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Fuji Television Network, Inc. CARTOON NETWORK
Tokyo Movie
Chikako Urano Yoshio Takeuchi
MASAKI TSUJI SATOSHI DEZAKI Haruya Yamazaki Tsunehisa Ito Osamu Kobayashi Nakamuraeiichi
Katsuji Mori
Shusei Nakamura
Masako Ebisu
Reiko Muto
Eiko Masuyama
Noriko Ohara
Hiroko Mori
Michiko Nomura
Youko Kuri
Japan Released:1969/12/07(Sun) / End:1971/11/28
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2. http://www.tms-e.com/library/old/tvall/data/m_attack.html (Translation)
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2011/11/11 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26955 Host:27156 Browser: 3876
This work is a rare masterpiece made as a sports animation made of women 's volleyball, a so - called "spoil" thing, which had been airing for about three years from December 1972.
When broadcasting in real time, it was not social to say that men 's me naturally did not watch, because of "women's anime", but I knew the theme song well, famous "even tears come out. The girls' words are girls! "Also became a popular word, and it was what the girls who used to have classes often used.

At the time of the junior high school exercise department, the men's baseball club was influenced by the "giant's star", the girls were always filled with the valley and the tennis club under the influence of "attack No 1" and "smash hurt!" there were.
I listened to what I was rebroadcasting at Saitama TV a while ago, I remembered it without being remembered, but the girls' spawn animation that surpassed this afternoon appears no longer It will not be.
In addition, even in actual events, the rule of "right to serve" has disappeared, so one of the reasons was that the sense of tension at that time became rather thin.

"Junior Championship" edition over three months from the "Hokkaido" in Hell in the Fujimi Junior High School era to the "Rally of Glory" with the Soviet Nemesis team and the "High School Championship" with the turning point "Death of Tsutomu" The confrontation with the competitor rival 'Ryoko Kanakauchi' and 'Yagisawa sisters' is the climax of this work.
The power of "bargaining" regardless of whether inside or outside of the court is a series of developments that hold sweat in the hands.

In game depiction, as if the camera enters into the court, innovative contests and directing that follow the movement of each player, with a psychological portrayal, nervousness that can not be obtained by television broadcasting etc. Birth and effect were also perfect.
Besides the scenes of the game, there are depictions of a mild psychological confrontation, which is peculiar to girls of middle school or high school, as well as depictions of men who tremble, I think that this world is unique world.
A depiction of love with "endeavor" is also beautiful.

In the final part of the "World Championship" edition, the characters up to that point have been renewed and it seems that it has become totally different stages, so it is difficult to remember a sense of incompatibility somewhat, but even if this point is deducted, Spoons "On animation, it is unquestionable to believe that it is the best work.

Regardless of personal things, Kozue Ayuhara's main character is about the same generation as me, considering the age of real time broadcasting,
When seeing this work now with video etc., it returns to that time with a time machine and falls into the excitement and illusion like the one of the generation I witnessed the success of their "classmate".
Not only "Kozue" but also best friends "Hayakawa Midori" and Junior High school "Katsuragi Yumi", High School era "Miyuki Onuman" etc. can not be counted, but it is quite different from today's children, the era "hot blood My heart is getting warmer when I see a child.

2010/10/02 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11274
It is a representative of sports anime of the valley. Friendship and hot blood of friends of the games throughout the game were transmitted, and it was very fun filled with sight spots such as various rival's deathblown skills. The characters surrounding the main character such as Inogama coach of Demon director and Mikutake Tsutsumi are also giving good taste. The lyrics of the theme song that tells of this work is very glowingly fresh and gives off a youth route and is a good work including this theme song.

2010/02/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8085 Host:8277 Browser: 8451
Works animated by Urano Chikako sensei's hot-blooded women's volleyball cartoon aired in 69-71. "Kozue Ayuhara" who has been transferred to the prestigious volleyball 'Fujimi Gakuen' secondary school challenges the volleyball club with a bad group. The skill is expected and will be greeted as a new captain. And Ayuhara is trained under the guidance of 'Hayakawa Midori' and 'Hongo coach' who will be best friends at the end of the Ace battle, and then gradually grows to the world attack number 1 after going through secondary school.

This work was an activity in the `Tokyo Olympic Games', a work drawn by Weekly Margaret in response to a boom of a women's volleyball who received the alias of the" Oriental Witch ", and it was animated as it was the first time at that time It became a girls hot blood spoof work. This was because at the time there was a popularity of hot-blood spoons such as "Giant Star", "Tomorrow's Joe", "Tiger Mask", and the time when the "Oriental Witch" fever was boiling, Speaking of animation that is a leading role for girls until that time, witchcups and fantasy systems such as "Sorcerer Surrey" and "Hidden Aquocant" are mainstream, and a man is called a hot-blooded person Because I was the subject, I think that attempting to do a hot spa root in girls was probably an adventurous challenge. However, by making girls the main character, a unique style and atmosphere that is not found in the spoof of the male is formed, thus creating a fresh feeling of a hot blood drama, not only from girls but also from men It will become a masterpiece.

The main character of this work "Kozue Ayuhara" is a character that feels like coming out frequently in girls' comics, as you can see, a beautiful slim looking and elegant type of eyes. That is why it is not similar to a hot spa root, but since it feels like this, it may be that there was a feeling of dynamism on the contrary. In practice it is understandable even with a demon and has a comprehensiveness and passionate enthusiasm for 'Hongo Coach.' Originally it was a rival relationship with Kozue but in the confrontation it became a best friend named Hayakawa Midori. `Ichinose Tsutomu 'etc, in the youth drama is set by the classic person arrangement and the story development is almost the same as the spoony work in general, but the fresh atmosphere different from the men's suffering only by the girls was good is.

This work has only spoons, "konoha drop". "Double attack". "Disappear attack". "Spinning in the air". "Missile, spike". "Triangle attack". "Tornado drop" etc Hissatsushi spike ... I will show off attacks. I could not believe that very high school girls could do it, but its reality was also good. (Since it is the spoils' thing at the time), I felt that the enthusiasm for Valley is not a hump. Even though it was a rude technique, I felt like I was taught that it is important to have a feeling to challenge and to open the way.

This work is a hotly sporadic work of the main character of the first girls, set. Character. Story development The content which is not inferior to the spoony work of a man together and it is finished suitable for the name of masterpiece. However, since the force is not as much as the spoof of the male, I think that there is nothing beyond the work of a male character main body whose mainstream is a solitary fight, the evaluation is close to `highest! '[Very good]. In 2004, it was remade as "New. Attack No. 1" in Margaret, and the live-action program is also produced the following year in the following year. I mean that this work was something with quality.

2009/05/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34731 Host:34713 Browser: 8593
I have remembered that contents of animation children boys who were watching somehow were not very interested.

It was a shock when I learned that such a deathblowing technique would not come out in the real valley as to whether he was only looking forward to the special handicraft.

Evaluation is "normal".

2008/09/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29983 Host:29908 Browser: 8090
[good point]
All female players are unique and attractive. Even though there are a lot of people, the personality and appearance are all tied up separately.
Some had quitted on the way, they took off and took some measures to win,
That there is also reality, or you do not have to beautify your sports too much.
Where the hero Kozue was originally a lady but somehow got rooted and became passionate.
How to draw her spiritual growth is very natural and can be likable.
Brightly catch - OP, ED.

[Bad point]
Deployment is slow. I'm stretching too much and stopping the movement to keep pace for hours.
I am not good at drawing male characters.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw a rebroadcast on a telescope,
To me who was born in Heisei, spoony things were fresh and enjoyable in reverse.
Because the character is a woman, even a spoon rough scene like covering his eyes, there was no violent scene and there was also freshness.
As for drawing, it was comparatively beautiful and easy to see than other old works.

2006/11/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18384 Host:18446 Browser: 6287
My older sister was playing volleyball, so I was watching it together.
I think that there was personality in the theme song and the character, but I do not remember the last one.
It was impressive that there were three sister rivals after the death of the hero's cousin.
BGM at the time when a Special Moves are bursting still remains in my ears, but this is confident either hero or rival.
In addition, I think that scenes where a woman from a runaway truck delivers serum with a motorcycle was also good so as to help the hero who got injured.
There is no hope for volleyball itself, but it remains in the mind.

2006/06/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19376 Host:19602 Browser: 4483
I remember being excited about burning elements while working for girls.
Of course, I also felt disgusted at the drama that I was stormy, such as a confrontation with a coach (bitter smile).

However, fun with the runaway group Mighty Six, or double attack attack development plays, the peculiar interest unique to sprouts is intense.
Although it was a time when abstract was easily accepted even more than now, it would be an era victory that packed manga elements into real sports (and for girls) too.

If you review it now, you can also see the behavior of era an error and convenient development, rough drawing etc, but it is certain that "hot" of those people was hardcore.

Evaluation is "good".

2006/04/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20686 Host:20596 Browser: 5234
In the past I remembered looking at rebroadcasting, and there was also impact in various ways that the eyes were sparkling.
The impression about the theme song is nothing to mention here, and the impression which occasionally flows to the ear was strong.
Although it might be a masterpiece, it is not a scene that is somewhat physiologically unacceptable, and since it is an old work, it is worrisome that the drawing is unstable even though it is useless.

Currently the Japanese volleyball called "Oriental witch" is also a work situation such as a long time ago, but in a sense, this work also has a strong impression that it became its merits and demerits, and the genre called spoons girls' manga The impression that has been fixed is too strong and the image which became too much a model of the work such as "Ace crazy!" Or "Battle Athlete's big athletic meet" is also strong, and even in the live action version, "sign V is" It was also influenced by the fact that it was time to create things, and it seems to be undeniable that the good progress and victory at the Tokyo Olympic Games was still taken up as a climb in this work as well.

However, although problems of sharing spoons can be seen everywhere, it seems that it is a good old work, but when you look at it now, you probably will be excited as if you were "like this?", TV It is decided to be a large special feature of nostalgia anime and it is decided to be a large special feature in this pattern (roughly, in addition to this work and Ace, "Yamato" "Gundam" "Heidi" "Flanders" "Arale" "Dragon ball" "Eva" It only has been issued) because it gives the impression that Studio Ghibli animation and "Karijo" who had overlooked at the Friday Road Show too much to disappear completely, the mass communication that shows only the decided animation , It would be possible to view that it is a certainly unfriendly work that has been made worse by entertainers who do not know anything.

Even though there are nostalgic impressions now, there is no idea of 〓〓〓〓〓quot;a great work".

However, it is certain that it is one of the unfortunate works which were pickled up by the mass media and stained by the big failures of live-action drama of Aya Ueto later, and the image was badly deteriorated.

2006/04/26 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7033 Host:7055 Browser: 4184
This work is also a famous work as well as "ace of ace", but it is too famous for me, but it is too painful for me to see the flow of stories and characters that come out, the strange production and the pointless meaning of psychology.

If one told me one more thing it is also unpleasant that people who are nostalgic hobbyists trying to lift this program with various TV programs are unpleasant and wonder if they can do the same thing for decades. Although it is seen in Mashi a little if it is not excessive how to lift feature of TV program by blaming.

Evaluation is "worst".

2006/04/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5792 Host:5872 Browser: 5237
A good old, sporadic girl's manga with volleyball as a theme.

How many times have you seen it? Because it was quite a lot of re-broadcast of animation in the past. Every time I broadcast it I've been watching it for a while and it seems like I'm watching 3 or 4 times in total. Thanks to you I can not forget to remember the theme song entirely. (Lol)

The era is obvious at a glance from the character. A star is shining in sparkling eyes as if saying that it is overkill. (Lol)
Even though such a little girl ticky drawing, in fact the content is quite hard.

In order to stop the Trinity attack, I tried to attack one of the three sisters unnecessarily without asking questions and make it impossible to reoccur (it was probably a junior high school era or scared?), Tsuchida will die as usual . (But will you run such a dangerous mountain road?

It seems that the neighborhood here is the era after all. This era surely will not be accepted, this work.

However, it is a memorable work for children of those days.

Of course, "Double attack" and "Konoha dropping" "Tornado dropout" and certainly a special technique will also come out. Even though it is a girl 's cartoon, I can not pretend to be quite sure. I can also feel catharsis well.

2006/01/05 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 52244 Host:52183 Browser: 5471
After all, it will be a royal road work of Sponkon animation. Although I want to get something to think about now if I think about now, is not it a work that is popular after all if it remakes?

2005/07/27 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 4184
Although it is the ultimate Spontane anime, only the main character is awesome girls' cartoonist 's eyes and the gap is intense, I was watching reruns but it' s so amazing and funny.
When contemporary young people see it, they think that they should not be able to get empathy, swing spokes like a volleyball.
Its enduring resistance to adversarial ball attacks, its guts and spiritual power that always keeps heading towards the front without being crushed even if it is likely to be blown off by the ball! The appearance of the female statue that is not present is not bad either, One word of.
Even if Tsutomu died (I was overdoing, or I was middle schooled, could you drive a car or something?) The figure that gets a lot of fun is amazing.
The reward of the technique will only become intensified ... I say ... or saying that it is still rebroadcasting (it only became aired on NARUTO) Since the rebroadcast has once stopped, I can not evaluate anything because I have not seen the end, but go to here I also admire that Supocon is also awesome ... sweat

2005/07/27 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47396 Host:47543 Browser: 3646
This is really a masterpiece of sports soul animation ~!
I think that it is a wonderful animation with laughter, tears and impression.
I am not good at TV anime with ball game as a theme, but I liked this volleyball when I saw this animation.
All the heroines appearing in this animation are high in the mood, lively and strong ... ..............
Kozue Ayuhara Kokue of the leading role is a fighting spirit girl with a very guts.
After her death, her hairstyle has changed a little bit ........ After the death of her efforts, the courage has further increased!
Is it because she wanted to express herself that she changed her into a more lustful girl?
Hayakawa Midori was a girl with a terrible disgusting personality at the beginning, but suddenly changed to a girl with a wonderful personality after making up with Kozue ... right ................ However, since I missed the episode Kozue and Midway made up,
That was very missing!
Kozue and Midoru have no idea what kind of circumstances they have become best friends ... ............................!
Yoshiko Kaninai who was a captain of Fukuoka Junior High School was quite attractive as well. She had a gut ... ... ... As expected,
Are you feeling like Kyushu boys in Kyushu girls !?
Miyoshi Sanjo is a girl with an unusual situation that keeps hating volleyball from the unhappy past left by his brother,
At first it was a very disgusting personality, but knowing that Ino Kuma Daigo who was feared as a demon coach the true identity of his brother who became separated,
After having reconciled with him, I suddenly changed to a girl with a straightforward personality. Miyoshi Sanjo is a character that I like quite a lot.
Miyuki Onuma, who appeared in high school edition, was a disgusting guy at first as a queen, but after a while he turned into a wonderful character. I think that she is also nice.
The three Yagisawa sisters are masterpieces ........................... They are just superhumans!
Triggered attack by three sisters of Yagisawa is almost a gag ...................... But, I think it is a great technique.
Kyoko Makimura was also an interesting character ................. No, it is her brother who is really interesting.
Kyoko Makimura's older brother was sick due to too much study, but he smiled a bitterly!
Kuzue Ayuhara 's enemy, Soviet Sherainina was also a superman ... Hey ......................
The final mystery that Sherainina got in the special training of the Bolshoi circus team Acrobat Saab,
It was exactly the area of 〓〓〓〓〓uperhuman art, but the obsession of Kozue Ayuhara who broke it was also awesome.
This is truly a masterpiece fighting animation!

2005/07/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33146 Host:32874 Browser: 6305
Rebroadcasting has started in TV Osaka from May, but I will be moved even if I look at it many times.
Background of the era at that time is well appearing (laugh), it is a masterpiece that represents this era.
At that time Osaka Expo, now Aichi Expo ...
Especially in the second half I can not take my eyes off scenes that are moving.
Recently it is also used for commercials.
Wondering if I can understand this work for my child now?
I think that TV also in Osaka is also called Children's Theater.
For most of the viewers I think that adults are the majority with regard to this work ... (lol)
It seems that DVDBOX still remains, so I would like to purchase if I get money.

2005/07/11 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3198 Host:3268 Browser: 5234
I could write it in the drama version or cartoon version, but I will write it here daringly.
Perhaps it is prejudice that comes from my studies, but the image of "Activity of the Oriental Witch" and the influence of this work, or volleyball (especially girls) is stained with "sweat and tears, effort and guts" I feel like it. I will also receive such a feeling in the news posture of a certain broadcasting station since the Olympic qualifying.
In recent years, it seems that the popularity and ability of the valley are declining (It was a disastrous defeat even at the previous Olympics, is not it?) I think that such thing is affecting, but the upper part of the Valley Association It seems that it says "It is due to a difficult practice," and I forgot the name, but I remember reading that somewhere in the column of some newspaper. I can not wipe the impression that it is closed and not recognized.
At the same time, although baseball has been planted with such an image (more than a certain women's volleyball), it seems that there are signs that various efforts are being made to wipe out the image.
If you seriously wish to revive women's volleyball in the future, I think that it is the first place to remove such evils.

2005/04/07 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30378 Host:30186 Browser: 4184
I like to watch Ace! But Attack No. 1 is too sporadic and I can not accept it.
Even though it is a manga, I personally do not like the skill that is too extravagant too much.
Also, the picture of that manga has eyes strangely like eyelashes and I do not like it.

2004/11/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8533 Host:8564 Browser: 4184
We do not accept so called spoons physiologically.
If this happens with a nostalgia anime special feature, I will immediately change the channel reflectively.

It was pretty sweet or something 's commercial before quite a while, and the appearance characters of this appeared older and appeared.
The heroine 's opponent' s man became illegitimate bald father (as it is with eyes only)
I caught cheating or something and laughed at the scene that was overwhelmed with my wife "Attack !!".
It might be a good idea to laugh at the comic of the original story like this parody ... ....

2004/11/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19877 Host:19750 Browser: 4184
Although I have seen the local TV station reruns when I was in the hospital long ago, I did not receive a good impression.

Honestly I do not match my skin so much with such a hot Spokon system,
Even ignoring it ....... Especially, Sanjo was a really good character.
I tried to hit the main character, but the worst story was a story with the main character in a practice match with a high school student.
In the first round, although it was easy to win in such a dispute overlooking team play, the opponent is also a high school student. There is no reason to pass it forever,
To be pressed. The main character stopped the competition for team play while keeping the regret of losing to Sanjo, and the team also cheered by teaming up to do so.

Such judgment is naturally extremely important as a team sports player, is not it?
That's why she was selected as the captain in it rather than the best member,
It is obviously not interesting for Sanjo who is small in size, and whatever reason the coach explains,
I do not agree with it at all and, in the end, "Mr. Ayuhara is good at grasping the heart of people."
Although it was also related to the coach, I was ridiculed wretchedly,
In a word you just did not like the thing at all?
The hero said what he wanted to say, he was stopped by his teammate trying to pursue Sanjo, but he was really miserable. The worst in mental health.
There is a sad past where she lost her older brother for the sake of anything volleyball,
Ironically, even with that hatred, I play a ballet that I can not hate, along with a hero etc, but it was a setting that was too obsolete, "I'm actually a poor person." I can not be such an excuse to slander those who work hard like sports. I felt fiercely, "What technology is so great, I do not qualify for sports in this guy."

At that time there was reasonable reason, the world was old, good old days (?)
Although the honor as a masterpiece of Szocon of Socon was high, I watched himself and frustrated great frustration gathered. It was already a torture level. (Bitter smile)
Evaluate without hesitation "worst" down. "Even tears will come out, it's a girl." Oh, it's a fleeting feeling.

〓〓〓I forgot the detailed time, but re-edited since 2006. Re-evaluated.

2004/08/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11313 Host:11120 Browser: 4925
The scene where Kozue hit volleyball is a painful thing.
But somehow interesting (a wonderful animation that makes me feel a bit embarrassed.

2004/03/06 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15985 Host:16047 Browser: 4925
It was said before that player of a professional volley of France or Italy (the name forgotten) started volley at the attack NO 1.
That is how much it is affected animation.

2004/02/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41412 Host:41436 Browser: 4483
It seems like this is recommended to you.
The business association is also becoming a waste department catching up.
If you do your best, you should do more to make your dreams and successes more successful.

2004/02/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25785 Host:25831 Browser: 3646
Jiro Yushima who plays a lot of characters and episodes that are not in the original, and makes it dangle in the efforts that passed away
(It was Mr. Kogori Mori same as voice as well) and exchanges with Mighty 6, and the relation between Sanjo and Inokuma coach, etc also increased in the second half. I just wanted it to match the original only for the last round.

2004/02/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35453 Host:35496 Browser: 5401
Simple Spotcom Animation. It is normal. "There are lots of lumps."

2004/02/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6034 Host:5965 Browser: 3875
The sports soul also roughly Often the story looks alike But I guess I'll see it after all So I remembered that girls were popular at that time so I could not say they are looking too publicly

2004/01/16 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47396 Host:47543 Browser: 3646
Just watching the opening, I felt a terrible spirit.
This story was a series of sweat, effort and tears.
I can not help feeling the awfulness of sports gut feeling at that time!

2004/01/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11281 Host:11140 Browser: 3646
I saw it on a rerun, but it was fun.
Effort first comes to blur.
(I'd like to show it to a girl who is addicted to a sports animation of a certain place)
Kozue unexpectedly does not negate his studies.
Bunmei is compatible with school 8th place. (Although the star of the giant was also seen)
I was not born yet in this era, I guess it was hot.
Because the ace creativity becomes a drama, there is a high possibility that it will be dramaized next.

2003/12/24 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50974 Host:51077 Browser: 3646
It is not like spoiler animation like this, it's gone ... Neither is it to say that I want to watch animation of a superhuman match, but the sense that I said to the recent sports animation is gone.

2003/09/26 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28255 Host:28041 Browser: 5408
The broadcast of Saitama has also come to an end
That frame is hot animal frame so I'm looking forward to something next to the captain that started off

2003/09/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34156 Host:34169 Browser: 1665(Mobile)
When I was watching it was about 20 years ago when my house was Ehime, but radio waves from Hiroshima come in and I was watching it. It seems like I do not have a news program yet in the 5th and 6th era. There was also a re-airing of the animation. Among them, Hiroshima home TV was broadcasting from 5:55 in the time zone. The next day, I was talking about a bit at school. I had rebroadcasts not only once but again many times. In this time period I have also repeatedly re-broadcasted the Gundam, so I looked like I could keep up with the topic.

2003/09/16 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34702 Host:34778 Browser: 3646
Yamamoto san's "big ball spike" right. It's too nice! Every time I attack it, I get caught all the time (laugh)
Also, Mr. Isahara's "Triangular Attack" of Okinawa's Magoon Hin High School captain is also the strongest class. In Fujimi battle, other members were like volley alone with small fish so I got tired and self-destroyed, but triangle attack itself was not received to the end. I thought, "Will not the next National Championship be a victory?" I did not come out though. It is a mystery what happened after that.