly the speed.
Even so, it's easy to master Zakar's special V-MAX.Cain is terrible.
I did not like Le Cain very much in the past, but I thought that it is super cool and cool now.

[Bad point]
I feel that the story is ultra expanded overall ...
The hero's age is too beautiful, I do not feel interesting as the hero ...
Although it was discontinued, the final story of the TV version was surprised because the development suddenly started ...
Well, it is supplemented with the OVA version, but ...

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In good ...

2011/03/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22155 Host:22208 Browser: 9365
[good point]
The way these OPs and EDs are handed is the first in animation. It was good that OP and ED were singing the feelings of each of the two protagonists. In particular, "selfishness only for 5 minutes" makes me feel that Anna 's feelings appeared well with melody playing with lyrics. It was very good that I felt that Anna 's feelings changed to adults in the subsequent ED 2 song "LA ROSE ROUGE".
For the OP, I was very surprised to see a digest inserted between them for the first time at that time. Episode 1 is definitely a word of age and I still remember it well.

Temporal feelings of Simone's age are also good. At first I was disliked (Age is half an alien and there were various others and initially I was distrusted at first), I finally become acquainted with Anna's feelings It becomes like a form. The endrol which the ribbon which she had in ED 2 spreads was a nice feeling which seems to be reminiscent of her heartbreak without being put out in its mouth.
Roan is also a supporting character but an impressive person. It is to cooperate with the enemy and former colleagues treat only "traitor" as it is, and eventually to take actions that did ah .. But only Age should not say a word to condemn to the very end and say him I believe ... I can see the trust relationship between the two people.

There are various other things but as mentioned above the content is satisfactory with respect to the characters, the stories they weave are particularly well-knit and overall excelled.

[Bad point]
I regret to say that I'm sorry I had been canceled halfway though .. I wanted to announce it. I remember stories flying and I could not understand it. Complementing OVA, even if I look at it, it will fade away over time.
It is useless because it is a matter of sponsors about this, but there is no choice but to say that it is bad luck in that sense. (I think I gained fame over Gundam unless it was terminated.) In the end, Age's "I" in the first half was disgusting.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it was disappointing, it was a sunrise golden age one of masterpieces of the 80's. Personally it is a good idea in the animation which I once watched. I'd like to attach the "highest" rating, but minus the cutoff, "very good".

2010/02/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3868 Host:3816 Browser: 5718
The boy was born between the human beings of the planet earthlings and Guradosu "Arubatoronaru. Age. Asuka" SF anime mix of anguish and conflict of. Age grew up in Grados star, but Grados proclaims the earth uniform and stops Eagle to the earth, obviously it becomes an act of betraying Grados as a matter of course Age is a chase to be chased, an enemy to his seniors he respected "Anna. Stephanie" who was trained by astronauts at that time got attacked by Grados, "David Rutherford" lost an important best friend and got anger at Age Anna hits you, Anna understands and is attracted, but David has a hostility towards Age for a while, Simone will understand with Anna, Roan, Arthur also age with suspicion of Age look at you, it is one of the people in the sorrow of the age that not get found also transmitted scene of the star, ensure that they do not rake cooperation children in lunar base after Although age we will continue to deepen the unity. Age will end up in that defeat not planted algicidal, which is a senior Gail is the last word of "there is a star or loved of you," senior sad. Finally I got to the earth and talked about the circumstances I could not understand easily Understanding the seriousness of Koto at last by the progress of Grados, and to confront Ai with my sister Julia (Gayle's fiancee was Julia) Julia also understand the age in terms of seniors that have been recorded with the words of the Age from the beauty of the Earth's sea will become missing. And despite the efforts Earth got stuck and the age who wore the toffers three years later will rebound against Grados again, but Roan has gone to Grados side and hangs on resistance In addition to being an adversary with Anna 's and her older sister Julia is called "Cusco's Saint" to be exalted! It is only surprising that the homicide demon Gostolo that should have beaten three years ago is reviving, and " "to that place it had been hidden secret that connects the Earth and Guradosu two of the planet. To tell the truth, what a stop!
However, because the continuation was drawn with videos and novels, I thought what would happen at one time but it was good that I managed to become a great circle somehow. But since it is real and hard contents, I want to watch it again on rebroadcast.
Although OP is also good, I liked "first-half selfishness" of the first half ED. Beautiful lyrics and songs.

2009/10/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20514 Host:20661 Browser: 9832
[good point]
The first part was pretty good. The flow of depictions for reconciliation from the awful feeling of Age and David was wonderful.
Anna and Simone had favor with Age, and the depiction which Simone was secretly jealous of Anna was also out well.

I think that the two copies were pretty good except for the last part of the indigestion. Regentant and the state of Grados were well depicted. I also like the little love element between Age and Anna.

Starting with Lyssner Of course the wonderfulness of the mechanical design is also good, but the battle has a sense of speed and it was very good. I like fighting with V - MAX.

All the theme songs are wonderful, especially the OP which the notice scene enters before rust is wonderful.

[Bad point]
It was unusual to have a feeling of indigestion around the last.
Especially the last round is fairly indigestion.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I am dissatisfied with the last, overall I was able to enjoy the situation of the battle between the Grados and the earthling, and the depictions of the heart of the main characters.

2008/12/22 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34609 Browser: 2983(Mobile)
It is pinned by a suspenseful story development in the early stages.
Age is definitely wearing an ambition of the leading role, but the narrator is Anna and the mysterious atmosphere of Age interferes with empathy transfer and tasted unstable feeling not only to boys and girls but also to me.
So I was able to synchronize with the way Age gradually gained confidence.

The movement of SPT is amazing. What is amazing, its rotation.
It is not real, but the acrobatic movement is cool and it feels so good.
It is similar to the feeling of watching a person jumping at a trampoline.

The second part was surprised by the image like "Fist of the North Star", but it is interesting that it is a dramatic change.

Part of the ED's chikogo run is impressive.

2008/09/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49713 Host:49657 Browser: 5234
"Even I am a human being"
I think that the speech which leaked out of the mouth of Age when it beat with David symbolized this work.

As for the contents of the work, Anna who just arrived at Mars will escape Mars which America and Soviet base have been destroyed with Grados' strategy with Age who came from Grados and aim for the earth.
When reaching the Earth, Ages are caught up in the American political game trying to overcome the United Nations and the Soviet Union to grasp the secrets of Age and Raisizers,
It was the content saying that we will continue to pay that money even after Earth falls into the hands of Grados.

American senior officials who do not try to stop the political game even if they suffer damage due to Grados' attack, the figure of the earthling oppressed by the soldiers of Grados,
The battle between Age and Le Cain was brilliantly highlighting the foolishness of the political game including the Cold War.

Contents after the episode where Anna is attacked by the Deathly Corps squad, because the censoring was notified on the production side,
Suddenly Age and Anna headed to South America, the scene where Le Cain killed Gresco was cut, it was a content that can be said as a digest movie.

When I later learned the fact, the mouth that was open to the understanding of the investor was not blocked.

2008/09/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11009 Host:11078 Browser: 5234
Both "Bottoms", "Danbain", and "El Gaim" tried to propose additional additions as OVA had a separate frame evaluation column, but it could not be changed due to system change.
To what extent is "incomparable masterpiece" what this work is.
Since there is no choice, OVA version, limited comment.

[good point]
One volume is the first part, the second volume is the second part comprehensive compilation. The third volume is the final version of the last complement.
The story tempo is good, the content is also age crown.It is gathered up well with contents of emphasis on heroism which put emphasis on parts such as Cain and V - MAX.

[Bad point]
The theme of this work, painted at the micro level, such as the first half being running as a result of Age and David's feud and friendship beyond the tribe built after overcoming it, has been scrambled.
Rather, my sister 's fiancee and Age himself was the main relationship with Gail who had longed for his brother as well as his brother.
The aron gathered the elements such as "Foron" "V-MAX" "Death of Gail" well, Age reinforced determination to protect the earth and closed the curtains Contents of one volume was a theme-oriented content of the first half of the TV series heroes Something edited for sexuality.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Since he places more emphasis on heroism and enthusiasm than the TV series, I think that the first-time person can see it from this OVA version.

2008/06/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8200 Host:8169 Browser: 4661
Anyway it can not be regrettable. The incompetent masterpiece is exactly the word for this work.

The story is divided into 2 copies in 1 part, and the direction is opposite in all directions.
For the first part, the boy named Grados Army who suddenly descended to Mars and Age who is chased by it.
And encounter with girls and boys and girls and escape.
Seriously straight from the early stage, collision of age and boys and girls and the development of adults' foolishness and weakness they meet are dark and heavy.
However, there were also moving scenes such as the adult who lends power to the age and witnessed the friendship and the truth gradually born by the colliding aging children and the age, and it was pulled in very much.
About the second part is completely opposite, the earth dominated by Grados plays the stage.
Among them, an age fighting with a dragonfly and boys and girls who have acted together with an age fight as a resistance with weapons, some pretending to follow Grados and looking at opportunities of rebellion The impression that it attacks remains.

A story with two different directions was seen and both of them were very good and looking more than anything and it was fun.

About the character Characters of the age side all have weak parts such as anxiety and embarrassment well written in a strong heart, good impression. (Arthur alone did not rely on all but w)
On the other hand, Gradoside leaves a very impressive character with strong character such as Le Cain and Deadly Corps (especially Gostelo).
I think that the madness of Gostero is frightful, I think it is a character that represents Reisner.

Trying out other good points

Both were splendid, but especially the animation of OP has a sense of speed with a flowing image and there is a sense of speed at introduction of digest of this volume and freshness.

Although the drawing of the battle main part was also very good, it works well in the battle and moves well.
Descriptions of unique laser dry-out and battle full of speed, especially the production of V-MAX are wonderfully full of sights.

In addition, SPT also has a cockpit design on the head, and system in terms of system control as well as computerized control and speech recognition for situational judgment.

On the other hand, a bad point.
The biggest and the only shortcoming is the lack of depiction of endings due to censoring.
The part which was not drawn in OVA last time is kept, but indigestion is not good at all.

Overall Evaluation Again I will keep it very good for the last indigestion to hurt,
I think that it was definitely the highest evaluation if it was completed with the state of 4th cool everything, such as the phantom Grados edition.
It is a shame because it is a work that was so full of charm and fascination so far.

2008/06/14 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9702 Host:9807 Browser: 8090
"My name is Age, the earth is being targeted"
It is a work that made it easy to understand the heart of "I" which was a 6th grade at the time, with a simple and clunky appearance line.

As in the introduction (synopsis) of the work, the story starts with Mars in the immediate future (now past in the past) where the conflict structure of the USSR is continuing. From the philosophy that "power games among superpowers are not all values," the United Nations "Cosmic Culture Club" that dispatches multinational boys and girls to the United Nations Mars Observation Base, the most developed space of space development I am carrying out a program. The doctor who is the leader, the day when the boys arrive at the base with Elizabeth, it is attacked by a mysterious mobile weapon (SPT). However, before the mysterious mobile weapons that are in a battle situation that seems to be a fellow division, base officials think that it is a collision or exercise of the new weapons of the United States and the Soviet Union, while calling for a ceasefire, Facilities are blown away all the time.
Members of "Cosmic Culture Club" are also members of Anna (Vo Egamori Hiroko), David (Vo Umezu Hideyuki), Roan (Vo Toriumi Katsumi), Arthur (Vo Kafu Yuji), Simone (Vo Hirano) and Elizabeth Vo Toda Keiko) except under the desperate circumstances that I will lose my life.
Metallic blue fuselage (Reisner) lands and lifts other aircraft, the pilot got off, the line at the beginning (Vo Inoue Kazuhiko 's second voice).

I can not afford it from now on. The old work group directed by Takahashi Ryosuke is different from the initial speed.

Moreover, the confrontation and collision with the boys and girls who lost the original friends, overcoming it, eventually becoming to provide various behaviors to unite and unite and survive It is strange to carry the muscle.
I am trying to get in contact with base survivors of the United States of America and the US by using a car at the UN base but despair despair witnessing those who tried to escape to the shelter as a result of breaking their companions and wiping out Even as a survival thing, excellent director glows.

Age is a half of invaders Grados and astronauts of the Earth, the setting of itself as a pilot candidate who is getting into the fleet of the first team in any way to stop this invasion and issue a warning to the earth side is the royal road It is too royal road.

However, as Age is a personality person who has no fault in age and is active, judgmental, even as a soldier as a maneuvering skill and the like in various aspects, it is characterized by constraints in a good sense for a thorough non-killing principle As a typical hero, characters are standing up terribly.

Sub-character teams are also very incorporated.
It is wonderful that Mr. Hori Hori is playing coolly again, with her sister's fianc莨〓 of Age and Captain of the Rebel Age Chasing Corps (Age calls "Gale Senpai").
And no longer a legendary "rogue sample Gostelo". The name (stray) zelif of "I love murder!" There is too much contrast with the hero. Mr. Masashi Hirose's acting skill is nothing else to take off. When I think about the gap with Rumba, I growl.
(The presence of Admiral Gresco in the second part is also overwhelming and "As for the rule, it is evil," as a son, like the rival of the second division of Le Cain, as well as evangelical aesthetics at full throttle It is attractive to)
The boys on the hero side are well portrayed, such as David's hot-blooded huang and Rohn's coldness, and each character is charming.

Boys escaped from Mars (via the moon) to the Earth by a small shipping ship taken by Age when leaving.
Personally, I feel that it is the main part of this work whether it is a mechanical depiction and a human drama as well as the first part which consists of the early survival part and the above escape part.

Particularly in its first part, the kind of accelerator with a time limit that triggers when the probability of aircraft return is extremely low, after the so-called super afterburner "V-MAX" of the protagonist Reaiser, after Age's "Ray (computer of Reisner) V - MAX invoked! "Can be used by free will by the spinning) is drawn without undoubtedly charm. BGM at the time of activation is good-looking. Also this is.

Even in the state where "V-MAX" is not used, both enemies and friends are eccentric maneuvering beyond the limit of human G's ability to be able to make me very happy.

In general, the protagonists who are absolutely inferior in number at the time of battle, let us feel catharsis in the trend that we survive disadvantageous situations with intelligent tactics deployment.
Utilize the benefits of the earth (let's learn the topography pattern of the valley in advance by computer, invite the enemy there, smoke curtain, disqualify the position of the aircraft with jamming bullets, then sniperly sniffing one by one while removing the vital points) I cut off the engine of the aircraft just before the fuel runs out, passed through the enemy radar of the enemy aircraft, changed to a spare machine (BALDY) that kept it hidden in the vicinity, and repelled with a charge & squirrel at the same time as the engine started It has plenty of taste.
On the other hand, when escaping from Mars orbits (due to a small shipping ship), they must attract the enemy to the point of failure, inject all the bullets of the laser chatter, shoot at the center and rush at maximum acceleration, The strategy will be carried out as soon as you need it.
It is very entertaining.
(Personally, the enemy general soldier who believed the word of Age liked the scene confronting Gostolo who killed his colleague, in a mass-produced machine braker where almost no fuel remained.The film directed by Takahashi works hard not only for heroes One citizen, I love soldiers because it also applies spotlight)
Such tension is maintained for the first part all the time.
Part 1 In the end of the lack of many in the momentum, daringly ended with the 24th episode "Realized Age" that shows the power beyond Super Robot, although it is a real robot, "Single Vision" at full throttle "V-MAX" It was the best as an SF robot animation fan.

In order to see this program that was being shown in the evening, I ran full-time from elementary school to home with "V-MAX" invoked every week.
So it was amazing to see that it was like "Hokuto no Ken" in the morning air after the work which I thought was definitely ceased at "age that became light" after it went up to junior high school . It is omuiger.
No, the second part also includes actions using Age's tofa (basically non-killing principle), the sense of urgency of the dominated resistance activities of the Earth side, relative enemy introduction of the new "V-MAX" Weakness of Reisner, the last counterattack operation after putting in Resistance made SPT Doll, and so many things were not bad.
However, it is regrettable that the last few talks before the last episode got over because of a too abrupt censure.
I was complemented by OVA at a later date, but I like the last TV version.
Among the unmanned cockpit, Rayzner accelerates and accelerates the usual computer tone of Ray with "Target, Third Planet, Earth". The way to finish leaving room for imagination such as nice is wonderful.

It is a work I love. I really want to make it the best!
However, I would like to stop the evaluation of "very good" by deducting the number of lost talks in the second part and tearing again.

He was cool, Raizzner.
I also liked the theme song. The production of the name scenes of each story cut was also great.
With SF fans, if every million should come, we strongly recommend you to watch once.

2008/03/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Evaluation points] About the robot (SPT) that appears

1. The manner in which it is drawn in the work (directing surface) has very characteristic structural elements.
Assistance for maneuvering with an interactive computer,
Representation of lightning, representation of convergence type laser,
Aerial mobility with plenty of actions (expression different from aircraft), etc.
I draw a work well as to what kind of concept SPT is.
2. There is a "secret" in the robot that the hero rides, which is the key to the work.
In addition, the standing position of the hero on the story and the standing position of the hero Robo,
The point drawn synchronously is excellence on the directing surface.
Also, having a deathblow technique, there is a drama before you acquire it,
From this point of view, although this work is a real robot thing,
There is also a super robotic element, in some sense the ancestor is gutted.
3. From the design point of view, especially the aircraft (working jet)
The proportion with a slightly unreleased character is very characteristic.
Large head and conspicuous cockpit (canopy), directional conscious nozzle arrangement etc.

I think that it is a good example where the way in which it was drawn in the work (directing) and design matched.

2008/01/10 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The most favorite animation among real robots.

It is wonderful to say that it is wonderful to say good-looking when it is combined with BGM of the backbone V-MAX.

The setting that the latter half comes after three years is also pretty comfortable, I was impressed by the appearance that each position changed and everyone grew (Arthur has not changed?)

Impact of the Deathly Corps also is intense.

It is a work that does not make it wonder why it was cut off.

Evaluation is the highest

2007/09/20 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I also saw this with the influence of sparbo.
The hero's age comes to tell the earth the danger. It seems like it began with such a feeling.
But at the beginning I struck the gap between Earthlings and Grados people and treated the age as evil, and sometimes they fought fighting fighters and the other strangers collided with each other remained in the impression.
Regarding the mecha, speedy action in battle is attractive to the mechanism called SPT, including Reisner. And Reisner's special ability V. MAX. One of the greatest attractions of this aircraft. To the thing that the BGM flowing when it is activated approaches. It's my favorite song the most. It seems that things like speediness and risiness' s intimidation feel coming along and it is very favorite.
Evaluation is the best.
The story is also composed of two parts and it is good to enjoy a different age.
Characters are also highly appreciated for themselves, such as ally's debit and enemy Le Cain.

2007/09/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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When I was a high school student, I saw it with the influence of sparobo, but it was very fun with the contents that made me think variously.

When Age gave Gail to die, something is getting somewhat painful ....

No matter how much I can save the planet, I can not do it by myself as a senior who can be with me.
Let's say it was my sister's fiance ....

Mechanical design was cool and cool, the battle scene was quick and it was outstanding.
I think that the setting of V - MAX was successful in bringing out Reisner 's personality.

Evaluation is "very good".

2007/01/28 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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The composition in the case where there is no censoring in the column of Complete Works released the other day is
It is also told that there are two versions of the story, story 47 and story 52.
In the case of 52 talks, the activation of the stamp is incomplete and Age got in touch with the conscience faction of Grados star
It seems that the existence of characters and folons that came out chilly with 22 episodes reoccurs alive.
I think that I wanted to watch it, but I think that Reisner mk 2 is not very cool.
MF (Multi Form) If sage Daiji changes, "SPT" must be removed from the title.

2007/01/27 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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A masterpiece of a tragedy that was terminated due to sponsors' scandal and Bandai's arbitrary circumstances. If it was airing to the end if it was not terminated it might have become a work that lined up in the Gundam. The same thing as Kira or Lacus is doing what Age said in the previous term. However, in the case of Age it has a belief, and it is likable that it is doing it with life betting. Also like the second episode it is wonderful how to fight the advantage of the topography and ECW etc to the utmost.

2006/06/22 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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One in the declining period of Real era anime era that built one era.
The era has already become a life-sized battle thing with jump original animation as mainstream, and it was also a time when mecharobo war gathered sunset.
Because of such times, I feel that I was not even watching this work at that time myself.
If it seems now, since the first part was made carefully, (lest) it is lacking in the speed of deployment, perhaps it may have caused the viewer's separation of short-tempered thinking like yourself.
It is not so bad to review thoroughly now, so it is regrettable that the sender failed to misread the era a bit (We do not say until running to commercialism, Nor).
Personally, the second part who made the development of the story suddenly more interesting.
To the enragedment of enemy character modeling, the stubborn hero who receives the attack.
To be honest, I think that setting change in the second part is a success.

Evaluation is still "good" and "the result of abortion" plummy and it is "ordinary".

2006/04/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Both Part 1 and Part 2 are fascinating, and it is a work that is truly regrettable due to the intention of the sponsor.
Many people felt something to do with Age who could not be divided into the murder of the first half, but the scene that the first and the last weeping when the girl of seniors was made to die was terrible.
After watching this, it seems that the main character of the Gundam SEED is crying poorly in circulation as it is the same kind as this age, but with the mass of self-pity and casualty of tragedy the main character It is very ugly looking come.
The second half got another strange and became stubborn, but after three years it remains troubled as a hero even as it is (laugh).

Mechanic also has a sparibo element well in a form different from Gundam in the real taste such as V - MAX
(Is it a pioneer of the Super Saiyan?) Were you able to reproduce this with the Plamo, did not even cease? (It is impossible)

The only negative point was the censoring but we will change "very good" 〓〓〓"highest" including OVA contents that complemented well.

2006/03/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I saw after activating V - MAX at SPAROBO, I saw it after becoming an adult, but it seems obediently funny.
It's a dull image Robot moves so far! SPT is so fast as it is said to be born as a fighter aircraft. The face of Reisner who is doing absolutely impossible to human beings can also look like a human being wearing a helmet. So it is unusual for the Grime Caesar to feel a strange sense of incongruity? If it does not flutter it is not even a loneliness, it is not a fancyness of Rei who responds that the response is sufficient as a machine. Still, it's enough to laugh at the flexibility to respond to David's "do it for yourself!" Command. I also want Windows to learn somewhat.
In the first part, such as the restriction of energy and the computer showing the situation in real time,
There are many scenes in the position manipulating SPT etc. Reality is perfect.
While being reputed to describe the reality problem of the time of conflict between the US and the Soviet Union, the confrontation with the Fole who was pursuing a mystery while Age was pursuing a mystery by doing an undesired murder by a machine called Raisizers is also contemporary Is not it a reality problem that can still be regarded as an unexpected rebellion of a complex computer system? I also like Gail,
I like to pursue Reisner's mystery the most. Major Danny of the US Army was also good taste.

The second part is a change in taste, I do not feel the story is progressing every time.
There is a time when there is a talk that is complete and a complete story. And with that 38 talks, it is unavoidable that the disappointing of the second part will increase. Although it is not a mobile weapon such as SPT, it is good to draw a story with humans, but what is the engraving of Cusco's saint and Grados is indigestion. The Reisser that comes out if you call it is convenient enough that you can not imagine in the first part. We cancel various restrictions in the first part. 38 talks looking at the engraving 2000, it seems I did not seem to have understood for the time being .... If you do not look at Tsuka 2000, please be sure to look at Grados as a secret organization of just evil, as Cain ends with the commander of evil just refused. Were Arthur 's unhappiness good for the subtleness of Roan' s behavior? Am I the only one who thinks that the leading role here is Anna?

It is unbelievable that Gostolo is shining in both Part 1 and Part 2, but I wanted to see good places other than ending with the other Deathly Devil's role. There was a comment that referred to the contrast that the good of Age and Gale and the bad boss of Gostolo weave at other site, it was fun to see precise calculation of the producer.
Looking at the current year, what is the front-line Grados army battleship, I wonder if some people like me who likes tribulation are likeing themselves, and in the second episode Reisner rolls on the ground and the enemy before me I will be wondering if the backpack will not be damaged by defeating the SPT and standing in front of the UN base, but I can enjoy it if it is an anime. It may be difficult to enjoy honestly when you watch animation from the age ...

2006/03/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Drawing "Bottoms" with a unique touch, the animation arr which showed the guts of Naniwa finally became main and finally was a long-awaited series.
Pictorially it is said that the highest level at the time, the story is more thrilling than expected.
The excerpt of "Highlight of the time" inserted in the middle of the opening is exquisite, and again David's scream of the first episode "Explain it to someone!" Was impact-intensive.
It is unexpectedly unusual that the United States and the Soviet Union are set with real names.
Although I drew so-called first contact over half a year carefully, I did not get bored at all and the feeling moved completely from here to Z-Gundam.
The robot was not very good looking design, but he was really attractive with animation art drawing power.
Especially the skull gunner was good design.
The 3rd cool eyes become a world after 3 years at a stretch, the earth conquered by Grados becomes the stage.
I thought that this development is "I see something".
Not everyone will become resistant, but some like Grodos like Roan and Arthur.
Grados also has mecha people who are death squadrons, and Gostero is even more scary.
It seemed like it was "a fist of Hokuto", but it was around the time that I was losing interest at that headquarter "Hokuto", so I did not particularly care.
However, when I talked to ancient history that Grados and the earth were originally a single race, I got a little interest.
It's hard to evaluate anything, as the airing has ended without drawing that part deeply.

Ps Although Reisner appears in "Super Robot Battle of the New Superman", it was a big bursting laughter to give a strange joyful voice like "Iiyaho!" When David succeeds in evasion.

2005/12/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The OP theme "like Melos" has a good rhythm and remains in the impression. Although Gostero 's intense character also. (Bitter smile)
The battle scene of SPT is also reminiscent of Valkyrie and MS, and it is exhilarating as it moves anyway. Reisner's V-MAX was also cool!
But what is the development of the second half? The character of Age is also changing too much. I wanted you to go to the end as it was in the first half.

2005/10/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Before watching it was impossible to imagine at all about "the latter half of the century Legend savior savior" which is said in various places,
Now that you've finished watching, you can see the meaning of that word very well w
Anyway, since the direction is completely different between the first half and the second half, I feel a considerable sense of discomfort.

The theme song, including the lyrics of "Run like Meros 〓〓〓quot;, has a very impact and I think that it is a good song.
Also, there are pictures and songs anyway.
ED is rather somewhat like the late ED has feelings of sorrow and drift.

Characters like David, Simone, Arthur.
Perhaps it was David who had many successes after Age, and there were many cool episodes anyhow.
For Simone it is probably the most growing character on Mars studying abroad,
In the latter half of Arthur, it is good that you can feel that you are working as hard as possible while you are clumsy.

Nori is completely different in the first half and the second half, but personally the first half was more interesting.
Changes in the relationship between Age and David are very well drawn and it was impressive.
Drawing firmly on the process by which David acknowledges Age as a friend in the first half,
From the end of the first half to the latter half, it is also convincing that David became the best friend of Age.

I think that the battle of SPT leads to the word "It moves cool anyway dynamically and is cool".
Also, it is surprising that it is strong and sturdy that SPT is struck, I think that that was good.
The production of V - MAX is also cool, and the point that there is risk after use was also effective for maintaining the balance of strength.

I thought that it was a problem, it is still a late fist of Hokuto's fist, and the last fast end.
Age who is wearing a rag cloth right after the start of the second half seems to be saying "Mi ... water ..." like Kenshiro at the moment,
Fight at Tonfa, fly at the OP and cheer two steps kick ... ..., the direction is obviously changing too much.
Furthermore, "I am a man who has revived from hell" ... ... the first half of the age must have been such a hot character ....

Regarding high-speed termination, it seems to be caused that sponsors have disappeared,
Even if there are such circumstances, it is inevitable to drop the evaluation as it affects the completeness of the work.
Especially when I heard that narrated in the final story "Goresco Admiral sudden death", I inadvertently suspected my ears.
Because, before that, Admiral Gresco was pinning and there was no sign of death at all.
It is a pity that the impression after having finished watching is very bad thanks to the last.

2005/09/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The chance of knowing this work was when I was searching for an anison on a CD store's watching machine and I arrived at "Melos like-LONELY WAY-".
I love singing songs, I immediately thought that it was a "good song and hey", I ran into a rental shop, and borrowed 2 volumes of video to see the work called "Reisner", which is the theme song of this song.
And the next day, I borrowed the rest all over. Anyways,


This was one word.

Only one person, descended to the United Nations base of Mars, in order to inform the earth which is the hometown of the heart (not "to save the earth's crisis" personally). However, following the collision of the attacks of Grados pursuit troops who have pursued the age, the UN base has been destroyed. Age is thoroughly blamed for the surviving boys.
However, both of them hit various obstacles and are tied by a firm bond while overcoming, eventually leaving Mars. Even then, while receiving pursuit from Grados, they run to the earth. Like Melos ... ....

And I wrote it in vain unrelatedly (laugh)
While doing mechanical and stage setting, this work is brilliant in character shaping.
Especially Age. Because it is an Earthling person and a Grados person, I do not want to kill the enemy by all means, the part that I can not kill was well drawn. But his intention is scattered considerably by Forron who started to defend himself, and Gale, who he respected, loses his life ... ....
In addition, this episode, "acting as a meteor shower" Mr. Kazuhiko Inoue 's act of "crying" is also wonderful. It was a pleasant shock as me who had an aversion to "crying" because of the hero of a certain Gundam. ...... However, Anna's narration is Jama (laugh)

Besides, it seems to be hot hot David, Rohon looking calmly in reality, cynical, sometimes "Should not you fight in your country?" And "You, you are overlooking parentheses" Sharp opinion against Age Simone, a life-sized man Arthur everywhere, Elizabeth to put together everyone well, and a lot of fascinating characters such as pleasure murderer Gostello (... Anna?
It should not be missing as everyone ... ... It was a good story.

But what is the change after entering the second part?
Especially in the OP image, I continued running desperately with lyrics of "LONELY WAY this myself ~ 〓〓〓quot;, even that pleasure murderer Gostello had fallen into a dilemma, "I want to kill you but I will not be killed!" As Age got bored of running, as soon as Age got bored, he started getting on a motorcycle and he seemed to be going to half kill the soldiers of Grados with Tonfa as much as to say "Do not be killed" There was nothing else I could do (especially I was sorry for Guilla).

I did not like the second half, so "best", not "very good".

2005/09/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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In 1996, while the Cold War of the US-Soviet conflict continued (within this work), students of the Earthling's space experience school, which jumped into space and advanced to Mars, suddenly became a mysterious humanoid on Mars They are attacked by mobile weapons, escape in their fears and destruction, the base is almost destroyed, and the surviving students listen to a message from a single boy who has come down from a mobile weapon. "My name is Age, Earth is being targeted!"

In the meantime, it seemed that the students hated the age and did not open their minds because things like being an alien aliens Grados star who had been attacked by Age, but in the beginning I felt like I was living and deading gradually It opened up my mind and fought with Age to survive, returning to Mother Earth, and collecting things by going to tell a serious crisis together.

However, the way it is not a flat thing, it is not talked about by head-to-head soldiers who do not try to listen to the students' experiences seriously even if they got into the ship of the Earth side at last battling with the Grados pursuit party on the way Moreover, even if it gets to the earth, it is persecuted by the fact that Age is an alien, and when the heads of the hard-headed Earth countries realize that the story of the age and the students were right, it is already late, the earth is overwhelming It was overrun in front of Grados.

Three years later, the boys and girls who fought with Age, David and Anna, Simone is resisting campaign, Arthur and Roan grafting with Grados ... but Age is the ruler Gresco and Le Cain The sister Julia, who confronts the parent and child, and her sister Gile, who was killed by her fianc莨〓Gale, developed a non-violent campaign, naming Cusco's saint, and the times of such times, the resistance to power and control, It was an ambitious work that brought out the theme that the ideals and reality collide with each other, find answers among them, and ultimately people can understand.

It can be said that the creation of the earth and Grados became the biggest keyword in the latter half also contributed to the drama excitement. However, it could be said that the theme that appealed human love beyond national or race such magnificent broadcasting stations that were discontinued was bad was not understood so much at that time, it was a regrettable work in that meaning.

Besides, from the leading role Age, the godster who is a villain had more impact. Gostelo and nice, Deathly Corps and nice, that boss 's Le. Cain is good, there is no talented person in Grados' army (laugh). In this case, even if we could succumb to the earth with the difference between scientific power and military strength, we could not crush the smaller organization called Age Resistance, but by drawing such a stupid face, the theme inside the work also matched It can be said.

Unlike the bottoms and galliens in the Dougram of the main ground battlefield, although it is an airborne warfighter, I can see that the SPT is a real robot. Speaking of the macross flow, while CA, AT, and armored soldiers are destroyer type, SPT may be called Valkyrie without fighter change. However, it may be that it was not as real as AT and the impact was weakened to make this work an unfaithful task.

I wanted to see where Reisner Mark II actually moved. Although it is certainly different from the game, according to the director Ryozuke Takahashi interview, it seems that Reisner Mark II was planning to use a V - MAX in the form of a fighter and to do a tremendous acceleration attack.

A thematic song of a certain idle producer lyrics ...... Anyhow, with OVA being the final story all finished, finally the problems and themes that were also relevant to the circumstances of the time and the modern world, and even human love The style can be more highly appreciated now.