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Ark Performance Shonengahosha YOUNG KING OURs
Kisi Seiji
Makoto Uezu
Kouda Masato
Kazuyuki Okitsu
Mai Fuchigami
Shinobu Matsumoto
Eiji Miyashita
Minami Tsuda
Nao Touyama
Manami Numakura
Hibiku Yamamura
Yumi Uchiyama
Saki Fujita
Rina Hidaka
Nozomi Yamamoto
Sayuri Hara
Japan Released:2013/10/08(Tue) 02:55-03:25 MBS(Mainichi Broadcasting System) TV / End:2013/12/24
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1. http://www.aokihagane.com/ (Translation)
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1. http://twitter.com/arpeggio_TV
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2016/11/01 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1370 Host:1266 Browser: 11714
Although it is a story of the original animation, it is a rare work that there is a different merit from the original.
Even though it is one cool, it is also expensive to summarize the story beautifully.

2016/07/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18659 Host:18762 Browser: 7904
〓〓〓Human shape and heart

This work is a marine adventure animation depicting the battle of mankind 's last hope' e 401 'which is a single ship challenging to the' fleet of fog 'which imposed the overwhelming power by simulating the battleship of the great war of the previous war.

It depicts mainly the change and exchange of feelings of animation, especially from the relationship with unfinished manga original, although it is not known whether it is appropriate to call the ship's intention body called "mental model".

In other words, the core part of this work ... ... "What is the fog fleet?" "Admiralty. What is code?" And "What is mental model" are shelved, and depicts the conflict of heroine and until the settlement for the moment ing.

It can be said that the choice about this area comes from the characteristics of Kishi's director.
The goodness of processing of adaptation shown by animation such as "Persona 4" "Danganron roma" etc. is a glimpse.

Reason for existence of "mental model" which was greatly featured in this work in the process of adaptation.
It is the behavioral principle that Iona and the enemy flagship, Congo also "commanded first at the beginning" as root, but because Iona met with the Chihaya group image and touched his heart, "I was ordered You can see from everywhere in the dialogue that you want to find out what to do.
Even with other mental models, Takao loses to Iona, trying to find out the meaning of being defeated in the presence of a group image (and it is expressed in love 〓〓〓tsundere and really human smell), Haruna is losing that moment I will know and accept my own transformation from the encounter with Mika Mikie in presence of the philosophy of "regret" to Kirishima.

It can be said that these mental models were inevitable born by obtaining the form of human.

The decisive battle against the change is the climax of this work, but it is a place where evaluation will be divided, as it is drawn with a single fight of a mental model rather than a fleet warfare.

Although it is inevitable from the depiction so far, there is also a side that departs from the charm of a ship (mechanic), it is painful itching.

Where Do We Come From? At the beginning of the ending "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" (Where Are We From, Where Are We Going?

Is not this the question of all mental models and the fundamental question all of living beings have?

Although not being told so much in the process, the group images exploring the coexistence with "fog fleet" also seem to keep track of the answer of this question with them.

〓〓〓Evaluation "Very good"
There is no waste in 12 episodes, until the "break" break is solidly drawn.
On the contrary, where there is a magnificent background but only the local warfare is drawn, it may be a weak point in the direction of seeking the magnitude of scale feeling.

Overall, the drawing is also good, in that sense it is an animation that can be seen without stress.

Of course I can just spawn to Iona (like me).
Mai Fuchigami's clarity and voices and acting totally suffered ...

2016/02/20 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 14127 Host:14083 Browser: 10221
Until I saw the arpeggio, I was licking out full CG animation, but I was betrayed in a good way.
Even though the character had resistance at the beginning, I get used to it while watching it, and there is no point of complaint if I can show such a powerful battle scene that much.
The story was also cool and well organized and very enjoyable.
I also bought the original, but it is a delicious work that you can enjoy twice because Iona's characters and stories are different.
Those watching or wondering will recommend watching.

2016/02/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10962 Host:11189 Browser: 8794
It was an excellent animation that narrowed down the essential points of the original incomplete work that was made to make the work which made me to the extent that it reads the original after an animation narrowed down to the animation of 12 talks well and focuses well on weapons and a beautiful girl, and this ship is boom I think that it was a product like a model and a warm staff who used the wave well by using it well Yes w

Praise It focuses on the story of the congo, which was the real protagonist of animation, and I would like to compliment the skill of the producer who cut down a lot that can not be told

Although it is a full CG work, it is good to make a mental model with a lot of exposure, but the depictions of humans who were acting like a robot by human beings are poorly made and crews with few turns are bad, Iona Was unconvincing in the scene to convince the congo etc Episode when Iona's sister ship got up was also weak and lacking excitement with sisters

I can not help thinking if there is an episode that Iona that I wanted a daily part to do strange things and help the crew can help

If you pursue the episodes of Iona, Gunzou aiming for coexistence, it is impression such as waste ~ an ordinary work,
The episode of the congo that became more human than anyone because of trying to tolerate the mind and try to be a weapon is outstanding

2015/09/23 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34178 Host:34117 Browser: 9155
[good point]
Powerful battle set on the sea and in the sea
Change in the expression of Iona gradually the movement of expression gradually increases
CG animation to make human movements
.OP Theme Song
Bangles of the blue steel that overturned the situation with tactics and heartburns

[Bad point]
There is regularity in the behavior of the fog fleet, but the purpose is unknown
Mental model is too universal So it is only mental model that can compete with the mental model
Because the texture of the person is CG it feels somewhat hard This may be an area of 〓〓〓〓〓reference or accustomed

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Fictitious ocean war record entertainment, may be too simple,
I will release the super weapons, use intelligence and strategy to stand against the enemy,
It is a work full of catharsis that grabs a victory with pinch from one reversal.

It is a promise (laugh) that mental models are only women types,
It was quite interesting for them to interact with the Chihaya group statue.

The purpose of the fog fleet is unknown, so it is extraordinary eerie.
I think whether it can be easily done if I try to control the world entirely,
Does not it mean that conquest is not the purpose ...

Looking at the changes of the mental models, we think a little about coexistence with human beings is possible,
I would like to wait for the future opportunity to be spoken.

The point that it is easy to understand entertainment,
The point of unknown hostile purpose is that, considering that there are things that are still hooked up,
I will make the evaluation very good.

2015/07/30 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4989 Host:4811 Browser: 7906
[good point]
Wow that's cool

[Bad point]
Not particularly

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Highest "

2015/03/18 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24095 Host:24094 Browser: 4894
[good point]
Battle scenes are carefully made.
OP very good. It is a good-looking submarine with powerful scores right after music, OP start.
[Bad point]
The existence of the temples kyara of the Harlem Ranube is both in no matter what.
Because kore is also one of selling, it probably depends on personal preference.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works thoroughly to just the necessary things, the rest is roughly cut off pieces.
Inner depiction etc of the crew and the hero who are in the side of the hero are treatment as good as not existing.
As a result, we decided to specialize in the naval battle and Moe.
Well, if it is a short period of one course, it is correct as a judgment. I can not afford to stuff both the stuff and the kore.
As a content, it is said that the ship + Five Star + Eva + Harlem Ranobet.
The relationship between warships and girls exists for the time being without collapse.
However, rather than saying that this beautiful girl character is too temple and has a personality that tends to be in Ranube,
I feel like it's just a script. Program and Yuka to return in response to a specific event.
It is obviously a negative point as me who does not have understanding in Koh Yu Harlem system Ranube.
However, to say that it became possible to become a toy with the battlefield intertwined with the weapon of the former great war in the wind -
From the terrible experiences of their fathers who are not allowed to tease the Great East Asian War,
It will be said that it changed to a mere history event just like Sangokushi and Sengoku era and the end of Edo period.
It will be such a thing 70 years after the end of the war. Whether it was not good either way.
I thank you for the fortune that you can make a work of Yuyu with domestic weapons of the former great war and enjoy it.
No matter how much thought you have, you can not make it as a work of your country other than the 7 countries of Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Russia.

The battle scene is the best. Moe characters are unnecessary. Therefore, good, and. Only the man Space Battleship Yamato is far away.
However, I wonder why Eva's BGM was not like the best here.

2015/02/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 6722 Host:6852 Browser: 5143
A mysterious future where the sea area of 〓〓〓〓〓he earth was controlled by a mysterious fleet and became unavailable. Captain Boys' Chihaya Group is on a mission to deliver secret weapons to the US with submarines, Iona with a mental model, and four crew members. Although it is still a warship to launch attacks, various girls.
Although it is not much to military direction, in the game of Yokosuka Port of 4 talks, as for the setting of sub character and the explanation at all (why did you decide to act together), big firebat game like Star Mine and manly It was taken at the battle of the group image so much, and the cuteness as a mystery part including the mental model was well watched while it was convinced that it would be necessary for such a story to be eye catchy. I was admired that I am talking about what I can scrape in this scale with properness like the final round every time after 9th episode of Iwo Jima escape game. But ten stories "Carnival!" Was really astonished.
Including including about making with CG, "Blue No. 6" that I saw earlier seems to be an animation revenge.
The story from which a submarine comes out is not limited to animation, but it is almost funny, but this is no exception.

[Good point] I'm making tactics stuff like a submarine properly (sincerely talking). But the thermal power is amazing.
[Bad point] I guess it looks like a little harem animation. I did not ask for such an orientation in this animation. A bonus PV Trident, Mr. Harun's "Singing for sales" is not ordinary, she just sees her.
[Comprehensive evaluation] Until about the third term (as long as it is made) we will follow on the easing victory.

2014/12/19 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12929 Host:13021 Browser: 5913
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Sometimes there was a feeling of incongruity in CG, but I think that it was beautifully made.
The mystery of what is fog and where it came from was not elucidated, but I liked the world view.
Takao is good. But I can hardly tie that character setting. And Iona, a girl sitting beside Gunzoo, gets a little moe.
Battle scenes are also thrilling and interesting. But the last Macaw is a little ....
Still very good work and very good.

2014/06/11 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2202 Host:2306 Browser: 5171
[good point]
Works that the ship's battle is hot while the character is surprisingly solid and running.

[Bad point]
Where 3DCG is still uncomfortable.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that made a spawn work with full 3DCG and succeeded successfully.
It seems that the human team did not work so much and it was too bad that there was not any involvement with the mental models.
It was a development that pushed the latter half of the force, but it was content that I could enjoy enough.
To tell the truth, I have not made much progress, so I'd like to expect a second term.

2014/04/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26521 Host:26717 Browser: 7465
Although the original is unread, this work reveals that the theme of "What is the human mind for the mental model?" Is consistent The evolution that Maya's identity is a doll without its ego reveals it. By daring to present existence located in the opposite mind and opposite to the human mind, it highlights the importance of human mind. Moreover, Takao's sideways love seemingly useless, dress change of bathtub, bathing scene, barbecue scene are also meaningful. Because I can afford to enjoy such events is a proof of "the heart of man" Iona was like a machine that had no sentiments at first as I saw the memorial monument, but while I was going out with a group image It begins to wake up to the heart of a person, changes such as worshiping the group image and being saddened by killing the sisters will be seen. And in the end it will grow to such an extent as to rescue the soul of the condom that shut my mind. In such a meaning, the main character of this work may be Iona. Indeed, the group image is no longer seen growth from the middle, it is drawn as a completed tokens like a tuxedo mask. Although the appearance of this work is a submarine SF battle action, it seems that there is something inside like a girl's cartoon

On the other hand, this work also helps with the shortness of the scale of 12 episodes and has a part with a considerable story Why is the crew of a 401 boarded a submarine, for what reasons to group and act together I did not explain the part of what it was or what was not opposed? Moreover, it was supposed that Hyuga was sunk and captured the super gravity cannon, but the part about how to recover, how to install it in a 401 is omitted. Should I normally use all 24 talks and describe the part closely?

However, the battle scene by 3DCG was impressive, the theme song is also cool and the OP is cool and ED is beautiful so I want to evaluate it there

2014/03/10 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11207 Host:11364 Browser: 7460
Recently the work like 'ship' is booming, is this the roots of such work?

[good point]
Video and battle scenes, and Takao which became a semi-heroine forcibly?

I do not think that character design is bad at all ... ...

[Bad point]
In a word, "Ship made into a warship issue" This + Evangelion ".

The setting of the fog fleet is like an apostle, and Iona Rei (Soya, the characters of Eva were also surprising subject matter surfboards), no matter how much the sea level rise is, the impact is unexpected, and the pacri-animation Eva is intact There is no choice but to say only that it was packed.

And it seems that it was not easy to understand the thought of the main character Gunzoo (hey, a chrysant name ... a person of Eva) imaichi, just wanted to anthropomorphize a warship, and just wanted to be a girl like MS girl Then, it turns out that it is poor content that just made Eva element positive.

HEX comes out as much as it is uncommonly it's like simulating a whole lot of it, so even if it is a hit attack scene it can only be said to be Moropakuri of the AT field of Eva, and now it's time to put out the story again I can not help but say that.

It is not a style that needs to put a gag of losing Mon, and if you seriously examine the Navy's warship and know its lifetime and the end, it tends to dislike the tendency to handle as such subject matter anyway. (By the way, why did you leave Hiei and Ise for Kimono class and Ise class in the battleship? Fuso class does not come out.

Even though there is not a depression development like Eva and individuals as individuals do not have a personality in themselves ..., rather, the emphasis is put on conversation and drama of the fog side too much, the human race side Contents and drama is too dilute, empathy can not be transferred.

The mist side wakes up to human emotions with halfway power source side evil, human beings evil, it is not persuasive power, and only on the mass murder side ... It is almost like denying the Nanjing massacre and also not being able to admit the atomic bomb to Hiroshima and Nagasaki and not accepting the non-existence, prejudice opponents who are too overrun by the previous department Then, this does not make a good element visible.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
What kind of submarine 401 was I was planning to stack an airplane and attack the enemy ... Although it was something like this sale point (in the setting it is a different thing from WW 2 Although it can not be helped) has been cleanly erased (well, if Yamato becomes a space battleship, close-ups tend to be applied to 46 cm cannons or wave cannons).

And I made these weapons like the author's hobby and the style of moe and made various SF elements into a gotcha and it was made too much with my heart and love as a keyword, It is not to be ended, and I am diverting my eyes from such problems.

Future SF of how to fight in the overwhelming disadvantage of human beings Wondering if it will become a strategy, it feels like I completely took a shoulder watermark. The tendency that the leg Pela girl is good with the pedal daughter and the daughter tank squad, the tendency that such works are increasing is ignoring the unreliefable aspect of military, looking at the viewer by "cute girls getting out" and licking them I can only say it, but I can not praise it with this.

2014/01/25 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7936 Host:7824 Browser: 7859
Because the character design was good, I watch it.

The start of this work was a start from the world feeling that I thought as Strike Witches for a moment.

Humanity who was driven away from the mysterious enemies of different worlds,
The fight with that enemy.

The battle scene was beautiful and I think that the character was also good.
I thought that individual enemy battleships had individual Moe characters also was a good content to add flowers to the work.

Personally, big battleships Haruna and Kirishima become bears,
I liked the times I met a human girl and change my mind.

I also liked Takao's Tsunderecha.

Although it is a battleship battle action thing, Moe elements enjoyed privately with strong animation with a strong animation.

2014/01/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7047 Host:6813 Browser: 10416
Previously read the original 4 volumes.

〓〓〓Outline of the work]

One cool work made with full 3D CG.
Ars Nova attached to the title as an animated version is a musical term.
Arpeggio is also a musical term so it seems to fit with Sole, and Arsunova seems to be a different way to hear the same song.
It was a story composition that was another bit different from the original, which was one of the few successful success stories among original animated cartoons.

If you ask me "What is the attraction and highlight of this work?", I will answer these two questions, although there are objections.
〓〓〓"Burning points of battleship's coolness"
〓〓〓"Moe that is gentle on the loveliness of girls"

Of course there are also stories like other people say, "SF is like the human being, what is the mind -" and aims at the destination by multiplying the hope of human beings.
However, as for the theme, the scale and description are insufficient, some stories are skipped for the story
...., and thinking Sole as the main dish, I am not satisfied a bit.
Even if it is an SF element, there are also places where there are some disadvantages, so again the two above points would be the most attractive.

The starting point of this work is also a super-great game torpedo and a beautiful girl in the afterword of the original volume 1 volume! - Starting from a place and thinking "SF mini ocean adventure (pretty girl) action (temporary)" I am writing "I am writing.

Full 3D CG. In other words, not only inorganic materials like battleships but also characters are made with CG,
It was a natural finish to the extent that it could be safely said that it was nearly impossible.
Movement and facial expressions, etc., had been made quite few hardness which is often hated by 3DCG.
At least it was a good result to have expectations for works using future 3D models.

Besides, BGM, OP, voice actor's performance.Directing.Story development etc. quite satisfactory quality.

〓〓〓ighlight of the work [Good point]

〓〓〓"Burn with battle ship's coolness"
Battleships based on things mainly manufactured in World War II show a great battle with super technology. No, attract.
Barrier, laser cannon, Ton Demo missile, and eventually Space Battleship Yamato are surprisingly main guns ...
I pursue romance all the way to the thing "I wonder whether there is such a thing ..." and reproduce the sole on the screen.
Due to the cooperation of the Maritime Self - Defense Force on production, it is carefully drawn from detection of enemies to strategy planning, full battle scenes ... and every detail, and it also gives a sense of realism and tension.
Camera work, gimmicks, effects, and stuttering hit the mechanic favorite points one after another and the tension goes up every time.

But ... when I think about it again, "After all it is supposed to be a murder weapon, what on earth are you feeling cool?"
Although I do not think that, but I felt that it was cool, I came to the conclusion that there was no choice. There is no choice but to be a boy.

〓〓〓"Moe goes to the loveliness of girls"
Finished without complaint about Kore. Every character was made attractive with characters standing.
Especially it can be said that Takao from the second half and Iona in the final stage are the best.
And of course it was the 3D model that supported them.
Even with a difficult swimsuit, you can watch without discomfort.


Although there is a sense that it is cheating some story or SF verification,
It compensates for that part and it is burning to a roman element which is too much Moe. It was a good work to see it very fun.
If there was only dissatisfaction, the last round was that there were few battle scenes on the ship. Evaluation is "highest"

2014/01/23 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33403 Host:33426 Browser: 4936
[good point]
Uniquely rich <non - human things> Tatsumoto works were fun because the battleship mental model was really rich in personality. Iona, which made the main, is a level that makes sense of incongruity that 3DCG full of monochrome making and expressionless feeling match, and there is no sense of incongruity anymore. The process of gradually giving birth to feelings of emotion is brilliant.
Also, cowardly runaway battleship Takao who was in love with a runaway locomotive car was also cute.
I think that the setting was well linked to the motive of her behavior, not limited to her mental model. It is natural for them who did not have emotions to take care of their first born feelings.
So in Takao 's runaway as well, the separation of Haruna and Kirishima, 400 and 402 sister love, Hyuga' s admiration, the concession 's obsession were all convincing.

Personally I can not forget "Sugay" of Makie. To this favorite character only this one word.
And the congo.
A chairman who desperately calls for the restoration of the discipline that existed in the class by the existence of Iona which has been transferred to the fleet fleet group and desperately calls for returning to the correct form as a student.
However, her efforts are also void, and nobody listens to what he says. Moreover, the teacher is condemned by the teacher as disorder of the circle of the class, and few friends who did not exist as the basis of the mind are air friends ...... As a result, she got mentally ill and to withdraw from school refusal.
Then Iona came and encouraged everyday to my house this time, Iona and the congo became friends and I am happy. ...... I wonder just what I saw as a school drama-like thing;
Anyway the con gow is incompetent. It is her that exposed the thing of nothing more than a feeling that can not be the most weapon of shedding tears.

Fantasy tactics The battle scene of this work was satisfactory. Tempo is nice even if I say anything.
Even with robot animation, there are battles between battleships, but since the humanoid robot is the main one, the depiction of battleships tends to be neglected by all means.
In that regard, there are no battle weapons in this work but only battleships, so there is no thing to wait for the battle ship's compensation scenes. As the state of the fleet side of the mist fascinated with a picture with the hero side who constantly skips instructions and skips instructions with overwhelming fire power is developed swiftly, there is a sense of speed, and it is fragile.

In other words, the pleasures of the royal road development that small force is defeating huge enemies are common to every work.

[Bad point]
To be honest, I do not know what he wanted to do.
It grows too much mentally two years ago in recollection and now it is not particularly interesting and there is also a doubt about what you are doing.
Although I'm saying that I am exploring coexistence with the fog, even if I have the idea that I do not have any resistance to mass production of vibrating warheads, but I want to find out the fame of the fog fleet and talk to it. Absent. He himself says "I wanted to open the wind hole", but is it going to open the wind hole?
It is a prerequisite that the second term will be broadcasted, he is his existence and behavior.
Setting as an inquiry is also set to complete death.
Also, not just for Gunzoo, the description on the human side was too small. It is a bit of a thought that you do not know the reaction of the citizens as well as how it looks.

End of the game Deployment with the consoles that became overwhelming force became overwhelming ... ... No, no more, as viewers are watching the battle scenes up to that time, the viewer should be fighting battle between battleships. I like dialoging well, but let's do more loudly. I wanted to see the fighting fight with the dialogue.
I wonder why somehow managed to restore the battleships of Haruna, Kirishima and Hyuga and could not bring them to all-out warfare .... I was really sorry just as I expected.

If there are two periods, I will probably see it.
But I wonder if I would like to ask you to raise the entertainment of 1 episode 1 epis a little more.

2014/01/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7043 Host:6913 Browser: 7859
Since we narrowed down the theme like the coexistence of humans and mist fleets by eliminating the development which is likely to become Gudaguda by the political bargaining of the human fog fleet by drastically reducing the characters compared to the original, the main part is almost Because it is not advanced, it seems that it seems that it seemed to be quite odd to have completed as a mystery completely in a state where it remained completely, but it was finished collectively.

There are also quite a few characters and setting modifications, so some people may feel subtle feeling that they love their original work.

However, since this story itself has not animated yet because such a story has not developed yet, I think that it was quite a difficult job for a screenwriter and I think I was doing a good job.

2014/01/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30562 Host:30524 Browser: 5386
[good point]
I enjoyed the SF battle of battleships and submarines.
The opening theme is wonderful. It is slightly ubberish (middle two), but it is cool even if you add it.
[Bad point]
I still felt that a real exciting scene was not coming. Is expected in the second term?
I wish I could hold back some more moe elements.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
There is good or bad and it is subtle in total. As the opening theme is cool, with "good".

2014/01/05 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11954 Host:11771 Browser: 7860
Original unread.

SF work depicting the battle with "fog fleet" modeled on military ships during World War II.

As a setting, the ship uses the human-type interface "mental model" in order to make contact with the outside world and gather information.
"Mental model" is all female type so it can be categorized as "military + moe" genre, but there is still way to let girls use weapons like garpans or to anthropomorphize like ship like this I was admired that it was.

As a content, many technical terms are coming out, but it has become possible to keep up with the story without concentrating so much. I do not know the details because I have not read the original, but the original part seems to be strong.
With only one course, the core part of the story is not pressed at all, but it ends in a good place to break once.
So, the only important thing is to expect from the sequel.

On the image side, since moving objects are almost made of full 3DCG, uncomfortable feeling may remain for those unfamiliar.

I wonder if I could keep watching because Takao was cute.

Hoping for the future development, the evaluation is "good" as good as possible.

2013/12/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22513 Host:22562 Browser: 4180
[good point]
〓〓〓he story with the theme "dialogue" and accompanying "change" was magnificent. It is carefully drawn how people's thoughts are propagated to various characters in various forms, and it has become possible to enjoy the process of transforming each stance in the SF ocean warfare story. The depiction of the naval battle itself incorporating its own SF elements itself is also impressive, making the foundation is pretty solid.
〓〓〓umanoid interface of a girl type It is interesting to acquire the flexibility of thinking possessed by human beings by acquiring the "mental model" ...... The original setting is also interesting. Simply love lovely and unique mental models, it is good to use that setting well, it is good to watch over those who move in the story centered on the "change" described above.
〓〓〓nimation is based on full 3DCG including characters, but I think whether it boasts qualities quite if it thinks on the scale of TV animation. Modeling with cell picture animation and "soft form" is a word of fluff. The facial expressions are rich as they are, and the movement of the deformed gag tone is included without any discomfort in particular.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓attleships of the enemy "fog fleet" are modeled on the Japanese battleship of WW 2 at that time ...... However, they merely imitated the appearance, but the contents are completely SF battleships and It will surely be a shoulder warp penetrating to those who expect depiction for such classic Miriota.
- Although the story will come with a settlement for the time being, since there is no peculiarity in a series of big streams, there are places that are somewhat unsatisfactory. Even with the depiction depth of the theme of "change", I get the impression that one scale is a little shorter.
〓〓〓lthough it is said that animation by 3DCG has no sense of incompatibility compared to other 3D works, there are not many places where you can not wipe a sense of incompatibility for those who are familiar with cell animation cartoons. It is hard to say that baptism is still being done, such as hardness remaining in movement and expression.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Director: Seiji Kishi, Screenplay: Masami Kamg SAZU. Humanity who was deprived of even communication even by communication right by the mysterious battleship group "Mist fleet" suddenly appeared. Under that circumstance, there is a cadet candidate.The SF Oceanic Warfare begins with the Chihaya group image being in contact with the submarine 'A 401' which is one of the 'fog'. It is also a work made by Kishi 〓〓Uezu Tag which continues from "Seto no Bride".

Although the story of this work roughly speaks "dialogue and change" as the axis, I think that it was very good that I drew that theme carefully in a short scale of 1 cool. This is a theme that is likely to be SF-like, but what I was interesting was that I used the mist fleet setting "a humanoid interface which is the core terminal of the battleship" I think that the story which drew firmly the propagation of feeling had become something that appeared to be quite impressive with the help of the individual character. There is also interesting to see the naval warfare like Marine war veteran, SF setting is fully utilized. The 3DCG animation also has a considerably high quality compared with other TV series 3D works, especially modeling female characters reproducing the feminine form. Although it is reproduced movement which the animation seems to be deformed in comical scenes, it is terrible because there is not quite any sense of incongruity.

Unfortunately for the story, it's finished in a place like a paragraph and that the mist fleet itself has not arrived. Although it is an unavoidable part in recent animation with original ... ...
In addition, the part of 3DCG animation that was described as "there is no sense of incompatibility" is also a matter of the preamble that "compared with 3DCG used in other Japanese-made TV animation" to the end, it is still incompatibility when looking alone It is also a fact that it can not be wiped out. In addition, the battleship group of the fog fleet is based on the battleship of World War II as a motif, but it has finished to the extent that imitated the appearance to the last, there are few stories for maniac miota. Hopefully expecting such things will certainly eat shoulder watermarks.

Unique work that showed SF theme with its own setting. It is a comfortable work that balances the balance between skeleton and entertainment, so that we want you to see who is despising as "a work that aimed at some neta for Miota."
Evaluation is "very good".

2013/12/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I think that it is ambitious but I think that full CG is a person's choice, the CG of the battleship is still good as the CG of the character is particularly good.
Actually I was initially feeling awkwardness of the character's CG's awkwardness. That was a level that I can not concentrate on the scenario for me, so I thought about abandoning viewing.

However, as I repeat, I do not know if CG got better or I am not familiar with it, but my sense of incompatibility has gone.

Finally I could concentrate on the scenario with 5 or 6 talks ....
Yeah, I think the process of children of mental models to know the human mind was very good. Talking with people ... Although it was pretty good but the depiction was so polite it felt fresh in reverse.
However, because the change in facial expressions of most characters was hard, I could not get into the world view of this work ... the performance of the voice actors was good. I mentioned earlier that "CG is getting strange", but I wanted you to do a little better there.

But I think that it is never a boring work. If there is no resistance to CG, there are losses to see.
Considering such a place, evaluation is "ordinary".

2013/12/29 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15838 Host:15950 Browser: 9005
Recently, it was an arpeggio which I decided to see from the influence of this ship or the warships again I started thinking, but I thought that it was a work that I had to say "Well" as a whole.

First of all about CG, I felt it even at the movie of Cyborg 009 of last year, but I felt a sense of incompatibility as I got a bit of chaotic movement. Although it was no problem for mecha people thought that the person is strict with fluff. Although it may be cruel to compare with Pixar, it is obvious that you can not help being inclined to think that the movement of the Toy Story character published nearly 20 years ago was smooth. However, I think that this is a problem that CG is trying to do the same thing as ordinary animation. I think that it is a future task to devise camera work a little more or to take advantage of the unique strength of CG without being caught in the frame of "ordinary animation".

Although it was a story, I felt that I could not make full use of my attractive worldview. It might have been interesting if it was a deployment that fought back against the mist fleet once mankind, who was forced to defeat, attacked, but I can not convince myself to rely on a single submarine. The person of the character "mental model" was good so much, but the characters of the human side exhaust as a word that the impression is thin. The hero did not seem particularly growing, and I thought that only crews like 401 's crew are like they do not need to be. The comedy element was impressive and it was pretty floating.

I think that there was no particular problem concerning the performance of the voice actor. I think that the compatibility with the characters was very good at the acting of Mt. Fuchigami who stood out.

Mechanic people did not take full advantage of the setting "Warship of World War II", I was sorry very much. I thought that warships would shoot with a big gun, and a certain space battleship was shocked by a shooting match with a pure blue beam weapon and a missile enough to escape with a bare feet of modern warships. The torpedo of the submarine was not a general torpedo but wit honestly with a depiction like a missile. Weapons of the human side can not afford to have any room to play an active part, and it is likely that this work will be destroyed unilaterally, but I'm getting bad. I had no choice but to murmur "I could fight with ships" unexpectedly. At the end I thought that I wanted to depict the fight against fleet of mist in the direction of the USA.

However, perhaps I should not have seen this work as a battlefield / warship thing. This may not be a bad work if you view it as "SF object" instead of "warship thing".

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that it is not a work that can not be seen although there are drawbacks such as content that can not be done with 12 episodes, CG drawing with insufficient kneading. Although I do not recommend it much, I do not say "do not look". The character Takao liked splitting (laugh).

Not only submarines, but occasionally I'd like to see a ship whose main character is the aircraft carrier ....

2013/12/29 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[Comprehensive evaluation]

At first it was an impression that it is a work that personified the battleship as a beautiful girl.
But I was attracted enough to watch and listen.

It seems that it is made entirely full CG, but in fact it was not really conscious.
Personally I think that such things are supplementary.

So, what is the problem is that how I was watching it ...
I felt it was drawn very beautifully and it was used effectively.
The battle scenes also felt impressive, and I felt the character charm and it was nice.

Despite its character, the depiction of the process of getting the emotions of the battleship's children was well depicted.
Especially the congo as a villain gave out a really good taste.
I was reconfirmed that such a character is necessary.
Other characters were interesting because the main character was drawn firmly.

There may be roughness in details, but there was more attraction than that.

2013/12/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Works that personified battleships, I do not know about battleships because they do not know Sappari so it is impossible to imagine that an anthropomorphized character resembles the original battleship or how well a battleship is grabbed by features, but as for characters, there is a reasonable tsundere Condition, lily element etc. As Moe animation, it is unusual, but it is not bothersome, so it was easy to see.
There are many Lolita characters, but the personality of the character is comparatively relieved, so I have it and it was easy to see.
It was good that Iona, which had poor emotion, gradually became human beings well done.
I think that the personality of the character could be put out with the setting of Maya with unexpected.
There is also a serious story but a laughable gag, so the production that the heart calms down was wonderful.

As battle moves well, there is power and there is power and camera effect of direction is good because it is good at showing battleship zoom in and zoom out. I think the scenes that the battleship raises with a splash of water are cool and cool.
Whole CG Why do you like the incongruity that the picture is different abruptly in the CG scene? Because I felt worried if there were some scenes I was interesting because I felt that the battle of the main character was more important than the quality of one picture rather than the quality of the picture because I was wilted.

The evaluation is "the best" battleship cartoon animation, but it was fun because I was not able to proceed with just the momentum but also digging down the characters and describing psychology.

2013/12/27 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Picture Nori Theme Song Character

[Bad point]
The first two episodes are not good

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The first two episodes were not good, but from the 3 episodes Takao's girlfriend's girl mode and about 5 episodes since Kirishima lost, it was funny to say that it was a funny situation, so it was really funny. Mr. congo was also good in what kind of mind it was good.

Second period hope !!

2013/12/27 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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〓〓〓Attention 〓〓〓For those who are fun, I am disappointed with the person who was enjoyed. I am aware that I also have antis.

Until the end, I could not go wrong, but the human character 3DCG felt uncomfortable.
In that regard, as many people have pointed out, I think that it was a good idea to adopt 3DCG for mental models.
However, I think that it was better not to use it for human characters. The face was bad feeling as if I was wondering whether the pictures that the helmet people and the ocean owners are preparing for the supply are real staff.
So, as you can see, on the main was gentle and it was a tough animation for the mob.

Hey, Mu Mida's speech blowing from here.
Episode 6. As a military fan this was a sequence of depictions that would tilt his head.
Although the Copipe soldiers who hid their face with a gas mask appeared, are they not equipped with night vision equipment?
I felt doubtful that the GSDF special forces are using the 89-type rifle's carbine model (which adopts HK 416 (M 4) in the special strategy group) and 40 mm under barrel grenade launcher It was.
Although it is an interesting story if you examine it, the SDF usually does not attach a grenade launcher to rifle. Because I am in the way.
Also, do not hit a stuffed toy with a gun, you will break. Perhaps I avoided fighting with each other, but what was it that initially fought against each other when they were enemies?
Also, the Apache AH - 64D shot to the 30mm chain gun famous for that gun camera footage approaching and shooting. Even though it was equipped with a Hellfire missile and Hydra rocket.

I felt a sense of incongruity that a real warfare ship of the Second World War opened a shooting mouth and launched a missile.
For example, in Garpan, it is interesting to combine TOW with a weak tank and fight with a missile shootout.

The thing that pierced the finish was "used to tighten up" used in the play.
It is a word that is not a good impression that it is not a laughing matter, as it is the original neta, or knowing by investigating the Tsuyama incident and Mika distinction.
Not to mention that it was used more than once in the play, I pushed to animation magazines and used it, I donated it as a bad taste.

In the end, too, in "Terminator 2", I feel that it is not only T - 800 but also T - 1000 became a friend.

In connection with the voice actor, there is nothing special to say, a middle-ranked young voice actor is being told, but it is impossible to hear the old politician talking and speaking abroad and I could not catch it, I think that the last round of English will be a little better. It was.

As a submarine appearance, "Lorelei" grade and I will evaluate.

2013/12/25 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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All 12 talks have been viewed and watched.
No, it was really fun!
I was able to get a sense of fulfillment by seeing animation for a while.

I want to give Best Supporting Actress award to the congo Thanks to her existence I think that this work could have excelled one step or two steps from just "Military + Moe" animation

All the daughters of the mental model were full of the ability to tow the work in a very attractive manner (excluding large battleship hyuga)

Makie + Kirishima (Kirikuma) + Trio of Haruna was funny and I liked it

I would definitely like to see the second or theatrical version

Even so, it is worth watching just for that scene even if the appearance of Maya, which was a frustrating existence of the tenth episode in the last of ten stories, proved fictitious and it is frightened and frightened by sorrow can not be forgotten

2013/12/16 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
Even though it is an anthropomorphic or something as an anthropomorphic, the scenario is funny but the scenario is funny, but it is cute as usual, it does not smell bad, the SF fleet fight is also good, and each attachment gets a attachment

[Bad point]
Nothing in particular

[Comprehensive evaluation]
At first I was planning to cut again on the way, but as I continued watching the characters gradually became interesting, and casts such as voice actors are getting used to the role, the story is getting fun and funny Evaluation I've reconfirmed is that it can not be done without watching until the end, evaluation is better than very good

2013/12/15 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 47133 Host:47311 Browser: 5951
When we visualize the original work with not finished, there are many works whose rough tatters are almost faithfully followed by the final development of the final stage while the taste is changed and the feeling can not be forcibly wrested, although it scratches the story from the beginning but develops differently It is quite nice to see it and show it well, ~ Ars .. Nova ~ Because there is a subtitle, it may be said by one who saw it as a different thing.
Although it seems that it is made full-length full CG, it is not so strange even if I watch it. This part is about the evolution of technology,
In the years ahead, it seems that CG that will make this work obsolete even comes out. Technique is awesome scaled ship and felt sense of scale and weight feeling It is even better to look at the big screen which is superb compared to the huge space battleship etc. moving around with traditional hype.
Also good balance of comedy and serious on the story,
Thanks to this, scenes and characters that got better than the original came out. Conversely with respect to characters, it is a chito regret that the human character goes thinner as the mental model evolves, this neighborhood is also the same as the original ... but in the end I would like people to show the power of the human ...
Move fleet movement and attack power is not as early as a ship, so it will be hard for the military OTA to put the thrust in there, oh well honestly Toko imitating WW 2's ship is honestly a mystery.

2013/11/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3704 Host:3760 Browser: 4690
I watched until the 10th episode I went up and raised the rating but I made it to the highest It is a work that is worth the most fun of the animation I have watched this year It is not only animation produced entirely in 3DCG but also character character , Story composition, Mechanic portrayal is outstanding Why is not this well wondering why this is not told so much

In the second stage I absolutely want to be a work of such a large battleship Unnoticed that the character of the big battleship consow won emotions without knowing wonderful knowing that she is upset with the symbol of this work It is tightening the atmosphere of the whole story

[good point]
Although it is an animation made with 3DCG, the mental model of a ship (girl)
The character of ours is pretty good Hal Haru and Makie 's combination is good taste The process of acquiring emotion by the existence of the outside of the android position is properly drawn

The marine battle scenes also pretty well The battlefield in the fourth episode held a sweat in the hand The charm of a strategy to compensate for the lack of fighting power by the strategy was drawn and it is reminiscent of Yamato VS America seventh fleet in the "silence fleet" There is a sense of excitement to make it
(No, it is too much praise ..)

The presence of large battleship congo does not accumulate It crowds out a powerful atmosphere like rasubosu

Heavy Cruiser Takao also has a nice character

[Bad point]
The depiction of a-401 crews is overwhelmingly less than mental mental models.
I think that I had to cut away the depiction of the human side as it was 1 cool anime but still I wanted the episode that I want to empathize for a bit more.
Also, since 401 crews are drawing with 3DCG, the mental models that are facing the emotional importance as they look like being compromised are half-android so it's not easy to worry because the solidity of the expression matches the characters However, I wish that a human being was not seen by a doll

[Comprehensive evaluation]

The marine battle scene is pretty impressive and it has been awesome. There seemed to be awesome It was an unexpected picking as it was not expected at all

SF ocean thing is generally a genre that is regarded as a demon
(In the movie "Water World" animation "Space aircraft carrier Bruneoa"
In the cartoon "Blue City" works are moss)

This is Atari It is comparing something with the recent topic "Fleet Gokushon", but this one is the original because it is starting in the year of manga series in 2009

The comparison itself is meaningless, is not it? I do not think it will be possible to surpass the arpeggio even if the fleet animation is made, and the direction is totally different at all ...

Anyway, among the animations I saw this year, it is an interesting work by Dantotsu! Recommend it!

[Additional notes]

Previously "I do not like CG in live-action work because I can not express things like heaviness, depth, character pain,"
Although it wrote, in animation it understood that it does not apply In this work 3DCG plays a very important role

Or, I think that it is "an animation that could not be created without 3DCG" There is inevitability

A lively expression of the character
I was impressed that I was drawn in 3D CG with a smile of Iona and Takao, a face I would like to regret the congo.