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Other media: Comics:Aquarion EVOL / Literature:Aquarion EVOL
Anime total pnts rank Rank 6,122in 6,603 titlesTotal -9 / Deviation 45.98
Anime avg pnts Rank 2,395in 2,887 titlesAvg -0.29=Normal/31 reviews
Anime rank of 2012 Rank 211in 238 titles
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Graphic2.14(Very good)22
Music1.91(Very good)22
Hot heart55%12/22
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Information about this title

Shoji Kawamori SATELIGHT Inc.
Yamamoto Yuusuke
Mari Okada Shinsuke Onishi Masahiro Yokotani Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Chinatsu Kurahana Takakura Takesi
Hidetaka Tenjin
Yoko Kanno Ayako Otsuka
Masafumi Mima Eight Bit
Yuuki Kaji
Ai Kayano
Kana Hanazawa
Kouki Uchiyama
Jyun Fukushima
Yuuichi Nakamura
Hiroki Yasumoto
Daisuke Namikawa
Suzumura Kenichi
Kosuke Toriumi
Ayumi Fujimura
Megumi Nakajima
Kensuke Satou
Yui Ogura
Keiji Fujiwara
Sakura Tange
Suwabe Junichi
Kobayashi Sanae
Japan Released:2012/01/09(Mon) 01:35-02:05 TV TOKYO Corporation TV / End:2012/06/25
Official sites
1. http://aqevol.com/ (Translation)
Official Twitter
1. http://twitter.com/AQevol/
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Song:Yui Ogura
Lyrics:Gabriela Robin Akino Arai
Compose:Yoko Kanno
Arrange:Yoko Kanno [Fan reg.]
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2016/10/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12667 Host:12509 Browser: 5153
[good point]
Story in the series Charadesa up to the first half of the story It is the same as the previous album Good songs that are not different
[Bad point]
Stall from the second half

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although the original evaluation was good even though it was normal, the neighborhood in the first half was quite funny and evaluation was "good" because it was favorite in the series.

2015/01/17 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 24095 Host:24094 Browser: 4894
[good point]
Overall the quality is high.
Attractive characters are very important for supporting characters.
[Bad point]
The hero is said to be herbivorous because it is incompatible with the animation of this hand. Besides, the heroine is the same type.
Although the deceased person comes out to the character, since it is basic an idiot, it is not necessary.
[Comprehensive evaluation]
Quiet and delightful world work.
The drawing became beautiful, I lost the fervor and enthusiasm that Wake has not understood.
Because it moves the coalescing robot of originally unpleasant setting,
The pilot needs a runaway power enough to cheat at all with a scream of spirit and deadly technique.
However, the main characters who will mainly talk about are herbivorous in both Germany and coix.
Amessa, Mikono, Yunoha, Jin and Jin are not good behaviors for everyone in their low grade.
After all Andy and MIX move like a foolish character, but again somewhere wisdom something.

I think that it is a hot idiot that lacks most in this work.
Whether it was trying to sell it as a character, was it a failure to consolidate with Tanbi beauty boy and beautiful girl?
Well then, almost all of the characters in the previous album were stupid. You idiot!

2013/11/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 348 Host:184 Browser: 7861
To be honest, I could not keep up with it.
Nori was stupid and I could not laugh a lot.
Is not there only the creator who was enjoying it?
In the latter half a little serious development came in and I was rebuilding somewhat.

2013/06/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44111 Host:43928 Browser: 10280
[Good point] The beauty of the music background picture The fantasy skill of the deadly technique Mechanical design

[Bad point] A story in which more than one screenwriter lives and all fails because it does not know the previous work and it does not connect

[Comprehensive evaluation] Although it is a sequel to the "sacred aquarion" whose catchphrase and theme song called pachinko at the commercial of pachinko, actually it is possible to enjoy even Mr. Masaharu Kawamori of the original author and general director from this work , I will write a script for you like a scriptwriter who does not know the previous work So it is almost not connected with the previous work Especially Mr. Kawamori and Mr. Okada Yuri of the screenwriter are also in charge of AKB0048 I feel like I'm doing it with the remaining members, so it's pretty stray

Nevertheless, I think that the previous work is a work that you can enjoy as entertainment by the fusion of video and music if you divide it for the previous work now.

However, I wonder if I wanted to make the final stage more carefully

2013/02/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21909 Host:22050 Browser: 7857
[good point]
Graphic music
[Bad point]
The character or hero is overheard and he can not laugh.
Mikono or Kagura is more like a hero.

Story I ignored (destroyed) the previous work Apollos' moob dog setting I do not like how I really like it It seems interesting to resurrect Apollo himself not because he is incarnate.

I feel like I can finish the last round quickly

[Comprehensive evaluation]
you suck.
I already have the same parallel setting as this talk OVA.
Apollo resurrection expectation

2012/10/24 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 33327 Host:33198 Browser: 10265
I think that there is an average level of drawing and so on, but everything else was subtle in everything else.
I have not seen seriously enough to contradict or think about it, so I may be misunderstanding so I will not point out any concrete

Because it does not feel like the story continues although it is a story, it was not interesting for me who liked the work which is a matter of continuation.
It seems that gag is also outright lower neta and not for Robo animation ...
It is not fun because there are a lot of characters acting just by momentum and there is not much psychological depiction.

Evaluation is "bad" I think that it is an example of a work that did not make it interesting even how hard it was made.
If you were looking more seriously it might have been a rather bad evaluation but I did not know the energy.
But it is certain that I think it is a bad work

2012/10/07 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20198 Host:20386 Browser: 7310
[good point]
〓〓〓here are also many funny parts for character setting. It was good that the penetrating setting, such as Kagura who said everything against everything, cheerful and nice guy, unyielding Andy 's incompetence, and a shield piercing the second mind until it is refreshing.
〓〓〓oko Kanno's work is quite wonderful. I personally liked the OP as much as goosebumps from the intro.
〓〓〓umerous techniques such as Godza or Skascape are ridiculous or bizarre outdoors are quite interesting. Although it can not be evaluated as a SF item, it is rather pleasant if it is stupid as well.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓he character can only be a symbol. In addition to the character which is to be ridden. Especially the treatment of Jessica is terrible.
〓〓〓he deployment is haphazard as seems as if you wrote the script in ad lib. Besides, although it is a rare kind of story as a whole, it is too much if you take up the individual developments. Besides, it has no content. I can not make a mystery because I do not even pretend to be pretentious.
〓〓〓erious and comedy lines are not made, and there is hardly anything called sharpness. Honestly, even if it is seriously deployed in that air feeling, those who are watching can not enter at all, and there are many things that can not be laughed even if it is divisible as a comedy. Only laughter as a gag or "mocky laughter" for mere foolishness comes out.
〓〓〓he setting of the previous work was not fully utilized, and it was only a completely jammed setting. Well this is also related to the failure of the screenplay ... ...
〓〓〓n addition, the hints that were not collected are thriller, and the way they are collected is also very miscellaneous.
〓〓〓 will read BL, so I have tolerance, but subtle homo elements in this animation are unnecessary to say clearly. Rather, how to handle in this work is unpleasant in various ways.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The previous work is unviewed. I was hoping for something about what it is like as a sequel to a different color work of robot animation, but no it is a regrettable screenplay. It seemed like I wanted to doubt if I really wrote it in ad lib.
The thinness of the character.Because of poor treatment, childishness of deployment, the absence of sharpness of serious and comedy has been embodied in the lowest form.

As music and some deadwork and character etc were unique things, I thought that it was too much regrettable work.
Evaluation is "very bad" than the worst.

2012/09/17 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 35832 Host:35777 Browser: 11771
By the way, it seems I had not evaluated yet ....
Until the midfield it was funny and funny, but from the second half the talk became heavier and I was watching it was not interesting.
Although I was hoping for a work that seemed to be a stupid work rather than the previous work in the work which started with "soft ah ah ah!", The main line is many and subtle.
From the second half it is often to leave viewing and shoot. The final episode should have been seen several weeks after the main broadcast.
I wondered what the dynamite of MIX would be like and the identity of the paper bag continued to worry, but I wonder if other anxious elements have been eliminated rapidly ...... I was not very interesting to watch.

I think that the height of the tension in the early stage is a sub character, but when it comes to the end it begins to push the main character heroine and the main heroine, I feel that the personality of sub character has not been utilized.
Well, I do not dislike Amata and Mikono in the final stage, but since the shadows were thin from the beginning, I do not feel like I wanted you to draw sub-characters a bit too ....

After that, although somehow the hint was pasted from the previous work, that Apollo was not a reincarnation of Apollonius.
The development of the last stage of the previous work is all denied.
It can be said at the time of the previous work!

Will you draw a little story after the last round?
There are lots of things that I care about somewhere.

2012/08/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1504 Host:1532 Browser: 7740
[good point]
Aquarion's versatile abilities

[Bad point]
There is a feeling that we are going to make love with clich莨〓love that puts out school colors too much and does not feel the sense of urgency of battle to protect the world much

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the previous work, the theme of love as close as eternity of a hundred and twenty-two thousand years, was felt as sort of sacredness, but in this work it feels as if the neighborhood has become slightly dull It was done.
Even though it is an epic fight between stars and stars, I think that it has become a closed narrow world like fighting in the boxy garden because of too much school color.
Anyway, there are many regrettable things.

2012/08/07 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3262 Host:2937 Browser: 4895
For those who value the connection and stacking of stories and characters, it is not highly recommended for those who enjoy deeply digging in the work and can not recommend it much for those who can enjoy light stories with superficial character images and momentum without worrying about the details

[good point]
Stable and beautiful picture
Robo painting and design can be convinced
Although the first period OP song is slightly lower in impact, it is about as good as a theme song of the previous work
First edition ED songs are personally superb songs than the previous album

[Bad point]
The absence of stacking of story, thinness of connection, inconsistency
In spite of the sequel made with the previous work, despite the sequel made before the previous work is added to the setting to which the previous work is to be added, it jumps over the current work and it ruins even the previous work It develops the story
The hero, the thinness of the character including the heroine, the absence of psychological depiction accompanying the behavior of the character and the change in the psychological aspect
The feeling of the character under construction is significantly deviated from the general human sense in the real world
Hints not fully recovered, hints that end up disappointing despite being collected
A mystery revealed with an explanation arbitrarily introduced as a character 's own story
I will not consider the scenes that are said to be unworthy unless you use the masterpieces of the previous work Useless turn around
There is no battle scenes that is noteworthy to Robo but it is noteworthy even though it is a robot thing
Old characters appearing as old designs in reminiscence etc despite the works that renewed character deza and style

[Comprehensive evaluation]
In the midst of what I saw mostly I was betrayed most hurt so far, it was the work I felt was the most severe Even if I looked at the end of the deployment, the setting of the after attachment, how to use the music, the insistence on this work There is also no respect for the previous work The story of the main line does not show spreading too much The beginning of the beginning is still the expectation for the future but the severity has increased every time the story is solved Even though I spent a few stories Regardless of stories and characters, there are many talks that do not make it alive after all or there are so many story talks but it is a really cool work of content though it is a 2 cool work It can also be said to be the cause of a scary pulling hint and battle The punch line was really terrible

There is not much mention or psychological depictions about the actions that the character did and the conclusion that it issued also with regard to the character, and there is not much to draw the process leading to that action closely, so if the character is a general feeling Behavior and psychological change are difficult to understand and it is difficult to emotion into a character, I thought that the storytelling was the most conspicuous though I thought like the most striking Character setting to make it a strange ability and forcibly force character It seems only to make individuality to the personality name I think that the psychological change and behavior around Zessica, Jin, Yunoha, Izumo, Alicia, Kagura are particularly funny as you give them a name of yours how much Even though the main characters are love till the end of love romantic only speechless I was disgusted indeed.

In the previous work where there are few things along the story compared with the previous work, the unique mortal work also produced deathblows in conjunction with the talk development of each story, and unfortunately it is unfortunate.In itself unlucky character itself negative from the beginning A woman character Reika who repeated repeated thoughts and remarks put out a skill that was extremely unhappy while the story was going on, and at the end, there was also a technique that pushed out a technique to cut off misfortune and stacked up with the story so far There was a strangely emotional part somewhat
In evol, I can only imagine mere amusement aims in the state that I put out strange skills according to character setting for the time being

Anyway, I think that it is no exaggeration to say that it is a different thing from the previous work just by the pretense of what is conscious of the previous work It is not a work which I can recommend very much to the previous work fan including the story development

Although I do not think that everything is bad and there are parts that can be evaluated, but since the part that I personally thought was terrible was really terrible tokoton it is the worst evaluation that I can add for the first time

2012/08/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50808 Host:50648 Browser: 5378
[good point]
Until middle
Various element capabilities: hole digging or decaying or inside something unique
Andy: Somehow it seems to be more like the protagonist than the hero

[Bad point]
Later: It leans momentum too much
. Pachinko anime

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Jin who is only looking at the middle part of the previous work, it was fun until the neighborhood where Musou scratched, but it gradually becomes sluggish since then
I think that 1 cool is impossible, but I wonder if I had to spend two courses in the future

2012/07/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21186 Host:21067 Browser: 10809
The previous work is unviewed. Since famous copies 10,000 years and 2,000 years ago ~ was famous song lyrics I knew.

All in all, it is all right. Because it is subtle because it is finished, I will make it low evaluation.
I wanted you to produce with ephemeral enough to put epilogue things in the last round B part.
According to what I hear, I heard that director and screenwriter had combined work for a certain animation work. If I had such a margin I wanted you to focus on this.
The first half was very interesting, but maybe the second half was becoming Gudaguda.

It is a violation of manner to give out the name of other real work, but why could not you use the point criticized for Gilcra that was broadcasted at almost the same time?
In this regard, I think that voice actor Goshiki Uchiyama is the victim. If you hurt a lot of people, I think that you should have punished accordingly.

The first cool OP.ED was very good, but the second cool OP.ED was somewhat disappointing.
I wonder if the song of Yunoha Ogura's song was better only at that time?

What did you want to do by doing something like seeing the first person or the one who saw the previous work for the enemy?
It was disappointing because regrettable introduction was good and it was disappointing.

2012/07/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12010 Host:12222 Browser: 10777
[good point]

Mainly in the first half.
A stunning director, Ahoaho nori was the best fun.
The appearance of Yunoha was personally the climax of this work.

The first - half theme song.

[Bad point]

It was just a dark development, most of the second half.

The second theme song.

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Actually, I have not seen the previous work, but I managed to keep up with the story anyhow.
If it was up to the first half, it was awesome without a complaint, but the second half was a bad day .... While taking over half a year.

2012/07/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29382 Host:29613 Browser: 10295
[good point]
Aquarion sequel Robot design song

[Bad point]
Story (contents of the story) is not good again

[Comprehensive evaluation]
First and last was good,
The middle stage was Gudaguda, it was hard to see.
I think that it was not necessary to submit a sequel if it was this.
Evaluation is bad.

2012/07/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26454 Host:26545 Browser: 5345
I cut it in about the first two talks, but I saw some talk in the middle and the last few talks.
That's why I was able to grasp the story in general.
It probably did not have to be cool.
Below, there are some spoiler. It is a core part.

After all, it seems to be a story of a myth that continues from 24,000 years ago
I understood that the story of 12,200 years ago is the previous work.
As far as it is expected.
The development of a mystery that Apollo was not Apollonias, but a mob dog was reincarnated.
I could not keep up with that.
I expected that the reincarnation of Apollo and the reincarnation of Silvia will be connected.
However, as Apollo is a reincarnation of the wing dog Pollon, is it a relationship with Sirvia who is a reincarnation of the Cerian ...?
I realized that immobility is a reincarnation of Apollonias, but I finally found out, but what is something like that.
It is not beautiful as a myth. I wonder if it will be tied again after 10,000 years and 2000 years.
Okay, was it that the Apolonius (reincarnation) of the previous work was doing something of high rise ...?
It was the development of a level that ruined the work series Aquarion, that is.
There was surprising though. Is there anything else you can find out in that mystery development ...?
I wonder whether it was like sacrificing the previous work.

Well, well, I guess it was time to kill time. Well, it was funny.
Perhaps it was not gag animation, but it seems quite ridiculous although it seems to be a ridiculous part of something like a gag.

Therefore, I wonder 'normal' is OK. I think that it was not bad unless it had Aquarion.
Personally, I do not see much robot animation in the first place.
However, it would be better not to see the previous work fan.
Perhaps, most of the people who have already seen it

2012/07/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 53729 Host:53979 Browser: 10120
EVOL as if I aimed for an ordinary animation route because it was different from my previous work which I loved idiot (B grade) animation. What a grand story such as reincarnation and myth from the past from the first 12,000 years ago is doing is worrying about combining x blue 〓〓〓Older serious guidance etc. when there are implications when young boys' young suffering or immobility odor I think that entertainment work with intense comedy 's head difference will be a love story that is related to the present romance in the present work? I do not think we should do it separately with such an aquarion

The story will increase seriousness as the purpose of the abductors after midfield from the early stage gag line becomes clear. Rare. There is no need to conquer the world separately for the purpose of ensuring iglers, so it is healthy as a large city highly developed as a neighboring city of Diva base and it is not enough tension, abruptly in the crisis of the seed of Abu Dhaka It is a development that feels a stress that makes us think that all obscene Mikage of the outright masterpiece to take actions is a blinding eccentric and it eliminates this entirely. As a predecessor from getting into the base of Abu Da Takahashi in the latter half, the incident before 12,000 years ago (the previous work) was turned over on the Shabu - something - I'm not sure I'm hysterical of men, Story is unbelievable such as shortage of hints and recovery in hasty development trying to cheat on magnificent production

More problem than the story is a character, Amata in the hero is indecisive personality and pushing individuality is weak Medium person, shield and Andy say that there is a presence Mikono of heroine, although there is mind Negative personality that let you not let Amatta steer clear of the gap, what type is this type disliked by the same family name? It is the most unattractive among the female characters of EVOL, Amata and Kagura fight for Mikono I can not think of anything but a reason other than the fate of the previous life. Andy and Mix's Bakapuru, Zehika and Yunoha are cute and it's kind of bad that the sub character is a good impression

And undoubtedly the existence of immovable command of Aquarion's charm. The immovable GEN of the previous work is a huge tree leaning as a huge wall standing in front of young Apolos. Well taught in that quote (or stray GEN) has made our viewers a great deal of fun but what is said to be immovable ZEN in this work What compared to GEN? It is 12,000 times more difficult than GEN I can not respect at least (laugh) It is a fairly funny person, but if you take such a role, why was it good to put immovable GEN as it is?

As for another uranium 3 Mixed Robot Aquarion, battle in Aquarion is fewer than I thought, although CG technology also increased over time to flowing though it was a superb finish. The strange coalescence of the early stage (each one oo-joined GO Aquarion and 〓〓〓〓〓〓changed each time) and laughed with a rare mortal work, but steadily caught myself steadily came within the range of expectation, infinite It is a bit miserable that there are not much meaning for the transformation pattern after all because there are two Aquarion though it is neta out whether it is punch or how many times it is used

[Comprehensive evaluation]
The story is mediocrity, the charm is unattractive, the battle is discouraged, and honestly said that it is removed? What is wrong is that it is not a problem that the producer's consciousness is thin that it is a sequel work Or I felt the merit as a sequel work is that I inserted a song or dialogue of my previous work when I was in a story. This is exactly at a good timing and it got excited and it got so excited Character design change, the enemy 's executive gin near the middle stage spy infiltrate, feel the culture gap in the world where Igl is gonna do with the topic of going to sleep on this side Macross Why are you going to do the Akerion? Denial of the previous work by the related person of the previous work, and I felt a sense of discomfort strongly though it was a sequel work

I thought about making a bad evaluation but that was the last one, just outside the imagination. I'm sad ... But ... I will laugh! Gellagera. Although the mindful face of the producer comes up, 24 speeches are continued to be deceived frantly and honestly done, I will accept defeat, extra and ordinary

2012/07/01 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 28160 Host:28224 Browser: 4894
If you let me run the rush of the final story from the beginning to the end ... I guess the production system will not make it in time.

If the work called Aquarion was made as a result of pushing forward the previous work for the time being, it is a feeling that this work tried to aim for the work called Aquarion. That's where the aim is made but it's amazing, but I can not deny the feeling that I'm going to go after all.
I felt when I was told, "Three arrows broke!", I felt when I was told, "Ooi, how can I hurt this ... This is what happens as a result of Aquarion 's seriousness about two weeks. There was no fun of laughter which was nothing.
I thought that the story is going to be tough at the beginning of the opening priesthood (I think that this is the story to be thrown in the midfield saga). There is no corrosive power of Sasanqua in the stones.

That story was made properly for that. However, Andy, a son of Aho, pulled a story from Amata who is a delicate boy of modernity. (In this regard, it may be that thinking in the current that the current animation is slippery and the male hero does not pull the story)
Nevertheless, because it was a form of love or a couple's story center, and because it was a form to process one set at a time, we had a couple of Yunoha and Jin who had plenty of time, Andy and MIX who definitely had a leading role in the final stage About the couple was pretty well drawn. And the triangle relation of the main character of the essence was eating. (Although Donard and Suomi were also taking a break)

Even if it is said to be a triangle relationship Amata 〓〓〓Kagura so it is confusing to confuse the triangle relationship of a boy surrounding Mikono and the triangle relationship of Amita's girls. Then, since it is a hero, I wish I could draw this top priority. (It will be troublesome, so it will not have been postponed ...)
Compared to the surrounding characters full of material spirit, both heroine and heroine are plain, but because the neta character stands out even if it is left out.

Individual episodes are interesting and it may be interesting if it takes a year or so to spend a year or so, but ... it seems to be interesting, but it seems to be a story behind a lot of things, or that it ended while stocking the neta that seems to be usable .
I wrote it even with my head, but if I maintained the density of the final round over the first part, I wonder if all of the material was exhausted. In that case, the last round is a union of six.

Aside from overlooking the last round of the last round. I missed the crucial part of Andy and MIX ...

2012/06/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12973 Host:12849 Browser: 11273
Aquarion's new series.
The previous work (TV version) has been watched.

[good point]
The first half was fun with no complaints.
Aquarion 's stupid (complimentary) Nori was alive, it was simply a fun piece to watch and see.

Although I did not like the character design of the previous work very much, in this work it was refined in a modern style (it became a little deceased personality)
The depiction of 3DCG has also been upgraded via Macross F, etc., and the visual impression is far better than the previous work.

Kanno Yoko's music is still wonderful, the theme song of the previous work at the essential point.Inserted song.BGM flowing,
As a previous work viewer I am simply glad and think that it is a burning director.
(It may feel that it is odd for some people.)

A pure boy ... Meets. Girl 1 episode 2 talk (60 minutes for the first broadcast) is pretty good impression.
Amata, who acts to protect Mikono consistently from the beginning, is a pretty good character.
From the impression of a voice actor (Mr. Kaji Hiroki), I feel that there are many things handled as hetare,
Basically it's one-sided, I keep up my body to Mikono's pinch and I do not think it is totally like me,
Rather it's a pretty good character.
Even girls other than Mikono may "float", but it is adolescence, and that position will be charming.
It is impressive to say that I like Mikono as a human being regardless of fate or past life.
Boy, Meets. Girl has to do this!

[Bad point]
However, such Amata is not noticeable (especially in the second half).
No, there are lots of turns throughout the entire story, and also amateur dramas (such as Mikono and parents) are also developing, but I feel that the impression is thin.
The problem is that the balance between the story composition and the character composition is a bad thing.

First, the character composition.
Needless to say to those who have watched, aside characters are too dark.
The best is its shredding, standing position and nice, painful serif, good death fraud and good (dead at the end), better or worse too conspicuous.
Besides (even male characters), eyeground cheat oyaji, wild beasts, wild beasts, homosexuals, hole digging virginity, tsundere big brothers and so on are all dark.
Although Amata is also a good character, it is difficult to be conspicuous while being surrounded by the dense people like the above because weak or bad good or bad.

Next, the story composition.
It is the aid from the scenario that enables the difficulties mentioned above.
In short, by placing Amata in the center of the story, it is only necessary to create a situation in which no is conspicuous,
Even in the final stage, Andy is crazy about MIX, Kagura is crazy about Sylphy (Mikono), Mikage is crazy about his desire,
It was not good that the talk spread out with Amata.
Regardless of the case where the hero releases a strong individuality, in the case of a relatively thin person whose character is like Amata,
If the supporting persons are moving too much by the main character, there is a fear that the viewer will embrace the impression like "That, you do not have to be the main character?"
I think that around this point, the composition of the story was not good either.
For example, even a hero whose personality is thin like Eva's Ikari Shinji can be played the main character properly without being eaten by other individual characters (Misato, Asuka etc) by drawing him mainly.

The problem with the above configuration is that it is caused by too many depictions of sub characters.
I also wrote in the criticism of "Guilty Crown", but there is no such thing as the time spent on sub-character depiction for two courses.
The main character is depicted properly, the sub character is not depicted beyond necessity, the one who depicted the kitchen, main and sub, separately,
It goes without saying that it will be an entirely coherent work.
Recently, I have a desire to describe sub-characters, and there are many works in which the depiction of the protagonist and the story become light-thin.
Because the tendency of the character 's popularity to be directly linked to the popularity of the work is stronger than in the past, I understand that there is no choice but to increase the sub - character depiction (aimed at increasing the comprehensive power of popular characters).
I understand but I feel disappointed.

In addition, in this work, the setting that turns over the story of the previous work became apparent and various ripples are calling.
Although I myself watched the whole story I watched the whole story but my thought was not strong, it was quite interesting to see such as "Eh! That's right!?" Or "Oh, I will come so!
I also understand the feeling that people who are strongly willing to criticize for the previous work.
If you make a sequel that will corrupt your previous work, it will make you feel like you have been contempted for the previous work.
Even if I have a sequel such as Domon and Rain catastrophe, Sousuke and Kaname get ruined, Ryuko and Taiga catastrophe,
Even if it is good as a work, it will be a complicated feeling that you can not praise by letting go.
People who are strongly intrigued by Aquarion of the previous work may not be able to see this work.

As an aside, I sometimes see opinions that make the writer responsible for all the dissatisfaction of the story part (although it is not limited to this work).
But, as most people know, the script writer does not have the right to decide on the story.
The director's opinion, the opinion of the writer, the opinion of the original author, the opinion of the producer, the opinion of the sponsors and the copyright origin, etc.,
After coordinating those opinions at the meeting, the screenwriter gathers a final story that we finally see.
Of course, the strength of opinion of each section is different depending on the work, so in this work anyone's opinion is the strongest, I do not know the actual point.
Even though the setting of the example revealed in this work was the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓r. Okada Yuri, there must have been agreement such as Kawamori general director and Yamamoto director,
It is inconsistent to blame only Yuri Okada.
(Well, I guess that the idea of 〓〓〓〓〓he example setting will be Kawamori General Director ... ...).

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is impossible overall in general, the first half was able to enjoy it exactly,
A favorite genre of robot animation is a positive point.
It was good that the last two episodes were indeed centered and amateur was properly centered and hot expansion.
Evaluation is "good".
Personally I like it than the previous work.

2012/06/29 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12845 Host:12573 Browser: 9930
〓〓〓The previous work is unviewed. Including spoilers

Character. Mechanical design, BGM, voice actor, drawing etc. "Surface place" was done very well.
Also, digging a hole, but filling in, Moloy = brittle, (Genesis and twin stars) and other unique word play is also fun excluding the crude of Kagura's upside-down remarks.

I did not understand the translation in a good meaning of the first half and gag was also good.
Robots are doggy or something new is new, can not do so (laugh)
Also, I think that the place where you can see mostly in the previous work unviewed was good.


I wonder if it will continue with the robot animation accompanying the strange gag in the first half,
It got strayed to accelerate more and more to the latter half, the final stage.

Scratching the story of the previous work, making it a misunderstood farce,
Actually it is said that it is not Apollonias, but the soul of a dog, while the other is an air, the other is a hero and a rival that are violent (stray) running.
Especially if you do not do anything, the heroine to be made a manse or the character which does not act more effectively are not drunk at all or there are only a few people who are converted to strangers and have purely attractive characters.

In the final stage, all of the members dragged down to the limits without signs of collecting the human relationship of the muddy in the last stage, and it was a gullying peculiarly changed in the mind.The final round of handmade. As for Kagura the character is no longer another person.

Origin of all evil Mikage is sick and honest, it is disgusting and I made a cause of the illness even more Immaculate fixed sidelines ... original, Apolonius (principal)
Is this a thing called a farce?

After all, what did you want to do? I just did not get what I wanted to show, and there was no fever or fun from the second half.

EVOL. In other words, if you want to draw a love, love it is just an obstruction that you do not need a meaningless setting like romance prohibition,
Because it is such a thing, as for the main character Amata, since there is no relationship between the two people who stacked up, the speech disappeared as much as "Mikonosan".

Even if it seems to be a gag, even if it is a development of a muddy, Seriouss can not laugh at disturbing it, even if there is no obstacle, it slides considerably.
As a result, I just converted my previous work into a farce and just bought my anger from the fans.
Works that were excellent except for the worst story script, director's directing.
I am really sorry for the staff who did a good job.

Somehow it is very bad, considering the good points listed first.

2012/06/29 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7268 Host:7250 Browser: 6040
The explanatory place is only a drawback when it is done normally, but this is the effect that turns into the neta by anything (Although it seems to be a union scene, somehow, what percentage is somehow, a person of a robot face, The presence of a stuffed animal child, everyone.
Whether the use of 3D CG itself is also "explanatory" and that the neta effect is also in video.
The place which is doing all that video and dialogue ... (In fact, it is quite a picture / music side, it is considerably time consuming and it is easy to imagine it is not too easy to imagine, just to be enjoyed as it is).
Well, well, I'm accustomed to myself or rely too heavily on that technique, I hate that I do not feel the impact so far.

2012/06/26 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 12744 Host:12668 Browser: 9671
It is based on last time

[good point]
Theme song Character picture Voice actor drawing

[Bad point]
As it turns out, this serious line of lines unique to this series. Well I personally do not mind.

Sexy clothes of ZeSica and aggressive personality like timing of getting closer to Amata, that things are not going to be particularly with Zehika's characters, so that the balance between the hero's Amata and Mikono's Zekisha of heroine is half full .

Ogura Yui 's ED from the second cool. If it sheds 11 episodes, Yuno's thought should have been shed by a dead story .., honestly it is light if it is Aquarion's style. Yui Ogura itself is cute in her voice and she is young and I'm expecting it as a voice actor from now on ... but well I am already one of the popular voice actors.

I wonder if I can make use of the romantic ban setting so much ....

[Comprehensive evaluation]

I thought that negative thinking is both unusual for both hero and heroine.

Kocha is not stronger in Kocchi and the looks are more gorgeous in looks, but I wonder if this was a bit odd ...

Overall it is subtle.

2012/06/24 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5039 Host:4950 Browser: 4894
I used a holiday just before the last one story and saw it at once. When I saw it at the end, I thought that I thought it was a dream (because I was tired at midnight and so I was worrying ...) Hahah.
I added the impression after the last story viewing at the end of the sentence.

Personally this drawing and design is better than the previous work (I also felt like "my sister", but I really like how to write this director's eyes).
The number of battle teams is also becoming less, and among them it is good as an attempt to adjust depictions and entanglements with the works and to separate them as "main", "sub" and "mob" ... but, The heroine of the "main" and the hero and the rival three people have become too heavy. I barely got a scale on a "hole couple" as it is, but I wanted to think about the balance a little more because the other characters are standing at the point where I think that it is a waste at this level of depiction.
The hero or the heroine is always an axis, and it is painful that there is little entanglement between only sub-characters.
Especially I thought that a girl of a certain weak grass hair personally was more cute and mentally than the main heroine, but I could not bear to see like falling down as a donkey, not a new wake to find a love. I am sorry just because I thought that I would stick with my older brother or an older brother who had lost my glasses that repeatedly died dead.

"Aquarion is exclusively for man, there are two aircraft exclusively for women, and the initial setting saying candidate students are blocked by the wall because they are prohibited from male and female unions due to lessons from past accidents" is also "Vandrelet I thought that if I use it well, I thought that I could make various kinds of romantic differences between "Interesting group and Fairness group", but it was rather abandoned at the beginning of the early stages, not meaningless.

The robot action also got straight down with the early "Dogeza" peaked. Two of the basic enemy combatants will sleep right on the side of the allegiance as soon as one midfield. The remaining rivals are also willing to "work" etc. with a keen attention to the heroine ... so monotonically anyway.

Even if some hints are incomplete in addition to others, even if I understand it, they are getting crawled and they are getting withered and steadily.

Honesty Even if I do not write it from now on, there were no places where I thought that I had crossed the previous work except a character.

........ Well, from here we use verbally sticky and fairly spiteful words.

First of all, is the producer side conscious of fans who are doing "repeat viewing", such as recording and buying a DVD ... at least the staff of this work is not thinking of dust too .

In conclusion it is the Apollo reincarnation which was thought to be the reincarnation of the previous work Apollonias although the hero of this work and the rival (the two are also like Taiko and Mr. Wang Tian of Jumping God performance) are the reincarnation of the previous work. What is actually the Apollo (the predecessor protagonist) itself is not the Apollonias, so it was a reincarnation of the "dog" who loved the heroine as Lord as it was accompanied ... ... ... do not know the meaning.
So then Tomah desperately tried different wicked things all alone in the reincarnation of "dogs" and abused as "the dogs" violently with the final decisive battle, talking, understanding, coalescing and saving the earth .... Together with "Dog" ... I feel like I have another one, but it's okay.
More to speak, Sylvia of the previous work heroine was believed to be the reincarnation of a man that I loved a long time ago and was doing a "dog" and tutu ... ... Although it may not be biologically problematic, it is a beast 〓〓〓at the soul level That's right.
Knowing this fact is a question. Can you look back on the previous work again ... I can not do it. Although he has no sin, I can not bring myself to using Apollo, even spar robo that I am currently playing.
By the way, the reincarnation of Apollonias is that owner. In other words, it is a perfectly high profile. I could convince myself if I gave up a hundred steps and complemented all the previous settings with my previous work. Certainly it's like that depiction, do not do it after seeing the touching last round. And above all, there was no need "to set such a setting" anywhere. I simply can not feel reasons other than surprises. So the former director stopped using this setting, is not she a fool?

So the organization table of this work is like this.
First of all, the earth is divided into two "somewhere".

〓〓〓Enemy Earth
Because the system we made weakens the star, since the woman has gone, come to another earth, one Teme quickly make up the child make it hidden if you know that woman is a masterpiece to save the mother star. However, it got bald and brought without permission (due to this series of riots, the main character suffered a lot) but the experiment failed. Unavoidably not negotiating without sending battle weapons without permission, kidnapped women. Finally I found a key woman, but when rivals tried to monopolize, "persuade them to think about the mother star". Total commander of the earth who went on a bride and a heaven by round-throwing, "I let you go after my son" without having to wipe his ass once in a while.

It was born as a division of the hero 's soul, as a result of walking a painful youth age under Dr. Do S (Toma) As a result, Apollo' s "beast component" "self - chewing component" each increased 500% rival.

Although there were various in the past, the last understood to each other understanding each other, became a pillar for the star, but before that just realized that it was actually dedicated to "dog (+ 〓〓" and dedicated to human suffering, The rest and reincarnation of Toma trying to destroy the world to take revenge on the reincarnation of Apollonias who saw the whole story from a safe place with the inner wrestling lol with "super wowros wwww" I think of all the time.

〓〓〓Main character Earth
"I do not know the reason, but I have to get rid of the evil one who attacks the earth", using a boys and girls who do not care about the crisis of their own life as "a piece", "I'm still talking about tens of thousands of years ago And kisho! "Chikyu boyfriend who is heading for Kudzu who is deciding again as a highlighted person again.

...... Now Who can empathize, and how can I convince it? I can not forgive that dad when crying and begging for forgiveness while living alive in five parts. Taka Tomah is still good, Sirius who is gone lolly without knowing such fact even from the chance of revenge is too pitiful.

Overall commentary rather than satellite Animation Supreme Is not there any work that made the previous work a farce?
I do not know how far we can recover with the remaining 1 story, but I hope for a splendid landing so that I want to delete this message ... If not, return it on my Saturday !!
If there is no amendment from tomorrow, please think that it did not cover it.

After watching the last story postscript final story viewing. Well, I thought that it was already the bottom, but at the end of the end it was not even the end ... it was no longer a farce.
"I did not recover any of the mysteries and hints mentioned above, but it ended, rather it would be more convenient to expand," so I did not have any particular impressions.
"Mikono who knows the past and sadness of Micahage (Tomah), he is trying to heal it ... I think that I am confessed by Amata and abandoned it as much as possible. He expanded his arm widely, he was trying to catch his pain, turned over 180 絮〓and amateur and hug & kiss' exactly 'slick'.
"Tomas are totally worthy of being loved by these two people 's love" It is applied and destroyed (the impression is the confession of Deumon with G Gan and the moment the rain resurrected, the debrisan collapsed) "and excitement. And Tomah (to be exact, his grudge, the body convinced and being sealed) Obsessed with evil spirits and become immovable (Apolonias), immovable "Let's accept you and watch the earth with two people!" It is OK for Sylvia even if we know "Apollo = dog" in the last stage of the previous work (It is possible to supplement "you now like you" done in this work),, After seeing it, all the immovable confessed and everything went well if it was sealed on the Aquarion instead of Apollo as a punishment for hurting those I once loved. Damn this case also cause you, you are good to watch, but please clean up properly properly.
"Halfway Kagura and Zesshika" In the end, both people convinced by themselves as they consented and died, and Gudaguda ended without compensating for the inconvenience. If "EVOL is upside down", consideration to the man is not too much. For example, it is good to be half-length around the middle, so Kagura & Zeshika became clear to each other, where they attacked "Don buddy" and fought and set a flag, it also gave persuasive power to the last spiritual exchange Kagura was also "a person who was swayed" from the circumstances that said so, as a "person who likes himself the way he is favorite" (as it seems to be strong minded woman) "and more than anything" a different world couple that Jin and Yunoha could not achieve Although it is half of one side) It seems that it was good with Zesshika and finish even from the viewpoint of saying "Birth". To put it more, her ability to twist is similar to Sylvia's philosophy (the strength of mind is also a sylvia like a vector), and it is good even if it is actually born again like Revolution Silvia or Sirius " I feel it.

... I already understood. Mikono is "My projected copy of script (composition?)" Is not it? It is certainly not bad to make such a character appear, but if you are a decent human "If you are such a character at times like this" This should be such a girl who acts like this at this time " (Scriptwriter or composition?) In the case of a drink shop just expressing just the scenes like "This girl who acts like this is good!" And then, "Since my daughter who acts like that surely is such a personality, I will act like this at this time", I have not thought about it, so the "core" of that character (Mikono) is not finished right. Actually, there was probably a "core" to some other character who made to accept the public, so I did not feel so uncomfortable (but such characters are less depicted). It simply ended up as a creator and idea. The girl who is moved for such reasons is irresponsible (design feels extra just because it is good).

Conclusion In addition to being rotten from the root, even if the amateur looks at it, there are too many places where it seems "I should have done it better", and this work is not only a fucking thing, it is also fucking to other works (previous work) (This is the most sinful heavy) genuine rubbish.
Personally I think that if you participate in Sparrow, you will eat revision as species legend. I want to kill himself with a total attack of all the forces after taking out as an immovable enemy and criticizing all the protagonists.
As it was impressed by the last episode as it was, it was crushed all day on Saturday, so as a result of spitting out all the feelings felt in my heart anyway, I am sorry that it became a long. Thank you very much for reading to the last minute.

2012/06/18 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13308 Host:13174 Browser: 7506
The worst, I can not attach anything. The fan of the previous work is boutique and it is natural content.
It was a sequel made up of pachinko money so I did not expect much from the beginning, but this is not so much.

First of all, from the character, to say hello to the otaku and to say nothing but "utterance" is "hole", "fill the hole" It clearly aims for vulgar lines spoken.
One of the characters Sasanqua expects from Cayenne and Shade 's homoexpansion as well as anything you want to do.
Vague expressions will first be noticeable.

The main character Amata is a hefted air hero, and Mikono is a bad girl who is jealous of Amata being delegated to other women in the habit of myself wielding to other men.
(By the way, Mikono seems to be military geeks in the initial setting, but it seems that Okada 's opinion turned negative girl.
Kagura is a half-hearted set of thoughts that is totally irritated by speech, but it's upsetting what you are talking about, but it's halfway because the lines are not upside down.
Mr. Oyama, carnivorous maybe it may be popular for men's love, but maybe it is a little beast too.

There are unnecessary useless characters even if you do not have an air command (not immobilized), a cyborg instructor, or a sister.
Also, it is possible that Aquarion does not appear at all with only Character's ESP ability battle.
This animation is where you are aiming ....

There is no development which burns as if development of the talk is totally a gag.
Certainly it is sophisticated compared with the previous work, but it enlarges the previous work "Unity Pleasant" and sells a clown.
Although the wonderful music by Ms. Sugano also flows in the work, it is impression that it was greatly lacking hot blood with suitability just to say that it will rise as BGM sink goes for the time being.

It is awful looking only at this talk making, but the real number is from here.
Series structure that is notorious as an original crusher: It is demonstrated by Okada Risato.
Below, spoiler.

It is clear that the hero, Amata (and Kagura who is a good player) is the reincarnation of the protagonist Apollo of the previous work.
It's still good here. (Because I do not like setting up Apollo's incarnation when considering the disgusting character of Amata and Kagura, it is something that was obvious)
Apollo is said to be a reincarnation of the Tempter Apollonius in the previous work, and we loved each other beyond time with Silvia, the reincarnation of the Apollonian's loved human serian. However ....
Actually Apollo is not Apollonias, it turns out that it is a reincarnation of the wing dog Polon brought by Apollonias.

Wing dog Polon is a dog of mob.

It is just a dog which is hardly portrayed in the previous work.
Have you been deceiving Sirvia for a long time ...? Now Apollo is a completely crook. It is an expansion that made a fool of the previous work anyhow.
This makes the development of the previous work climax a complete farce.

The enemy of the previous work, cock sucker is a guy who is passionate about Apollonius while being a man, but finally gave understanding to humans and reconciled.
Together with the apollo of the Apollonian reincarnation body Apollo and the Celian reincarnation piece Sirius, he gets on the Aquarion and becomes a pillar to save the destroyed earth.
Although it was the last work of the previous work ..., in this work, the crop warrior turned into Mikage and it is made to be mad at knowing that Apollo 〓〓〓Apollonias.
The motive of the crop was not a sublime one of becoming a human understanding or a pillar, but it was transformed into an evil spiritual motivation with Apollonias.
I wonder what was the last in the previous work ....

In order to further overtake, the total command in 25 stories, it becomes clear that immovable ZEN is a reincarnation of Apollonia.
By the way, it seems that floating ZEN seems to be the same person as the immovable GEN of the previous work, it seems Silvia misunderstood Apollo as an apolonius, also watching that the head wing misundersto become a pillar silently watching.
Or, it seems that the apollo has rubbed himself in favor of saying Apollonius for his own penance.
It is nothing other than a culprit.

According to Kawamori coach, the composition of Apollo = Polon seems to have been thought in the previous work. However, I decided not to do it.
It is a form that I pulled it out in this work, but as a result I've destroyed everything.
If it is Apollo = Polon, it incorporates at the time of the previous work, cursing fate by being a dog by itself, spinning love, spinning love, and reconciling with crawling on it is essential .
However, because it did not do it in the previous work, if it brings in "the dog" now in the sequel, it will only become a farce that the previous work had cheated the surroundings.
The previous work was completely trampled down for the development of this work.
How Apollo's "Friend" echoes indefinitely.
If you stopped it with Amata = Pollon, Apollo = Apollonias, it would not have been such a thing if it did not involve Apollo well.

Is it possible to recover from this honor the current work that was scattered to stagnant so far though there is one remaining story left?
It can not be expected that not only the previous crash but also characters and deployments are unreasonable.
Therefore, the evaluation is worst.

2012/05/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11316 Host:11302 Browser: 7460
Robot object.
Despite the serious world setting, the theme of each occasion is just bashful at first glance.
That tig hug is being sublimated to a touching touch with a wonderful script.
Character also has individuality and is attractive.
Love is the central theme and you can enjoy it as a love story.

2012/04/29 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
It is still a bit of a stupid style, but a fool is a bit stupid, I feel that seriousness comes out in front as well.
I will return to gag again because it will be over soon. Even in the previous work, seriousness continued at the end of one course finish, I was stupid until the last minute (even seriously it is a foolish thing ... ... Oh, it might be stupid anymore).

Jin's death was particularly shocking in serious deployment. It was quite likable person, but it is surprising that it will die.
The thing that the death gave was great, as it was a character that kept ongoing exchanges that was quite pure and warm.
Because of the style, I expected to live a bit ... ... Oh regret.

The influence of the previous work is quite strong.
Apollo also came out in the past picture, and the English version of "Genesis of Aquarion" also flowed, and there are quotations of lyrics of the opening of the previous work.
I wanted to "get overwhelmed" I blew, but I wonder if "I love you for 10,000 years and 2,000 years ago" or something.
Normally it is too strange as a line ... is not it?

If more series goes on, will amatas appear in the past images as well?
It is quite a big story, so I'm expecting it for series.

2012/04/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 3711 Host:3518 Browser: 5345
I was expecting because I liked the previous work well, but it is quite normal at all.
However, I felt it inherited the atmosphere of Aquarion to a certain extent.

This time I felt the mental age for the character decreased in general.
Also, depending on that, the charm of the character and the distinctive "darkness" have disappeared. There is not much feeling like Aquarion.

Personally I liked it in the previous work is one episode finish and hit the enemy and tighten with the maxim of command.
I am sorry that I was hiding this time though the meaning of that directive and its pleasure were fun.

A habit that I felt like Akumalion was a bit different from Robo Animation or something like an accent was cut and it was as neat as a character design.

Even if it smells, if you expected pig bones, it turned into a taste that strangely gets accepted.

I wonder if the director has changed

2012/04/16 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 22863 Host:22893 Browser: 7513
Previous work (TV version) watched. Impression of viewing until 16 episodes.

[About the work]
The main character, Amata, who has element skills to fly in the sky (simply, superpower), Sora lived behind the trauma of a young age hiding elemental abilities. And Amata, who was doing a bite at the movie theater, met a girl, Mikono, who was impressed by shedding tears as she watched the movie "Aquaria 's Dancing Sky." ...
The stage is after 12000 years of the previous work. Technical level is a distant future, the streets are images of Hong Kong after 12000 years.
Genre is robot mono. The style is basically bright, but there are not many dark stories.

[good point]
〓〓〓Robot - Like the previous work, the design and action of the robot is wonderful. I think that it is good to have two members unlike the previous work. Battle scenes are also hot, and fights that make use of their abilities are also attractive.

〓〓〓Music - The first half OP and ED are also wonderful. The OP changes in the second half, but the evaluation of the latter OP is still a difficult part as it was to understand the meaning of lyrics as we looked forward in the first half OP.
Insertion songs are also high in level, I think that it is also good to use the songs of the previous work in some places. The timing to use is also nice.

〓〓〓Gags - Gags are flying quite a lot and they come to laugh with various means such as robots and abilities. You can enjoy refreshing neta, AA neta, rusty which can only be done with late-night animation such as rotten stuff.
It is also a point that there are many impressive phrases such as "soft ah ah!" And "digging brothers".
It is recommended for people who like chaos gag.

[Bad point]
〓〓〓Overall rough - This work feels a lot of momentum, but even if there is a part that the viewer wants to fuck with "What is it!" "Why is it!" ) We will proceed further. Personally I like this roughness, but I think some people say they do not like it.

〓〓〓Hero and heroine - I think both character designs are good. However, since the psychological description of the hero is not polite and it does not have an attractive character, I felt difficulty transferring emotions.
In addition, there are many scenes where interpretation is difficult because Mikono's feelings are shaking too much.
Because of this, the sub character seems more attractive than the two nature and the main person.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Although it is a work that seems to choose a person just like the previous work, it is quite pointy personally.
Although it may not be said that it is a carefully made work, I made this evaluation because it provides fun as it penetrated almost every time.
I am also looking forward to the future development and what kind of material it will come out.

2012/03/31 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15458 Host:15408 Browser: 7541
I wonder if half of it will end soon ...?
Although I feel somewhat lonely, recently there are a lot of serious times, and gags (and the characters themselves are funny because they do not recognize them) are included quite well.
There are many hot expansion, such as hot friendship scenes with enemy spies, and they are fool animation but can be enjoyed split.
It is unavoidable that Jin really got interested in next time, how about it.
I look forward to it every week. Even if you look at it at once, you can probably enjoy it enough.

It seems that the main character such as Amata and Mikono, the main heroine is air, is already a story.
Regarding this animation, it seems to be "I do do it on purpose!?"
Male character.The feeling that the hero and the main heroine are made to be individualized despite being unique in female characters.

It is good to smoke the connection with the previous work in some places.
Thanks to this, the story advances thinking a lot.

I am a fool animation, thinking animation ...... I think that this anime is a terrible place.

2012/03/25 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25522 Host:25665 Browser: 3468(Mobile)
More than anything, it is far more interesting than the previous work. Characters and story, story and love, romantic love and everyone, everyone's power up. Mixed Robo, Specification that special ability changes by pilot, Upgrading ability by love affair, etc as usual, it is very interesting to understand the flying style. It is a work of this season. I want you to be a pachinko as soon as possible.

2012/03/09 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 11281 Host:11456 Browser: 7353
I cut off one episode in the first term, because I did not accept the content, it was subtle as a character dyad

But for the second term I am surprisingly watching the whole story so far (I'm late for about a week due to viewing with Nico Nico)
Although it is impressive, it is ordinary funny Perhaps it is good to see while chatting with other people on the net while watching television Feels like animation for live condition

[good point]
It is full of Tsukkomicho If it is another animation if it is another animation it puts it in a bad point, but since it is doing a lot of tsukkomi deliberately on purpose, it is interesting and it is also very active that the voice actor plays it with the full force urgently Where you can laugh (other users who are watching while adding Tsukkomi are also interesting)
Very fresh in the sense that you can laugh even in this way

Mikono is cute! Everything!

As usual Akuarion's theme song is not out of place

[Bad point]
I do not need such places

[Comprehensive evaluation]
It will be a little higher and it will be "very good" This time it is likely to be able to finish to the end ..