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Yoshihara Tatsuya
Yasunari Nitta Yazumiyako
Jun Fukuyama
Eri Kitamura
Yoko Hikasa
Ken Narita
Japan Released:2013/03/02(Sat) Movie
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1. http://www.animemirai.jp/c3.php (Translation)
2. http://zexcs.co.jp/work/?cmsdsessionid=c6883e9eb33dc1f0408413aed1d35d64 (Translation)
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2016/03/14 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25764 Host:25853 Browser: 7918
The original is unread and it is original.

This is the first episode.
I made a short film, the first episode ....
Mmm ... 〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓

If so, the point of evaluation would be "would you like to continue?"
From that point of view, it is ... separately.

It is not bad either picture or movement.
Rather better.
But, there is nothing to attract.
Feeling excitement as to how the continuation will be done just by ending with only the explanation, feeling pounding? There is no such thing.
Is not it fatal?

SF It is SF so I can not take time to explain, I think that it was better to omit it owing to the fact that the scale is short, rather than showing it as a matter of course.

So, the evaluation is "bad".

Also, since it is not a long film, I think that fewer terms are better.
Even if I do not understand it, I will shed it, but I do not have to do it ...
I think that it is better to have them concentrate on having them concentrate without being distracted.

2014/10/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7014 Host:6965 Browser: 7458
[good point]

I do not know the original, but the world view set in the world of the near future. Nervous cellar Lincoln.
There may have been a reality such as a nanomachine, "I do not realize such a thing really".

〓〓〓 good performance of voice actors. Even Mr. Jun Fukuyama, a leading character, had a sense of stability, but the activity of Mr. Eita Kitamura gained a lot of fun. The acting division between the protagonist's sister-in-law (an adopted daughter and there is no blood relationship with him) and poems is fluffy, especially the latter is the body itself, but the memories are 'uneasy' which may be of others' was.

〓〓〓he image side is also a person who was doing his best as a project targeting young animator training project,
I felt the tranquility like wrapping around the past sad events such as early rapture etc.

[Bad point]

Although it seems that we also have to consider the constraints of the scale, it was unsatisfactory that the only purpose and motive of pursuing sister-in-law such as back horn was insufficient explanation.
It was a bit crispy at the end as well as the end at Toonsula (?).

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although I do not know the original, if it is a little about 20 minutes of animation Well it was a person who worked hard even at this degree. Fukuyama, Kitamura and Mr. Kitamura 's favorable performances, but it was a honorable mention overall. Evaluation is "normal" on the "good" side.

2014/02/20 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26488 Host:26638 Browser: 4721
Almost, "There is".

Young Animator Development Project. Animation Mirai 2013 ZEXCS (Zex Shizu) work.
Unlike other works, it seems there was originally only the original work.

Bukkake, which may be an island that may be a rock Okinotorishima is landfilled and it is like a certain "school city" the stage is set.
Besides, the captain of the enemy closely resembles the character of theater version "Toaru Magical Index" and likewise Mr. Yoko Higaki was in charge of the voice.

Although it is common in light novel works of this hand, explanation dialogue is getting worse.
How many times have you spoken "NLN", you should have two letters instead of three alphabet letters abbreviated as that.
It was disappointing that there was an odd element, too much cramping feeling.

Although it is not bad, I think that it will be buried when it comes to broadcasting on TV animation.

2013/04/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9672
[good point]
Drawn theme song

[Bad point]
What I finished with 1 episode

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The enemy's female character liked it visually and it ended with feeling that she was trying to revenge to the main character later by withdrawing, so it was disappointing to conclude that the second episode was waiting for the broadcast ...

However, RYO or Magical Witch, it is too bad that Anime Mirai will end with one episode (sweat)

2013/03/18 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31736 Host:31921 Browser: 8849
Animation Mirai 2013

Bukkake is worldly setting "Ghost in the river" but it is not a problem separately (it is inevitable to compare)
The problem is as if it is just like the first episode of TV animation. Although it seems that the production system is intact, it seems to be the first episode until eye catching, but in the short story with only 25 minutes, SF (cyber punk?) Is not it an unsuitable subject?
Just by explaining the world setting, I do not feel like I'm going to pack a lot of stories that is full but the way I show hacking the vision of the problem partner has also explained by dialogue, It is not too badly hit by erosion due to heating, IR sensor performance is too bad w

In "fine" where "spirit" w
It seems to be laughing during appreciation Ghost of the shell shell replaces humans with machines, even if the functions are fully reproduced and copies of memory do not become the same person Apparently, the brain (brain stem? ) Something seems to determine an individual, something is said to be "ghost". In other words, I think that it is a designation that I do not understand well, but in this work I say that "soul" has returned, In this world I have defined "soul" w

In addition, that dog type robot is coming soon with its design w

I confess that I am in the body pool, and I am surprised by that, is it illegitimate, is not it socially good?
I think that sleep is necessary as it is not thought about the development of technology and the influence of society and the change caused by it.

It's decorating with some kind of terminology but Arve is about hackers Laughing man and major do the same thing

There is a lot of complaints in the world setting, but the atmosphere is not bad As expected it is as good as it is also not a big problem, but the evaluation not to praise extraordinarily is normal