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Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co.,Ltd. BS-i, INCORPORATED MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System)
J-ta Yamada Mag Garden Corporation COMIC BLADE MASAMUNE
Katushi Sakurabi
Seishi Minakami
Itou Ikuko
Shichiro Kobayashi
Nisiyama Sigeru
Shinkichi Mitsumune
Yota Tsuruoka
Lantis Katsumi Koike
Yuji Matsukura
J.C.STAFF Kaoru Okubo Suara
Yumao Kikuya Tomoki Hitoshi Fujima
Ayumi Fujimura Shizuka Ito Satoshi Hino
Katsuhito Nomura Akeno Watanabe Ami Koshimizu
Japan Released:2006/10/06(Fri) 01:55-02:25 Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. TV / End:2006/12/22
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1. http://www.tbs.co.jp/asatteno/ (Translation)
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あさっての方向。OP HD
Song:Suara Arrange:Kaoru Okubo [Fan reg.]
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2015/09/08 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]

I thought that I do not want to bear the burden of my brother, a story of a girl I wished for a wish stone, but a former girlfriend get caught from a little trouble.

What I felt the first time in my life with her who is not connected with blood. It is to use honorifics for "body".
While I was told in the play "I do not know how to handle", on the other hand it is also said to be "an important sister."
If sister = family, the honorifics are unnatural, and if you do not know how to handle, it means that it is close to a living person rather than a sister.
And this sense of distance is causing causes to make me think "I do not want to bear a burden".
If it is a family, I do not think that it is burdensome or ordinary. The relationship which neither of which could say she made him uneasy.

And "Sho" child drags past past romance. A little introverted and stubborn ...
Therefore, I can not take a step forward.
That she met "body" and changed little by little.

Although it is "body" who became suddenly in 20's, it is not necessarily to be in the 20's to the spirit and way of thinking even if the body grows big. Initially the embarrassment was being expressed, but she acted like an adult at first.

The wonderful setting to serious romance things is bad compatibility.
Serious must progress realistically on a real line, but when paranormal phenomena mix there, there is a problem there and the real feeling gets faded. That is clearly manifested.

The royal road of this development is that the brother and sister who is not connected with blood develop into a relationship of romantic relationship, but it was not so.
It is concluded in each direction that trouble is resolved, whether it is constituent or complex.

If romantic emotions are also involved in the setting that you do not want to become the first burden, development is too overkill if it is just a matter of burden.

I felt unsatisfactory overall.

The title "Asa way" is meant to be the direction to which I should go, but I was thinking that it was an oblique upward development and I was sorry for not seeing the matter I wish for the stone (lol)

It was a work that was suitable only for the day before "the day before yesterday" rather than "asato".

2013/02/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1679 Host:1617 Browser: 5345
[good point]
Feeling that the original creation by Mr. Sakura Toshi who became a fresh story making full use of the good place of the original went well

Insertion of the Episode umbrella of the song or BGM is very good It is not feeling excitement gigantically but there are a lot of songs to make moist

Art is also done by Mr. Shoichiro Kobayashi who draws nature with handwritten background and expression of the sea or mountain is good

[Bad point]
The couple of the pension hires a brief body or they wish for a moment in the last and stone handouts do not understand meanings

[Comprehensive evaluation]
A good story of atmosphere, such as exchanges of mind occurred in exchange of age
BGM and background are exciting

2012/08/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31695 Host:31858 Browser: 11702
"A 12-year-old girl wants to be an adult, a 24-year-old woman wants to return to her child."
It is a story that these two feelings will make it true through the legend.
Although it is a story of a summer, it will expand largely as a whole.
However, I feel that I did not feel the size and gathered together in a small form.

Because it does not express emotion and pleasure greatly, it is finished in a soft feeling.
The point of this work may be here.

The content is "Love" as the theme.
Becoming the main character is "body".
"Body" begins with the worry that myself is not needed by everyone and wishes to become an adult.
In truth, I understand that I am needed by everyone and the story ends.
There are quite deep ones.

Although I have completed 12 episodes, I think that it should be made with 2 courses, 4 courses.
You probably saw it more calmly without running fast.
Since I draw one episode with 12 episodes, it may be good to see it in one go.
One year passed and we reviewed.
I would like to change the evaluation.
I made an evaluation from "good" to "very good".
Although it is not "highest", I think that it is a masterpiece that remains in the mind.

Why is this title "The direction of the day after tomorrow" ...?

2011/01/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
Original unread

First impression: It is carefully made with beautiful works.
The impression after finishing watching till the last episode was short of one stroke.

Evaluation is normal.

2010/07/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29910 Host:29795 Browser: 9643
[good point]
Fujimura-san I hear a pretty little voice in my voice.
You are an entertainer.
Polite language is incomprehensible though it is a child.

Polite depiction and fine performance I draw neatly even trivial things. The story has reality.
Children's pepper pants slip.
Bra selection of the body.
Watoto on the scandalous face of children's pepper.
Children's pepper fashion show.
It's cute, is not it? W
Children of pepper are likely to drown in the bath.
How to apologize for children 's pepper is an aunt and wolter.
When children 's pepper pushed futon in, I did not lift high and trembled.
Please help me out soon.
The smile of the adult body sending inquiries was completely different from the childhood and it was doky.
Adults do not smile like that.
The sleeping phrase of the body and body is together.
Children's pepper that is sleeping in between is positionally strange.
I wonder who said it was decided by what kind of guidance.
In such cases ordinary brothers and sisters laying pillows and sleeping?
I cried out that Shimo was conscious of the adult body as a woman.
Also, you are orz.
Moreover, in front of former Kano.
However, I felt the depth of companion as children's pepper coped calmly.
Shadow stepping on children 's pepper, childhood opponent w.
Children peppers that seemed satisfied with playing around with muddy with neighboring children.
Wakota has no knowledge of cooking than pepper.

Tetsushi I also felt a bit chaotic, but I felt like I penetrated my body love and liked it.
I do not show anything like sexy sister, two cousins, adults or whatever.
But, do not leave the crying adult body on the beach.

I guarantee it is made from hibernation, huh?
I can cry at the hard worker.

The clothes of the body at the time of funeral of my 8 year old boy were very lovely.

I could not stop crying at the last picture in the last scene.
You are going well.

[Bad point]
Why can not you contact me?
I wanted to tell even only that it says that the body is safe at the point of two talks.
Reality problem It is a major incident that the younger sister of elementary school student is missing.
It seems that he even informed the police.
I was surprised at seeing Feng desperately searching around.
You can tell by voice when it's on the phone. You will not change your voice.
I guess you know you are worried about Don only because you are panicking.
I think it is totally different to tell the anomaly of the body and to report the safety of the body.
It was a shame just because there was an outstanding depiction power and divine deployment.
I was hoping that I was planning to dramatically draw a sudden reunion scene,
It has nothing to do with searching desperate search, and clues are rolling in from quite unreasonable coincidence.
Would not it have been better to find it in a way that would reward you for a little more effort?
It is beatish.

Story development I was hoping for future developments, but I ran away from home.
Naturally the world 's wind was cold and malignant.
There is too much misunderstanding and it is possible to talk to us in vain.
It is unlikely to be taken by a good person and calms down.
We meet with unlikely coincidence.
I will hand over the key item without any explanation and return to original.
Do not wish for such a deployment.

Honorable words of famine.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Up to seventh episode is very good.
After that "it is ha?" Is expanded.
I wonder why I will make such a funny story.

I told the questionnaire in 4 talks and reconciled.
I wanted to hear that word.
If you like this animation and the original unread, please read the original work by all means.
I am surprised.

2009/09/27 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4387 Host:4348 Browser: 4891
A story where former lover and sister are replaced.
When you wish upon a wish stone and the wish comes, the stone becomes charcoal.
Finally you can go back to the original with a piece of wish stone.
When we finish watching it, the memory of the story itself goes in the direction of the day after tomorrow.
It seems that the theme, the way of digging humans and emotions was weak.

2009/09/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6307 Host:6402 Browser: 11318
Certainly the last wish The stone had no foreshading hints and it was abruptly suddenly that I returned to the origin and it seemed as though it was a grasshopper from the story in the first place from the beginning but even in the summer atmosphere he heals somehow It was done and the last development is also fantasy and it is said if it is done with one word or I wonder if I do not have to think about the details.

2008/10/21 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28462 Host:28454 Browser: 6683
Although I was watching until the end for the time being, it was not so interesting in a work that does not convey to the end what kind of story I would like to draw after all.

The story of this work has a fantasy development that the body and spirit of an adult woman named Body named Body named Body are exchanged, but somewhat personally I personally exchanged the body of children and adults with interest I can only see it.

Actually, there may have been some theme, but because the story is generally grasshopper as a whole I can not see the place to sympathize with this work, and if I think from now before that there was no story from the beginning May.
Because there was absolutely nothing except that the body was replaced with no change like any influence or growth regarding the psychological description of the character from beginning to end in all 13 episodes.

Besides, I do not really wake up any actions like the questioning that exists between the body and the pepper
I can not see the meaning of existence as one character's appearance,
The last Kotomi suddenly came out wishing stone is too strong and it seems to be ugly omnibus.

I think that BGM was good as a depiction of the scenery that is producing a midsummer atmosphere at the last place that was good and good,
I think that the word I think about this work was really a work without anything.

2008/07/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14177 Host:14340 Browser: 8090
A very pleasing depiction is a polite work.
However, it becomes matter of concern that it will be further eliminated.

Well, to say that adults become elementary school students, well, it was also in a certain boys' manga,
On the contrary it was a bit interesting that elementary students become adults only.
However, since it was originally solid, from the appearance of adults, there are not many scenes where I feel conflict with being a child,
I thought that it is too wonderful to say that it is good or bad to say that I am working hard to find a place to work from a place I do not know.
On the contrary, Shooko is rather childish, or, I do not know well what kind of shy and shy like that I liked the dark people, and vice versa.
I do not know well why Shooko loved it. Even if it comes out as a main character on that ....

There seems to be some people being told by other people, but eventually I do not know whether it is because of the shortness of the scale or the original,
It's a little thin way to end ...
After all it is a word of widespread answer to everything .... What was the conflict so far ...?

This part is a place where dissatisfaction also remains, but since I think that it is also an inside out that each depiction was polite every time,
Everything is evaluated and it is good. It may be an animation that is healed when you get tired.

2007/07/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4926 Host:5055 Browser: 5292
Works like dare to make works made with animation dare to make it as a drama.
However, it certainly is finished in a piece that draws a line with the work which is today.

Although there was no hint of the last, suddenly a wish stone came out a little disappointing,
Other dramatic developments were generally good.

The contents well represented the change of surrounding confusion and romantic emotions caused by the change of body and pepper (change of child and adult).
Especially, because I wanted to become an adult soon and want to be independent from questioning,
With the break of the past, the pepper that I wanted to redo the past will be replaced,
Because the body suffers from being an adult even if you become an adult,
Pepper which comes to be afraid of contact with the surroundings gradually touching the innocent feelings of the surrounding children,
It is very good to draw two emotions and actions.

There was a scene that comes with Jean unexpectedly in the mind and it was fun.

2007/07/11 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49951 Host:50069 Browser: 5234
[good point]
I thought that the painting of the sand before the OP and the sand of the pepper is mysterious and has good effect. I like the OP and ED songs very much.
The depictation of the heart of the main character was polite and good. I think that it was good that it was gathered properly though the composition of the talk was short.
I like the process until I finally accept from the place I did not accept the figure of the body where I was grown up. The background of lively fireworks festival was also good.

[Bad point]
I do not see Amino as an elementary school student. I felt something strange about the setting called Body and the same age. The elderly couple's pension at the pension was somewhat unsatisfactory at the moment.
I think that it is probably a matter of time scale, but it was a little unsatisfactory that the scene of the body of the final story and the body of the pepper only returned to the snake feet. I felt that it ended quite well.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
There were a lot of scenes that I was watching and had a lot of heartbreaks, and it was a work that seemed pretty impressive. I liked it for polite making as well.

2007/06/10 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30646 Host:30847 Browser: 5234
Because my parents are dead, I know that there is no blood connection with my older brother who stops studying abroad and growing up, I think that I do not want to become an Ann's luggage and I hope to become an adult soon (name of a person). Pepper that I regretfully had in my life and wanted to unwittingly want to regain time as a child. Human drama that begins with the change of their age.

The story 1 story 1 story goes slowly. However, I do not feel that the tempo is bad, but the psychological description of the characters is delicately conveyed and I feel natural. Words that should be used in dialogue are indicated by words, and where actions are represented by actions is also good.

Especially interesting is the body, thinking that the body has been missing, Tetsu of the classmate who is trying to find out mainly expresses in mind with "action", and Hiroyuko and Shiko are "words" within the mind It seems to be contrasting to express. The child side says "It's nice that aggressive but I guess it's a short-circuited thing." The adult side says, "That line is not good, but if you think so, why can not you move to action any more."
Furthermore, because there is a place that makes each character feel good or makes it jerky, it goes into the story. It is natural to have good places and bad places, but I think it is important now.

I think that the last round was gathered and that growth was seen in each. Returning to their age, it is good that they put on the ribbon that the children's peppers were wearing. But after all it does not seem to have been solved clearly the problem that Zenzo had from the first time. Is it because the original is not over?

2007/05/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32743 Browser: 3006(Mobile)
It is now, but it is summary. (With spoiler)

Since the original seems to be still going on, it seems that the original is still going on, so there is no choice but to make it to the original ending in animation ... although the story was fluctuating better or worse depending on how Kotomi of the original character is moved. . .

Something, it is too abrupt, is not it?
It is a coincidence by chance that Kotomi & Amino comes to life based on the pension as "Mr. Sato", why do you have Kotomi wish stone in the final round?

I feel like I was turned over by the bad one in the last. .
Even though thinking about the merit of music or drawing, the final evaluation is lowered to "ordinary".

M (music) ... 8 O (otaku) ... 9 Q (quality) ... 7 S (story) ... 4 U (uta) ... 7 W (world) ... 6
(Evaluation will be lowered if 10 degree rating of 10 to 1, the degree of increase in the degree of occurrence is high.)

2007/03/02 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13093 Host:12939 Browser: 3646
I talked everything.
I saw it because OP.ED was good, but it got worse at once in the end.
Although I enjoyed talking about the relationship of the three people in the opening stage early, I was made to feel complicated somewhat with the end.
Especially it is not convincing that the last story is over, it is finished with that feeling.
After all, there was nothing left in my heart.

I will leave the evaluation bad after all.

2007/03/02 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9613 Host:9407 Browser: 6512
I finished watching till the last episode.
Sometimes there was something I thought "is not it convenient anyway?"
After that it was a content that you do not have to go around so much ....
That kind of countryy relaxed and relaxing atmosphere was quite fond of me.
I wonder if the story was good at a happy end.
I also feel like I do not want to look back.

2007/01/30 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25099 Host:25016 Browser: 5235
Up to 8 talks were "great!" However, the flow of the talk after that had no crescendo and hindered empathy. Below, I will write down what I was interested in.
Why did not you write about the body in the air mail sent to Cheeko? Because the dark setting of the original is pulled out, it should be good to explain the circumstances properly.
I think that it is strange that there is no foreshadow at all even when Amano and Amino reunite with 9 talks.
Although there is a fault that Ueno is struck by rain on 10 episodes, it gives off heat, but a good elementary school student with such a good appearance feels uncomfortable to put out fever at that level. It is uncomfortable to see making the feelings of the body against rivers romantic.
In 12 episodes, the relation between Shirushi and Zenko, Buddha and Body is settled but in both of them I felt shoulder watermelle with easy words. After peeling away from the body of the body, I think that the pepper often returned to the market despite seeing only the inquiry.
As for the body too, it seemed better not to let him at home, if it makes up with just words of "Do not be felt by burden" from questioning ...... Described psychologically in the apartment and so on as it has been It was better for you to do.
I feel that this work, 8 episodes are the best as well as becoming an obstacle. I was expecting too much with 8 episodes and I could not get to the talk of the next story. Evaluation is "worst" ... I really hoped sooo sooo much.

2007/01/21 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17574 Host:17513 Browser: 3646
Is it because the year is weak at summer vacation in rural areas, the most weak in this situation? As I drew it properly, I got high scores (I used an easy-to-understand event such as fireworks and the ocean). I felt the atmosphere of sunlight inviting nostalgia as a whole, such as hue, shadow, less pedestrian traffic and the like.
However, I think that it was good only by that.

It is not certain whether the story of a story that a child becomes an adult, an adult a child, even whether it was necessary or not. Even if you remain adult as a child, you can draw that conflict. Even if there is a point that the smallness of the main character narrows its range of action, it is not difficult to follow it separately.
If I do not draw conflicts with what my body changed, I think that it was not necessary to cause such a situation in the first place.
The conflict of whether the burden is imposed on a person who is not a real brother is rather strong as it is still small and the conflict with myself who continues to have a preeminence to a man who threw myself, I think that it is strong. If there is no reversal of adults and children indeed it would be very difficult to interact with the two protagonists, but if these two exchanges did not lead to solving the story itself, the reversal of adults and children How much was it necessary?

Mr. Amon, a leading figure who led the story to solve. I think that it was better for him to look like a child a little more. It is an elementary school student who can accept his unreasonable behavior, but his own appearance seems to be a high school student, so it looks like "a young brother with a weak head" (the act of unexpectedly jumping out of the house to search for girls, It will not become like becoming a high school student).
I do not say shorts and straw hat and insect net, but I think that it was better to leave youngster a little more on its face. I think that it is useless with at least the visual which balanced with "Mr. Sato" can be taken.

And the biggest flaw in this story is that it does not lead to problem solving whatever hero does. That is to say that the situation will not change as long as the annoying brother with bangs does not change. I do not solve the problem at how much I described the conflict of the hero.
It is a big brother who has considerable problems at the time of going home after throwing her away from abroad in the first place. Having changed him as a leading character (and Amino inspired it), his change, is not it that the person who painted growth became a straightforward story?

There are things that seem to be dissatisfactory to the story, but I loved the atmosphere of the work. As I wrote in my head, I wonder if I can not work with that atmosphere alone. Not a crazy incident, one summer story.

Personally, I like eyeglasses with a slender eyes with poor eyes and a slender body type of pepper.

"Very" if it is only an atmosphere, but I will deduct variously and make it "good."

2007/01/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32650 Host:32620 Browser: 5237
It is an evaluation in the state that the original is not looking.

I have not watched until 5 episodes but the first thing I felt was that it was too long for a scene.
I went through weekly with such a reasonable time.
The story seemed like how two heroines became children and becoming adults, but it was hard to remember because I was watching while sleeping halfway.

Evaluation is a bad stop because I have not watched them all.

2007/01/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32886 Host:32710 Browser: 4184
It is interesting that the director Sakura Osashi 's work has been watching long before "the reclining sky" was good and that the director' s work is made up of dramas of characters drawn ahead of other animations is not it. But I think that I wanted the last climax a little more excited but it seems this director is the place I can end up in plain form.

2007/01/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1985 Host:1913 Browser: 4925
Too strong.
Although it is a good feeling that the direction of OP and strange places to come piercing and high quality are good,
It is late in the end.
It is a waste that the talk finishes without showing goodness at all.

2007/01/07 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3926 Host:4005 Browser: 5623
Personus was peculiar and I liked it very much, but dissatisfaction remained in the way of deployment of the last stage and fashion. Please keep in mind that it contains spoiler.

Originally, animation characters' play is not suitable for realistic drama. It is because labor and skill are required to draw finer acting such as eyes and facial expressions. So the drama of animation is overstrained and easy to understand, there are many intense stage settings (such as robot animation etc) that are easy to express and passionate type of knowledgeable characters. Nonetheless, Mr. Sakurami Toshi who is "Successfully Empty", the work of this character and the character's play continued to challenge works similar to those of real people, and succeeded Mr. Sakura Toshi is a rare director today.
Pure thought, conflict. The troubles and the passing of the characters by it. "Today is the same as in the past (by Kotomi)" Children who play outside until the sunset, summer's hot weather, country scenery which can even say illusion even today. Not to mention the pepper, the setting of the stage exquisitely like a nostalgic thing that the child has been returned to the viewer is exquisite.
Pepper that I got accustomed to sarcasm and sophistry with adolescent sorrow with regret. It is because I want to get out of now that I'm a child right now feeling negative to the burden of searching. It is shown through the whole story that these two people take over the reality obediently and overcome the obstruction.
Especially in the early stage the euphoric pepper only in the eyes, all because it can be taken as hypocrisy to carry all the bad thing
(Because the body is a child, "It is not so" but because it is an adult visual, it is balanced with the twist of the pepper!), Thanks to the refreshing development, it is rather painful. However, the style which shows the feelings of the characters and the characters including these two persons carefully with Conte and BGM, monologue is excellent. It is a good example that proved that it is possible without drawing power.
It would be easy to understand that Amino was supposed to complement the heroine that was hard to understand and had few bright sides. His nice guy was a bit of a cool sensation in this work.

It seems to be thought other than, but characters like pepper. Her cynical character, thought (childish though it is a child), I learned a sense of closeness to mature behavior. Because there was a strange eyes in the early stage, the latter half of the easy eyes also lived.
Naturally, Body is a good girl. These two lords were pleasantly pleasant and good (I'm going to buy clothes, cake making toko etc).

Also, Ayumu Fujimura and Adachi Shin Ito who played the two leading characters, also skillfully divided the acting division of children. Both are natural,
I thought whether the adults and children are beginning to do it.

It is a story of the drama, which is also anxious about shortcomings. Suddenly there was no foreshadow (was not it?) Wish brought from Kotomi The place where two people return to the former body with a piece of stone. There is a peculiarity, an epilogue scene is also thin (conversation between Yoshi and Riko, only two cuts at ED).
Certainly, the drama of this work is over with a conversation scene of the question and answer on the observatory. It is as the body of my body "My summer story has ended". The troubles presented are indeed settled. However, as a story, there is a need to provide mountains to viewers. Nils defeated the fairy's magic with friendship from the heart to Molten. After losing topo and transformation ability, Mai thought back then at the time of becoming an adult (cicadas and rain). I wanted a surprise to tell the audience the end of the story.

Evaluation of one rank went up if there were them. However, as I said at the beginning, I like mood and dramaturism. It is easy to understand, since there is no gorgeous expansion unique to animation, the viewer selects it. I greatly expect the staff's next work. Considering that it is quite sweet but different tailoring from other works of today, and the evaluation of others is somewhat lower,
I will keep it as "very good".

2006/12/31 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25339 Host:25286 Browser: 7464
The emotion of the character is not an animated style but a human smell,
Depending on the person, I may feel difficulty in sticking but I felt charm there.
Moreover, it seems that Director Sakura Osashi of "Encouraging Sky" seems to be director's depictions finely and is very spectacular,
Even in the development as "the direction of Asasuto" as the title, there was convincing power enough to be convinced thanks to its portrayal depiction.

In addition, not only the story but also the music is very wonderful and it is a part which was reconfirmed again the importance of music excitingly more excitingly this work which there are many scenes where the mind goes much more to eat even the story.

It is sometimes referred to as a 12-tuple composition, so it's straightforward that the path is too straight and it gets too cozy and solid as a whole
If there is a little more play, there is a deep birth in the story spreading as well as the evaluation has also gotten higher Although it is a difficult place as it may collapse if you think about setting up etc. of only 12 episodes

2006/12/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 32756 Host:32733 Browser: 2864(Mobile)
I watch 5 episodes.
After all the work lagging behind the spoilers on the evaluation board here hurts. I wonder if neta tags will be implemented soon.

First impressive is Suara 's singing OP and Mr. Nobushichi Mitsuyo' s music.
OP is a good impression with a different attraction from the dreaming song of "Utawarerumono" and Kimigata.
Mitsuzo's music is usual piano taste, but from the old days of Sugar to recently Rosen, that music power (?) Is impressed every time.

Next is the story of the problem, but if you look at only one story it is difficult to stick around like a drama.
Although there are many men who are viewers, it is a development that does not intentionally put empathy into the question of the hero (?) Position something on purpose.
Well it may be as a scenario to keep me thinking "No matter how bad delicacy!" At the beginning of the game, but maybe it is said that you are overkill if the viewer is going to run away with it.

After that, somehow made up (understood) by 4 episodes, original characters appeared in 5 episodes, but the process is attractive. I can see something coarse though.
(Although it does not matter, since it was not necessary to make the body of an adult body so much so, the original author ??)

There is only JCStaff drawing and it is beautiful.
Although there are some coarse parts in some places, it is not until you crumble, so I want you to have this quality until the final round.

Tentatively the provisional evaluation is "good", but it seems to fluctuate considerably depending on how you carry the story in the second half ... ....

M (music) ... 9 O 〓〓〓〓〓otaku) ... 8 Q (quality) ... 8 S (story) ... ?? U (uta) ... 8 W 〓〓〓〓〓world) ... 6
(Evaluation in 10 grades, evaluation will go down if Otaku goes up.)

2006/12/28 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33432 Host:33277 Browser: 4184
I completed viewing until the last episode so I would like to put together the whole story.

Personally, I thought that unexpected bargains came in this term, but as a result I did not go as far as I expected.

First of all, the place which I was attracted by this work personally thinks that the sound aspect including the theme song 's OP.ED was settled in one summer countryside was good, and the directing that I draw in the atmosphere of the entire work is really I was hoping that it would be a pretty good line as it was attractive, but it seemed to me personally that the flow of the story at the end was not good.

The highlight of this work is a girl "Body" that wishes to be an adult, and a boy who was thinking of being an older brother of "body" but was going to break up but pepper who regretted his past wished for a stone I thought that the story centered on the three people whose question is tangled with those two people became the adult because of strange power, and the pepper became the opposite child to "body" However, it is regrettable that the composition like the one I thought was collapsed after 9 episodes.

Personally, there were a lot of parts where the expansion after 9 episodes was felt a little abruptly, and Amino Mr. and Kotomi who thought that the moving story of this neighbor was completely supporting role is a little I think whether the role is different,
Certainly there is a need to understand the conflict of the part which can not be moved because he is hesitant, but in general the inquiries should not move aggressively a bit more and it is impossible to dispel the feeling of hesitation to the end.

Another disadvantage is that the handling of the main character's position of the same main character as "body" is not good either. Descriptions of "body" are overwhelmingly poor at best, and the appearance of pepper is not conspicuous relatively and the impression is thin.
Still it was my last talk to draw the part of the feelings of the pepper, personally I wanted to paint the part of the feeling of the pepper from the earlier stage, and for the description part of the pepper It seems that there is not enough scales for poor timing to draw.

On the whole it seems that I could make shapes with the final story but it is quite subtle when I told that I was satisfied with satisfactory shape personally. I think that I wanted somehow how to set up characters as a pepper as well as a part that I think is subtle.
Looking only in the latter half, there is a feeling of "bad", but the losing point in the second half is somewhat surprising in saving up to the middle stage and somehow managed to say that it did not reach up to the bad reputation system. Although there was a part attracted by directing etc. for this work, I think that the direction of the script was personally not good.

Evaluation is "normal".

2006/12/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33146 Host:32904 Browser: 4928
Although it was meant to quit viewing on the way, I thought that it is interesting from the 6th episode if I keep watching somehow. I thought that it was good to feel youth from the nine stories chasing purple hair boys for the body, and at the end an omnibus girl gave a stone to the pepper. I think that it was good that the body and the pepper have become the original physique and we are happy. I do not think I want to watch it many times, but I was quite healed while I was watching.

2006/12/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 474 Host:4 Browser: 5234
The original is unread.

In autumn 2006 animation I thought that the story was one of the excellent works.
In short, it is a story that adults are gradually being influenced by the children 's honest way of living.
Yuri and Zushi who are adults under consideration are characters that can not be honest when both are important.
Such two people will grow due to the influence of Body, Amino sisters, Kotomi.
I think that the flow and contents of the talk are quite interesting.
Pleasantness of the body, pepper that is becoming obedient by touching the action of Kotomi,
The straightness of Toru Yoshi, acting inspired by Tomoko's boost,
I think that it is good to see the growth of the two people visibly.

I like the world view of the stage is also beautiful.
Vast nature can be felt well from the screen.
Also, I think that coupled with the goodness of music is further enhancing the world view.

OP, ED are very high level.
Especially the image of ED is wonderful.
The link between video and lyrics is a good impression on the part of the body of the last person 's "I'm home."
Su (Mr. Suara) became famous in "Utawarerumono" OP (and inserted songs).
Again I liked it because there was a different azalea from the dreaming song.

The question of the early stage and the character of the pepper are not so good about the problem.
As raruku says, I think I've drawn too many people.
It is said that growth is felt greatly, in other words because it was not until then.

Also, it took care of not being active other than the main body supposed to be the hero.
Amino sisters and Kotomi are especially active in the last stage, mainly.
These three people will look attractive over other characters.
Actually, the activities of these three people were good in many cases.

Another thing, I do not know the growth of the child side, it is difficult to understand.
The body is ultimately close to growth or reconciliation.
Personally I was satisfied if there was a story "You do not have to try to become an adult in a hurry" (I thought it was such a work)
As for Toru Yoshi, I felt it was different from growth just because I was decided by Tokiko.
Well maybe it can not be helped because it is a strong character originally ...

The quality was also good, the story was also attractive and proud of its perfection,
I think that there was room for improvement, so evaluate it as "good".
It was a work contesting the top personally for autumn works.

2006/12/21 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16054 Host:16068 Browser: 4876
Although the trigger of the former culprit who became a child is pepper, she only waits for herself at Zugura victim.
What is the thought circuit of preaching calling by accidently inquiring responsibilities of domination?
I still did not know the circumstances of the one talk (Still it is not an adult's remarks and it is unknown what the reason why did not tell the circumstances.) Why did not you want to use it as an excuse? Please study again from spinach But you know this time, it is you and the unexplored that you have to go to find the first thing the body goes out originally ... you have not grown like a story. .
I heard that Tetsu is searching for questioning and then finally finding it and finding out .... What are you these people?
It is the worst because I do not want to move if someone does not move.

This work, two adults started groping from a spirit like a child and grown up (?) It seems like I will pretend to look at two children,
It seems like a bad body and Tetsu have grown over unnecessarily due to overestimation as a bad adult.
Even though adults are doing properly, even if the child who draws it on a more selfish still is looking, it feels good, but this is neither an adult nor a child, is not it, so there are few parts that both sides can sympathize with It is disgusting to look at.

Until the body wanderers began, it was rather interesting .. It is a terribly disappointing work.
Finally it is cleanly summarized and pepper. Although it is drawn as if growth is growing, it seems that it just finished "decent" as the initial setting was too bad as I wrote above. It was a thinness of the contents that I felt as honest even one course long.
Another wishes is not complicated household circumstances and relationships that can not be repaired unless a stone gets a miracle,
It was a level that we could solve by discussion. Well it was people who could not do it ..

After all, adults do not function as adults I feel bad, so make it "worst".
However, when listening to the story of the original chilly and looking at it, the original feeling is less than this feeling ... maybe the animated one did well?

2006/12/18 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9613 Host:9407 Browser: 6512
Since it is a terrestrial group, I'm still watching a little but I think I will continue to see it.
Frankly speaking, the feeling that "I'm going to do something like that with a big furoshiki" is the strongest (laughs)
After seed death (re), I watched it broadcasting after the hell girl on the show, but I had a feeling like 〓〓〓in the sudden development and I had to see it until the punch line So ....
After all it is a nice landscape in the countryside.
BGM is also a song that is not harsh to the atmosphere.
I think I would like to write another impression again when I see it to the end.

2006/12/11 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3926 Host:4112 Browser: 5623
Fantasy by the "reviving sky" staff, Human drama. When I started seeing behind, I was drawn into a lot and saw it until 8 episodes.

There is no point to look at in the image plane (technique, number of sheets) and it is not a work backed up by overwhelming images like Kyoto animation work. But still a drama attracting viewers and direct production with no miss and omission. This staff does a really nice job while Park. BGM mainly composed of piano
And summer country scenery is also contributing to the work world construction.

Privately, one of the works "I'm looking forward to the next week" now.

2006/12/03 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 45782 Host:45665 Browser: 7297
Although it is still two episodes, it seems likely to have expectations at first glance. The relaxed progress is natural and the atmosphere is well made and the character's mind is transmitted well. From the dialogue, images and directing, it can be felt that the creator has made the work by imagining by fully understanding the concept of the work.

Although I feel that each other's mind is switched, I feel that there was also live-action movie and so on, but only animation is exchanging only for age (adult 〓〓〓〓〓〓child). In real life there is impossible (man / voice is also impossible at the same time). It seems that it seems to have been due to an intentional appeal to "wish stone", but stimulation of imagination is inspired by the background of the wishes and obscurity. While painting watercolor touch, it matches this serious atmosphere and rural landscape. While being puzzled by sudden changes in the outer surface, it seems to be somewhere in the future how the two female 'body' and the inner face of the pepper change. Also about the question of men who are deeply related to them. Perhaps the end will probably return to the original. However, it is not a very bright story from the atmosphere or character.

(Additional notes)
The tone of the electric piano is very effective among the piano-based BGM. Especially BGM in the scene where the body made into adult body cooked to regain everyday was impressive 4 episodes. This work is very good with BGM matching the atmosphere.
(4 talks) The words for my brother 's body are bad words "Why did you want to be an adult?"
(5 episodes) Descriptions that a body supposed to be a child seems to be an adult and a poppy whose adult should be an inquiry looks like a child is brilliant. But when I see the above comment it seems to be too much.

In the final stage, an adult 's inquiring brother who can not become a teen of a child who became aggressive in looking for the body, he has work and has no one to believe the situation, so it is said that the wise things such as that it would be useless was interrupted Is this a serious thing? Although it is extreme, it seems to be like that.