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Keiichi Shigusawa
Toko Machida
Kouhaku Kuroboshi
Megumi Saito
Masafumi Mima
Syusei Murai
Tezuka Production
Nana Mizuki Houko Kuwashima Motoko Kumai
Koichi Yamadera Mamiko Noto FUJITATOSHIKO
Takaya Hashi Hiroyuki Yoshino Toshiyuki Morikawa
Ai Sato Tetsu Inada Go Shinomiya Ayumi Fujimura Miyoko Soji Show Hayami Kenji Utsumi Sinya Fukumatu Tomoyuki Shimura Konno Jyun Mika Teratani Tokuyoshi Kawashima Megumi toyoguti
Chika Fujimura Chiwa Saito Mitsuaki Hoshino Toshio Kobayashi
Rintaro Nishi Misato Fukuen Rie Tanaka Shin Aomori Hisasi Izumi Daisuke Matsuo Youhei Nishina
Yousuke Akimoto Ayahi Takagaki Mitsuru Ogata Tomohisa Aso Tuyosi Aoki
Yuto Kazama Komiyama eri
Japan Released:2008/04/03(Thu)
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1. http://allison-web.net/index.html (Translation)
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2008/08/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Edit/Delete/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:82(52%) Normal:19(12%) Bad:56(36%)] / Provider: 11157 Host:11122 Browser: 6524
Since these are my own words, I feel perfectly at ease quoting this review from THEM Anime:

"In the real world, stealing planes and gallivanting off on solo missions over enemy territory would've given Allison an instant court-martial, if not gotten her killed outright. This is one of the things conveniently ignored in the fancifully nonsensical adventure series Allison and Lillia, in which military officers are apparently given carte blanche to do just about anything, up to and including an outright coup d'etat, as long as their heart's in the right place. But before you get the wrong idea: against my better judgment, I actually really like this show."

Despite weak animation, surprisingly simplistic writing (for something from the creator of Kino's Journey, no less!), the characters' charm almost makes up for all of it. Keep in mind that knowing who Lillia *is* spoils a lot of the series for you ...

This would seem like a fine series for younger viewers -- there's little to no fan service (I know, Akiba-kei love their fan service, but us American fans occasionally need a break from it, you know) and it definitely feels less nonsensical than, say, Strike Witches.

Allison and Lillia is a fun diversion, best enjoyed between episodes of deeper, more serious shows.

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2016/05/22 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12667 Host:12509 Browser: 5147
[good point]
Drawing So charming with a good fantasy feeling Where exciting developments of the first half exist Mizuki Nana's performance
[Bad point]
Patterning of stories from 2 cool eyes

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the past, the story of the virtual continent where the two major powers were conflicting, the first half is Alison part, the second half is 18 years later, the daughter's Lili apartment.
In Alison 's edition, with a complicated character and a story composition, although it was able to enjoy a middle class, it became a Lilia edition, it became an educational institution, it is a sudden deployment, and the subject age was also lowered with an urgent flow Feeling. Honestly, I think that it was more interesting to have deeply drawn Alison story. If there was no stall in the second half, it could be a good work. Besides that, I think the music was nice and the background was nice. I think that it may be obvious to fans, but I think whether I could enjoy it so much.

2016/05/22 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12457 Host:12449 Browser: 5171
[good point]

[Bad point]
A tasteless and dry story in which the anguish of the character, which is one of the original Kimo, was cut off and bleached beautifully.
I do not take advantage of the merit of the original at all. If you are considering murder depiction when making animation for children, you should not animate this original in the first place.

In addition the picture and movement are not bad, but it is not good either.
Music is particularly good and bad.
There is not one good thing.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although I saw only one original volume, the original damage destruction which is understood even by only it is terrible.
The captain of the operation of poisoning (the old man who taught treasure) is, in the original work, Allison went off the base at the base after escaping by plane,
Lastly, judging that there is a place to die for life, and subordinates who inevitably killed themselves apologize to each one of them while killing a handgun,
In animation, "immediate death from the" I can catch up with me regardless of what! I can catch up with "later, is the control of drifting?
There was only lost smile. I can only believe that I am stupid about the original.

Ville's first murder scene at the time of discovering the mural after that is more severe.
If you shoot a handgun, you can only think that the other person is surprised and shoots the machine gun on the cave ceiling and gets buried alive, after that it is making a fool of Ville's suffering afterwards.

Alison and Benedict are rotten even if they rotten, so it is already prepared for murder.
I do not think that murder is good. But in battlefield you and your friends will be killed if you hesitate to kill the opponent.
But the student 's vill was not evenly divisible. There was also a scene that talked to Alison with the scene that goes to that mural.
It is sometimes necessary to shoot guns against people, to kill them, and to do so in order to protect themselves and important companions.
On the other hand, Willians answered, "I do not know what is the right answer" while thinking with trouble.

And in those scenes we had to kill the people in front of us in order to protect mural paintings and eventually the possibility to end the war. Otherwise, it was destroying disturbances and mural pain with high probability.
So I shot my opponent 's head intentionally with my own intention rationally instead of being impulsive and killed.
Then after listening to the gunshot, Alison got up to him and Ville looked like crying and said, "I do not know" correct answer "to me," suffering,
Even though it is engraved in the spirit at the trauma level of Ville that keeps suffering throughout his life!

One soldier was surprised by the handgun, rebuilt the machine gun, self - destroyed and buried alive, or it is really stupid.
If you do not want to let that person kill you so far, why did you animate it on educational TV.

I already stopped watching animation in that scene, but as far as reading the impression of this place,
After that, it seems that every serious scene that should be said as bitter taste of the original work was rebuilt with that condition.
In order to make it for children, I supposed that it was a happy end with tears suppressed as much as possible, both murder and death.
It is likely that the characters removed all the scenes that the characters suffered as described above.
I should not have animated from the beginning as long as I do such a thing.

I also like simple morals and wrongs. It is awkward for justice to win and to correct the bad guys.
Of course it is a sad thing for homicide and human death, it is better to have as much as possible.
There are lots of interesting stories in the story that a perfectly superhero solves the problem without giving out the victims.
If you wanted such a story, you should have looked for such an original.

However, this original was not such a type of story.
Alison with intelligent and intelligent vill and Allison who is active and powerful with freedom somewhere though it is a soldier.
And the characters surrounding the two people, mystery and jump.
There is speculation, each person is dead and there are many murders, and unreasonable things are often not justice.
I do not do superheroes that will solve anything.

And it has a taste and it is fun, I also like this story.
I did not try to make use of that taste at all and this animation that killed the original taste made the evaluation "worst".

2016/05/19 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 315 Host:514 Browser: 9081
A refreshing adventure story of energetic girls and thoughtful boys. This is the general image of this work. Certainly it is unreasonable to think that it seems like it if you look at the outline of the story, character design, theme song etc. However, this work has too many problems to enjoy like that, so it can not be highly appreciated.

The story outline of this story is to try hard for the main characters to end the war and to prevent the war again from occurring in the continent where the two major powers continued the war for a long time. In the meantime, funny romance between the characters is drawn, and it can be said that it is a story that can be said to be exactly the royal road. The problem is that stubborn points are noticeable in the story development and how to handle and draw characters.

Why did the two countries that had been fighting for a long time of thousands of years, the Federation of Roxianuk (Roche) and the Bezer, the Union of the Kingdom of Ilitza (Siu Baleh) kept fighting? It was hard to understand. This alone is too weak as a reason for long-term warfare (as long as the war continues, other reasons will accumulate), the mural pain discovered by Alison (the figure that the two ancestors are making friends is drawn ) There is an impression that it is too unlikely that the end of the war will be faced easily. I think that it was reasonable if we explored more background, for example, both countries wanted the end of war and it was clearly stated that only the opportunity was needed afterwards. I should have put more effort into just being the biggest incident in the work.

There were many unnatural points about the depiction of characters. About Allison and Ville, who are the main character of Allison. In the final episode of the first half, the story about the transcontinental railroad, Alison will reunite in unexpected fashion with his father Stoke (Aikashia) who should have died. The only thing I would have liked was the reunion of the impression of the father and daughter, but the problem was that the person named this stalk was a ruthless person named "If you sacrifice an innocent person if it is for the cause of world peace". If one's father was such an outrageous person, ordinary people will be shocked and many will confront. However, Alison never accepts his father nor criticizes that act. After that, I will not get angry if Stoke brings Beloved Ville into my organization and parting with him. Even if it is Ville, even if it is demanded to murder in Stoke (shooting an armored car with a heavy weapon, it is unlikely that the gendarme in the inside was safe), I will almost accept it without resistance. The opposition to being separated from his wife of weight and neither myself nor the fear of dying hands in acts of misconception (even those surrounding people have no doubts about their behavior) ). I feel a sense of incongruity around here.

Why are we so obsessed with this thing (in common we are accustomed to accusing him of being angry). I feel uncomfortable saying this clearly. Whether everyone should understand that "It can not be helped for the peace of the world" is also scary, though. However, to refrain from criticizing the acts that are inevitable in reality is totally unacceptable as the character of the hero and I do not remember any sympathy. I think that it was a big drawback that doubts caught up to Alison's personality (it seems to be the same cruel character as Stoke). There may be opinion that this figure is "wonderful" if you wish "to protect anyone who loves you" is wonderful, but if you do not wear mud well after suffering properly it is just selfish How troubling, there should be something "Do not do as a person, do not forgive".

As for the latter half of Lilia's main character, Lilia, unlike Alison, Will never had a question mark personally. Her problem is to be too ignorant and stupid in the story development. Indeed, Lilia is not aware of almost anything in the main thing (I noticed that the boss Akira Trays was the prince). Whether Travas (adult vill) is her father or what he is doing now, Roche, the children who participated in the charity flight for the intelligence division of the Sukho Bailuir to wipe out terrorists I did not know that I was in danger or nothing. As a result, even if Lilia's spirited speech is brave, it will result in a convincing loss on the story. For example, she was abusing terrorists who took the children of the orphanage hostage hostage for the purpose "to save the country", but her father and grandfather also dangerous those who are innocent for "cause" It is thought that "I raise things about my own house on the shelf as it is" as it is exposed to the fact or it has taken the lives. Of course, Lilia does not know the outrage of his father and grandfather, but being such a story itself should be said to be a flaw. If Lilia criticized terrorists and travas as "a hole of the same hole" with the knowledge of all the truths and conflicting conflicts with fathers and grandfathers, the power of remarks was totally different .

Well, the biggest problem of this animation is that the theme of the work itself has unacceptable points from the perspective of ethics and justice. As stated above, Stoke was a man who did not look at it at all, even if he sacrificed innocent people to stop the war. However, his actions were hardly criticized in his work, nor did he receive rebellious reproach. It can not be helped that this work is issuing a message saying "No problem in killing innocent people if they are to protect peace in the world". The fact that Stoke did not receive any reward brought uncomfortable to those who disobeyed justice and raised doubts as to the character of the hero. Why did the staff make such a content? At the very least I think that it should be revenged on the bereaved family who he had come to hand or should be developed to a minimum at least with Alisons (this is about to be dropped I should have put it on).

As mentioned above, this work is very problematic. Although it is not a content which can be enjoyed very well afterwards, we think that it is extremely bad because we are only making the outer side "happy end". Whether to make it more fun (Do not just try to die but decide to be conscientious so that the personality of Stoke can also be familiar, so that Ville decides not to leave Alison, too), hard-serious I think that was going to rush through the route either. Evaluation is inevitably extremely difficult (evaluation "worst". Old evaluation "very bad" is changed).

It will be the last. Many of the problems of this work originate from the original (it was almost the same when passing through the corresponding part of the original). However, since animation and the original are different things, the staff should not have missed correcting the problem. Perhaps he was afraid of the criticism of "ignoring the original," but this criticism is abused like a "magical word"), but I believe there was a responsibility to change if the original itself had problems. As a matter of fact, in the early stages of this work, such as helping crewmen of fighter aircraft dead in the original, we have changed the depiction of the original quite modestly. So why did not you do it throughout the whole work? If so, a considerable part of the problem would have been resolved.

[Since the purpose duplicated and changed the evaluation, we deleted all old sentences posted on July 15, 2008 and February 18, 2009. May modified on May 25, 2016]

2015/04/28 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31499 Host:31598 Browser: 8949
Looking at the package of the work and the introduction part of the first episode, it was the impression that it might be a youth story, such as a youth story or such a lineage in which boys and girls in Europe and the United States appear

Actually it is a work which develops considerably scale from the first episode, it was able to enjoy without being saddened even after being drawn in one episode two talks.

I knew in advance as information only that it consisted of two parts, largely divided into two parts. I could enjoy only 1 copy, but the connection from part to 2 part is also wonderful. I remembered Kaleidostar somehow after a bridge story. Maybe it's been a hot topic recently. Kaleido star was also nice, but this work is a work that felt that there is a good merit as to what the genre is different.

It is nice to say that it is funny to expand, the setting of the end of the war, the character of each character and the directing, but I think it is interesting that the whole part of the final stage is exciting, etc. as a whole I am here.
And Alison and Ville, good depictions of the relationship between them. Allison 's unrequited love? Depiction continues to receive a strong impression, but it is what there is a thought to Allison of Ville.
We are raising it to the last part of the first section. Alison says the expression of affection that Allison is seeking for Ville and that which Will shows to Allison, but that is why Allison 's expression is a value value influenced from the surroundings, for example, a hero and a princess It is drawn in a directive that shows herself in front of you with a chimney in the countryside suddenly and shows it in front of you and turns her hand to Ville's arms with a glittering eyes as "nice ~". From Alison, she confesses love, plays a kiss and the like in a suitable atmosphere place, we are seeking that relationship with Ville. But Ville is always a reaction to disappointment of Allison's expectation, or something rascally speaking, a dull man reacts. But, in fact, Alison has always been an important existence for Ville, it appears in the behavior that Alison always follows. Even though we are not expressing a vulgar expression of affection, Ville 's thoughts on Allison are very deep and important, and as that goes to the end it will become a visible form and will bear fruit.

In the evaluation sentence of kunku who is a bit caught a little, the feeling of the latter part is written from the first half, but I absolutely appreciate the first part. It can be said that very good evaluations are being made against the first half until connected to Part 1 and Part 2.

2012/05/01 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31104 Host:31138 Browser: 5345
In a word, it is such anime that neither poison nor medicine

War and murder, all tend to be heavy and dark all tender at the happy end.
It is such an NHK-like animation that children can show with peace of mind.

Well, if it is interesting that such animation is interesting, or whether it remains in the hearts of children, that is not the case ...

I think that it might have been good to have some message nature on the front with a little more adventure too too, it is a work of "ordinary" in such a meaning that it is too coherent.

2011/09/28 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9468 Host:9605 Browser: 9466
This animation is composed of two pieces of Alison and its daughter Liliaa.
Both included love comedes with suspense elements.

Allison's edition starts with Allison and Will's treasure hunt between war orphans. It triggered the war of the two countries that had been fighting, and the soldier he was looking for becomes a hero. Three people happen to hide behind the princess in the northern country, which leads to rebuilding of the royal family. Alison's father, who was believed to have died, was engaged in intelligence activities, and the invited vill would go on the same road.

Although it is the first half so far, the beginning of the treasure hunt of a war orphan is suddenly absurd, and the fact that Alison and Will's ties are torn apart by Allison's father's intelligence activities is repeated twice in the divorce of his father's daughter Even until I felt that I was deeply involved in fatherhood to make my daughter unhappy. It is the first half where the bad stories including the area here were noticed.

In the second half, in Lilia, Alison's daughter Lilia and Trays will be talking about. Trays is a son of a soldier named himself who is qualified as a son of an inn in the northern country but actually became a queen and a hero, desperately concealing the fact. Rather this love comedy is refreshing. The two will get caught up in various incidents but avoid them by various tactics. Although it is involved in conspiracy of the royal family, they are also a halahara story that avoids somehow, including the help of Lily's father who hid his identity as Alison or intelligence staff.

Lastly it is a honorable mention that the curtain is stopped by the transfer of trays from North Korea for Lilia who was in trouble with the opponent of the dance party partner, and there is a feeling of refreshment centering around Lilia.

Therefore it is evaluated as "good".

2011/07/22 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33269 Host:33026 Browser: 6403
I like Keiko.
Lily is cute and likes stories.
It seems that there is no grotesque or somehow, but it is really nice.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

It is awesome!

2011/05/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 34710 Host:34611 Browser: 3012(Mobile)
Although the target age may have been slightly lower, it is a work that is easy to see without having a difficult setting etc. if you return the back.
I think that how to get in the story was good, I was able to continue watching without getting tired.
It was a pleasure for the main character to shift to Lilia on the way, but Alison was also well active.

I was amazed when Ville ceased to exist, but the deployment from there was probably what the viewer wanted.
Although there is also a somewhat aggressive deployment, I think that it was collected as a story.
OP and ED also got better while listening, it is a good work that you can feel free to see

2011/01/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7013 Host:6757 Browser: 12340
Original unread

I watched it because it is an original work of Ranaobu, but the target age was lower than I expected. Because it is for children, I think that there is no way it is expensive to expedite expedientism.
There are battles, killing, etc., but there is no grotesque at all.
The flight fight is also less powerful than I thought.
Since the ending ends with a happy ending, the aftertaste is refreshing.
It may be better not to look so much except those who like this setting.

Evaluation is normal.

2010/06/14 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41387 Host:41138 Browser: 4891
Review by MAG. Net "Mizuki Nana" feature and NHK - BS 2 connection.

[good point]
Please watch it with your child 's work, children.
OP.ED of the chestnut coder quartet is popular.

[Bad point]
I wrote that it is for children, but it is unsatisfactory. Violence. I understand that you must refrain from depicting blood.
The voice actor is really gorgeous. However, a dark-pot state.
Airplane. Air combat. Well, since I saw the "Air Force's Great Strategy" that I was doing at the Satellite Movie Theater at the same time, I have no choice but to bear it.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a passing score work, it was disappointing. Evaluation "normal".

2009/08/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 124 Host:170 Browser: 6217
Setting (15) 12 point story (25) 15 points
Drawing (15) 10 point production (15) 7 point character (10) 7 points voice actor (10) 7 points
OP.ED (10) 6 points total (100 points perfect score) 64 points

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Original work by Lanove. The setting is good. But what is it sober. Is it something you could not have done a little fun?

2009/07/06 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7975 Host:7940 Browser: 6886
[good point]

[Bad point]
Pushy deployment.
Real Mechanism.
Although Alison (active bullish) and Will (balance) were balanced, Lilia's edition does not clutter Lilia nor Traze.
Lilia's edition tires to see.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I think that I can see it in my free time.
Because I do not feel bad.

2009/06/20 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31671 Host:31699 Browser: 8713
I think that good or bad animation for children, even adults are not fun.
I bitterly smile unexpectedly to the speed of deployment too much. I tried to select it properly but it was frustrating before Lilia appeared.

Impression of the place, that it might be good in terms of saying that it can be shown to children with peace of mind.
Very bad if you think about fun.

2009/04/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27955 Host:27988 Browser: 9572
[good point]
Anime The gap between an animated character and a serious story or saying that she is fresh

[Bad point]
Alison of the first half and Lilia of the second half are exactly the same

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I thought that there are many points that are convenient for the story, but I did not particularly care about what I was seeing

2009/04/24 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31139 Host:31447 Browser: 8759
[good point]
Interesting. Because Alison's thought is because Ville is not.

[Bad point]
There is a brute force place

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Good funny best

2009/04/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 118 Host:69 Browser: 8002
[good point]
Overall interesting contents. Occasionally battle and later a light romantic emotion.
The songs are not bad, the picture is quite as anime.

[Bad point]
Mural pain discovery and Trazz survival are too aggressive.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Personally a good work.
I love Lilia. Look at the feeling that became a traze

2009/04/07 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11707 Host:11933 Browser: 8455
[good point]
It is warm hearted. Regardless of the person, the conversation was awfully pleasant.

[Bad point]
I felt the last slightly ended.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Tense suspense, people who want to see fighting should not expect.
The scenery inside the animation is also beautiful and I want you to see it as a healing or human drama.

2009/04/06 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28160 Host:28224 Browser: 8090
When I was watching for the first time, there are surprises (suddenly few as this kind of parents and children) who suddenly doubted as "who is Lyria?"
A light adventure thing of a healthy girl and a boy pulled by it. It is neither over nor below, nor does it seek anything else. I feel like Ville and Trays, and enjoy the cuteness of Allison and Lilia. If you look at that, it's really cute.

Although it seems like a lump of action power, it seems like a mass of action power, but Alison's yakimoki who can not say a word of "like" to a boy by all means and a smile of sinful insensitivity of Will's.
Lilia who combines mother 's behavioral power and insensible father' s insensitivity, and Trraz 's kun who seems to have not learned how to treat a woman by her father is a misunderstanding of passing.

But I personally liked Alison of Lilia's edition. Alison is already Alison. Although it was a child who did not have sex appeal when Alison was edited, in the Lilia edition it is sprinkling the sex appeal of the widowed child (formally).
However, when thinking about living as a spy, you better spend the night with a little more attention, Viru.

Although it is a work that does not become poison or medicine as long as it is a little, I enjoyed it personally. Evaluation is "good".

2009/03/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15230 Host:15119 Browser: 9326
Unfortunately this work seems to end without being able to fix the gap with the audience until the end.
Of course, what the viewer expects is not equal Ryosaku.
Was this shift that I felt when watching it, was not the gap that the work has in the first place?
In other words, it is a gap between the character of the character and the way of the work world.

The story that a boy and a girl have each past and encounters with some kind of opportunity exist in ancient times East and West.
This story also shows the development that the boy changes the world by being related to the girl who is the hero of the story.
The difference from many others is that while the majority makes a major incident that changes the world climax, the story is to make it an introduction.
If a character who accomplished that much importance thinks that he will live calmly after that, careful setting and stone will be needed.
Did Cinderella, who had only experience as a civilian, live happily in the royal family?
We do not embrace such infernal doubts and only to focus on success experiences, so many later said that "I lived happily forever."
"Allison and Lilia" is a story of "after" that writers want to avoid if possible.

The setting that the long-term war is over by the discovery of the mural pain is nothing but forceful.
If war goes on for a long time, both sides always call for a chance to peace.
I fortunately adopted this because it is a cultural discovery called mural painting and it is hard to complain politically, the war ended.
Anything was okay.
The origin of mankind, which is the cause of war, was nothing but a subject.
If you seriously make this a cause of war, you can not help doubting the author's insight, but it seems natural to think that information has been manipulated in the long-term war situation and it has been tampered with more popular direction.
That is how long it was in a battlefield.
It seems strange that they are born so much that they are born and do not know the world that is not in war state.

Eventually their peacefulness makes the viewers uneasy.
Not only the information department, but also someone who leaks inadvertently information in the incident involved in the royal family.
Those who do not directly connect to the mural pain discover but who hold a grudge against the world transformation are never a good general public.
I think that someday they are identified and sent on criminal charges after being tortured and innocent sins, I feel irritated even to the love-comer-like development that is supposed to be sweet and sour.

Once Arai element was under construction, it was written that the meteorite falls at the culm of happiness, the climax of the story, in order to finish life with the Prince and Princess happy, not realizing it unless you finish everything.
No meteor stone appears in this story.
This world chose continuation.
And now, Alison and Ville have been involved in the secret of the failing world.
Lillia mothers who can not be separated from those who have been involved afterwards Trrazes who are false Trades overlay if their lives that are built on lies and concealment are finished without being uncovered.
However, their descendants are destined to hand bombs all the time.

The gap that I feel in this work has come to a place where it can no longer be repaired.
The more they behave, the worse the audience becomes.
It is almost the beginning of a horror movie.
It is a usual way to make families and friends particularly happy and to highlight the future tragedy.
It keeps working all the time.
What a sadism!
Although it is unlikely that Ville's sadist adjustment which did not say a word of "I love you" continuing to scorn all-around childhood Allison and exchanging information.

2009/02/26 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31859 Host:31874 Browser: 7509
The ground animation, the power to draw into the story is too loosely retired on the way.

Impression that I could not get out of the anime range for children.

2009/02/23 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 31582 Host:31535 Browser: 3674
[Good point] I think that it is an animation that can be enjoyed by families, not for children.
Voice actors are luxurious

[Bad point] I want you to make educational TV for next rebroadcast as well. (Why BShi !! I can not see it in my place)
It is over omitted as compared with the novel

[Comprehensive evaluation] There was a scene that was surprising quite a while watching this animation. (Major Stake was Alison's father, Ax who is a travus subordinate was a daughter of Captain Graz)
I have not seen it until the end but I think it is a good work for me.

2009/02/09 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19730 Browser: 7779(Mobile)
It is an adventure of a boy and a girl. Personally, these are pretty cool points .. This work has different things.

OP and the theme song was a healing system, a good song that made the image of nature, the world and adventure. However, from a later point of view it may have been the source of excessive expectations for the work.

The adventure of the heroine, Allison and the hero Ville in the work usually plunges his head from Allison's runaway.

Although it is not really planned, it is a seriously unnecessary thing to think as a soldier, it is a ruffle, but I will solve the case with his own heartbreak, luck and coincidence.

I think that this is also ant if it is a slapstick adventure activity for children. However, because there are many descriptions that are quite serious, this is nothing to be felt but a hole in the scenario.

Especially the act of Major Stoke by a luxury train is undoubtedly a crime, but it was uncomfortable that nobody was blaming about it, passing through unnatural. It was enough to cut down the desire to view in the future.

I have not seen it from Lilia's story, but the evaluation is "very bad".

2008/12/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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The original is unread, Lilia and Trays version is unviewed.

I think that I am doing a way to make a horn like NHK series.
How to enter the talk is safe but I thought that the part of the talking story is quite aggressive each time.

Although I judged that it is difficult to evaluate the main line to myself, conflict that Allison 's Will not be able to convey feelings, love drama did not get bored with the ground.

2008/12/23 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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For me who read the original a little bit ....
Animation does not look like Mr. Kurosaki at all!
Mr. Kusan's picture is soft and I like it very much, but animation is a painting that is hard!
Evaluation is "very bad" because the picture is not similar

2008/12/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Original is unread.

The story is simple, more worse, there are many expansive developments.
But the picture is not bad, there is also no erotic element. Although it is aggressive, I feel the enthusiasm of a character trying to bring the world to peace, it is a good anime to see with children and family. A voice actor is also gorgeous.

2008/11/21 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
OP.ED is good, lyrics are also beautiful.

The story is solid, well done.

[Bad point]
I think Lilia and Trazz edits were not very interesting. There was too much talk of Trraz's identity and propose. The combination of a vigorous and active girl and a smart boy who is doing good, was also a charm of this work.

I feel a bit strange about the animation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Now it's a good work that you rarely see. It is recommended for people who want to see well-made animation.

2008/11/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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OP was a healed song and said that he likes mother too. It is animation made for healthy children.

2008/11/13 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
1. It makes the dark and lonely night bright.
2. Very peaceful feeling.
3. Even small children can be seen with your mother.
4. Luxury voice actor people group.
5. I am reading the original, so it's easy to understand the story.
6. The opening and ending match with anime and I think it is a very good song. It is my preference.
[Bad point]
There is no reason! 〓〓〓
I do not see it if there are complaints.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Super super !!!
But it is sad that there is no animation version of Meg and Seron.
Someday please broadcast !!!
Then I will definitely see.
Even substituting for life !!!

2008/11/01 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
A gorgeous voice actor.
Strangely realistic mechanism.

[Bad point]
A somewhat story development.
An expedited depiction.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I saw it to the end. I do not know the original, but it is a work that comprehensively summarizes the two stories.
The story goes on with the leading part Alison and Ville, the latter half Lilia and Trays are the protagonists, and one episode is summarized in four episodes. This work is a little doubt as to what time the broadcast was BS and the time was 23:30. It seems that rebroadcasting is not for adults from saying that it is Saturday morning and its contents.
Then, I think that it is good. Anyway, the voice actor is luxurious, the acting is wonderful and it matches with the character very well and watching with a feeling that it is a little killing (ignoring the story etc.) It is a complicated finish in minutes. Next, the mechanism is drawn very well. Especially not only the appearance but also the airplane felt that it was very felt that the beginning of the process started from the biplane machine and gradually evolved along with the progress of the story. Also, the first car that came out on the train, the last episode, was nice and nice.
Then, I think that it is bad. Anyway, the story development is uncontrollable and it is a continuation of congruence from the beginning to the end, it is a boring work and it is a Tedemo work that the story will be totally unknown if missed once. At the end of each episode, it surely makes me stunned by its super expansion. First, the first half. The point that the war ended unexpectedly by mural discovery discovery. Next thing Fiona is quietly recognized as a queen. The point that Ville gets buried in an intelligence office is making the story cheap. Then, the second half. I came to say the treasure of the royal family was a mountain path. And how did Trrazes who fell from the last cliff survive? Roughly five points are listed. Volunteers come out as many pieces as this work. I wonder if it is a work you enjoy enjoying rough searches like this. Also, this work is very painful as it treats an airplane as a car sense though it is this design. For example, try to land at a meeting place. It also hurts to establish a conversation with the hero riding an airplane with a person in a train or building. In the time of the talk, I'm doing this detailed work I just had a content that is too painful to say. There is no further possibility of a battle scene. Taking villa occupancy as an example, it is too poor at the end of the vill to whom Vir who should not go if the royalty protection must give priority to plunge trills into bullets and rescue Lilia.
I guess a plausible theme, but it is a work that suffers what I wanted to do after the expression was overdone too much.
Evaluation, but it is very bad.

2008/10/07 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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[good point]
The story based on the theme of "peace" had no extreme development and was easy to see. There is a sense of security that you can see even in familiar people and familiar with animation. There is no extreme depiction, it is fresh white and familiar, so it can be seen regardless of human preference. Music making was also very good.
Casting more than anything. It is horribly luxurious. Because there are only skillful factions, it is worth seeing enough only with those acting.

[Bad point]
Although it is a simple Hanashi, it adds an extra factor too much. As an action, it is simple as a suspense with mediocrity, intelligence fighting as the main. There is a contradiction and impossibility in the behavior of the character, because it is poor at putting hints. Moreover, I could not have written a script with strangely spoken expressions. Simple, simple, yet pure animation has become a good thing but meaningless stretching has created an impression of merely coarse and poor animation.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I do not know the direction of making the power of the production side. We are focusing on casting, but composition and description are boring. It is a disappointing work that has ruined it although it had an element of animation which can be seen in a family who has become less crowded now.