[Anime]Azur and Asmar

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Anime rank of 2007 Rank 94in 209 titles
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Christophe Rossignon
Philip Boffard
Daniel Marquet
Stadio Ghibli
Morioka Kouichirou
Teruyuki Kagawa
Midori Tamai Ayato Kosugi Takashi Inagaki Sinji Ogawa Akihiko Shimizu Tomoko Miyadera Keisuke Ishida Yoko Honna
Japan Released:2007/07/21(Sat) Movie
Outside Japan :Released:2006/05/21
Official sites
1. http://www.ghibli-museum.jp/azur/ (Translation)
2. http://www.azuretasmar-lefilm.com/ (Translation)
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2014/03/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I happened to pick it up at the DVD corner of the library, but this was a wonderful margin for a wonderful bargain that I never thought of.

As I thought about what it is like as an animation because it is a unique pattern with a Middle Eastern atmosphere already, but it seems that life has been blown into people and living things in the painting and it is moving as it is, clay I feel warmth similar to animation.

In addition, although this work was a work depicting the theme for racial discrimination through the two protagonists of Azur and Asmar with different skin and eye color, it is still a favorable impression that there is no preaching odor or pushing It is content that you can enjoy for children as well as for adults.

As Azur and Asmar conflicting from the difference in position finally see each other carefully and holding hands. It recognizes the differences in appearance and cross-cultural differences, is the ideal village to be buried, it is the intention to be realized just because it is animation, it is a prayer that can be drawn only by animation.

It is said that it is eloquence that the world is established only because there is a difference in appearance and there is a difference in different cultures and it can be said that it is exactly the metaphor of our world.

Evaluation will be "highest" without complaint.

2009/08/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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(Look at subtitles)
A pattern full of style beauty and design. A rainbow-colored rich color that colors nature and open-air food is very beautiful.
(Colors and moldings are in contrast to 2 dimensional shadow painting and monochrome feeling at the same director's "Prince and Princess", but the stylized composition of the front angle is also heavily used)
The touch of the face is different from the surrounding background, but it is harmonized with painting coloring. Is it a sense that medieval religious paintings were made roots? The way to move is also different from the softness like Japanese animation, but there is a distinctive humorous feeling for fast movement with sharpness. If there is no decoration like a cartoon, there will be a vulgar and fantasy feeling will be lost.

A story line fantasy like a fairy tale based on classical style beauty on the theme of mutual understanding between France and Islam.
Characteristic treatment of words where Arabic and French interlace, characterized only subtitled exclusively for French Azur side. Except for the beginning of the story, the French side is minority, and from that standpoint it looks like Islam. Arabic language of Asmar side is not translated, rhyme of Arabic language and intonation are made to be felt as skin as foreign language. I can imagine rough idea what kind of conversation it is from video and situation such as pairing with French conversation.

The touch of unique pictures and music that fuses Islamic patterns and Western European art can enter without being bored. It is difficult for me to convey goodness even if I explain it too long. It is quick to see the actual feel and check the feel.