[Anime]Astro Ganga

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Knack Ando Toyohiro
Komori Akihiro ICHIRO MIZUKI Columbiayurikagokai
Mie Azuma
Hisashi Katsuta
Shouzo Iiduka
Mikio Terashima
Japan Released:1972/10/04(Wed) / End:1973/03/28
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Astro GangaAstro Ganga
Song:ICHIRO MIZUKI Columbiayurikagokai Compose:Komori Akihiro [Fan reg.]
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2008/12/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8085 Host:8277 Browser: 4525
A huge robot animated drama aired in 72 - 73 years. Dr. Star drew 10 months ago `Maya 'who has destroyed his native Cantharus star to' Earth 'by' Blaster Star 'who plans to conquer the universe. And prepare for the blaster star coming in, we make a huge robot "Astroganger" with living metal cells of Kantaros. Finally the blaster star begins to attack the earth. The son "Kantaro" who was born between Dr. Star and Maya will challenge the battle of the blaster star, together with Ganga.

It is a work that was aired two months earlier than the giant robot's master Mazinger Z and became the first color animation giant robot work in Japan, but it is not very popular. "Tetsujin 28" is the remote control maneuver, "Mazinger Z" manipulates by docking and the person who moves the robot, whereas "Astroganger" coalesces, because it is a fusion. Moreover, since Ganga made with `live metal 'has its own intention therefore, whether it can be called a robot or not. Because there is life, it is a life form.
From the face of Ganger it is only an image of a gentle older brother, and I feel that he was lacking in courage and force as a battle. Whatever your face and style looked like it was not fighting. In that battle also the meat bullet fight was the main, and because there was no such weapon, power was not yet transmitted. Where Kantaro cried and screamed "Ganga!" Was good, but it gets stronger by that, but depictions of changes before and after coalescence have not been seen well. It was not good that I did not show the depiction of combat and Kantaro who entered inside when fighting. But I quite like the characters such as star Kantaro and my father's star Doctor.GF's Rie-chan. The OP.ED theme song was also good.
The enemy blaster star seemed to be sure to be an alien, but it seemed like a style that seemed to come out even in Tatsunoko Pro, which had no impact like this, and a robot fighting against Ganga. A monster There was not much story left in the impression because there was nothing that seemed to be strong. I might recall seeing it again.

This work is a set route of the hero work, together with the setting and the character story, there was no prominent thing like this. Because of that, it became a minor work while becoming the animation gigantic Robo.color work No. 1, and it did not become the impression of people's impression. So my evaluation is [normal]. But compared to the current mannellized robot animation, the content is still worth seeing here.
At the end, I thought that Ganga, who decided fighting on the disk of Blaster's star, separated Kantaro and handed it over to Rie who came to help, and he fought destiny with the disk.

2008/09/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7797 Host:7710 Browser: 8090
The setting that "Kan Taro" does not "pilot" but "coalesces"
It is probably why I could not bring out the charm of "robot thing" 100%.
Even if Kantaro coalesced into a ganga with intention, he did not seem to have changed so much,
I think that the image that Kantaro and Ganger are indispensable existence was also thin.

It may be a disappointing work that could not make robot things and super heroes compatible.
I liked the opening though.

Rating: Normal

2008/03/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12661 Host:12515 Browser: 2904(Mobile)
Robot animation that established a style that humans board a robot earlier than Mazinger Z. (I am reading it as coalescing this time though)

The setting came to Blaster star aiming at the Earth and invading. The setting that the ecological robot that women called Maya who once destroy his hometown created is Ganga. Because it is made of living metal, Ganga has emotion and intelligence and becomes complete by combining with boy Kantharo.

And this is a robot animation that feels like a hero who keeps justice together in this way. We have no weapons yet, and the expansion of meat bullet warfare is not the origin of the current robot animation. After that, the route of the ride-on robot animation is still originated from Mazinger Z which is aired after a few months.

Such a work that could possibly bring about innovation of robot animation but was unable to innovate at all.
By the way it is a color work. Perhaps it is not from this neighborhood that I began to become a color.

However, the evaluation is "good" as it seems to be a pretty innovative setting as then. It seems that it will just come out to Sprobo. I do not have arms ...

2005/03/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4969 Host:4853 Browser: 3646
Although it was the first color ever giant robot animation ever, there was no evaluation column!
It's a sorrowful work .. Well, although it was a pioneer of color gigantic heroes before Ultraman, it is like a magma ambassador who is minor.
I also bought a DVD for 550 yen for this work, I was re-broadcasting even ten years ago ...
Well done is not bad either, but it's not a wonderful thing.
Setting is a robot but I think that this work was lacking in newness, considering that Mazinger Z was full of charm as a robot with some feeling that it is on the extension line of Ultraman.
If the enemy's blaster is on board the disk and thinks that he transformed into a monster like a real one, the same person transforms into a robot and the context is too much ...
A robot of one episode comes out in the opening, but the face can laugh ...

However, although this work .. Actually it resembles the brave raideen afterwards, it is probably superior to Reideen in terms of his work, even though it is supposedly the original neta ....