[Anime]Atomic Betty

Anime total pnts rank Rank 5,140in 6,387 titlesTotal -1 / Deviation 47.27
Anime rank of 2006 Rank 168in 230 titles
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Yoko Honna Kousuke Okano Masato Funaki Yuzuru Fuzimoto
Hiroshi Iwasaki Kunihiro Kawamoto Akihiko Ishizumi Touko Aoyama Rumiko Ukai Takayuki Kawasugi Megumi Hazeyama Daiki Matsubayasi
Kana Uetake
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Japan Released:2006/02/05(Sun) CARTOON NETWORK TV
Outside Japan :Released:2004/09/06
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1. http://www.atomicbetty.com/ (Translation)
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Atomic Betty Opening SequenceAtomic Betty Opening Sequence [Fan reg.]
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2008/01/18 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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At first glance it is an ordinary girl Betty, but once the incident happens it's a big transformation to the captain of the galaxy guard that is reliable ... but I personally think that it is an animation that is not yet fun.

A story is a regular pattern that if Betty gets involved in minor troubles on the earth, an incident also occurs in the galaxy, and if the galactic incident is resolved the trouble on the earth is also resolved. This is not bad with this, but the place where most of the story has become this pattern has become a big scratch.
If there is not much expansion as a talk, there is no talk of carryover next time, so it is okay at any time to look at any timing, but at least the episode such as why Betty became the captain of the galaxy guard at the beginning of the story Even if there was, I think that it was good. (When the first story becomes the story of the main character 's hair ... ....).

The main character Betty is an ordinary girl on Earth, but the setting that it becomes a superhero when going out into space is not bad. Betty transformed makes me look very reliable. However, a big question remains in other characters. Sparky is a slightly unreliable character, and X - 5 looks pre - owned Robo (this is a little rude). It is a stupid character somewhere also in the villain service, and it seems that the sense of crisis is not felt any longer. The commander is a small fish ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Overall, I think that it would be a little more sharp work. However, if you do not know this story, it is different from the work you told that you do not understand even if seen from the way, so it is a strength that you can watch with confidence anytime.
However, I do not feel like recommending it to everyone, so I will make it "bad" with just a little difference.

Although it is broadcasting on the cartoon network and flowing for nearly a year and a half, I do not hear things that a new episode has entered, so is not it popular?