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Takashi Imanishi
Tsunehisa Ito
Hajime Yatate Fuyunori Gobu
Moriyasu Taniguti
Yasuo Urakami
Kazuhiko Inoue
Hiroko Emori
Hideyuki Umezu
Keiko Toda
Hideyuki Hori
Mari Yokoo
Takeshi Watabe
Masashi Hirose
Kaneto Shiozawa
Katsuyoshi Yatabe
Kase mitsuko
Yuji Shikamata
Katumi Toriumi
Japan Released:1986/10/21(Tue) Media(ex. DVD)
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1. http://www.layzner.net/story/ova.html (Translation)
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2016/05/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 29292 Host:29168 Browser: 5213
I do not know TV anime version, but its summary + complement (points not drawn on TV anime version etc) +
It seems like it was a three-story composition of the new movie.

Especially in the first episode, Anna of the heroine style seems to have also played a kyogenous role,
Due to adolescence, I was also told that I was not sure about tomorrow too much.
In the same story again, the main character seems to have dating with Age's older sister, Gail considered as a rival also seemed to have shown a majestic figure and was forced to leave earlier than I thought, the earth also aliens It was a sudden deployment such as being occupied.

In the second episode it seems that the influence of the world situation such as the US Soviet Cold War etc such as the US Soviet Cold War and Gundam.Fist of the Hokuto, etc. was also glimpsed, and in the second episode Ramba. Galtero who was also the same person as Ral and the voice actor also attempted rape There was also an aura "This guy is crazy !!", regardless of whether he was also active in a certain meaning, such as raising, even to the extent that it was enough to shape it.

Earthlings also had something Yoshitsune's identity seems to be falling for Togashi, and although he was strikingly rebellious, Benkei and his appearance overlapped, Arthur had been beaten by Roan,
Unfortunately the voice actor is miscast authorized. Both intonation and smooth tongue are bad,
It seemed like I was betraying Age in acting lacking sense of stability normally When we were aware of Roong 's true intention Interaction was also serious or somewhat halfway, as if that hot heart or somewhat blurred I saw. Although it appeared also in the next announcement in the second episode, although it was in imminent situation as mentioned above, even if gags were taken something was ordinary happy and it was completely "snake feet", did not it?

Le Cain was not as villain as he thought. I was conscious of Gundam even though my feud with my dying father was conscious, but my philosophy and purpose were obsolete, but I felt a little idiotic even though I was wrong. Even though I noticed Roong 's real intention, I also said that "Because I was the one who appointed you, I will deposit it until I come back", etc. There is also a reasonable amount of equipment, Salvation was also shown, but .......

After Le Cain exit, Age and Anna reunited safely and so on Happy end, back
BGM also felt a reverberation like those who were forced to struggle hard and painful so far, but the evaluation is "normal".

2013/12/01 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 9526 Host:9717 Browser: 5870
ACT-1 Age 1996

The first half of the compilation.
People who have only the full compilation and already watching the TV version are going through with OK but also from the moment they meet the age soon they will go on to the final battle with Gail seniors so the process by which the debit people admit the age is through It is hard to convey the merits of the character with this ....
It is regrettable that the name scene like 'I am a human being' was also cut.
I will say that there is only a little new image after the ED and Gostolo is looking forward to the next w

ACT-2 Le Cain 1999

The second half comprehensive compilation.
Also this is a new video only warning after ED.
But I think that I chose a better part than 1.

ACT-3 Engraving 2000

Clasp of opinion between Gresco and Le Cain.
I like both of them as enemy characters.
Although Gresco knows how to be dominated, in order to keep a secret, he has brutality like killing himself easily even in his subordinate, while Le Cain is his own friend A person who can not be brutal for everything that gives him opportunities many times and keeps his promises.
Roan who crawled as a spy was Le Cain a little sad eyes when heading towards the confrontation with Age, as I thought that Cain was a good person for a friend who is a tough one.

Arthur David and Rohan thought that Roan had completely betrayed Arthur who believed at the end alone.
I usually have a strong face as an actor but Arthur has a nice character.
Roan was slightly lethal when betrayed with great trust placed on Le Cain, although Cain thought poorly, Rohan was too painful ....
I can not tell where the enemy is talking about where the enemy is headquartered. I do not know whether there is a surveillance camera.
That's why I can not show that way to the last minute.
Even if you continue to be thought of as an enemy to your friends ... His hard work may well be called the main character of the shadow.

Battle Blue glowing Reisner and red flashing The curling 's quick showdown is pretty cool.

Love Age 〓〓Anna, was connected with Debit 〓〓Simone.
It was good that the timing of the phrase of the last "hugging me 〓〓〓quot; song matches with Age and Anna!

ACT - 1 is subtle, but ACT - 3 is good accordingly. Evaluation is "very good"!

2013/07/14 Best(+3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 6425
[good point]
The high degree of completion of "ACT-3 stamp 2000".
Of course not to mention the high quality of the last battle and the last scene,
Although the hero's age became rather kyogenic, although it was a rival in the second half, only one course could be played by closing, Le Cain's Pikaresque. It is packed with what it should be said to be romantic.

First of all contrast with father Gresco. For fathers like giants who transcended the clouds and swallowed good and evil,
Le Cain is extremely childish as a pilot or even a genius as a frontline commander as a military person.
By watching only the things you want to see and sparing a narrow-minded ideal,
Of course, it is inevitable to isolate from the Earth as well as from the Grados side, and it will inevitably run lonely roads.

He still places his trust in Rohan for his own belief, yet Arthur is the paired here.
His incompetence is unbearable for the first time. I continued to believe how long it would be thrown off coldly by Roan.
(Of course, although there must be a reasonable capacity as a civil engineer) Goodness of Arthur etc. Le Cain can not absolutely understand,
Therefore Rohan betrayed Arthur's old friend from its true point, it is impossible for Roan to reach Cain's side.
(It is a pity that this depiction on Arthur was completely changed in the novel version)

It is betrayed by Roan that golden SPT The curl only, even its love machine disappears in the final battle with Age.
However, because I lost everything, I was stuck with my own support until I was stubborn.Cain could finally be entrusted with Julia's charity ....

[Bad point]
As a result of condensing the first half of the TV version to "ACT - 1 Age 1996", David, who had been hostile to Age, acknowledged him and went through a micro viewpoint drawn through fostering friendships "After a conflict of different ethnic groups Harmony "has been rebounded.
I am getting along as I notice.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Works that the production staff did superbly at the OVA that was in the market expansion period, at the time of a misunderstanding of TV broadcasting cutoff.
While drilling down Charles' character,
For the theme-oriented TV main part, it has its own work color that emphasizes heroism,
It is well-balanced with contents to be said to be complementary to the TV version. Evaluation is "highest".