[Anime]Belladonna (Kanashimi no Belladonna)

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Anime rank of 1973 Rank 14in 21 titles
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Eiichi Yamamoto
Mushi Production
Yoshiyuki Fukuda
Masahiko Sato
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Japan Released:1973/06/30(Sat) Movie
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2011/12/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I just heard that the motivation for viewing was sensational shocked by Mr. Seihara of Utena and Pindra.
From the title it is a smell of assertion that this is a tragedy. There is little short-circuiting phenomenon like director's favorite work = fans but amazed at this work. Reasons leading to a tragedy, the story is depicted firmly, yet it is fantastic and does not shake.

Early morning, a sweet wedding with two leading characters. Hope for the future, expectation for a new beginning life.
However, "The story is about to come." This word was a demon.
Rapid change, two people who have seen dirty reality. A sympathy of a man for a woman cut with a sword.A disgust, a feeling of guilt.
In retrospect, that single word was a really hatred mechanism if I thought that 'I have only a bad scene ahead from here,' and 'I will show you the reality' '.

The woman will advance in career. At first, because only the husband is watching, they sacrifice others and buy antipathy from many.
However, it is another help of the existence that I should call myself, growing with encouragement of scolding. To live,
The process of accepting ugliness to fight despair is amazing.
When a woman was puzzled by "power", he was encouraged to be scolded as altogether, "anger, hatred, who decided that grudge was ugly !?"
She is beautiful as she is the goddess of revenge to the world.
And she is a charismatic who is politically enthralled by the general public. Still, the affection for the man remained as it was.
He also knows the heart, also accepts such emotions, and caresses that she was originally truly gentleman.

Still, desire to succeed in life does not change.
She had a juvenile ambition to put the people of the country on the side and next to get the country itself.
However, it was refused from the "real king". It was said to be "Demon King" and executed,
Who is that like it? It is not the world.
Royals who only look to war regardless of the surroundings.
That is why she believes her own power and she is trying to fulfill her ambition without forgetting her affection for others, she recalls the word "saint" instead.
Therefore, although I remembered the sacred form of Masashi Nakagami who saw the end, it would be ironic to think that he had borrowed her name with it intentionally.

... and such a theme was brilliant, beautiful and cruel.
A world that is colored with a daunting religious rock that makes me think "to die in the country"
Touch that reminds me of a lack of number or a half fairy tale is occasionally fresh, and surrey is full of poisonous writing.

However, there is a part that can not affirm the last scene.
The answer given by the surrounding faces against the answer that the royalty issued is nodding. Girls and kings' way of doing too much.
But how does it truly cite that historical fact. As I mentioned above as a fairy tale way of thinking I was wondering if I could go through all the time I made a groove in front of and behind with real reality I gave a little head.

... Still, this work is still beautiful.
It is a deformed part like dirty part like Guernica.Touch which touched dubious roughness and delicacy even if there is modification of drawing (raised feeling of awkwardness in "FRIRIKI" 's directing method) was raised to art I wrapped my tongue in the hands of the team.
However, because that dirty part will get caught by all means it will be accepted as "very good", but it is worth seeing.
A boy, a tragedy of a woman who accepts everything in the minds of her mother and tries to stand up to discipline. It was the shape of a sadness flower created by a gap between an independent mind and an old rule.