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Masato Sakai
Osamu Dazai
Takeshi Obata
Morio Asaka
Suzuki Satoshi
Ango Sakaguchi
Taito Kubo
Araki Teturou
Kenn Iduka
Souseki Natsume
Takeshi Konomi
Ryosuke Nakamura
Sumino Kawashima
Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Ishidsuka Atsuko
Yuzi Kobayashi
Yoshinori Kanemori
Japan Released:2009/10/11(Sun) 01:50-02:20 NIPPON TELEVISION NETWORK CORPORATION TV
Official sites
1. http://www.ntv.co.jp/bungaku/ (Translation)
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2016/05/20 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13632 Host:13463 Browser: 9081
It is a visualization of a famous work originally It was fun to watch only "human disqualification" in this series. It is a series I'd like to recommend to people who know titles but do not know what story

2014/09/15 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 877 Host:763 Browser: 5539
I hear Jealousy. There was a lot of change with the original. I think that the king was never a tyrant in the original work, but well Well it is good to give it as a hundred turns, Yoshihide is like anything. That's why Yoshihide seems to be a good person. In the scene where my daughter was burned down, I asked him to paint to be burned off from my daughter, so I never saw crazy in Yoshihide for the last minute because of that. I was sorry for thinking that it was Jigoku no madman's jigoku.
By the way, the voice of Mr. Bashira is a little expensive and beautiful voice. Because it is such a voice, it does not suit well to Otsu Yoshihide. Although I thought, in the scene where Yoshihide roughened voice to raise the fire of hell to the king, there was enough power to think who the hell he is talking about. It is truly Mr. Border. But after all I thought that I did not have to leave everything from human disqualification to hellish change. There were some things that were not clearly matched.

I wrote various things, but I think that the project itself was good. Good bye, goodbye.

2013/11/12 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 15848 Host:15936 Browser: 2907(Mobile)
Basically every one was unique, unique and well made and interesting.
Especially in the story that remained in the impression the cherry blossoms were good with the cherry blossoms forest and Meros in the cherry blossoms forest.

I thought that the thread of spiders was also good, and the direction and direction were good.

It was almost entirely convincing, but only the story of becoming the last prison shop was not satisfactory.
Although the depiction of a woman and the relationship with a woman could not be drawn much, it was a feeling that only punch line had gone ahead, so I did not know what she wanted to do.

Each story is different but it got a good overall evaluation.

2013/11/10 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 8467 Host:8454 Browser: 7910
The attempt to animate famous literary novels was fun.
In particular, "human disqualification" remained in the impression.
I think that it is easy for those who feel resistance to suddenly enter from a novel.
I was scared of the picture that appears in "human disqualification".

2013/02/24 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 10083 Host:10090 Browser: 7409
"Human disqualification" ... Autobiographically confessed novel of very good whole body. A depth of heart is drawn.

"Under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest" ... The work of bad Sakaguchi always seems, but what is the content like this being thin? Even if you draw a thin human nature, the heart of a person can not move.

"Kokoro" ... It is interesting to draw twice from a different perspective. A good heart is drawn.

"Running Melos" ... drawing in parallel works with very good authors. It sounds like a melody of heart is played like a duet.

"Thread of spider" ... It is not usually bad, but it is not enough to dig into.

"Jigoku" ... Good Good things my own wishes come back to myself in an unexpected way. I felt good with various passions.

[Comprehensive evaluation]
Literary works of masterpieces are all dark. I think that dark animation will be accepted, but I personally think that it is good overall.

2012/02/20 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20089 Host:20180 Browser: 7541
I wonder if I can enjoy "human disqualification" and "mind" as a different thing.
Ultimately the direction of "Kokoro" ended in meaninglessness, but the content was altered interestingly in accordance with the style of contemporary works and the difference in appearance of K is such content ............ .
I think that human disqualification was ordinary funny.
However, although not all were seen, there are differences in content and drawing depending on the times.
Besides, at the beginning of the story, we do not talk about content modification, and we treat it as if that work is such content as well.
Although "Kokoro" has only been projected with relation of the character and the story setting ... (Character's personality and theme are different things).
Well, this has variations due to times, but leave it as bad.
At least, I could not enjoy the original unread times at all. Besides, even an original reader will be confused about the work modification.

2011/12/08 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 4323 Host:4059 Browser: 7297
[Good point] * Susceptibility about series
I think that it will be enough for getting interested in Japanese literature.
"Human disqualification" and "Kokoro" are works dealing with personal / introverted problems, so I think that proportion animation was an easy subject, except for technical problems. Because it succeeds if you draw even a person. On the contrary, I think that the other novel is a novel that requires legendary metaphorical interpretation and it was also difficult to animate.
Voice actor: Masato Sakai is a good guy.
Drawing / character deza: It is good to do. Because it is a Weekly Shonen Jump.

[Bad point]
Lack of novelty: The first impression was "Now or never!" I think that it had to be a work incorporating the viewpoint of modern people by modifying the original if it is to visualize past masterpieces now. Indeed it seems that there is also a part common to the feeling of the times of contemporary stagnation. However, simply drawing the texture of each piece as it is will be just an old work. Therefore, only the impression of only the heavy work remained only by the dark, which dragged the confusingness of the original work. I think that such a classic remake will be created in the future, but I think that it will not be welcomed unless it is a work that caught up with that era.
There is no inevitability in the selection of the work: why Dazai Saizu Why is Natsume Soseki? Why Akutagawa Ryunosuke? Why is it Sakaguchi Ango? A clear reason is necessary. I will go against the nature of the novel but I think that it should have been a more solid direction thing. I think that it is such a thing to visualize.

[Comprehensive evaluation] * Before viewing, I have read the unread reading already.
"Human disqualification": Being in touch with people's happiness and delicacy / sharpness because of sharpness / a story of a person who can not live spontaneously. I think that it is easy to understand that it is like Kaonashi. Drawing was also an interesting work as well as animation.
"Under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest" Actually I was expecting the most. Although the original is rather appropriate style and it is a novel that has an extremely persistent closeness and close to repetition, I think that this anime is not incorrect in that sense. Just because it is a historical drama I think that it was good for making Japanese movie style works. Or if you want to make contemporary props appear, it should have been okay with the settings completely replaced by Hyundai. I think that the subjectivity which it originally highlighted is also highlighted and I think that it was established as a completely different work which added a viewpoint of the current style. I think that it was inevitable that it was a chaos setting tracing only that upper side.
"Kokoro": I think that it is interesting and easy to understand. It was a feeling that I extracted well the delicious place of the original well. Drawing was also an interesting work as well as animation.
"Running Melos": Writing a play of "Running Melos" Its creative activity while drawing a scriptwriter as the leading character and "Running Meros" as a play in the play.Meros / Serinantis / king was superimposed on real life It is a first person story. I think that the attempt itself is interesting, but the development of such a scriptwriter's life will follow the "running Meros" can be read ahead. The last was just a bit of a nice story and it ended. I think that the actor was absolutely better for the hero and the reason why the counterpart was not able to come that day is that persuasive power is too weak. Then I think that I should have even done to a more vicious parody.
"Spider's Thread": It was doubt why you would not let Buddha Buddha appear. I think that the existence of Mr. Buddha who bothers Kandata is the taste of the novel. It is meaningless to draw Kandata no matter how it appears. The viewpoint of the viewer = Although it can be thought of as the viewpoint of Buddha, I think that it is not very interesting if so.
"Hell change": There are many changes from novels. In the point that there is no courtship from the Lord to the daughter and in the novel we ordered the lord to draw a hell picture, but in animation the point that the painter selected himself to draw hell pictures is a big change. These changed the meaning of the last strategy a lot. However, the ultimate alternative of artistic or human nature became clearer. Also, the character of the painter and his wife has changed a lot. The character of the painter is almost the opposite of the true opposite, and the Tadashi has become a mere short-tempered guy. Also I think that parent-child relationship was fun if I drew it more densely.

Overall: The original draft of the weekly Shonen Jump Contest writer in a famous novel. Linked with the book cover of the bunko. I think that it can express enough things like the era / artistic that the original novel has, as titled "blue literature". Just no freshness. I think that it will be an introduction to modern Japanese literature because the drawing is good. As for the original novel, it is recommended to read unread as many strokes which are easy to read are proportions. It is in Aozora Bunko. Just for blue literature.

2011/10/13 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 5823 Host:5710 Browser: 9669
[good point]
The drawing is dark and hard to see, but I think it is beautiful

[Bad point]

[Comprehensive evaluation]

Although it is a famous work such as "human disqualification" or "run Meros" .. well My place has only recently started and only 2 episodes have been broadcast. Talking dark, like D gray or Pandora Hearts, it's not a fashionable dark fantasy, I have a lot to see and I do not see it anymore.

2010/08/16 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7135 Host:6989 Browser: 11293
In an entirely different meaning, I was interested in this animation ... ...

Mr. Masato Sakai who visualized the main Japanese literature work and was in charge of the main acting by navigator & starring who was breaking at the Shinsengumi was basically negative for the entertainer's voice actor but was not able to express feelings more than a poor voice actor Acting performance was good at all, and in that respect it was a good impression. However........

The story which remained mainly in the impression was the work group of that "heteromorphic genius Bunmado" Dazai Osamu. Image technology also has high things, especially the "mortal disqualification" suicide by a mistress of leaf lizard, thinking that the spread of blood and so on, while the figure that the foliage store broke down also a certain deeper I think that it was done,
I feel I was a bit different from the atmosphere of the original.

From the CD debut of that impact (bitter smile), there was an interesting thing that Kyoto Kansai dialect was also on the stage of 'Running Melos' of Professor Kono Tsuyoshi, who is trying to make another year, I was being bitterly smiled myself though it was a story.

Besides Ms. Sakai and Eyeglass Kansai dialect, which had been showing a good performance at all than I thought, Mr. Wataru Takagi who is one of the first by-player and Mr. Aya Hisakawa were luxurious and lacking, but again literary works I can recognize again that there is a difficult place to animate it. "Human disqualification" was also released live-action version, but it really ... ... ... Well the evaluation is "normal".

2010/07/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 20315 Host:20349 Browser: 11274
[good point]
It is good that voice actors match each other Human disqualification, the heart is particularly good
[Bad point]
Having made a musical tone under full bloom of the cherry blossoms forest
[Comprehensive evaluation]
A work that animated masterpieces' novels. It is fun to go forward with a story with its own interpretation.

2010/01/09 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 27699 Host:27753 Browser: 2914(Mobile)
I only missed out one middle disqualification, but I watch it all.

Tentatively, only the impressive one

[Under the full bloom of the cherry blossoms forest] In addition to such a content in the worst, I think that it was a failure to make a musical tone frantically.
That song and movement of that woman were all unpleasant.
It seemed to me that it was hard to understand why the last development also happened.

Good interpretation of the second half was good, especially good.
I decided to make that K's design because it was only the appearance that makes me feel inferior to the atmosphere and appearance I do not know what I'm thinking.
In that content I did not understand the truth of the daughter, is the original also ah?

Because human disqualification was quite possible, I think that it was the correct answer brought at the beginning.
Running Mellos was not bad, but I feel sorry that I wish it was Mr. Obaka's drawing.
It is normal to say that the spider thread is this, and it seems that the heroism could be even more radical production.

2010/01/09 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 25236 Host:25247 Browser: 7143
This work which multiple directors worked on the theme of animating literature.
However, this work is not just to simply animate,
Each director has its own interpretation, sometimes quoting the plot of the story sometimes makes it a stance to make a whole new thing.

Whether each work is good or bad,
I am glad that you can see these challenging works with commercial terrestrial wave.
Creating what the viewer is asking for is not a creator growing up.
I wish for an animation fan that I want you to become an environment where such works are born more.

In each work, "Under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest" "Running Melos" was wonderful.

2010/01/07 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 13954 Host:14258 Browser: 7182
Omnibus of 6 story 12 episodes. Although it is difficult to evaluate it as a result, it is felt that the theme nature throughout is totally different. Is it a psychological situation that is biased inward by one person alone from the discrepancy of self and other in the greatest common denominator? I feel like I did not say anything.
As a concept, it may be to make the original look like a step from the outside. Or it might be a place to express literature that is old and difficult to stick to in a way that can be appealed to the present feeling through a medium called animation (Well, actually, even though I read bungak, I only feel like I understood it at that time It seems I can not forget it.

〓〓〓uman disqualification (1-4 stories) "Good ~"
(Original unread) Come to the final story, no, I feel like I am really disqualified from human beings. Acting as a hero role is also inexhaustible danger. The black shadow projecting oneself also creates a spirit of background and the atmosphere of the times highlights the position where the hero was placed. These places are unique to animation. If you empathize to the hero, you will be relieved at the last place.

〓〓〓nder the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest (5-6) "Good?"
Although the original is unread, though it seems, it is confident crime arrangement (It was surprisingly faithful to read afterwards). It is interesting to have a sense of association that brought in the world an evil taste and animation-like Moe characters that celebrated this world. In that sense, I take advantage of the animation of "now". This part is also connected to the punch line. The theme is also one blue literature? Black literature? Cherry blossom forest does not understand its meaning well.
Casting is 〓〓〓 Mizuki Nana, are not you? It was nice to let her sing. Do not sing www

〓〓〓ind (7-8) "Bimmy"
The original is over 180,000 characters. It is unlikely that it will fit in two episodes if you do normally.
(I have read it a long time but I completely forget it.It is meaningless even if I read that the reading side does not have the base / sensitivity)
(1 story) Psychological situation that the hero keeps acts that seems to be almost unlikely to get caught. I threw it out in 10 minutes from the beginning (I'm not good at drawing like this). It is dangerous from the appearance of the attracted K. I watched the rest again and I went on, but after all I was supposed to be dangerous. Ayaa (meaningfully the meaningful selfishly serif of the last hero will make you laugh and will remain in the heart)
(2 talks) My preference that the first story is traced with K viewpoint. The camera viewpoint is nice. The fact that the atmosphere of a person has changed extremely is probably a direction that emphasizes a difference in recognition between each other ... Is it better for people to be in a form that emphasizes mismatches and deviations? ... (However, I decided to view the second episode as a gag, so it 's just right. The psychological situation of the ending does not come with a pin at all.

〓〓〓unning Melos (9-10) "Very good"
The original story is about the subject of believing in people, but this is inflating to a satisfactory shape with the addition of a new interpretation under the theme told at the beginning. Dynamic expressions synchronizing the shaking of the emotion and the image are decided by making the scriptwriter the main character and interacting the stage play with his life. The original was also a momentous story and it made making it modelable.

(Aside) Although it is cut for only 2 to 3 seconds, it is smooth and too light for the steam locomotive immediately after the movement of the train leaves the home (about 90 km / h in trial calculations). From the context this speed seems like an intention to produce, but the lightness of CG also stands out. Texture is also likely to be about uneven thickness of paint. It is an advantage to be able to move it in 3D, and it is certainly better to have this cut.

〓〓〓pider web thread (11) "???"
It is a short original, but here it is an eye-catching drawing of the state of sinner Kandata's life. It is good that I felt a mental attitude from the appearance of hiding the real world in contrast to the spectacular festival parade of aristocratic king and laughing like ridicule over the authority, but the problem is after death. It is incomprehensible from the appearance of his living that it begins to be frightened when hell "Risiki" is blown to the world. When I came to another world with this world it would be a sense of hope first. I can not think that he seems to be prepared to have fear in that degree.
Also, although it is inviting his impatience with depiction that spider's thread breaks out, it is better to turn the camera angle from the viewpoint of kandata if you do it in the result.
〓〓〓igoku (12) "???"
The view of the world is the continuation of "spider thread", the form that the king takes over the role of the original grand priest as it is. Although I tried reading the original later, it seems that such arrangements were made in relation to the scale from the appearance that the former half was omitted, but it seems that impossible is still coming. The main character (Yoshihide painter) and the figure of the king were greatly altered from the original, but in the end they agreed. Although it seems to try to express the change of the mind with the change of the figure, like the previous "spider thread", the change of the hero goes too far and does not come with a pin. Sorry about only things with power in visual terms.
A speech of a third party perspective that adds interpretation to two works of "spider's web" and "jail change" will be excluded in animation, but it does not compensate for it, and the flesh-up and modification of the person's image does not go well.

2010/01/06 Normal(+0 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 36209 Host:36373 Browser: 5941
I will evaluate it in the range that I saw "under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest" "mind" "human disqualification".
Overall the drawing level is high. Moreover, although the story was unread original, it was not bad.
However, the director of 'Sakura ~' was quite affirmative and I could not accept myself because I could break the denial.
"Under the cherry blossom forest" ... "bad" from "very bad"
"Kokoro" ... "ordinary" from "good"
"Human disqualification" ... "Good"
If there is opportunity to see other works, it may change a bit again, but the comprehensive evaluation at the present time is "ordinary".

2010/01/02 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17997 Host:17896 Browser: 10770
There is not much resistance if you are not watching the original novel, but since I read a lot of literary works around here, there was considerable resistance. Here I will tell you about Mind. Because I was particularly concerned.
As animation, drawing and voice actors are high in level. Although it does not complain as much as possible ...
The disagreement of the image of the person is pretty bothersome, K is so cheap ... The teacher is such an image. Although it is a thing which is not refined to people, ...
At the beginning of the program, a writer introduction enters. That appeal. Regardless of whether there is a point of worsening from the original work, whether it is not necessarily by evil, although it is a story which is quite different from the original though it does not matter how much it has such a connotated word to Sakai What does the author feel from the animation? At the beginning of the mind said that Soseki 's true figure was said, but the story is completely different. This would be a wrong interpretation.
Only the part of the teacher's letter that became animation is not understood even that that is part of the story in that case. And the relationship between people is quite strange. K is certainly unfriendly, but I hate you so much. Rather it is pretty good, but it should have been liked.
It is easy for the teacher to find the dead body of k, and I can not see the attitude of respecting the novel at all. The letter of k is as if it does not understand why.
In that death, k only looked like a shallow thought guy.
More on the production side, you should read the original. I think that is the responsibility. If there are changes, you should annotate it. I wonder how to keep it like a light novel.

2009/12/30 Favorite comment [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 19847 Host:19730 Browser: 6794(Mobile)
It is a short editing of a different color animated with masterpiece novels such as Jigoku, human disqualification, etc. with a pattern of a big hit manga artist.
I think that it is good in that you can enjoy literature casually.
Evaluation is very good.
Since I started watching from the middle, I will evaluate with comments this time.

2009/12/29 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 23098 Host:22953 Browser: 11687
I think that it was very good that the novel which is told to be a masterpiece to the world was seen with an easy-to-understand medium as animation.

"Human disqualification"
It was very impressive and I thought it was good to see.

vice versa,
"Under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest"
I thought I had better not see.

"Running Melos"
I was compared with another person, and I was touched by the story of that one.

2009/12/27 Good(+1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 30465 Host:30440 Browser: 5755
[good point]

It also includes works that have not been animated so far. I think that it was such a work that triggered people who saw animation to get a hand on literature.
[Bad point]

Because it writes for each work, in comprehensive evaluation.
[Comprehensive evaluation]

For this time, we will allocate scores based on the number of stories assigned for each work.
We score with 4 points per episode, pay tribute to the attempt to animate literature at the end, add 2 points and make it 50 full marks. Evaluation criteria, things that know the original can be compared and modified with the original, original unread subjects are decided simply by fun.

Human disqualification (original unread) 11/16 points (very good)
He expresses the anguish of the hero who is falling in the age brilliantly and seems to cry unintentionally in the third episode. I never dreamed that it was an interesting work so far.

Under the full bloom of the cherry blossom forest (original unread) 4/8 points (good)
First of all, I was surprised at the bleaching production. I do not know the original, but obviously it has been modified as a comedy musical style. I think that it was an interesting production.

Kokoro (original read) -2 / 8 points (bad)
Although it was not interesting at all from the original, even having a wonderful modification of making the second part the back story of the first part did not become interesting after all.

Running Meros (original read) 6/8 (very good)
It was frightening that two artists and actors would link with Celinutius and Melos. I think that it was very inspiring.

Spider thread (original read) 0/4 points (normal)
Although it was almost original, what is that view of the world? (Laugh) Anyway, I am mistaking time allocation. I wanted you to draw more after going to hell.

Jigoku (original unread) 2/4 points (good)
No way to draw as a sequel to spider thread. I think that human madness was well drawn.

I will attach "good" from the above.
23 points

2009/12/19 Bad(-1 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 26666 Host:26955 Browser: 8416
I read the original once. I watch story of cherry blossoms, heart and melos.
This is terrible. It is inevitable to say that the work called so-called masterpiece is finished in something that is not tasty because it is too soft to finish with extreme scenes that can not be broadcasted as it is. Also, although there are works that are made into films, there are many offsets in this area. This also seems to be said that movies with loose regulations in the black and white age are comparatively less outliers. The masterpiece of literature was a masterpiece as it is still read by letters, and it was a work which feels strongly if it is not suitable for animation.
Although it is a story about cherry blossoms, I feel a sense of incongruity like a bleach. Also, casts do not match. It does hurt that neither of the protagonists matches. Mizuki Nana or something is not exactly as it seems to have chosen only for making songs to sing. From beginning to end, directing is done like a gag, so it looks like a completely different story. The picture is beautiful and moving is enough to say that the video is useless, but the content is not accompanied. It is inevitable for people who do not know the original also about mind. Since Meros has been animated in the past, it is doubtful whether it was necessary to bother to do this time. The result is that what it says is apparently finished beautifully by the progress of the equipment. Rather, the work of this hand is better in the days of the cell painting era of the past.
It is not only the kind of fairy tales and the like that animation is successful with masterpieces of literature. Most recently even the fairytales tend to be regulated and tend to be reorganized, strange directories and episodes sticking together, and it tends to be finished as a terrible thing, most of which are only those who can not enjoy the original.
It is no doubt to say that it is a work for advanced animation who selects viewers.
I wanted to see Ryunosuke 's work, but since I could see somehow I was able to watch it.
Evaluation, but it is bad.

2009/12/13 Very Good(+2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 21365 Host:21164 Browser: 4483
[good point]
Drawing is beautiful

Gorgeous voice actor

Easy to understand even those who have never read a novel

[Bad point]
Personally nothing

[Comprehensive evaluation]
I tried listening to killing time, but it was quite interesting, I think that it was easy to understand even those who do not read such as novels.
Evaluation is "very good".

2009/10/21 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 17717 Host:17806 Browser: 4532
Evaluation on original unread, 1 story viewing

I will appreciate the challenging spirit of animation of literary works, but it is no doubt that it is a work that picks people.

I do not know whether it is the atmosphere of the original as it is as the original, but I'm sorry if this is an evaluation with this anime piece w

Well I feel sympathy for wanting to die in this world and I can sympathize, but I do not know what I want to say, what I want to convey.

Anime that does not accept everyone, it is an animation that will not kill time.

2009/10/17 Very Bad(-2 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 7763 Host:7450 Browser: 8718
Although it is watching only one talk, it was a piece that was personally unusable.
Since there are many Ryosaku during this term, it is a waste of time to keep watching this work as it is.
Also, I felt wanting amateurs not to make voice actors.

2009/10/12 Worst(-3 pnt) [Original Japanese review]
by (Skip) Provider: 18799 Host:18789 Browser: 9986
Is this stuff changed by the original story, it is made like a monster ~ ayakashi ~.

Although it is the first work "human disqualification" (original read)

This may be fun if you do not know the original at all, but from the person who is reading the original, "Kore Jani" feeling can not be wiped out.

Basically there was no impression like subcar smell or unique artistic work, but rather received a feeling of emphasis on commercial importance for the general public.

Although literature, which is only medium of past letters, has been made live-viewing several times, it probably would not have come out of the work as a mass entertainment that never goes beyond the original and as a promotion to the public .

This is also similar for "human disqualification" for the time being.

I think that it is good for himself to draw a cover picture on a cartoonist or to do such a commercial law and increase the number of original readers, but satisfying a human who is reading an original from before is a hurdle is too expensive Is it a promise?

As far as the staff sees, Director Shigeyuki Shinyuki's "mind" can be expected a bit but? Writer This ordinary writer does not know unless you open the lid. Sakaguchi Ango is not the director of Kurosuzaka ... And the two Akutagawa works that I like is very uneasy.

~ December postscript ~

It was quite a skip skipping, but for the time being the last story.

The staff who made it, is the purpose of touching the inverse scales of human beings who have read the original before?

It is also a blasphemy against Akutagawa that is unthinkable, and blasphemy against Japanese culture.

What can be done as animation earlier problem, if you alter so far do it.

I wonder if this kind of thing will be sent to the world with the name of "jail change", it was the same as Genji during this time.

Are these people making such people readers who do not read books? Is not anything other than entertainment going into the eyes?

It is a project made from Nauchi 's uke, and a reader who does not have anything originally created for easy pickup to pick up a layer which he did not read in books, such as an actor or a cover picture caught in the subject I know that it's a work

But it is bad feeling that you can show something completely different from the original though it's just a name,
You might be able to do Hui Hui, but know your shame. It was a work that I wanted to say until it was not related to such a business.