[Anime]Arthur Christmas

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Barry Cook
Peter Baynham
Harry Gregson-Williams
John Carnochan
Sony Pictures Animation
Bill Nighy Kenichi Ogata
Hugh Laurie Houchuu Ootsuka Keisuke Ishida
Imelda Staunton KazueKomiya
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Japan Released:2011/11/23(Wed) Movie
Outside Japan :Released:2011/11/11
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1. http://www.arthur-christmas.jp/ (Translation)
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Santa Claus Is Coming To TownSanta Claus Is Coming To Town [Fan reg.]
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2014/12/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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It was a piece of work that Arthur, who is a child of Santa Claus stepping forward to deliver gifts to girls who sent only one gift.

Though the human pattern of the Santa Claus clan was drawn through Arthur, although the Arthur is still a boy, because the Arthur is still a boy, the father of Santa Claus and his older brother was secretly holding the ideal image of Santa Claus as thought by the child It was a contrast with Arthur mentioned earlier that the owner of a completely realistic and rational thought was bothered by the feeling that "Takako did not send a present for one child ...".

It is exactly from the scene when delivering gifts at the beginning, like a spy movie like a high tech tool and a lot of dwarfs mobilize to deliver gifts is exactly modern and convenient On the other hand, although it was the impression that not much warmth was felt, Arthur was against it, on the way, while pulling the setback, pulling the sled of the conventional reindeer and going to deliver the gift, it was somewhat obedient I think that it was a ryosaku that makes me feel smart as much as possible.

Evaluation is "good" I will.

2013/11/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 145 Host:89 Browser: 4936
Although it was rare in overseas animation and there was not a very good depiction, there was a place to worry about, but at last the impression was a little so it got a good evaluation.

It was not a good portrayal that the reindeer left behind or threw it away, thrown away or was treating severely, and an eyes like a father and brother do not believe a little son (brother) or have a sore Even though I was Santa, I did not feel motivated though I was Santa, I was thinking only about myself I was not able to see the good relationships and families at a government office like an enemy character, I did not feel good when I was watching around.

Regarding family relations, it will be a foreshadow to regain it at the end because it will be regained at the end, but my son felt cold just to believe in my father at once.

Where the theme of family is the theme is the royal road pattern of overseas animation, but that was rare.
Because there is not a proper enemy character or villain character in this work, it may be that it had only to make it a family member.

The story is only to deliver a single gift I forgot to deliver and I think that it spreads it well with events of just a few hours until dawn.
Although narrowing down to the pinpoint stuff and the range itself is narrow, there is a limit to the entertainment, but even now among them it was delivering gifts with high-tech equipment but showing the importance of Santa by delivering with Sori, only one person It was good that there was content in the place where I could work hard for my child.

Showing the difference between high-tech equipment and Sori to convey the meaning of Santa, the place where I thought that it is not necessarily necessary to stick to Sori at the end is the reverse version.

Speaking of Santa, there was an image of Sori and Reindeer, but a little unexpectedness, setting suddenly appeared on the spaceship suddenly appeared and it was fun.

Because it runs around various land to deliver to only one child, it is sharp even in a simple story, it is not bored and it is transmitted that it is delightfully delivered to overlook obstacles and difficulties and watching the child is pleased Well, I felt like I could see something like the meaning of the work I was doing, and in the end the place where the hero looks like santa in the snow is a little moving and there is a good evaluation decided.

I think that it is a work that stuck to delivering the work called Santa and the main characters themselves thought about Santa's meaning and that the contents were told firmly what Santa was.