[Anime]Aru Machikado no Monogatari

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Osamu Tezuka Tatsuo Takai
Japan Released:1962/11/05(Mon) Media(ex. DVD)
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1. http://tezukaosamu.net/jp/anime/64.html (Translation)
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2013/03/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22860 Host:22823 Browser: 7451
The first work of insect professional production. It will be released together with the first episode of "Astro Boy" in 1962. One of the works of DVD "Tezuka Osamu experiment animation work collection". The show time is about 38 minutes. A poster group of street corners, a girl with a window and a stuffed doll. A parent and child of a mouse.The moth and the electric light. Through the street tree and seeds, plural subjects, it depicts the transition of the era from peacetime to wartime, the last is a surviving girl and seed It seemed like expressing the prayers for the next generation by sprouting. The technique to anthropomorphize inanimate objects is like Andersen's "Tin Soldier", rich in lyrical character. The two posters facing each other for the first time in the last were very romantic. Although it is an amateur thought, when it reads from numerous sarcastic developments, the summary of this work is "I do not want war, but I do not like dictators more."

War and peace and the ability to describe a big theme easily is truly a great master, but there are aspects that can not keep up with the rapid development. While this work also has a sense of impermanence common to other works by Professor Tezuka, I also felt doubts such as "What happened to that character eventually?"

However, the color and beauty of the background and character developed in wide. The static usage of the poster, the relative usage of the dynamic movement of rats, moths and military shoes proves that fun of animation is well transmitted even with limited animation. Torquay Anime-like sound and movement synchro were purely funny. I think that it is such an animation that complements Tezuka sensei's unique innovative expression method with American fun animation animation original interest (〓〓〓money and equipment, experience and labor required). Honestly I have a doubt in the degree of completeness, but my head falls to the depth of gut and insight in Tezuka's creation by Mr. Tezuka who makes such a wonderful thing with the first piece.

2005/05/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31484 Host:31258 Browser: 3875
It is a little lower than the picture of the exhibition, but this one is also nice. It seems that Mr. Tezuka seems to be truly a dragging war.

2004/01/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10855 Host:11083 Browser: 3646
I saw a guy called "Preview 1" that was on the official website. I want to watch it properly ... I wonder if you can broadcast on NHK ~. Yuri of Russia.Norstein's work is also like this. Although evaluation was evaluated as "good", because I have not watched it, by saying "looks nice" ... (^ _ ^)