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Anime total pnts rank Rank 602in 6,603 titlesTotal 51 / Deviation 55.98
Anime avg pnts Rank 16in 2,887 titlesAvg 2.43=Very good/21 reviews
Anime rank of 1980 Rank 5in 50 titles
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Ichirou Araki
Hiroshi Takahashi
Kazuo Oga
Tokyo Movie
Teruhiko Aoi Jukei Fujioka Shusei Nakamura RyuuseiNakao Noriaki Wakamoto Yoshito Miyamura Jirou Daruma Fuyumi Shiraishi Jyunko Hori
Fumi Dan Masumi Okada Joe Yamanaka
Takeshi Obo
Japan Released:1980/10/13(Mon) NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION TV / End:1981/08/31
Opening movie (2)
Ashita no Joe 2 (OP1)  あしたのジョー2 (OP1)
Song:Takeshi Obo
Lyrics:Ichirou Araki
Compose:Ichirou Araki [Fan reg.]
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2016/10/21 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5831 Host:6029 Browser: 10303
[good point]
The highlight is where the Joe seems to be suffering from hardly breaking the power stone, and from encountering with Carros to Jose warfare.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The man named Joe looks cold at first sight, but no man is as hot as this. In connection with Wolf I became more fond of Joe's human nature.

2016/10/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11465 Host:11412 Browser: 5171
[good point]
In the previous work, a story of a man who was not drawn, Yabuki Takeshi.
There is the essence of a work called Tomorrow Joe.

Sophisticated images and wonderful music, I will not get tired of seeing it many times.
Joe is cool anyway.

Everything is good.

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original work which is said to be immortal masterpiece, Director Daisaki with rare talent, excellent staff, and era background. Works of a miracle completed with various factors folded over.

I also see the current animation very well. There are things that I see more than 20 books a week.
The current animation, the setting is fine and the quality is stable. There are not many things that can feel the work love and what seems to be carefully made.
But it is true that most of them are crappy mass production type animation.

Therefore, I do not want to tell the anime of this time if it is boring compared to the old times.
However, over 30 years since I met this work. There is nothing that seemed to be more than this work yet.

Even if Mr. Izaki is alive and I make it with current technology, I will not be able to cross this work.
This work has something spiritual that is not just technology and work love.

2015/02/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28757 Host:28983 Browser: 10258
[good point]
Looking at Yabuki's life looking stronger with parting with the force stone Goromaki Goda, whose heart is shaken, is working as an assistant ship

[Bad point]
Harimao would have done a little over
It is no longer far from boxing

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I am glad I was born a man
The best masterpiece that you can walk out

2013/10/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12940 Host:12788 Browser: 11131
[good point]
Anyway everything is too cool!
Although it is not a tomorrow's Joe generation, the way of life of Yabuki is numb.
I will burn out myself if I see Jose fight against Carlos.

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The best.

2013/04/09 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15737 Host:15815 Browser: 11731
[good point]
By making it animation, Goromaki Godo numbered by the coolness of a man is wonderful

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A biography of Yabuki Toshi beyond the best original

2013/03/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 43407 Host:43279 Browser: 11280
From the Fuji TV version, there is a feeling that the theme of men's game is strengthened than depiction of era background.
I think that the perfection degree as a drama without reasoning is high.
Since the date of 9 years since the Fuji TV version has passed, the technology as animation is up so I think that the picture is easy to see.

Destroyed weight against the length challenging the game by harsh weight loss Kanryuu fighting weight loss It is informed that there is a dark backbone of the gold dragonfly that condemned the luxury of those who are eating normally and that reason Understanding that it does not make sense, length is looking and has persuasive power, I think that how to lift up before the game was pretty good.

In the battle against smileys, audiences and commentators are concerned about scoring, there are unexpected and funny because there is also a decent game development that seems to be in reality for batting depicting tomorrow's joe.

The main character's length in the match against Mendoza himself is convincing, as the boxer Yabuki Length is complete with the way it burns out, the story was unbelievable.

Speaking of an anxious piece, it would be a work that needs to be understood as a harsh spoof root is fiction.
Because the judgment settlement game is skipping the round in the middle, the middle is personally concerned.
The world ranked 5th in world rank and ranked first in world ranked by world challenger decision but ranked 4th in world ranking against Mendoza and ranked lively

Evaluation is "highest" I think that the drawing level is improved more than Fuji TV version and it is easy to see and the completion degree as an animation is also high.

2012/06/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10963 Host:11271 Browser: 9831
Stone stone died and Joe of disappointment thought as a frustrating though it came back to Tange Jim and put into boxing again there but Carlos awakened to boxing again by Ribera war and gold dragon fighter, I will challenge Jose of the world champion.Mendoza, but while losing the rival and the goal of the force stone while wandering and turning, while wandering without attitude, I can confide to Noriko just before Jose war. "I like fighting fighting "It was said that all of Joe was condensed in the word.

Although Noriko was unable to understand Joe because he could not enjoy the more humanistic youth, Joe gave a feeling that "I think that no matter what people think, this is only for myself" I have a lot of different things. Among them, I can not do youth like ordinary youth. In that case, we only have to leave everything to the fighting fight that we met, in Shimping that invited me to boxing 's way, I encountered a fateful rival of my destiny and met with them, and the wild beasts I smoked If the heart of mind wakes up and it is only boxing with them that will accept myself of such a wild beast, then whatever other people, others themselves, others think of themselves, believe in themselves The idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he author was shown to proceed with the way and belief in pride and life.

It is easy to tell this in the mouth of a man who does not understand ... but it is easy to tell by mouth, but such Joe's word goes on the path he believed, regardless of gender, give me a dating person Although it is good, but there is a firm belief that there is no need to impossible if it can not follow. So, Noriko who is an ordinary girl can not keep up with Joe, and while Joe hits himself only to be hated, it seems that Yoko who promoted such Joe's game could be attached.

That is why the weight of the scene where Yoko confesses sorrowful love will come out to Joe who was severely weakened as a result of severe pantidiranker symptoms before Jose wrestling if he did it, Yoko who could not bear to watch the horrible game returned in a hurry and it seems that it was said that Yoshi was gathering in the last to see all of Joe. Joe's eyes standing up like a ghost and a zombie with empty eyes and staring at Jose was full of force that can not be expressed by words and was quiet like a dead, but with an intense gaze which does not say presence or absence Even if Jos莨〓has completely scooped up in the appearance to stand up, even if the match wins in the game, it is a natural result that the game was disastrously defeated in the game.

The burning out of the last Joe, a godly quiet and unspeakable figure is expressed as saying "I have done my utmost to do what I want to do, so there is no regret" and "As people live, something I can do, It was an expression of the message of the author and the staff saying "I will find that I can bet everything and I will do it as much as possible".

2012/05/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3779 Host:3580 Browser: 5938
Chiba Tatsuya's boxing anime drama aired in 80-81. After the death fight with the force stone, disappeared "Yabuki Length" came back to `Tange Jim 'after a half year' s date, but the length was not able to strike his face due to aftereffects of the fight against power stone. In such a length, Shiraki Jim owner Shiraki Yoko makes a bout with `Carlos. Rivera '. With the fierce battle with Carlos, I finally challenge the world 's rankers who bought back the awareness of boxers after blowing the past.

This work was televised in 70 years and was produced as a sequel to the boxing giant that was awesome by the first generation, and this work, according to the original work, was eliminated in the previous work, the last opponent's world ranker's top ranked opponent 'Jose. Mendoza' It is finished as a work depicting. This time around the time the remake work of the seventies was prevalent, this work also seems to have been produced according to that flow, but viewers who know as the previous work for the first time in ten years. It may have been halfway. Because of that, the beginning of this work started after the game with the rival potstone, and despite being doing until the game against Carlos in the previous work, taking a form remadeing the story. Those who knew the previous work may have been a bit confused, but I think that it was not bad for bringing forth the development of the story after that.

"Yabuki Length" which disappeared from the boxing world after the death struggle with the force stone reexamined while playing a flashy death struggle against the enemy opponent such as `Carlos. Rivera '.` `Dynasty Flying' against the world as a boxer again, In the end is to challenge the world champion `Jose. Mendoza ', the battle of the length shown in the previous work.It is combined with the world rank in struggle, and it is considerably high grade shape compared with the previous work. Moreover, while being kept being struck, it is good to see the expression of the length that confronts with the empty eyes. Can you say that the length of the face and its type that is inherited from the previous work is decorated with this work? Especially in the game with the last `Jose. Mendoza ', I will raise and challenge over and over with empty eyes floating while taking punches many times by the opponent who is far superior in competence, its struggle style seen many times Even thrill and reality make you feel more comfortable.

Even though this work is a remake of the old work, it was the highest level of a fighting drama inferior to the previous work in all of the battle etc. with high grade contents and length, so the evaluation is [highest!]. The scene where the last length of this work burns out blankly is transmitted as a name scene still being handed down, but the expression that makes you sleep with all you finished and smiles is the best. Only Chiba is able to draw that expression, I am still convinced that that face can not be another leading role, unique in length.

2010/04/29 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4717 Host:4600 Browser: 6405
The episodes around Doosa which existed in the original are cut, the drawing of the Tokyo movie which does not smell Chibutsuya, the hit number of the time which is listened well in the work, etc. "Ashita no Joe" which made remake according to the 1980s .
In a word, this work is like this.

The story appeared in the fighting spot of Wolff and Goromaki Gondo, whose length appeared in the tomb of the stone stone,
I start from where I come back to Tange Jim.

Wolf, borrowing money from acquaintance, comes around just before Jose war, coming to return the money borrowed in length, Rupo Writer with eyes on length, former boxer's episode with Jos莨〓
Golomaki Goto and Wolf Kanukushi are on the rise, and power was also included in the drama involving people who do not appear in the original.

In addition, I have followed follow up on episodes, etc, who are angry about Jose 's poster in Hawaii,
The game scene was also a workmanship that surpasses the original work, and BGM, which has a feeling of tragedy, has further raised its perfection degree.

2010/04/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30172 Host:30297 Browser: 10689
Although it can not be said anything, this is a good work.

Tears are a polo polo at the end ...
Evaluation "Very good"

2009/12/19 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6826 Host:6753 Browser: 6211
First of all, OP is a missing piece, initially thought that Yabuki Joe himself was singing (lol)
Although it is a story, it is finished in a dense thing leaping the original.
I think that I will live stoic just as I am watching OP.
I do not have a chance to raise a good point, but I feel like boxing does.
Romance, money and girls all but throwing away boxing live in boxing is cool.
Even if you become a puntranker, Carlos who comes to watching Yabuki's match with Flari is tough.
Currently there are a few kinds of men, Yabuki, I adore that.

2009/05/12 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13954 Host:14258 Browser: 6701
See until the 12th episode with a break in Carlos' battle.
Because there are 47 stories, I wonder if you have no time to just watch this part. Even so far as a work is sufficient enough as a work (This part is a natural remake of the last work of the previous work, which is natural, of course). I am watching It will be burned out so I will postpone the rest ... I do not know when I can evaluate, so I will evaluate it.

First of all, it is good to feel the action and directing of boxing itself as it can be perceived with a pathetic look. It is good to feel the softness especially in the body. It seems that the light body like Yabuki Takashi's fighting and backtracking seems to be quite true. And the tempo / flow of the story that can fully enjoy the boxing match. I want to get started soon, I will enter the game (really superb!).

On the other hand, emotion is full of everyday description in the harsh landscape of boxing like sharpness. Yabuki Joe and Carlos' usual calm facial expression may be a necessary ceremony to tame the wild that sleeps deep inside the heart. The scenery of the river burned in the sunset and the scenery of the downtown are overflowing with such things. Meanwhile, occasionally there are casual gestures and gaze from the line of sight, I feel nothing to worry about. The height of the level of posture to convey with pictures up to the edge. Certainly, this is a masterpiece that can also be a bible of animation.

That glittering exhilaration that shows the conflict between wild instinct and human nature instinct. I do not hear what the body says even if I understand it with my head. He tries to throw himself into the battlefield anywhere and forcibly throws himself on, but he also admires the toughest surging of the overcome.

Boxing here deviates from the area of 〓〓〓〓〓ports of normal meaning, but it is surely a tricky thing that can be done with animation. In other words, while acquiring the universality that goes beyond sports, it is felt something beyond live action.

2009/05/03 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25881 Host:26185 Browser: 8456
[good point]

I have written a major line so write it. After that, Animax's broadcast is Jose war alone.

No, it's clearly better than the fancy original.

I can also feel love drawing the side episode or something after the Wolf.

The retirement episode in the West is more carefully drawn than the original.

The picture is beautiful in Tokyo movies .... It is GOOD.

Nakao san is famous for Freeza and Bikinman but I like Carlos in this work the most ... Next is Captain Kondo.

[Bad point]

Why the Mexican Jose speaks English?

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is a second-ranked Ranger in the west, but it is quite a topical work, but there is a place overlapping with the previous work but this story is better.

Cast is also better than movie, is "very good".

2008/12/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33313 Host:33298 Browser: 9266
Finally I bought it. And I saw it at once. And it burned .... Unfortunately it was not seen chronologically in real time. But some time ... I always thought that I bought an absolute box and burned through a big screen.

I already watched theatrical version 1.2, so I already know the animated version Joe. But I have often heard that the TV version also has many good things about the TV version. Legendary animation work that remarkably left us a ridiculous trauma in a good sense in the movie version.
That's why I kept it carefully so as not to complement the TV version in an easy form. I wanted to see it as a fans of Izakizaki work.
There is no use like only good-looking. it's fine. Small things can not be helped even if it is said. Alright! It is awesome! It is dangerous from the theme song!
When the theme song "MIDNIGHT BLUES" of the second term has already flowed I even thought no matter what happened (bitter smile)

As Sugino Character was also a picture of the age of the line when it became exactly clear, it was the most satisfying. From the pure fans of Tomorrow 's Joe it seems that the muddy is overdone and the touch of the dramatic style was better.
Looking at this, when you look at Joe 2, rather than enjoying Joe, the stance of enjoying Azakizaki animation might be stronger. Certainly I loved most of Izaki animation. There are some subtle short stories (bitter smile) The reason for seeing Joe was also seen by Mr. Izaki who was supervised by Sugino Chara as I can worship it. In the movie version, the rate at which you can get it at a rental shop was also high, so I borrowed and borrowed Ace, Joe and OVA version Blackjack as a child.

But after all TV episodes had too many episodes that we could not enjoy only with the theatrical version of the movie. Although 1 was still the original work or the world of Kajiwara was properly left, the real pleasure of that part was very thin in 2. There may be difference in liking there as well.
Moreover, the completion of 2 is too high as a work of Joe, the roughness of the original and the thrust place etc. are thin. Joe is also a fine youth. Contents that have no gaps to some meaning. I wonder if I talk about it, I can tell you anything, so I will keep it around here, but if you are an anime fan, you should definitely see it once. And let 's watch more of the work of Izaki. To Cobra, Gamba, Takarajima, Bakabon and Oyako-sama ... This person's somewhat emanating a lot of works with contents that can subdue the work with the original as a work of the thing superbly and can endure. It is the opposite type with Mr. Tomino. Mr. Izaki who is challenging a variety of genres is amazing though there is a lot of difficulty of making original works, but with original works. There is anime of this great Joe there. I am already happy. I watched once as well but I wrote it here because it was 2 that I was able to enjoy Suzakisan animation most thoroughly. By the way, I liked Carlos better than Stone. It was not a good character to say I liked.

2008/08/17 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29397 Browser: 7783(Mobile)
About 5 years ago I started watching the famous last seen in rebroadcasts but it was content that I could enjoy every week.

Although I do not know the original work and the previous work, I did not know the story after the game with the former stone stone, but at first I could not strike the opponent's head since I forced him to die due to my punch, just bodily blow Although the fight in the conspicuous but the main character is like a wild instinct in the possession of Joe's scene and scenes that overcome even the harsh weight loss as the body grows because the body is still growing period It was a scene which remained quite impressive as it was transmitted to the unique heat of the work and the attitude of the leading character Joe to boxing.

Even though the fight with the rivals also was just funny, it was only a good game especially with Carlos, gold and last Jose Battle.
Fight is not getting tired of just seeing that there are many things that Joe is fighting not only for games that are in victory but also while struggling with the skills of rivals.

And the episode close to the last is also good around the area where my body is gradually being committed to irrevocable state and there is a story of melancholy and surrounding people in that scene.

The last "burned ... burned ... pure white ..." remained in my head even now, no then ....

That year I was adored to Joe who really did all out.

Evaluation is the best!

2008/04/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9702 Host:9807 Browser: 8090
A lone man dandyism. There are few animations that can produce this cool so far. Anyway Joe is cool. The picture also turns into "2", the head gets caught and the plot artistic depiction gets darker, "Masochi" is rising dramatically. The theme song has also been changed to an adult 's jazzy taste and thorough pursuit of aesthetics.
As it is a story after the death of rival rockstone, there may be a way of grasping that it is a slope that it is a serpent as the theme of tomorrow's joe.
However, the most expressive expression of Joe 's goodness is not "original cartoon", but the first half part "Joe of tomorrow", not this work "2".
If you are not sure, I'd like you to see it once you think you are deceived.
Joe is struck by its good-looking character, and in some cases he may reflect on his own badness and start jogging. It has such impact.

2007/08/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
Anyhow cool. It is a man 's world.
The way of viewing is fine, the sense of urgency is full of the scene of the game.
Ryosaku who successfully put out the taste of the original.

2006/07/10 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34425 Host:34287 Browser: 5234
OP was good, unconsciously lazy or ... The previous work was also good, but it was great that the director switched to Mr. Izaki, the guts were added to the previous work that was only dark. While sub-character, Goro Mukido, Tange's Otsuchan, Wolf Konoshuki etc. Shibu-kara who eaten the hero's Joe in himself, can get hot from the core This muddy animation in these good terms It is not .... It is lonely.
Although it is not a separate nostalgic, a hero of a life - size life insufficient for the current animation is not a few, but it seems to be a lot to such a work of the 80 's. In that sense Joe was full of human odor which he would like to cheer.
At the end Joe is dead ...? I still do not know exactly.

2006/06/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11000 Host:10819 Browser: 4483
The way to finish is better than the first series but there is also the impression that it took a while in the second half with the earnings of several talks.
Should it be said that power is contained in the scenes of Rossi's recollections?
The fight against the golden flying air seems to be better than the original, but after this game it seems that some of the weight loss pain has been forgotten for some reason (even if the body got used to it, the scene which the apple is crawling etc. What is it ...).

2006/06/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33223 Host:33285 Browser: 6287
Oh, because it seemed to catch up with the original at the time of the first animation, it was terminated. After a while, I made animation of the continuation.
Cast changed a few, surely Carlos was Mr. Nakao Takamori, Wolf Konso skirt was Mr. Rokuro Naya. Mr. Nishio of the first series was nice in Mammoth West, too.

Oh yes, Mr. Nakao who was role of Carlos was performing. Especially in the final stage, "Fight, fight, it's fun," when it became similar to a scrapped person due to the punching of Jose, there was something imminent.