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Appleseed takes place in the 22nd Century, after the non-nuclear Third World War decimates the Earth. While states like Great Britain, France and China have difficulty maintaining order and power, international organisations like the "Sacred Republic of Munma" and "Poseidon" have been established in the aftermath.

The main characters are Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires, former SWAT members of the LAPD. They are found in the desolated city and invited to join the prestigious ESWAT (Extra Special Weapons And Tactics) organisation in the utopian city of Olympus, the new world's most powerful state. Roughly one half of Olympus's population are bioroids.

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Kazuyoshi katayama Hideaki Anno GAINAX Masako Katsuki Yoshisada Sakaguchi Toshiko Sawada Toshio Furukawa Mika Doi Norio Wakamoto Mayumi Sho Yuji Mitsuya Kumiko Takizawa TamioOoki Mari Yokoo Yuzuru Fuzimoto Kenichi Ono Takao Ohyama Nobuyuki Furuta Masayuki Omoro Yasunori Matsumoto Kouji Totani
This description has the part which was created by referencing Wikipedia, so the licence of GFDL is applied to this description.
Japan Released:1988/04/21(Thu) Media(ex. DVD)
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2001/07/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:9(82%) Normal:2(18%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2409
The graphics coulda been better but I guess the action made up for that.

2001/06/22 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:14(74%) Normal:2(11%) Bad:3(16%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2739
YUCK! I hated this Anime! No offense to anyone who liked it but the characters and the plot sucked just as much as the animation did.

2000/05/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:14(82%) Normal:2(12%) Bad:1(6%)] / Provider: 0 Host:2810
it's ok not very exciting though. it could use more action and character interaction. what the hell were they talking about through half of it? and what's up with that rabbit looking robot?

2000/03/30 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip) Review history[Good:1(100%) Normal:0(0%) Bad:0(0%)] / Provider: 0 Host:1841
Great movie but not as good and the Manga. Writers work is better when given timeto expound on story.

1999/12/28 Worst(-3 pnt) [Unable to delete by yourself/Suggest to delete/Show only this review or post sympathy comment/]
by (Skip)
I have seen this film. Do not see this film.loads of dialouge no freakin action.In between the time that i was fighting myself not to sleep and telling my cousin it was a slow starter I counted a full three action sequences
with the end being the worst as the bad guy finally decides to wreak havoc with the mech only to be stopped with a bullet to (gasp) to the control panel half the city away.The heroes not even there to deliver the one that he gets in his stupid head for not planning ahead and having a gun.

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2011/03/25 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15132 Host:15142 Browser: 7469
[good point]

Battle scenes with speed and power

[Bad point]


[Comprehensive evaluation]

I think that the animation method of 3D live animation was well done. I felt that I was watching a PS2 RPG or an action game introduction movie for a long time rather than watching anime as an impression. I think pictures are so unique that good or bad is a place where preference is divided.

It is the story that I was interested in seeing.
From here I can not tell without any spoiler, so do not look at those who care about such things.

Although the story will progress around the symbiosis of human and bioloid (human clone), it is hard to tell if the character that comes up is human or bioroid. The name of the character is also almost horizontal letters, and there are also a lot of technical terms such as Olympus, Landmate, D Tank and so on, it takes considerable effort to understand and grasp people and contents.

Next, it is difficult to sympathize with the emotions of the protagonist Dunan.
It can be confirmed that the war that I was doing earlier in the early stage was over, but I accept it immediately without any doubt. It is like a friend who died for many years even when a character (Kudo?) Like a name whose name came out for the first time was devastated violently as a result of the collapse of Hitomi who was not close to himself.
Well, I found out about my mother who said that he was hardly remembered.
Even when the man who was a lover fell terribly shaky, I can not sympathize at all because the scene of the past with his lover and his close friends are hardly drawn.

In addition, I do not know well the behavior philosophy of each character and the occurrence in the work. In short, there were scenes that Briareos, Athena and Hades did not understand what they thought and what they were saying, and if it says in the event it's the first battlefield cyborg or where the cyborg that struck when he was on a halfway car I could not understand at all whether it came.
The punch line of the story is also subtle. Pinch of common pattern occurred, it was costly and resolved by all means. It is unknown exactly why it finally resolved.

When it gets popular, there are stunning visuals and directing, but the story is not good work.
Deduction is slightly negative, so evaluation is "bad".

2011/02/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29328 Host:29361 Browser: 12803
[Good point] Although the quality of the image is made easy to be accepted in the world, I felt astonishingly the frightfulness of Japanese anime that can express this high level of expression flexibly,
It seemed that the whole was made by being calculated considerably fairly.
Various elements The connection between the main character and mother, the hero and the former lover's machine was tightly drawn, the emotionally appealing element is firm, there are various love included therein, so too much flashy battle is noisy I do not know about comics that do not make too much impression, but I really want to send words of praise to this visualized work

[Bad point] It is a classic Japanese anime style, and it seems like there is no choice even if you are moving forward with just such nuances as the Japanese picture goes out to the world from now

To some extent, this work is fine as it is, as with any animated cartoon in Japan it is probably a matter of ten years to continue making videos with these TISSOs In some ways the possibilities will end from here From here It is not possible to copy copies of works similar to one after another

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Partial character, a story pattern slightly felt by this work that is unbelievable because it uses the latest technology Every honor student is a honest student, but I have a question in reverse to that part.

2010/05/17 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
Shiro Masamune's second animation after "Black Magic" work.
A story depicting the battle set in the ideal city after World War III.
Tackling the eradication of war, I came to the management society, terrorists who oppose it,
Excuse me for the foresight of the author who is making works that are suitable for the war things of this time around the time the cold war structure was not collapsing (Typewriter and recording tape are charming?
Is the reason why the main character combination is the system side to the end of the 1980s?

For this reason, a colleague, Karon, who was on the terrorist side was another hero.
(Feeling that special ordering of armored scarves, specialized wisdom and dedicated)
It will become a trauma if it is peeped at the memory of the deceased wife forcibly ....
Although saying "0083", it is favorable not to defeat the system side to lift the dissident side.
The figure that Athena General Manager (= symbol of the organization), who said that "Bio Lloyd (including myself) is a tool to serve mankind" is acting together with Duran, but in a figure that mutually recognizes each other without giving out I felt the possibility that biolloids could become equal with real human beings and future hope.
Meanwhile, terrorist Sebastian has become a cold character to truncate his friends,
I devote myself to being a cool villain, such as getting to know himself for the first time by Karon, who was organizing while working.

Although the battle scene is pretty well kneaded but the lack of explanation of the end of the battle development such as the genetic information of Bio Lloyd girl Hitomi is directly linked to the city function is a bit disappointing.

2008/10/26 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 2436 Host:2483 Browser: 3023(Mobile)
I borrowed a DVD, I knew with the introduction before the movie.

As a subject, I received the impression that the human being and the cloned human beings coexist.

The appearance of human beings of the future is often drawn.
The graphics were very beautiful and easy to see.

Battle scenes were especially powerful and powerful.

Although the conflict does not disappear perfectly, it was good that the feelings going towards the future have appeared well.

Evaluation is "good".

2007/09/04 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18453 Host:18387 Browser: 8964
Facial expressions such as people were incredibly beautiful, beautiful and clear, such as backgrounds and actions!
No, I feel emotional that it has made tremendous technology even in the last few years.
It's amazing to give more realism, such as plays.
In that sense Japan is at the forefront.

The apple seed is a main action, the war still continues in the world war, and among them peaceful Olympus is a birthplace where human being coexists with bioroid (emotion-suppressed clone).

I .... It is quite interesting work.
It is also a very interesting animation with the theme being spoken only for themes.

The human who created the bioroid eventually does not give the test a trial to himself ....
Humans are really complex tribes if you think a lot.
Those that produce war are human beings and those produced by war are only tragedies and hatreds, and the way of thinking is extreme, but coexistence may be a less convincing form.

That old man also feels strange feeling that he is leaving all the intention to the Gaia that man produced.
The theme was a sharp gaze, but it is a feeling that I could not digest more than I thought, it is the story that made Dunan's past, action, love main.

Well it is a work that can be enjoyed image-wise.

2007/08/23 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7683 Host:7691 Browser: 5979
Although I feel that the technology of CG has progressed to a considerable extent, I still can not deny the bad feeling of movement.
There is no depth in the story, so it does not remain in memory.
By the way, "coro" composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto is unbearably good. It is a feeling that raises evaluation one by this alone.

2007/07/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 48661 Host:48868 Browser: 5234
As I recalled some of these people somehow while doing evaluation of a certain CG work (the thing which has not become thing) the other day, although it is followed by a thought once ...

Something's strange ... so what's that ... what is it ... I do not understand (a little lie) .......

Anxious point
Character animation kore I think that it was the choice because it was able to introduce motion capture at ultra low cost even though it seems time period ... ... and certainly I think that the movement was as good as it is ... but after all It is strange ..., it is a place I want to evaluate motivation in various meanings of the production side ... Well that ... ... Looking at the result, the Pixar movie of the same year is the correct answer (* 1) Whether it was not ... well Was it a "sorry award" ...

Pictures and stories General Pictures are certainly beautiful, and the story was not as bad as Tsumaranai, but ... Well what do you say ... "Sample me !!" I felt like I did not feel like ...

I think that there is probably no problem on the overall technical point of view, but I wonder if it was a problem that I released it inside not fully mastering yet ... and how much it pours into the final finish Whether or not to say whether it can be included is also a future task ... It is almost like that? Although evaluation is a place I want to make it "ordinary", "Another myself" strongly opposed, this time there As I'm thinking I will support it, after all I will keep it "bad" ... 55 points

Supplement (Indication of personal evaluation)
Highest 〓〓〓90 points> very good 〓〓〓80 points> good 〓〓〓70 points> ordinary 〓〓〓60 points> bad 〓〓〓40 points> very bad 〓〓〓20 points> worst

(* 1) It seems that the basic production stance is different as well, this time it seems to be cost sensitive and emphasize quality ... No, somehow

2006/12/11 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10902 Host:11197 Browser: 6363
CG is .... I can not say it because it is not an expert, but what is it?

Because the original is also not an interesting story "to be honest, I can not say anything about the story of the animated version.

2006/02/02 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25986 Host:25977 Browser: 5234
Impression halfway with somehow.
Even though it is set or talked, it is fantastic because of esoteric ruins.
I expected beautiful 3D, but how to make it feel like 2D.
Although the pattern also has personality and realistic feeling, it is hard to accept.
There were no characters that could fall in love.

I slept on the way and I have not seen it until the end, but the evaluation is "bad".
During viewing, I was concerned about the uncomfortable feeling on the screen.
It seems that I gave unexpectedness in a bad meaning and I am very sorry.

I change from 'Bad' to 'Very Bad'.
Surely this work will never be seen again.

2005/12/31 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 41331 Host:41265 Browser: 3647
I saw the full CG version of 2004.
I did not think that the characters were alive and seemed to be watching the cheesy movies of the game throughout the whole story,
I think CG of inorganic things was good.

On the scenario side, the first half is boredom but it has become interesting from the middle.
It is a type of animation that loses music with pictures although music and talks are so interesting.

2005/11/26 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 49469 Host:49557 Browser: 4925
I heard that it is CG animation, actually I thought that it would not be such a big deal, but I did not think it was a pretty good job!
In the scene attacked by the cyborg around the very beginning, Dunan stretched and scooped away from the lariat in a scroll, so it was so smooth and powerful that I could hardly think of CG Japan's CG technology finally came here at last and, a pretty impressed with the impresses.

First of all, whether what is character and a voice that it is animation also to see that there is, but you have become a problem,
I think that this work is all characters 〓〓〓Human Mi's voice, because it was a person of Osaka's voice famous for Azumanga the Great, "Are you OK?"
I have had thought Te, but what say whether all of the ordinary characters w
I was very surprised at this, that character is or try to compare without meaning not think that is this character ...
Dunan's voice was not bad, and I forgot his name for Cyborg ^ ^;
I think that the voice of that character was also astringent I think that after all the voice is funny, I can not emotionally transfer to that work, and that apple seed was very good

In the content of the story, I had some difficult words lined up not knowing the original, so I had to look while understanding one by one, but the depth of the setting was amazing It is wonderful that the world called Apple Seed is actually expressed as if it existed. Even if a difficult word came out, Hitomi mostly explained it, and that it is not understood until then I think that it was also a difficult stop It was good that this was not understood at all and it may have stopped watching on the way if it was advanced without explanation The flow of the basic talk is easy and it is very easy to understand On the contrary, I think that some people seem to think that the topic of the story will be readable, but if it is difficult to talk about it with this, my shoulders will get stiff. This word is harder to word Would not it just the right to see have worth.
However, I am in love with humans and cyborgs, but how about you ... Although it is to say that as long as you are a lover of a long time ago I thought that the boyfriend of a cold cyborg is not impossible to be expected Indeed it is not a dream w that was or try to wondering

Characters in CG are disgusting, but this work was treated neatly without any discomfort in particular, it was treated nicely, I wonder how that speedy or smooth movement is making how I I do not understand at all, but I think that it is a great technology I am trying to see where I am making this work ...

Although I do not have much to do with it, something some day I felt like I was saying something like "I will become a mother if this is over" on the CM, nor was it the way it ended like a mother at all like...
There are rumors that something like 2 is not going on, so I wonder if it will develop like that

I saw about 4 more times but I thought that it was a good work even though I saw it many times, so I made it a pretty good evaluation After all I bought a DVD and I think that I would like you to see it all by all means Because CG, I would like you to see especially those who think you will not get anything wrong!

2005/09/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 16751 Host:16682 Browser: 5234
Personally I feel unsatisfactory in the part of the story I was satisfied with CG alone in a full 3D CG movie!
Since it is not so, there is not much point to touch on the contents, but since it is a work enthusiastic only with CG, it is feeling that the evaluation is not possible and it is impossible

2005/04/29 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 1601 Host:1675 Browser: 5234
It is an evaluation of the theater version full CG specification apple seed. I did not know that it was once animated. It seems to come true.

Well, to put it briefly, this is a trash.
The basic cause is probably that the composition of the story and the production are not fully utilized. Apart from that, I think there is one fundamental cause as animation. For example, the point that Japanese animation is decisively different from overseas things (Disney etc.) is the movement of exquisitely deformed characters. However, due to CG and accompanying motion capture, its great advantage was dead. It is natural to think that human movement is definitely necessary if it wants to be real, but in Japan it is more natural to introduce a single lie (an exaggeration) into an animation than to such a method, but on the contrary the feeling of livelyness in the movement of the character It should have been heuristically creating momentum. As a result, it seems that the direction of the full CG work is divided into two called real routes and animation (deformed) routes. (The former is a work such as FF, the latter is a Disney work etc.) However, this work ignores the flow of both and fulfills the failure unsuccessfully. Despite being making it as an animation style character, the person movement said to the real route and killed a strange feeling of incongruity and the prominent thing of Japanese animation. This is not a question of not accepting to us we are accustomed to the current animation culture, but it comes from the immature of full CG works. I think that the full (anime-style) CG of the future will return to the former animation director and it will be a take. This work may be able to become a mother of such future work failures.

Even in the story, the monotonous + solid development which appeared to dissatisfaction dissatisfied in various places was outstanding. There are points that I think may be a bit more deep, and I felt like I could not cry because I was showing a poor movie like directing, but there were a lot of useless points. If this is okay probably the problem of CG above should have been dispelled, but it is too bad and rather negative.
Two love love was drawn shallow and it was terrible, and even if the character died, I did not feel sad but eventually became a work that no human existed.
I did not know whether the relationship between the hero and Athena was clear (did you miss seeing?). There are many things that I do not know about this work. It is not necessary to inform everything, but we inherit the bad points of fatal recent years' animation that there is a useless commentary but necessary commentary is thin.
Just the dialogue that the last "i" was entrusted to us was wrong (wrong?) Was very good. Although such a last was prepared, there was boringness of the development leading to it, it was very disappointing.
From the above, the evaluation is "a trash which is more negative than a plus more desperately than a plus".

I think that I would like to watch the original and old animation version ".

Add evaluation
+ Old version

After the CG version, I saw the old work (1988 version) version, but I was able to talk much more than the CG version.
I can quite criticize the level of the old work altogether.
I think that it is better to divide it. As a different work.

Well as an impression, the old work was good. It was a completely different taste from the CG version. As I was watching CG, I was surprised to hear that the disparity was clearly felt, and indeed I was wondering whether the same difference could be produced even with the same original work.
Naturally, the CG version prevails over video technically, but it was the old work that drew a character humanly. CG was like everyone was like a robot, but the older work has something strange (humorous) feeling and it is human beings.

Where Briareos is noticeably different from CG and another in the old people. CG then I thought it was a truant fellow, but in old works it was a light feeling character that I could talk very much. I like the latter. In CG he was like a lover with Dunan, but I think that putting that in is a real short-circuit idea. Old work is just right. The best partner is the character that fits best. Where there is a bad place in CG, there must have been such a place.

There was a feeling that the old work was darker in content as well. I think that there was no useless talk and it was compactly gathered. In CG, too, there were many useless battle scenes to show CG, but that part is still a negative point. As one more talk, it is easier to concentrate on watching people with simplicity talking. In the old work, it was all gathered to make the antithesis against the stage which was regarded as the ideal society in the last centering on the old work, whereas in the CG it returns from the whole war and the hero's love? & The old man's plan & the anti to the ideal And it was not a story that was particularly coherent but was scattered too much throughout and there was a hurry & abbreviation that was made by condensing things of ten stories on television. With this, only a word of last was suddenly, and it was not good that the weight was not.

When evaluating only the old work, it is not so much that you do not have to think about what makes you dissatisfaction with things that are not problematic or contradictory. The picture feels the era, but still enough to be familiar with it.
There was atmosphere of SF even as a rough muscle (story), and it was personally good. Although there was no fancy action scene and it was unsatisfactory, it could be said that it was interesting if it was to say that it is rather a story about a theme centered on a single man.

Evaluation is "good"

2005/04/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18319 Host:18132 Browser: 5234
It is enough to summarize this wide view of the world in as little as 100 minutes. I feel a little unsatisfactory in the time of 100 minutes, but in my case I was fully satisfied with CG. I do not take great technology and I think it is a correct answer (in case of a person). For example, when it is a CG expression like FF, this work is painful to see. Especially for those who are not accustomed to grooming such as killing scenes there are tight things. Also, my eyes are shaky (in my case). But I guess the robot is amazing, is not it? Well, I do not understand well, I'm sorry. ... I thought the scene where the robot would be broken was amazing.

I think that if you are dissatisfied, I think that you have incorporated a variety of things within a short time of 100 minutes. Romantic, revenge or too short and half incomplete. Then that CG expression without much facial expression change does not convey well about emotions and sorrow. I think that words and expressions must match in order to convey emotional expressions sufficiently to customers. The scene where Dunan cries is thought to be the most insufficient. I do not look too sad.
Well, considering such points, it may be insufficient. Well, sorry. Which will you take?

There are also some points of discontent with the setting etc. How much can I support a robot with only one arm even though it is a woman whose Dunan was trained? I think that it is impossible for a trained man. Sometimes footsteps were silent etc etc.

Although I was dissatisfied often, evaluation was good because I felt like I learned something if I passed the entire story.

2005/04/05 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 44179 Host:44130 Browser: 6306
It is not a work that you go to the theater and pay until you pay more than 1,000 yen. I regret intensely.
Rental is enough.
The bad part of this work is the movement of pictures and characters.
First of all, about a picture, this is a picture that is used for a movie of a honest game.
Certainly there is a video game similar to this on PS2. It is not a good idea to use it for a theater work.
When I saw the picture without any softness etc, the eyes got tired considerably.
Next is the movement of the character, but as the pointed out by kinji, the movement of the character is raw and it feels bad.
In particular, the movement of Briareos is clearly unnatural.
Since it is a whole body cyborg, the movement must be more inorganic, but it will do the same movement as a human being. Especially the shooting scenes are the worst scenes that fall and collapse. Because it is a cyborg, it is strange to cry.
Although the story and music are good, it is ruined by the movement of picture and motion capture.

2005/02/28 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 50109 Host:50182 Browser: 6206
I think that the original lover is causing a slight drop in the evaluation. I think that the animation itself is pretty good. It seems to have forced the talk to have consistency to complete it. Well I guess it is just which one I saw first. I think it is a good work to see CG animation now.

2005/02/23 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10610 Host:10455 Browser: 3875
I first learned Apple seed in the movie.
I was expecting only because I was watching a preview movie etc, but it was a movie with no picture I had never seen, but I was a bit disappointed.

First of all it remained as a very bad impression that the character does not seem to live even if it is moving.
It seems that the voice of the voice actor did not blend into the image.
Although I am not familiar with CG technology at all, the cause is 3D, but because it looks like 2D,
I think that it is not easy to feel the texture of the skin by touching it at all.
Even if this was a game, even if it was a permissible range, it is quite honest that the main character seems inorganic in the movie.
Briareos was good because it was originally inorganic.

Briareos' character, Briareos and Dunan relations, music, mechanical design etc were good points.

Although it was innovative as it was the image quality which I had not seen before, it was also a big drawback. It is such feeling.
I just want a soundtrack.

2005/02/21 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30606 Host:30421 Browser: 3846
Although the old OAV was carefully made as it was,
I did not seem to have such a deep set apart because of a lack of time.
Or, it seems like there are no pictures in the heavy settings.

I also thought it would be more spicy. . .

Since the original is hard to read as it dies, it can not be compared.
I have not seen a new work yet.

2004/10/17 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10773 Host:10807 Browser: 4184
[Theater animation 2004 about 105 minutes SF action (3D live animation)]
[Normal] - [Good]
It is full 3D CG animation. People's face is also 3DCG. Just because it is not a real route like FF but a 3D animated face, it looks like a game or a puppet show.
After all CG animation and 3DCG animation have a big gap, the first neck is a person's face. Although ALICE that was there before has advanced a lot compared to domestic 3D animation, there is still a feeling of incongruity. In the world of something like figure, we have recently entered into a compromise between 3D animation and animation face, but it will be uncomfortable if it moves, but a pretty girl who made an animated face looking at the event is awkward. I am thinking that the point is a shadow falling way ... Oh well you need a lot of hardship to make good things. For the new things to do, I do not get hungry much if I show strange things, I want to look forward in the future ... (Ah, this work is not that strange)

The story is a level that can be enjoyed fairly, but if you see it without any prior knowledge of the original, it is a lack of explanation. Although the explanation here includes not only the setting surface but also the part of charm of the character, the way of putting out charm of character is classic as apple seed, and it is said that it hits intense personality wanting recent animation from the beginning It is difficult because it is a type that gradually becomes familiar with rather than reading it. Well this time that face (Briareos is irrelevant though it is not related), it is fatal in the starting stance of the character in the first place. Eventually the story was buried in CG action and the impact of that face, the aftertaste is the level when I saw a Hollywood movie that did not hit so much. On the action side, mecha action such as landmate and multiple turret was considerably cool. However, the fighting action at the beginning was exactly Matrix 's Park (Paro?), When I first saw the motivation fell a lot.
Although I saw it three times in the end, I feel that the evaluation has risen every time I see it. Have you gotten used to that face too?

[OVA 1988 about 67 minutes SF action]
Well, although it is well organized, it seems to be slightly inexplicable, so you do not know if you do not know the original work, and because it's short, it's too small for OVA. Although it is balanced such as one talk of a work composed of several stories, it is of course unsatisfactory to look at because it is one talk complete OVA. Now it is simply plain work.

It is difficult to tell which is like Apple seed compared to the 2004 edition, 1988 version, which seems to be Apple seed the place which is approaching the contradiction of paradise Olympus, 1988 version is too fragmentary (it is a rebellious character It is anxious about a bit odor), the 2004 edition is too exciting. However, it is a great theater version (OVA), so it feels better to raise it than it is sober. Also, the explanation of the 2004 version was properly explained, the story is dynamic and funny, there is a cheap feeling with a bit of settlement but personally I like the 2004 edition ... but that CG screen Thank you.

2004/07/03 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10885 Host:10586 Browser: 4352
Although it is limited to OVA's "APPLE SEED" ten years ago,
I saw it for the first time and it was surprising that Shiro 's taste disappeared.
I feel like being tricked because I am giving up or saying that I am truncating it from becoming.
Strangely dirty drama.
Although drawing is polite, it is not a character of Masamune Shirow.
In the first place it is impossible to tailor Shiro 's work to emphasize drama itself.

2004/06/19 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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As the impression I saw at the very moment there is only the same authors and the setting is similar to GHOST IN THE SHELL It is said that these people are old, but the atmosphere is similar, even though it is the way of opening at the beginning Even the stage and In the place where it was, 80% thought that it was impossible to set bioroid and it made me feel uncomfortable.
Since it is like a powered suit, I was worried that the footsteps were silent in the moving scene

Briareos is wearing an ordinary uniform or something even though the robot has rolled out to Moro Moro ... but is the body living ... is a mystery ...

2004/06/16 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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Actually, I saw a preliminary announcement and I could not have liked more than I expected, so I went to see the theater.

It seems that publicity is relatively popular in the country, but I was not likable for the appearance character and picture quality of the key.

Although it can be said that "SF animation of the 1980's in the 1980s has evolved as it is" stops "as it is".
"Picture" is not a thing just to draw beautifully, but a viewer also shows sincerity "how to convey the warmth of the maker to the picture" and the viewer also convinced the viewer "seen a nice picture" I thought that it was not my preference in terms of being able to do it.
There is a common "appearance is cool" character I do not understand any further goodness and I am disappointed.

However, it was early that this was Gainax Production.

While convinced that "Why do you issue figures outdoors?
If Gainax you do not care about CG I guess that domestic uke is better.
Because I am in the CG era, I do not think that I can do anything with CG ... ...

In recent trends, I remember the question whether Director Anno would speak on television what viewers would want to see the show program.
As long as it is picked up by television and the mass media only in the country, I will get away from Gainax and if Japan is a narrow island country, I can not help feeling the values 〓〓〓〓〓nd the narrowness of vision.

2004/06/16 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Sci-fi animation which made popular comics of Shiro Masamune a film with "Sorry Fumihiko Produce" of "Ping Pong". The biggest feature of this movie is that it is the first Japanese movie using full motion capture technology. Motion capture technology itself is used in a new series of "Star Wars" and "Lord of the Rings of the Rings", so it is not a special novelty. The novelty of "APPLESEED / Apple Seed" is that the character to be moved is not a live-action picture, but the eyes are bigger and bigger, it's like a 2-dimensional cell-anime-like design. Even the same animation is a world completely different from "Final. Fantasy" which aimed at three dimensional realism.

However, I felt a sense of incongruity in this movie. I wonder if the motion capture that captures all the useless movements of the body and the design of the animated characters abstracted in the 2D wind do not match well. If it is a short action scene like a trailer, this is not the case, but when the characters start playing "play" in the movie, this sense of discomfort stands out. A blink of a person. The position of the shadow that appears in the change in expression. Changes in the center of gravity that unconsciously goes for human beings. Strangeness that these are not exaggerated at all and are being imaged realistically. I do not think this is a problem of "accustomed". It seems that the character design of animation that is abstracted in advance and motion capture that refuses motion to abstract may not be familiar forever. If you make part 2 of this movie in the same way, I think that intermediate work such as thinning out the captured motion capture data appropriately and animator appropriately arranging movements will be necessary. Motion capture may be heavily used at the production site as a means to create "Anime Mokuki", but I guess that this movie proves that motion capture is not a substitute for animators. Also, if you leave picture making and watch this movie as a "story", I think that it is quite unsatisfactory. First of all, it is hard to understand the race. I think this is bad screenplay. Whether the introduction part of the movie has a little more explanation, the sense of volume of the story has increased much more. Before quoting Revelation by John, first explain the background of the story. Even long lines that come out suddenly around the movie, I do not know what I mean. The dialogue and the drama are not engaged. Even though the essential drama is absent and only the action scene is excited, the feeling does not follow here.

I think that the relationship between Dunan and Briareos is a story to be the central axis of the story, but since it shifts to Dunan and Humanumi, Athena, memories of Athena, or parents from the way, the point of the story is difficult to grasp.

2004/05/18 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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(Correct it for correction and repost it)

I watched it.

The scene where the multipodal battery cane rampage in the latter half was quite impressive and it was a work worth seeing sufficiently from the viewpoint of image If it says to do a trilogy in the meantime, I wonder if I can join in the future.

A particularly good point is the background. The sea scene was truly surprised. Now I feel that texture comes out over there. There are quite a few scenes in the building related to the 80's SF "Broad Runner" as a motif, and I do not think that the texture of the future city is a graphic smell etc.

Also, the feeling that the shoulder shakes to the right or left with biped walking is truly a movement of a human being. Whether the animated cyborg can walk so realistically is the effect of the new method.

The story is postponement, pointing out bad points in terms of image, it is a destruction scene of battle. It is interesting to see the game screen, no matter how good graphics are, even if you are rolling an object like 70 - several hundred kg, such as a human body or armored soldier, at such unnatural speed at such unnatural speed. Will it be transmitted to people who have not seen if they say that they are rolling plastic models? Is it still difficult to roll CG objects considering mass?

Another bad point is another. Coloring of human skin is unnatural. There was a lot of scenes that I wanted to thrust in, because the surface reflectance of the skin was not so high - the skin of the old man. I felt it was an amateur that it seems that the expression of this human skin is holding the key that the character seems to float further from the background.

Storywise, there is neither possible nor impossible. There were scenes where I think that I wanted more contrivance.

It was easy to understand because the setting and the story of the story knew some of the original, but still too much explanation dialogue, too much to listen a bit makes me painful. I think that he wants contrivance also in the production.

I did not feel impressed by the story. I could not cry at all even though it seems to be a scene of crying. But there is no disappointment there. Because I never thought that it was something that I expect from the story side.

I understood the meaning of "I want to be a mother". It was an antithesis against a biolloid who denies humans. It is a word meaning that the original species can make a future to be an original species, probably. I thought that the message is similar to the original Nausicaa (manga man). It is said that human beings are sorry that they can not be controlled even if there are problems with human beings.

2004/05/18 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Image is good, but it is regrettable that there seemed to be someone looking unnatural occasionally. The story is also deep.

2004/05/08 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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Recognizing that it is a progressive work to the last, is not it a good work as it is?
I am aiming for a type of work that I had never seen before, such as using motion capture and writing down BGM, I felt it even if I saw it.
Well, I could not deny a bit of strangeness, but it will be refined a while like CG in the early stage.
However, in addition to the character deja and motion, since the scenario was made strongly conscious of general acceptance, I think that the atmosphere like the game a little was over.
I think that if you scrutinize the scenario a little more and become more fascinated, I can expect that the next work can be expected.

2004/05/02 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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It is certainly a revolutionary technique for Hollywood (also in Japan?) Who pays high money for actor fee to capture and color the actual human motion. Schwarzenegger the dangerous? Steven ... The value of the actor who performs the action properly like Segard will not decrease so much.

Also, for the Japanese film industry, if structuring images and replacing facial parts with ease can be done easily, remake for other countries will be easier, is not there any possibility?

If the audience can emotion by this method, remake of live-action works with a world view like that, may be active, is not it Dragon Head, Battle Royale, etc.

By the way, I want to be a mother, I do not understand the meaning well The story does not expect so much. Originally it is a work that also enjoys a visual rather than a drama.

That's why I am going to see it soon.

2004/05/02 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
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I enjoyed it very much.
The image has a sense of speed, and music is also good with it.
People were inhuman design, but they seemed to be good.

I was sorry that the story was very different from the original, but it was nice to be easy to understand and simple.

"I want to be a mother" that I saw before opening me does not mean that I want to be a parent personally, but I want to leave the next generation as a human being. It was interpreted as meaning.
Before watching it, it was just an uneasy element, but I was conscious of seeing it.

2004/04/12 Not favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
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We use various people such as Sori-san of "Ping Pong" and famous musicians, etc. Pretty much, Toho seems to be making power.

The explanation of the view of the world with a lot of information is also clearing to let two people talk.

Moreover, it seems to be a trilogy. I am already starting to make the next work. But there is some work in the world but some people do not come, but what is doing what the work is doing nothing.
Even if it is not the first work of the name Hollywood type, it is certain that it will surely reduce the second and third works and the number of mobilization. I guess it is better to have a sequel from after all.

One of the sellers is to receive overseas.
As a reason for paying Hollywood stars, there are a lot of people to pay for 50 million dollars, so if you made animation much better, you can make it at a lower cost. Moreover, people enters because it is an animation boom. In other words, it can be made at low cost and it is attractive that you can get high income.

However, I do not think that it will be able to obtain foreign-equivalent effects in the Japanese film industry working at a lower price than the Hollywood star far. Besides, although the person over there will only enter by listening to animation, the original of this animation is said to be bad for young people from depictions of violence and it does not necessarily accept general reception as it only knows quite a bit of mania.
Moreover, although it is cheap to make how much as it becomes a trilogy, there will be considerable money.

As far as publicity is concerned, is not it the word "I want to become a mother" that was invented there.

In other words, it is going to await the "loser dog" boom. That is to say, they are coming to a woman in her 30s who is not married without a child who is said to be a "loser dog." The main character is a woman, so women should also be friendly and cheap. Moreover, since there are no children and they are not married, they have a lot of money and seem to be able to earn considerably if there is time and from the producer side.
It is not public or spring break, it is not a golden week, even in this period, that is when it is released from the time when families are not shifted too much.

Well from Miyazaki's animation "Howl's Moving Castle" will come to an end in nature (Because Toho is distributed). I guess it is an anime like that one.
Moreover, if you make a profit at Howl, from Tokyu it will be a little defeated with this animation, but I guess you seem to be able to easily make a surplus.

It is true that licking animation is a fact.

2004/04/11 Normal comment [Original Japanese review]
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I saw a special feature on TV. You want to be a mother. I'm surely thinking that there must be a little impact on Japan with a declining birthrate because there are stories of clones and bioroids and there is topicality! I do not like CG so much but I would like to see it after all ~ (~ - ~)
Well, if Mr. Masamune's cartoon becomes an animation well then it is jumping off from a high-ranking high-ranking ?????????????????????????????????????????