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Katuhiko Takayama
Washio Naohiro
Yota Tsuruoka
Mutsumi Tamura
Kanae Ito
Haruka Tomatsu
Kana Hanazawa
Kikuko Inoue
Aki Toyosaki
Minako Kotobuki
Yui Horie
Hiromi Hirata
Iori Nomizu
Sayori Ishizuka
Akeno Watanabe
Yukiko Monden
Ayahi Takagaki
Japan Released:2010/07/11(Sun) 01:58-02:28 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) TV / End:2010/09/26
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1. http://www.asoiku.com/ (Translation)
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Now loading...SKY!!Now loading...SKY!!
Song:Sphere Lyrics:Aki Hata Compose:Nijine Arrange:Nijine [Fan reg.]
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2016/07/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27142 Host:27047 Browser: 4763
[Good point] Good image quality, modeling, good movement. The voice actor also matches and is balanced

[Bad point] There is no story property

[Comprehensive evaluation] In a good sense, I think that it is gathered up in a good feeling of furniture "You can do this with animation."
There is no need for erotic description

2016/04/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 5955
It seems interesting from the trailer's movie and it is cheap so I ordered to watch it.
Oddly the smell of the 90's drifts for the work of 2010 ...
Somehow Pioneer LDC made well like OVA feels like a main character who is motivated to be uneasy, a lot of girls, a lot of girls, parodies from past works Battle scenes without tension ... ... There are no bad things but there is no penetrating impression Inversely Speaking of stability, it is so funny

2015/01/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31499 Host:31598 Browser: 8949
[good point]
.SF Neta, military stuff and so on are included so much that interesting things (I do not know whether there is accuracy as knowledge in that direction).
Regarding military story, this work was imagined as a work with a feeling of feeling such as the middle of Fuofutto full meta main part.

Firstly, development of 1 story, 2 talks was very interesting.

The point I want to evaluate is the ninth episode.
It was worth seeing when I got a 1-8 episode that asserting that the episode 9 is a climax. Shinmi is impressed.
It seems that it is not only this time that we are incorporating parodies or tribute, or the story of an old movie or anime, but this 9th episode seemed exceptional. I have never seen much what has been made to make this emotion transfer so much based on tribute to other works.

Serious development from talk 10 to the first half of 12 episodes. Although it is a boss game if it says in the game, it is personally downgraded that Manami's girls' talk bursting down, but since he gave me a dreamful SF neta called "Christmas present" in the last It made me very satisfied. It is the point that 〓〓〓〓〓〓is sent as a present. And Christmas gifts. Even blowing rockets to the orbits of the satellites will give us a breeze ___ to the Earth at the technical level. Earthlings suddenly wondered what they would do if they saw 〓〓〓〓〓〓 I was able to fulfill my imagination.

Ellis of the heroine is neatly expressed both catishy impulsive side and highly intelligent alienlike person who seems to be a cosmic person.

The cat 's android (assistroid) has a good taste. Although it is simple, it is excellent as SF's android. It suggests the meaning of Android. It is probably one of the reasons why you do not talk dare to succeed. And they are cute.

[Bad point]
There are too many scenes of Manami 's girls' talk pushing, and it is long that I'm briefed with words from one to ten every time I get bored. Well it may be that there is reality, but I felt badly.

Large degree of exposure. Because the story is interesting, although eroticism should be suppressed more, there should have been no problem in terms of work. Especially emotionally unstable mane has the most proportions and the most exposure is drawn, it is such a complex mood.

Well there are many breakthroughs in the detailed development. For example, I think that a cat is said to have somewhere somewhere that dogs win by science, but there are many scenes that dogs are easily attacked. Dogs are hard to be detected by cats because there is latent know-how as a cosmic relaxation, or cats are officially visiting the Earth or behaving openly as action is required according to the rules of the universe Although it seems to be able to explain to some extent if you overlook the imagination, such as being tough, but it is not an explanation that cats are unilaterally detected by dogs every time. If you are winning with scientific power you can put a branch on the dog's android when you skirmish with the dog and you should not have been attacked if you acted like a dog when going to Russia, Why is it unnecessary to conceal communication and covert action technique while providing attack weapons such as pseudo anti - substance devices?
But, after all, I think that entertainment is superior to fine details.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
very good. Every time it was interesting, gifts 9 and 12 gifts were very impressive.

2014/11/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Well. What should I evaluate ... The character is cute. Drawing is also not bad. Is it over ...?
I can think only to the extent that the frame is empty and I made a fun choosing the subject matter appropriately.
For people who say "If the character is cute, others are unquestionable".

2013/01/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44636 Host:44626 Browser: 11842
[Good point] The drawing (especially around the background of the urban area of 〓〓〓〓〓aha) was good. The theme song was also quite "good", but ...

[Bad point] Although I also wrote sympathizing comments, it was the most disappointing (as a single Okinawa citizen) that Okinawa is the stage husband but the "Midnai" color (especially in the second half, indeed) can not be felt. Especially, it was "empty" in very various ways that there was almost no (or no at all) "homeowners and Okinawan customs (home taitime and" ha ha habits etc. ") (tears ... .). Moreover, I thought that "color of parodies" and "harem" came out in a negative form to the story in a bad meaning as "in Mazui". (I do not endorse these "completely denied!" In many cases, I often see it in a "favorable position", but this work is ...)

[Comprehensive evaluation] We do not say to fans of the main cast team, but "Since the bad points (especially the place relating to" Okinawa ") are left too strong, the evaluation will be considered as" worst "without hesitation I will. (I strongly urge you to show "real local animation" in real sense, not limited to Okinawa!)

2012/12/26 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 840 Host:655 Browser: 11128
Strangeness. Just feeling uncomfortable.
I set it in Okinawa and pushing for Okinawa's specialty or something, why is it a standard language. This animation.
By the way I personally like the Okinawa dialect. Because I can smile somewhere.
I'm afraid, but I think that the language the characters speaks is smiling.

Well, the setting itself seems not to follow Urusei Yatsura. I can not even be a parody of Urusei Yatsura.
Speaking of so much parodies, Gundam and Tekkaman Blades also came out, but I could not even grin at my level of satisfaction.

All halfway.

2012/01/15 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29417 Browser: 6652(Mobile)
This animation is kinda. . . The voice actor is not bad, but it will notify the BPO so much .... The table is good, but the back is a bad element. A slightly bad image became ada.

2011/12/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41130 Host:40997 Browser: 12271
[good point]
Erotic beautiful girls take off.
I can hear the popular voice actor's shame.

Chara Assistroid There is no moe element, but it is healthy and gestures are lovable.

Aoi I felt Eros as though it was a petite breast like a boy.

I like the story lightly.
There are various variations on the story and it's fun.
It was funny and fun to cat ears or Nakano.

Voice actor Ito It looks like she 's going to have fun with her character lively.
When listening to the voice nature and cheeks loose.
Happy voice.

There are ED songs for each heroine, and luxury.
It was Mr. Ito like Okinawa and I liked it.
Also, songs sung by three heroines.

I like painting character deza.
Every child is a beauty.

I noticed a lot of gagparo and I enjoyed it.
Sadakichi, you or a butterfly, like Yunfa or Kenken.

[Bad point]
Kara Mao will pass through indecision and the will can not be felt.
Even if three of you are being told me, I will just bitterly.
The heroines' spinning skill was outrageous due to Kyo who did not do anything.

Ellis Manami and Aoi get excited and it is going down,
Ellis is too much pace to talk.
They kept trying hard but they took it forcibly.

It was frustrating to cheer for Manami Aoi.
The description is bad.
Even though it is obvious to betray it at the end.

It is not good at caartier cats just to say that you are comfortable or nothing to do.
Dogishua is already digging in already.
It is obviously inferior but I do not take any action.
I felt like cats' casualness or haphazard feeling seems to hinder the smooth story development.

End late deployment is aggressive.
I thought that it was impossible to make a spaceship with just the image.
It was obviously not likely to fly because of its appearance, but it is too cockpit or tacito.

Mr. Tomatsu says high-pitched voice in the mouth.
Manami may be such a character, but I think that it is excessive.
I feel like I can hear more suppressing sense of incongruity.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought that erosion is good.

2011/12/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11598 Host:11660 Browser: 6303
[good point]
It seems that deployment which fails to get bored by collapsed child consoles seems to collapse, actually it is examined exquisite composition (I want to think ,,)

[Bad point]
I packed elements that seem likely to sell unconditionally, there is no sense of unity

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It is well packed with various elements as much as I admire.
Breast tits alien in cat ear, girls with big boobs girls, girls with glasses on Hinnu,
Tsundere rich rich girl and a dull men of hetare appear. Then,
Harem deployment, battle, serious talk, gag, erotic ,,, (abbreviated)
As a B class entertainment work with anything, I think that it is a honorable mention. Privately,
It was pleasant. Evaluation is "good" which does not attach very much.

2011/12/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18388 Host:18370 Browser: 4895
Looking at the first episode, I began to think that "This is a story that makes friends with aliens and earthlings?"
However, although we have seen up to 5 episodes, there is no expansion of the story.
It seems like a Moe series animation for a boy who is frustrated with a nekomimi tail.
I do not feel like seeing it anymore.
Therefore evaluation is "worst".

2011/09/30 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 743 Host:588 Browser: 12321
[good point]
A certain extent can be seen
[Bad point]
[Comprehensive evaluation]
It was not so good ....
However, it is difficult to write a part of the boredom of this and the part that I want to thrust into looking at.

If I dare raise it, I think that the messyness of this animation is condensed into 9 episodes.
The oldest android came out, there was such a sad event this long time ago, the form of the android now is decided ......
If you talk about it, you should not sing a song endlessly for characters with no relevance to this subject.
Emotions and stories have not been transmitted at all, I wish I could shed a recollection scene while singing to android.
Is it just the parody wanted to do?

I do not like this kind of stuff.

2011/08/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36185 Host:36081 Browser: 2052(Mobile)
I watched it with a feeling that he was playing happily from the beginning according to the title of Asobuyukuyo.

I hope to enjoy having a girl to be in contact with a girl in a place I admire wanting to visit when I was a kid, such as the universe, the sea and the forest.

There were many shooting games, but that tension feeling was comfortable, just right. It was a feeling of playing a game.

I liked the picture quite a bit.

2011/02/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25952 Host:26276 Browser: 8869
Men 's high school student Kaori Kaori is a cat alien alien Ellis and spectacles spy. Futaba Aoi and childhood friend.Kaned〓〓o Manami (Kinjo no Mami) is a favorite love comedy work.
Cat Ear led by Ellis Cateria and Dogshire, led by Jens, are also sci - fi works that fight over the earth 's interaction.

[good point]

I imagined from the titles of this work and the titles missing between "like play" of each story, though it was thought that it was easy to see, but after some work has passed, it is a work to be seen with ease did. The early stage has a serious battle and it is not so if you think that going by the battle route, it is not so, in the midfield an alien increases, a relaxing love rice is tried, at the end it is somehow pretty hilarious battle, for the time being, the cat I am deepened friendship with the army, snow has fallen on a big Christmas tree even though it is Okinawa ... but it is gutty, but I think that the whole peculiar was good.
This work was a work that makes Okinawa want to go to Okinawa to eat as Okinawa is the stage and the Okinawan food of the alien also comes out. The sounds like Okinawa's shamisen at the time of each story title made me feel that kind of atmosphere.
I think that "Now loading ... SKY !!" which is basically an OP song was bright and good.

[Bad point]

I hated the battle scene. I felt like fighting with real weapons of warfare, fighting like mecha dogs, girls came suits and fought in the universe (like whole tights), it was kind of impressive.
Punch line of love. When girls wondered what would happen by seriously confessing to Kiyoshi, they said that Elise would become a mistress with three people. Although love is certainly free unless there is a contract on paper, if you study Japanese institution, I think that it is finally known to be a monogamous system .... Besides, it is liked by the guru with the cat ear attached to Kio. The alien was also female only, I guess you would like to have a harem.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

There are places that are interesting as it is, it is a piece like "Champloo" after naming Okinawa, packed with various elements. Evaluate "normal".

2011/01/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11662 Host:11751 Browser: 13747
The hero's worthlessness is no match for eyes.

It seems that it is missing somewhere.

2010/12/31 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23734 Host:23917 Browser: 5357
While all the stories were recorded, only the ninth story was properly seen. I do not know the original.

This episode 9, a very rare one in Japanese anime history.
Quoted an actual animation as it is without rubbing. I can not think of instances immediately.
(Are you saying Gekiganger? Nani?)
"Captain Future" "Edmond. Hamilton" "I am lonely Spacemen"
Regular-like characters (state that what is who who is because the ninth story is first looking) Mouth, that the continuation of that "precise word" was never a substitute brought by the sleepers.
Result It was also the biggest excitement in 2010.

Apparently this anime called "Asobuyukuyo", he seems to be playing something every time as the title.
In the final round I saw the girls girls were tech setting.
But the ninth story is different from that.
"Something like that" and "It itself".
It is not me, such as treating these two as "parody".

In this episode, Laurie's old-fashioned assistroid acts as a protagonist.
Prior Lord's wish ... In order to sing the Earth songs on Earth, she visited Okinawa.
"Spaceboarding songs" created by Earthlings who have never been to the outer space still caught the hearts of various aliens who use the interstellar navigation techniques, not only Laurei.
A girl cried out with the hero's boy and another one, "Do not make fun of Captain Future!"
However, it is believed to be "such an anime" for other earthlings.

What do you think this is saying?
Late summer of 2010. You who received an exquisite message are my otaku. Wonder.

So "Bakuman." Was a bit late in that sense.
Even if "Naruto" is a painting or any other company trying to refer to "Ashita no Joe", it would have been better if it was ahead, but the impression ceased.
And that of "Bakuman" is an original reproduction and it does not go out of the region of the original compliance.

Spoofed animation full of parodies. Maybe, that is a fact.
In the meantime, the ninth talk asked if there was a desire to find something new.
The animation bubble also burst, and the young people also nurture healthily.
At such time, at least want to be on the side shouting "Do not make fun!
I guess he is courageous.

2010/12/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 640 Host:531 Browser: 4467
Since the original was advertising for a long time ago, I knew existence but it is unread.

It was a work that gave us expectations, but it has been regrettable a lot.
The poor reputation of this work, I think that you can mention the feeling of Godaguda of love first, but also has a polite depiction in itself, I do not think that it is bad. Although I drew Sanzan love affair, I lost the word to the Harlem declaration of the last round betraying the viewers who seriously watched it.
If you have run out of scales so that you have to do the last, you can not help but say that lengthy romantic depictions and single assistroid turns were difficult as a composition. After all Ichika did not understand the translation and ....

However, it is probably the chief character of the main character. Although I wrote also in the evaluation of other works, I think that it is only with the appeal of a man to make use of it, no matter how many girls are attractive.
However, there is a difference in degree, the main character is basically insensitive and unattractive in harem work. Nevertheless, why did the impression stand out more remarkably than other works?

I think that is a difference in perspective.

This work is drawn by the female viewpoint main, as you can see from the heavy use of Mono roogue by Aoi and there is a part close to girls' cartoons. Therefore, I think that the empathy to the female character becomes stronger and it becomes irritated more than usual to the insensitive hero of the harem type which can be shown from the girl's cartoonistic point of view (even if the viewpoint is unilateral, for example "My sister is so cute Although Kirino of "There is no reason" could be read properly from facial expressions, compared with it, this gives only an insensitive impression).
A man who does not understand charm at all in girls' comic books is probably the worst. It was insensitive, and it could even say that "This is the only alien who can not understand the language", and eventually the surroundings were also involved.
For example, on the character of Manami, it is natural that he gets angry with insensitivity, but Kioro does not notice 〓〓〓Manami gets angry 〓〓〓I do not know why he is angry 〓〓〓Again Manami gets angry and repeats with Manami and makes him an angry character It was causing a negative spiral. The bad compatibility between Koro and Manami is not only in love aspect, it seems that it was useless as a drama.
Even so, although it is not limited to Kiyoshi, the hero of such a work will take action like "I want to fight (want to serve)" and "like a good guy" just like I gave it. If the hero fights, the main reason is because the main character needs to stay at the place, but it seems that it seems easy to make something like "charm" appropriately.
I hope it is actually appealing, but gentleness is not necessarily attractive as reality and gentle people often end up with "a good person (a convenient person)". The animation which is the creation is also a world that is attractive to foreigners and transformations even more than entertainers who are also kind of fictional, so Has to devise more.
Despite the unattractive man, female teams are attracted to Kyo. Although the point of view is a girl 's cartoon, thought of the female team is convenient for men, as the emotions for Kaura diverge from the viewers and move forward in disagreeable state, they can not keep up with them.
Even if it is viewed as a harem animation, I think that it is hard to target Kio against the viewpoint. Or perhaps it was selling that this work comprehends the feeling of superiority by seeing what the girl is thinking.

There are other points of interest.
First of all, although it was an interesting setting of making contact with an alien, I felt it was unusual to have only the interaction between Aoi and Manami and earthlings. Until the middle of the romantic face, the depiction itself is polite, but I wrote it first if it is not bad, but there is a doubt whether this has a meaning to do with this work.
Aoi was more interested with Ellis, but also Ellis who gained knowledge from Kyo's erotic books and Aoi who gained knowledge from girls' manga also became a comparison and I think that it became interesting romance depiction taking advantage of settings.

About parody and tribute, I thought that it was not possible for the opening paro of "Wife is a witch".
It depicted so much love comed around Kyo (that is also rather serious than comedy), and Aoi and Manami were also doing their best, so it could be said that "Mrs. Ellis" or parody, Even though, I think that it should not be said. I want you to share places like that with play.

I've only criticized so far, but a good point, there are also points I admire.
First of all, I think that the way to put up the persuasive power of situations was pretty good. Use reason to describe the reason for girls gathering at Kyo's house to become a harem, creating a service scene well with a peaceful gun that only eliminates inanimate objects, emotion depiction with girls using the virtual room and gags Even in the final round which was the worst, there are also reasons for convincing the unrealistic thing that snow falls in Okinawa. There is a praise obediently there.
Production of ray gun.The effect was good, the teacher who is concerned with the first contact was quite likable character.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I say "bad". If you are looking at the disagreement between Aoi and Manami and the feelings for Kyo, and by contrast with the nifty Assistroids, not only the aliens but also the aliens living in the same star are actually one It was enough to think that it was also a sarcastic message that I could not understand each other. Well, I can take it as well, but I guess it's probably buzzing (^ ^;).

As much as I remember, the animation I saw was the first work by SPHIA that appeared for the first time. Mostly Takagaki Aya was missing.

2010/12/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24389 Host:24474 Browser: 15251
The picture was beautiful, but the story was a work I did not know what to do.

Ellis came to Kyo at the beginning and love comedy expanded.
In the middle stage a cat ear group appeared, and in the final stage it was a confrontation with a dog aliens that did not understand.

Manami and Aoi each have a romance in Kioro,
I can not tell my feelings to Kio. Because Manami can not become obedient,
Even trying to promote Aoi, Aoi was conflicting with each other because he knew about Manami.
I was hoping for how it would arrive, but since Elis had three words to say that he liked the chivalry,
Whether it was blown out or runaway (the latter), Aoi without hesitation.Manami. The evolution that Ellis spoils the conflict drama that kisses one after another to Kyo. I thought this was awful,

In the final stage space game, Aoi, Manami Ellis got out of the boat,
For a satellite that fought over a ride like a core fighter and finally falls towards Okinawa,
Although it attacks, it was Volcola of Tekkaman Blade, and the space suit was originally Tekkaman.

Pictures and characters were nice, but it was a pity that the story was messed up.

2010/12/08 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 779 Host:493 Browser: 12369
Where is not wrong well Well almost nothing.

Barely it can be said that drawing is not bad,
A bad story and composition that is difficult to watch.

It is not clumsy and it is not clear what you want to do,
Impression that I could see something I did not understand, I could see something like it.

2010/12/05 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14137 Host:14343 Browser: 7271
Nekomimi came from outer space Necommomi with a tail Busty of a leotard costume Hurlem expansion classic for a heroine Classic element of uke elements Tonkosarin supreme relaxation SF beautiful girl Moe Ota heaven, introduced.

Rather than thinking about anything, it's a feeling that you should not look at it with much emphasis. "Asobuyukuyo"
The air like being stared by bystanders seems to change a bit like not letting the heat enter (funny assist dogs who do not talk and dogs of the villain side should also play a role).
It might be relaxed by being balanced with the intensity of stimulus packed with service elements full of outright ambition and confident.

There is no clear direction in the development of the story, in fact, those who viewed SF as a complete story filled with SF parodies that changed goods with each talk will come true. That SF parody is a little funny.
After all, the part that goes through the story was a companion of the love of two heroines, but this too is too much insensitive to the main character (it is about whether it is sarcastic or refreshing to this kind of service) ) Was it balanced with? I lose if I get irritated to them, but I say that I have won another, so I do not mean that there is nothing to be said, relaxation for the time being.

There is no material that makes it difficult for the evaluator to be particularly troubling and negatively to negative opinions. After all, you will have excuses even if it is thrown in or something like OK, it is OK (No, actually, the picture and the atmosphere were good and it occupies more than half of the evaluation, it makes me feel good just looking).

The effect sound of Pyrolororo ROW that seems to be in the OP's drink CM matched the style and it was really good.

2010/12/03 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21111 Host:20986 Browser: 8416
Impression that it is hard to understand what you wanted to show up after all.

I should do SF with a cat star who came down from space, but Esper and CIA came out and came out with a dog star and a cat congregation and also added ordinary school life together
I think that it was a typical work of a team that does not become strong even if the 4th hitter nine rows are arranged side by side.
Since there is a limit to what one can do with 1 cool 12 talks, it would have been better if you narrowed down to what part and made it possible to satisfy only that part. In this creation, even if you chase after the story you will be able to see through the shoulder and you will not have enough to charm moe and so soon will be erotic,
Even if it is a gag, it is too lame, and elements are diverse, but none of them have been digested, so the aftertaste is also not good.

I wonder if I managed to do something a bit. I feel that this cooking is going well.

2010/12/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9528 Host:9439 Browser: 14002
The unbalance! Original unread

[good point]
One episode & two episodes. Grabbing was good. On the contrary it is also pointed out that it has suddenly stalled since then, but many people who have continued to watch this work without being such a remarkable work should not be few. I think that it was a good opening.
.Okinawa. The scale of the stage. Look at the roughness of the rough rose too much!
Three ED.
I felt the genre love of the creator for genre love in the insistence of a strange detail, a firearm depiction, a tribute to SF / special effects neta, or a stranger to a strange part. On the other hand, this distortion also leads to bad points.
Conflict in the romantic aspect of the two heroines. Especially Manami. Although the chance of becoming the likelihood of becoming a hero is not seen, it is not seen, but the act of trying to shake off the absence of a place in the virtual room or the competitor who missed the machine by rival aid, I thought that conflict was pretty merciless, an interesting approach. That's why the destruction of the last character is a big deduction point ...

[Bad point]
The point which can not make full use of the size of the setting. SF / Battle / love etc. Although there were various elements, the impression that none became halfway. It seems that the place of the point is wrong.
Main character & heroine. It is not that I do not dislike characters, but the problem is that the inner surfaces of these two people can not be seen. Because of that, the romantic side also seemed to be just making noise while the outfield did not know the field. I do not think the harem ED of the last is bad, but the intention of the hero & the main.The thought of the heroine is completely invisible so it has become super-expanded.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I was drawn to see the passion of the making hands in the strangle such as firearm depiction, various expertise in Nakano, SF / special effects trombone, etc.
On the other hand, the part which talks about the main story is felt very roughly, the head of things to talk about and the thing to which to go through are big + the point is subtle, and it becomes an impression that it was a work which was extremely distorted as a total .
Assisting for example 9 episodes.Lloyd's story. Although I think that this is a deep episode with the theme of "Robot SF's big proposition" coexistence of mankind and robot ", it seems abrupt as I see it throughout.
It was the most prominent point of romance. Because the inner side of the hero was completely ignored, it became super-expandable & can not read the air through the final stage. It was very disappointing because it showed interesting ways of showing conflicts and internal changes.
I evaluated that speedy development of 1 or 2 talks was good as a grasp, but considering the lack of digging down in the whole, this indigestion Moyamoya is the impression of this work, which makes me wonder if I could have shown it more carefully Maybe it was.

But I still can not dislike the obsession of the creator that looks like that distortion. In the sense that "I like it" the evaluation is "good".

2010/11/15 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2262 Host:1866 Browser: 10770
The story was bad and I could not keep up.
Although I thought that the first one was interesting, I did not feel like seeing after that.
A word, it is regrettable.

2010/11/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A memorable style and character deza that reminds me of the beautiful girl 's anime in the first half of 2000.

[Bad point]
It is boring that the story development stays in the love battle of the two girls who centered on Kio though it is a special SF setting.
Besides, Manami and Aoi leave trouble for the whole time. It consists of digesting most of the number of talks just because that is continuing forever.
While audience will not be attaching to this character, it is uninteresting that such feelings of mind are being heard endlessly ...

Heroic hero rather than herbivorous enough to doubt that there is no libido.
Is not it caused by Kio who does not know what Man is thinking because he is too fond of Manami becoming a Uza man ..?

Terminated with super - expansion of three consecutive kisses that I thought "What was it so far?

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Impression that why there are too many serious scenes in vain. In the first place it is unnecessary to have the heroines of the operators or the psychic persons. There are so many women on the caartier so if you keep on harism for the aliens, I think that the setting was not cluttered and only the direction did not shake.
If this is the case Ellis brings a love comedy with erotic mecha To Love you feel that there was still demand for deployment.
Or it has been fun to laugh when it was punching that they would play in the virtual room to satisfy the harem 's desire of all the story until now, and finally they are bald in three people.

2010/10/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Original unread

[good point]
Charadesa drawn voice actor

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I expected that something seemed to be interesting in the grabbing with one episode, it fell down to the right shoulder and stalled.
I thought that it was a SF material based on Harlem Lovecomb, but I just stuffed the elements anyway and the focus of the story is uncertain.
In the latter part 's love comedy part, seriously serious deployment began and focused only to Manami and Aoi, the two were just so excited and the main characters Kioro and Ellis aerated.
It was a bit tricky that Manami and Aoi continued love debate during the battle in the final stage.
In the SF part, there were many settings as if you had taken it with deliciously.
A lot of parodies also appeared, but there were also places where I could enjoy it.
Till the end the story was completed as it was and the content was understood somehow, but after all I did not know well what I wanted to show the most, so it was the impression that the main line was not fixed until the end and it was straying.

At first I thought that there was something SF ticky but I wondered if it would be interesting but in the beginning I quickly made a harem animation.
Even so, if it became a funny comedy I could have enjoyed it but the serious development is also heavy and the viewpoint to see if it is viewed from the viewer side is not decided.

Pictures and acting were pretty good, not wasteful.
It was nice to have packed various elements, but I felt it was not balanced at half way and became Gudegde. Evaluation is "bad".

2010/10/10 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Original unread
[good point]
Atmosphere of Okinawa in the early stage
Cute robot is cute

[Bad point]
Talk flew too far to follow
Incorporating various factors

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although there was a story that was not bad, the impression that overall was bad.

There is no consistency in the story and various elements are included, so I do not know where I am headed.
Especially in the final stage I went to space and fought strange clothes and felt "What is this anime?"
If it is a story with depth, it is appealing even if it is complicated, but if you only draw 4 romance, I want you to be a little simpler.
Is it a good work for those who want to enjoy various elements?

2010/10/09 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It is a shame work for the animated shower part 1 (my own broadcast area).
Just because there was quite a good work for this animated cartoon frame.
The voice actor was luxurious, but the contents did not know exactly what he wanted to do from the beginning to the end.
Honestly I did not like the title before I saw it (lol

2010/10/08 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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There is no choice but to do why this happened.

Although I did not dislike the early morning fare and light harem,
Although it was stabilized with the frequent development that I saw somewhere,
It has become a good work that I do not have to look at or see.

And it is the ninth story with problems personally.
There is sense of incongruity because the story is too different from now,
Finally it ended with all the members singing.
It was as if the contents were macross.
Once I decided not to see this animation there.

I reviewed it suddenly for evaluation, but it was nice pac-anime as well as the development of the last round.

I could not understand because I thought that the last harem deployment is fine.
Because there was no presence of the hero it was so much that it became a harem without a reason.

2010/10/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]

Works whose title and content are not engaged at all.
I think that it was not bad in the early 1.2 story. It was not bad as a way to gather the attention of what this?
If that is the original work as it is it would be such a work so that time there was still expectation.
However, the expansion like a title proceeded in a completely different direction with none after the third episode.
At first it is OK to think about this, but what is it up to the end? Because this is just a development, it got tired.
I wonder why this has ended like the last ... There was only laughter dry with another animation w

Even if you concentrate too much on watching strangers here and there, the content story is contained within the frame of usual harem.
So eventually I did not replace it with the majority of Ranaobe anime.
Just changing a little bit with the character makes it a usual guy like that.

One thing that is characteristic of this work is the weapons that have appeared and things that are elaborately depicted.
It is made as carefully as it is, but it was about what I stuck with only there.
Besides, many tribute tribal works are all like works made of material, but it was not so much whether it was good or not.
I do not even know the preference, but the feeling that the vector is shifted continued to the end.
Although I packed various things in the end, I'm sorry that I did not know what I wanted to do with this work.

What ... What is it ... Slider if you compare it in baseball.Curve.Shoot.Fork.Change-ups and variations We can throw rich variety balls,
In those cases I could not take the strike of the bottom and eventually I got the illusion that I was watching the pitcher who was going to self-destruct in the four balls.

I also need a small part, but eventually it will collapse if I do not have a firm grasp of what I should be asking the most. I felt like it represented it a lot.

It is made to be somewhat complicated if I think that it is something that will be buried unless you do so to the way that you look too strange.
It was a work full of wastefulness including it too.

2010/10/03 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I do not know the original. All the story viewing.
At first it felt like doing something interesting but it was a camouflage. Sharp change to Harlem animation at a stroke in the 3rd episode, after all it is an ordinary Moe animation.
The point I think is good. cast. It is too luxurious. Takagaki narration is wonderful, Kana Ito is doing a good job, and no complaints about casting. OP, ED. Although it is a picture and selection that receives the impression called summer rather than Okinawa, it is in good agreement with the work. ED is a simple but stylish movie. There are three songs and voice actors who play three heroines are singing and they are not bored. Character deza. The point of saying that milk is too much is a minus point, but I have made individuality and I am good because I am cute. Configuration. Although it is ordinary, it is not a ton demo setting with a sense of discomfort far apart from the work, and I do not think that it is bad if 3 episodes and later are seen as the main story.
I think that it is bad. Style. I do not like a bad style. It is supposed to be living in the embassy because it is targeted for life, but there is a difference between walking outside and doing what it is doing normally and it is cold too much. Then there are many contradictions in depiction when saying fine things. For example, 10 episodes. It is painful to the nose to say that when I am eliminating debris, "I do not have anything when debris bumps into a spaceship" or making quite a few things. After the 3rd episode, the style is different every time, it can be said that it is a seasoned work like a work like a different cat's saying every time a director. There are many bad things that cats can not follow because they say what cats say. SF, parody, romance, moe, serious, cat, Okinawa etc. The impression that the staff thought of the staff thoughtfully from the one end is strong and the direction is not seen at all. Should regretfully decide the direction and produce it, I am sorry just to think that it was definitely a good work. Other works neta. I tried OP of Lupine, I forgot the name but tried out a couscous laughing dog character of rice animation (the original story of this dog seems to be ruined), it is a live-action startrek, or a story of a drama or a movie is interesting with his nose Lack. Deployment. Speaking of unexpectedness, although it sounds good to hear, I would like to say that the way to switch to harem content at a stroke in the third episode is just a Trojan horse, disguising it. When it was super-expanded like "I came to eat yakiniku," the introduction was good, the shock was big and the viewing of 1 and 2 stories became empty. Erotic. The signboard of the cat type robot (assist lloyd) is in the way. On DVD, I do not like the way I say it is not hiding.
I understand that I would like to propagate Okinawa, but it is unfortunate that I do not have the atmosphere of the southern country like a key even if I get foods, creatures, or the sea outdoors in the main part, eye catch, OP, ED, so regrettable I feel it. It is a feeling that the work of this work is ordinary, but this season has a lot of kimono, so it works relatively badly and can not be hated.
Evaluation, but it is bad.

2010/10/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Early morning
The orbit elevator appeared (it is the end at the end)

[Bad point]
Story after the middle stage

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the original problem I felt as a fancy SF from the original unread Lanobet could be enjoyed somewhere, the biggest problem I felt personally was Manna age is age and love is a serious matter, but in the midst of a serious crisis on a global scale Scratching is just a groovy annoyance
It's a shame though it's been cool because it somehow became a troubled character to collect it

It was nice that assist Lloyd was cute