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Other media: Comics:Azuki-chan
Anime total pnts rank Rank 3,593in 6,387 titlesTotal 2 / Deviation 47.76
Anime rank of 1995 Rank 61in 104 titles
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Character/Setting2.00(Very good)2
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Yasushi Akimoto
Masao Maruyama Chika Kimura
Shunichi Yukimuro
Masayuki Kojima
Yoshiaki Kawaziri Hiroshi Nagahama Minoru Yamasawa Sano Teturou
Jin Yamaguchi
Yo Tsuji
Yota Tsuruoka
Tokyo TV Center Toru Nakano
Toei kagaku
Maki Production
Katsuyuki Kodera
Yukana Nogami
Issei Miyazaki
Rei Sakuma
Rika Matsumoto
Taeko Kawata
Yuko Minaguchi
Kunihiko Yasui
Etsuko Kozakura
Mitsuaki Madono
Kyosei Tsukui
Keiichi Sonobe
Saori Higashi
Japan Released:1995/12/23(Sat) Movie
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素敵な君 Full [Fan reg.]
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2016/04/30 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
It seems that the theater version was the day of the emperor's birthday, but the theme was Valentine's chocolate.

Although I wanted to give handcuff Valentine 's chocolate to Yuunosuke, it was Azusa who had to overcome some obstacles, but Yoko calculated the things they would refuse,
It was quite a warrior such as trying to have Yuunosuke alone. Although it seems that it was the setting that it was supposed to have refrained from dispatching to Chicago in the original in the original, it must have been able to get up to a good place. (?)

Still it seems that Kaoru could somehow give out chocolate, Ken's appearance is exactly "it is not calling !!" (maybe it was) (bitter smile) but Yuunosuke was a member of Yatsugatake However, it may have been a lesson to learn that "Do not overconvince on snowy roads and let's drive carefully carefully" (laughs), but slipping and thrusting into a tree, a property damage accident It was the place where you said "Hakuga horse" that got up.

It is not quite as much as touched by the parents of Azusa to commemorate the outing, but what was drawn in the middle stage would have been to say "I do not change" 〓〓〓膓純〓"even when I become an adult,
Ken and others are looking for Yuunosuke who was temporarily unknown even though it was safe even though it came in the accident mentioned above, and everyone is sliding in skis with each other at the end, ... Nothing but as hard as I promised It seemed like an incompatible gift for anything of "the god of love" against Azusa who was working hard, there was something funny. Yoko was shocked and caught in a cold (I forced it together ...... but ... ...) it was a bit sad. It was not obviously a bad child humanly.

Some ramparts were set up on the limited scale, and it would have been a well organized ryosaku. Evaluation is "good".

2013/11/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16515 Host:16546 Browser: 5386
I have not seen the TV version "Azuki-chan", but I could enjoy this work in the past yet.
It has a brief explanation about the hero and it is a daily animation that is not so complicated content (originally, I think that the original itself is probably enough if it can be seen occasionally like "Chibi Maruko chan" or "Doraemon") .

In this work, a story to present Valentine 's chocolate to people who like Azuki, the hero.
There is no such element that it fights with a bad guy separately because it is disturbed by a person who seems to be somewhat disgusted friend, and worrying about it. (Sailor moon of simultaneous screening is such a thing).
Well the point is a story about watching a little baby girl.
Perhaps I think that various characters appeared in total and I went to the skiing area, but if I speak of a disturbance, it is a mess, but I feel almost misunderstood, so I do not feel like a huge incident.
When a favorite person is pinch, Azuki is just chatting with other friends at home and if it says whether it is actually a pinch, it is a misunderstanding.
Well, I was worried whether he really liked me, but I also misunderstood it all.
Everything is a fear of the main character, there is nothing special.

Somehow, it is filled with the grin of elements anyhow, and there is no particular theatrical version of the fun, but it is all right with that. Perhaps the concept of this animation makes you feel that relief.
This is characteristic of this work "Azuki-chan". The principal axis of the story is a genuine love story of a boys and girls to the last. Other elements are bonus.
That's why you only have to enjoy that atmosphere anymore, including a weak point of punishment "Wow" blush your cheeks enough work.

Evaluation is "good".