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Anime total pnts rank Rank 744in 6,556 titlesTotal 40 / Deviation 54.10
Anime avg pnts Rank 497in 2,891 titlesAvg 1.48=Good/27 reviews
Anime rank of 2006 Rank 29in 230 titles
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Fuji Television Network, Inc. KTV TOKAI TELEVISION BROADCASTING CO., LTD. Fuji-TV 721 ANIMAX Broadcast Japan
Tsuruya Nanboku Kouzou Morishita Teshima Masao Kenji Shimizu
Chiaki Konaka
Yoshitaka Amano
Yasuharu Takanashi
Hiroaki Hirata Mami Koyama Saka Osamu Yuko Nagashima
Ryo Hirohashi Wataru Takagi Keiichi Sonobe MinoruInaba
Kyouka Izumi
Yuji Sakamoto
Yasuhiro Nakura
Kozo Nagayama
Hikaru Midorikawa Houko Kuwashima
Masaya Onosaka Kappei Yamaguchi Saeko Chiba
Ako Mayama Kozue Kamada
Natsuki Sakamoto Mari Yoshikura Yui Kano Orie Kimoto Kanda Akemi
Kouzou Sioya Eiji Takemoto Naoki Imamura
Michiko Yokote
Kenji Nakamura
Takahiro sakurai
Seiji Sasaki Youko Soumi Kozue Kamada Chikao Otsuka
Yutaka Shimaka Tetsu Inada Yurika Hino
Yukana Kiyonobu Suzuki Takahiro Fujimoto
Japan Released:2006/01/13(Fri) 00:35-01:05 Fuji Television Network, Inc. NoitaminA(noitaminA) TV / End:2006/03/24
Official sites
1. http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/ayakashi/ (Translation)
2. http://www.fujitv.co.jp/b_hp/ayakashi/ (Translation)
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2014/09/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5998 Host:5831 Browser: 5345
It is an evaluation of only "disguised cat" in three works.

It is the most cried animation in my life. It is exactly a masterpiece under masterpieces.
Story, character setting, background etc are all works of the highest evaluation.
Tears will not stop if you listen to ED's "Katami of spring".
It is no exaggeration to say that those who do not see this work are saying that half of their lives are losing. It was nice meeting you with this work.

2011/12/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4323 Host:4059 Browser: 7297
[Good point] 〓〓〓This is only the impression of "garbled cat". "Tenmonori Monogatari" "Yotsuya Kaidan" is evaluated by comprehensive evaluation.
Story: It is an original story. I think that I was successfully fusing the classic story of faithful cats and contemporary abduction detention cases. I felt it was the most real and terrible story of 3 works. I feel hateful about the last Moyamoya feeling. I think that it is perfect.
Image expression: Tamaki is a kind of rough. Other characters also have abundant facial expressions. The background is also the best.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
"Tenmaori Monogatari": Drama by Izumi Kaga. It is a fantastic and beautiful story. It is regrettable that Fumi Hime was not talking about everything and Humanity was on the front. Forgotten with a human Although I am in love with the ultimate identity of God, both were able to understand immediately in the middle stage so it was an impression that only the castle attack was focused in the second half and it did not rise excellently in the second half.
"Yotsuya Ghost Story": It was a slightly hasty impression. Background of the establishment of "Yotsuya Ghost Story" Although I explained the history of the subsequent performances in detail in detail, it was useless personally. Honorable expression with horsepower is warm.

Overall: "The girlfriend" was outstanding, making it well done as an original story. The image expression is unique and a person, both the background is very excellent. We also recommend the sequel's "Monster of Things". OP lime star "HEAT ISLAND" is also the best.

2010/08/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11274
Animation of prominent ghost story of ancient times. Yotsuya ghost stories and Tenpuro Monogatari finished the original as it is, and still fascinated with brilliant images featuring music, character deja and voice actors.
And the original garbled cat is broadcasting as a mononious monster in Noitamina afterwards, and the degree of completion is quite high. It is a splendid horror entertainment which has good hands and is more action rather than a ghost story. There are also preferable settings for drug selling.
OP was RHYMESTER who is also a hip hopper's heavyweight and the match with the OP image was quite complete.
I think that it is Japanese unique horror anime unique to Japan that can be frightened only by amazingness and atmosphere throughout.

2010/05/06 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28014 Host:27998 Browser: 10414
I only watch "cynomolgus" that became the source of monono monsters.
I'm flying first from the OP. Although it is a Japanese style taste, that strange rap. But, strangely, it is addictive that I want to listen many times.
The mononoid monster is also good, but here it was more powerful than the monono monsters and I enjoyed there.
The story is also good quality. I was surprised when I learned the real reason why a cat became a cat.
And the meaning of the direction and song when flowing "Ending Spring 'Evening" even if it is a stuffed flow. That really cried.
The other thing to praise is the performance of the voice actors. Especially, the acting skill of the person who played the man called Mizue was amazing.
Evaluation is "highest", although it will be the evaluation of only cats.

2010/04/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20634 Host:20505 Browser: 7336
It will be the evaluation of only cats.
Effects like Ukiyoe-style style painting, layers expressing Japanese paper, high-tempo cuts, gorgeous effects, how to talk up.
And something is outrageous something. I was knocked behind by a long time.
There is no loss by looking.

2010/01/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16966 Host:16875 Browser: 5941
Although there were three works with Yotsuya Kaidan, Tenpuro Monogatari,
The two immediately preceding are subtle, and ....
Yotsuya ghost story, well, well though I think it was quite funny ...
Tenpa Monogatari ... What is that? It seems to be the battle in the end.
It is caused by the cheating of the hero, and it is a selfish story.
Cats were fantastic.
I cried.

Yup. Tempurin stories and cats with Plamai Zero, no, +1.
Do you add Yotsuya Ghost Story and the evaluation is "good"?

2009/12/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25270 Host:25209 Browser: 9831
Episode "cute cat" leading to "Mononokei" in the same Noitamina frame is very wonderful.
It was good that there was atmosphere in other talks as well.
Although a unique style may choose a person, if you like the "monono monster" you want to see only "cats".

2008/08/26 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30269 Host:30458 Browser: 7505
I like not only cats but also Yotsuya ghost stories and Tenpa Monogatari very much. At the time of the aired, it was concluded every few stories, and the format of being completely made by another staff became an accent and it was quite good impression.

2008/06/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8110 Host:7881 Browser: 9070
It is an evaluation of the episode of "reputed cat" cute.
Anyway, I was overwhelmed by the visual aspect. It is drawn into a fantastic image of a polar color. The bills that are stuck one after another, the directing of the leaning balance, draws out the sense of presence and tension that the thing of the thing comes close, and it got nailed to the screen.
Of course, the content was wonderful, the story progressed without knowing what was going on at the beginning, and the development that the brutal truth was revealed one after another when it understood the identity of the cat was surprising.

2008/05/28 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48513 Host:48614 Browser: 4317
Two of "Yotsuya Kaidan" and "Tenpu Monogatari" are still unviewed.
So, with the evaluation of only "cats" that have been watched. There is spoilerness 〓〓〓

First look is just a glimpse of the final act was doing in the late night but the theme song is raped by the habit of Japanese style-like work as OP is quite frustrating, and the drawing is too novelty more than anything Then it was only the impression of "funny animation".
However, since I knew that "Monono Monsters" was doing it, I also had an interest in this work, and when I watched it, the story was easier to understand than I thought (imagining it being somewhat difficult and more dull)
Nevertheless there was never getting tired of watching as deployment goes crisply in an interesting direction.
Although I wrote it also when I evaluated the monono monster, I should write a special mention about the creation that makes it look like a picture-story style and plays a different color from the animation that I have had.
It's a very avant-garde feeling.

Of course, I think that it is wonderful only on the drawing side, but the scenario of the story is also pretty.
In fact, in the back, the selfish selfish selfish lies, the desires, the passions and so on of Dos black people are the cause of the incident.
It was good that the truth was revealed by involving a drug-selling man on such a root.
Sakai family men were sick with plenty of rotten. After all, the old man of retirement is not reflected.
Well I guess it will follow the way of ruin by any cause-and-go report as I go.
Still, I was touched by Mr. Mr. CIRCLE 's attention directed to each other.
The ending that flows with the last "Katami of spring" is unexpectedly overheated.
Finally, I came also to the words which I mentioned at the time of the drug selling summer.

Works that can be put in five fingers of "well made animation" in me.
Because the talk is also composed of three stories in all, it may be recommended quickly even for people who are not good at length.

2008/03/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21502 Host:21616 Browser: 8090
Only the garbled cats were out of the group, only one place disappointing was saying "Your move has already been overlooked, it will not work anymore"
is it?
It's really regrettable there.

Other works ... ... subtle

2007/10/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 37841 Host:37624 Browser: 8090
Animation which is composed of three stories of Yotsuya ghost stories, Tenmori Monogatari, Cats cat.
The picture uses a Japanese painting such as a watercolor painting and is drawing a unique atmosphere and a world view.

"Yotsuya Ghost Story" is a story of a youkai rock told from Japan.
I do not know the actual story of Mr. Iwao, but it was interesting as it was.
Evaluation is "normal".

"Tenmoku Monogatari" is a work that depicts youkai and human romance.
There was no horroristic fear but content was a good story.
I think video is better than Yotsuya ghost stories.
Evaluation is "good".

The end is a "cat." This is different from the others and the image director is amazing!
I use psychedelic production in some places, music and sound effects are also very wonderful.
You can not take your eyes off the screen when you are watching !!
I have seen innovative anime for the first time in a while. (Although it does not mean that I have been watching so much animation so far ...)
Still think that this animation is wonderful. The content is also very interesting and why is it attacked by cats? There is a mystery.
There may be people who are not usable for pictures and the like depending on the person, but only "cat" is recommended to watch without worrying about pictures and the like.
Evaluation is "highest" !!

2007/09/14 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4206 Host:4250 Browser: 4184
Only reputable "cats" are rented and viewed.
I am sorry that it is a big lie to say fashionable animation leaning on high-definition images ....
Certainly the video expressions themselves flamboyantly brilliant, full of colorful and animated movements are attractive themselves,
The story did not lose to it at all either.
The depth of the work of the human being who is less vicious than the youkai like a ghost story and the flow to the last action scene cutting off the gruesome truth are really brilliant,
I was satisfied with catharsis.
I'd like to be "the best!" But I have not seen any other 2 works so I stopped commenting.

2007/05/03 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24738 Host:24600 Browser: 4924
I might as well have done it if it was only "cat".

I watched the "Tenpaki Monogatari" first.
It takes a week to see all 4 talks, so it means that I did not draw interest.
If it is Ryosaku, it will normally be seen within that day.
When I saw OP, it seemed to me that Toei animation was also nurturing ordinary sense of time.
However, it seems that I traced back to the era in this volume for about 20 years. I do not think it was production in 2003.
Onozaka, Yamaguchi's comedy relief was the only salvation.

This "cats" borrowed after "Tenpu Monogatari", I decided to borrow because the reputation here was good.
There is a danger that unique art can be seen in avant-garde works with zero entertainment if you make a mistake,
It is an effective measure for directing an entertainment with a refreshing feeling of inevitable tension transmitted from the condition of the casting that is condensed and condensed in the composition of three episodes, it is not bluff.
In addition, the impression received from the screen is bone, there is no sense of casual feeling when watching Japanese movie animation in the theater,
I think that it is interesting to watch on a big screen.

"Yotsuya Ghost Story" is unseen.
Trauma is still there, I think that I will not borrow. Perhaps please look at this series only with "cats".

2007/04/04 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21484 Host:21598 Browser: 3876
I would like to give the highest if only the cat is evaluated, but this evaluation is because I have not seen other 2 works.
When I was turning the channel in the middle of the night I was doing it by chance, what is this animation is attracted by the picture that I caught from the second story of the cat, after purchasing the DVD, it was funny animation.
I thought that it is an animation that can be enjoyed even if adults watch adults and music as well as the background is unique, with Japanese style taste like the one drawn on Washi.

Even if the hero is a mysterious character whose name is not even a name, it is new, even if seeing the cast of ending, it is written only as a man.
Being useless explanation to the hero with a short story number of 3 episodes, we directed the story 's point of sight to other than the main character, and the main character was only a descriptive explanation as a person who cuts youkai, so the tempo was well seen at the end all the time.
If it is only a cat, I definitely would like to see the sequel.

I do not watch other 2 works, I do not dislike, but I am not very interested in horror and ghost stories,
Even looking at the notice there is nothing attracted by ordinary animation-like impression so I do not see it in the future.

2006/11/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33146 Host:32904 Browser: 4928
Because I wanted to see it from a horror group personally, I saw one story but quit viewing because I do not like pictures. Basically it seems that Japanese-style youkai comes out.

2006/09/30 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35439 Host:35258 Browser: 4184
[TV anime 2006 30 minutes Frames 11 episodes Japanese-style ghost stories Omnibus]
An omnibus composed of three episodes with different staff and style. The three episodes will become more modern in the order of "Yotsuya Kaidan" to "Yukari cat".

〓〓〓1 to 4 stories "Yotsuya Ghost Story"
Mostly according to the original. Although I started expecting somewhat better atmosphere, it was not so fun after all. Where is the cause ...
As the story is too simple to enlarge, I emphasize humanity too much, I feel like I'm slumping. Personally I began to feel strangeness from the scene where a cozy couple was formed. Have you challenged difficult subjects with bad flesh like a mummy called a classic performing art work of human beings and did it have a splendid hulk? Because kabuki is not attracted to the main story separately, it is nothing like a "cat" I feel I needed a different way of showing.

〓〓〓5 to 8 stories "Tenmori Monogatari"
Although an aesthetic ambiance has appeared, it is still several steps short. I want more power or aesthetics. Fantasy with the theme of death of love, I remember Personally Tristan of Wagner, but music is the leading role and the story is a supporting role, this work also something stronger that would pry off the story as a supporting role I wanted it. A simple story is a simple and brutal human talking story, a little Lv down of the second half drawing stands out, this is Ikenai. In the latter half, the ratio of action was also high Ikenai.
I feel that this episode also has the same quality weakness as "Yotsuya Kaidan". It is a weak point that it is drawn too much by the scenario which does not have a big deal in the first place.
Then, I want to add complaints because I'm too busy.

〓〓〓9 to 11 episodes "Cats"
"Unleash the sword by truth and reason"
The method of using texture for coloring is reminiscent of Gwanghwa King. Japanese style fantasy color is strongly shown by using Japanese paper texture. Although this episode has no image of a classic ghost story, although the artistic aspect is unique, the most animated element among the three episodes is strong and it is a safe finish as a person accustomed to recent animation It is.
In the original story, the plot is slightly incomprehensible, but it seems like a ghost story and it is fantastic. The impact of visuals is strong, actions are packed, and entertainment is reasonably high for difficult to understand. In this episode, even the scenario was made to feel the strength of the animation directing which suppressed to the supporting role (although the highest peak of that line is still FLCL yet). In that sense, it is most interesting in terms of animation.

2006/08/05 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43683 Host:43599 Browser: 6342
It is an evaluation of only the categorized cats.
First of all it is striking at the top of the picture, the characters and backgrounds imitating textures and ukiyo - e,
The colors of polar color make us unique world and world view and immerse in the story.
Not only that, it is also fascinating for animation production,
Hundreds of bills placed in sliding doors one after another.The balance is visually visualizing the fear of the disguised cat.Auditory expression,
Very tense. I made it realistic.

Naturally not only the video but also the content is wonderful,
Without knowing what is going on, the characters to be driven, and the identity of the monsters seen in abruptness, the guess of the characters, the cruel truth taught little by little guided by that character is unraveled with the character There was an impression as if it was done.
Especially the cruel truth is so spectacular that I want to turn my eyes away,
It makes me feel uncomfortable. (It is by no means a bad meaning.)
It was a masterpiece that was overwhelming.

2006/04/25 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5792 Host:5872 Browser: 5237
I was doing something strange in the winter and I watched it in mind. By the way it was an entire evaluation of Yotsuya ghost stories, so it is an evaluation of Yotsuya Kaidan 's limited.
The picture is superbly pure Japanese style and it looks good.

Does this animation faithfully trace the original?
"Yotsuya Kaidan" is a Japanese classic, but I do not know well because I saw a movie and the original was unread. (Lol)
Of course I know the outline, but since there is only a detailed story something about movie knowledge, I saw this work and it was fairly fresh. There was quite a lot of things I do not know "There was such an episode?" Actually it may be good as an educational program.

2006/04/15 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 46436 Host:46333 Browser: 7291
Three volumes of Yotsuya Ghost Story (4 episodes) / Tenpuro Monogatari (4 episodes) / Cats (3 episodes).
The picture is Japanese style and fresh. The coat color is completely different in the three editions.
OP songs and ED songs are common to the three editions. The OP of the rap song using the shamisen also unexpectedly matches the ghost story. Both of the OP images have a taste, and it is funny animationally. ED songs are also tightened and the aftertaste is good. The ED image takes the form of a main digest + trailer.

To be honest, Yotsuya ghost stories are quite eloid, I could not get on to tempo anyway. However, since the narrative of Tsuruya North and North is giving a good taste and I feel like I was building a unique world, I feel like I will make a different impression again if I look back. Because the Tenpa Monogatari only watches the last episode, nothing can be said.

So about Cats (evaluation is also limited).
First of all, it is the color and pattern of Ukiyo-e coloring. Even just seeing such a thing is happy. A world with unified feeling as a whole is a distinctive taste.

And the best attraction is full of presence, a clearing director.
During silent feeling, the interaction of static and dynamic, sound effect, performance of the voice actors.
Taking full advantage of various techniques, draw out the maximum effect from the limited number of videos.
Props are also effective. Paste hundreds of buddies on the wall at once, expressing the barrier. The movement of the balance and the local change of the odor are fresh with the sense of SF as a function as a thing's sensor sensor.

Although it is a ghost storyline as a story, the motivation to drive things is firmly portrayed. Characters are also color-coded in character and position firmly (although there are plenty of characters for a three-talk composition, there are places where it is somewhat difficult to understand). It is too much a fate of past. The extraordinary attitude of 膓c〓〓〓〓膀〓〓symbolizes ugliness. It can be said that it is a distortion of the feudal system of the Edo period. It was good that the ending was made properly. The last word of medicine selling is universal.

The most striking scene was a crying cat shedding tears of blood.

2006/04/06 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5038 Host:4838 Browser: 5234
I saw it from the middle of the Tenpa Monogatari.
As I was changing the channel, the samurai with a severe voice was burned out (actually it was not a samurai), so I instinctively saw it.
Wonder if the Tenpa Monogatari liked female characters (including grandmother).
With a slightly impressive name, it was a key point to say that the beautiful, invulnerable and strong (grandmother is as a royal road, scary and gentle and the last is pathetic).

Cats are just like a masterpiece.
I do not know how to write it, but that color use, movement of cats, props (especially bills), mystery drug sales was also great.
In a small place, I thought that the bills that disappointed arbitrarily and the movements of the balance when the cat is going through are gems.
If you put on difficulty, it was impossible to tell the samurai of the vassal. (Even people are not quite sure)
I'd like to see more story about drug sales.

If only a cat is crowded, it will not be hesitant but I will attach "highest", but I have not seen Yotsuya ghost stories, I'm going from the Tenpuro Monogatari and I will make it "very good". Doing it.

2006/03/30 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4241 Host:3929 Browser: 6032
Although I was caught saying this series "watching", because it has a good reputation, only cats caught first saw me. This is very good. First of all it seems that the drawing is seeing the movie. I wish a nice screen. The color pattern of the Japanese paper used on the whole was initially slightly excessive and I felt familiar with it
(I have not seen the rock cave properly, but I think that it will be possible to express such painting by digitizing -).

Of the three episodes, the first story did not proceed so much and I thought what it would be, but suddenly switching with 2 episodes, exorcism exclusion with 3 talks and flow is also good ( I think that it is too good -). I thought that Nishihiko Kyogoku was misplaced in the screenwriter, but was not there (w). It is necessary for reasons why cats can be changed, but if this is the case, it can not be helped to go out - that is convincing.

What I especially admired in this work is an art concept or a visual production ... a lot of interesting ideas are being introduced.
Specifically, it is perfect for this view of the world in the Japanese style, such as the barriers of Huda, the movements of red and black blood-burning cats, big snow, fireworks-like explosion patterns and so on. CG did not feel uncomfortable almost anything other than the scales manipulated by drug selling.

Although it is the hero of the medicine selling that the identity is the only thing I do not know,
I can make him a series mainly with him. I mean, I want to see more with this quality.

2006/03/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27491 Host:27534 Browser: 6287
I brought a great guy at the end of the last.
I watched the final story of the ghost cat and reviewed it from the beginning.
I could not imagine that it would be such a sad and heavy dawn story deployment from a peculiar picture that was slightly more comical, looking at the first episode of the cat.
I think that directing, voice acting group's acting, music was superb.

2006/03/22 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33889 Host:33775 Browser: 6287
I started watching from the Tenpa Monogatari,
It came to pass.
The unique picture is a fake cat, I feel more advanced.
It seems to be over with a lost cat,
I feel I wanted to see other works a little more.
If it is a ghost story, there seems to be many, but ,,,,,

2006/03/19 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18003 Host:17917 Browser: 2045(Mobile)
I saw it for the first time last week. Among the animations that there are a number of youkai, it is innovative to set the stage in the Edo period. Tactics were set around the Meiji Period. It is a feeling that likes and dislikes are likely to appear because there is "habit" in the pattern. It is my favorite thing .... Considering the view of the world, I think that it fits perfectly. It seems like "Japanese old fashimi" (lol)
The former people mentioned it, but I also thought that it resembled the Ginkaku King. But it is comparatively easier to see than the King Gwazu. Because I saw Gwanghwa King and had a headache ....

2006/03/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32735 Browser: 2746(Mobile)
Something is like a cave king. It's special. But is not Gonzo making it? It is quite funny this. It is in a position that you can aim at the top while doing it now. I wanted you to continue a little more.

2006/03/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2096 Host:1856 Browser: 4487
It is a work neglected taking the first episode. I was curious to see it with a look that looks scary and content.
Well it is natural that it seems to be scary because it is a ghost story.
However, it came to see it in real time recently. The first thing I saw was that the youkai kept the castle.
As far as I saw it almost none is a good place. I could only think of it as the worst for me.
I thought that it was the continuation of the next week, last week, but for the time being, I had to get up for the black cat for the time being, so I will watch it again.
I did not understand well because I saw it from the way, but the story changed and this time the story of a girlfriend.
The atmosphere of the picture has changed by about 90 degrees, and I felt it worse this time.
However, it is misunderstood, the content has a little charm, I watched it continuously this week.
There was also a voice I knew, but better than my previous story.
"? (Unviewed)" 〓〓〓"worst" 〓〓〓"bad", on average, "very bad".

2006/03/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24891 Host:24849 Browser: 3875
Only looking at the story of the cat which is only categorical It is also a wonderful person who is lazy ___ ___ ___ 0
It was pretty unique and beautiful like paintings and painting coloring like something !!
It seems to me as though I thought of preference, but it was a fresh painting that was nothing to do with evening evening Other animation 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓"
Well, I guess she's gonna finish it, but it's more contiguous

2006/03/03 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12700 Host:12565 Browser: 6287
Take seriously about Japanese classics ,,,, This is also a good thing "next shoot cat"
I want to see it sooner ,,,,,

2006/02/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1233 Host:1203 Browser: 5234
What is a ghost storied seriously in the middle of winter? I do not understand the meaning.
Who do you want to tell ???
Tired and returned home, why did you put this channel in Fuji TV you loved? . .
What kind of organization is it ?????? The worst !!!